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1. The meaning of acronym HRM is
a. Human Relations Management
b. Humanistic Resource Management
c. Human Resource Management
d. Human Resourceful Management
2. The _______ and control systems should be altered to support the strategic human resource
a. Appointment
b. Reward
c. Job allotment
d. None of the above
3. Terms “interpersonal skills and human skills” are used for ;
a. 2 different skills
b. Different managerial skills
c. Operational skills
d. Same managerial skill
4. Which of the following abilities are categorized as the technical skills of an individual
a. Judgement
b. Analysis
c. Knowledge and proficiency
d. Innovation and advancement
5. Behavioural factors affecting job design are;
a. Autonomy
b. Feedback
c. Diversity
d. All of the above
6. Procedure for determining the duties and skills requirement for a job and the kind of person
who should be hired for is
a. Job analysis
b. Job design
c. Job recruitment
d. Job description
7. The functions is concerned with the obtaining of a proper kind number of personnel
necessary to accomplish organization’s goals
a. Operative
b. Procurement
c. Systematic
d. Controlling
8. _____ is detailed description for each position such as stenographer who may belong to
various department
a. Job chain
b. Job analysis
c. Job family
d. None of these
9. Which of the following is not a role of personnel manager?
a. Personnel role
b. Welfare role
c. Administrative role
d. None of these
10. According to whom “planning is a trap laid to capture the future”?
a. Terry
b. Je Massie
c. Allen
d. None of the above
11. ____ is the written record of duties, responsibility and requirement of particular job
a. Job analysis
b. Job specification
c. Job design
d. Job allocation
12. The main goal of personnel department
a. Profit
b. Creation of work force
c. Wealth
d. Value
13. The operative function is also called?
a. Compensation function
b. Service function
c. Motive function
d. Operating function
14. Process of searching for prospective employees and stimulating job is known as:
a. Recruitment
b. Development
c. Selection
d. Performance appraisal
15. ______ is the first main objective of personnel management
a. Training
b. Selection
c. Procurement
d. Development
16. Training information system included
a. Training aids
b. Training resources
c. Training needs
d. None of these
17. The poor quality of selection will mean extra cost of ____________ and supervision.
a. Training
b. Recruitment
c. Work quality
d. None of the above
18. _______ are responsible for assisting and advising line managers in areas like recruitment,
hiring and compensation
a. Human resource manager
b. Staff manager
c. Line manager
d. Board manager

19. _____ is related with a decision to place selected individual in one job than other
a. Placement
b. Selection
c. Recruitment
d. Induction
20. _______ is the staff officer in the organization
a. HR manager
b. Marketing manager
c. Finance manager
d. Sales manager

 Human resource management – Aswathappa

 Principles of personnel management – Edwin B Philippo

 http://googlebooks.com/Human-Resource-Management