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Established 1879 | Columbus, Mississippi

Monday | February 10, 2020



Mississippi Army veteran develops

governor wants taste for baking
scrutiny of
prison spending
‘I am, if nothing else,
a budget hawk. I
hate spending other
people’s money.’
Gov. Tate Reeves
The Associated Press

sissippi Republican
Gov. Tate Reeves has
ordered a thorough
review of spending in
the state Department
of Corrections, ques-
tioning whether mon-
ey has been wasted
in a prison system that has been
plagued by violence and shoddy liv-
ing conditions for some inmates.
“I am, if nothing else, a bud-
get hawk,” Reeves told reporters
Thursday in Jackson. “I hate spend-
ing other people’s money.”
Reeves inherited a mess with
the prison system when he took
office last month. It’s one partly of
his own making because he was
lieutenant governor the past eight Isabelle Altman/Dispatch Staff
years and had a significant role in Nicole Huff ices a red velvet birthday cake in the backroom of her shop, Southern Flour Bakery, on Friday afternoon.
writing laws and setting state bud- Huff has been baking for almost 30 years, and talks about the intricacies involved in making today’s wedding cakes.
At least 15 inmates have died Huff spends days designing, baking, decorating She began baking custom
cakes from home, while selling
in Mississippi prisons since late
December. Most of the deaths hap- elaborate cakes for weddings, other occasions breads and cookies at local farmers
markets to get her name out, and
pened at the Mississippi State Pen-
itentiary at Parchman, and many BY ISABELLE ALTMAN out here and I’ll always go back finally was able to open her first
happened during outbursts of vio- ialtman@cdispatch.com to the white,” she said, gesturing bakery, this one with her husband,
in Clarksdale, Tennessee about 20

lence. Some were suicides. at the array of breads, cookies
Health inspectors have also hen it came to baking, and cupcakes at Southern Flour years ago.
documented problems for years at Nicole Huff’s “first chal- Bakery, which she owns with her Valentine’s Day and Christmas
Parchman, including broken toilets lenge” was a white velvet father off Highway 45 in Columbus. are her two busiest times of the
and moldy showers. birthday cake for her mom. Huff’s journey to becoming year, Huff said. She also bakes a lot
Mississippi Department of Cor- “The first really intricate cake I a baker, from the heart-shaped of cakes for special occasions — es-
rections leaders repeatedly told did, I made her (into) a character,” cinnamon rolls she sells for Val- pecially wedding cakes, a process
budget writers in recent years that she said. “I made her out of sugar, entine’s Day to elaborate three-di- that has changed over the years
the department was having trou- sitting on the cake with some flow- mensional wedding and grooms’ as trends and styles change and
ble hiring enough prison guards ers. That was probably the first one cakes, began almost 30 years ago couples request more elaborate
because the pay is low and the job I ever did that I was scared of. “ when she was a member of the designs.
is stressful. Reeves and other bud- That was when Huff started U.S. Army and she started making “They’re just more intricate,”
get writers cut the amount of state “messing with” the rich white birthday cakes and other goodies Huff said. “… An average wed-
money going to corrections. velvet cake recipe, made with sour for her kids, Army buddies and ding cake can take 18 to 24 hours.
Elected officials started working cream and butter. It’s ideal for wed- church functions. She ended up Those are tough.
months ago on a Mississippi state ding cakes — and it’s Huff (and her liking it so much that when she left “Usually two weeks prior to
government budget for fiscal year mom’s) favorite flavor. the Army, she used her G.I. bill even baking the cake, we’ll already
2021, which begins July 1. “We have all these fancy flavors benefits to go to school for baking. See HUFF, 3A
Reeves was still lieutenant gov-
ernor and on the 14-member Joint

Investigators will look at window bars in Mississippi fire

Early Saturday blaze in Clinton killed a mother and her six children The father tried unsuccess-
fully to save family members
Brittany Presley was an ele-
mentary school teacher, the Can-
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS spokesman Mark Jones told identified the father as Jake and suffered smoke inhalation, ton Public School District said in
news outlets. Presley. burns, cuts and bruises, accord- a statement on Facebook.
CLINTON — Fire officials The father was the lone sur- Browning said he couldn’t ing to Jones. Four of the children attend-
will investigate whether bars on vivor of the blaze early Saturday imagine what his friend was go- Allen Short, a neighbor, said ed Clinton area schools, Clinton
the windows of a central Missis- morning in Clinton, a city of ing through. Jake Presley’s hair was singed Public School District Superin-
sippi home prevented a mother about 26,500 people just outside Officials identified the dead and he had a big cut on his arm tendent Tim Martin said. He said
and her six children from escap- the capital city of Jackson. as: Brittany Presley, 33, and her where he broke a window trying the parents were very involved.
ing a fire, a city spokesman said. Neighbors and friends said children Landon Brookshire, to get into the home. “Clinton is a very close-knit
The bars were intended to they are devastated. 15; Lane Presley, 13; Lawson “The kids were really nice community, so when something
keep burglars out. Investigators “It’s just horrible,” West Presley, 12; Grayson Presley, 6; and the whole neighborhood is so tragic like this happens, it
will also be looking for smoke Browning, a childhood friend of Malcom Presley, 4; and Felicity just destroyed about this whole affects the entire community,”
alarms at the home, Clinton City the father, told WLBT. WLBT Presley, 1. thing,” Short told WLBT. Martin told the Clarion Ledger.


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2 What is the Hebrew word for peace, family-friendly night-out from 5:30-8:30
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67 Low 57
on its axis more than any other? Feb. 14:
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High Walter Payton’s all-time rushing record of
Starkville Board
Heavy rain and a t-storm of Aldermen
Full forecast on
16,726 yards in a 2002 game?
Answers, 6B
Friday work session, 11
page 3A. ■ Lee Foundation Valentine’s Day Gala: a.m., City Hall
Specialty desserts and elegant florals are Feb. 17:
center stage as the Stephen D. Lee Foun- Oktibbeha
INSIDE dation hosts its 10th annual Valentine’s County Board
Classifieds 5B Education 6A Day Gala from 7-10 p.m. at the Stephen D. of Supervisors
Comics 4B Obituaries 5A Lee Home, 316 Seventh St. N., Columbus. meeting, 5:30
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Dear Abby 4B Eulalie Davis, 662-328-3088. and go shopping. Courthouse


2A MONDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 2020 The Dispatch • www.cdispatch.com

NH poses a last chance for some

struggling 2020 Democrats
‘There is the
opportunity in New
Buttigieg on defense as rivals
Hampshire, especially aim to blunt his momentum
after such a muddled BY THOMAS BEAUMONT
The Associated Press

result in Iowa, to sort DOVER, N.H. — Pete Buttigieg has been on defense all weekend as
of start the race anew’ his Democratic presidential rivals attacked him on everything from his
struggle to connect with black voters to accepting campaign contribu-
2020 Democratic candidate and tions from large donors in an effort to blunt any momentum heading
Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet into Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary.
Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who essentially tied with Buttigieg
The Associated Press
in last week’s Iowa caucuses, blasted the former mayor of South Bend,
Indiana, for taking contributions from the very wealthy, suggesting
PLYMOUTH, N.H. — Bounding Buttigieg won’t stand up to “Wall Street tycoons” or “the corporate
onto a stage at a conference center in elite.” Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren voiced similar criticism,
New Hampshire, tech entrepreneur telling ABC’s “This Week” that “the coalition of billionaires is not ex-
Andrew Yang beamed a smile to a actly what’s going to carry us over the top.” Former Vice President Joe
cheering crowd and launched into his Biden told the same program that Buttigieg hasn’t been able to “unify
pitch for votes heading into Tuesday’s the black community.”
first-in-the nation primary. The volley of criticism Sunday was fresh evidence that Buttigieg,
Yang didn’t mention his poor who was virtually unknown in national politics a year ago, has become
showing in Iowa, his back-of-the-pack an early front-runner in the battle for the Democratic presidential nom-
polling in New Hampshire or the fact ination. The developments usher in a new phase of the campaign that
his campaign recently laid off an un- will test how Buttigieg responds to the pressure, especially as the con-
test moves to more racially diverse states where he has struggled to
disclosed number of people. Instead,
gain traction.
he recalled a conversation he had in
Washington in which he was told that
he needed to “create a wave in other It’s all in service to the idea that New said a six-day, 1,000 mile bus tour
parts of the country and bring that Hampshire voters might surprise the demonstrated there were plenty of
wave crashing down on our heads in pundits. undecided voters up for grabs. He
D.C.” Speaking on the sidelines of a Uni- reached a wider audience with a CNN
“I said challenge accepted,” Yang versity of New Hampshire event on town hall Thursday night, where he
said of his decision to run for presi- college costs, Bennet claimed that he acknowledged he needed “to beat ex-
dent. “Here we are Plymouth and you had spent more time in New Hamp- pectations here.”
are that wave.” shire than any other candidate and “Almost all the people I met are
Yang is among a handful of can- was hoping to finish third or fourth. still undecided and I think what that
didates who are polling in the single He was in the midst of a tour that in- means is that people aren’t satisfied
digits as New Hampshire’s primary cluded 50 town halls and a rally Satur- with the rest of the field,” Patrick said.
nears. He joins Colorado Sen. Mi- day in Manchester with Democratic “I’m not surprised by that. When they
chael Bennet, former Massachusetts operative James Carville. hear someone who has actually deliv-
Gov. Deval Patrick, billionaire activ- He also picked up an endorsement ered on an agenda that others are just
ist Tom Steyer and Hawaii Rep. Tulsi from Democratic Rep. Jared Golden talking about or that they have plans
Gabbard near the bottom of most sur- of Maine, the first member of Con- for, when they hear what it takes to
veys. For most of them, a poor show- gress to endorse Bennet in his cam- deliver those progressive outcomes,
ing on Tuesday could force them to paign for president. we are winning support.”
rethink their campaigns. “There is the opportunity in New For Steyer, getting his message
Only Yang and Steyer qualified for Hampshire, especially after such a out meant braving snow and freezing
Friday’s presidential debate. muddled result in Iowa, to sort of start rain to greet UPS workers arriving to
Rather than dwelling on potential the race anew.” Bennet told reporters. a Manchester warehouse Thursday.
disappointment, these candidates “It’s very important, very important He was asked how long he would re-
are soldiering on with scores of town to do well in New Hampshire. It’s vital main in the race.
halls, house parties as well as break- for me.” “I’m going stay in the race, because
fasts and dinners with supporters. Patrick, who entered the race late, I think I’m going to win,” he said.

