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Early morning Sunday, June 9, 2097 year. Exact time: 5:06.

The plateau area in the east of the central part of the Izu Peninsula was attacked by large-scale magic.

A magical attack, presumably carried out by the magic of the strategic class "Fog-bomb " by Igor Bezobrazzoff, a formally recognized state
magician of the strategic class of the New Soviet Union, partially or completely Destroyed 27 private villas. Fortunately, there were no casualties,
but 11 people were seriously injured.

An explosive attack of this magnitude had so few casualties, because it was a Malozaseljonnyj district, and in the off-season there were few guests
in the villas. All the wounded were from the people working in the Villa managers.

However, the undeniable fact was that the State territory was subjected to an unreasonable attack, threateneding the life and property of the civilian.

On the same day, the Japanese government appealed to the international community, expressing its vehement protest against the assailant, whose
identity had not been established, and asked to extradite the offender without calling the country to which he was drawn.

Despite the fact that the attack was quite sudden, and also held early at dawn, the self-defense forces were able to capture it from close range, from
the surrounding areas.
However, with the fact that this video convincingly proved an unreasonable proactive attack, it was also suspected that the Japanese army had
previously guessed about the sudden attack and used it to obtain material for diplomatic negotiations, and that Most threw the civilian to die.

Some courageous journalists directly asked the representatives of the self-defense forces about these suspicions, but the self-defense forces,
naturally, categorically refuted these "groundless false accusations."

Chapter 1

Seeing the mines lying on the floor, Miyuki froze in place and cried. But the panic took her briefly.

No, she was still in a panic. But her body came out of stupor.


She rushed to the lying mines and knelt beside her. Near the mines already had Pixie, checking the pulse, attaching fingers to the wrist. Miyuki sat
down from the opposite side and brought a hand with the nose of mine.

Her panic-stricken appearance weakened a little when she discovered that she was breathing. However, Miyuki turned pale when she touched her

-cold... The pulse is very weak..., they!

Miyuki raised her eyes to Tatsuya, looking at him with a hopeful glance.

The kind of Minami repeated for Miyuki the last minutes of Honami, for which she itself was not able to care.

-Pixie, the state of Minami!?

Tatsuya also did not conceal impatience. He turned to Pixie in a rather rude tone.

-No injuries, but the temperature, pressure and pulse-all at a dangerous level, master. In this state there is a possibility of death from exhaustion.

As if sensing the impatience of Tatsuya, Pixie responded with an active telepathy, not a machine voice. Tatsuya forbade Pixie to use telepathy
without permission, but now he doesn't rebuked it. It was not the case to take care of such problems.

Tatsuya put his left hand onto Minami. In this hand he had no CAD.

In his right hand, he still held the CAD "Trident " in the form of a large pistol, which he used to intercept the attack. To take the left hand CAD for
"recovery " He had no time, and to go for the cartridge with "recovery ", he lacked the presence of the spirit.

Tatsuya activated "restore " with his own powers.

"Recovery " is the magic of returning Jejdosa to its original state. It tracks the history of Eidos changes and overwrites the current Eidos copy of the
Eidos from the selected state (in most cases, this state is free of damage or wear).

Phenomena are accompanied by information. Events whose information is overwritten are changed according to this information.

Overwrite information to change the phenomenon. This is the modern "Magic ".

"Eidos " Information about the phenomenon has a restorative force, and the prescribed false Eidos over time is overwritten by the original Eidos.
Therefore, the changes caused by magic are unstable.
However, "Eidos from the past " is undoubtedly an information body that describes the actual phenomenon itself. If there are no contradictions in the
information, the Eidos will not be corrected. However, the adjustments that are inherent in the flow of time remain.

Objects Eidos overwritten by information from their own past are fixed in this state as if time had elapsed, but there were no external influences.

"Recovery " Tatsuya does not modify "investigation " in causality, as it does the usual magic, and changes "consequence ", modifying its "cause ".

This magic, going against the flow of time and reviewing the definition of peace, was directed at mines.

... He read the information about the body Minami, rewinding back the history of change.

He couldn't find the cause of the exhaustion.

... He read the history of the changes of the Psion information body accompanying the physical body and mind.

The cause of exhaustion still could not be found.

Tatsuya deepened even more in information about a girl named Sakura Minami.

... He read the history of changes in the structure of the Psion information body that binds the physical body to mind with his mind.

It was hard for Tatsuya from the past. Five years ago, he couldn't do it with Honami.

Although he grew up a lot since that summer, he might not have been able to do that for six months or a month ago. Access was possible because it
was nothing more than a Psion information body. Although he could read the general information, it was difficult for him to read the full details of the

But the current Tatsuya could do it.

Free from the vow, Tatsuya returned his true power. Apart from the fact that he was now free to use the Material Burst, there were also other

The scope of magic "recovery ", which returns the initial state of Eidos, has also expanded. Now he could track and copy information about the
structure "spirit body "-The Psion of the information body directly associated with the mind, which before that its power could not reach.

He saw that the spirit body was torn in many places.

It was in a state covered with holes, representing a lack of information in this particular place.

The Psion information body seemed to be localized missing holes because its regenerative ability weakened. But it was not the cause of Minami's
weakness, but the result.

Even if to restore the damaged Psion information body, if not to return the initial regenerative ability, it cannot be called a fundamental cure.

However, if you leave the damage damage to the information body associated with the mind, the damage to the information body that accompanies
the physical body will occur, and the state of the body would only worsen.

The spirit body transmits the commands of the mind to the physical body. The damaged spirit body transmits the damaged information to the physical

The physical body receives from the mind the erroneous order to destroy.

As a result, the physical body can only work with the efficiency inherent in the damaged state, despite the fact that it is not physically damaged.

But it was necessary to make at least this, as first aid, as temporary measures, that did not come to irreparable deterioration. So.

"Recovery " Tatsuya returned the Psion information body and mind to its original state.

The structure of the Psion information body accompanying the physical body and the structure of the Psion information body that binds the physical
body to the mind, he rewrote information about the structure corresponding to the moment of time before the attack was received.
The recorded information from the past became information from the present after the adjustment was automatically made taking into account the
time that has elapsed since then.

— The temperature returned to 35 degrees Celsius. blood pressure and heart rate also came out of danger

Pixie telepathy reported improved status.

However, there were no signs that the consciousness was being returned to the mind.

Pixie, bring a futon and lay Minami on it.

Yes, sir.

-Miyuki, preheat the area around Minami to the temperature coinciding with her current body temperature.


The home automatic robot, controlled by Pixie, came in motion. The magic of Miyuki began to act on the floor
and air.

Not confirming the result of these actions, Tatsuya ran to the background. No, he didn't call the number 119 *.
He called the main house of the Yotsuba.

[Common number for all emergency services in Japan.]

"Tatsuya, did you want something?

Despite the early morning, Hayama appeared on the screen without any traces of mess in his clothes. And
Tatsuya was still in his pajamas. But Tatsuya didn't have time to take care of it, and Hayama didn't reproach

I apologize for the appearance.

Starting with such an introduction, he immediately moved to the main topic.

— The villa was attacked by the magic of long range. Presumably, the magic of the Tuman-Bomba was used.

Hayama eyebrows raised sharply. That was the only sign of his surprise.

-Was there any damage?

Asked Hayama, but with signs of tension in his voice.

"I have no scratches on me or any on Miyuki." However, Minami came out with symptoms that resemble the
overheating of the area of calculation of magic. I did my best help, but she needs special treatment.

When Hayama heard the phrase "overheating the Magic Calculation Area", it changed slightly in the face.
Although the concern in his face could only be seen in a very short period of time, it was sufficient to
understand that as a senior employee of the Yotsuba family, he could not ignore the "overheating of the Magic
Calculation Area ", which was allegedly the cause of death 1st head of the family, Yotsuba Genzou.

— ... I got it. I'll take care of the hospitalization. I'll send you a Hyogo, please wait a bit.

I'm counting on you.

After reaching his goal, Tatsuya interrupted the connection.

Around the villa, where Tatsuya lived, was built a barrier radius of about 1 kilometer. It was a field of magic
of the mental intervention of the Tsukuba family, a side branch of the Yotsuba family.

This magic peeling the place away from people, forcing them to unconsciously avoid this place. And it
concerned all people who have no resistance to the magic of mental intervention, whether they are magicians
or not. And also this magic served as a "human sensor ", telling the user about the people infiltrators in the
covered area.

However, from around midnight, one specific vehicle was parked inside the area covered by the barrier. It
was equipped with adjustable suspension armored, painted in camouflage colors. Although at first glance it
was possible to determine that the vehicle belongs to the self-defense Forces, but the users of the barrier of
the Tsukuba family did not notice its existence. In addition, although he drove along public roads, there were
no reports on the civil systems.

Armored to withstand explosive waves of the Tuman-Bomba, because it was almost pressed to the ground due
to the fact that the adjustable suspension was understated to the maximum. There were 4 soldiers inside the

— ... Psion sensors do not fix new responses. Apparently, the attack ranged magic is over. "One of the
soldiers told the commander sitting in the front passenger seat.


Sitting in the front passenger seat, Lieutenant Colonel Kazama, who is the commander of a separate magically
equipped battalion of brigade 1-0-1, responded to the chosen from the battalion subordinate, without turning
his head.

This was not an impoliteness on the part of Kazama. Although from the point of view of the commander of the
officer there was nothing strange, but he did not turn because he was busy.

Kazama for several hours motionlessly sat with seductively eyes, straight back, and clasped his fingers in a
specific gesture.

And not only when armored stopped, and since then, when he was driving. The upper half of the body Kazama
held perpendicular to the surface of the earth, as if shaking from the movement armored not transferred to his

The barrier of the Tsukuba family is not spotted armored thanks to the technique of Kazama.

Magic that prevents detection, "Cloak of invisibility " of the technician Tengu.

Don't see what you see. Don't hear what you hear.

This magic does not block or interfere with the light and sound waves, but interferes in the consciousness of
people and makes them believe that "This is not there ".

This magic was opposed to the discerning barrier of the Tsukuba family, not letting the operator of Magic
Notice the touch of the barrier.

Armored remained unnoticed only because the technique of Tengu Kazama surpassed the barrier of the
Tsukuba family.

Kazama did not move and was in full concentration because during the confrontation with the barrier of the
family Tsukuba he had no time for anything else. Even for Kazama, who had the famous nickname "Dai tengu
", it was difficult to resist the caster of the Yotsuba family.


You got it. Completion of observation, preparation for retreat.

Following the short order of Kazama, the officer sitting in the driver place turned back and handed over the
Each member of the squad took out the media from the surveillance devices issued to them. The two junior
officers moved the devices to standby mode and one after the other reported "preparation for retreat
completed ".

I lift the body.

Simultaneously with the voice of the officer sitting on the driver, the suspension lifted the armored from the
ground. Armored, literally lying on the surface of the Earth, switched to the mode of driving off-road.

-Preparation for the shipment is complete.

Hmm? Hold on.

Kazama did not give permission to begin the movement of the pending order officer. Keeping his gesture with
his hands, he opened his eyes closed from midnight. Immediately after that the external microphone armored
caught the approaching sound of the motor.

Around the villa, where Tatsuya lived, was a deployed not a people's barrier. In the nearby small house for
this purpose shifted duty the operators of the family Tsukuba, a side branch of the family Yotsuba. As a result
of rotation it turned out that on that day in this House there was Yuuka, inherited the right to become the next
head of the Tsukuba family.

However, the Tsukuba family did not realize the importance of the mission assigned to them, so as to force
their crown daughter to be on duty at night. Awakened the feeling of a wave of powerful magic, Yuuka flew
into the room of support of the barrier ritual in the sleepy form and flung over the pajama dress.

-Damage Report!

From such too worn appearance of the next head of the family the face of the young man-operator was
stretched. As the degree of exposure to Yuuka was zero, the confusion of the young man seems to have been
from the area "Even hundred love can sour ".

"It looks like the ground part is almost ruined. "However, he firmly answered his question.

They could now lead this relatively quiet conversation, because the bedroom and the barrier support room
were located in the basement. The present part of the "Observation house " (not for the observation of the
villa, but for the observation of the people approaching the villa) was located in the basement, and the ground
part was for disguise.


Yuuka awakened the magical waves. Although she could guess and not inquire, but being still half asleep, she
thought she could make a mistake and decided to ask.

"It was an attack of extremely powerful long-range magic. Presumably, an explosion was caused in the sky,
and a focused shock wave was formed.

-focused shock wave was caused by magic?

-No, it seems that the explosion was controlled directly to achieve this result.


Frankly speaking, Yuuka not understand this mechanism very well. However, she had a hunch about magic that
could combine power and control.

Was it Tuman-Bomba?

Possible. -The subordinate operator came to the same opinion.

What about Tatsuya-sama and Miyuki-san?

The villa has no damage. I think they're all right.

Hearing this, Yuuka with raised her eyebrows doubt. It was not doubted that Tatsuya and Miyuki were not
injured. The doubt was due to the report that the villa itself was not damaged.

— ... The focus point of the shock wave was Tatsuya-Sama villa?

-it seems that the shock wave was stopped by a powerful magic shield.

— ... Chiho-san, what do you think? -asked Yuuka recently assigned to her sorceress-Guardian.

"Minami-San has fulfilled her duty. -Yuuka's new Guardian, Ozaki Chiho answered without hesitation.

She was also one of the improved people of the Sakura series. It could be said that it was another branch of
the second generation of the series, derived from other fertilized eggs, different from Sakura Honami and
Sakurai Minami. She was 8 years older than Minami, and at first sight was little like a sorceress. Rather, it
resembled an "ordinary servant of a small firm."

The magic on which Chiho specialized was also followed by the policy of the Sakura series. Objective and
heat-resistant protective barriers. The basis of specialization was protection against solids and heat, that is,
mainly protection from physical objects and energy.

If the shock wave was dispersed, it could be attributed to the magic of decomposition Tatsuya, if it were
weakened, it would be the magic of slowing the oscillation of Miyuki, but if it was stopped by a magic shield,
it was a Minami specializing in the same Magic that she herself. ... It is logical that Chiho came to such a

Would you be able to do that, too?

Yuuka's question was offhand, but Chiho didn't care.

Maybe I could. But...

Why, "but "?

Chiho could not decide on the answer, but lasted this hesitation for a short time.

"But I'm not sure I can continue to do my duty after that. If you intercept this level of power, you can get
overheating of the area of calculation of magic.

The color of Yuuka's face has changed. Among the whole clan Yotsuba, she was a kind of doctor, or, you can
say, a specialist in damage to the zone of calculation of magic caused by overload. But even when it came to
the guard of another person, if there was suspicion of serious damage to the area of calculation of magic, she
could not ignore it.

I'll be ready in five minutes. You may a company me.

"Can I help?"

Chiho looked at Yuuka's condition and came to the conclusion that it would be difficult to change clothes in 5
minutes, however...

Fine. -Yuuka refused to help and returned to the bedroom.

Chiho, unlike his mistress, already dressed in a strict suit of jacket and trousers, immediately went to the
garage, so as not to lose time.

Although the ground garage was almost completely destroyed by an explosive wave, but its simple design
played a hand because the car was not completely buried under the debris.
Entering the car, which looked like a commercial SUV, but in fact was a armored with security at the level of
military designs, Yuuka remembered that it is necessary to check the state of the barrier.


Did something happen?

Having heard the unwittingly positivity voice of Yuuka, Chiho, who had already started the engine and was
ready to start the movement, interrupted its actions and asked.


Those who didn't fall into the barrier?

The unflappable tone of Chiho forced Yuuka to discard the excitement.

"Yes, but their skills are terribly high. I'm worried about Minami-san too, but they should be given priority.

Chiho not protesting Yuuka's decision.

"I'll send a signal about the emergency mobilization of all our people.

Instead, it implicitly expressed its view that it would not prevent the presence of all members of their group.

Yes, thank you. We'll go ahead.

Yuuka understood the intention of Chiho, but did not follow this advice.

You understand.

Chiho didn't go against Yuuka's orders. She sent an SUV in the direction specified by Yuuka. Chiho was sure
that whoever broke into the barrier would be able to hold her barrier * Magic until the Allies arrived.

[Clarify that in the original these "barriers " are different words. The scale "barrier ", which does not allow
people to enter, literally means "deterrence zone ". and the magic of personal protective "barriers " is written
in Word, meaning "barrier ", "Wall ".]

Violators were 90 degrees clockwise from them, if to take the villa for the center.

It's an army armored. -I made the conclusion of Chiho, seeing its shape and masking colors. Yuuka not
understand the cars in the same way as Chiho, but even for her it was obvious that the specific vehicle belongs
to the army.

Let's talk to them. Stop over there.

Following the guidance of Yuuka, Chiho stopped the SUV so as to block the path of Isabelle.

I think it's better to wait for reinforcements.

— ... Right.

This time Yuuka followed the Council of Chiho and remained in the car.

Seeing how right in front of the nose armored parked a relatively small SUV, an officer sitting in a driver
place, looked at the Kazama look, waiting for instructions.
Kazama stopped holding hands in a special gesture and clicked the lever to unlock the door.


Everybody wait in the car. Any actions that may be mistaken by the other party as hostile intentions are

Giving instructions to subordinates, Kazama left the armored. Right after that he turned towards the SUV. The
other side also had to understand what it seemed like to make the understanding of the situation as simple as

Kazama waited for the reaction from the machine, without taking any action, but no reaction ensued. So
Kazama quickly noticed it. The place where they were now was relatively open. This area was chosen to
record the attack on Villa Tatsuya, but a rare wood, albeit a bit, but blocked the review from different

And in these "blind spots" people gathered. Only 11 people. Kazama Intuition said that they were all
abstractions magicians.

The doors of the driver and passenger of the SUV were opened simultaneously. Looks like it was all their
reinforcements. This conclusion came Kazama.

My name is Tsukuba Yuuka. The eldest daughter of the Tsukuba family, subordinate to the main house of the
Yotsuba family. -A young woman, who had been released from a passenger seat, spoke layman voice.
Between them was 5 meters, but even in these weather conditions with the wind there was no problem to hear
what she was saying.

— and you, as I see, Lieutenant Colonel Kazama from a separate magically equipped battalion of brigade 1-0-
1 National self-defense Forces?

Kazama not surprised that he was able to identify him. No wonder she knew him if her identity matched the
way she called herself.

Right. I'm a lieutenant colonel of the National Self-Defense Force, Kazama. "Answered Kazama, still standing
on the side of the armored. He considered that the other side does not want to approach the distance of the
outstretched arm.

However, contrary to his expectations, Yuuka went to meet him.

Kazama quickly followed her example. Of course, to show a friendly attitude to the other side. But that wasn't
the only reason. He was also concerned about what might seem cowardly, because he makes a young woman
looking at 20 years to approach the Isabelle in which his subordinates sit.

The woman who came out of the driver's seat followed Yuuka. Looks like she's a bodyguard. Kazama guessed
that she didn't stand in front because she was strong in defensive magic.

"So this is a guardian? Must be quite skillful. "

The Yotsuba family, Kazama has heard a little about the guardians from Tatsuya. The fact that the woman who
looks like a bodyguard standing behind was a "guardian " could be understood by the accompanying

Lieutenant Colonel Kazama. You may not know, but here is the territory that is the private property of the
Yotsuba family.

While the attention of Kazama was directed to the woman-Guardian-Chiho, Yuuka managed to get closer to
the normal distance for a conversation.

-more precisely, it belongs to a real estate company, which is controlled by the Yotsuba family, but now it
does not matter. What do self-defense Forces do in private territory? Yes, and with such a thing. "said Yuuka,
pointing her eyes at armored.

She was worried that she would answer Kazama to such an expected question. As it was expected that they
would not be discovered, no excuses were prepared.
Kazama very unfortunate that Yuuka's duty had to be on yesterday and today. Other operators would not have
noticed his cloak of invisibility.

In fact, their invasion was discovered by the name Yuuka. She wasn't going to brag about it before Kazama,
but he knew he'd underestimated them. He imprinted in his memory reproaching himself thoughts.

"I beg you to forgive me, but I cannot answer in connection with the military secret.

After all, without inventing any excuses, Kazama laid out "Joker ", which is usually applied to the civilian.

-Is your military secret that you knew in advance that civilians would be the target of another country's attack?

However, Yuuka was not one of those people who were frightened by the phrase "military secret ".

-In this armoured... Is there equipment for gathering information? "said Yuuka, turning to the standing behind

Yes. It looks like a model for exploration.

Although the answer Chiho was not in direct affirmative, the tone of her voice spoke of confidence.

"Don't misunderstand. We do not intend to oppose the Yotsuba family.

Not showing a drop of hesitation, Kazama responded to Yuuka's words, using not the phrase "civilians ", but
the phrase " Yotsuba Family ".

Do you mean that the Yotsuba family is not a civilian?

Yuuka immediately jumped for the hint left by Kazama. However, this question was also what the Kazama
wanted to hear.

"Regardless of the formalities, you can't be considered completely non-combatant, are you?

— ... For civil servants the formalities do not matter? -The objection came after a short delay in time. This
was proof that Yuuka could not deny the Kazama argument.

-Can you persuade me to abide by these formalities? "asked Kazama with a discreet smile. Yuuka had nothing
to answer.

"Instead, I would like to know if the army was expecting an Tuman-Bomba attack? — This question came not
from Yuuka's side.

Kazama hurriedly turned towards the voice coming from the shadows of the grove. On his face appeared
undisguised excitement.



Kazama and Yuuka muttered his name at the same time.

"They, what is it?"

Miyuki, sitting at the bed of Minami, noticed an aggravation of Tatsuya tension and raised his gaze on it.

At the moment, the state of mines has stabilized. Although she still did not come to mind, but thanks to
"Recovery " Tatsuya, she was no longer in a state of struggle for life.
Tatsuya has already changed his pajamas for casual clothes to meet a helicopter that will take the Minami to
the hospital. When he returned to the canteen, where he was laid on a futon, he was no longer in a state of
intense impatience. It was the tension from the sudden alertness to the presence of the enemy.

Miyuki couldn't understand what Tatsuya noticed.

Lieutenant Colonel Kazama.

Lieutenant Colonel Kazama!? And I did not notice...

I didn't notice either.

When Miyuki bashfully lowered her eyes, Tatsuya hurried to tell her that she felt the same.

"It looks like the magic of Yuuka-San was discovered.

Yuuka-san is here, too?

It seems that Miyuki was not quite convinced that Tatsuya was not able to notice it, but apparently this
question was more interesting to her.

-The operators of the Tsukuba family use magic here, which does not allow people to approach. This was
done on the orders of both-UE.


Not knowing how to understand Maya's order, as if troubling about Tatsuya, Miyuki changed the
embarrassment on her face to perplexity.
I'm going to go meet the Lieutenant colonel. Miyuki, I trust Minami to you.

However, there was no point in speculating on the real motives of Maya. There was no point in making
assumptions. It was useless even if these guesses got to the truth. Before Miyuki pleased in a labyrinth of
reflection, she returned to consciousness and reminded herself that there are more important things to do now.
Tatsuya, as he said, left the villa to meet Kazama.

When Tatsuya reached the target, the dialogue between Kazama and Yuuka was in full swing.

He asked gestures to remain silent by his magician the Tsukuba family, and, merged with the landscape, began
to listen to the dispute Kazama with Yuuka.

Kazama would have noticed Tatsuya if his attention was not on Yuuka.

Yuuka would have also noticed Tatsuya if her attention was not on Kazama.

They were aware of each other as a ' user of the magic of mental intervention, with which one should not be
vigilant ', so attention to others was weakened. For Yuuka it was not critical, but for Kazama, the owner of the
alias "Dai jengu ", it must have been a serious omission. Tatsuya did not know this, but here, undoubtedly,
played the role of fatigue, accumulated from the long concealment from the barrier of the family Tsukuba.

-Is your military secret that you knew in advance that civilians would be the target of another country's attack?

This question Yuuka caused confusion in the thoughts of Tatsuya.

Armored, on which rode Kazama, was equipped not for battles, and to gather information. Besides, it was
quite expensive equipment. If you think straight, you can guess that they came here today because they
expected to be able to collect valuable data.

As Yuuka said, it means that the self-defense forces in advance assumed that there will be a sudden attack
Such suspicion Tatsuya could not miss.

-Can you persuade me to abide by these formalities?

Yuuka had nothing to answer to the Kazama. There was no extra time from the beginning. Tatsuya decided that
it was no longer necessary to remain merely an observer.

"Instead, I would like to know if the army was expecting a Tuman-Bomba attack?



Kazama and Yuuka with astonished faces answered Tatsuya, unsubscribe stealth mode and out of the shade of

Lieutenant Colonel Kazama, answer me.

Tatsuya not honor Kazama. And also missed the usual greetings. Tatsuya didn't want his spicy tongue to dull
from these friendly greetings.

— ... As I said Tsukuba-san, I can not answer.

In other words, the answer is yes?

-No comments.
Tatsuya met his gaze with Kazama and sighed a little.

Lieutenant Colonel Kazama. I feel obligated to you. So I don't want to say something like that.

— ......

"If you had warned in advance, we would not have allowed this sudden attack of the New Soviet Union.

— ... Are you sure that a sudden attack by a long-range magic was carried out by the New Soviet Union?

Of course, Kazama showed interest in this. But there was one more thing in the raised Tatsuya topic.

-If I give the justification of my words, will I get an answer to my question?

Justification that a sudden attack was carried out by the New Soviet Union. Even considering the concern that
the promise may not be fulfilled, these words were enough to make Kazama change his mind.

-The magic used for the sudden attack was activated from the railroad from the suburbs of Vladivostok.

From the railroad?

— This was the result of reading information about Zaklinatele, which activated magic, presumably Tuman-

"Did you discover the imaging?" "Yuuka unwittingly wedged into the conversation.

"The charmer is dead, but it was not an ugly thing. They were two women.
"Women!" "I was surprised to ask Yuuka.

-Two... Unrevealed to the public the magician of the strategic class?

Kazama, as expected, quickly understood the truth.

-I do not think that the ugliness did not participate in this, but I was targeting exactly those two women. And
they were undoubtedly in the Far east of the New Soviet Union.

-If on the railroad, it means a military train that came on the new Trans-Siberian highway?

For the self-Defence forces, this information was important.

There were rumors that to activate Tuman-Bomba they had to used a large CAD, occupying a wagon train.
However, this theory had no evidence.

Moreover, at a time when magic resembling a Tuman-Bomba was used in the Soya strait, no such movement
of trains was recorded. For this reason, the self-defense forces were thinking about whether the information
about the private train was erroneous, and whether another spell, not Tuman-Bomba, was used that time.

But according to Tatsuya, it turned out that this private train is actually involved in the use of Tuman-Bomba.

Although Tatsuya said, "Magic is supposedly a Tuman-Bomba," but by its power and range of action, this
magic was definitely Tuman-Bomba. If this is not the case, it means that the new Soviet Union possesses
another, except the Tuman-Bomba, the magic of high power and outbound range of action.

Tuman-Bomba It was or not, but it was clear that the magic that represented the threat of Japan was launched
using this private train. The resources used by the Army for observation were limited. These resources could
be effectively distributed if the objectives of the monitoring were clarified.

However, Kazama did not have time to plunge into a feeling of satisfaction.
Lieutenant Colonel, it's your turn now.

