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KISWA, Koljana B.

ZOO 102 PQR The Rise of animals: A rise of hope

The level of astonishment I have experienced during and after watching the movie was
lofty. Mr. David Attenborough has presented one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. He
journeyed with us to a 500 million year evolutionary story of how we came to be, bringing our
ancient ancestors back to life. The cinematic effects and beautifully written script both contributed
to the success of the film.

We embarked on a journey to the beginning of how invertebrates evolved into vertebrates

and how specific evidences matched the very wonders of how sea animals came to land and as
to how they conquered the majestic skies. From the rich soils of China to the primitive fishes of
Europe, I have learned to appreciate a very wonderful discovery, Fossils. China has been the
new frontier for fossil discovery and it paved a way for the emergence of evidences that could
help answer our questions about evolution. The primitive fishes of Europe specifically the lamprey
was proven to be a living fossil for its very ancient structure. The role of fossils in science is very
crucial in understanding the story of how everything began. They are like stories from the past
waiting to be retold. From the discovery of the notochord to the backbone to the jaw and to the
four fins evolving into limbs that soon after history has paved way for the terrestrialization of water
animals and the emergence of wings that made flying possible for birds. These are just some of
the evidences of how important fossils are to the study of evolution.

On a personal level, I was moved by how they reconstructed and retold the history of how
animals emerged as to how they are now at present. Moreover, the movie made me appreciate
even the simplest forms of life, from the microscopic ones to those that we can see through our
naked eyes. I have reflected on 3 things: existence, purpose and responsibility. Series of evolution
has occurred before the emergence of an intellectual being such as humans. The present as now
we call it is the dawn of human existence. We are said to be the superior. We have the capability
of doing so much more than any other animals can do. We may be the most superior of all but as
theory suggests, maybe there’s more to life than humans. Maybe this generation will soon come
to an end. That as the human era ends, another begins. I believe that our existence here on earth
was not done by accident. We are meant to exist as to the purpose of knowing that as the superior
beings; we are responsible for protecting and caring for those that have evolved before us. The
problem is that our self-centered perception of the way we see life has made us emotionally and
ethically detached from our responsibilities towards nature and its living inhabitants. It is very
evident that the world is crying out for help. In this race of modernization and advancement, we
are deliberately ignoring to see the consequences of our actions and we tend not to look on the
world around us. The vast oceans, the atmosphere and the land are now polluted by garbage and
dangerous gases and the unfortunate thing is that people are acting naively about it. Preservation
and protection are just some of the steps to achieving a healthier home for every living organism
to inhabit. I believe that if we understand the value of the existence of every living creature here
on earth, we would learn to appreciate them even more. I had the realization that the most
beautiful thing we can do for this world is to protect and preserve it for the future generations to
come. The rise of the animals is also the rise of hope and faith that someday as everything comes
to an end, our existence will bring justice to those who lived on to be a part of the journey that
lead us to where it all began.