Trump’s $4.8 trillion budget

proposal revisits rejected cuts
BY ANDREW TAYLOR no chance, even before of Americans rely on,”
The Associated Press Trump’s impeachment she said in a statement.
scorched Washington. Its “Americans’ quality, af-
WASHINGTON — cuts to food stamps, farm fordable health care will
President Donald Trump subsidies, Medicaid and never be safe with Presi-
is offering a $4.8 trillion student loans couldn’t dent Trump.”
election-year budget plan pass when Republicans Trump’s budget would
that recycles previously controlled Congress, also shred last year’s
rejected cuts to domes- much less now with liber- hard-won budget deal be-
tic programs to promise al House Speaker Nancy tween the White House
a balanced budget in 15 Pelosi, D-Calif., setting and Pelosi by imposing
years — all while boosting the agenda. an immediate 5 percent
the military and leaving Pelosi said Sunday cut to non-defense agency
Social Security and Medi- night that “once again budgets passed by Con-
care benefits untouched. the president is showing gress. Slashing cuts to the
Trump’s fiscal 2021 just how little he values Environmental Protection
plan, to be released Mon- the good health, financial Agency and taking $700
day, promises the govern- security and well-being of billion out of Medicaid
ment’s deficit will crest hard-working American over a decade are also
above $1 trillion only for families.” nonstarters on Capitol
the current budget year “Year after year, Pres- Hill, but both the White
before steadily decreas- ident Trump’s budgets House and Democrats are
ing to more manageable have sought to inflict hopeful of progress this
levels. devastating cuts to criti- spring on prescription
The plan has virtually cal lifelines that millions drug prices.
The Dispatch • www.cdispatch.com MONDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 2020 3A

The following arrests
were made by Lowndes
County Sheriff’s Office:
n Tommie Jones, 34,
was charged with pos-
session of methamphet-
amine, expired tag and
suspended driver’s li-
cense. T. Jones Griffin Flowers Craven Ja. White Thomas Pumphrey Parker Kerlee Stafford
n Damien Griffin, 28,
was charged with cyber-
n Cheyenne Flowers,
24, was charged with
commercial burglary.
n Stephanie Craven,
26, was charged with
possession of metham- Harris Adkins McCoy Armistad Holcomb Akers Hodges Williams Mann Je. White
phetamine, three counts
of seatbelt violation and
burglary breaking and
entering a dwelling.
n Jaylyn White, 24,
was charged with felony
taking of a motor vehicle.
n Aisha Thomas, 27,
was charged with cyber- Perry Bishop Cunningham C. Robinson Nance III Parrish Jr. Lucious McCarter Brown Jackson
n Joshua Pumphrey,
23, was charged with
commercial burglary.
n Lucas Parker, 33,
was charged with felony
taking of a motor vehicle.
n Sara Kerlee, 32, was
charged with felony intent Roberson R. Reed D. Reed Cornwall Malone Prewitt S. Jones Riekhof Young Jr. Lott
to defraud via credit card,
possession of a controlled
substance and two counts
failure to appear.
n Bobby Stafford, 40,
was charged with bur-
glary breaking and enter-
ing a dwelling.
n Valareio Harris, 37,
Spivey Martin Ivy Hudson Rigsby Cox Wise Dotson Mullins Miller
was charged with bur-
glary of a commercial were made by the Oktib- bench warrant. charged with credit card 35, was charged with a charged
burglary and shoplift- beha County Sheriff’s n Larry Nance III, 30, fraud and MDOC hold. bench warrant. with hold
ing-less than $250. Office: was charged with aggra- n Demetruis Reed, n Simon Lott, 33, was for another
n Phillip Adkins, 49, n Matthew Hodges, vated domestic assault, 44, was charged with pos- charged with DUI third agency.
was charged with com- 33, was charged with burglary other than a session of a weapon by a offense. n Ash-
mercial burglary. false pretense. dwelling and expired driv- felon. n Keith Spivey, 46, ley Wise,
n Mark McCoy, 55, n Matthew Williams, er’s license. n Stephen Cornwall, was charged with DUI 32, was
was charged with aggra- 36, was charged with a n Author Parrish Jr., 24, was charged with sale fourth offense. charged
vated assault with a weap- circuit court order. 34, was charged with of methamphetamine. n Wayne Martin, 43, with a cir- Jackson Jr.
on. n Jason Mann, 37, was grand larceny. n Jermarrio Robin- was charged with a circuit cuit court
n Terrius Armistad, charged with possession n Dontavious Lucious, son, 30, was charged with court order. order.
19, was charged with do- of a controlled substance. 18, was charged with burglary of a vehicle. (No n Rachel Ivy, 28, was n Kaya Dotson, 18,
mestic violence/aggravat- n Jevin White, 20, was grand larceny. photo available.) charged with burglary of was charged with cyber-
ed assault and burglary of charged with possession n Josh McCarter, 20, n Zadarus Malone, a residence. stalking.
an occupied dwelling. of a schedule II drug. was charged with receiv- 19, was charged with bur- n Jeremiah Hender- n Taketa Mullins, 33,
n Dakota Holcomb, n David Perry, 59, was ing stolen property and glary of a residence. son, 24, was charged with was charged with a bench
27, was charged with charged with aggravated accessory after the fact. n Jerome Prewitt, 49, possession of a stolen warrant.
two counts grand larce- assault and shooting in or n Henry Brown, 31, was charged with non- firearm. (No photo avail- n Christopher Mill-
ny-more than $500 and at a vehicle. was charged with a bench compliance. able.) er, 31, was charged with
nine counts commercial n Terion Bishop, 19, warrant. n Sylvester Jones, 38, n Patrick Hudson, 29, hold for another agency,
burglary. was charged with three n J.D. Jackson, 52, was was charged with domes- was charged with a circuit expired tag and expired
n Joshua Akers, 33, counts credit card fraud. charged with DUI fourth tic violence, bond jumping court order. driver’s license.
was charged with pos- n Derek Cunningham, offense. and no driver’s license. n John Rigsby, 26, was n Norvell Jackson
session of methamphet- 25, was charged with bur- n Lee Roberson, 63, n James Riekhof, 25, charged with four counts Jr., 34, was charged with
amine. glary of a residence. was charged with DUI was charged with grand sale of marijuana and sale possession of a stolen fire-
n Cameron Robinson, third offense. larceny. of a controlled substance. arm, DUI and possession
The following arrests 29, was charged with a n Rachel Reed, 32, was n Franklin Young Jr., n Stefhon Cox, 24, was of marijuana.

Continued from Page 1A
make flowers or if they three-dimensional de- “I can use clay tools begun making elaborate to Southern Flour. spending her weekends
have characters that signs popular for grooms’ with it, if I’m carving out tiered cakes as well. “The opportunity to decorating three-dimen-
we’re putting on it,” she cakes. She’s done a red a face,” she said. “It’ll Perrigin said she work for (Huff) came sional RV cakes, she said
added. “Sometimes I’ll velvet armadillo inspired melt a little bit in my got into baking when up and I couldn’t resist the Army taught her a
have to make a person by the groom’s cake in hands, so it’s easier for she was 9 years old and that,” she said. “Work for lot that’s been helpful in
out of chocolate or… flow- the movie “Steel Magno- me to smooth.” “made better pies than a small town, answer to running a business, from
ers, rank, flags, airplanes lias,” along with football Those more elaborate my mom.” Right out of one person.” organizational skills to
… There are all kinds of fields and footballs, even cakes may take 12 hours college, she worked as While Huff admits it’s managing employees.
things.” a truck designed to look to decorate — and that’s a baker for companies a strange journey to go “I really enjoy it,”
The designs range like the actual old truck after baking and letting like Baskin Robbins and from being in the Army she said. “I wouldn’t do
from elaborate arrays of the groom was restoring it sit overnight — but Walmart before coming to owning a bakery and anything else.”
flowers to geode cakes at the time of his wed- Huff doesn’t mind. She
— cakes designed to ding. says she’ll often be
look like rocks that have She pulled up a picture at work at 2 or 3 a.m.,
been “busted open and of a cake baked to look decorating in the quiet
crystallized” — to gold like a toy RV, complete of her shop without the
cakes made real 24-karat with a small chocolate phone ringing or other
gold powder mixed with picnic table, dog and distractions.
vodka. other toy-sized props. Of course, that’s all
“Twenty years ago, Those props and aside from the typical
nobody was putting real characters like are made running of the shop,
gold on cakes,” Huff said. out of modeling choco- for which Huff credited
“Now you can buy it in a late, which she said has a her employees, some of
really fine powder.” consistency like clay, so it whom, like her manager
Her favorites are can easily hold its shape. Rissa Perrigin, have

Continued from Page 1A
Legislative Budget Com- ing in the current year. stake,” Reeves said.
mittee in December, when Reeves said Thursday “What I’m not willing to
the committee released that an initial review of do is ask for a random
its initial set of spending spending practices found increase in funds just be-
proposals for the coming the Department of Cor- cause it sounds good.”
year. The plan included a rections might have giv- Some of the recent vi-
2.3 percent reduction in en compensatory time olence erupted in Parch-
state spending for correc- payments to people on man’s Unit 29. In early
tions, a drop of about $7.4 the higher end of its pay January, when Republican
million. The reduction scale. He also questioned Phil Bryant was in the
came partly from elimi- whether the department final days of his second SOLUNAR TABLE
The solunar period indicates
nating money for jobs that needs the 60 vehicles he peak-feeding times for fish and game.
term governor, the state Mon. Tue.
have been vacant at least said it has. Major 2:12a 2:39a
entered a 90-day contract Minor 7:44p 8:51p
six months. Budget writers are sup- Major 3:04p
As governor, Reeves posed to agree on an over- and moved 375 inmates Minor
9:31a 9:18a

released a separate set of all state spending plan be- from Parchman to a pri- Courtesy of Mississippi Department
of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks

state budget recommen- fore the legislative session vately run prison nearby.
dations on Jan. 31, weeks
after the prison violence
drew widespread condem-
ends in early May. The
new governor said Mis-
sissippi could spend more
In Reeves’ State of the
State address on Jan. 27,
he said he had instructed
The Dispatch
The Commercial Dispatch (USPS 142-320)
nation. Reeves suggest- than currently suggested the Department of Cor- Published daily except Saturday. Answers to common questions:
Entered at the post office at Columbus, Mississippi.
ed that the corrections on the prison system. rections to take steps to Periodicals postage paid at Columbus, MS Phone: 662-328-2424
system receive the same “I’m willing to invest shut down Unit 29. Offi- POSTMASTER, Send address changes to:
The Commercial Dispatch, P.O. Box 511, Columbus, MS 39703 Website: cdispatch.com/help
amount of money in the here because it’s worth cials have not said how Published by Commercial Dispatch Publishing Company Inc., Report a news tip: news@cdispatch.com
coming year as it is receiv- it, because lives are at long that will take. 516 Main St., Columbus, MS 39703
PETER BIRNEY IMES Editor/Publisher
BIRNEY IMES III Editor/Publisher 1998-2018
BIRNEY IMES JR. Editor/Publisher 1947-2003

BIRNEY IMES SR. Editor/Publisher 1922-1947

ZACK PLAIR, Managing Editor

BETH PROFFITT Advertising Director
MICHAEL FLOYD Circulation/Production Manager

Woodchucks, whistle pigs, land beavers
“Old ground- away. Then all went silent.
hog stretched Groundhogs eat vegetations and love
in his leafy bed. the sweet taste of fruit like cantaloupe,
He turned over peaches, strawberries and corn, as well
slowly and then as peas and string beans. A gardener’s
he said, ‘I won- nightmare. They are called “diurnal”
der if spring is creatures since they come out in early
on the way. I’ll mornings or late afternoons. They can
go and check the climb and swim. In very cold climates
weather today.’” they hibernate and live off their fat
Author un- reserves. Litters are usually two to four
known kits, and they stay with their moms for
Shannon Bardwell two months.
A little over There’s a group that would like to
a week ago I was headed to town when see Punxsutawney Phil retired and
I spied a funny creature sitting on his replaced by an animatronic groundhog
hind legs beside a road running along with artificial intelligence. That’s more
the Tombigbee River. At first, I wasn’t or less a sophisticated computerized
sure what the critter was. He was groundhog toy. The group claims the
brown, furry and looked somewhat like computer groundhog would be more
a large squirrel. Then I realized it was accurate and Punxsutawney Phil could
a groundhog, only the second I’ve ever live a normal life in peace. I don’t know.
seen. Perhaps that day he was prac- I think Punxsutawney Phil probably
ticing to see if he’d see his shadow, as lives a good life like Harry and Wil-
Groundhog Day was fast approaching. helmina. They pretty much have it
Groundhog Day is always on Feb. 2, and pitched, shrill sound to alert groundhog dogs, humans and motorized vehicles. made, no scrounging around for food,
this past Groundhog Day Punxsutaw- neighbors of approaching danger. We have all of those here in the Prairie. complete medical attention and vita-
ney Phil did not see his shadow. The Groundhogs burrow in extensive, elab- Speaking of predators, one night I mins. A warm bed at night with no pred-
prediction is that we will have an early orate burrow systems and spend most heard loud and clear the howls and yips ators to worry about. Not to mention,
spring, which may also be predicted by of their lives underground. They are of coyotes. The cats, Harry and Wil- what’s the fun in watching a computer-
the warmer temperatures and massive known as nuisance critters as they are helmina, were outside. I bolted out the ized groundhog unless you’re under 5
displays of daffodils. quite efficient at digging, be it in your door, cupped my hands over my mouth, years old? In 117 years Punxsutawney
A few tidbits on groundhogs: They yard or under the garage. and yelled, “You better get out of here!” Phil has been right 65 percent of the
are also called woodchucks, whistle The poor fellows only live three to It was so loud the echo reverberated. time. I suggest we keep him.
pigs and land beavers. I figure the whis- six years in the wild. Turns out preda- Sam stepped out and said I was prob- Email reaches Shannon Bardwell of
tle pig is because they make a high- tors are hawks, foxes, coyotes, bobcats, ably waking the neighbors two miles Columbus at msdeltachild@msn.com.