Tatsuya not reported before Kazama, as a member of a separate magically equipped battalion and as
subordinate Kazama. It was a ' bargain ' between them.

-The self-defense forces knew that this morning there would be a sudden attack in this place. Is that so?

We didn't know. and the exact date and time we could not predict.

In other words, did you expect this place to be attacked? Why?

Kazama couldn't answer immediately. This question concerned the ability of the army to gather information.
Once Tatsuya partially was "his " for the forces of self-defense, no, precisely because he was for them "his ",
Kazama for some time pondered the question whether Tatsuya has the right to know it.

-Self-Defense forces... No, Her Excellency Saeki received information on the movement of the inimage. And
from that you made the assumption that I would be the target of a sudden attack?

Without waiting for the answer Kazama, Tatsuya gave his guess, nothing different from the truth.

Kazama said nothing. Seeing that he could not give an answer, Tatsuya realized that his guess is correct.

If they were warned of a possible sudden attack, it would not have come to such a situation that Minami had to
crumble from depletion. He wouldn't even let Miyuki and Minami come to this villa. If Tatsuya was alone,
there would be no damage, even if he had a direct impact on that attack.

"We have a wounded man, so I'm going back to the villa.

Tatsuya pacified his discontent. Even if he evilness him on the Kazama, it would be meaningless.

"Then, Lieutenant colonel, and Yuuka-san, goodbye.

Wait, Tatsuya-san. The wounded man you said... Is it Minami-san?

The outgoing Tatsuya turned around, hearing the voice of Yuuka.

Yes. Yuuka-San seems to have understood the state of Minami now.

Minami had no injuries that could be called "injured." However, the area of the calculation of magic-the
unconscious area of the mind was "wounded ". Tatsuya used the word "wounded" in this sense, and Yuuka
understood it.

"She needs to be sent to the hospital urgently! Should I ask my family to help?

Yuuka excitedly offered to help with transportation. Despite the fact that she assumed it, she could not
suppress the excitement.

"The main house has already organized a helicopter. It should arrive soon...

"So I have to go back," hinted Tatsuya in his own words.

What's up? Then... Take care.

Thank you very much.

Slightly bowing Yuuka, Tatsuya turned around again and left.

His retreating figure Yuuka spent a glance, filled with anxiety.

Kazama to the end did not say a word of concern about the mentioned "wounded ".

Chapter 2

The hospital where Minami was placed was located in the immediate vicinity of the building in Tjofu.

Of course, it wasn't a coincidence. The building in Tjofu, which moved Miyuki, was built as the headquarters of the Yotsuba family in Tokyo.
Measures concerning sick and wounded have been considered from the outset.

Tatsuya returned together with Miyuki in the new house of a multi-storey building. Miyuki wanted to go along with Minami, but the doctor politely
refused. Miyuki did not become stubborn when she was told that her magical power, which could unwittingly be released, could interfere with the

"Is everything OK with Minami-chan..." Unconcealed murmured Miyuki, sitting next to Tatsuya, with a voice of anxiety. Apparently, she didn't even
think about hiding those feelings.

I think her life is no longer in danger.

When Miyuki heard this from Tatsuya, words coinciding with expectations, her facial expression became a little less disturbing.

— ... Right. Tatsuya-sama used "Recovery ". Nothing bad should happen.

Tatsuya looked at the Miyuki eyes, filled with indecision. He did not want to escalate the alarm, but also to be
insincere to the Miyuki, deceiving her with empty words of consolation, he also did not want.

— ... What I did was only temporary measures, like first aid. I couldn't cure her completely.

He first laid out the dry facts, but he added an additional explanation before the Miyuki anxiety began to grow.

"But we managed to avoid the weakening of her state to the deadly level. In addition, Minami is the second
generation. Her resistance to magic must be stronger than that of the first generation, Honami-san.

Yes, that's right!

Miyuki raised her gaze. In search of hope and support, this look met with the look of Tatsuya.

-With the change of generations, magic is strengthened in the genes... The same can be said about us, improved
people, right?

Tatsuya was disgusted to hear how Miyuki calls himself an "improved man."

-Ordinary improved people have a second generation more stable than the first. There are some exceptions,
but there is no doubt that this is the trend.

Usually, the improved people lack vital stability. There have been many cases of sudden deaths without
preconditions, as well as deaths from sudden weakness.

And at the moment there is no established theory about the reason for it. However, there were many
hypotheses. One of the most convincing hypotheses, and that to which inclined Tatsuya, is the "defective
terminator hypothesis ", which asserts that "People with improved bodies use magic with the removed
Terminator ".

According to this hypothesis, the mind of people initially did not have the opportunity to use magic. The
Magic Zone is not a unique feature of magicians, it is present in the mind of every ordinary person. But since
the use of magic has a load exceeding the limits of the human mind, usually the limiter set in the unconscious
area blocks its activity by 100%. In other words, it is completely frozen.

But in rare cases, there are owners of the mind, endowed strong resistance to magic, and such people are
slightly removed this limiter. In such cases, the limiter is not set to 100%, but to 99%, or sometimes 98%.

Even if it is only 1-2%, the difference between the total zero and the amount that allows the use of magic is
very significant. Even with 1% of the person gets the opportunity to use the magic, which he initially should
not use.

By analogy with the muscles, the use of the zone of calculation of magic can also have increased power. As
the strength of the bones and tendons inhibits the increase in physical strength, the mind is constrained by
resistance to the load caused by magic. This is in favor of the "defective terminator hypothesis ". Unlike the
physical body, here first increases the durability, and then simultaneously removes the limiter and amplifies
the output power.

From this it is possible to understand, that ordinary magicians by means of use of magic gradually increase the
natural durability to use magic, and thus gradually remove a limiter further. and wizards with improved bodies
artificially create conditions for the use of magic, and the limiter under these conditions does not work, as
well as claims "defective terminator hypothesis ".

The zone of calculation of magic, which should "turn on " Only when the antimagic stability of the mind, "turns
on " Just like that. The mind, constantly being exposed to the load of magic, superior durability, in the end is
damaged. These injuries also extend to the physical functioning of the body. This explains the instability in the
viability of improved people.

Speaking of which, it is believed that the antimagic fortitude of the mind is inherited as a purchased skill.
Although Neolamarkizm, claiming that the acquired skills of the physical body are inherited, could not be the
basis of modern theory of evolution, but in the realm of mind responsible for magic, the inheritance of
purchased skills can best be explained by the observed The "magic adapts to genes " phenomenon.
If this way of thinking, which can be called "lamarkizm of Reason ", is true, then "second generation " should
have from birth to possess antimagic resistance, purchased "The first generation " on its way to self-
destruction. "Third generation " will inherit even more resilience, reinforced "second generation ".

All these are conjectures. There is no guarantee that they are true.

However "second generation " Minami was more adapted to strength excessive use of magic than "first
generation " Honami. When Miyuki thought about it, her feelings calmed down a little.

The feelings of tragedy and guilt disappeared from her expression. Her strong sense of guilt was due to
Minami sacrificing herself for her.

Seeing this, Tatsuya smiled Miyuki, hiding anxiety in the depths of the mind.

The fact that Miyuki is an improved person for Tatsuya was an unpleasant thing. If he could, he would prefer
not to believe it, but there was no reason to deny it. He had no sense of discrimination or detachment from the
most advanced body. It was unpleasant to him that with the body of Miyuki someone was playing with his
hands, even though it was before her birth. It can be said that Tatsuya unconsciously felt the desire to be a kind
of the sole owner.

But if you remove such emotions and accept the fact that Miyuki is an improved person, then he will not be
able to ignore the serious fears.

For example, the concern about whether Maya was able to overcome the lack of sustainability of the first

If you adapt the words of Maya to the previously mentioned hypothesis, then the Miyuki limiter works fine
despite the improved body. Or is its antimagic resistance so high that the limiter is not needed at all?

Tatsuya didn't have a way to check it. Even now, completely freed from his seal, he could not reach the realm
of mind.

So it was only to believe.

If what Maya said Tatsuya was a lie, then Miyuki had the disadvantages of improved people.

And if Miyuki waiting for the fate of the improved people in the form of sudden death...

Tatsuya simply could not imagine such a future.

Then he couldn't live. Tatsuya was not sure that he would be able to live alone.

At 2 p.m. Japanese time, the Japanese government protested to the international community about the sudden
attack of an unknown country.

However, USNA learned about the fact of the Japanese peninsula Izu ranged magic in almost real time.
The USNA spy satellite recorded the response of powerful magic in the far region of the New Soviet Union at
the same time that the Izu attack was made. There were no such people in the Government or in the USNA
Army who could not relate these two events. But they were too happy and too unhappy.

Lina was also informed about it, but only a few hours later.

The headquarters of the Stars in New Mexico, still Saturday, June 8th. In the evening, at a meeting after
completing the training, the star officers discussed this shocking news.

The report said that one of the regions of Japan, besides not a distant island or sea surface, and close to the
capital area early in the morning local time was attacked by the magic of the strategic class of the New Soviet

"The goal of this attack is the newly discovered Japanese strategic class magician, Tatsuya Shiba.

In the coaching room, the not-magician assistant to the Walker base commander explained the details of the

-What is the state of Tatsuya Sheba?

This question was not asked by Lina. She was in shock at the moment and was not able to ask the connected
questions. Sprosivshim Assistant commander of the base about the state of Tatsuya was Canopus.

The assistant looked at Commander Walker. Confirming that Walker nodded, he replied:

"The details are unknown, but it seems that he was not hurt at all.

The reaction among the magicians present was varied.

Lina didn't even try to hide the relief.

Canopus strongly squeezed his lips, as if fearing that Tatsuya would retaliate.

Arcturus was depressed, apparently due to the fact that the murder task will not be canceled.

On the face of Vega, who received the same task, on the contrary, a daring smile surfaced.

Colonel Walker spoke at this point.

A directive was received from the general staff that in this matter our country occupies a position of non-
intervention. It looks like we won't be allowed to show ourselves this time, but still be ready.

The voices of confirmation were heard from all of them. Although not only one Lina could not agree with it,
but they all understood their situation.

"Then, disperse.

Thirteen of the best magicians USNA at the same time gave honor after the order of Walker.

When they led the Lina one after the other began to come out, the back was a voice, stopping only one person.

Captain Arcturus, I'll ask you to stay.

According to the rules, the operations assigned to the stars are passed through the Lina, but the exceptions,
when the orders pass by it, were not so rare. And Lina itself is usually not very disturbing.

Lina and 11 other commanders of different units, as well as the assistant came out, and in the coaching room
left only Walker and Arcturus two.

This room was equipped with a serious listening protection system. Of course, it has now been included.

-captain, activate the Soundproofing field. Walker Arkturu told me when everyone came out.


With doubt on his face, Arcturus, following the order, blocked both internal and external sounds.

Installation of the Sound insulation field is complete.

Not having Magic himself Walker could not verify whether Arcturus told the truth or not. However, he nodded
quietly and immediately moved on to the main issue.

Captain. It was decided to carry out an experiment, which we talked about earlier.

Face Arcturus Naprjaglos.

Is this about the micro black hole experiment?

He unconsciously lowered his voice, though he had just used magic to insulating sounds.

Yes. The venue will be the same as last time: the National Laboratory of Particle accelerator in Dallas. Time:
Next week, June 15 at 11 o'clock. You are the best user of Lunar magic among the stars. Although I think you
can handle it if there are parasites, but if you need to, we may send the eleventh squad to help you.

In the Army of USNA, the magic of psychic intervention was called Lunar magic. Arcturus was a user of
powerful magic of mental intervention. But Arcturus, like those specializing in this kind of magic, had little
real combat experience.

He inherited the blood of his ancestors, Native Americans. His grandmother was from now almost no
remaining thoroughbred shamans of Native American tribes. His predisposition to the magic of mental
intervention is considered inherited from this grandmother.

Because of this pedigree, he was usually expelled from missions against magicians of ancient magic
specializing in the magic of psychic attacks (they can also be called "sorcerers " or "Shamans ").

"Sorcerers " Many among the magicians of ancient magic with the pedigree of Native American peoples, and
"Shamans "-Among the black magicians of ancient magic. To be more precise, this is white people and Asians
called the Native American magicians of ancient magic "Sorcerers ", and black magicians of ancient magic-
"Shamans ", so there was a prejudice that Arcturus can show sympathy for people The same race.

And in the eleventh squad there were three magicians specializing in lunar magic, and not having racial
prejudices. They were often in command on operations against magicians of ancient magic, specializing in the
magic of mental intervention, and were able to withstand attacks that vredjashhim the mind.

No, I'll be enough.

Arcturus also understood that he lacked real combat experience. But he also had a high conceit. In addition, he
believed that the presence of stars in this matter should be kept to a minimum.

Is that it? I got it.

The desire to engage as few people as possible also coincided with Walker's opinion. In this conversation it
was decided that only the third squad of Arcturus will be sent to the place of the experiment.

"The sixth squad will be on duty outside the lab. If you find suspicious people, tell them immediately.

This meant that not only the third squad would be involved in the operation.

Three members of the sixth Star class, who received the code names of the constellations of Orion-Bolt,
Bellatrix and Alnilam-were also called "Orion team ". And this was not a coincidence, because the sixth
squad assembled a team of "hunters "-Magicians specializing in persecution.

You got it. Captain Rigel...

Don't worry. The experiment will be conducted in secrecy mode.

On the face of Arcturus for a moment seemed relieved when he heard Walker.

The goal of the Micro black Hole experiment is to expose a Japanese agent. To be sure of the seizure, the
cooperation of other groups is desirable. But Arcturus, mistake to such a dangerous event, did not want people
from other groups to learn about the experiment.

Walker had to agree with him. Although they both had no self-defense in their motives, the result was that the
information was hidden from public access.

The Japanese government announced a magical attack on the area built by the villas on the Izu plateau, and
struck a flurry of criticism against the author of the attack, without specifying who it was. At the same time,
they stressed that this meant nothing more than a build-up of magical military power.

At the same time, they indirectly criticized the anti-magic movement, pointing out that the expulsion of
magicians would not only be a humanitarian problem, but would also reduce the defense against magical
attacks of other countries, which would jeopardize the lives of the citizens of the country. .

However, they withheld that the goal of the attack was also a magician. The fact that the target was Tatsuya
and that the Minami became injured was strictly forbidden to spread.

However, full concealment of the facts was impossible.

Those who knew where Tatsuya was, easily tied him and this magical attack together.

And also there were those who have guessed to the truth, because possessed sharp magical perception.
Immediately after the government's announcement of a sudden attack, 1st Lieutenant Fujibayashi received a
personal phone call. A personal phone call during the service was possible because the call came on a virtual
hotline with the family Kudo, established for emergency with the permission of the headquarters.

Kyouko-Neesan? It's a Minoru.


The virtual hotline passed only the voice. The other side was displayed as "Family kudo " and it was
impossible to know who it is until you hear a voice. It could be her grandfather or uncle, or even an aunt. But
the fact that it will be a Minoru, for Fujibayashi was quite unexpected.

I'm sorry to interrupting from work.

It's all right. I'm not busy right now.

It wasn't a lie. Prior to that, she had been preparing documents for the government's announcement, drawing on
the data obtained from the Kazama on the Izu Plateau. Now, when the press conference has ended, all
involved people had no work in it.

So, do you have any urgent business? "asked Fujibayashi, hiding her excitement. This straight line was rarely
used. and Minoru used it for the first time. Far from arrogant... Or at least not showing such behavior before
Fujibayashi, Minoru usually could not afford to call her while serving. It was natural, therefore, that
Fujibayashi feared that there might be an emergency.

-It is not urgent, but there is something that I would like to know at any cost... This is about the government's
announcement just made.


Feeling frequent palpitations, Fujibayashi suggested what will be discussed, but answered with the usual
intonation of the voice.

That artillery magic attacked Tatsya-San, didn't it?

"Why are you about this....?

It was an unprepared reaction. Albeit before a Minoru, but it confirmed that she had concealed this
information from the government.

So strong was the astonishment of Fujibayashi. Close friends of Tatsuya from the first school could know his
whereabouts, so it is not surprising that they could relate to him this morning attack. However, even within the
first school, there were very few people who knew that Tatsuya was in the villa on the Izu plateau. Maybe he
heard where is Tatsuya from Saijo Leonhart or Yoshida Mikihiko, whom he met last fall...?

But this assumption of Fujibayashi turned out to be wrong.

"I felt a collision of powerful magical waves in the east. One of the parties had obvious signs of Tatsuya-San
and a few other people...
Fujibayashi did not know what to say in response to the words Minoru. If the word Minoru is true, it is in a
certain sense superior to the elemental sight of Tatsuya.

The elemental sight of Tatsuya can "See " everything that has a hint. However, the Elemental Sight requires
"intention " — the direction of the will. If you do not try to "See ", if you do not direct your will, then you will
not "see ".

He could passively "catch " hostility directed at Miyuki, because his goal was so limited. However, this time
he could not feel it until the attack began.

Conversely, if Minoru really felt the waves of a fog-bomb, it means that he randomly took the call of magic
from a distance of almost 400 kilometers. Of course, the thing may be that the fog bomb is quite a powerful
magic, but it was quite obvious that in the passive sensitivity of the Minoru was surpassed Tatsuya. At least it
seemed like a Fujibayashi.

"Minoru mastered the elemental sight...? "

— ... Minoru-kun. Since when do you have such a power of perception...?

The Fujibayashi question was not answered.

"Tell me, Tatsuya-san and those who were with him, are in order!? What's with Miyuki-san and Sakura-san!?

Minoru did not hear the question Fujibayashi. His attention was directed to the state of Tatsuya and his

... No. In fact minor was worried not for Tacuju or Miyuki...

"Tatsuya-kun and Miyuki-san are fine. But Sakura-san...

Although intuition discourageded her, Fujibayashi could not lie to him.

What happened to Sakura-san?

But when he heard the desperate voice of Minoru, Fujibayashi couldn't keep silent.

— ... She's in the hospital. Dr. Yamanaka of the battalion suggested that her mind could be damaged by
excessive use of magic.

Suggested? But did the separate magically equipped battalion have the necessary treatment? You were present
on the spot!?

"Minoru-kun, what happened to you...? "

She could not answer his last question. On the presence of a separate magically equipped battalion today
morning in that place knew Saeki, Kazama, involved members of the squad and a few other people from the
battalion. As well as Tatsuya, Miyuki and the Yotsuba family.

Even the government did not receive a report on specific people involved in the operation. Minoru should not
have known that a separate magically equipped battalion was involved in the collection of information about
the sudden attack.

However, the words Minoru were not a random guess. He confidently declared the participation of a separate
magically equipped battalion.

Minoru, whom Fujibayashi knew, could not do so. Her "Cousin " has long been, indeed, considered an
outstanding magician. Fujibayashi believed that if it were not for his health, he would certainly be on the list
of the best from around the world. But he was not supposed to have the ability similar to clairvoyance.

As if in a Minoru possessed evil spirit with forbidden knowledge...

It seemed to her superstitious fantasy.

... If at that moment she did not count her intuition as a fantasy... The future could be quite different.

Minoru was not particularly angry when he heard from Fujibayashi about the morning situation. Although he
was disappointed, but he had a preconceived opinion of the military that they belong to everything insensitive,
so he just decided for himself that it should be.

But instead, Minoru suffered from unbearable anxiety over Minami.

The damage that the mind received from excessive use of magic meant that it was overheating the magic zone.
This was the only disease that the Wizards had, and so far, it has not been clarified how to treat it.

Genetically improved magicians are particularly affected by this disease. According to the knowledge
obtained from Zhou Gunczinja, the unstable health of the Minoru was also caused by the congestion of the area
of calculation of magic.

In the case of Minoru, a limiter that constrains the Magic force at a level that the physical body can withstand
is malfunctioning. Any ordinary magician can also break the Terminator if it exceeds the permitted working
level of the area of calculation of magic, for example, excessively using magic during the battle. In Zhou
Gunczinja's knowledge there was no way to restore it.

"Even if I don't get it cured, maybe the Yotsuba family can... "

It was not a supposition, but a strong desire. He had nothing but to think so as to calm his anxiety, which he
could not restrain.

"... I'm going to loss her. In a personal meeting, I can see that this is all too much trouble. "

He could not believe that Tatsuya would have allowed his family member to die so easily. Even if he did not
do it himself, he certainly achieved the necessary treatment for her. You have to go and see it with your own

That was the course of thought in Minoru. We have to go to school tomorrow. He had to earn visited days,
when his physical condition was stable, but with his progress, he could replace it by passing a test or a report
for the missed time.

Minoru decided he was going to skip school a little bit.

The awakening was unpleasant. The body was heavy. The feeling of fatigue was felt in the whole body, as if
rest completely did not give the effect of getting rid of fatigue.

Opening her eyes, she saw the ceiling of a soft creamy color. After looking at the sides, she saw the walls of
the same color. As well as clean white bedding.

The injected needle of the dropper was inserted into the left hand.

"This is... A hospital? "

After realizing this, her memory came back to her.

"... That's right! Miyuki!? "

Minami tried to climb up and realized that it had weakened to such an extent that it could not do so.


She tried to put force into the movement of her body, but her fruitless attempts ended only with a sigh of
awareness that nothing goes.

At that moment, Minami lied back down on the bed and heard a knock on the door.

— ... Log.

She was surprised at how weak her voice was.

I'm sorry for the intrusion.

"Miyuki!? "

Her consciousness was still slightly clouded, but she could not help but understand who the voice belonged to.

Minami weakly tried again to rise. The result was the same. Just a little bit of a head lift. But she quickly
returned to the pillow.

A painful sigh again burst out of Minami mouth.


The sound of fast approaching steps was heard. In the field of vision Minami, have head side, got a face
Miyuki, filled with emotions and excitement.

"... Beautiful... "

Even with such an expression of face the beauty of Miyuki was unearthly. The consciousness of Minami filled
with such irrelevant thoughts.

Minami, don't overdo it.


The consciousness of Minami, gloom in the clouds, returned to reality from the voice of Tatsuya.

— ... Are you two okay?

The first words of waking Minami were not or her own welfare.

Yes, we're fine. Thanks to you.

— ... It's an honor for me.

Minami's eyes wet from emotions emotions. She felt relieved that she was able to protect her mistress, and
was deeply impressed by this awareness.

No, you need to rest.

Miyuki- "Stop trying to move Minami."

"If you want to talk about something, you can talk lying down.

When Tatsuya said it, Minami stopped useless attempts to rise.

"Tatsuya, Miyuki, I'm very sorry.

Miyuki did not know what to answer this unexpected apology.

... Why are you apologizing? The fact that we are left intact, thanks to you, is not a lie or an exaggeration. It's

Even Tatsuya answered not immediately.

"But I have exhausted my strength as a result. About the guard can be said that he fulfilled his duty, if he
defended his master to the end. ... I couldn't fulfill my duty until the end.

The voice was very weak. The body was also so weak that it could not rise.

But the light that fills Minami eyes said it was her real feelings, not just a complaint that her mind was

Minami, I'm not going to argue with you, tired of both body and mind. But I want you to hear two things.

— ... Listen.

Upon hearing the answer by Minami, Tatsuya sat down on a chair next to her bed.

This has reduced the height difference between their eyes, which should have eased the impression of Minami
from being seen from top to bottom.
Minami, I consider your sense of duty to be commendable. However, it is also an indisputable fact that your
magic was able to protect us from Tuman-Bomba shock wave. You can't deny such an achievement.

— ... Yes.

Minami agreed only with words without nodding. She did not look convinced to the depths of her soul.

That was the first point. And now the second.

Tatsuya spoke in a serious voice. Not only to Minami, but also standing near Miyuki, simultaneously grudge

-I believe that you can be entrusted not only work on the protection of Miyuki.

Minami lay and gazed silently at Tatsuya. This look asked, "What are you going to do with me? ". In response,
she wanted to get the meaning of her existence.

"There are very few people I can rely on. Leo, Erica, Mizuki, Mikihiko, Honoka, Shizuku. Even though I trust
my classmates from the first school, I don't want to drag them into our situation. Now the family Yotsuba my
ally, but if I interfere with them, they do not hesitate to be rid me. Fumiya and Ayako I also trust, but they have
their own work. Perhaps they will not be able to rely on an emergency situation. Also I can not deny that in the
near future I can become an enemy with the master or Lieutenant Colonel Kazama.

"And where am I? ",-asked Minami with a glance.

Minami. You're one of the few I trust. So I want you to be near Miyuki not as a guard, but as an assistant.

-Not guard, but... Assistant?

I hope so. It's not coercion. But if possible, I'd like you to be near Miyuki. To stay as long as possible, not
quickly died as a guard. At least until you find a partner for the rest of your life.

The pale face of Minami was slightly flushed. It was too sudden for her when Tatsuya mentioned her possible
marriage. These last words were just caught by the Minami by surprise.

— ... Minami-chan. I'll be happy if you're around. So I want you not to think of yourself as worthless. "said
Miyuki, Sevshaja near Tatsuya and slightly leaning over the face of mines.

Minami eyes Zaslezilis again. At that moment she realized that Tatsuya and Miyuki really cherish her.

"So, please, recover, slowly. Restoring health is now the most important thing.

— ... I got it. I'll be cured as soon as possible. And when that happens, will I be able to serve Miyuki-sama

"Yes, it's a request from me.

Behind the back of the Tatsuya opened the entrance door to the hospital room. Not looking back, Tatsuya
guessed that it came a doctor and a nurse.
"Tomorrow we will come again. "said Tatsuya, and got up from his chair.

Minami-chan, until tomorrow.

Yes. Tatsuya-sama, Miyuki-sama, thank you very much for visiting.

Miyuki, embarked after Tatsuya, and lying on the bed of Minami exchange farewells. After that Tatsuya and
Miyuki gave way to the doctor and left the hospital room.

Tatsuya returned to a multi-storey house in Tjofu together with Miyuki. Tatsuya "settled in" in the living room
and did not give signs that he was going to leave in the nearest time.

Tatsuya-sama... Are you sleeping here tonight? "Asked Miyuki, putting a cup of coffee before Tatsuya.

Until Minami arived, Tatsuya's coffee was served only Miyuki. Although after dating Minami with the family
Shiba care for drinks for Tatsuya remained the responsibility of Miyuki, but sometimes she was losing
vigilance and this work casework Minami.

In those days Miyuki considered such incidents annoying, but now she could not resist the sad loneliness of
having no more anxiety, that at any moment she could intercept the initiative maid. Perhaps Miyuki was not so

I think I'm leaving the villa in Izu. If circumstances permit, tomorrow I will pick up the necessary things from

So you're coming back here?

Miyuki slightly expanded her eyes. These eyes shone with joy. If Minami did not get to the hospital, Miyuki
would have shown joy much more openly.

I'll be back... Yes right. I'll be back.

Despite the fact that Tatsuya stayed overnight in this multi-storey house, but he did not live here. So he was
puzzled whether it was possible to say "return " in this case. However, the place of Tatsuya is near Miyuki.

... If Miyuki calls this place a home and lives here, it is the right expression for him to return.

This was the course of Tatsuya's thoughts while he was answering Miyuki.

I understand. I'll prepare your room.

-Do not need any special preparations. Miyuki, you'll get some rest too.

