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Office Address: 60 Celia 2 St.

Bayan-bayanan, Malabon City

Email Address: knightvision22@gmail.com
Contact number: 0915 560 4170

January 11, 2020

Ms. Esmaida H. Andang

Directress MSU-CETD
Minadano State University
General Santos City, 9500

Dear Ma’am,

Greetings! KnightVision Entertainment Production is a feature film production and events

management company formed by passion and creative minds specializing commercially viable, excelling
cinema films for national and international distribution and business.

We are about to launch our project, a film entitled “RENDEZVOUS” (Tagpuan), a family oriented film
that focuses on adversities and trials that lead to a more intact family, friendship and love. This film also
teaches resiliency. We would like to raise awareness towards culture and arts, focus on values formation
social issues through our film "Rendezvous". It is an honor and privilege to be chosen as film distributor
to your school organization. All of these will be possible through your full support because we believe
that all great films have the power to enliven and inspire us; prompting discussion and action that brings
individuals and communities together. We would like to endorse our film “RENDEZVOUS” for
academic film project in different schools this FEBRUARY 15, 2020 at nearest town convention center.

In line with this; as an individual with a great creative sense and a demonstrated ability to work in an
environment conducive to learning arts, I, Marvin C. Gabas, CEO of KnightVision Entertainment
Production, film director and a writer, would like to endorse the film to different school organizations to
view our film entitled “RENDEZVOUS” (Tagpuan) starring award-winning actress Ms. GINA
PAREÑO, Showtime’s Top3 Finalist in BidaMan Jiro Custodio, Ms Jiana Aurigue and Tonz Are.
We are also proud that our film Rendezvous was also chosen as one of the five finalists in 4th
INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL in line with our celebration of 100th year of Philippine Cinema in
our history. The festival is in association with Film Development Council of the Philippines and National
Commission for Culture and Arts.
In this light, we would like to seek your support of the film as part of the education program for the youth
in both private and public school and give free acting workshop to the students who are interested in arts
(film and acting) upon the approval of the school before the film showing agreement.

Our mission is to use the medium of cinema to give people a creative and unique film experience that will
be shown in different schools and communities here and abroad. We would like to raise awareness
towards social issues through our film "Rendezvous" and focus on values formation.
Office Address: 60 Celia 2 St. Bayan-bayanan, Malabon City
Email Address: knightvision22@gmail.com
Contact number: 0915 560 4170

“RENDEZVOUS” (Tagpuan) is a full-length love drama fantasy film.

Balud, a merfolk (a male creature of the ocean), fell in love with a beautiful girl named Mira who lives in
a barrio near the sea. A long-term relationship between Mira and her rich, handsome boyfriend Arthur is
about to break. Mira together with her young sister Hasmin took care of her sick grandmother Lola
Oreng, portrayed by multi-awarded actress Ms. Gina Pareño, whom holds a long forgotten story from the
past. The film follows Arthur, Mira and Balud between their complex relationships and quest to realize
that existence is meaningless without reverence for life. The film is also filled with zany comedy,
romantic scenes and drama that transcends the bond between love, family and friendship. Rendezvous
shows us the healing power of friendship and selflessness at its core.

The SCHOOL desires to support the film through film screening according to the terms and condition
herein. In consideration of the mutual covenants and promises made by the parties hereto, the film maker,
the production company and the SCHOOL/ SCHOOL OWNER/ PRINCIPAL covenant and agree as

ENGAGEMENT. KnightVision Entertainment Production hereby offers the school to screen the film to
the students of the respective school and both parties hereby agree to fulfill the duties.

THE FILM. The Film consists of and encompasses the following: All of for which the production
company holds motion picture and all ancillary right which the filmmaker acquires by way of [Writer,
Director, and one of Producers]. The film will be screened at the nearest cinema house/ mall with
cinemas/ or viewing hall with projector.

KnightVision Entertainment Production is dedicated to producing a diverse range of quality entertainment

for today’s marketplace and to collaborating with like-minded international and domestic partners to
bring great stories to the screen. We look forward and would be grateful for your favorable response as
soon as possible. To your continued success. Kind regards and God bless.



Producer/Writer/Director Marketing Manager
CEO, KnightVision Entertainment Production KnightVision Entertainment Production
Office Address: 60 Celia 2 St. Bayan-bayanan, Malabon City
Email Address: knightvision22@gmail.com
Contact number: 0915 560 4170


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Prepared by:
Reva Jay Emmanuel B. Cabilin
Marketing Staff/Contact Personnel