Voice of the people
Concerned about local trash practices
In a recent letter, Mr. Fortenberry de-
plored the trash situation in Columbus. I
have been concerned as well for various rea-
sons and I wonder where the problem comes
from. It’s almost as if many or most members
of the community accept trash as a “natural”
part of the local scenery, as it seems to be ev-
erywhere. Some of the worst places I’ve seen
have been on Officer’s Lake Road, Lincoln
Road, Bluecutt Road, near the Soccer fields,
and on the “beautiful” Riverwalk.
Why doesn’t the city devote more time
and effort to cleaning up the community?
What effect does this unsightly mess have on
people passing through, considering moving
here, or considering staying here? Is there
no pride in community? I’ve visited other
cities such as Denver where there is little to
no trash and there seems to be a widespread
ethic to avoid trashing the community.
It’s interesting that China has now banned
single-use plastic containers. Why can’t we
do that here in the USA? The Tenn-Tom Wa-
terway is like a plastic bottle sewer, sending
probably tens of thousands of these bottles
and other junk south to the Gulf of Mexico.
Our oceans have already become dumps
for all this trash coming down rivers from
cities around the world. Ocean life is being
harmed and destroyed by all this junk. One
of the most poignant examples I’ve seen was
a nesting albatross trying to feed its young MUSINGS
on a Pacific island, but couldn’t because a
toothbrush was caught in its throat. Animals
like these which have long life spans and
low levels of reproduction are particularly
The trashing of the presidency
vulnerable to declines in population size and It’s Sunday morning was the President, he Ukraine, I cry out at the criminal-
eventual extinction from our junk entering in New York. Ordinarily made speeches on the ity against The OFFICE OF THE
the oceans. I’d be snuggled down radio and we gathered PRESIDENCY! I cry out at calling
Part of my point is that careless disposal with the Times, coffee or ‘round to listen. He lived the Times a “failing” newspaper,
of plastic, metal, and Styrofoam containers watching birds splashing in the White House, at tossing rolls of paper towels to
and other such objects is not just a local prob- in the last of the rain. But from whence cometh the hurricane victims, at the separation
lem but that there are far-reaching global I can’t get comfortable. policies that kept me and of families risking their lives to
effects as well. As presumably intelligent Another coffee won’t do my family safe. We lived gain entry to the United States of
and caring individuals, we need to be aware it, nor will a glass of juice. in a Democracy which America. I cry out at the vulgarity
of the costs of both local and global trash and I’ve pushed the paper guaranteed us that safety of the Access Hollywood tapes, of
take some responsibility to minimize our aside as if it contributes and respect would follow withheld tax returns, uncountable
negative impact. It isn’t that hard. to my discontent, and so us wherever in the world lies, and the directive to “get rid of
Bill Parker it does. So would the TV Marion Whitley we might be. her” in recalling our Ambassador
Columbus coverage if I dared go I felt pride, a kind of from Kiev. That such language, such
there. participation in having behavior, fills the halls of the White
A letter to the editor is an excellent way to Whereas the president is being immigrant ancestors, and sought House, keeps on reaching the ears
participate in your community. We request the charged with obstruction of justice out their ports of departure for the of world, besmirching the UNITED
tone of your letters be constructive and respect- and of congress, my discontent new world. I felt a chill thinking how STATES PRESIDENCY, keeps on
ful and the length be limited to 450 words. We is with a side, but vital issue, the brave they were facing that ocean... undoing my Sunday morning with
welcome all letters emailed to voice@cdispatch. accompanying charges against THE In New York, I found the manifests new foreboding.
com or mailed to The Dispatch, Attn: Letters to PRESIDENCY! To my knowledge of the ships on which they sailed. While granting the throes around
the Editor, PO Box 511, Columbus, MS 39703- I’m alone in this. Thanks to them, I was a citizen of legal definitions of obstruction of
0511. Without a doubt, a quid pro quo the best country in the world. A false justice and of Congress, where are
was intended in that infamous July pride? Naive? I don’t think so, never those who also lament the obstruc-
phone call. I see the criminality of did. tion, the trampling, of truth and
inviting foreign involvement in our In childhood, and due to pictures, common decency? Clearly, that ob-
elections, but along with that there’s the safety and pride in being a citi- struction doesn’t reach the threshold
Our View: Local Editorials the undeclared “criminality” to THE zen of the United States, came more of criminality that warrants investi-
Local editorials appearing in this space repre-
sent the opinion of the newspaper’s editorial PRESIDENCY. from The White House than from gation in light of the greater dangers
board: Peter Imes, editor and publisher; Zack From first grade I saluted the the Constitution. Once established we’re in. But down the road, when
Plair, managing editor; Slim Smith and senior stars and stripes with an awakening in New York, I hastened to bring my Democracy is back on firmer ground
newsroom staff. To inquire about a meeting with pride in some “ceremony” I couldn’t parents to the big city, not only for and no one is above the law, can we
the board, please contact Peter Imes at 662- have explained, but it made me stand the Empire State Building, riding still remember what truth feels like,
328-2424, or e-mail voice@cdispatch.com. taller. I liked being a tiny part of that the subway to a ball game at Yankee and stand taller when saluting the
thing called “patriotism.” It made Stadium, but for a full day, sleep- flag?
Local journalism matters me feel good, and you know what? over and all, in Washington D.C. to Marion Whitley, who grew up in
Support The Dispatch by It’s never changed. I have rendered include a guided tour of the White Caledonia and Columbus, lives in
respect to all Presidents, largely House, itself. Manhattan where she reads, writes
subscribing or advertising
assuming they were “good” people, Set aside the question of crimi- and remembers. Her email address is
662-328-2424 or cdispatch.com never mind political affiliation. If he nality in withholding military aid to Whijmar8@aol.com.
The Dispatch • www.cdispatch.com MONDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 2020 5A

US says 2 soldiers killed, 6 wounded in Afghanistan attack

Afghan defense ministry official said shooter A member of Nangarhar’s
provincial council, Ajmal Omer,
attacks by Afghan national
army soldiers on their allied
shooter was an Afghan soldier
who had argued with the U.S.
was an Afghan soldier who had argued with told The Associated Press that
the gunman was killed. Nei-
partners during 18 years of
America’s protracted war in Af-
forces before opening fire. He
was not a Taliban infiltrator, the
the U.S. forces before opening fire ther the U.S. military nor the
Afghan defense ministry have
Six U.S. service members
official said.
In a statement, the U.S. mil-
BY RAHIM FAIEZ day when an Afghan dressed confirmed the attacker’s fate. have been killed in Afghanistan
itary said “an individual in an
in an Afghan army uniform The U.S. Department of De- since the start of 2020, includ-
The Associated Press Afghan uniform opened fire on
opened fire, the U.S. military fense released later in the day ing Saturday’s casualties. Last
the names of the dead Amer- year, 22 U.S. service personnel the combined U.S. and Afghan
KABUL, Afghanistan — Two said. force with a machine gun. We
ican soldiers. They are Sgt. died in combat there.
U.S. soldiers were killed and six Afghanistan’s defense minis- Javier Jaguar Gutierrez, 28; and An Afghan defense ministry are still collecting information
wounded in a so-called insider try said one Afghan soldier was Sgt. Antonio Rey Rodriguez, official, who was not identified and the cause or motive behind
attack in eastern Afghanistan’s also killed and three injured in 28. because he was not authorized the attack is unknown at this
Nangarhar province late Satur- the assault. There have been numerous to speak to the media, said the time.”

Drugs fail to slow decline Gunman ambushes

in inherited Alzheimer’s disease NYC police twice in 12
More than 5 million people in the worldwide have Alzhei-
mer’s. Current drugs only
“If you get one of these
genetic mutations you’re
hours, spawns outrage
United States and millions more temporarily ease symp-
toms and do not alter the
almost guaranteed to get
Alzheimer’s,” typically in
The Associated Press
worldwide have Alzheimer’s disease course of the disease.
The study tested so-
your 30s, 40s or 50s, said
Dr. Eric McDade, another NEW YORK — A gunman was arrested after
BY MARILYNN mentia. lanezumab by Eli Lilly study leader at Washing- he ambushed police officers in the Bronx twice in
MARCHIONE “We actually don’t & Co., and gantenerum- ton University. 12 hours, authorities said, wounding two in attacks
AP Chief Medical Writer
even know yet what the ab by Swiss drugmaker People like this ac- that brought outrage from officials who blamed the
drugs did” in term of re- Roche and its U.S. sub- count for only about 1 per- violence on an atmosphere of anti-police rhetoric.
Two experimental sidiary, Genentech. Both Robert Williams, 45, of the Bronx, was captured
moving that protein be- cent of Alzheimer’s cases,
drugs failed to prevent drugs gave disappointing after he walked into a police station in the Bronx
cause those results are but their brain changes
or slow mental decline in results in some earlier and started shooting shortly before 8 a.m. Sunday,
a study of people who are still being analyzed, said and symptoms are similar
studies, but the doses in police said. His shots struck a lieutenant in the arm
virtually destined to de- study leader Dr. Randall to those who develop the
this one ranged up to four and narrowly missed other police personnel before
velop Alzheimer’s disease Bateman at Washington disease at a later age. That
to five times higher and he ran out of bullets, lay down and tossed his pistol,
at a relatively young age University in St. Louis, gives a unique chance to
researchers had hoped officials said.
because they inherited Missouri. that would prove more ef- test potential treatments.
That attack came just hours after Williams ap-
rare gene flaws. But after five years on fective. “We know everyone proached a patrol van in the same part of the Bronx
The results announced average, the main goal The study was funded will get sick and we know and fired at two officers inside, wounding one be-
Monday are another of the study was not met by the U.S. National In- about what time that is” in fore escaping on foot, police said.
disappointment for the — people on either of the stitute on Aging, the Alz- their lives, Bateman said. All of those shot are expected to recover, au-
approach that scien- drugs scored about the heimer’s Association and Most study partici- thorities said.
tists have focused on for same on thinking and some foundations. pants already had signs “It is only by the grace of God and the heroic
years — trying to remove memory tests as others It involved about 200 of the harmful protein in actions of those inside the building that took him
a harmful protein that given placebo treatments. people in the United their brain even if they into custody that we are not talking about police
builds up in the brains of More than 5 million States, Europe and else- were showing no symp- officers murdered inside a New York City police
people with Alzheimer’s, people in the United where with flaws in one of toms when the study precinct,” Police Commissioner Dermot Shea said
the leading cause of de- States and millions more three genes. started. at a news conference.
Williams is being charged with attempted mur-
der, criminal weapon possession and resisting ar-
rest, police said in an email late Sunday identifying
him as the suspect. He was hospitalized Sunday
evening, the Bronx prosecutor’s office said. It
AROUND THE WORLD wasn’t clear whether he had an attorney to speak
for him.
Mainland China virus cases rise again after earlier decline Williams had been upset since his own son died
after being shot in the Bronx, the suspect’s grand-
mother told the New York Post.
Doctor: Warmer weather will reduce warning about the virus.
Monday’s rise was a
es have been confirmed
outside mainland China.
the virus’s ability to spread and bring turnaround from a sig-
nificant reduction in new
“Dramatic reduc-
tions” in the pace of the
people out of enclosed spaces where cases reported Sunday, disease’s spread should
2,656, down by about 20 begin this month if con-
it is transmitted more easily percent from the 3,399 tainment works, Dr. Ian
new cases reported in the Lipkin, director of Colum-
BY JOE MCDONALD the Chinese mainland’s previous 24-hour period. bia University’s Center
The Associated Press total to 40,171. That had prompted opti- for Infection and Immuni-
Earlier, France closed mism that the “joint con- ty, said in an online news
BEIJING — Mainland
two schools after five Brit- trol mechanism of differ- conference on Sunday. He
China has reported anoth-
ish visitors contracted the ent regions and the strict assisted the World Health
er rise in cases of the new
virus at a ski resort. Ma- prevention and control Organization and Chi-
virus after a sharp decline
the previous day, while laysia, South Korea and measures have worked,” nese authorities during
the number of deaths Vietnam reported one in the words of a spokes- the outbreak of SARS, or
grow by 97 to 908, with at new case each. man for the National severe acute respiratory
least two more outside the Meanwhile, the moth- Health Commission, Mi syndrome.
country. er of a physician who died Feng. Warmer weather will
On Monday, China’s last week in the hard- Also Sunday, new cas- reduce the virus’s ability
health ministry said an- est-hit city of Wuhan said es were reported in Japan, to spread and bring peo-
other 3,062 cases had she wants an explanation South Korea, Vietnam, ple out of enclosed spaces
been reported over the from authorities who Malaysia, the U.K. and where it is transmitted
previous 24 hours, raising reprimanded her son for Spain. More than 360 cas- more easily, Lipkin said.