Tatsuya thought that when Minami came, Miyuki was shocked by this much stronger than himself. To
overcome anxiety, you need to move forward, not to stand still.

However, it is important to give rest to your body.

Although she said that she would prepare the room, but home automation will cope with the preparation of the
bed. Tatsuya decided that now Miyuki should take a break too.

Miyuki looked like she was not happy with it, but still obeyed the words of Tatsuya.

Miyuki sat on the couch opposite the Tatsuya. Some time her eyes swam around in an attempt to calm down,
and in the end, her gaze met with the eyes of Tatsuya.

What's that? You want to ask something?

When Tatsuya pushed Miyuki to his question, she finally spoke.

-Tatsuya-sama... What are you going to do about Minami-chan?

-In what sense "What to do "? I'm not going to force her to do anything against her will.

"P-I beg your pardon. That's not what I meant!

When Tatsuya, frown, reinquired, Miyuki in a panic waved hands.

Is that it? And... Maybe you wanted to ask, what duties did I want to charge Minami?

-yes... No, that too, of course, but...

It seemed that Miyuki difficult to decide to say something. and Tatsuya finally realized that I wanted to ask

— ... Minami will no longer be able to act unwisely.

Tatsuya also could not decide to express it in clear words. It looks like it was because of his poor
understanding of the usual things.

It means... That the work of the warden would be excluded from the responsibilities of Minami?


As soon as Tatsuya said it, his hesitation was gone.

"She won't be able to use magic until the damage to the Magic zone is cured. Besides, we don't know if we
can cure it at all. For us magicians, the magic Zone is like a black box. There are still too many unrevealed
mysteries in terms of both its structure and nature.

-really... Although the head of the Ichijo family itself seems to have recovered, but it does not necessarily
mean that Minami-chan will recover exactly the same...

— the same head of the family of the Ten Master Clans, the previous head of the Juumonji family lost the
ability to use magic because of the frequent use of intentional overload of the area of calculation of magic.
About his treatment can not say anything optimistic.

Concerned faces Tatsuya and Miyuki Pomrachneli.

— ... In addition, even if it is restored now, it will not necessarily happen again.

Only if she continues to use magic?

Right. In addition, the next time it may happen that the first aid will not be provided on time.

The face of Miyuki became even sadder.

It means... That Minami-chan could no longer work as a magician?

-No, she can continue to work as a regular magician.

"You mean that... She won't be able to withstand an intense battle?

That's right, Miyuki. First of all, the duty of the guard, who is not allowed to retreat, will be impossible. It
would be better to avoid participating in battles.

-Will Minami-chan agree to this?

"The path of life is not just battles. I believe that Minami will want to go on the path of peaceful life.

A gloomy face Miyuki a little brightened. However, there was no relief on the face.

"And they... No nothing. Sorry.

He will try to persuade Minami to live a peaceful life, but what about you Tatsuya? Does Tatsuya not have the
right to live in peace? Trying to ask this, Miyuki stopped, did not finish. Miyuki realized that this is a
meaningless question in reality. Realizing this, she gave up the idea halfway.

Even if Tatsuya wanted a quiet life, the surrounding environment will not allow it. Even if Tatsuya himself is
not going to use the magic of the strategic class, but only because of its presence, he will not be allowed to
any enemies or friends. And this is not an assumption, but a fair and obvious fact.


Tatsuya, of course, understood this. Perhaps he understood it much deeper than Miyuki. Realizing that she
wanted to ask Miyuki what she wanted to say, Tatsuya could only answer that.

Chapter 3
Monday, June 10.

Everyday life ruthlessly continued, regardless of such extraordinary events as yesterday's attack ranged magic across the sea.

Although Miyuki not cease to worry about Minami, she, as usual, went to the first school.

"Is Tatsuya not busy with all kinds of things...? apologetically Minami asked Tatsuya. She, squatting, lay in a
hospital bed, which is in a bent state. She had not yet been able to maintain her body, so his upper half was
clad in a supportive exoskeleton (Nadevaemoe medical device of power aid).

"I am now freed from school. Don't worry about me.


Better tell me, wouldn't you be better off lying?

No matter how much he said, "Don't worry," Minami was not convincing. To stop useless questions, Tatsuya
forcibly changed the subject. Apart from the goal of sending the conversation in the other direction, it also
bothered worn at Minami exoskeleton.

No. The doctor advised that if you use such support, and not just lie down, you can quickly return to everyday

"But it's not a very comfortable thing to look at.

With the very function of force aid Tatsuya was familiar with the mobile suit. This system had a high rate of
feedback, so he knew that it did not complicate the movement. Of course, there may be differences in
performance from the latest military equipment, but at least the stiffness of the movements should not be felt.

Since the weight of the exoskeleton is maintained by contact with the surface of the floor or earth, the person
wearing it should not feel this weight.

However, it is tightly attached to the body, so a certain sense of pressure is not avoided. This is absolutely not
to be convenient.

Tatsuya so speculated, but...

It's all right. The sensitivity of the skin is not completely back, so I almost do not feel what I am wearing.

... He unwittingly rounded eyes from an unexpected response by Minami.

-Do you have a paralyzed sense of touch...? "In a quiet voice asked Tatsuya, quickly recoveringing with
surprise. But this tone of voice was chosen unconsciously.
"To call this state paralyzed is an exaggeration... It's just a little pritupivsheesja feeling.

From a serious voice Tatsuya Minami was lost as if was under psychological pressure. But she clearly didn't
mind the anxiety about the anomalies in her own body.

What did the doctor say?

"I was told that neither the brain nor the nervous system is damaged, so it is a temporary anomaly due to

If it is, it is good.

Although he said that, but his face still kept a disturbed look.

Tatsuya... Can I ask one question?

Later, Minami will not be able to understand why she asked this question.


However, at that moment she, for some reason, could not keep her doubts in herself.

"Why is Tatsuya so worried about me?

First Tatsuya slightly frowned eyebrows, not understanding the meaning of the question. But his face quickly
changed to "Understanding ", and on it there was a reproaching bitter smile.

— Yes, it may seem strange that I, lacking emotion, care about strangers.

"N-no, that's not what I'm doing!

Minami hurriedly tried to correct the error Tatsuya.

It's okay. You got it right.

Even though he said so, Minami realized that this is the kind of impression he is hiding behind this question.
Minami felt ashamed of her impoliteness. So much so that apologies won't help here anymore.

"What was wrong with you was that you thought I was a stranger to you.

Minami unwittingly burst out nedoumevajushhee "uh...? ". Such a reaction could also be considered rude.
However, Tatsuya not take it as rudeness.

Minami, how much do you know about me? "A question from Tatsuya was followed.

But Minami could not answer this question. Tatsuya understood that. He himself gave the correct answer to
this question.

-except for the cases connected with Miyuki, I can not have real emotions. Perhaps it would be more accurate
to say that I cannot have strong emotions.
This was known to Minami. That's why she didn't say anything. It was too important a secret that strangers
could not know.

"And Miyuki thinks of you as a sister. Minami, you're a family for Miyuki. And I also understand that a girl
named Sakura Minami is deeply associated with Miyuki-san. I'm worried about you, because Miyuki worries
about you from the heart. Maybe it'll sound rude to you, but through the thought of Miyuki, I'm really worried
about you.

— ... I am very grateful, it is an honor for me.

Miyuki thinks of her as a sister. Minami was "grateful."

Tatsuya worries about her through affection for Miyuki. It was an honor for Minami. Minami understood that,
as Tatsuya-sama said, the emotions accompanying his attachment to Miyuki were real.

-I did not understand the meaning, but...

It seems that Tatsuya not be able to understand what mental processes have led to such words by Minami.

— ... Beg your pardon. Don't pay attention.

Minami could not explain why she thought so. She preferred to withdraw from the answer rather than to
respond against her will.

— ... In the evening we will come again together with Miyuki. So, forget about the job and just heal.

Tatsuya not particularly cared getting the answer.

Yes. I'll follow your advice.

Minami bowed Tatsuya barely noticeable faint movement of his head.

Frankly speaking, Miyuki wanted to miss school today.

She was not sure she would be able to concentrate on her studies with what Minami was going through.
Instead, she wanted to be near Minami.

However, she could not help in the treatment, even if she was there. On the contrary, she could not do it, after
she was told that a long stay nearby and unconscious emission psion waves can awaken the area of calculation
of magic Minami, which will prevent her treatment.

She did not intend to accidently emit psion waves. This could have happened up until the day when the vow,
which halved her power, was broken. But her present self, had the ability to control her magic , she should not
recklessly exert pressure on other magicians.

However, she could not disagree that in comparison with Tatsuya, completely controlling her psion, her
control is still weak. Miyuki realized that though its number Psion not reach the level of Tatsuya, but still
much higher than the average magicians, so she could not deny the possibility of negative impact on the health
of Minami.

For this reason, Miyuki abandoned the side of Minami and, as usual, went to the first school.

As soon as she entered the classroom, Honoka and Shizuku came to her with anxious faces.

Miyuki, are you all right?

What are you talking about?

She didn't pretend to be ununderstanding. Just by the sudden question "Are you OK " She could not answer
anything but the question "What is it about?" If it was a question of something else, it could be a mistake to
issue information that should be kept secret.

In this particular case, however, such vigilance was futile.

-the place mentioned in yesterday's statement of the government, this is where the villa Tatsuya-Sama!?
Miyuki, you said you'd stay there last night!

It turns out that both Honoka and Shizuku realized that the target of ranged Magic was Tatsuya.

Yes. ... Tatsuya and I are fine, but Minami-Chan had to go to the hospital. "said Miyuki and sat down in her


— ... Is she hurt?

Honoka froze in shock, and Shizuku asked, sitting in his place, and half turning back. Shizuku Place was right
in front of Miyuki place.

"It's not a wound, but... Something like that.

Miyuki gave a vague answer to the question Shizuku. The overheating of the magic Zone is found only by
magicians, and still does not apply to normal illnesses or injuries. Although body and mind are different
things, there is no difference between them in the notion of "something similar to a wound", so her words
could not be called a lie.

I see... How bad is it?

Shizuku did not interrogate the state of Minami. She just asked if it was a serious injury or a light.

"It is not yet known how long it will be in the hospital...

The face of Miyuki looked worried.

-Clear... I'm worried about her.

The faces of Honoka and Shizuku also had a worry.

Can we come and see her?

"It's not an infectious disease, so I guess it won't be a problem. I'll have to ask her doctor.

Miyuki not immediately responded to the request of Shizuku. Miyuki was glad that they wanted to visit
Minami, but, given the circumstances, she could not consent herself.


Tell me when you get her doctor's permission.

Course. -With a slight smile nodded Miyuki Honoka, crouching on the edge of his desk.

Who's there? "I asked Minami, having heard a knock on the door of the chamber dedicated to her.

It's only been 11 hours now. Tatsuya should be in Izu and Miyuki in first school.

This hospital was under the control of the Yotsuba family, but it was not only for the exclusive use of the
Yotsuba family. As a polyclinic, she also took regular patients. However, Minami has heard that in the block
where its house is located, pass only after passing strict checks.

Minami believed that the likelihood of the appearance of suspicious personalities is very low. So she thought
that someone came to the same as she was associated with the Yotsuba, but she was wrong.

It's Kudo Minoru.

The answer came from behind the door was completely unexpected to Minami.


Minami gave it as at least a little sensible phrase to maintain the dialogue, but in the mind she shouted "What!

But this thought cry did not mean such meaningful questions as "How does Minoru know that I was in the
hospital " or "How did Minoru learned of this hospital ", because the consciousness of Minami was clouded
from embarrassment.

However, she was confused only for a moment. The upbringing, corresponding to the girl of her age, reminded
her in what position she is now.

In the morning, before Tatsuya came, she managed to put herself in order. However, from that moment on she
was almost all the time lying in a half-asleep state, and her hair was certainly a mess. In addition, she could
not meet a Minoru in such a grubby posture...
Please wait a bit!

Minami reaction was fast, but the right hand moved slowly. With this hand she pressed the big button on the
wired control bed.

Bed bowed, lifting the upper half of the body with Minami.

Supported by the auxiliary Jekzoskeletom, the back of Minami slightly pushed away from the "back" half of
the bed.

That is, although part of the bed was raised, between her and her back mine was a small gap. Using this gap, it
zastegnula razedinjonnye the right and left half of the exoskeleton.

The auxiliary exoskeleton was worn on the upper half of the body by Minami, supporting it.

Using a part of exoskeleton, helping the movements of hands, Minami took a mirror and comb. hurriedly
removed the mess in her hair, looking in the mirror.

In fact, she also wanted to do makeup, but in the hospital room had to be limited to bringing in the order of

— ... Sorry for waiting. Please come in.

Ai Hospital room analyzed the speech with Minami and opened the door lock.

"Sorry for the intrusion...

Answering with an indecisive voice, Minoru entered the chamber.

At that moment the room was filled with sacred light.

In the space, Okrasivshemsja pure white color, brightly shone coming from the skies celestial.

... Of course, such a spectacle was unfolded only in the imagination of Minami.

Sakura-san, um... How are you feeling? -asked Minoru with a shy smile, not noticing the strange look directed
at him by Minami. Or maybe, at the moment, it just doesn't capsules such trifles.

With the help of Minoru, began the usual conversation, Minami was able to return from the world of fantasies
to reality.

When her mind returned to the realization of what was happening, the previously foggy questions that had
begun to emerge finally got the final form.

... How does Minoru know I was in the hospital?

... How did Minoru determine that she was being treated in this hospital?

But instead of asking about this Minoru,

Yes. I don't feel any discomfort, like pain or suffering. The doctor said that even though the body has not
returned strength, but I will soon be better.

Minami responded humbly to his question.

That's good.

Minoru smiled widely. Pale cheeks Minami reddened.

If the smile in Minoru had lasted a little longer, Minam would've lost consciousness for a reason different
from fatigue.

Minoru looked at Minami with serious eyes.

Minami did not even realize that her consciousness was gradually fading away. Even such trivial questions as
"Why not at school " flew out of the head even at the moment when she heard his voice outside the door.

— ... Sakura-san. Besides, nothing wrong with you?

"Other than that?"

He asked just like a doctor. This suspicion was felt by Minami from his words.

— for example, is the sight blurred or is the hearing broken?

— ......

She really had a symptom of a weakened touch. But is it possible to talk about this Minoru? That's not a
simple concern, is it? ... For this reason, Minami were hesitant to respond.

No need to answer someone like me. Of course you think so. But this is an important matter. Sakura-san, I
want you to answer honestly!

However, her hesitation did not resist before the serious look of Minoru.

— ... Feel the skin a bit...

-Touch is weakened!?

The face of Minoru approached the face of Minami. Minami, was unable to withstand it, and looked away. At
that moment, there was a stronger feeling, "I can't keep looking in the face ", not "I can't stand the shame."
Needless to say, the fact that she could turn away from hostility, even speech and could not be.

Yes, I did. ... Now, Minoru. As I said earlier, please tell me Minami.
Due to an unexpected request, attention to Minoru slightly deviated from the state of mines. Because of this,
Minoru noticed the dubious position he now occupies, and quickly withdrew. Realizing that this is what mine
wants, he moved the necessary distance.

— Uh, but...

Minoru was an incomparable handsome young guy, but his experience in dealing with the opposite sex was
zero. His mysterious beauty forced the girls to retreat, even without approaching him.

Although his cause was completely the opposite of the reason "unpopular men ", but for Minoru, being one of
the "popular guys ", it was still a bit difficult to "Call a pretty girl by name ". When it was such a beautiful girl
as Miyuki, the feeling of resistance was denied by himself, but for Semyonov High school... No, for Minoru
Minami was a "pretty cute girl ", a feeling of embarrassment.

"Otherwise I will have no choice but to call you " Kudo-myself "...

Minami and Minoru met the looks, and she added it, reddening even more.

Given the status of mines and minors, she had to say, from the very beginning, Kudo.

But mine began to call a minor "minor-herself ", that he agreed to call Tacuju and Miyuki by name, because it
was difficult to distinguish them, calling them "Shiba-san ". therefore "Kudo-itself " was the right option
where there is no Tatsuya and Miyuki.

Mine might have understood that. But despite the understanding, she seemed to want to continue calling him a

I understand, Minami-san.

Having seen the expression of the face by mines, Minoru forgot about embarrassment. And after hearing her
words, he answered reflexively. It seemed that Minoru also wanted her to continue to call him by name.

Yes, Minoru.

— ......

— ......

But the feeling of embarrassment has not disappeared. And this time not only in Minoru. Feelings of shame of
two people multiplied each other, and the chamber filled the atmosphere of real youth.

— ... Uh... Did the doctor say anything about the relaxation of touch?

"Oh, yes, it is... I was told that since neither the brain nor the nervous system is damaged, so it is a temporary

The face of Minoru Pomrachnelo when he heard the answer by Minami. When mine saw a change in the face
of Minoru, her anxiety began to grow. Although she behaved as if nothing had happened, she was actually
frightened by the anomalies in her body.

The Jocuba family told her about the instability of the improved people. She knew that someday this fate
would overtake her.

... It's possible that "someday " has already come.

It's going to be a lie if you say mine didn't think about it.

If it was just the lethargy of the body, it wouldn't really bother her.

However, it was obvious that this is not the usual anomaly of the five senses. Mine knew this was caused by
the overload of the Magic Zone. And I knew that the sudden death of the better people was also related to the
excessive use of magic.

She gave all her strength to protect Miyuki. And she didn't regret it. At that moment she was not pretending,
but she was really ready to give her life, and she did not regret it now.

But she was afraid to realize death. So she tried not to think about it. She cheated herself, pretending to be

However, now that mine saw the serious face of Minoru, she began to overfill the alarm again.

"Minami-san, uh, can I touch your hand...?

— ... Yes please?

At other times, Minami could not respond so quietly. The anxiety spread in her mind and weakened the

Using the help of exoskeleton, Minami stretched the right hand to the minor. The other one looked
smushhjonnym. Despite the fact that it was his request, his white cheeks blushed slightly.

Minoru carefully put his right palm from below to the stretched right palm mines. And from above, on the back
of the palm of his hand he put his left hand.

As expected, Minami was immediately flushed with these actions.

Minor slowly stirred his left hand. His cheeks were still red, and his eyes were serious.

The hot eyes of Minoru were chained to the sight of mines.

Minoru several times frowned eyebrows, as if felt something that did not know the doctor and mine.

Minoru done it almost a minute, then let go of mine hand, and took a deep breath and exhale. Perhaps he was
so concentrated that he forgot to breathe.

Mines quietly gasped at the same time, but this reaction showed tension, not relief. Minoru did not notice this
action by mines.

— ... Minami-san. It may sound cruel, but mine-san wound hasn't healed yet. The Magic Zone is still damaged.
Even if the physical condition is restored, but it is not known when you can fall again unconscious.

— ... So that's how.

I know it's hard to believe.

But mine believed in the words of Minoru. On the contrary, she thought it was. She only acknowledged the
fact that she knew it herself. Mine thought so, when I realized that I was aware of the truth.

"However, I would like you to believe me.

Mine mentally, not insonifying aloud, gave out the surprised "Uh? ".

What does he want her to believe...? The words minor were unexpected for mines. But her doubts were
immediately answered.

I will definitely find a way of treatment. That's why I don't want you to gave.

The question that is now surfaced in mine head is "why? ". This morning, mine asked this question Tatsuo. But
to ask the same question to Minoru, for some reason, she could not decide.

— ... Ok. I rely on you, Minoru.

The answer she gave was unexpected, both for Minoru and for her.

When Tatsuya, who was preparing to move from the villa to Izu, was interrupted for lunch, it was already 13
hours. He did not have to pack and load things, but he could not entrust the transfer of important research data
to other people.

The kitchen and all the kitchen utensils were originally part of the villa, so Pixie, as usual, prepared a lunch.
Not only kitchen utensils, but most of the equipment and clothing in this villa was organized by the main house
of Jocuby, so the luggage for moving to a multi-storey house in Tjofu was not so much. Lunch was a bit late
because he first decided to completely finish all the business.

At the table in the dining room was one Tatsuya. Other workers went to the truck to eat there from the lunches
taken with them in boxes. Tatsuya could understand their feelings, because of which they tried to avoid sitting
with an "important person ", so he did not invite them by force at the table.

"Tatsuya, I'm sorry to interrupt your meal.

When Tatsuya already finished all dishes and rested for an afternoon coffee, entered Hanabisi Hyogo. Today
he was not in his usual suit-three, but in the working trousers and jacket, similar to the uniform of the
company-carrier. Because of his young age this appearance was very good for him. But in the current
situation, the phrase "very fit " was the meaning of "not feeling uncomfortable ", and not "Well, fashionable
looks ".

Therefore, when he, as usual, politely bowed, his appearance did not arouse a sense of irrelevance.

No, I've already finished eating. is something wrong?

-received a report from the responsible person from the clinic Tjofu Aoba *.

[Here Aoba (±ÌÈ~) is written not as the name Aoba (Çನ), but knowing the author, this is clearly not a

Clinic Tjofu Aoba-the name of the hospital, which was laid by mines. For a moment Tatsuya felt anxious that
the condition of the mines could worsen, but he quickly gave up this thought. If it were, the tone of Hyogo's
voice would be more intense. In this respect, Hyogo was a man who could be anxious.
I'm listening.

-At about 11 o'clock in the hospital room Sakura visited the visitor.

For Hyogo Mine was one of the maids serving the Jocuba family. As a butler, he had a higher status. So it was
normal for him to call her that.

Have you visited her? But the visit should have been limited? Tatsuya asked the question.

"The hospital staff understands that. However, they could not just mindlessly take it out. They filed a request
to the main house, and from there came permission to miss it.

Who was it?

According to the words that he could not be carried out, it was clear that it was not an ordinary visitor.
Besides, he says that the man gave permission to the main house. Tatsuya had no idea who this visitor could

-The third son of the family Kudo, Kudo minor-herself.

Minoru was the youngest child of five brothers and sisters. By seniority He was the fifth in the sequence:
sister, brother, sister, brother, he.


The first thing Tatsuya head surfaced the natural question, why minor came on a weekday.

He didn't need to think very much to understand how Minoru knew that mine was in the hospital.

Fudzibajasi told him. ... Tatsuya quickly came to this conclusion. In fact, this information had to remain within
the army, but Fudzibajasi to some extent was condescending to minor. If a minor is beg, there is definitely
something that can leak. Moreover, for the self-defence forces themselves, this information is not the one that
needs to be kept strictly confidential.

But having learned even this, Tatsuya could not understand the reason why he came to visit, skipping school
today, as if in a hurry. Minor spent less than three days with mines in total. In fact, it looked like they had good
compatibility, but he didn't notice that they really made friends.

In Kyoto, mine cared for ill minor, so the likelihood that he might have certain feelings, is not equal to zero.
But even with that in mind, his vigour in this matter is too high.

Tatsuya did not know the character of Minoru so much to say that it is not like the usual minor. However,
Tatsuya felt that the passionate desire to leave the bunk in Tokyo, skipping school, is not very consistent with
the image of Minoru.

By the way, is there a minor in the hospital?

If he is still in the clinic Tjofu Aoba, Tatsuya wanted to ask him directly what his intentions were.
No, he's already gone. Looks like he spent about 20 minutes in the hospital room.

However, in fact, it was not as planned Tatsuya.

Tatsuya thought that Minoru had spent too little time there. Tatsuya could not decide 20 minutes-it is much or
little compared to average time of visiting the patient. However, if you consider this passionate desire to visit
a patient in the hospital, even skipping school, it seems that he simply overdid.

"It wasn't just a visit. Did he have any other purpose? "

There was too little data to infer the true intentions of Minoru.

I'm clear with Minoru. Anything else?

Nothing else.

Tatsuya a gesture, deferentially dismissed Poklonivshegosja Hyogo.

Left alone, Tatsuya turned to Pixie, sitting in a corner of the dining room motionless, like a decoration.

Pixie, get the information terminal.


Answering not telepathy, and through the built-in mechanical body of the speaker, Pixie quickly brought the

Last autumn, Tatsuya exchanged contacts with Minoru. After the case of Zhou Gunczinja, they never contacted
each other, but if Minoru did not change the ID, it can be contacted.

However, here the expectations of Tatsuya were not justified. Since the speaker heard the sound of the call, it
means that the ID was not invalid. The link identifier (ID) attached to a particular information terminal cannot
be re-used, so if you change the ID, the old ID becomes invalid. In other words, instead of the sound of the
call, an invalid ID message will be issued.

In case the terminal is turned off, the corresponding message will be voiced. In other words, either Minoru
can not take the phone now, or pretends that he is not around.

"... But pretending to be out of place is not like him. "

In the absence of data, it was only speculation. Tatsuya decided to temporarily postpone his suspicions to the
actions of Minoru.

When Tatsuya called Minoru, he was already driving to Nara in a long-distance train, the so-called "trailer ".

But that wasn't the reason why he didn't answer the phone.
A trailer is a subspecies of a road train carrying individual cabins. Passengers can enter the platform of the
trailer, not to sit with the bent legs and hands in a cramped space, but can and remain in their booth machines.
Minoru did that.

A private cabin is like a closed room. If you call while you're there, you're not going to hurt anyone.

Then why didn't minoru answer the phone? Because Minoru just didn't notice the sound of the ringtone.

At this point in the head of Minoru was a mental conversation.

It was not a technique of thinking in the form of a conversation with itself. He was able to hear no sound,
concentrated on the conversation with "knowledge ", once the former ghost Zhou Gunczinja, preoccupied
external systemic magic.

Minoru asked about the method of treatment with mines. The answer "knowledge " was cruel.

"It will be difficult to restore its area of calculation of magic "

"That is, it is not cured? Why? After all, the head of the family Ichijo successfully recovered, isn't it? "

Despite the fact that the cause of malaise Ichijo Goks tried to hide, but among the ten main clans all
understood that it was overheating of the area of calculation of magic. There was an announcement from the
family Ichijo that the recovery was successful, and the family Kudo came to the information that it is true.

"The damage received by Ichijo Goks seems to be not that serious. "

"You mean that mine-san is much serious!? "

"I believe that it will be physically restored. The doctor didn't lie about it. "

"Physically? "

"If it rest for some time, the weakening of the physical body and partial failure of touch in a relatively short
time should return to its original state. "

Minoru was a little calm when I heard it. However, the anxiety quickly returned.

"However, the cause of the ailment of the physical body is damage to the area of calculation of magic? If you
don't deal with the cause, can it happen again? "

"The probability that this is repeated naturally is rather small. Unlike "me," it does not support the constant
excessive activity of Psionov at a level that a physical body cannot withstand. "

Unflappable answer "knowledge " Only inflamed the nerves in Minoru. Usually high activity of Psionov is an
indicator of an outstanding magician. But in the case of Minoru, it was shackles, leap him to bed.

Minoru kept his wrath of despair in his mind. Now the priority should be a way to cure mines. It was not the
case to be trapped by his disadvantage, with which nothing can be done.

"Does it mean that the malaise of the physical body will recur if the activity of Psionov increases? "
When you use magic inside the wizard, Psionovaja activity occurs. The stronger the magic, the more intense
this activity. If increasing psionovoj activity will harm the physical body, it means that now mines will faint
from the use of high-power magic. That is, in fact, the advanced magic is contraindicated.

