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21st Century Literature from the Philippines

and the World

First Grading Exam
2019 – 20202

MULTIPLE CHOICE: (Literary Forms)

1. This literary form presents a true story written in a style more closely associated with
a. speech b. diary c. history d. narrative non-fiction

2. This literary form reports everyday events in our society, in our government, in
science and industry, including accidents, happening nationally or not.
a. essay b. speech c. news d. narrative non-fiction

3. This is a publication of scholarly, peer reviewed articles written by experts.

a. journal b. diary c. history d. biography

4. This refers to the faculty of uttering articulate sounds or words; the faculty of
expressing thoughts by words or articulate sounds; the power of speaking.
a. speech b. essay c. biography d. news

5. This is a type of legend or traditional narrative that is often based in part on historical
events, that reveals human behavior and natural phenomena.
a. legend b. mystery c. mythology d. anecdote

6. This is a story composed in verse or prose where conflicts and emotions are
expressed through dialogue and action.
a. mythology b. play/ drama c. parable d. novel

7. This narrative involves one or more characters, one plot, and one single impression.
a. parable b. fable c. anecdote d. short story

8. This literary genre is merely a product of writer’s imagination aiming to bring out
lesson to the reader.
a. mystery b. anecdote c. science fiction d. narrative non-fiction

9. This genre of literature is set in the future or on other planets. It is a story based on
impact of potential science, either actual or imagined. – Science Fiction
a. mythology b. mystery c. science fiction d. history

10. This genre is a long narrative divided into chapters, typically representing character
and action with some degree of realism.
a. novel b. short story c. play/ drama d. anecdote

1. D 6. B
2. C 7. D
3. A 8. B
4. A 9. C
5. C 10. A