Thailand mourns victims of country’s deadliest mass shooting

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS attack was carried out and prayed and chanted wildly along the way at
by a single gunman — a in the town square featur- people inside and outside
NAKHON RATCHA- disgruntled soldier who ing a statue of Thao Sura- the building.
SIMA, Thailand — As opened fire on strangers nari, a governor’s wife
mourning began for the before he was fatally shot who is revered for leading
victims of Thailand’s Sunday at a shopping troops against invaders
worst mass shooting, mall. Another 58 people from Laos two centuries
the country counted its were wounded. ago.
losses: a mother shot The dead were mourn- Officials said the gun-
dead at the wheel of her ed Sunday night in Nak- man was angry over a fi-
car as her son sat beside hon Ratchasima, a hub for nancial dispute with his
her, a 13-year-old stu- Thailand’s relatively poor commanding officer. He
dent gunned down as he and rural northeastern made Col. Anantarote
was riding his motorbike region. More than 1,000 Krasae his first victim
home and more than two people turned up for the before stealing guns from
dozen other people. vigil led by Buddhist an army camp and head-
Authorities said the monks. They lit candles ing to the mall, shooting
Gretchen Orr
Monday, Feb. 10 • 10-11 AM
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
Monday, Feb. 10 • 11 AM

Deluge in Australia drenches fires and eases 3-year drought St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
Friendship Cemetery
BY NICK PERRY ease a crippling drought. lian National University
The Associated Press But experts say it in Canberra, said the rain
Berlin Tuttle
will take some time yet had broken the drought in Incomplete
WELLINGTON, New to know to what extent some towns but had not 2nd Ave. North Location
Zealand — Drought, wild- the rainfall has replen- fallen evenly across all the
fires and now flooding ished dried-up rivers and affected areas.
have given Australia’s quenched parched soil in “At this stage, it’s very
weather an almost Bib- some inland areas most good news, and certainly
lical feel this year. The affected by the 3-year much more than people
good news is that a recent drought. could have wished for or memorialgunterpeel.com
deluge in eastern parts of Quentin Grafton, an expected,” he said of the
the country has drenched economics professor and rainfall. “There are some
deadly fires and helped water expert at Austra- very happy people.”
6A MONDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 2020 The Dispatch • www.cdispatch.com


Courtesy photo
READING FUN: On Jan. 21, the 100th day of school, all first-grade students at Sale Elementary School in Co-
lumbus received a copy of “Rocket’s 100th Day of School” from My Book of Lowndes County. My Book volun-
teer board member Debbie Swartz is pictured with students, from left, Austin Crowder, Elizabeth Marquez and
Delylah Carrithers.


Courtesy photo
WARM GESTURE: Madison McCarter of Charity Mission Full Gospel Baptist Church presents West Lowndes Ele-
mentary School Principal Robert Sanders with winter coats for students who may need one. McCarter is playing
her part of Paying It Forward.

■ The Dispatch’s education page appears each Monday. Submissions must come from school personnel and
include all pertinent information, including names of everyone featured in a photograph, left to right. Submissions
can be emailed to education@cdispatch.com. Time-sensitive submissions will have top priority and The Dispatch
will publish the rest as space permits.


Jim Lytle/Special to The Dispatch

Mississippi State head coach Vic Schaefer, center hugs Jayla Hemingway (00) and Myah Taylor (1) as Rickea Jackson (5) looks on after defeating Texas A&M in their NCAA
college basketball game Sunday in Starkville.

No. 8 MSU women survive slugfest with No. 16 Texas A&M

BY BEN PORTNOY tively exploded in approv- cancer awareness day, sika Carter also contin- Scoring 14 of her game- Leaving the locker
bportnoy@cdispatch.com al as the fiery eighth-year the wiry plastic was left ued her recent inability to high 21 points in the first room out of the break,
head coach and his youth- mostly at bay through stay on the floor, collect- half, Jackson earned her Schaefer’s bunch showed
STARKVILLE — Vic signs of life as the pink
ful No. 8-ranked MSU the game’s opening 20 ing two fouls in the first third 20-point outing in
Schaefer lost it.
squad (22-3, 10-1 SEC) minutes as the Bulldogs half for the fifth time in four contests and col- pom poms began flailing
Racing off the side-
downed the visiting No. slogged through the first seven contests — forcing lected 10 rebounds for around Humphrey Coli-
line with the thunderous
16 Aggies (18-5, 6-3 SEC) half Sunday. junior college transfer her second career dou- seum.
thump of his dress shoes
69-57. Normally sure-handed Yemiyah Morris into nine ble-double. Sophomore forward
crashing into the hard-
“We believed in these senior guard Jordan Dan- major minutes in which “I just knew I had to at- Xaria Wiggins gave MSU
wood floor beneath him,
Schaefer threw high fives days, like today,” Schaefer berry fell silent from the she totaled two points and tack them,” she said. hope early as she drained
that mimicked haymak- said of his mindset when floor, going scoreless in five rebounds. Despite Jackson’s ef- two third quarter 3-point-
ers as Mississippi State he left Texas A&M for the opening two frames While Carter and Dan- forts the Bulldogs com- ers to keep the Bulldogs
celebrated a three-point Starkville in 2012. for the second-straight berry struggled to find bined for six of their 11 within striking distance.
fourth quarter lead over With a collection of game and was benched their footing, freshman turnovers in the second Freshman guard Jay-
Texas A&M Sunday. pink pom poms envelop- for nearly 12 minutes in guard Rickea Jackson quarter as the Aggies out- la Hemingway — whose
In unison, the 8,400 ing Humphrey Coliseum the second half. balanced the Bulldogs’ scored their hosts 26-14 playing time has been
fans in attendance collec- as MSU celebrated breast Sophomore center Jes- fleeting chance at victory. in the frame. See WBB, 3B

Eighth-grade ‘phenom’ Na’Kaiyla Mason leads Bulldogs win NFCA

midseason turnaround for Noxubee County girls Leadoff Classic
BY THEO DEROSA sissippi State its fourth
BY THEO DEROSA The coach had seen Right away, the coach No. 1 seed in this week’s tderosa@cdispatch.com
tderosa@cdispatch.com straight victory to start
eighth grader Na’Kaiyla realized Mason would do district tournament.
the season and earned
Mason stand out in her a lot more than that. It’s clear that less Chloe Malau’ulu got
MACON — It was time on the B.F. Liddell than a month in, Lid- the Bulldogs the cham-
In her first game, a things started, Candace
mid-January, and the Middle dell-White’s move has pionship
Jan. 17 road contest at Denis ended them, and
Noxubee County girls S c ho ol paid off just as she ex- trophy for
Houston, Mason came Grace Fagan excelled
basketball team needed team. As pected, as the talented the NFCA
in and blew the competi- in between to give the
a spark. soon as Mason has assumed an Leadoff
The Tigers, an inex- tion away. She scored 29 Mississippi State soft-
the mid- integral leadership role Classic,
perienced team with just points to lead the Tigers ball team a 9-0 win over
dle school with the Tigers already. based on
one senior, were 2-11. to a 50-34 win, and it North Carolina State
s e a s on wasn’t a fluke. “It really sparked,” the on Sunday at the NFCA their plus-
They’d lost their first ended, Lid- coach said. “It really did. 5.5 aver-
10 games of the season, In less than two Leadoff Classic in Clear-
dell-W hite Mason If she’s not going, they’re age run Ricketts
and only three of those weeks, the eighth grader water, Florida.
brought not going.” dif feren-
contests were within 10 scored at least 20 points Denis’ three-run ho-
Mason up tial.
points. Noxubee County four more times as the Ti- mer in the bottom of the
to the varsity team, hop- ‘What grade is she in?’ “I saw a lot of really
needed a turnaround — gers turned a lost season fifth put the Bulldogs
ing the eighth grader’s Zacaree Rupert and good things from our
badly. into a saved one. Noxu- (4-0) over the eight-run
talent could buoy the Ti- Jakeia Walker already team this weekend,”
So Tigers coach Glen- gers during a tough sea- bee County finished its threshold for the mercy
da Liddell-White turned district schedule with a knew. rule, summarily ending head coach Samantha
son. See SOFTBALL, 3B
to her secret weapon. 3-1 record, earning the See MASON, 3B the game. That gave Mis-
2B MONDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 2020 The Dispatch • www.cdispatch.com