"true. In contrast to "me", its conditions are clearly visible, so it will not interfere with the daily life.
However, as well as "me", her activity as a magician will be limited. "

Minoru unwittingly squeezed his teeth. He could not lead the magician's active activity. It was the one that
constantly tormented Minoru. It was absolutely unbearable for Minoru.

But what about mine? Will she have to accept the misery when you can't use magic?

"... Will she be able to live normally without using magic? "

"Unfortunately, I cannot give an affirmative answer. She inherited the body of an improved man. Perhaps even
both parents were of improved descent. Even if it does not try to use magic itself, there may be a situation that
the magic zone will get out of control and exceed the permissible limits for the body. "

"Just like mine? "

"If this is the case, her situation is more serious than" me ". "My" soul is not strong enough, but it has a high
regenerative ability. Therefore, even with frequent ailments, it ends, not reaching to death. However, in her
case, the damage to the soul can lead to the total exhaustion of life. "

"... But this time she was saved. "

"Someone has restored the soul on the spot. "

Intuition intuition Minoru that it was Tatsuya.

Minoru did not know about all the magical abilities that Tatsuya possessed.

But he watched on TV the code of the monolith of the rookie Division 2 years ago.

In that match Tatsuya missed from Ichijo Masaki attack, strong enough to inflict deadly trauma, but
miraculously recovered and caused an unexpected turn during the battle.

Based on the situation, Tatsuya has an advanced self-healing ability. He can probably use it on other people.

"Then what will happen if" fainting "happens where this" someone "at that moment will not be...? "

"She won't be saved. This misfortune follows the heels of improved people. I assume that in the case of
"Minami-san" the next time this can happen. "

"So the method of final treatment is the same as mine...? "

"Merge with the parasite. This seems to be the most effective. "

Minoru completed the dialogue with the "knowledge ".

To save mine, he must infect her with a "parasite." Minoru thought it was unthinkable.

But he has the same situation. Thinking about it, Minoru began to think that there was something attractive
about it.

As Tatsuya promised, in the evening he and Miyuki came to visit mine. At the time of the conversation,
Minami told them that she was in Minoru.

So Minoru said he'd find a way to treat him?

Yes, Tatsuya.

As he thought, it was not just a visit. Hearing the response of mine, Tatsuya nodded slightly.

Although Tatsuya doubted the intentions of Minoru, hearing about holding hands and stroking the back of his
hand, but in the end he became convinced that the real intention of Minoru was the treatment of mines.

-they, does Minoru-kun have such knowledge?

Miyuki, who listened to mine story with him, asked an interesting question. The treatment of the Magic Zone is
a complex issue that the Jocuba family has been exploring for many years and has not yet achieved its goal.

"I can't say they're gone. As it was possible to see at last year's dissertation competition, understanding
"Reason " in Minoru far surpasses the level of student. In addition, the magic of the former ninth laboratory,
which has elements of ancient magic, also has in its composition spells of the system of mental intervention. It
is probable that Minoru could find the key to the treatment of the Magic Zone in the studies of the former Ninth

"However, jocuby researchers have not ceased to study the area of calculation of magic since the former
fourth laboratory. But despite this, the method of treatment is not yet found. In addition, the minor-Kuna has an
imbalance between the area of calculation of magic and the physical body. If he had such knowledge, wouldn't
he start with the treatment of himself?

He can learn more about this because he has a similar problem.

Tatsuya, shook his head, rejecting objection to Miyuki.

"There is no point in discussing the ability of Minoru here and now. He said he'd find a way to treat mine. Let
us perceive the good intentions of Minoru exactly as good intentions.

— ... Right. Sorry for the useless doubts.

Tatsuya nodded Miyuki with again looked at Minami.

"Local doctors are also making a lot of efforts to treat mines. The main house seems to be connecting his
research here, and I'm not going to sit around. Be calm and wait for good news. "said Tatsuya to calm mine.

Well. Uh, Tatsuya...

However, mine responded with an alarming voice as if it "caused the opposite effect."

What's that?

He did not, of course, show signs of anxiety on his part. With a calm face and a calm voice he asked mine to

"Could you please ask Minoru yourself so that he doesn't try to do the impossible?"

"Really? "--mentally muttered Tatsuya. It seems that the anxiety that mine showed was not about the success of
the treatment, but about the very minor.

Did you feel that there was something wrong with Minoru?

Yes. ... He seemed very tense. He looked... As it is not just worried about me, and as if hides some other,
more serious suffering...

-Did minor have a bad feeling?

No. He didn't look pereutomljonnym or weakened.

— ... I'm worried, they.

Miyuki looked at Tacuju with a disturbed face, as if she had been infected by mine anxiety.

"Minoru is a wise guy. I think he won't do anything reckless...

Although Tatsuya said so, he himself was not entirely sure of it.

He did not know the character of Minoru. He could have said that if it was the minor he met last fall, he
wouldn't do anything stupid. However, the behavior of the current minor did not correspond to the image of
Minoru from that time. Therefore Tatsuya felt such uncertainty.

Chapter 4

The first school and the nearest station connected a straight road. Although it has a branch, but it can be said
that, in fact, the main road is only one.
Most of the first school students go to and from school on this road. The only exceptions are students who live
within walking distance of the school.

Tuesday, June 11th, morning. On the mentioned pedestrian route the noise from conversations of pupils has
risen. Because all the well-known president of the school council Shiba Miyuki walked quite close with one
male pupil.

And this disciple was as famous as the President of the school council. And in terms of fame in society, it was
much more famous.

The name of this disciple is Shiba Tatsuya.

It was a return after a long absence.


From the gate to the territory of the first school to its main building led a straight alley. Right after Tatsuya
stepped on this road, his called voice was in front of him.

There was a figure in the opposite direction among the students going to school, and she was not alone.

Tatsuya-san, can you come back now?

The people who knew the circumstances had their views saying, "There is nothing to be done with it... " and
the ignorant circumstances of the disciples looked at it with curiosity. Honoka, not paying attention to all of
them, ran to Tatsuo.

Yes. From now on, take care of me again.

With a crooked smile on his face Tatsuya answered Honoka, trying not to cause concern.

Tatsuya quietly approached Honoka and looked at her back.

Shizuku, standing behind Honoka, with a confused face hello with his gaze.

And behind her back with joyful faces stood Eric, Leo, Mikihiko and Mizuki. Erica, noticing glance Tatsuya,
slightly waved his hand.

Tatsuya continued to go towards the school building with Miyuki to his left, and with Pristroivshejsja on the
right Honoka.

The entrance for the course of Magic Engineering was from the entrance of the second stream. This was due to
the fact that the classes from A to D and E to H had separate inputs, and the structure of the school building
could not be changed anymore.

Divided with Miyuki, Honoka, Shizuku and Mikihiko, Tatsuya went to his classroom together with Erica, Leo
and Mizuki.
It's been a long time since he was in 3E class. Although Eric and Leo were in class F, they also went to class

We left the party.

Going to his place at the window, Tatsuya gave his impressions, which were not sarcasm, and quite artless
feelings. Erica and the others did not say anything, but only stretched smiles.

Mizuki sat down to his place, located on the side of the place of Tatsuya, and turned to him face.

"Given your fusion reactor project, is it okay for you to be here now?

Well, of course I'm going to be busy. Therefore, it will be difficult to come to school every day.

Mizuki's face was a little pogrustnelo when she heard Tatsuya's answer. However, she quickly hid it behind a

Got it. But I'm glad you'll come at least sometimes.

After the words of Mizuki, prosunuvshajasja through the window into the corridor of Eric nodded, saying,
"aha-aha ".

"Even if you are only a " escort "Miyuki, and you leave immediately as you came, it will be normal. In fact, if
Tatsuya-kun is not at all, then there is some sense of dissatisfaction.

"Escort " Miyuki?

Tatsuya could not resist the curve of the smile, hearing the words of Erica, completely ignoring the meaning of
school attendance.

But what Eric said was unexpectedly true.

-By the way Tatsuya, Sakura is very bad?

Leo worried lack of mines because she was a koha from the club.

-the doctor says that complications should not remain. But it's going to take a little time.


Leo was worried about the state of mines, and Tatsuya was not only concerned about it.

Of course, the very desire for full recovery was not a lie. But at the same time Tacuju caring the question of
what to do with the protection of Miyuki.

Yesterday she went to school and from school alone. It is quite rare to meet a person who can harm Miyuki,
whether it be a magician or a non-magician. Besides, Tatsuya can protect Miyuki even when he's not around.

However, there are also problems that can be avoided only by having an assistant close by. Even for the
Jocuba family it will be difficult to send people to the school grounds. No, it may be possible to send a person
to the school staff, but it is impossible to prepare so quickly a pupil who will always be there. And to be an
escort only during the hikes to and from school, Tatsuya thought before it was voiced by Eric.

Tatsuya returned (?) to the first school, not because the excitement of the "Dion project" has calmed down.
Last week Tatsuya started countermeasures, so the hype was, on the contrary, heated.

The fact that the journalists were no longer crowded around the first school was a consequence of that
shooting incident.

Since Silver Taurus's identity has already been disclosed, they did not have to risk their lives to gather

Now it seemed that the excitement, which began in the vicinity of Tatsuya, spread to a global scale. Among the
four largest states, the new Soviet Union took the side of the "Project Dion ", and the Indo-Persijskij union,
though not made an official statement from the Government, but clearly demonstrated the position of support
"project escapes " Tatsuya.

The Great Asian Alliance has not yet disclosed its position.

Among other countries: in Europe, mainly support "project Dion "; Countries from West Asia to south-East
Asia support project escapes; Brazil and Australia, like the Great Asian Alliance, do not disclose their

The fact that both "camps " Do not publicly show hostile attitude makes the situation quite confusing. The thing
is that both projects, and "Dion ", and "escapes " coincide in terms of peaceful use of magic. And both
projects do not bear the principled position that the enemy should be expelled. Judging by the published
materials, the implementation of "project Dion " will not make it impossible to move the project "escapes ",
and vice versa. There is only one problem: the same wizards will not be able to participate in two projects at
the same time.

With the recognition that these two projects can coexist, the unfolded war of propaganda between Tacuej and
Clark moved forward with a plumb to the side of Tatsuya. It was not the superiority of the intellect Tatsuya
over Clark, but was related to the advantage of the "crates response * ". This war was not a competition
where there is a judge. Whether it is delays or fraud, but only victory is important.

[Explanation from the explanatory dictionary for the word used: "Wait and see the enemy's move, before
making your move (for example, in stone-scissors-paper see what the opponent will show before you show
your answer) "]

And in the Battle of arguments Edward Clark hoped to go a bypass, using political influence.

At the time when the first school had already been in first lesson, the commander of Brigade 1-0-1 of the self-
Defense Forces, Lieutenant General Saeki Hiromi visited the office building of the Ministry of Defence. There
was also a joint headquarters of the Japanese Navy, but the purpose of its today's visit was the Civic section.
Saeki back to the base before noon. Going into his office of the Commander, she called the Kazakh.

— ... Tacuju, that is, Mister Shibu Tacuju...

"No need to be corrected, Lieutenant colonel.

So interrupting someone else's speech was not like a normal saeki. She didn't even try to hide her bad mood.

The Kazakh did not puzzled, but rather amused, and he was forced to make great efforts to restrain himself
from smiling.

— ... Beg your pardon. So you were told to persuade Tacuju to take part in the Dion project?

— The head of the Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has no authority to give me orders.

In the conference hall of the Ministry of Defence, Saeki met with the head of the Department of Foreign
Affairs of North America. As Saeki said, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has no authority to give orders to the
self-defense forces. Everything that was said in the conference room was in the form of a request. But the
words spoken in the presence of the Secretary of the Ministry of Defence, in fact, were coercion, or, in other
words, an order.

The military do not like to violate their command system. And the officers have such a stronger manifestation,
and Saeki was no exception. Her bad mood was largely explained by this.

Was this request voiced to Your Excellency, because Tatsuya is a special officer Ooguro Ruuja?

It looks like it.

Kazama sighed, not hiding it from the Saeki, who had been a dissatisfied face.

-it seems that the bureaucrats do not know very well, for what qualities Tatsuo was assigned the title of
"Special Officer * ".

[In the original of this rank 2 writing, abbreviated and complete. Full (ÌØ„ÕÊ¿¹Ù) literally means "officer,
acting special duties ". In this case, it was mentioned as a complete one. And the short was made by analogy
with the Dvuhsimvolnymi Japanese Military ranks: ÌØξ-a special officer, ´óξ-captain, ÖÐξ-Senior

-The status of a special Officer Ooguro in a certain sense outlawed. It's no surprise that office clerks don't
know about him.

As Saeki said, in the current self-defense Forces there was no such title as "special Officer ". To begin with,
if you look from a historical point of view, then call Tacuju "special Officer " wrong. It would be more
appropriate for him to be called a "militia who has been treated as an officer assigned to the regular army
under normal conditions, not temporarily." Since there was no corresponding term for this concept, it was
simply called a "special officer" for convenience.

Therefore, those who did not know the real situation, based on the original meaning of the concept of "officer
with special duties ", perceived Tacuju as an ordinary soldier.
"I think they should know because they are office workers under the jurisdiction of the official legal system.

Legal problems were solved by self-defense forces themselves, but this problem was "illegal ". The existing
system requires the consent of the bureaucrats, so it will be impossible to justify the negligence of the Ministry
of Defense officials by saying that they did not know.

"You're right about that, Lieutenant colonel, but now we have other problems.

I beg your pardon. The problem is whether we can persuade Tacuju and whether we should be persuaded.
Isn't it?

Apologizing that deviated from the topic, Kazama listed two problems.


Saeki nodded to him.

— First of all, does the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs understand that Tatsuya is the
operator of the "explosion of matter "?

-based on the feelings of today's conversation, they did not come to them.

Clear. If that is the case, I can understand why they gave such an absurd order.

Tatsuya was the greatest magical military force Japan possessed. No, not only the magic, the greatest of all
possible forces. The Joker, alone changing the entire World War balance, the fifth ace, creating the strongest
hand *.

[Poker terminology. "Hand " is a combination of 5 cards received in hands.]

Although the use of such a problem person as "Joker " may be prohibited by rules, but in this world its use is
not prohibited. And nobody in his right mind wants to part with him. If they know that Tatsuya is the strongest
magician in the strategic class, they will not even think of joining the Dion project.

"Instead, how about registering Tatsuya as the 14th " Apostle "?

On the face of Saeki came a surprise. But the silent pause lasted not long.

— ... That's not a bad idea.

"Your Excellency?"

This time came turn Kazama wonder. Because he was just joking.

"If things worsen even more, we may have to consider this option. If it becomes obvious that he is a magician
of strategic class, officials will stop saying that he should be transferred to SSHSA.

It is so, but...

-Well, it depends on how the situation will develop. We will deal with problems as they appear.
Having said that, Saeki made a tired face.

"And if you temporarily put a question, right or wrong, Lieutenant Colonel Kazama, do you think you could
persuade Shibu-kun?

It's impossible.

He would not be able to advise Tatsuo to go to America, even if it was possible. Therefore Kazama
immediately replied that the attempts of persuasion are useless.

"Besides, I can't say that Tatsuya has a good relationship with us right now. And my own mistake, when the
other day we were caught behind the hidden video footage, only added more suspicion.

"It was a mistake of my calculations too. In any case, if we try to convince, then success can not wait, but on
the contrary, as a result it will only worsen our relationship with him.

That's what I think.

Saeki had no objection to the judgement of Kazama.

— Then, do you think, will we be able to win the favor of Sheba-kun, rejecting the demand of the Ministry of
Foreign Affairs?

-Hmm... Who knows...

On the other hand, Kazama not agree with the idea of Saeki.

"Whatever we do, Tatsuya won't take part in the Dion project." I don't think he's going to be particularly
grateful. Wouldn't it be a better choice to do nothing at all?

-it is clear...

Saeki looked down at her hands and pondered. Kazama stood motionless in front of her table and waited for
her to say.

I'll follow your advice.

You mean you're not going to do anything?

Yes. The demand of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was not voiced in the proper form, but unofficially. There
will be no problems if neglected by them.

Kazama decided that at least Saeki said so, but she probably planned to ignore the request of the Ministry of
Foreign Affairs from the very beginning. It was summoned to ask the opinion whether it was possible to
benefit from this case, deserved the gratitude of Tatsuya. At least that's what Kazama understood.

-Lieutenant colonel, thank you for your help, you are free.

There. Beg your pardon.

Kazama out of the commander's office.

At first Kazama thought that it was necessary to tell Tatsuo, but quickly gave up this idea.

The intentions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or self-Defense forces for Tatsuya are irrelevant. This cannot
be a material for restoring relationships.

Instead it was necessary to confirm the opinion of Tatsuya about registration by the fourteenth "Apostle ", as
the conversation about it could become a reality at any moment.

Tatsuya has already received his undesirable fame as Taurus silver. At such a pace his appearance in sight of
all is inevitable. But for Kazama it was obvious that if you ask Tatsuya if he wants to become an officially
recognized magician of the strategic class, the answer will be "no ". This is not a good idea that can worsen
his mood if you make a mistake.

... Kazama seriously worried that the relationship with Tacuej became so alienated that he had to think of such

Not only the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was swept between Tacuej and Edward Clark.

The Ministry of Industry suffered from pressure from the office of the leader of the ruling party, a part-
minister. Once the Ministry of Industry was called the Ministry of International Trade and industry, although
the name was changed, but foreign trade was still under their jurisdiction. SSHSA and in this era were one of
the most important trading partners, so the bureaucrats from the Ministry of Industry wanted to make the
differences in trade as little as possible. For them, the quarrel of a single civilian with SSHSA was not a joke,
and they seriously wanted to Tatsuya as soon as possible went to America.

However, this morning a request was made from the Cabinet of the Minister for legislative measures
necessary to implement the "project of the energy plant with the Magic Star reactor ". In other words, it meant
that they would have to consider another way, meaning not to participate in the "project Dion " SSHSA.

Since neither "project Dion " nor the project of the plant with the Magic Star reactor were governmental
municipal enterprises, Japan itself did not need to take care, to join them or not. Even in the new Soviet
Union, which showed itself to be the most collaborative, the statement of cooperation came not from the
government, but from the academy. If the government does not do anything now, at this stage the SSHSA will
not be able to accuse them.

On the other hand, the project of the plant is an internal affair of Japan, so it can be said that the role of the
Ministry of Industry is to consider its legal aspects. But the request from the Cabinet of the minister exerted
pressure, because it demanded to "support the project ", not paying attention to anything.

Wondered the question of why this happened, the Ministry of Industry conducted an investigation. The Cabinet
of ministers sent inquiries from many groups of companies, which are a great source of money funds of the
ruling party.

There were a lot of businessmen who oppose the project of the plant, which is likely to worsen relations with
SSHSA. Therefore, the real concern of the Ministry of Industry was that the project announced by a simple
schoolboy could soon divide the business world into two camps.

"Whence he had such connections," "How he persuaded these old men from the leadership." The employees of
the Ministry of Industry were puzzled about such questions.

Tatsuya did not leave the classroom until the morning half of the lessons were over. In the third year of
training increased the number of specialized subjects related to magic. But it does not mean that the number of
subjects of the general course has become equal to zero. Tatsuya concentrated on general course lectures
missed during his absence, studying them at triple speed.

Unfortunately, the accumulated quantity could not be completed in half a day, but he did not think he could
catch up even for the whole day. When the lunch break came, he got up to go for a bite.

Tatsuya-san, you're both...


The voice sitting beside Mizuki, asks "Did you dine? ", was blocked by a boyish voice.

It was the voice of Tomicuki.

Mizuki, go to the dining room first, I'll catch up. -answered Tatsuya Mizuki, then turned to Tomicuke.

Tomicuka, do you need something?

— ... I'd like to talk to you about something. "A little hesitation," replied Tomicuka, making a persistent face.

Is this conversation going to take a long time?

In contrast Tomicuke, Tatsuya Special enthusiasm is not blazed.


"Is it possible after school?"

But he still showed that he was ready to listen.

-I would like to hurry.

"But this is going to be a long conversation?"

-it is so... But...

Tomicuka couldn't decide to say.

What's so swell? You can't talk to him.

At that moment hysterical voice intervened in the conversation.


Hirakawa Chiaki burning Look tacuju. But it was embarrassed not Tatsuya, but Tomicuka.
-to say such...! Did Tatsuya-San say he wouldn't listen?

Mizuki, who remained here, although she was told to go to the dining room, retorted the words of Chiaki.

It could have escalated into a quarrel between schoolgirls in an empty place, so Tatsuya stopped it in advance
with the phrase "Stop, Mizuki ".

Mizuki. I'm sorry, but tonight's lunch break, I'm wasting my time talking to Tomicukoj. Please tell the others.

— ... I got it.

Mizuki, trying to hide the dissatisfied face, bowed Tatsuo and withdrew from the class.

Tomicuka, where are we going to talk?

Uh, let's get on the roof.

Tatsuya slightly raised his eyebrows, because on the roof they can hear other students.

I got it.

But once tomicuku it suited, then Tatsuo was still.

Hirakawa-san, thank you.

Tomicuka quietly said it Chiaki, Otvernuvshejsja and sitting, akimbo his head in the fist. After that, he chased
the fast-Tacuej class.

Contrary to the expectations of Tatsuya, the roof was deserted. In Tokyo a week ago the rainy season began,
and today the sky was also stretched by clouds, looking so that at any moment can rain. Therefore, the absence
of students wishing to dine on the roof looked quite natural.

There were benches on the roof, but neither Tatsuya nor Tomicuka sat down. They stood facing each other.

So, what did you want to talk to me about? -Began the conversation Tatsuya.

— ... The other day my mother had a seizure.

— that the chairman of the Magic Association, Tomicuka Hisui was hospitalized, I heard from Miyuki. I 'm

On the face of Tomicuki appeared indignation that Tatsuya says about it as a strange matter.

"However, this is a case between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the chairman of the Magic Association.
Complaining to me is not quite right.

Tatsuya noticed the expression of Tomicuki's face, but was not going to treat him condescendingly.

I didn't say anything. -angrily spoke Tomicuka in response to the insensible words of Tatsuya.
is to fight a girl younger than yourself, too "Nothing"?

Tomicuka wavered from this too Justell sarcasm Tatsuya.

For the first time since coming here Tomicuka noticed that the eyes of Tatsuya filled with cold anger.

So, Tomicuka. Are you saying that your case to me is that I have to be sacrificed to spare the chairman of the
Magic Association from worries?

"Why Sacrifice!

But you want to drive me to SSHSA?

-Kick out...?

Bitter voice Tatsuya exceeded the expectations of Tomicuki.

"I... I think that the project will really help the magicians...

Tomicuka. Don't you understand the real purpose of the Dion project?

This time the voice of Tatsuya was slightly annoyed.

Not realizing why Tatsuya asked, Tomicuka was confused, forgetting his anger for the cold-blooded behavior
of Tatsuya.

— The true purpose...?

"The real purpose of the Dion project is to banish the wizards from the Earth and tie them to the asteroid belt
and the orbits of Jupiter and Venus.

— ... A what?

The wizards will be placed on satellite orbits around Venus and Jupiter, and for the most part it concerns the
Wizards of SSHSA, the new Soviet Union and Britain. If I also participated in the Dion project, it would have
been at least 10 years before I could return from Jupiter's orbit. It's like a lifelong reference.

The sarcastic hint Tatsuya that this is not a "link to the island ", but a "link to the stars * ", was not understood

[The Japanese expression "Send to the link " literally spells "Send to the Island ". The author in the second
case has changed "island " on "star ". I don't know how to understand it, maybe sending somewhere.]

"Is everything so... Shiba-kun, do you exaggerate...?

"I am not going to force you to accept the truth of what I have said. Read the published materials again. Let's
continue the conversation after that. Tatsuya said and turned to Tomicuke back. There was no voice in the
back, asking to stop.

Even if Tomicuka will consider "project Dione " Useful, if he again approached to Tatsuo, he is not going to
answer his beliefs.

He won't take part in the Dion project.

He will not go into space, leaving Miyuki on the ground.

He's not going anywhere, throwing Miyuki.

No one can change this principle. Tatsuya just Sparta a few extra time. But his desire for Tomicuka himself to
notice the hidden malice in "Dion's Project " was also not a lie on his part.

Tomicuka, Provozhajushhij overwhelmed look retreating figure Tatsuya, and stood as tracks, until Tatsuya is
not lost sight.

— ... What does this mean? "Muttered Tomicuka, when he came to himself from the sensation of falling rain

Is it a true goal? Reference to space? Huh, it's just a conspiracy theory. "He mocked him aloud. But no matter
how much he denied it, the words of Tatsuya settled deep in his mind.
The rain has intensified.

Or Tomicuka was not averse to get wet in the rain, or did not notice it. He continued to stand still on the roof.

"I haven't heard anything like it. Nobody said anything like that.

None of his entourage really talked about it. TV program, which he watched, also did not arouse such an
opinion. There was nothing like it.

No matter how far advanced the progress of informatization, the amount of information that one person can
assimilate is limited. After all, your own thinking becomes the basis.

"A true goal," you say? You're exaggerating. A reference to space will not resolve public opinion.

Nevertheless, even the so-called "own thinking " of the person is not created only by them. It is formed under
the influence of the information received by this person.

Tatsuya and Tomicuki had too different experience, received information and accumulated reflections. They
were not superior to each other, they were just completely different nature. The conclusions voiced by Tacuej,
Tomicuke was very difficult to perceive. Probably because Tomicuka was more normal. Most people are
likely to have shared this disagreement with him.

After an unsuccessful attack on the Izu Plateau, Edward Clark tried many times to call the impasse, but was
unable to catch him.

-You never managed to contact the Doctor imaging?

"Yes, Sir William.

Clark was now on the phone with MacLeod in Britain. In Los Angeles, where Clark was, it was midnight, in
London, where there was MacLeod, it was early morning. Not knowing where now the ugliness, in Moscow,
or in the Far East, Clark did not know, what time it is better to pick up.

-Unfortunately, the Doctor of ugliness seems to refuse to contact us.

"There is nothing to be done... The doctor belongs to the east, who is hostile to us. We live with him on the
same planet, but in different worlds. Dr. decided to do everything in his own way from the beginning could not
be controlled.

"If it is, does it mean that the ugliness is plotting a repeated attack?

Clark's application was changed from "Doctor of ugliness " to simply "ugly ".

I think so. He will strive to forget the magic of converting mass into energy.

"If only he had waited a little...

Clark unwittingly ruffled his hair.

-Sir William... Is there any hope that he succeed?

I think there is hope. But it's 50 by 50. Last time it seemed that we had cornered it, but we don't know what the
real abilities of Sheba Tatsuya are.

-Do you want to say that everything depends on the magic power of Sheba Tatsuya? ... Really, you're right.

The guess of Maklauda sounded quite unreliable, but Clark had nothing but to agree.

Dr. Clark. Even with your "Hlidskjalvom ", you do not know the real abilities of Sheba Tatsuya?

— ... Unfortunately, it is. It seems that the nickname "Untouchables " was not just for the mind.

"Untouchables " called the family Jocuba. Before Tatsuya appeared on the stage, for reasons unrelated to him,
Clark had already targeting on the family of Jocuba, as an enemy, which should disappear at all costs. In truth,
Hlidskjalva Terminal was handed over to Maya so that Clark could collect information about the Jocuba

However, the head of the Jocuba family did not do what Clark expected. From the history of using the terminal
Jocuboj Maya, Clark was difficult to grasp any details about the real abilities of both Sheba Tatsuya and
magicians of other side branches of the family.

Got it...

MacLeod a sigh of disappointment. He did not intend to insult his own words, but Clark's pride was seriously

"Thus, we only have to pray that the repeated attack of the Doctor of Inimage was successful... Dr. Clark, I
apologize for the conversation at this late time.

No, I called you. Sorry to be early in the morning.

"It's a normal time for me when I'm awake. Then, doctor, Good night.

"Yes, Sir William. And you have a good day.

The connection with MacLeod was interrupted.

At the end of the MacLeod said the boilerplate expression "Good night ".

But Clark didn't have a restful sleep.

Chapter 5
On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday there was no special movement either within the country or abroad. There seems to be a lull in the
confrontation between Tatsuya and Edward Clark. But at the same time, the conspiracy of Raymond Clark's behind them was steadily gaining

Saturday, June 15, the United States of North America, TX, a suburb of Dallas.

The National Laboratory of Particle accelerator was located here, equipped with a long linear particle accelerator with a total length of about 30

From the very morning this accelerator was preparing to conduct a secret experiment.

The essence of the experiment was to create and evaporate micro black holes, based on the theory of additional measurements. Last time the same
experiment was conducted in December 2095 year, but then the goal was to get clues about the magic of converting mass into energy.

But this time the goal was not to observe the energy generated by the evaporation of the micro black hole. Even the successful creation of a micro
black hole was not required. Today's secret experiment was supposed to lure a spy who was supposed to infiltrate that lab.

However, for scientists, the long-awaited permission to re-experiment was a valuable opportunity. They were burning enthusiastically, conducting the
necessary training, not to waste this chance.

No intelligence agents or a counter-terrorism squad will deal with the spy. This will be the stars-a group of magicians, subordinate directly to the
General staff.

If the spy really exists, it is assumed that he has a serious magic ability. That was the reason why the stars were sent. and other units were absent,
because the operation itself was offered by the stars.

Jack, is there any unusual activity?

"Nothing unusual, commander. No one looks like a spy at the moment.

The commander of the third squad of stars, Captain Alexander Arcturus, was present in the security room, from where it was possible to observe all
the premises of the laboratory. His interlocutor on radio was a member of the third class of the first magnitude, the first Lieutenant Jacob Regulus *.
[previously referred to as "Regulus " (Those who have read the 24th volume after 30.04.2018, this will not be seen-in all places already fixed). Now
your undertranslator Googled the names of the stars and will use the Russian classification.]

Regulus was in the accelerator control room, and watched the neighborhood to detect the spy when he showed suspicious activity.

Clear. Keep watching.



When Arcturus broke off the walkie-talkie, a member of the Constellation class spoke to him. The stars are divided into classes in descending order:
class of the first magnitude, class of the second magnitude, class of constellations, class of planets and class of satellites. This hierarchy was
separate from the army ranks, and it often happened even that the junior officer from the constellation class was under the command of a senior
officer from the class of planets.

What the? -Arcturus briefly asked subordinate and called to continue.

-Is there evidence that Japan was involved in the case of First Lieutenant Fomalgauta? I can't believe the Japanese spy is still active since that time.
Such doubts, filled with a sense of delay, arose at this stage of the operation because there were no signs of a spy.

Members of the Constellation class have sat in ambush in this national particle accelerator lab far from today. And from the next day, after it was
decided to conduct a repeated experiment. That is, since last Sunday. And when it is almost time to experiment, and they have not seen and hint on
the enemy, then, of course, they will be so skeptical about it.

-Last year the Japanese army, using parasites, managed to create weapons in the form of autonomous humanoid.

To avoid the fall of morale subordinates, Arcturus decided to reveal to them information with low level of secrecy.

Is it a standalone weapon that uses parasites?

"After this, one can only think that all this was prepared in advance. Though not directly justified, it is probable that the Japanese army was involved
in the case of the first Lieutenant Fomalgauta.

In this reasoning the mistake crept. Initially, this autonomous weapon, using parasites-puppets-parasites-were a modified concept of the use of
Shikigami * technique.

[The magic of manipulating objects under which they behave as if "came alive.]

Shikigami and artificial spirits could only move the mechanical body, and did not demonstrate the expected magic abilities. In addition, they could not
seize control of the mechanical body controlled by the electronic brain. For this reason, their practicality was not recognized before their hands got

In other words, the parasite dolls were not developed from the beginning, suggesting the use of parasites. The parasites were used in weapons that
were developed before they appeared.

Not only one, but all the "justifications " provided by Regula, and transferred to them Arkturu and the commander of Base Walker, were
supplemented by "circumstances " distorted superficial facts. And they firmly believed that "The Japanese spy will definitely participate " in the
repeated experiment with micro black holes.

"Here it is... Excuse me!

This member of the class of constellations also had no doubt in these distorted justifications.

Meanwhile, no suspicious person has already penetrated the laboratory. No, to be more precise, it was not "not detected ", but simply was not
considered "suspicious ".

And it was quite natural. Because this penetrated suspicious person had a badge issued by the National Research Agency.

Raymond Clark, who, using his father's connections, received a pass not a mere guest, but a temporary worker, from the roof of the office building
of the laboratory watched the majestic view of the particle accelerator.

Raymond was the one who invented the nonexistent Japanese spy's involvement to make it a prerequisite for today's experiment. To create a
military force for the confrontation Tatsuo, he decided to once again cause parasites. For this he used the thirst for revenge of the Regula.

Regula, who was disagreed with the fact that his friend Fomalhaut was ruthlessly executed, he in this way gave a direction where you can splash the
accumulated anger. and only with this "hints " Regulus acted exactly as expected by Raymond.

Regulus and Arcturus, as magicians, far superior to him, played now in this farce, the script to which he wrote. Magicians belonging to the elite
group "Stars ", to which he never reached, played in comedy on the stage created by him. Raymond came to see this from the first rows.

However, in this comedy was planned a serious end, which will not be laughing. Raymond came to make sure he was going to happen.

He was not satisfied with the broadcast through HLIDSKJALV, he wanted to see everything directly. To satisfy his curiosity and the feeling that he
had achieved it.

All the real lab staff were busy experimenting, which they thought would not be a chance to get another permit. There was no one who would
rebuked Raymond that he was doing nothing, standing on the roof, leaninging at the handrails.

11:00. The planned time of the experiment.

In the experiment, the stars did not participate. Regulus, located in the accelerator control room, could not intervene either.

Regulus from the beginning and was not going to interfere. He was not interested, the experiment will end with success or failure.

His mind was busy thinking about who lured Fomalgauta into the trap.

And not just about the spy who pushed the experiment that caused the parasites. Grasping the spy, you will be able to find out which organization he
works for and destroy it. He sincerely believed it.

While Regulus was watching to see if someone who was behaving suspiciously was in charge of the experiment, the scientist gave the command to
launch the particle accelerator.

Linear particle accelerator began its work, absorbing a huge amount of electricity.

From both ends the accelerator was injected with proton rays, and accelerated, directed exactly at each other.

The experiment ended in an instant. They could repeat the procedure until the required data were received, but only the first test run was performed,
and the second run was not.

No, there was no problem with the accelerator. Just the experiment ended with a success on the first attempt.

Immediately after Regulus, sitting in the accelerator control room, heard a voice indicatinging the start of the experiment, his field of vision was filled
with darkness.

For a moment he thought the electricity had been disconnected. But this suspicion lasted only a moment. The next moment Regulus felt a strong pain
and oppressive feeling.

"Something " invaded to "it ". Tried to force him to penetrate into it. Not physically. He intuitively realized that it was not an invasion of the physical
body. However, this pain was completely different from the attacks of psychic interventions that he had in training.

If Regulus was an experienced woman, he would surely compare this pain with the pain of defloration. But he was a man. He could not imagine
what to compare this excruciating pain.

Trying to avoid not only pain, but also a bad feeling, as something from the outside trying to get inside him, Regulus all the forces tried to repel this
"something ". Regula had no fitness for the magic of mental intervention, and he did not know how to control his limbs through the manipulation of
the mind. Instead, he tasted first the special control of Psionov, opposed to the magic of mental intervention, followed by non-systemic magic, and
then tried to apply the systemic magic of release, on which specialized to impress itself Electrically.

However, neither the spell against the magic of mental intervention nor the non-systemic magic had any effect on invading. And suicidal electric
magic was not even activated.

The invasion continued.

It felt as if invading "something " had no own will. This "something " just tried to merge with it.

Suddenly, "intrusion " became "assimilation ". The pain is gone. oppressive feeling weakened.

"... Is this a parasite!? ..."

Suddenly, fear erupted in him. Regulus screamed with all his strength. However it was like the last light of the fading candle.

Suddenly it became quiet. And fear and anger on the fictional spy plunged into the bottom of consciousness, and in his mind came tranquility.
"... My name is Jacob Regulus. "

"... I/us the people of this world are called "parasite". "

So Regulus became a "parasite ".

Arcturus, in the security room, immediately after the experiment, clearly felt something trying to penetrate his mind.

"Spirit...? "

He did not feel pain and oppression as Regulus because he was a user of magic spirits. Arcturus was a specialist in motion magic and also perfectly
owned the ancient magic of summoning spirits. This ancient magic called the spirits inside him so that he could use their power. Perhaps modern
people have the impression that this magic allows you to master a demon to use his power.

Arcturus has long been accustomed to feeling, when inside it lives "something ", falling into it from the outside. He was not confused when
"something " tried to invade him against his will. Because he had the means to deal with what was invading his mind.

The miscalculation of Arcturus was that the invader-the parasite did not possess its own "Ego ".

This "something " possessed another reasonable entity besides its own. But he had no will. Therefore it could not be distinguished.

Without any intention, it simply sought to get inside. It vedalos into it as the water is absorbed into the dry cloth.

In the heart of Arcturus began to emerge fear when he realized that the spells known to him do not act on this invader. He tried to summon the spirit
and expel it "something ". However, the spirit did not answer the call of Arcturus. Place "Inside " Arcturus was already occupied by this invader.

Something from the outside Vgryzlos inside him.

He and something outside merged.

Suddenly, "intrusion " became "assimilation ".

Arcturus felt as if he had filled something. It was a sense of true oneness that could not be achieved by calling on the spirits.

"... So this is the true fusion of man and spirit... "

It was his last thought as a pure arcturus.

"... My name is Alexander Arcturus. "

"... I/us the people of this world are called "parasite". "

So Arcturus became a "parasite ".

"It hurts, it hurts, it hurts.

On the roof of the lab office building, Raymond Writhed is in pain.

It hurts painfully.

He persistently complained of pain aloud.

It was an acute pain, as if something from the outside invaded his mind.

For Raymond, never been trained to resist the magic of psychic intervention, it was an unbearable pain. Abstract pain, he did not even notice
oppressive feelings from the pressure of this "something ".
However, Raymond's strong ego resolutely rejected the essence Vtorgajushhujusja in his mind from the outside.

Intense pain was the result of intense resistance. And he couldn't stop it because he didn't even know he was resisting.

It hurts painfully painful to hurt...

This incessant pain destroyed his mind.

Raymond was fortunate that his ego had loosened the resistance.

The resistance of the ego decreased, so the speed of the invasion increased.

Raymond lost his strength writhe the pain and screamed the word "hurt ", he just lay still on the floor of the roof.

Raymond looked like a corpse because his will was dead inside him.

The invasion went fast.

The merger went fast.

"Something ", penetrated in Raymond, absorbed his intentions in the form in which she was, because he stopped resisting.

This "Something " took the shape of Raymond's intentions.

Without abilities, Raymond could not be the protagonist. But in fact he really wanted to be the main character.

Raymond wanted to play an active role in something romantic, like a heroic saga.

To conquer space with magic. He thought it was pretty romantic. And Shiba Tatsuya, who denies Raymond's saga, was a hindrance to him.

It was impossible for him alone to force Shibu Tacuju to surrender. For him, even the power of "Sirius ", the strongest magician of the stars, does not
pose a threat. So he was looking for the power of parasites.

If the Wizards of stars become obsessed with parasites, they can force Shibu Tacuju to surrender.

... That's what Raymond thought.

For this purpose he prepared this "scene ". To defeat Shibu Tacuju by the power of parasites...

"... That's the wish of Raymond/us. "

"... Raymond/We wish to defeat Shibu Tacuju. "

"... My name is Raymond Clark. "

"... I/us the people of this world are called "parasite". "

"... Raymond/We will make Shibu Tacuju surrender. "

So inside Raymond Distorted desire became an oath.

The parasites were again summoned to this world.

Assimilation with parasites were not only these three, Regulus, Arcturus and Raymond. "Orion team " of three people, patrulirujushhaja the building
outside, was also captured by parasites.

After completing the experiment, 5 people, except Raymond, returned to the star base in New Mexico, and none of the people around him noticed

Raymond with a carefree face returned to his home in California.

Sunday, June 16.

Kudo Minoru again came to the warehouse where the dolls-parasites were kept.

It was still a wee time, the street was dark and quiet. No one in his family knew he was here. And his father and brothers and servants must think
that Minoru sleeps in his room.

No one rebuked him at home for the other day when he went to Tokyo to visit the mines, skipping school. Only his grandfather Kudo Rjecu was
concerned and asked Minoru about the circumstances, but after hearing the explanation, only briefly answered "Clear ".

Except for his grandfather, he was not interesting to anyone, neither to his father, nor to his brothers. So thought Minoru, seeing their reaction.

As he thought, the next day the lack of attention to him only intensified. Perhaps they mistakenly decided that in Minoru, at last, despair woke up. Or,
thinking that he could die at any moment, decided to let him do what he wanted.

Minoru was grateful for this erroneous judgment. Now he regretted the time spent on unnecessary communication with the family and the maid.

He wanted to cure mine. The thought of Minoru was overwhelmed by this idea.

Minor and did not understand why he tries so hard. No, maybe he actually knew it, but he tried not to realize it. Perhaps it was a kind of obsession,
as if it were motivated by frivolous feelings, such as love at first sight, or rather in love in just 3 days.

Unlike the last time, he opened the castle with magic and entered the warehouse. This magic was the result of the practical use of magic "Electronic
Gold silkworm ", which he discovered in the knowledge of Zhou Gunczinja. This magic was used by Chen Sjanshjen to infiltrate the branch of the
Kanto Magic Association. However, the magic of Zhou was more advanced than the Chen Spell, and its use did not worked the alarm.

Cool dry air enveloped the body in a minor. Like last time, there was no atmosphere of mystery.

"After all, nothing else remains..." he unwittingly said in a minor.

There was no answer to that from the inside. Because these words were not a matter but were said to strengthen his determination.

Minoru went to the "coffin " located in the depths of the warehouse.

The corpse of a East man was kept in the frozen state.

It was part of the parasite, sealed Tacuej and Mikihiko in the artificial forest of the first school in the winter of last year. It wasn't some coma or
lethargy, it was a real dead corpse. To keep the parasite, various symbols and drawings were carved on the corpse's skin.

This corpse was a source of parasites used in parasite dolls.

By weakening the seal so that the parasite could be partially freed, they sought to ensure that the parasite trapped in the corpse sent a copy, creating
a new identity.

This copy locked in Ginoide, and the Corpse seal again.

In this way, the former ninth laboratory, now known as the Ninth Laboratory for the development of magic, produced parasite dolls.

Even now that the production of parasites is frozen, the subordinates families of Kudo continue to update this print spell every 12 hours.

The update time is 6 a.m. and PM respectively. The current time is 4:00. It was a time when the effectiveness of the spell began to weaken.

Minoru pressed the switch on the wall of the coffin. The lid of the coffin is automatically opened.

The corpse was dressed in white clothes. For Minoru it was like an invitation. He didn't want to see a disgusting naked male body there, which is
also dead.

Minoru put the right palm to the chest of the frozen corpse. It was just a sense of hardness. The heartbeat, of course, was not felt.

Through his palm, Minoru sent Psiony to a frozen corpse. In a few seconds appeared pushionovye waves. Inactive inside the corpse of the parasite
woke up.

Minoru swallowed and deeply breathed. He compressing his teeth and lips tightly, he held his breath.

Having overcome his hesitation, Minoru abolished the spell of the seal, wrought on the corpse.

The next moment from the corpse popped up "slime " made of light.

The spectacle, seen in Minoru, he could describe only in this way. Glowing Muddy Light intangible shapeless creature. In terms of size, it is better to
call it "mucus " rather than "Amjoboj ".

"Slime " has attacked a minor. Minoru didn't shirk it. On the contrary, he pulled his hands out, as if showing that he was inviting this slime, a parasite.

On a summer sweater that wore a minor, symbols and geometric figures appeared in the center of the chest.

It was a magical formation, which was prepared by Minoru in his sweater.

The parasite flew into this magical formation, as if it were sucked in.

The voice of agony burst out of his mouth in Minoru.

Twisting face from cramped his mind foreign body, he sat on the floor of the warehouse.

He sat down, crossed his legs, throwing left foot on the right thigh. The so-called posture Lotus.

Keeping this posture through the pain, minor activated the magic of cooling.

Magic, waveforms the body temperature to the state of imaginary death.

The purpose of magic was himself.

Having brought his body to the state close to death, Minoru has directed the consciousness inside itself.

Polumjortvoe condition was needed to suppress the reaction of rejection of the parasite's essence. Keeping consciousness, he will not miss the

At the same time as the parasite invaded into it, razedaja his mind, Minoru tried to take him under control.

He wasn't going to give the parasite a drop of his will. He was going to get the power of the parasite by himself.

"I won't lose a creature that doesn't even have an ego! "

Exercising special care not to destroy the parasite, he used a spell enslaving the parasite inside himself.
"I can't lose that feeling. "

"If I lose at least a small part of this feeling, the abandonment of humanity is meaningless! "

Mentally shouted Minoru, battling the parasite.

"If I can't save myself, how can I keep it?" "

He decided to become a "parasite " to prevent mines from dying.

He wanted to get rid of his own weak body. But for this reason, Minoru was unable to renounce his humanity. He did not succumb to the temptation
derived from the knowledge of Zhou Gunczinja.

He wanted to make sure he could keep his mind, his ego, becoming a "parasite."

If he ascertains that the human mind can defeat the parasite, though it has yielded to the parasite of the human body, he will be able to use this
method to treat mines.

It was a kind of self-sacrifice when he gave his body for an experiment.


It was a ritual of gaining the power of demons, sacrificing his body.

This decision may have helped him to accept the fact that he had already waved his hand on his life.

However, Minoru expected to win. No, his will led him to an absolute success.

He couldn't find another way. He knew there was no other way, because he possessed the knowledge of Zhou Gunczinja. And once there are no
other ways, there was nothing left but to succeed in this spell. Failure was unacceptable.

This strong desire was the greatest weapon in the hands of Minoru.

If it was necessary to simply kill this reasonable form of life, the decisive factor would be the magic technique. For example, such as "Kocit "
Miyuki, destroyed combined the body of the parasite.

But to subdue the sensible form of life, only the magic technique is not enough.

The enemy was not the same as the Ghost Zhou Gunczinja-The remains of reason, lost their lives.

It was a living being that has no material form, but possesses the instincts of searching for prey and reproduction.

To tame it as part of itself, you need the power of the mind, which it will not be able to "chew ".

To go to this stupid act of Minoru made a blind wish.

However, his strong will brought him victory at first glance reckless competition.

"... Obey me, become a part of me! "

Assimilation with the parasite ended simultaneously with the mental scream of Minoru.

"... I am kudo minor. "

"... I hear a voice associated with me. "

"... He whispers to me, let us become one. "

"... however. "

"... I'm me. "

"... Not "we". "

Merged with a parasite, minor has remained "Kudo minor ".

He canceled the magic of cooling previously applied to the physical body and fell on his back.

Frostbite is instantly healed.

This ability of healing regeneration was a bonus from becoming a "parasite ".

He somehow realized that somewhere in the frontal part of the brain formed body, which had not been before.

But at the moment it had no influence on the consciousness of Minoru.

He was covered by a laugh. Minoru laughed cheerfully, lying on the floor of the warehouse.
Chapter 6

Sunday, June 16, evening.

When Miyuki, who came to visit mines, was about to leave, another visitor arrived to the House of Mines.

"Yes, who is there?"

Miyuki replied to a knock at the door, and, having stopped by hand Izvinjajushhujusja mines, got up from a chair and headed towards the door.

It's Kudo Minoru.


Miyuki stopped halfway and looked back at the mines. She nodded with a smushhjonnym face. The lips of Miyuki unwittingly floated in a smile.

Yes, I'll open it now.

Miyuki opened the door to the chamber.

Miyuki and Minoru were separated from each other at arm's length, facing each other.

I wonder, luckily it was, or to the trouble that no one saw this spectacle?

A girl with a heavenly beauty and a guy with a look of Unhuman beauty.

Some artist might have signed a parchment about selling his soul to be able to capture this moment on canvas.

Some poet might have deprived himself of his life from despair without finding words to describe this spectacle.

-Minoru-kun, welcome. You came to visit Minami-chan?

Yes. Um, can I come in?

But for these two, it was just an episode of ordinary everyday life.


Miyuki not lead in Minoru, but went aside, giving way to him.

Minoru held a floral composition composed of pale pink roses, gerber of the same color and orange carnations. Miyuki thought that it would be better
for him to hand it over directly.

As it was expected, when a minor passed flowers, he reddened cheeks, and he slightly took a glance from the mines. Mine did, taking, completely
reddened and bashfullyly lowered her eyes.

Miyuki would like to watch this scene longer, but changed her mind, deciding that it would be too much.

"Minoru-kun, thank you. Minami-chan, where do I put them?

Minor and Minami simultaneously shuddered all over the body. Miyuki struggled to keep laughing.

"Ah, uh, then, here...

Miyuki took the composition from the mines and put it on the bedside table on the side, to which she pointed.

"Uh, is Tatsuya-san here...?

Minoru suddenly changed the subject, as if he could not endure an awkward atmosphere.

Ara. Minoru-kun, did you have a case for Tatsuo?

Miyuki answered immediately. Was it the reason that she regretted the minor, or what was mentioned Tatsuya?

Probably both.

-Recently, he went to the doctor, and now, I think, should be back. You got something urgent?

No, it's not urgent, I just wanted to discuss something.

Talk to me? "There was a voice from the hallway, on the other side of the left open door.

"Tatsuya!" Have you finished talking to your doctor?

Yes. I heard everything I wanted.

Answering the question Miyuki, Tatsuya entered the room and closed the door. ... Miyuki not closed the door, not because she forgot to do it, and
intentionally, thinking that it would be bad to lock the room with a guy and two girls.

So, Minoru.

Tatsuya spoke, but interrupted and frowneded his eyebrows when he met with a minor gaze. It seems to have been an unconscious act, and he
quickly returned the usual face, and continued to say:

What did you want to talk to me about?

When Minoru was asked a suggestive question, he spoke not immediately. No, he just couldn't talk right away.

— ... On the state of Minami-san. "After all, he said with great difficulty.

Clear. Let's go someplace else.

Wait, please!

Tatsuya rightly behavior of minor suspicious, but it was mine who objected to this decision.

"Tatsuya--herself, Minoru--herself. If it's about my condition, let me hear that conversation too.


Minoru wanted to object to the request of mines.

Please! I really want to know!

— ... All right, Minami-san.

But in the end, he agreed to the request of mines.

"Then, should I go out?"


Miyuki stood up and turned to Tatsuo, but the answer came at the same time from Minoru and Minami.

Minor and Minami exchanged views, urging each other to continue.

— ... I think it'll be good if Miyuki-san hears it, too.

In the end he continued with Minoru, and the mines nodded silently.

During this dialogue Tatsuya brought chairs for himself and Minoru from the corner of the room.

First, let's sit down.

With a thankful view of Minoru sat on brought Tacuej chair.

Miyuki returned to the chair at the headboard of the bed, on which she sat before the arrival of Minoru.
Tatsuya sat down beside her, and Minoru-on the chair at the other end of the bed.

Under his views Tatsuya, Miyuki and Minami, Minoru spoke with the expression of the face, which remained

— ... I don't know what the doctors say, but the "Rana" mine-san cannot be completely cured.

It seems that Minoru spoke openly and without concealment, because he had no extra time.

Most of all his words looked shocked Miyuki. She covered her mouth with both hands, opened her eyes wide
and frozeed in this state.

Mine, at least, did not look shocked when she reacted to words in a minor.

A Tatsuya...

— ... Tatsuya-San understood that, didn't he?

He just looked at a minor with a calm look.

No. I did not understand, and with the opinion that a complete cure is impossible, too disagree. It seems that
what Minoru considers a "complete cure " And what I think is a "complete cure " are different concepts.
Minoru, you probably want to say that the magic zone of mine will never recover?

Tatsuya-san, do you mean that a complete cure is when there will be no further worsening of symptoms?

That's not true either. But we will not be helped by the struggle for small differences in definitions. What is
the real problem you want to solve, Minoru?

— ... The physical body of an improved person lacks vital stability.

-The problem of sudden death?

Yes, that's right. Despite the absence of medical anomalies, one day suddenly death may come, as if a sudden
wind will blow the weak flame of the candle.

Tatsuya noticed that the look of Minoru somber.

— ... This is the fate that mine-san bears on its shoulders... So am i.

How do you know mine is an improved man?

Such was the complete phrase, the first word of which whispered Miyuki.

Mine is just a viped look in Minoru.

-Damage to the magic zone increased the risk of sudden death. Minoru, is that what you mean?

Yes. Tatsuya-san, you know that?

"I've been investigating the sudden death of improved people for a long time. Ever since I let the man who
was me as a family die from this.

"That means how...

Minoru could not decide whether to say the words of condolences, but gave up the idea, because he realized
that without knowing the circumstances, he would not be able to express feelings from the heart.

— The overheating of the area of calculation of magic shook and damaged the information body accompanying
the physical body. The damage to the information body has been shown to be material. Usually activity of a
zone of calculation of magic occurs in limits in which it is impossible to harm to itself, however at the
improved people this "fuse " malfunctions. ... It's my hypothesis, but I think it's the most appropriate.

"I also think that this theory is correct. I also think that the overheating of the magic Zone is always
accompanied by the damage of this "fuse ".

Do you mean that the damage to the fuse is causing overheating?

— whether the overheating is caused by the "fuse " damage or the overheating damages the "fuse "-I do not

Unlike the words minor, there was no helpless expression on his face showing a lack of certainty.

"However, what is the cause and what is the consequence does not matter at the moment.

Told Minoru without taking his eyes off the Tatsuya.

The fuse is damaged. That's what's important now.

This is now a problem. its basis.

"Isn't that so?"

-Sure, it is.

Tatsuya expressed full agreement with the adoption of the minor.

-Minoru, are you worried that suddenly there may be an unintentional abnormal activation of the magic Zone
by mines, as a result of which it can get serious damage?

Minoru nodded to Tatsuo.

"The current state of Minami-san increases the likelihood that the trouble of the improved people will become
a reality. That's my opinion.

"But didn't you tell me there was no way to restore the magic zone?" Or is there something other than a fuse?

Minoru did not answer.