BRIEFLY AP source: Dodgers, Twins, Sox divvy Betts deal into 2 swaps
College Basketball THE ASSOCIATED PRESS this summer — 67th The 21-year-old four seasons for the 10 through 190, and
overall — and a minor Graterol, who can Dodgers, but their $750,000 for 200. The
Ole Miss women continue slide against Vanderbilt MINNEAPOLIS — leaguer to the Dodg- touch triple digits on deep rotation allowed deal includes a $1 mil-
The Ole Miss women’s basketball team could not Moving Mookie Betts ers for $10 million and the radar gun with them to put him in the
overcome a big first-half run by Vanderbilt, falling to lion assignment bonus
out of Boston proved a minor leaguer to set- his fastball, missed bullpen occasionally, each time he is traded.
the Commodores, 63-47, at Memorial Gymnasium on
Sunday evening.
to be quite the task for tled their portion of time last season for too, and his desire has To build their rota-
Both teams were about evenly matched on the the cost-cutting Red the trade. Double-A Pensacola been to be a full-time tion behind ace José
stat sheet, but a 19-2 run in the first quarter and big Sox. Graterol was first with a shoulder inju- starter. The 31-year- Berríos, the Twins re-
games from Chelsie Hall (21 points, five rebounds, The trade wound up headed for the Red ry. The right-hander old didn’t make his
four assists, two steals) and Koi Love (17 points, six taking all week — and signed Jake Odorizzi
Sox as part of a three- recovered in time to major league debut
rebounds, one assist, one steal) helped Vanderbilt being divvied into two and Michael Pineda
team swap agreed to make his major league until age 27 when he
(13-10, 3-7 SEC) keep its edge as the Rebels made a different deals. Tuesday that moved debut with the Twins came over from the earlier this winter and
second-half charge. signed free agents
The Minnesota Betts, a four-time and pitch in the post- Hiroshima Carp. His
Ole Miss (7-16, 0-10 SEC) shot 48.1 percent Homer Bailey and
in that back half and were led by strong outings
Twins agreed Sunday All-Star, and starting season. The Twins $25 million, eight-year
from Jayla Alexander (13 points, seven assists, five to send bullpen pros- pitcher David Price confirmed last month contract was written Rich Hill. Pineda can’t
rebounds, two assists, two steals) and Dominique pect Brusdar Grater- to the Dodgers. But their intent to focus heavily with incen- pitch until mid-May
Banks (11 points, three rebounds, one assist, three ol to the Los Angeles the Red Sox, as first on developing him as tives that could make because of a remain-
blocks), but also committed 22 turnovers and were Dodgers for starting reported by The Ath- a reliever, rather than it worth as much as ing suspension for a
out-rebounded, 46-36. pitcher Kenta Maeda, letic, raised questions a starter. $106.2 million. That’s banned diuretic, and
For Alexander, this marks her second career according to a person about the health of the Maeda, who spent because the Dodg- Hill won’t be ready un-
game with at least seven assists. In SEC play, Alexan-
with direct knowl- hard-throwing Grater- his first four major ers discovered in his til mid-summer after
der is averaging 3.2 dimes per game after averaging
only 2.1 in non-conference play. Banks, who now edge of the deal, five ol’s arm. league seasons with physical at the time elbow surgery. Mae-
owns 51 blocks on the year, is on pace to end up with days after the initial The resulting rene- the Dodgers after “irregularities” in his da’s arrival, then, will
the third-most blocks in a single-season with 64 at her Betts-headlined trade gotiation was resolved coming over from Ja- elbow. significantly reduce
average of 2.2 rejections per game. with the Red Sox was with the Red Sox and pan, likely will slide Maeda’s deal enti-
Also recording solid games were Deja Cage (nine
the number of starts
held up. Dodgers conducting into the middle of tles him to $6.5 mil-
points, one rebound, one assist, two steals) and Mimi the Twins will have
The person spoke their own trade involv- Minnesota’s rotation. lion annually based
Reid (five points, four rebounds, five assists). to give to more inex-
to The Associated ing Betts and Price. The right-hander has on starts: $1 mil-
Ole Miss remains on the road this Thursday (Feb.
Press on condition of The Twins and Dodg- a 3.87 ER A with 641 lion each for 15 and perienced candidates.
13) at Florida. Randy Dobnak, Devin
Source: From Special Reports anonymity because ers technically now strikeouts in 589 ca- 20, and $1.5 million
the deals had not yet have a separate deal, reer innings, includ- apiece for 25, 30 and Smeltzer and Lewis
been announced. The the person said. The ing some late-season 32 starts. He can earn Thorpe, who all de-
Twins also agreed to trades, of course, are and postseason stints $3.5 million annual- buted as rookies last
CALENDAR send one of their draft subject to medical re- in relief. ly based on innings year, will be given the
picks in the compet- views before finaliza- Maeda made 103 pitched: $250,000 for longest looks in spring
Today itive balance round tion. starts over the last 90 and each additional training.
Prep Boys Soccer
Heritage Academy at Starkville Acade-
my, 5:30 p.m.
Women’s College Basketball
Campbellsville University Harrodsburg No. 1 Gamecocks, Staley seeking end to UConn losing streak
at MUW, 5:30 p.m.
Northwest Mississippi Community THE ASSOCIATED PRESS No. 1 in 2015 — and know.” cocks’ program truly not how we play. Peri-
College at East Mississippi Community 22-0 — when it lost South Carolina took flight in the 2014- od,” said Christyn Wil-
College, 5:30 p.m. COLUMBIA, S.C. to the second-ranked point guard Tyasha 15 season, Staley knew liams, tied for second
Men’s College Basketball — Dawn Staley has Huskies 87-62. UConn Harris, a freshman that playing UConn on UConn with 15.5
Northwest Mississippi Community accomplished many has been the higher starter for the 2017 each year would be a points a game.
College at East Mississippi Community things in her 12 sea- ranked team every oth- national champs, does showcase for the sport UConn’s Megan
College, 7:30 p.m. sons as coach at South er time. not dwell on the past and a barometer of Walker leads four dou-
Carolina. Beating This time, though, UConn wins in the se- how far South Carolina ble-digit scorers for
Tuesday UConn, the game’s
Men’s College Basketball the Gamecocks appear ries. had to go to reach the her team at 19.5 points
Mississippi State at Ole Miss, 6 p.m.
most dominant pro- to have the more com- She has been fo- top. a game. Olivia Nel-
College Softball
gram in that stretch, is plete team. Freshman cused on getting her “You want to mea- son-Adoda is tied for
Shelton State Community College at
not among them. Aliyah Boston, who teammates — eight of sure yourself and they fourth nationally with
East Mississippi Community College,
Staley and the top- chose South Carolina 11 players on the ros- were the best team in 75 blocked shots, 10
doubleheader, 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. ranked Gamecocks over UConn, leads the ter are freshmen or the country and the more than South Caro-
Prep Girls Basketball (22-1) look to end that team at 13.3 points sophomores — locked decade,” Staley said. lina’s Boston.
Columbus vs. West Point at district 0-7 run against the and nine rebounds a in to playing this group “What better way to do Walker believes
tournament, Grenada, 4 p.m. fourth-ranked Huskies game. Another highly of Huskies. that.” she’s got to penetrate
Prep Boys Basketball (20-2) when the teams regarded freshman, “They’re just really South Carolina has more early on to open
Columbus vs. Grenada at district tour- meet Monday night. guard Zia Cooke, has precise,” Harris said. done well this season things up on the out-
nament, Grenada, 8:30 p.m. Losing to UConn averaged 12.4 points a “They do everything in the biggest games. side.
has not sat well with game. to a T.” It’s lone loss came to “If I can score in
Wednesday Staley, who has won UConn was throt- Boston, who had then-No. 17 Indiana on the lane, it will open
College Softball four Southeastern tled a week ago by 18 points and 15 re- Thanksgiving. Since up my jump shot. I’ve
Alabama State at Mississippi State, 4 Conference regu- No. 3 Oregon at home, bounds in Thursday’s then, it has beaten sev- got to do more of that,”
p.m. lar-season and tour- 74-56. Huskies coach game against No. 25 en ranked opponents said Walker, who shot
Thursday nament titles and the Geno Auriemma be- Arkansas, thinks the in its 16 -game win- 3 of 16 against Oregon
Women’s College Basketball 2017 national champi- lieves his team has im- Gamecocks have done ning streak, including for a season-low eight
Ole Miss at Florida, 5 p.m. onship. proved since then. a great job blocking defending national points.
MUW at Tougaloo College, 5:30 p.m. “Who likes to keep “One of these days out the enormity of champ Baylor and last Staley likes that her
College Softball losing?” Staley said all of these guys are UConn’s history in year’s SEC champion, team leads the SEC
Ole Miss at Colorado State and Utah Sunday. going to make huge women’s hoops in Mississippi State. averaging 83 points
in Puerto Vallarta College Challenge, 6 Even worse for Sta- shots and big plays in preparations the past The Huskies are a game and can put
p.m. and 8:30 p.m. ley, South Carolina has a huge game and big few days. eager to show the pressure on UConn at
Friday not been competitive moments and then,” “We really know country they’re not every spot on the floor.
College Baseball in most of the defeats, Auriemma said, “ev- what we’re trying to the same team that got “Hopefully, the tide
Wright State at Mississippi State, 4 falling by an average of erything will be right focus on doing,” she blown out by Oregon. has turned,” she said,
p.m. 21 points. in the UConn world. said. “How we played “and we’re able to
Louisville at Ole Miss, 4 p.m. South Carolina was When is that? I don’t When the Game- (against Oregon) is bring one home.”
College Softball
East Mississippi Community College at
MUW, doubleheader, 2 p.m. and 4 p.m.
Prep Boys Soccer

US women beat Canada 3-0 in Olympic qualifying final

Heritage Academy at Bayou Academy,
3 p.m.
College Softball
Tulsa and North Alabama at Mississippi THE ASSOCIATED PRESS beat Mexico 4-0 in ond half we came out And despite the think they did too
State in Bulldog Kickoff Classic, 3 p.m.
one semifinal and with a little bit more defensive stand, Can- much to adjust. We
and 5:30 p.m. CA RSON, Calif. — eighth-ranked Cana- energy, we moved ada did have its op- made three individu-
Ole Miss at California Baptist, 12:30 Lynn Williams and da edged Costa Rica the ball a little faster, portunities. Jessie al mistakes, and gave
p.m. the rest of the U.S. in the other game on which ultimately re- Fleming, a standout
women sensed it was them three goals,”
Friday. sulted in a goal.” at UCL A, had an at-
ON THE AIR just a matter of time The U.S. has been Andonovski start- tempt that went over Sinclair said. “I
before they wore to every Olympics ed Williams and Jessi- the goal and into the thought we played a
Today down Canada. since women’s soc- ca McDonald, giving netting. pretty even first half,
6 p.m. — Colgate at Boston, CBSSN Williams broke cer was included in Tobin Heath the day Press’ blast in obviously they domi-
6 p.m. — Florida State at Duke, ESPN open a scoreless 1996, and has won off. Rapinoe came in the 32nd minute hit nated possession. But
8 p.m. — Baylor at Texas, ESPN stalemate with a goal four gold medals. But as a substitute. Other the crossbar. A few
8 p.m. — Texas Christian at Texas against a team like
in the 61st minute the Americans were veterans on the bench moments later, she
Tech, ESPN2 that, you can’t give
8 p.m. — Southern at Jackson State, and the United States knocked out in the for the match includ- caught Canada goal-
them goals, and we
ESPNU beat Canada 3-0 on quarterfinals by Swe- ed defenders Becky keeper Stephanie
COLLEGE BASKETBALL (WOMEN’S) Sunday in the title den four years ago in Sauerbrunn and Kel- Labbe far out in front did that tonight.”
6 p.m. — Michigan at Minnesota, BTN match of the CONCA- Brazil, the team’s ear- ley O’Hara. of her net, but the at- Both teams went
6 p.m. — Connecticut at South Caroli- undefeated in the
na, ESPN2 CA F Women’s Olym- liest Olympic exit. Julie Ertz wore the tempt from distance
6 p.m. — Missouri at Louisiana State, pic qualifying tourna- Canada has made captain’s armband for sailed over the goal. run-up to the final
SECN ment. the field in the past her 99th appearance Christine Sinclair’s match, with Canada
8 p.m. — Michigan State at Northwest- “We have a great three Olympics, win- with the team. Chris- attempt on a break-
ern, BTN scoring 23 goals and
front line, we have a ning the bronze med- ten Press started and away in the 38th min- the United States
8 p.m. — Washington at Stanford, great midfield. The al in the last two. her streak of scoring ute was stopped by scoring 22.
PAC-12N defenders were doing It was the fourth in six straight games U.S. goalkeeper Alys-
COLLEGE HOCKEY (MEN’S) their job in the first Sinclair became
time the teams have ended. Press was the sa Naeher.
6:30 p.m. — The Beanpot Tournament: half, so now it was met in the final of the fifth U.S. woman with Williams finally the all-time leading
Northeastern vs. Boston, Champion- international goal
ship, Boston, NHLN our turn to get the job region’s qualifying a scoring streak at broke through Can-
NBA BASKETBALL done in the second tournament, with the least that long, join- ada’s defense with a scorer during the
7 p.m. — Sacramento at Milwaukee, half,” Williams said. United States win- ing Mia Hamm, Mi- blast into the upper group stage. She cur-
NBATV Lindsey Horan and ning all four. chelle Akers, April corner for a 1-0 lead.
9:30 p.m. — Phoenix at LA Lakers, rently has 186 goals;
NBATV Megan Rapinoe also “In the first half, Heinrichs and Car- Horan doubled it 10 retired U.S. star Abby
NHL HOCKEY scored for the Unit- throughout the whole li Lloyd. It was the minutes later when Wambach had 184.
6 p.m. — NY Islanders at Washington, ed States, which ex- game, they were very longest such streak she dribbled around
NBCSN tended its undefeated Canada has won
organized, very disci- for the U.S. since two defenders and
TENNIS streak to 28 games. plined. They’re one of Lloyd scored in seven finished with a per- just three times in
2 a.m. — ATP/WTA: Rotterdam-ATP, the 60 -match series
St. Petersburg-WTA, Hua-Hin-WTA Early The U.S. did not con- the best teams in the straight in 2014. fectly placed shot that
Rounds, TENNIS cede a goal in five world, top 10 in the As expected, Can- Labbe couldn’t reach. against its North
5 a.m. — ATP/WTA: Rotterdam-ATP, qualifying matches, world, so it’s not go- ada coach Kenneth A fter her late goal, American rival.
St. Petersburg-WTA, Hua-Hin-WTA Early and scored 25 times. ing to be easy, if you Heiner-Moller em- Rapinoe struck her
Rounds, TENNIS Attendance was
11 a.m. — ATP: Rotterdam-ATP & New The U.S. and Can- sit back it will be re- phasized defense victory pose with announced at 17,489
York-ATP Early Rounds, TENNIS ada had both already ally hard,” U.S. coach against his offen- both arms raised to- at Dignity Health
6:30 p.m. — ATP: The New York Open, secured the region’s Vlatko Andonovski sively proficient op- ward the crowd, a
Early Rounds, Uniondale, N.Y., TENNIS Sports Park, home of
two spots in the Tokyo said. “I think in the ponent, starting five move made famous
2 a.m. (Tuesday) — ATP/WTA: Rotter-
Games with victories first half we weren’t defenders. The ap- last summer when the the L A Galaxy. The
dam-ATP, St. Petersburg-WTA, Hua-Hin- United States hasn’t
WTA Early Rounds, TENNIS in the semifinals. The patient enough and proach worked well United States won the
5 a.m. (Tuesday) — ATP/WTA: Rot- United States, ranked not sharp enough. throughout the first World Cup. lost on home soil
terdam-ATP, New York-ATP, St. Peters- No. 1 in the world, But I think in the sec- half. “I actually don’t since July 2017.
burg-WTA & Hua-Hin-WTA Early Rounds,
The Dispatch • www.cdispatch.com MONDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 2020 3B