— ... Minoru. You brought a decision with you, didn't you?

Tatsuya continued to ask. Minoru took eyes to escape from the sight of Tatsuya.

— ... Yes.

Even such a short answer he could not tell, looking tatsuo in the eye.

and? What's that?

— ......


Tatsuya got up from his chair and made half sideways. Not from the bed, but closer to it.

He stood up so as to close Miyuki and mine.

"What have you become?"

Minoru raised a previously omitted look. He looked at the Tacuju, and the edges of his lips rose.

Tatsuya remembered that smile. It was very similar to grin Zhou Gunczinja, which he saw in Kyoto.

— ... You could understand that?

Miyuki up abruptly. She remembered this strange ghostly aura, these floating psion waves emanating from the
body of Minoru.

A parasite!? No way...

Minami stared at the back of Tatsuya, forgetting about the blinking. In fact, her gaze was glued to Minoru,
which was now closed by the body of Tatsuya.

Please don't worry.

Minoru Rose and smiled Tatsuo and Miyuki. In this smile there was no longer an image of Zhou Gunczinja.

"I am a man from the Kudo family who created the parasite dolls. In the family Kudo I am the second magician
after Grandpa. I own parasite management techniques.

It's not that.

Tatsuya expressed a negation of the words minor. Not realizing the meaning, Minoru inquired about Tacuju.

You're not "number two." You're the number one Kudo family. Best among wizards with "nine " in surname.

Completely without a smile, with a serious face and a serious voice answered Tatsuya.

— ... I am happy. -Minoru, on the contrary, sincerely smiled. -To be recognized tacuej-dignity.

This retrieves soul of the opponent smile absolutely did not affect the Tacuju. He did not lose his vigilance for
a moment.

Oh, please, don't be so cautious.

Who here lacked tension, so it is a minor. He had a bewildered face, and his eyes were running round.

"Becoming a" parasite, "I'm a left. My "i " was not distorted. I don't think I want to attack people or anything.
And I am also not tormented by any other desires that I have not had before.

"However, Kudo Minoru was a man. And the current you are the parasite.

Is... So, but...

Minoru made a slightly suffering expression of his face.

"Despite that, I am me. Even now I am Kudo Minoru. With the right knowledge and strength, you can merge
with the parasite and not lose yourself. I was able to prove it to myself.

Crowded with strong confidence, with determination on his face, Minoru turned to Tatsuo, Miyuki and

"You don't have to be afraid to become a" parasite. "

Minoru. You... "Tatsuya whispered in a quiet, yet clearly distinguishable voice. — ... Do you want to make
mine a parasite?

Miyuki quickly got the CAD out of her purse, which she had in her hands.

— ... The body "parasite " has a high resistance to psionovym waves.

In the answer to Minoru, one could see indecision. Perhaps it really was proof that Minoru had not changed.

"Merged with the parasite, you won't have to worry that the physical body will get hurt, even if the magic zone
gets out of control. No, a "parasite " that is closer to magic than wizards--people may not need to worry at all
that the Magic zone will get out of control.

"In this case, you must first ask the opinion of mine itself about it.
Tatsuya stood motionless between minor and Minami. He overlaps them a review of each other.

"But this question must go through me as its master.

To be more precise, the "host " Mine was Miyuki, but in this situation there was no need for such details.
What was needed now is the reason for inserting your words.

I refuse. I don't allow mine to be a parasite.


Minoru was really astonished. It seems that he was fully convinced that Tatsuya would not object to his idea.

"But if you keep it that way, Minami-san can meet sudden death at any moment!

If the problem is in the exit from control of the zone of calculation of magic, that is, and other ways to cope
with it, not becoming a "parasite ".

-but the restoration of the area of calculation of magic is impossible! If it was possible to restore the health of
the fuse, I would not offer it from the beginning!

— When you cannot rely on the "fuse ", if you seal the area of calculation of magic outside, you can not worry
that it will get out of control.

Minoru opened his eyes wide. Poshatnuvshis, and having made two steps back, he finally returned his

-Tatsuya-san, are you saying that... Take the magic from Minami-san!?

Minoru couldn't believe it. Take magic from the magician. It's like stealing a magician's sense of existence.

For a minor whose life was based on being an excellent magician, even to say it was unforgivable.

' Cause I want mine to be alive.

You're going to make her stop being a magician!

"A person can have a life path not only as a magician. Mine lives more peacefully than an ordinary girl.

"It is your, not her wish, Tatsuya-san! You have no right to take away the magic of Minami-san!

Clear. Indeed, my desire is to take away the magic of mine. However, in a minor, your desire as a result will
take mine "Humanity ". Do you understand that?

"Then let him choose Mine-san! It's her life! If Minami-San refuses to become a parasite, I will retreat.

Tatsuya continued to close mine from sight to Minoru. But regardless, Minoru shouted to mine.

I don't want you to die! But you don't want to take magic either! Please, become like me!
On the face of mine was noticeably severe turmoil. She wasn't going to become a "parasite." She could not
decide so quickly to discard her humanity. So in this situation she decided to rely on Tacuju, regardless of
whether she loses magic or not.

However, these words in Minoru strongly undermined her thoughts.

"I have already said, Minoru.

No sooner had she overcome her indecision, as cold as steel, the voice of Tatsuya answered the words of

I refuse.

Tatsuya-san, please, step back! Let me talk to Minami-san!

Minoru fell into a rage. He released Magic in the direction of Tatsuya.

It was the simplest magic of movement. Her task was to move towards Tacuju, nuisance him to talk to mines.
However, there was neither a process of acceleration nor a process of deceleration.

It instantly broke the target to its maximum speed. It was an obvious attacking magic.

The reaction of Tatsuya was reflexive but accurate. He laid out a sequence of magic "scattering of the spell".

Minoru, what are you up to?

"Shut up and step away!

Minoru was well-founded as an outstanding magician. That he would not lose in magical powers was a pillar
supporting his mind.

When his magic neutralized, Minoru fell into insanity. He was serious.

He never lost, except in cases of his failure to appear on the fight. Such a reaction was a consequence of his
lack of such experience.

For a minor who gave up everything because of a painful body, the thought "While I am healthy... " was close
to a deeply ingrained delusion.

... While he is healthy, he will not lose in magic.

And in one fell swoop the thought turned upside down.

If an inexperienced guy, who turns 17 this year, was confused in such a situation, he would only be able to
sympathize. ... That's if he was a regular guy.

However, minor was not "normal ". Now he wasn't even a man.

Tacuju attacked even stronger and faster than before, magic.

This time Tatsuya again neutralized the magic "scattering of the spell ", but unlike the first time, he did not
have too much.

The consciousness of Tatsuya switched to the regime of the ruthless fighting magician.

Having too the magic into it, Tatsuya in an instant shortened the distance between him and Minoru.

He put his right palm to his belly in a minor.

It wasn't a blow. The force of this movement could be described by the word "soft ".

The next moment the magic was released from the hand of Tatsuya. Shot by magic "Speed " from zero

This magic had an impact not only on the area to which the palm was applied, but on the whole body in a
minor, pushing it back. It would be more accurate to say that the body of Minoru flew back. But the hand of
Tatsuya not receive any recoil.

Minoru, who was to hit the door, silently stopped right in front of the door and with a deaf sound sank down
on the floor.

Taking the activated Tacuej magic of speed as a support, Minoru used the magic of speed on himself, flew to
the door and extinguished inertia to avoid collision. Thus he gained a distance from Tatsuya.

-Miyuki, the zone of suppression of magic maximum power!


Tatsuya issued this instruction even before the legs of the minor touched the floor.

The zone of suppression of magic Miyuki covered the hospital room simultaneously with the landing of a

Looking in the direction, where was mine, Minoru unlocked the castle and abruptly opened the door.

For its zone of suppression of magic, Miyuki designated the area of action as "Space inside the hospital room

Faster than Tatsuya had time to approach the minor, he jumped into the hallway, leaving the area of the magic
suppression zone.

Glass of one of the windows leading to the street, crashed into small fragments that flew outside, as if they

Minoru for a moment met with Tacuej eyes and jumped out of this window, lost the glass.

Tatsuya could not understand the wrong look in Minoru.

"Miyuki, stay and defend mine.

I'll answer the call to Minoru.

Minoru did not escape with flee tail from the zone of suppression of magic Miyuki.

... The battle in the hospital room would have caused unnecessary destruction.

... Mine could have been injured.

Minoru did not want it, and invited Tacuju outside.

If Tatsuya stays here, Minoru will be suspended. But Minoru was obsessed with mines. This could easily be
understood by today's short conversation.

It's not known when he's coming back to take mine.

The main priority of Tatsuya was the protection of Miyuki.

Besides, he's a guy, and mine is a girl. He couldn't be near her 24 hours a day.

The best choice was to loosen up and catch a minor here and now.

After a minor, Tatsuya jumped into the hospital yard through a broken window.

This hospital room was on the fourth floor.

He could not jump, using only physical abilities of the body, but to open before a minor immediately after
landing was not desirable. He was a tough opponent even when he was still a man.

Tatsuya called the inertia control spell from the special "library " of magic sequences that was in his memory.

In other words, it was activating the magic of inertia control using an instant call.

He neutralized his inertia right at the moment of landing.

In parallel with the use of the inertia control spell by the artificial magic Zone, he activated the magic of the
decomposition of the information bodies "Scattering of the spell " using the natural area of the calculation of
magic. In this way he neutralized the systemic magic of releasing a "spark " released by a minor.

Like I thought, "scatter spells." When I saw it for the first time, I thought I was mistaken. Successfully use in
real battle the magic, which is considered to be so complex that it can be used only in a laboratory
environment-as expected from someone who is in direct relationship with Jocuboj.

Minoru spoke in a discreet tone. Looks like his insanity's already gone.

— one-sided use of force for its obsession. Minor, this is a model of behavior "parasite ".

When Minoru heard this statement, his expression of a person reinstated to a calm state, Naprjaglos again.

"When you were a man, you didn't behave so smugly.

I'm not smug! And I'm not mistaken!

Minoru hit the Tacuju systemic magic of releasing "Body burning ".

This magic neutralizes the magical protection of the human body, forcibly extracts electrons from the
molecules of the body cells, and releases them from the body. It is called "body Burning" because the
electrical discharge that passes through the skin looks like a phenomenon of spontaneous combustion of the
human body. However, it is actually a terrible magic that destroys cells at the molecular level, depriving them
of electrons used in intermolecular relationships.

Tatsuya has laid out a sequence of magic "Body Ignition" directed at it immediately before its activation.

Even the magic of decomposition Tatsuya hardly consonance at the speed of activation of this terrible magic.

The speed of the original minor was already excellent, and after merging with the parasite the speed of
activation became even higher.

The miscalculation of Tatsuya was that his words, which were to undermine the mental state of Minoru, gave
the opposite effect.

The accuracy of magic minor was not affected by the confusion of his emotions. It was an impression that the
agitated state, on the contrary, led to the increase of activity of the zone of calculation of magic.

It was no longer possible to deal with this quickly.

Tatsuo did not want to enter into a serious confrontation with Minoru. Because Minoru didn't have any hostile
intentions when he came to the hospital ward.

Tatsuya fully aware of his lack of communication skills. However, he could not regret it until he neutralizes
the minor. Tatsuya applied the "decomposition " in a minor.

He didn't use CAD. He couldn't keep up with the speed of minor if he used CAD. If the seal of the vow had
not been completely removed, he would have nothing to counter the speed of Minoru.

Figure minor, which hit the magic of decomposition of information bodies, disappeared completely.

The real body of Minoru appeared a little bit to the right.

Camouflage magic "Parade ". What was Tatsuya was an illusion created by the parade.

Tatsuya released Magic.

The realization that the body appeared to the right of the illusion was rewritten by the realization that the body
existed to the left of the place where the illusion was.

Tatsuya The Magic "Kimon subtly ", cheating the sense of direction.

"... Minoru merged not only with the parasite. "

The former ninth laboratory had a tendency to include in modern magic techniques from ancient magic.
The probability that the former ninth laboratory investigated the ancient Continental magic "Kimon subtly "
was not equal to zero.

However, through research they would not be able to come to the same spell "Kimon subtly ".

This magic had characteristic features. Even using the same magic, even getting the same results, if users are
different, in the processes and traces of magic appear subtle differences. With the improvement of the
optimality and completeness of the particular magic it becomes more difficult to notice these differences, but
it also depends on the difference in the level of force with the observer.

"Vision " Tatsuya clearly saw the personality of Zhou Gunczinja in the used minor "Kimon subtly ".

"When he managed to capture the Ghost Zhou Gunczinja!? "

While Tatsuya mentally talked to himself, signs of the magic of electric discharge began to emerge in the air.

Systemic magic of releasing "Heavenly Thunder ". [Literal translation: Peals Thunder in a cloudless blue sky.]

It's a stage attack. First, the air goes into the state of plasma, and from there to the target of the attack falls
souls of electrons. Then the target of the attack, which is negatively charged, is the flow of cations (ions with
positive charge), which remained in the "cloud " After the first phase of the attack.

"Heavenly Thunder " Minor was released at a time when Tatsuya was still decomposing "parade " and
"Kimon subtly ". Now was the moment when Tatsuya realized that "Heavenly Thunder " is activated before he
has time to delay his sequence of magic.

Tatsuya chose in his "library " a sequence of magic "conducting cover ". System magic of release "conducting
coating " is a protective magic that reduces electrical resistance on the surface of wearable clothing and
footwear almost to zero, thereby grounding electrical attacks, that is, forcing them to leave in Earth.

He set a call to this magic sequence in an artificial magic zone and tried to activate the "conducting coating "
through an instant call.

However at the same time in Tacuju flew a sequence of magic to increase electrical resistance. In itself, this
magic is not so strong, but it has entered into conflict with the definition of "conductive coating ", sounding as
"to reduce the electrical resistance to almost zero ". Thus, both magic failed.

On Tacuju, fails the call of protective magic, the electric shower "Heavenly Thunder " has flown.
Compressing teeth to not scream in pain, Tatsuya fell on the ground of the hospital yard.

The land in this yard was covered with grass. and under it, accordingly, usual soil.

The charge received Tacuej, Peretjok into the ground, and cations were also absorbed there.

Tatsuya climbed one knee.

Minoru froze with a surprised face.

Although the pain can be tolerated, but the muscles affected the rain from the electrons should not move freely.
... Such was the course of thought in Minoru.
It wasn't sloppy Minoru. But he could not deny that it goes against common sense.

Using this convenient moment, Tatsuya finally took out the body of a minor "Misty dispersion ".

From the joint of the right leg gefion blood. Minoru, as if losing strength in both legs, and not just in the right,
collapsed, zavalivshis on his back.

To completely block the movements of the minor, Tatsuya also targeting him in his left leg, as well as the right
and left shoulders. However, what fell has turned out to be a way without content.

Signs of a magical electric discharge began to emerge right behind the Tatsuya.

Without wasting time to turn around, Tatsuya destroyed "Heavenly thunder " "by scattering the spell ". At the
same time his "gaze " was focused not only on the sequence of magic "Heavenly Thunder ".

Tatsuya searched for real Minoru in all directions at 360 degrees around him.

As a result, Tatsuya was able to destroy "Hot wind blades " (a variety of aerial bullets, more similar to flying
blades created by adiabatic air compression), which were approaching to it on the right, flyinged directly
above the surface of the earth, as if "Crept" on it.

"decomposition " Tatsuya canceled compression, and hot air of these "blades " quickly expanded. The land
was covered with lawn, so the wind did not cause a cloud of dust, but made the eyes narrow.

With forward eyes, Tatsuya pushed away from the earth.

But he jumped to the left.

On this left side, where Tatsuya was rotated face, signs of excitement were felt.

Excitement from being found.

These indiscriminate sensations of presence reported Tatsuo the exact location of Minoru.

The magic of Lightning, launched right under his feet, was destroyed right before materialized.

The slow cell, which restricts motion, was decomposed immediately after activation.

Flying air bullets and hot air blades dispersed after neutralization of air compression.

Magic Minor, attacking one after another, now carries a force capable of killing.

Neutralizing all the attacks, Tatsuya became with a minor on the distance of the extended arm.

Tatsuya pulled his right hand forward. The index finger of this hand was stretches forward, and the rest of the
fingers are clenched into a fist.

This finger penetrated through the clothes and skin in a minor, and made a deep hole in his left arm's shoulder
joint. This was not the result of his finger being reinforced martial arts training. And as a result of the fact that
Tatsuya activated "Mist dispersion " On the tip of the finger.

When aiming with the naked eye or magic vision, the sight will be redirected to the secret technique of the
family kudo "Parade ". So he approached and released a "decomposition " from zero distance. In this case,
you can deal damage to the enemy, even if all 5 senses are deceived, not just sight and hearing.

Minoru shouted.

Minoru tried to use the parasite 's ability to pull vitality, but Tatsuya removed his finger before that.

The next movement Tatsuya poised the index finger of the left hand in the shoulder joint of the right hand in
Minoru could not react, and in his right shoulder there was also a hole.

Tatsuya back left arm from the body in Minoru.

However, at that moment Tatsuya got an unexpected counterattack.

His left hand in Minoru was caught by his left hand in his wrist, which was not supposed to be able to move.

Tacuju a sudden sense of weakness. There was a feeling of something pulling out of it through the left wrist.

Don't psiony. And something that can be called vital energy.

It was the ability of the parasite to pull life force.

Pulling lasted one moment. Right after the Tatsuya was caught by the wrist, he reflexively turned his hand and
freed himself from the grasp of the minor.

At the same time, rubjashhim the right palm downwards, he cut his left arm with a minor in the wrist area.

Minoru caught a falling severed part of his left hand with his right hand and jumped back.

He instantly retreated to 5 meters, although he did not put a lot of effort to look at it.

Minoru put severed hand back to the place of the cut.

This time it was turn Tatsuya to open his eyes wide.

Left arm Minoru in the blink of an eye knitted and became the same as before.

Minoru in a smile, seeing the reaction of Tatsuya.

Even if he had such an expression of his face, even if he became a non-human being, the face of Minoru was
not completely distorted by evil.

— for the first time, do you see the ability of healing regeneration "Parasite "?

Hearing this, Tatsuya remembered that there was already one precedent.

There was a "parasite " who pretended to be a colleague of Lina and under the guise of an employee
Maximilian devices penetrated into the first school. This "parasite ", which Lina called "Mia ", received from
Erica a stroke of the sword in the chest area, and this wound instantly healed.

If you look closely, you can see that the wounds in the right leg and in both shoulders have already dragged on.
It is obvious that Minoru had the same abilities as the "parasite ", which was called "Mia ".

— ... Got it. It seems that there are also individual differences in the abilities of the parasites.

Meanwhile, from a barely noticeable change in the face of Tatsuya, Minoru concluded that not all "parasites "
have the ability to heal quickly.
-"parasites " abilities differed in appearance and level. Minor, even if you could overcome the weakness of
the physical body, merged with the parasite, it does not mean that mines will be cured in the same way.

In minor's Breath.

Tatsuya missed this moment and waved his right hand in his fist.

Developed under the guidance of Yakumo for the control of parasites, non-systemic magic "Piercing
psionovyj projectile ".

This magic was sent in flight to fulfill its originally intended purpose.

The Psionovogo projectile, in fact, has no limit on the speed of flight.

The PSIONOVYJ projectile has no mass and does not exist physically, so it is not limited by the speed of

However, piercing psionovyj projectile is not an ordinary psionovyj projectile. And he's not just like a sealed
psionovaja bullet.

"Piercing psionovyj projectile " is a bullet flying in the information dimension.

Initially, there was no notion of movement in the information dimension.

Although there is a "traffic information", but changing the location of the information itself is a discrete
phenomenon that does not require time. Since the information only overwrites the location, "Where this
information is applied ", it does not need time, everything happens instantly.

"Piercing psionovyj projectile" has introduced the concept of movement into this information dimension. The
Psionov block, which is essentially an element of information, has been given a definition of "is moved in the
information dimension continuously and exclusively ". This is the essence of the armor Psionovogo projectile.

For this reason his movement speed was limited within the speed that his operator could realize, that is
Tatsuya. In other words, these limits were limited to the speed at which he could "throw" it himself.
Distracting his feelings from the concept of "throw ", he shot "Piercing psionovym projectile ".

Although the flight speed far exceeded 100 km/h, the speed of the bullet was far away. It was even less than
the speed of the boom. Of course, it depends on the person, but to notice and evade was quite possible.

Noticing "Piercing psionovyj projectile ", minor reflexively took off.

did not jump. He escaped the armor of the Psionovogo projectile by magic flight. "Piercing psionovyj
projectile" disappeared, flying through the illusion left "Parade " in the information dimension in the position
"on the surface of the earth ".

The magic of the flight, which was used by Minoru, was not a spell of modern magic developed by Tacuej. It
was a spell of the flight of the ancient magic of the "technique of immortal " from Taoism, consisting in the
flight "riding on the Cloud ".

This magic creates a transformed object as "Clouds ", gives it the functions of foot support, hovering in the air
and horizontal movement, and thus allows to fly through the air. Tatsuya Magic laid out this cloud, which
stood in Minoru.

However, Minoru did not fall. He hovereded in the air, neutralizing gravity with the modern magic of the
weight system. The magic of the flight was called "one of the three mysteries of the magic of the weight system
" Because of the difficulty of exercising free maneuvering in the air. However, if you just want to hang in the
air or "hover " in one direction, it is not difficult.

Minoru pulled his hands down with his palms. From these palms, one after another, flew plasma shells.

The air cowered to the size of the golf ball and Ionizirovalsja. It was a fairly simple magic designed to
bombard the surface of the Earth from above.

Dispelling plasma in the air, or interfering with the creation of plasma shells to protect against these attacks,
Tatsuya poised "Misty dispersion " in a minor.

However, before the activation of magic never came.

Minoru did not maintain the state of "soaring ", and, in fact, moved through the air jumping.

Instead of flying, he jumped, starting from the supports created in the air.

Leaving the illusion "Parade " as Posleobrazy.

But the problem was not only that it was difficult to find the real body.

Tatsuya couldn't decide.

Even if minor is injured by partial decomposition, he has this ability of healing regeneration.

To defeat a minor, it is necessary to deprive his consciousness. However, minor did not stop even the fact that
his hand was cut off.

It turns out that "Misty dispersion " He could neutralize it only in the form of murder...

Tatsuya couldn't decide to kill Minoru.

The attacks on Tacuju, even deadly, were not capable of killing Tacuju. Neither "Heavenly thunder " nor
"burning the body " would have killed Tacuju. About plasma shells can not even be mentioned-they also could
not stop it.

The magic that could be a real threat to Tatsuya is magic, attacking the mind to which it "recovery " cannot
reach. However, Minoru has not yet used the magic of psychic intervention. Or maybe could not use. In any
case, all the magic that Minoru used now, the real threat to the Tatsuya not imagined.

And also, first of all, Minoru never committed hostile actions to Miyuki, and even showed hostility to it. And
the motive of Minoru was the treatment of mines.

In other words, the current confrontation can only be considered temporary.

Even if it turned into a "parasite ", there is a high probability that in the future minor can be used.

Is it possible now to lose this valuable combat force named Kudo Minoru...?

This hesitation slowed down the Tatsuya attack.

"But if it goes on like this, we don't achieve anything. "

If you lay the whole body, then even the ability of healing regeneration will not help.

If you do not spray the whole body and remove only the heart, the parasite may be separated.

If it is possible to deconstruct the heart and blow the parasite "Gram-demolition " During the time, while it is
possible to revive, then after the "recovery " of the heart of Minoru, he may again become a man...

"... Try it? "

At a time when Tatsuya strengthened his determination to reverse the situation, the minors ' attacks stopped.

Tatsuya-san, don't you think that if this goes on, we won't achieve anything?

Minoru repeated the thought Tatsuya word for word.

"I can't seem to break the Tatsuya-Sana defense in ways that exclude murder.

As well as Tatsuya, he could not make a decision to inflict a fatal injury. That meant minor in his message.


Hearing the short answer of Tatsuya, Minoru nodded with a smile, continuing to hang in the air.

Tatsuya-san. I think that becoming a "parasite " to regain a "healthy " Body is the best choice for Minami-san.

I don't think so.

Clear. Our opinions are like parallel lines.

Minoru looked at the broken window. He was followed by a mine hospital ward.

"But I was able to tell mine-san about my idea.

Minoru again looked at Tacuju.

"For now, I'm suffice this.

Minoru sharply gained height. A transformed cloud reappeared in his legs. And on this cloud he flew away.

— ... Gone, then? -relief sigh, muttered Tatsuya, when the flying on the "cloud " minor disappeared from sight.

That's not the end. Nothing's finished with that. Minoru will be back.
"But we can think that at least for today it's over," thought Tatsuya.

Minoru's gone. "Tatsuya, having returned to the House of Mines, said only that.

The Magic Suppression zone prevents magic, but does not block magic waves. Even the Miyuki magic
suppression zone works that way. Both Miyuki and Minami had to feel that the Battle of Tatsuya with Minoru
was fierce.

But Minami did not ask Tacuju to explain in detail what happened.

Tatsuya directly from the hospital told Maya about the attack in Minoru, requested reinforcements for
protection, and then returned home.

Miyuki brought coffee Tatsuo, leisurely on the couch in the living room.

There was no pixie in this apartment. Returning to the first school on Tuesday, Tatsuya returned there and her.

Sip the coffee, Tatsuya returned the cup to the table. This feeling of fatigue, which he now felt, seems to have
been the result of pulling out the vital force, lasted only one moment.

"They, you all right...? -Worried asked Miyuki, standing on the other side of the low table, attaching an empty
tray to the chest.

"The fight was Ozhestochjonnyj, but it's okay.

Tatsuya not try to conceal that the fight was difficult.

-Became a "parasite " Minoru-kun was so strong opponent?

Yes. In minor and earlier had an excellent speed of activation of magic, but becoming a "parasite ", it became
even faster. And this ability of healing regeneration has brought problems.

-The ability of healing regeneration?

Yes. During the battle at the service Gate of the first school, "parasite ", Pritvorjavshijsja a colleague Lina,
also had this ability.

"The Parasite " that Lina called "Mia "? Really, it was like she had a powerful self-healing ability.

— The ability of healing regeneration, which has a minor, is either at the level of the ability of the parasite ,
or even surpasses it.

Is... Indeed, it is problematic.

The beautiful face of Miyuki Pomrachnelo when she said it.

"But what is really worth beware of is not the abilities inherent in the" parasite ". And the force that Minoru
had originally owned. As well as the forces of one more person.

-The primordial strength and... Another man's strength?


Tatsuya Namorshhil forehead. Excluding conscious actions, it was unusual for Tatsuya to make such a person.

-Minoru has an elemental view. And I have suspected it for a long time, and today I was convinced of it.

Using magic with the opposite definition of the modification of the phenomenon, Minoru neutralized magic,
which Tatsuya tried to activate with an instant call.

It wasn't a coincidence. And don't fulfilled the prediction. Tatsuya realized that this was the result of reading
the sequence of magic emitted by the enemy, that is, to them.

But then!

Miyuki, though, said it surprised, but her words were not "cannot be ". and "Is it true?" She also did not ask.
Tatsuya said he "made sure of it." Neither consciously nor unconsciously, Miyuki had no doubt.

— ... They. And another person you were talking about...?

Just at the moment her consciousness was filled with another question.

-I do not know how, but Minoru somehow assigned knowledge and magic skills Zhou Gunczinja.

Tatsuya answered, did not hesitate. Though it was impossible in terms of common sense, he saw concrete
facts despite this common sense.

Zhou Gunczinja? That Zhou Gunczinja!?


-You mean that Minoru-kun... For example, found a book on magic left by Zhou Gunczinem, and learned its

Miyuki interpreted words Tatsuya in terms of common sense. If you think that way, your thoughts won't be
confused. However, Tatsuya was not going to hide the facts.

No. Speaking, using simplistic expressions, I think that a minor was swallowed up by Zhou Gunczinja's ghost.

Miyuki covered her mouth with one hand. Not both, because the other hand pressed the tray to the chest.

— ... Does the Kudo family have even such magic?

Tatsuya negatively shook his head on the question of Miyuki, intently ustavivshejsjaing at him.

"They should not have had magic to unite with the ghost. This is contrary to the aims of modern magic. But the
magic of subordination of spiritual bodies could well have been.

Tatsuya briefly interrupted and pulled out of his memory easy-to-understand Miyuki example.

-for example, the puppets-parasites. To finish this humanoid weapon, they needed a magic that controlled the
true body of the parasite. Using this kind of magic, a minor could absorb the residual thoughts of Zhou
Gunczinja. "Kimon subtly ", which he used in today's fight, was exactly the same as Zhou Gunczinja.

-it is clear...

Frankly speaking, it was hard for Miyuki to believe that it was possible to swallow the ghost of a magician
who died a few months ago.

But if that's what Tatsuya says, Miyuki could believe it.

— ... We must take countermeasures. Magic of the former ninth Laboratory, Continental ancient magic and
superpower "parasite ". An adversary who combines all these forces will find it difficult to resist the usual
methods of warfare.

Tatsuya frowned, making a dull expression of his face.

"Also, I have to tell elder Kudo about Minoru Minor. Both-UE don't seem to be talking about it, so I have to
tell myself. In addition, we will need the help of the Kudo family.

He had already had to allocate resources to the confrontation "project Dion ", and then there was another
problem. Naturally, Tatsuya felt disheartened.

Miyuki stood and looked at such a tacuju anxious gaze.

Tatsuya was in vain worried that Maya would not give the importance of information about Minoru.

Monday, June 17. The next day after there was a senseless battle between Tacuej and Minoru. Tatsuya was
summoned to the branch of the Kanto Magic Association.

Today it was not for the sake of persuasion to participate in the "project of Dion ". He was asked to attend an
emergency conference of the main clans as an observer. No, perhaps more precisely, as a witness.

In the conference hall of the Tower Bay Hills Yokohama, which is the branch of the Kanto Magic Association,
came only 2 people-Tatsuya and Kacuto. Kacuto treated to Tatsuo as a person from the Jocuba family and
addressed it in an official tone.

The behavior of Kacuto was as if it were not their duel, which occurred on the last Sunday of last month.
However, this behavior could also indicate that the Kacuto has not yet fully digested the information about this

In any case, this formal attitude was mutual and from the side of Tatsuya.

The screen of the branch of Kant reflected faces ten people. There were also ten permanent members of the
main clans conference.

One of them-kacuto-was present in this conference room and was not included in the image on the screen.
Tatsuya, too.

In addition to nine heads of families of the ten main clans, there was another one. And his name was Kudo

By reducing formal greetings to a minimum, they immediately moved to the main issue.

— ... I'm not saying I don't believe it, but I want to ask again.

Ichijo Goks, who had just left the hospital bed, spoke in a vigorous voice confirming that he had already
recovered. And he turned to Tatsuo.

-Is it true that Minoru-donors from the family of Kudo became a "parasite "?

He said so. By the sensations of battle with him, I can also say that he has become a "parasite ".

The reaction of ten people on the screen could be divided into three categories: some of them again showed
surprise, some did not show any emotion, and some sadly dropped their eyes.

— ... And the fact that the goal of Minoru-donors is a sorceress, submissive the family Jocuba, Sakura
Minami-Jo, this is also true?

Asked a question popularity the leg belonging to the UDIVIVSHIHSJA group.

"I have also clearly heard it personally from him.

-Was there a special relationship between Minoru-donors and Sakurai Minami-Jo?

To the question Shippo Takumi Tatsuya answered "Do not know ". In fact, it was possible to guess, but
personally from these two he did not hear anything. Mine was most likely to respond in the same way as
Tatsuya if she was asked directly. And now the mines must be completely confused, not knowing what to think
about the minor.

"Let us temporarily postpone the question of the motives of Minoru-donors.

Sajegusa Koichi intervened in the conversation.

"The fact that Minoru-donors turned into a" parasite ", and the fact that he targeting on the magician of the
family Jocuba-these are important problems, but I am now wondering, where did the parasite, mastered
Really. It does not matter whether the parasites have penetrated from the outside, or their source somewhere
in the country, but if you ignore this problem, the damage will be colossal.

Icuva reducing agreed with Koichi.

— ... This is...

-Last time...

Kudo Rjecu reluctantly began to speak, but he interrupted Tatsuya.

— ... When there was an intrusion "parasites ", with the support of his friends, I sealed two "parasites ". So I
had to do because at that time I was not aware of the method of definitive destruction of parasites. However,
these sealed bodies were stolen by someone. I think these 2 bodies can be the source of the current problem.

"And you don't know who stole them?"


Tatsuya, not flinching, defiantly answered briefly to the reproachfully question Koichi.

"Haven't you been investigating?"

— Tokyo is not the territory of the Jocuba family.

Koichi was confused by such a direct response Tatsuya.

"At that time, in the parasites, I also collaborated with Mayumi-Jo from the family of Sajegusa, the reveals
family, and Erica-Jo of the Chiba family. I also shared information about stolen sealed bodies.

I really heard that.

When Kacuto, as the person mentioned, confirmed these words, Koichi stopped chasing the answers. If
Mayumi also heard it, the Sajegusa family also bears responsibility for it.

"One of the bodies I got.

At this point, unexpected words came from Maya.

"While Tatsuya was busy fighting the rest of the parasites, I decided to organize the seizure of the specimens.
However, we managed to get only one body.

— ... And you didn't tell Tatsuo-donors? -Asked Futacugi Mai at the same time goggle and uprekajushhim

"It was because I wanted Tatsuya to focus on studying.

Maya gave such an excuse, but everyone who heard him understood that this is an obvious lie, and she just
does not want to answer.
"When I received a report from Tatsuya about the current incident, I just in case checked, and found no
anomalies with the" parasite "we have stored.

Instead, she declared her innocence.

-So, it is high probability that the source of infection is another body?

"It is dangerous to rush the conclusions. There is too little information about the source of the infection.

The haste of Mucudzuki Atsuko stopped Yatsushiro Rajdzo.

"I believe that the fears of sajegusy-donors and icuvy-donors are quite reasonable. Should we not give
priority to solving already known problems?

Right. You're quite right. -Agreed Atsuko with the remark Rajdzo.

The known problem implied what to do with Minoru.

— ... Excuse us, elder, but if he's really a parasite, we can't leave it unattended.

I see it.

With a face on which attempts to conceal emotion were read, Kudo Rjecu nodded. His son, Kudo Makoto,
might not have been able to show such determination.

In the conference took part not Makoto-father Minoru and head of the family Kudo, and Rjecu, because
officially Makoto was busy internal affairs of the family Kudo. But the real reason, apparently, was that
Makoto decided that it would be difficult for him to talk about it.

-it was confirmed that the parasite, lost its owner, flies away in search of a new owner.

At that moment Tatsuya attracted attention. All those present should have known about this, but most people
now had such faces as if they had forgotten it and they were reminded of it.

So you need to mobilize magicians who can attack the spiritual bodies?

"Isn't resilient going to neutralize Minoru-donors without killing him? — The question Goks politely
expressed his objection to Takumi.

-I also agree with this opinion. -The LEG supported the opinion of Takumi.

-Tatsuya-Donors, how do you know the way of sealing? -asked reducing from the screen of the conference
video background.

"This know-how was given to him by me." said Rjecu before Tatsuya had a chance to answer.

"Excuse me, elder, but where did you get the" parasites "sealing method?

After the reflex question reducing, Goks asked Rjecu a clear question. The sight of Goks was filled with
suspicion. This could be understood even by the image on the screen.

"It's a sensei, of course he'll know that. The spell that is used as the "parasite " seal that we have, by the way,
was also received from Sensei.

At that moment Maya intervened, cooling tension in his own words. After that it was possible to see how
sharpness in a look goks disappeared.

"So if the elder gives us a way to deal with Minoru-donors, we have the countermeasures, but...

Mai in the uncharacteristic of her verbose manner took care of the improvement of the general mood.

-The goal of Minoru-donors-is Sakura Minami-Jo. I understand that right?

"I believe that his ultimate goal is to get mine.

Tatsuya gave a positive answer to the MAI question asking for confirmation.

— So, will the most effective way to spread the nets for catching around the hospital in Tokyo, where there is
a mine-Jo?

Without shame on his face, Koichi proposed a plan using mine as bait.

Yes, we'll do it. And I, in turn, organize mine protection.

Instead of objections, Maya gave such an answer with an indifferent smile. These words contained a stinging
hint that "There is no need to lend the power of the Sajegusa family for protection." Koichi frowned heavily
on it.

Jocuba-Donors. I would also like to offer my family's help in the defense organization.

was followed by a proposal from Kacuto, announcement the situation.

If only you are satisfied to be outside the hospital...

-Quite comfortable, thank you.

"Then I rely on you.

Having left not in affairs Koichi, Maya and Kacuto conducted dialogue among themselves.

What do we do?

"Although the ultimate goal of Minoru-donors is Sakura Minami-Jo, but there is also a possibility that he will
return to the House of the Kudo family. -expressed his opinion Takumi, answering the question Atsuko.

Since yesterday, the whereabouts of Minoru is unknown. He did not return to the house of Kudo, but one
cannot definitely say that he will not come back.

"Of course, if he shows up, we'll grab him. We're not going to hide him.

We're not worried about that. "The Mai answered in a soothing tone to the words of RJECU.

-Despite the fact that there was concern about the state of health in Minoru-donors, he was an outstanding
magician from the very beginning. It is impossible to tell in advance, what force it began to possess, becoming
"parasite ". If you don't mind, I'd like to offer help to my people. "Mai offered to send reinforcements to help

"If necessary, I will help. -Using the case, connected Goks.

I'll be grateful. In that case, Futacugi-donors, can I ask you for help? Ichijo-Donors, I'll be grateful to you, too,
if you send reinforcements when you need them.



Mai and Goks expressed their consent to the POKLONIVSHEMUSJA on the Rjecu screen.

"Then the Jocuba family is directly involved in the protection of Sakura Minami-Jo. The Sajegusa family is
engaged in the seizure of Minoru-donors. My family reveals guards the approaches to the Sakura Minami-Jo
Hospital. The Futacugi family organizes reinforcements in the home of the Kudo family, and the Ichijo family
organizes a second wave of reinforcements. Let the rest of the families be ready. Are you okay?

One after another heard voices of approval for the words of Kacuto. Thus, the course taken by the ten main
clans was defined.

The arrangement of the conference hall was left to the staff of the Magic Association.

Tatsuya and Kacuto left the hall together and headed for the elevator.

They walked not side by side, Tatsuya walked one step diagonally behind Kacuto.

He wasn't walking right behind to avoid getting into the blind zone. So it was as a result of anxiety Tatsuya,
not to show hostility to Kacuto.

They didn't talk to each other. They just walked in silence.

They really had nothing to say. In the battle between them would not be strange, if one of them died, if the
other acted differently. A month has not passed since then. Just because they were both not hostile, it was
possible to see that they are already grown people. Or was it because of their experience of real battles?
However, the silence between them was violated by a third party hiding in the blind zone of the corridor.

-Reveals-kun, Tatsuya-kun, the conference is over?

-Sajegusa... Why are you here?

Despite the fact that Mayumi herself was a party to that conflict, she spoke with them carefreely.

' Cause I'm interested.

Kacuto felt a headache from such an abstract answer Mayumi. Tatsuya thought that he understood his feelings

"The conference is over.

It's pretty fast. What did you decide?

"Ask your father," I wanted to say to Kacuto. But they had been familiar for a long time, so he knew that she
was not a woman who would retreat when she heard such a thing.

— ... It's better not to talk about it here.

Then let's go to the guest room.

In the Kanto branch of the Magic Association (as well as at the headquarters in Kyoto), several private rooms
were prepared for negotiations with an elevated level of secrecy. Despite the fact that Mayumi was not a
frequent guest here, but these rooms have been used many times.

Tatsuya-kun, too.

Even without continuing, Tatsuya realized what Mayumi said. He didn't have any urgent business today.
Miyuki will stay in school for a long time, and he had a lot of leisure.

— ... Ok.

Tatsuya was not this "glad ", but still accepted the invitation Mayumi.

"Tatsuya-kun, I hope you'll be satisfied with black tea?"


Entering the guest room, Mayumi The first thing went to brew tea. She asked only tacuju about her favorite
drink. Kacuto she didn't ask.

Although Tatsuya could succumb to the temptation to ask for something else, he showed prudence in order not
to create unnecessary hassles.

Mayumi put 3 cups of black tea on the table and sat down herself. Her place was opposite Kacuto and near

Drink until it's cold.

On the advice that sounded like coercion, Tatsuya and Kacuto took their cups and brought to their mouths.
Black tea, brewed Mayumi, has become tastier compared to school years.

For her, it was like a ritual of satisfaction. Mayumi put the cup on the table, being in a good mood.

When all the cups were returned to the saucers, Kacuto looked at the Mayumi.

So, what did you want to know?

All. Mayumi answered the question of Kacuto.

Sajegusa, do you know what was the subject of the Conference?

-Minoru-kun became a "parasite ". -without delay answered Mayumi to the question Kacuto. "That's why we
discussed countermeasures against him, didn't they?

Although Mayumi showed that she understood the situation, her voice was calm. Tacuju is alerted.

Do you really understand the meaning? You're pretty familiar with Minoru-donors, right?

Looks like Kacuto also worried it.

-Naturally I understand it.

Mayumi calmly answered the question without angrying and showing reluctance to answer.

"I also took part in the disturbances of the" parasites "last time. Although I didn't really benefit from it.

In the last sentence, her tone was a little disgruntled. But besides that, Mayumi spoke in cold blood.

... Knowing that Minoru became a "parasite ", because you can guess what was decided? -instead of
indwelling in confusion Kacuto, spoke Tatsuya.

-Catch a Minoru-kun, seal it, extract the parasite, and deal with it, right? But how exactly do you catch him?

Tatsuya and Kacuto exchanged views. By these views they confirmed the agreement that it is possible to tell
about this Mayumi, and also have decided, who will speak. Kacuto spoke.

— ... We will capture Minoru-donors by ambushing him when he comes to kidnap Sakura Minami-Jo.

"Are you going to do that, reveals-kun?"

No. Sajegusa-Donors took on this role.

-Uh, my family...?

Calm expression of the face of Mayumi escaped. However Skrivivshiesja from the discontent of her lips she
quickly corrected a polite smile.
-Sakura Minami-san-Is it classmate Kasumi-chan, "Sakura-san "?

Yes. Mine and the younger sister-san-classmate.

In his response, Tatsuya used "Younger sister-san " instead of "Kasumi " without "san ", which is usually
used, referring to it.

— To use as bait a girl from the second year of school? Tatsuya-kun, does that suit you?

Mayumi looked at Tacuju condemning look.

"Minoru will come to mine regardless of our intentions.

-In the hospital, where the Sakura-Jo, will be located people of the family Jocuba, and outside will patrol
people from my family reveals. For the safety of Sakura-Jo you can not worry. -Added Kacuto to the words of

-but if the security is so serious, the Minoru-kun may not come at all?

"In this case, we'll just figure out a different plan. "Kacuto responded clearly to Mayumi fears.


Although the voice of responding Mayumi was cold, it seemed to be somewhat satisfied.

-So, reveals-kun and Tatsuya-kun will work together to solve this problem?

Kacuto frowned without understanding the intentions of Mayumi.

"She loves to poke her nose out of her own business," thought Tatsuya, and in her mind, she had a smile over
her goodness.

— not limited to this case, the families of reveals and Jocuba have partnerships as members of the ten main
clans. Temporary conflicts should not grow into permanent ones.


The answer was the same as last time. But unlike last time, Mayumi smiled.

Chapter 7
United States of North America, New Mexico, suburb of Roswell. The main staff of the stars.

The stars were divided into 12 units, and often it happened that any squad received orders and acted separately from others. In fact, the
commander-in-chief Lina should know about the missions entrusted all the squads, but in reality there were many missions, details of which Lina not

The previous Sirius had full control over the stars, but Lina of this level has not yet reached. You could even say it was far from that level. She
whispered behind her back, considering her only a symbolic commander, and it was impossible to say that there was no reason for that.

-Today all the squads have gathered...

Taking a shower and dressed in his pajamas, Lina talked to herself, lying on her bed alone in her private room.

-Last weekend the third and sixth squads moved somewhere. Well, at least I didn't know it alone.

In the morning of Saturday Lina did not notice Arcturus from the third squad and Bolt from the sixth squad and hurriedly asked Canopuses where
they were. Canopus better Lina knew about the activities of each of the units, and was more like her commander, but then even Canopus did not
know where were sent Arcturus and bolt.

Although Lina and comforted that not only she was left out of business, but she again felt depressed from the immutability of the fact that her status
as commander-in-chief neglected.

This source of stress is usually rested in the far corner of the mind, but tonight these thoughts somehow surfaced and did not want to leave.

Although she tried not to think about it, but these thoughts themselves Leslie in the head.

"... Where were the third and sixth squads, and what were they doing there? "

"... Why didn't I even be informed of the reason for sending them? "

She was too annoyed to tell herself not to pay attention to it.

"... After all, I'm just a symbolic commander who can only use the magic of a strategic class, and who only has the power? "

Power. Not the force that leads to the achievement of the goal, but only the force * that simply knocks obstacles. In it, in the end, recognized only
that second Force *... Lina treating Skrivila lips.

[In the Marked "* " places the author used the English word Force. I write just in case, suddenly who will understand why such a move horse.]

— ... But I'm just a seventeen young girl. And not so smart to skip classes at school. And the grades I had were
not very good. And I didn't go through the squad management training. And the growth is low. And a child's

Lina did not notice how this depression stealed her deeper into the spiral of complaints against herself. The
mind warned her that self-pity was an unhealthy behavior, but she could not stop.

-but at least the reason for their dispatch could tell me? Plan to be absent-report in advance. Because when the
schedule changes, usually go to "Commander ".

She couldn't stop complaining aloud.

"If you are unhappy with me, as commander-in-chief, I'll leave at any time. It's bad to have an unreliable
commander. But I did not myself to come to this place...
Lina climbed under the blanket and turned off the light in the room with a voice command. No matter how
much she complained, nobody heard her. Besides, she's just tired of Samoistjazanij.

That night Lina had a nostalgic dream.

Judging only by the superficial facts, these were not very good memories.

Memories of how she killed "parasites " One after another, penetrated to the territory of the first school.

She found the parasite. Pierced his neck through a knife, launched into flight by the magic of movement.

Another "parasite" attacked her. She shot him with a plasma air shell.

Found the next parasite. Killed by a magical attack.

Another "parasite" attacked her. Killed by a magical attack.

At some point, sleep obsessed.

Attacked "Parasite " was killed. It was like a zombie shooting game.

destroying "parasites ", Lina puzzled bent head.

"... When will Tatsuya and Miyuki appear? "

In this unique dream, she was both an active person and a spectator, but it was strange to look at herself as a

At that time, she was fighting with the parasites, shoulder to shoulder with Tacuej. Lina didn't forget it. She
couldn't forget it.

Although she did not want to be helped, she eventually realized that the feeling of being fight on par with her
comrades was actually quite good.

That was just supposed to be an "enemy ", not a "Comrade ". Besides, she looked at Tacuju down, and did not
think it was equal to herself.


Neither Tatsuya nor Miyuki treated Lina disparagingly as "teenage girl ".

Neither Tatsuya nor Miyuki treated Lina in a special way because she was an "apostle."

Of course, as a "teenager " They did not treat her, because they were the same age, but she was still happy.

Tatsuya, as the user of the magic of the strategic class, superior to the "explosion of heavy metal ", there was
no reason to treat it in a special way. And even now, having learned about it, her sense of joy has not

At the time she was in Japan, she didn't realize she had feelings like that.

However, returning to the environment, where she was surrounded "subordinates, who are older than her ",
after a while she realized it. ... If she meets Tacuju again, she won't be that stubborn anymore.

Miyuki nowhere.

Tatsuya Nowhere.

In his dream, Lina continued to fight the parasites, realizing that her loneliness was so expressed and that she
was trying to distract him.
"... Can't invade the mind of the commander in chief "

"... Did the commander have powers in the magic of the psychic system? "

"... The commander-in-chief should not have abilities in lunar magic.

"... Then why can't I penetrate? "

"... Why can't I?

"... It repels this "

"... She rejects it "

"... She beats it "

In the darkness of the night there was a noise similar to the buzzing of the bee hive. But this sound could not be
heard by physical hearing. This sound was a conversation — an exchange of thoughts between spiritual
bodies. It was the voice of the conversation "parasites." Voice of conversation with himself.

"... The assimilation of the commander is difficult "

"... The assimilation of the commander is impossible "

"... The commander-in-Chief is dangerous

"... She's dangerous.

"... She will be our enemy "

"... It needs to be fixed "

"... Eliminate it "

After a while the noise became one voice.

Tuesday, June 18. Almost 5 o'clock in the morning.

Even the soldiers sleep at such a time, if they are not on a mission.

-Is it because of such a dream...? "Unconsciously muttered woken before dawn Lina, sitting on the bed.

She only vaguely remembered what a dream it was. Although she could not say that it was a good dream, but
she felt that the stress diminished. At least the mood was better compared to what it was before bedtime.

Usually Lina was hard to get up in the morning. Among her recent habits was forced drinking of bitter coffee
in the morning to awaken consciousness.
But today she did not feel the need for it. Now is June. At this time of year the daily temperature exceeds 80
degrees (27 Celsius), and at night time falls to 60 degrees (16 Celsius). Good time for a walk.

Lina decided to put this idea into practice immediately.

However, Lina was a young girl. Before leaving her room, she had to do a lot of different things. She was not
on a mission, and negligence would have nothing to justify.

The sky was already beginning to lighten to the moment, as she dressed and went out.

However, there were still quite a few awake people in the base room. It was impossible to say "No one was
there ", because there were soldiers at the posts, as well as early awaking service staff. Passing by such busy
people, Lina mentally "thanked them for work ". As a result, she walked around the training ground and
approached the fence, which is the boundary of the territory of the base.

Here is the main territory of SSHSA. The arms of the armed separatists, demanding independence, will not
reach here. Standing at this fence, she did not have to worry about snipers, as in zones of armed conflict... It
was supposed to be.

The intention of the murder came silently. It was a pure coincidence that Lina escaped a sniper shot. No, the
word "escaped" is not suitable here.

From the inner territory flew a beam of the energy laser, albatross the illusory image of the Lina and burn

If Lina as an additional training on this walk would not apply "Parade " at a distance of 1 yard (0.9 meters)
from itself, the sniper would already be celebrating success in the form of instantaneous death of Lina.

But Lina was shocked not by the fact that she barely escaped death. Naturally, she was frightened to death,
realizing the fact of the sniper attack, and from the heart felt relief from the fact that she escaped death. But
most of all it shocked that the attack came from the base.


Arrived to this point, anti-personnel missiles she rejected the magic of movement, and from the thermal and
fragmentation striking factor was protected by a magic barrier. At the same time she traced the trajectory of
the sniper shot and sent a glance to the roof of the warehouse.

Jack!? I knew it.

There she saw a silhouette of a man in a position for shooting with something similar to a rifle.

The warehouse was just over 100 meters. It was still quite dark and it was hard to see who was there with the
naked eye.

However, the emitted psion waves, undoubtedly, belonged to a familiar Lina member of the stars.

Member of the third star class of the first magnitude, first Lieutenant Jacob Regulus. He was briefly called
The "Laser sniper shooting", produced by a rifle-shaped weapon device, is the magic on which it was

And Atakovavshaja Lina Magic was "laser sniper shooting."

Jack! Why did I become your goal?

There was no answer.

Sensing the growing signs of magic, Lina unfolded the magic of reflection of electromagnetic waves "Mirror
shield ".

"Mirror shield " reflected the light bullet "Laser sniper shooting ". Laser sniper shooting is magic that is
perfectly suited to snipers because it is silent and does not leave a bullet. Its drawback is that before its
launch there is a failure in time lasting about 1 second. This is not the time required to activate magic, but the
time it takes to amplify the light. That is why she was able to deploy the shield and repel the attack, sensing
signs of activation of magic.

"Mirror shield " reflects all electromagnetic waves coming into the shield from the outside. To the apparent
light this also applies.

Therefore, in the area inside the shield is not visible, what is happening outside, including becoming invisible

When she canceled the "Mirror shield ", the Regula on the roof of the warehouse was gone. Lina raised the
level of her magic detection to the maximum and ran towards the warehouse.

With this discovery, she noticed something that she had started using magic. It was widely known among the
battle magicians of the Stars Magic "Dancing blades ".


Psion waves of these "Dancing blades " belonged to Alec-captain Alexander Arkturu. This lina alerted her
magical gut.

Lina activated the Magic suppression zone. But she unfolded her not with the center around her. She covered
with her power of intervention in the phenomenon of four flying in her knife.

Knives approaching the Lina by swirling, as if in a whirlwind trajectory, collapsed on the ground, as if
control was lost over them.

"Do not tell me that even the commander of the third party ALEC is involved in the rebellion!? Or is it...

"Or is it personal hatred to me? "

Lina couldn't say it aloud. Although she was talking to herself, it was difficult to say it aloud to her as a
seventeen girl.

She knew she was jealous. However, Lina tried to treat friends of the stars well. Vega and Deneb from the
fourth squad at least showed her dislike, but she had the impression that it was not a serious hatred.

But now she didn't have time to worry about it. New "Dancing blades " were approaching.

But this time they were not 4, but only 1. But it was much more massive.

"Tomahawk!? "

Such an attack could not be stopped by a zone of suppression of magic.

Arcturus was a hybrid of white, black and Native American peoples, and the blood of indigenous peoples in it
was exactly a quarter. So through this blood he also inherited a characteristic magic.

In ancient magic, widely known all over the world was a spell that fills the weapon "meaning ", which
magically strengthens the object and makes you reject the magic of other people. This spell was originally
used by Native Americans.

and Arcturus used a hand-made axe, reinforced by such a spell, as a Trump in battles against magicians. It was
also used as a weapon in melee, but its use as a propelling weapon launched by the magic of the motion
system was a favorite combat technique of Arcturus. His attack by the Tomahawk could not stop even the zone
of suppression of magic Lina.

Lina knew that, so she jumped aside to evade. In one spurt it overcame almost 20 meters, moving horizontally
almost above the surface of the Earth. At the landing point, she re-deployed the Mirror shield. At the same
time as the response from the touch of the shield with a shot, Lina ran in search of shelter.