Taylor handles the wind, Mickelson to win at Pebble Beach

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS shot for eagle that carried digest. Andie, were expecting swing. been fighting to keep his
him to a five-shot lead at He won in his fourth their first child. They And then the wind ar- card the last few years.
PEBBLE BEACH, Ca- the turn. And when that start as a PGA Tour rook- were waiting for him be- rived, so strong that it was Mickelson wasn’t the
lif. — Nick Taylor knew lead shrunk to two shots ie at the 2015 Sanderson yond the 18th green at hard work to make bogey. only player who strug-
the odds were not in his in 40 mph gusts, Taylor Farms Championship in Pebble. Mickelson chipped away gled. Dustin Johnson shot
favor Sunday at Pebble chipped in for a birdie on Mississippi, at the time an “You couldn’t write it with a birdie at No. 10 and
Beach. a 78. Matt Every, in the
the 15th hole that all but opposite-field event that much better,” Taylor said. two pars, and he picked
Already nervous about sealed it. didn’t feature any of the The final chapter was up another shot with a third-to-last group, shot
facing Phil Mickelson for Turns out Taylor had top players. He went 146 more than five hours of bogey on the par-5 14th, 80. Jason Day closed with
the first time with only more trouble with the starts on the PGA Tour jumbled emotions. Taylor where the wind was so a 75.
a one-shot lead, Taylor wind than Mickelson, and until his next victory, and figured he would have strong it blew Taylor’s cap The best round and
found himself watching the Canadian managed it was a big one. been more nervous with off his head as he faced best finish belonged
Lefty’s short-game high- both just fine. He never “That was amazing,” a larger lead at the start, 227 yards to the green — to Jordan Spieth, who
light show on the eve of lost the lead and closed Taylor said. “I believed I and then he had one in for his third shot. chipped in to save par on
their final-round pair- with a 2-under 70 for a could do it because I’ve the middle. He regained Taylor made double his final hole for a 67. It
ing at the AT&T Pebble four-shot victory over done it before. But to do the lead with a 15-foot bogey. The lead was two
was the low round of the
Beach Pro-Am. Kevin Streelman. it in that fashion, playing birdie on No. 4, matched with four holes to play.
“I was just curious, day and enabled Spieth
Mickelson, going for with Phil, gives me a lot birdies with Mickelson on “I had to remind my-
to be honest. And he hit a record sixth time at he of confidence going for- the par-3 fifth, holed the self I still had the lead, I to finish in a tie for ninth.
some amazing shots,” Pebble Beach Pro-Am, ward.” bunker shot on the par-5 knew I was swinging it That narrowly moves him
Taylor said. “I’m like, faded to third with a 74. The victory gets him sixth to seize control and well and just needed to hit back into the top 50 and
‘Well, I don’t know if he “It’s disappointing cer- into the Masters for the made a 7-foot birdie on that fairway,” Taylor said. makes him eligible for
can keep that up. If he tainly to have not won, but first time, along with the No. 9 to head to the back He came up short of a World Golf Champion-
can, great.’ But if I keep I got outplayed,” Mickel- PGA Championship up nine with a five-shot lead. the green, but had a sim- ship in Mexico City in two
doing what I’m doing, son said. “I mean, Nick the coast at Harding Park Mickelson contributed ple chip that turned out weeks.
plugging along ... then try played better than I did. in May. In his sixth year to Taylor’s advantage, go- perfectly and dropped for Streelman also leaves
to make the guys behind He holed a couple of great on tour, the 31-year-old ing long over the eighth birdie. His final act was an
with a trophy. He teamed
me try to beat me.” shots. That eagle on 6, the Canadian has played only green and chipping so 8-iron to 6 feet for birdie
Taylor created his own putts he made on 4, 5 and two majors as a pro. strong that it caught the on the 17th. with Arizona Cardinals
short-game highlights 7 ... he just really played One of those was last slope and rolled back to Taylor finished at receiver Larry Fitzgerald
for a victory that will stay some great golf.” summer at Pebble Beach, the fairway, leading to 19-under 268 and earned to easily win the pro-am
with him a long time. The rewards were after which Taylor an- double bogey. He made a two-year exemption, for the second time in
He holed a bunker more than Taylor could nounced he and his wife, bogey on No. 9, a two-shot valuable for a guy who has three years.

BUBBLE WATCH: Purdue makes push for NCAA bid-securing finish

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS junior center Matt Haarms an NCAA Tournament re- tournament projections, Oklahoma: The Soon- Sliding
said after Saturday’s win sume, joining a 29-point with the Boilermakers ap- ers (15-8, 5-5 Big 12) have
Purdue is positioned Cincinnati: The
at Indiana. “Every game win against preseason No. pearing in 70 mock brack- been up and down, though
to chase down an NCAA record looks good for
in the Big Ten is a tough 1-ranked Michigan State ets for the 68-team field. Saturday’s win against No.
Tournament bid, thanks in the Bearcats (15-8,
one, continue to play tour- in mid-January and a No- And there are still five 13 West Virginia is their
part to the Big Ten’s depth 8-3 American Athletic
nament-caliber teams, and vember neutral-court win Quadrant 1 games ahead, third — and best — Quad-
of quality teams. Conference), but Sun-
we want to show that we against VCU. including Tuesday at rant 1 win.
The Boilermakers had belong in the tournament.” Overall, Purdue is Rhode Island: The day’s loss at Connecti-
home against No. 22 Penn cut dropped them to
10 losses by the end of Jan- After getting within a 4-7 against opponents State (No. 19 in NET), Sat- Rams (18-5, 10-1 Atlantic
uary and are one game bet- game of last year’s Final in Quadrant 1, defined 10) are surging, winning 1-5 against Quadrant 1
urday at Ohio State (17th) teams with three Quad-
ter than .500 in conference Four, Matt Painter’s Boil- as home games against and a road rematch with 10 straight to go from 91st
play. Yet they are ranked ermakers lost noncon- top-30 teams in the NET, in the NET as of Jan. 6 to rant 3 losses (Colgate,
the Hawkeyes (28th) on Bowling Green and Tu-
No. 26 in the NCAA’s NET ference games to Texas, neutral-site games against March 3. No. 35 as of Sunday. There
rankings as of Sunday and Marquette, now-No. 8 Flor- top-50 teams and road are two big games ahead lane) to sit at 46th in the
A strong finish could NET. They also have just
play in KenPom’s top-rated ida State and now-No. 19 games against top-75 against sixth-ranked Day-
get the Boilermakers com- one Quadrant 1 opponent
league, which ranks well Butler before Christmas. teams. The Boilermakers ton, the first coming Tues-
fortably clear of the bub- remaining (at No. 25
ahead of the Big 12 and Big Then they stumbled to also have a 29-point win day.
ble by Selection Sunday, Houston on March 1).
East conferences. five league losses in seven against reigning national Wisconsin: The Bad-
which is five weeks away. Florida: The Gators
That means Purdue will games in January to stand champion Virginia for a gers (14-10, 7-6 Big Ten)
have plenty of chances to at 11-10. Quadrant 2 victory, while are in a similar position (14-9, 6-4 Southeastern
keep bolstering its resume, But Purdue (14-10, 7-6) a December loss at Ne- Rising to league-mate Purdue, Conference) are going
even with relatively little has won three straight, braska is their only Quad- Arizona State: The though their win Sunday in the wrong direction.
room for error through its including Wednesday’s rant 3 loss. Sun Devils (15-8, 6-4 against Ohio State im- Ranked sixth in the pre-
final seven regular-season home rout of No. 17 Iowa As of midday Sunday, Pac-12) have won five of proved them to 7-7 against season AP Top 25, Flor-
games. followed by Saturday’s Purdue was headed for a six, including Quadrant 1 Quadrant 1 teams after en- ida has lost four of six
“We’re going to keep win at Indiana. Both are No. 10 seed in BracketMa- wins against Arizona and tering the day at No. 37 in after Saturday’s loss at
getting tough matchups,” Quadrant 1 wins that top trix.com’s average of 89 Washington. the NET. Mississippi.

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After Mason trans- said. Peterson said. “She’s talking about the break- Williams said. work — both in the class-
ferred into the district Mason’s talent stood different.” out star. The Jackets’ defense room and on the court.
from Kemper County out right away, and Six days later, Mason “All people at the Friday frustrated Ma- “She has the poten-
when she was a seventh when the time came for flashed her prowess at high school talk about son, who missed more tial,” Liddell-White said.
grader, the two fresh- her promotion to varsi- attacking and scoring is ‘that eighth grader,’” shots at the rim than “She has the skill set. If
men on Noxubee Coun- ty, Rupert and Walker against Okolona, scor- Peterson said. “‘I want usual and didn’t put up she does that, the sky is
ty’s varsity team teamed were already waiting for ing 29 points in the Ti- to see that eighth grader the big scoring num- the limit.”
up with her on A AU her. gers’ 80 -43 home win for myself.’” bers she usually enjoys. Mason has aspira-
teams over the summer. “It feels good for me and wowing the crowd. Starkville beat Noxubee tions of playing Division
They saw the eighth to boost my game up “‘What grade is she ‘The sky is the limit’ County 60 -34 — just the I basketball, and Wil-
grader’s talent shine and get stronger,” Ma- in?’” Noxubee County As good as Mason second loss for the Ti- liams, too, can already
through right away. son said. “Playing var- fans in attendance asked is, Liddell-White knows gers since Mason joined tell that her talent could
“She’s really good,” sity, I thought it might Liddell-White. They her team’s new star has the varsity squad. make that possible.
Rupert said. “She’s very help.” were shocked by the an- a ways to go — and she’s “She wasn’t on her “When she gets to
consistent with her The eighth grader swer. got plenty of time to do game tonight,” Lid- about her junior or se-
work. She can do every- proved that for good in As Mason’s perfor- it. dell-White said. “She nior year, she’s gonna
thing.” her first varsity game, mances kept coming — On Friday, Starkville usually drives the team. be one of the top players
Sophomore cheer- pouring in 29 to help the 23 against Aberdeen; a High adjusted to Ma- … Every game, she in the state if she con-
leader TaQuira Peterson Tigers beat the Hilltop- season-high 30 points son’s strengths, forcing comes in trying to make tinues to develop her
played with Mason in pers. Peterson said she against Potts Camp; 25 her to go left and drib- a play.” game,” Williams said.
middle school, too, and had never seen another against Choctaw County ble with her weaker left To get to a point “To be an eighth grader
Peterson quickly saw high school player drive — so did the wins, and hand. where she can become a and come and do some of
someone she knew she to the basket with the Mason’s name swept “Once she gets stron- true star, Liddell-White the things that she’s do-
could follow. fearlessness of Mason around the high school, ger with both hands, said, Mason needs to de- ing already, you can tell
“She always wanted in the contest. too. Peterson said class- that’s when she’s gonna velop her outside shot so she’s got a knack for the
to be a leader, and that’s “I’ve never seen a mates, teachers and be really hard to stop,” defenses can’t box her game. She’s just gotta
what she did,” Peterson child like her before,” even the principal were Starkville coach Kristie in and keep up her hard continue to work hard.”

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Ricketts said in a news were mixing speeds and give Mississippi State a “I think it was a really their best effort. I want Friday’s exhibition game
release from the school. locations.” lead it never gave up. good weekend,” Ricketts them to be confident in with Team USA 4-0, but
“I really like what our Fagan allowed just Denis added a sac- said. “It was good for our themselves and each the defeat did not count
pitching staff did. I one hit in five shutout rifice fly in the fourth confidence. We’re trying other when they’re out in the official standings.
thought Coach Josh innings in the circle, inning, and Anna Kate to get them to under- there and play like it.” The Bulldogs will
[Johnson] and them walking two batters and Segars doubled home stand that we’re going The Bulldogs defeat- host Alabama State at 4
have really been work- striking out eight. a run in the fifth before to perform like an elite ed Missouri State, Lib- p.m. Wednesday at Nusz
ing hard. He called a Malau’ulu crushed a Denis came up and end- team, and that’s what we erty, Louisville and NC Park in Starkville, the
great game, and they’ve grand slam with none ed things immediately want to do. Teams are State in the tournament. team’s home opener for
really bought in and out in the first inning to afterward. going to come at us with Mississippi State lost the 2020 season.

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mostly limited to the wan- her defender off the drib- had to do to get the win.” With Kool & The teammates near the scor- with each ensuing word.
ing minutes of blowouts ble, Taylor recorded 16 “I saw a kid with a pres- Gang’s “Celebration” er’s table in an attempt to “As bad as it got, I just
this year — recorded just points over the game’s fi- ence tonight on the floor,” echoing throughout The carry her off the court. know that they tried to
her 13th field goal of the nal 12 minutes and didn’t Schaefer added. “It isn’t Hump, the one-time Ag- On a day in which the kill our will — and they
season to pull the Bull- record a turnover in back- easy, but she was special gie who has since traded Bulldogs were, in Schae- certainly had us on the
dogs within two points to-back games for the tonight.” shades of maroon made fer’s words, “taken to the chopping block -- but at
with 9:09 remaining in first time this season. Now having won sev- the rounds down the woodshed,” MSU added the end of the day we kept
the fourth quarter. “The energy from ev- en-straight games against baseline and up the side- another line to its NCA A getting off the chopping
Finally, it was sopho- erybody — the bench, the his former employer and line, shaking hands with Tournament resume and block and wouldn’t let
more guard Myah Taylor fans, everything — it all mentor in Texas A&M those MSU fans that re- reminded onlookers of them kill our will — and
that anchored the Bull- just ties into that moment, coach Gary Blair, Schae- mained in their courtside their place amongst the that is the sign of a great
dogs’ herculean come- that one play,” Taylor said. fer took his time mean- seats. SEC’s elite. team. I’m not saying
back effort. “So I just fed off of it and dering off the floor at Behind Schaefer, the “I thought you could they’re great right now,
Flashing a shifty first I knew my team needed Humphrey Coliseum Sun- 5-foot-7 Taylor was lifted not kill our will tonight,” but man they’re trying to
step and an ability to beat that so I did whatever I day afternoon. airborn by a collection of Schaefer said, choking up grow up.”
4B MONDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 2020 The Dispatch • www.cdispatch.com

Jones wins crash-fest at Daytona to open NASCAR season

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS huge push from Joe Gibbs Cup Series title. would be smarter than don’t know how to race. the end and ended up be-
Racing teammate and de- Joe Gibbs is now the all- that. It’s the same thing Just a product of a few bad ing a solid teammate.
DAYTONA BEACH, fending Daytona 500 win- time winningest owner in over and over, somebody decisions there and we’re “It’s so awesome,” Ham-
Fla. — The first race of ner Denny Hamlin. Busch Clash history with throws a stupid block that’s all crashed.” lin said. “I knew he needed
the NASCAR season was “I’ve got to give a huge nine victories. never going to work and The cars raced in Sun- to strap in because, that
a demolition derby that thanks to Denny there ... Brad Keselowski was wrecks half the field. day’s exhibition event are last lap, I was going to push
turned Daytona Interna- he stuck with us there that among those incensed by “I don’t know. Maybe backups for the Feb. 16 sea-
tional Speedway into a gi- him. I didn’t care if I was
whole last lap,” Jones said. the aggressive late block- we need to take the hel- son-opening Daytona 500. going to push him into a
ant junkyard. “It wasn’t the fastest car I ing. The race was fairly mets out of these cars and The 75-lap event ended
The Busch Clash? wreck. I was just going to
don’t think left in the race, anti-climactic until two the seat belts out. Some- up going 88 laps because of push him. It was fun.”
More like the Busch
but we brought it home. I wrecks in the final nine body will get hurt, and the late crashes, making it
Crash. Jones led just one lap,
owe him one for that one, laps sent it into overtime, then we’ll stop driving like the longest in history.
Erik Jones won Sun- the last one.
day’s race that left a for sure.” and as Keselowski railed (expletive).” Austin Dillon was sec-
“I didn’t know it was that
multi-million dollar Hamlin was a lap down against the racing that Kyle Busch, collected ond in the new Chevrolet
bad to be honest with you
trail of destruction and after a blown tire on the ended his day, Hamlin got in the accident that ended Camaro and followed by
previous overtime attempt a flat tire as the leader on a Keselowski’s day when Clint Bowyer in a Ford for until now,” Jones said as
masked the fact the Clash he looked at his crumpled
was a made-for-TV exhi- caused him to crash half restart and collected most teammate Joey Logano Stewart-Haas Racing. Kyle
the cars remaining on of the cars on track. tried to block Busch, said Larson was fourth for Chip car. ‘But it sure feels good
bition race. Only 18 cars
track, but he had enough “Dumb, dumb racing,” the crashes are a product Ganassi Racing and Ryan to come out of here with
were entered and only six
were on track when the speed to push Jones along said Keselowski, who of superspeedway racing. Newman, in a Roush Fen- a win, especially in a race
checkered flag flew at the the outside and give Gibbs slapped the side of an am- “Either you can race way Racing Ford, was fifth with perseverance like
end of a third overtime. yet another win. The Gibbs bulance with both hands in or you can wreck,” Busch and the last car on the lead that. You don’t want to
Jones crossed the fin- organization won 19 races frustration. “We shouldn’t said. “The reason why we lap. give up, and when it pays
ish line in a Toyota with last year, went 1-2-3 in the be wrecking all these cars. ride in single file (early in Hamlin in sixth had the off in the end, it makes it
a crumpled hood after a Daytona 500 and won the You’d think these guys the race) is because we only other car running at extra special.”

Comics & Puzzles

Dear Abby
EAR ABBY: band, as calmly my siblings to regret not having
Our son as possible, time with her, or to disown me
“Greg” has that the wedding for keeping this secret. Do I be-
come out as gay. isn’t the only tray her trust and tell them? —
My husband can’t milestone in his SIBLING DILEMMA IN NEVADA
accept it and sons’ lives he will DEAR SIBLING DILEMMA:
refuses to meet miss unless he Do not betray your sister’s trust
Greg’s boyfriend. has an attitude and reveal her diagnosis to the
Our other son is adjustment. siblings who ostracized her. The
getting married (to Skipping the news is hers and hers alone
a girl), and Greg wedding will be to convey. You are assuming
will be bringing just the beginning they would rush to her side
ZITS his boyfriend. My of his isolation to support her, which isn’t
husband says because he will necessarily true. This could be
he won’t come be absent from detrimental to her recovery, so
to the wedding other important do not risk it.
because our son’s family milestones DEAR ABBY: My daughter
boyfriend will be
Dear Abby — celebrations, expects that her children always
there. He says christenings, receive a “gift” from their four
it would “make a mockery” of birthdays, sporting events, grandparents on Valentine’s
the wedding. He has not told recitals and graduations. If that Day. My wife and I are OK with
them yet. doesn’t wake him up, nothing this, yet WE receive no cards,
I have tried everything I will. However, if he still cannot gifts or phone calls from the
can to convince my husband to relent, whether you should end grandchildren or our children.
come. I told him this will destroy your marriage isn’t something Are we old-fashioned, or is my
our family and marriage. He you should decide on impulse daughter’s expectation inappro-
said he doesn’t care! I told him or out of anger. A licensed priate? — OLD-FASHIONED
GARFIELD this has nothing to do with the marriage and family therapist DEAR OLD-FASHIONED:
wedding. He will embarrass should be consulted. Your daughter’s expectations
both sides of the family. He DEAR ABBY: My sister, who are inappropriate. They are also
finally admitted he just doesn’t is estranged from our siblings, nervy. Your daughter should
want to see Greg’s boyfriend. I has been diagnosed with be teaching her children that
told him he doesn’t have to talk cancer. The more-than-three- exchanging holiday greetings is
to him, but no argument works. year estrangement wasn’t her a reciprocal endeavor. If your
I know our children will never choice, and she was devastated daughter doesn’t want to buy
speak to him again. I cannot by it. She has requested that Valentine cards for her children
stay married to him if he does they be kept ignorant about to give to you, the kids should
this. I have no idea what to do. her medical condition. We are MAKE them for Grandma and
— SUPPORTIVE MOM IN NEW all (six of us) in our 60s, and I Grandpa. (They would make
YORK don’t know how much time any precious keepsakes, framed
DEAR MOM: Tell your hus- of us has left. I would hate for individually or as a collage.

TODAY’S BIRTHDAY (Feb. TAURUS (April 20-May 20). thinking is a product of judging
10). Your presence! Many There’s nothing more powerful things wrong time and again,
will remark that you are more than loving a person who is not realizing the error and trying to
strongly felt than ever, like a behaving in a way you’d prefer. assess it another way.
lighthouse on the shore sending The true test of a relationship LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). Most
a warm beacon to guide ships and of individual character is people fear loss more than they
to adventure or bring them the ability to set aside selfish desire gain, and this is why they
safely home. As for your own interests to do the right thing in play it safe. Having very little to
agendas and ambitions, you’ll the moment. lose is an excellent position and
find they come to fruition more GEMINI (May 21-June 21). the one that produces the most
easily than ever. It’s quite sim- You decide what to focus on, exciting risk-taking.
ply your time. Gemini and Libra and this choice takes care of VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22).
adore you. Your lucky numbers hundreds of other choices. You remember what happened
BABY BLUES are: 4, 35, 44, 1 and 10. Magic happens when you when emotions ran high,
ARIES (March 21-April 19). center yourself on the people, because intense emotions are
Your life, which you feel should activities and environments that like super glue for the pictures
be familiar to you by now, tears are most aligned with what you we add to the scrapbook of the
off from the form, sprinting, want. mind. It’s really hard to remem-
darting, circling back to offer CANCER (June 22-July 22). ber things you don’t care about.
you a choice: Either get back in If you judged it wrong, don’t LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23).
step or see it so vividly that you worry. There really is no better Opinions change all the time
couldn’t possibly. way to get better at life. Clear in an environment in which
there’s not a lot of ego, identity
or punishment wrapped up in
the consequences of change.
Relatedly, it will be easier to
influence people one on one.
SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov.
BEETLE BAILEY 21). While you prefer the
meaning of things to be
straightforward, as it makes
your decisions easier, there is
opportunity in ambiguity, which
requires more concentration
and more heart, and brings
commensurate reward.
21). The day’s gifts will need to
be unwrapped. (Many will walk
past, leaving them on the table.
Incuriousness is a shame.)
Excellent questions are like deft
fingers peeling away at what’s
MALLARD FILLMORE covering a surprise.
CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan.
19). Nothing triggers obsessive
thoughts quite as effectively
as unrequited feelings. The
extension of energy left unmet
is like an open drain into which
feelings can flow, endlessly
AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb.
18). This relationship has dy-
namics, some parts that feel so
much better to you than others.
It may help you to realize the
pattern and recognize it as a
FAMILY CIRCUS larger set of emotions that will
be cycled through.
PISCES (Feb. 19-March
20). You walk your talk and are
really good at knowing who else
out there can be trusted. The
tricky part is the gray area of
new territory. People are experi-
menting. It could go either way.
The question is: Can you afford
the risk?


CAUSE NO:2019-0258-S


CAUSE NO CV2014-0427


(Service by Publicatlon)


whereabouts are unknown
THE STATE OF MISSISSIPPI To place ads starting at only $12,
call 662-328-2424 or visit ads.cdispatch.com
whose address, PO Box and
whereabouts. is unknown after
THE DOCUMENT THAT IS AT- diligent search and inquiry
IMPORTANT AND YOU MUST You have been made a Defend-
TAKE IMMEDIATE ACTION TO ant in the suit filed in this
PROTECT YOUR RIGHTS. Court by Palmer Home for Chil-
dren seeking Modification of
Legal Notices Legal are
Your Notices
summoned to appear Legal Notices Legal Notices
Custody and Other relief. A de- Restaurant / Hotel Apts For Rent: West

and defend against the Peti- fendant other than you in this

IN THE CHANCERY COURT OF tion to Terminate Parental IN THE CHANCERY COURT OF action is Michael David SUBWAY OF Columbus is
LOWNDES COUNTY, MISSIS- Rights at 9:00 o’clock a.m., on LOWNDES COUNTY, MISSIS- Simpson. now taking applications for
SIPPI Monday, the 2nd day of March, SIPPI

opening shift at Walmart
2020, in the Lowndes County
Chancery Court, at the Oktib- IN THE MATTER OF THE ES-
You are summoned to appear
and defend the complaint or location. Apply in person at
AND JONATHAN SANDLIN PETI- beha County Courthouse, TATE OF M D MORGAN, DE- petition filed against you in this Alabama St location or to
Legal Notices TIONERS Starkville, Mississippi, and in CEASED action at 9:00 O'clock a.m. on set an interview, send your Apartments & Houses
case of your failure to appear the 6th day of March, 2020, at name and number to
VERSUS and defend, a judgment will be
entered against you for the
CAUSE NO.2019-0667-F the Oktibbeha County Court-
house, located in Starkville,
1 Bedrooms
money or other things deman-
ded in said Petition.
NOTICE TO CREDITORS Mississippi, and in case of
your failure to appear and de- 2 Bedroooms
3 Bedrooms
IN RE: CABINET FOR HEALTH AND STATE OF MISSISSIPPI fend a judgment will be entered
FAMILY SERVICES RESPOND- You are not required to file and COUNTY OF LOWNDES against you for the money or
ENTS Answer or other Pleading, but other things demanded in the
you may do so if you desire. Letters Testamentary have complaint or petition. Furnished & Unfurnished
CAUSE NO:2019-0007-S been granted and issued to the ADS STARTING AT $25 1, 2, & 3 Baths
MARK COLLIER HARDY, EX- Issued under my hand and seal undersigned upon the Estate of You are not required to file an
ECUTOR SUMMONS of said Court, this 28th day of
January, 2020.
M D Morgan, Deceased, by the
Chancery Court of Lowndes
answer of other pleading but
you may do so if you desire. Apts For Rent: South Lease, Deposit
CAUSE NO. 2020-0019-JNS THE STATE OF MISSISSIPPI County, Mississippi, on the & Credit Check
COUNTY OF LOWNDES Chancery Court Clerk of 10th day of January, 2020. Issued under my hand and the TWO 1BR/1BA APTS
NOTICE TO CREDITORS Lowndes County, Mississippi This is to give notice to all per- seal of said Court, this the located at 121 5th St. S. viceinvestments.com
Letters Testamentary have
whereabouts are unknown
Cindy E. Goode
By: Shantrell W. Granderson
sons having claims against
said estate to probate and re-
gister same with the Chancery
27th day of January, 2020. $700/mo. 662−328−
Cindy E. Goode, Chancery Clerk 8655.
been granted and issued to
Mark Collier Hardy, Executor of NOTICE TO DEFENDANT PUBLISH: 2/3, 2/10, & Clerk of Lowndes County, Mis- Clerk of Lowndes County, Mis- Apts For Rent: Other
the Estate of Betsy B. Hardy, 2/17/2020 sissippi, within ninety (90) days sissippi
deceased, by the Chancery THE DOCUMENT THAT IS AT- from the first publication date (SEAL) 1ST MONTH − RENT FREE!
Court of Lowndes County, Mis- TACHED TO THIS SUMMONS IS IN THE CHANCERY COURT OF of this Notice to Creditors. A By: Tina Fisher, D.C.
IMPORTANT AND YOU MUST failure to so probate and re- Deputy Clerk 1−2 BR Apt: $350−435
sissippi, on the 3rd day of Feb- LOWNDES COUNTY, MISSIS- 1−2BR TwnHome:
ruary, 2020. This is to give no- TAKE IMMEDIATE ACTION TO gister said claim will forever
tice to all persons having PROTECT YOUR RIGHTS.
bar the same. Publish: 2/3, 2/10, & Have a rental property? $625−650
claims against said estate to KIMBERLY DAVIS SANDLIN 2/17/2020 List it here for fast results. Lease, Dep, Credit Check.
Probate and Register same Your are summoned to appear AND JONATHAN SANDLIN PETI- This the 29th day of January, Coleman Realty
with the Chancery Clerk of and defend against the Peti- TIONERS 2020. ads.cdispatch.com 662−329−2323
Lowndes County, Mississippi, tion for Adoption at 9:00
within ninety (90) days after
the first publication of this No-
tice to Creditors. A failure to so
o’clock a.m., on Monday, the
2nd day of March, 2020, in the
Lowndes County Chancery


/s/ Marilyn Michelle Butler
EMPLOYMENT Medical / Dental

Probate and Register said Court, at the Oktibbeha County MONWEALTH OF KENTUCKY
claim will forever bar the same. Courthouse, Starkville, Missis- CABINET FOR HEALTH AND PUBLISH: 2/3, 2/10, & CALL US: 662-328-2424
sippi, and in case of your fail- FAMILY SERVICES RESPOND- 2/17/2020
/s/ Mark Collier Hardy ure to appear and defend, a ENTS
Mark Collier Hardy, Executor judgment will be entered General Help Wanted
against you for the money or CAUSE NO:2019-0259-S LOWNDES COUNTY, MISSIS-
OF COUNSEL: other things demanded in said SIPPI THE COMMERCIAL
Aubrey E. Nichols, MB # 3842 Petition. SUMMONS DISPATCH is seeking a
The Nichols Firm, PLLC PALMER HOME FOR CHILDREN mechanically-minded indi-
Post Office Box 1081 You are not required to file and THE STATE OF MISSISSIPPI PLAINTIFF vidual to work in its press-
Columbus, MS 39703-1081 Answer or other Pleading, but COUNTY OF LOWNDES room. Applicants must be
(662) 243-7312 you may do so if you desire. vs
comfortable working around
hardy.houston(002) Issued under my hand and seal whereabouts are unknown heavy machinery, adhering
of said Court, this 28th day of CRYSTAL GAIL PUTNEY DE- to tight deadlines and must
Published: 2/10, 2/17, January, 2020. NOTICE TO DEFENDANT FENDANTS have an eye for detail &
2/24/2020 quality. Flexible hours are a
Chancery Court Clerk of THE DOCUMENT THAT IS AT- CAUSE NO CV2014-0427 must. Must pass drug test.
Lowndes County, Mississippi TACHED TO THIS SUMMONS IS
Email resume to
By: Shantrell W. Granderson TAKE IMMEDIATE ACTION TO (Service by Publicatlon)
SIPPI or drop resumes off at
PUBLISH: 2/3, 2/10, & THE STATE OF MISSISSIPPI 516 Main Street
2/17/2020 Your are summoned to appear Columbus, MS 39701.
TIONERS and defend against the Peti- TO: CRYSTAL GAIL PUTNEY, No phone calls please.
IN THE CHANCERY COURT OF tion to Terminate Parental whose address, PO Box and
VERSUS LOWNDES COUNTY, MISSIS- Rights at 9:00 o’clock a.m., on whereabouts. is unknown after
SIPPI Monday, the 2nd day of March, diligent search and inquiry Let your
2020, in the Lowndes County
KIMBERLY DAVIS SANDLIN Chancery Court, at the Oktib- You have been made a Defend-
fingers do the walking.
CABINET FOR HEALTH AND AND JONATHAN SANDLIN PETI- beha County Courthouse, ant in the suit filed in this Find your
TIONERS Starkville, Mississippi, and in Court by Palmer Home for Chil-
case of your failure to appear dren seeking Modification of dream job in
VERSUS and defend, a judgment will be Custody and Other relief. A de- the classifieds!
CAUSE NO:2019-0006-S entered against you for the fendant other than you in this
JOSHUA W. EGLER AND COM- money or other things deman- action is Michael David

SUMMONS MONWEALTH OF KENTUCKY ded in said Petition. Simpson.
THE STATE OF MISSISSIPPI FAMILY SERVICES RESPOND- You are not required to file andYou are summoned to appear
COUNTY OF LOWNDES ENTS Answer or other Pleading, but and defend the complaint or
you may do so if you desire. petition filed against you in this
TO: JOSHUA W. EGLER, whose CAUSE NO:2019-0258-S action at 9:00 O'clock a.m. on
whereabouts are unknown Issued under my hand and seal the 6th day of March, 2020, at
SUMMONS of said Court, this 28th day of the Oktibbeha County Court-
January, 2020.
house, located in Starkville,
Mississippi, and in case of
THE DOCUMENT THAT IS AT- COUNTY OF LOWNDES Chancery Court Clerk of your failure to appear and de-
Lowndes County, Mississippi fend
TO: JOSHUA W. EGLER, whose Cindy E. Goode Carpeta&judgment
Flooring will be entered
against you for the money or
General Services General Services Lawn Care / Landscaping
TAKE IMMEDIATE ACTION TO whereabouts are unknown By: Shantrell W. Granderson other things demanded in the
complaint or petition. A & T TREE SERVICES
Your are summoned to appear
and defend against the Peti-
tion for Adoption at 9:00
o’clock a.m., on Monday, the

All notices must be

You are not required to file an
answer of other pleading but
you may do so if you desire.
removal. Free est.
Serving Columbus
since 1987. Senior
citizen disc. Call Alvin @
Just for Ladies Mowing, cleanup,
landscaping, sodding,
& tree cutting.
2nd day of March, 2020, in the TAKE IMMEDIATE ACTION TO emailed to Issued under my hand and the
242−0324/241−4447 Mossy Oak Mall • West Point
PROTECT YOUR RIGHTS. seal of said Court, this the
Lowndes County Chancery
classifieds@ 27th day of January, 2020. "We’ll go out on a limb for 662-492-4221 • Mon.-Sat. Painting & Papering
Court, at the Oktibbeha County CHILDREN’S & LADIES’ CONSIGNMENT
Courthouse, Starkville, Missis- Your are summoned to appear
and defend against the Peti-
cdispatch.com. Cindy E. Goode, Chancery Clerk
sippi, and in case of your fail-
SERVICE. Special Prices.
ure to appear and defend, a tion to Terminate Parental ClerkDAVID’S
of Lowndes County,&Mis-
judgment will be entered Rights at 9:00 o’clock a.m., on sissippiUPHOLSTERY Interior and Exterior

Need fast cash?

Licensed & Bonded.
against you for the money or Monday, the 2nd day of March, (SEAL) CLEANING Painting. 662−435−6528
By: Tina1Fisher,
Carpentry, minor electrical, RKERS
other things demanded in said 2020, in the Lowndes County RoomD.C.
− $50 minor plumbing, insulation, PA
Petition. Chancery Court, at the Oktib- Deputy2Clerk Tree Services

Rooms − $70

beha County Courthouse, painting, demolition,

3+ Rooms − $30 EA
Publish: 2/3, 2/10, & gutters cleaned, pressure
You are not required to file and Starkville, Mississippi, and in Rugs−Must Be Seen 100 Russell St. J&A TREE REMOVAL
Answer or other Pleading, but case of your failure to appear 2/17/2020 washing, landscaping, E Work from a bucket truck.
W ELER Starkville, MS

you may do so if you desire. and defend, a judgment will be Car Upholstery cleanup work, moving help.
entered against you for the Cleaning Available 662-268-8058 Insured/bonded.
662−242−3608. Call Jimmy Prescott for free
Issued under my hand and seal money or other things deman- 662−722−1758
of said Court, this 28th day of ded in said Petition. estimate, 662−386−6286.
January, 2020.
You are not required to file and Local delivery, 14 yd truck. $545 plus Filing Fee Planning a remodel?
Chancery Court Clerk of Answer or other Pleading, but Backhoe & Dozer work. CHAPTER 13 BANKRUPTCY Need home repairs?
Lowndes County, Mississippi you may do so if you desire. Mobile Home Pads & All Attorney Fees Through The Plan
Cindy E. Goode Driveways.
By: Shantrell W. Granderson Issued under my hand and seal 662−497−1388 Jim Arnold, Attorney
of said Court, this 28th day of
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PUBLISH: 2/3, 2/10, & January, 2020.
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