Although there were many obstacles and targets for shooting, in fact it was a playground with a good
overview. So here she was an easy target.

Lina ran to the hangar for special vehicles.

Vehicles and tanks were not meant under special means of transport. It was a warehouse where the magic
experimental weapon was kept, which was a bit lacking in practicality. Among these weapons were, for
example, a car that can fly for short distances, a van that can ride on the bottom of the sea, or a motorcycle that
can be transformed into a reinforced exoskeleton with an integrated mushing suit.

Lina has heard that today there will be run tests for long distance in a car with flight function. The door was
open so that the attendants could enter and leave.

"This is major Sirius!" Everyone inside is leaving this place!

When Lina ran into the hangar, she was already in the illusory image of Angie Sirius.

"It's good that I wear clothes for training," Lina murmured in his mind when she shouted inside the hangar, not
checking whether there was someone in general or not.

In the girl's clothes she bought under Sylvia's guidance, she wouldn't look so serious now.

Lina didn't have time to check if people had escaped from the hangar or if someone had left. She sat down on
one knee with the edge of the entrance and looked cautiously outward.

She sharpened all her senses to see nothing, and cautiously examined the neighborhood in search of enemies,
trying not to get caught by a sniper shot.

Lina reaction to the incident seemed calm. But in reality she was in a state far from tranquility.

Leaving her room, she accidentally confused and took a personal information terminal instead of officer. Now
it was not working time, and if nothing happened, there would be no problem. The staff would not be
contacted anyway, so it was impossible to say that she paid for her mistake.

However, the fact that she did not notice the negotiating device on the wall right above her head, said that she
had no time to be distracted now.

Ask for help from the base's management. If she could do it, the events might have evolved in a completely
different way.

Attention Lina was directed to the neighborhood of the hangar. However, it was not able to locate the Arcturus
from the very beginning. In addition, the enemies could be not only these two, Regulus and Arcturus.

The fact that she was able to react to a hand grenade prikativshujusja the back of her legs was a pure

The hangar wall survived the explosion. For this reason, most of the splinters of grenades and the explosive
wave came to Lina.

Lina, survived the explosion and its aftermath inside the Magic Shield, unfolded and found the culprit of the

Leila! And you too!?

Fourth squad of Stars, class of the first magnitude, Second Lieutenant Leila Deneb. Charming tall woman of
Scandinavian appearance looked at Lina with hatred in her eyes.

"I beg you not to call me so familiar by name. You, traitor!

I betrayed!? What are you talking about?

-Pretend to be stupid or do not know how to lose!?

Deneb swung over her head with a knife that was in her right hand. Immediately after that, a woman superior
Lina 10 centimeters (and the girth of her chest and hips, too) appeared right in front of her.

The hand with the combat knife swung down.

Lina reflexively activated the magic of the movement and moved to the opposite side of the entrance of the
hangar. Bullets fired from a silenced pistol hit the Lina Shield and fell on the floor.

Deneb Coknula language. The combination of a knife and a pistol was her favorite tactic. Lina remembered
this, so she deployed a magic shield simultaneously with the magic of movement.

I'm not faking it. When and how I betrayed!? Lina shouted, without removing the shield.

"How Shameless. Okay, then I'll tell you. Even though you were the commander in chief, you were seduced by
that man, and you sold the sixth squad of Japan!

The sixth squad? What happened to Randy and his guys?

Looks like you haven't thought about what you did.

That voice came behind Lina. Lina turned round hastily.

Deneb immediately shot her in the back, but the bullet was also reflected in the Antiobject shield. This was
due to the fact that the force of intervention in the phenomenon was higher in the magic of the Shield Lina, and
not in the penetrating Magic Deneb (the magic of the movement, helping to move through the obstacles), which
she applied to their bullets.

But the attack of the new participant came from an unexpected direction.

Lina threw up with her shield.

On Lina not applied magic of movement or speed. It was the magic of the local inversion of gravity. In a circle
with a radius of 1 meter with a center in the form of Lina gravity was rotated in the opposite direction and
sharply strengthened.

Lina hit the hangar ceiling with acceleration exceeding the free fall acceleration by 10 times.

The ceiling is not was. It was only slightly shaken, and the sound was too quiet for such a force of impact. Just
Lina managed to instantly neutralize her inertia. And it helped.

However, it was not perfect. Some of the damage from the collision Lina still got, then began to fall back
down. This time the tenfold acceleration worked in the opposite direction.

However, Lina, suffering pain, applied retarding magic. She returned to the floor without any more damage.

Because she wasn't just coming down. During the fall, she throwing bullets from the compressed air. Although
they did not possess lethal force, they were able to contain the enemy.


Landing and firmly on his feet, Lina looked at the ball-captain Charlotte Vega, zapustivshuju her to fly to the

-Heh... I thought that would kill you, but as expected from Sirius. Well, at least the Magic force matches that

After this exchange of attacks, Lina canceled her parade. In comparison with his stately appearance, pretty
blonde eyed beauty was breathing heavily. When Vega saw this, the winner's smile appeared on her lips.

"But I think it was pretty painful. A suitable view for treacherous, soblaznjonnoj that man, and mixradio his

I'm telling you! I don't know anything about any betrayal! I don't know what happened to the sixth side. What's
That man?

Do you still keep going? "Deneb snarled at trying to defend his innocence Lina.

Oh, good. Let me tell you.

However, Vega stopped Deneb. Then turned on the Lina mocking look.

"You implicated in a secret relationship with the Japanese spy for a re-experiment with micro black holes.
Three people from the sixth squad were sacrificed to experiment on the human body, which was organized by
Japan. That's what we're talking about. You were seduced a Japanese Wizard of strategic class, Shiboj


This reaction was at Lina because it was completely unexpected for her, and she could not suppress her
thoughts about it. However, for Vega and Deneb it looked like falling into a trap, and was nothing more than
proof of betrayal.

Yes. Three people, Randy, Ian and Sam at night lost their minds and were placed under protection. By your
fault they were captured by parasites!
Randy-Captain Orlando Bolt.

Ian is second Lieutenant Ian Bellatrix.

Sam is the second Lieutenant Samuel Alnilam.

Naming the three members of the Orion team as a tragic voice, Vega stared at Lina with a sharp glance.


Kind of frozen in shock Lina seemed Vega pure acting game.

"Death to traitors! I'll provide you with the same end as the guys you executed as Sirius!
Lina instantly recovered and returned to the combat stand. However, she lost her vigilance too much when she
heard that people from the sixth squad had been captured by parasites.

Lina was rotated face to the Vega, which appeared from the depth of the hangar. And to the exit she was
rotated back.

And now the spinning tomahawk came near the back of the Lina. The attack Arcturus tried to penetrate the
hangar from outside.

But the magically reinforced tomahawk was cut pjatidesjatimetrovym the blade "Molecular divider "!

Commander! Are you okay!?

In less than 1 second at the entrance of the hangar appeared a figure of a man of large physique.


-Major Canopus...

Lina and Vega called the name of the person appearing, each with his own expression.

Major, are you on the side of this treacherous?

"The commander-in-chief didn't betray us. Captain Vega, you were deceived by the parasites. "Without
moving, Canopus replied to the condemnation of Vega.

That? How could they cheat me if I didn't talk to Randy and his team?

I'm not about them! "parasites "...

Kanopusu had to interrupt his speech. Because he needed to repel a sniper shot with a high-energy laser and a
new tomahawk flying along the trajectory curve.

Suddenly, a screeching sound was heard in the hangar. The experimental car, which was to be tested today,
suddenly started and Ponjossja on Lina and Vega.

Lina and Vega jumped in different directions. The car brakeded sharply near the Lina and its right front door

Commander, get in!


From the front passenger seat she was called by a member of the first Star class of the second magnitude,
second Lieutenant Ralph Hardy Mirfak. Lina reflexively jumped through the open door.

Mirfak moved left and moved the management console there. In this experimental vehicle, the management
console could move left and right so that there would be no inconvenience both in the left-handed countries,
such as SSHSA, and in the right-hand drive countries such as Britain. And the front seat was in the form of a
continuous bench without gaps. There were no pedals either.

The car moved at the same moment as Lina closed the door.

"Commander, we are temporarily leaving the base!


Of course, this was unexpected for Lina.

"This is the order of the Commander Canopuses!

Lina's objections ceased when she heard that it was the opinion of Canopuses, to whom she trusted the most.

Besides, she didn't have time to argue now.

This car was made in the form of a pickup truck. From the side of his body heard the sound of a strong impact.

"Stand still!"

Deneb, well-wielding the magic of fast moving himself, jumped into the body of a pickup truck using pseudo-

"Let's not stop!"

However, Deneb was immediately forced to jump off the car. HID in the body of a young man jumped after


The man who who Deneb the company in the jump from the car, was the second Lieutenant Ralph Algol, the
same member of the first group of stars of the second magnitude class, as well as Mirfak.

Let's leave this place to the second Lieutenant Algolju! Be careful, now can strongly shake!

After the words Mirfaka Lina hurriedly buckled belt.

The pickup took off.

and landed on the other side of the fence territory of the base. So they escaped and headed to Albuquerque.

Hardy, what's going on here?

When the base fled beyond the horizon, Lina recovered and asked the leading car Mirfaka to explain the

-The exact time is unknown, but at about 5 o'clock in the morning there was an uprising led by Captain
Arcturus and the first Lieutenant Regulus from the third squad. Other currently established members of the
uprising are: Captain Vega, First Lieutenant Speke and Second Lieutenant Deneb of the fourth squad, Captain
Bolt, Second Lieutenant Bellatrix and Second Lieutenant Alnilam of the sixth squad, as well as Major Antares
and First Lieutenant Sargas of the eleventh squad.

Wait! The ball said that Randy and his crew had infected the parasites. So it was a lie!?

— ... Unfortunately, presumably it is true. And not only three people from the sixth squad are infected.
Presumably, the parasites are also infected by two of the third and two of the eleventh squad.

"How is that?"

— we received this information from the second Lieutenant Shauly from the eleventh squad. She noticed
anomalies in major Antares and First Lieutenant Sargase, and came to Commander Kanopusu for instructions.

In the eleventh squad all were good in the magic of mental intervention, but the second Lieutenant Shaul was
exceptionally good both in sensitivity to pushionovym waves, and in protection from the magic of psychic
intervention. It was quite convincing that she was not invaded by parasites and was the first to notice the
strange activity.

She did it because the commander-in-chief didn't seem to be in her room. -Added Mirfak apologetically tone.
He thought that the Lina was unpleasant from the fact that the instructions came not to her-commander, and to
the commander of the first squad-Kanopusu. But Lina took it without objection, because she just didn't notice

-Immediately after I and the second Lieutenant Algol arrived on an urgent call to the Office of the Commander,
was activated "Garden Hypnos " Major Antares. We were able to avoid the difficulties with the help of the
"lunar eclipse " of the second Lieutenant Shauly, but all other people in the residential sector were

Used by Antares "Garden Hypnos " is an external systemic magic, Usypljajushhaja people within their area of
action. The force of coercion of this magic is not so big, because it targets at once to the uncertain large
quantity of people dispersed on an area of action. For example, she will not be able to lull a soldier who is in
a state of increased activity during the fight. However it is very effective in cases when it is necessary to
prevent awakening of already sleeping people, or it is necessary to lull just birches or very tired people.

On the other hand, used by the second Lieutenant Shauloj "Lunar eclipse " is a defensive magic, forcing to lose
a goal at the mental level and thus neutralizing attacks by the combat magic of psychic intervention, which in
America is called "Lunar Magic ".

Assimilation with the parasite she also escaped due to the reflexively activated "lunar eclipse ".

— ... What are we going to do now?

Lina could do nothing to her voice trembling with anxiety. She always acted with the support of the stars. And
in the present situation she could not hope for it. It was the opposite: she had no outfit, no money, and the
enemies, most likely, will be the magicians of the Star class.

When Mirfak already wanted to answer the question of Lina, a ringtone of an incoming message was heard
from his chest pocket. Mirfak switched the car control to autopilot and took the terminal out of the chest
His finger was moving for a long time, apparently, for a decryption message. The cipher seems to have been
quite complex.

Finally, deciphered the message, Mirfak read it with a serious person. Having finished reading, he handed
over the terminal Lina.

Commander-in-chief, these are instructions from Colonel Balance.

Passing the terminal Lina, Mirfak returned to the manual control of the car.

"Immediately after the commander learned of the attack on the commander-in-chief, he asked Colonel Balance
to plan for further action.

With bated breath, Lina looked at the Mirfaka terminal screen.

While reading the message from balance, Lina wonderment rounded eyes.

— ... To Japan!?

In the instructions balance said that Lina should flee to Japan and get there protection of the Jocuba family.

— ... Why... It is...

"Why should I leave the states and go to Japan? "-So Mirfak deciphered muttering Lina.

Apparently, Colonel Balance is concerned about the conspiracy against the commander-in-chief. I can't even
think of such nonsense as the assassination of Commander-in-Chief, a Wizard of strategic class, but
commander can brainwash and use for their own purposes.

After hearing the Mirfaka, Lina recalled the "military secret ", which she witnessed on board the super-
aircraft carrier "Enterprise ".

Magicians who have become fuel for the generator and forced to use magic.

"... They'll try to use me as part of some military machine like those guys...? "

Indeed, the loss of a "heavy metal explosion " In the current world situation is a foolishness that is on par with
the attempted self-destruction of the country. However, if you look only at the side of military power, then
brainwashing Lina and turning it into an easily used tool is not so impossible...

"But then it will be considered desertion...

-I think, from this point of view, everything will be fine. Commander in chief, check out the attached file.

After these words Lina hurriedly held her finger on the screen of the terminal. The attached file has already
been decrypted, as is the bulk of the message. Lina opened the file.

The order!?

Inside was an order to infiltrate Japan for the secret inspection of the officers residing there.
"I think the Colonel has done his best within his powers.

Colonel Balance was the second number in the inspection department to combat misconduct of military
personnel. This meant sending Lina to Japan for the inspection of officers working in embassies and
consulates. Although there were a lot of problems in terms of command system, it could be said that this is
somehow fit within the scope of balance powers.

Please use this terminal now. Don't worry, he doesn't have my personal information. The password is the
same as used in the first squad.

As commander-in-chief, Lina had the authority to view the documentation of any of the units. However, these
powers within the stars were largely ignored. Lina never made a problem out of it. Only Canopus and major
Capella from the fifth squad honestly reported Lina a new password every time he changed.

-In the bag in the back seat collected the necessary for the mission to penetrate the passport, credit cards and
various equipment. Given the way of travel, there are no weapons devices. Unfortunately, I did not have time
to take changeable clothes, so please buy yourself at the airport. Colonel Balance prepared a ticket.

After listening to Mirfaka, Lina once again glanced at the terminal. There, did have the received data on the

"We are now heading to the airport in Albuquerque. I think there will be no prosecution because the
Commander controls the situation on the spot. However, just in case, I use a shield that is obstructing
detection, so, commander in chief, I beg you to refrain from using magic.

— ... I got it.

Mirfak possessed the magic of protection from detection best of all among the stars. Detection will be
extremely problematic even for the Orion team from the sixth squad specializing in prosecution missions. Lina
Obediently followed the Council of Mirfaka.

Lina arrived safely to Japan on June 19 at noon on Japanese time. She immediately called on the phone
number received from balance, and under the order of Maya she took under the protection of the family

Meanwhile, as a result of the simplified trial at the headquarters of the stars it was decided to send
Canopuses, Algolja and Shaulu to the military prison for magicians on the island of Midway.

Mirfak did not return to the base and fled towards the West coast.

Chapter 8
At the same time, when riots took place in Sshsa among the stars, the new Soviet Union was rapidly repairing the super-CAD "Argan ", intended for
use in person imaging.

What's the progress?


The chief of the Brigade, responsible for the mending, looked round with astonishment when he heard the imaging. He was surprised because for
the imaging, as for the celebrity, it was unusual to appear in the Provonjavshem Machine Oil service room.

— The repair will be completed today. I'd like to ask you to run tests tomorrow.

The head of the repair service was very tense and spoke very politely, because the ugliness was an important
person, like a government official or general of the Army, and had an image corresponding to his importance.

That's good. What time should I come?

Ugliness has never applied its power to ordinary people. He was not arrogant with ordinary engineers who
did not occupy high positions. But it was not because he had such a character, but because he was absolutely
not interested in the people of the lower classes.

-At any time, starting from the very early morning!

Clear. Then... In 9:30.

"As you will!

The ugliness left the repair shop, deferential the look not only of the chief, but also of all the technicians
involved in the repair.

He came to the workshop not only because he was in a hurry to continue the priority operation, which requires
"Argan ", but also because he still remembered how the Tacuej was humiliated.

It was a sudden "fog-bomb" attack, in which success he was absolutely sure.

But he could not kill Shibu Tacuju, even though he used "Players "-Live amplifiers "fog-bombs ". In addition,
the used 2 "Player " were destroyed, and "Argan " received such damage that it could not be used. What is
there to say, even the ugliness would already be dead if not used "Players ".

Before this ugliness has never failed a mission entrusted to him as a magician of the strategic class. In the
battle against Sshsa in the Bering Strait, which was quite virulent, despite the small scale, he killed "fog-bomb
" The previous commander of the Stars, William Sirius.

And he failed his current mission. Or even better to say, suffered defeat.
To get rid of this feeling of humiliation, the ugliness wanted to resume this mission as soon as possible.

Thursday, June 20.

It was raining in Tokyo in the morning. In the vicinity of Hachioji, where the first school was located at the
National University of Magic, the rain did not stop for a long time, and the streets were quite wet.

It was a suggestive rainy season, and it was inevitable. Other disciples treated it carelessly, but Tatsuya was
in a state of heightened vigilance from the very morning.

Sitting next door Mizuki suspected something, but Tatsuya did not try to hide the tension, and answered only
vague phrases.

Although it was a rainy season, but compared to the average, this year there was less precipitation in Tokyo.
In the first half of the month there was a lot of rain, but in the second half of today's rain was the first in a long

As though with breaks, but it is raining, it cannot be called a "dry season of rains ". It was just a season in
which less rainy days than usual.

But Tatsuo didn't like that. On the contrary, he would be glad that where he is, it would not rain. He was not
originally a rain lover, but this year he could not be happy with the rainy weather.

He has had such a mood since he returned from Izu to Tokyo.

That day, when he was attacked by the magic of strategic class in Izu, it also rained.

The best weather conditions for "Fog-bombs "-is when the whole day there is a mild rain and no wind. And
today it is also almost windless. Tatsuya suggested that the ugliness will make its attempt today.

The ugliness did not surrender.

Tatsuya was sure of that. Among those who Tatsuya killed 11 days ago, there was no inimage. But Tatsuya
believed that he could not be connected with it.

User fog-bombs can be not only one ugliness. The new Soviet Union could well have created someone "to
replace " the Inimage.

Even if we look only among the officially revealed Wizards of the strategic class- "Thirteen apostles ",
"Leviathan " has two users in SSHSA, u "Ozone Circle " On one user in Britain and Germany, u "Impulse of
the god Agni " on One user in the Indo-Persijskom Union and in Thailand.

Passing magic spells of strategic class is not a rare occurrence. In addition, the magic of a great destructive
force in the same country, on the contrary, will want to spread if there are suitable candidates.

However, Tatsuya clung to the idea that the activation of that fog-bomb was implicated in the ugliness.

The reason for this was the information about the physical bodies of the two magicians, whom he laid out a
long-range attack from the Izu Plateau.
The contents of this information of these two people were absolutely the same. Human bodies made absolutely
identical with the help of identical genes.

There was also a possibility that they were identical twins. However, Tatsuya assumed that "These are clones
". In the information structure of these two people there was a more unnatural distortion than "genetically
improved people ". If you count "artificial object " opposite "natural Object ", then for "artificial " synonym
will be "unnatural ".

If based on the fact that it could be attacked by a "fog-bomb " by the direction of the impairment, these two
witches were only instruments of imaging. These were the reasoning of Tatsuya.

Raymond Clark knows that Tatsuya is the "explosion of matter " operator. Undoubtedly, this information was
communicated to the new Soviet Union.

And the new Soviet Union decided to organize a complete neutralization of the magic of the strategic class
Tatsuya, that is, the murder of Tatsuya as the operator of the magic of strategic class "Explosion of matter ".
The result was an attack on a villa in Izu. This was the conclusion to which Tatsuya came.

This morning he told about his reasoning Miyuki.

Reconnected to the systems of the first pixie school, he also ordered to exercise maximum vigilance.

Until the end of the last lesson of the morning half remained three minutes, when such cautious Tatsuya felt
signs of attack. At that time he was sitting in a class in the 3e classroom behind his training terminal.

After a small setup, at noon the ugliness sat in the armchair of the operator super-CAD "Argan ".

The clock in Primorsky Krai ahead standard Japanese time for 1 hour, therefore in Japan it was still time till
noon. Although it was already lunchtime, the ugliness was not thinking about food. All his attention was
directed to carrying out the operation.

As a result of thinking last time, "Argan " has been improved so as not to get damage, even if "players " will
be paired with the magic of neutralizing the intermolecular links (so the ugliness understood the magic of
decomposition Tatsuya).

In addition to this, the train to which was fastened "Argan ", from the suburb of Vladivostok was transferred a
little north on the new Trans-Siberian Highway, and now was in the vicinity of Ussuriysk. It was a precaution
not to get attacked based on previous geographic data.

involved "Players " This time will be five, not two, as last time. He took the initiative and decided to engage
all remaining "Players " in this operation.

The formation was as follows: two "player " as an external computing device for activation, one "Player " as
a firewall (as an emergency victim), and two more "player " in stock.

Even when his opponent was the stars from SSHSA, he never went so far in preparation. This was another
proof that the ugliness was preparing for the current mission to wash away the shame of the last time.

... That time, fearing the attack of Tatsuya, he jumped out of the wagon, which was super-CAD "Argan " and
ran away from him.

This memory Istjazalo the pride of the inimage. This humiliation should be washed at all costs. If he'd left the
problem untouched, he'd probably be mad. Such were the experiences of imaging.

And the only way to forget this disgusting shame was to destroy Sheba Tatsuya. Such reckless persistence is
deeply entrenched in the consciousness of the inimage.

He summoned data from the intelligence service to the console. According to these data, currently Shiba
Tatsuya is in the first school.

The ugliness could not understand what could be learned in high school by the owner of Intellect, who was
able to come up with a project of a plant based on a thermonuclear reactor. It seemed a waste of time.

However, no matter what he learns, his presence in the first school was a problem. A strong reinforced
concrete building will be difficult to destroy with a shock wave. Moreover, it was not the usual concrete from
the last century, but the high-strength concrete developed during the Third World War. If the shock wave only
knocks out glass windows, the fatal injury is not guaranteed.

However, the fog bomb was not an attack on moving targets. and the building in which he lived was
photographed from the satellite, and the appearance was even stronger than the school.

... Destroy the windows with a shock wave. The fog penetrates inside and the explosion is already inside.

The ugliness has loaded this plan from the repository of pre-prepared strategies. The chair, where the ugliness
was sitting, was dragged into the control cabin "Argand ".

Instead of being a "conductor," performing a melody of destruction and murder, manipulating "Players ",
waving a conductor's wand, he just pressed the switch on the console.

"Master. There are signs of magic activation. The activation point is 200 metres above the first school. "

The warning came from Pixie with a telepathic voice.

At this time Tatsuya already caught the activation "chain call "-Magic technique of copying sequences of
magic with the change of their activation time.

He got up and snatched from the chest holster CAD in the form of a large pistol.

There's still a lesson.

Not paying attention to the surprised views and whispering classmates, Tatsuya looked at the ceiling and sent
there Silver Horn customized modification "Trident ".

There was not a moment of delay in his movements.

He pulled the trigger at the same time that the aiming was completed.
Inside the super-CAD "Argan " sounded a cutting ear audible alarm.

A warning message VYSVETIVSHEESJA on the console stated that the "players " used to activate were
destroyed right at the time of the magic sequence deployment, a few tenths of a second before completion.

The sequence of magic is what is created by the magician. Even if its creation is completed in the area of
calculation of magic, magic is not activated if it is not fixed on the target coordinates. If the magician is killed
until the moment of projection and fixation of the sequence of magic, the magic will be scattered, and not

-replace "Players " on spare. Quickly.

Staying inside "Argan ", the ugliness commanded the workers outside.

He couldn't have escaped this time.

Under the fear of the image of an eerie death through the evaporation of the whole body, he waited for the
completion of replacement work.

Activation "Fog-bombs " is difficult to prevent.

This was the conclusion that Tatsuya made of his two confrontation "Chain call ", through which the "fog-
bomb " is activated.

The magic sequences that are unfolding with the "chain call " are slightly different. This difference increases
as the coordinates change. Even if you can apply the decomposition to groups, but you will not be able to
erase everything at once.

That is, even if you shoot a queue of "breeding spells ", during this queue "fog-bomb " will have time to
activate and cover the area with a powerful explosion.

Therefore, there is nothing left but to interrupt the activation of magic in its source. Such a strategy chose

In a previous battle, he gained experience in tracking the activation source of the fog bombs. At the time of the
"chain call", he traced the way back to this magic and laid out the operator tier the magic of decomposing
"Trident ".

"Chain call " is a technique of large-scale copying and fixation of sequences of magic, and their further
simultaneous activation. In comparison with the passage of these steps to construct many sequences of magic
in a wide area, the "Trident ", which simply sprays one human body, is simpler. When the targets are two, it's
still within the margin of error.

It was not a gambling game. It was a defense in the form of counterattack, based on the calculation of chances
to win.

Replacement "Players " is complete.

Without replying to the worker's message, the ugliness stared at the image transmitted from the satellite. Since
the previous "fog-bomb " did not even start activating, the state of the atmosphere above the target area
remained unchanged. It was also raining under thick clouds, and there was almost no wind. A second attack is
possible right now.

In the previous battle, after the destruction of the two "Players " There was no second wave of attack by
magic, neutralizing intermolecular connections.

The result of the simulation of this phenomenon was that even with the computational power "Argan " For
activation will take more than 5 minutes. It was supposed to be such a complex magic.

With the use of portable CAD will not be possible frequent activation. Even if activation is possible, it will
take a lot more time. These were the calculations of the imaging.

If this is the case, the second "shot " "fog-bombs " is activated faster than this magic. Just in case to be able to
make a third "shot ", it changed the settings to consistently use "Players " one at a time. To this time accurately
bury Shibu Tacuju, the ugliness loaded the collected in "Argane " sequence of activation in its own area of
calculation of magic.

"Determination of the starting position of the fog-bomb firing"

Based on the "memory " "Trident "-A used Tacuej for counterattack, he in his mind reproduced the route, done
by the "fog-bomb ", projected over the first school.

"Change target to used by CAD operator"

During the activation of magic, between Wizard and CAD there is a close connection. In terms of information,
CAD becomes part of the wizard, and the wizard, along with CAD, becomes part of the system called "Magic
". And in the case of super-CAD, forcing the use of magic, all the same.

Tatsuya chose to "Argan ".

"Complete destruction of the target, CAD in the form of freight wagon "

In CAD, which "watched " Tatsuya, began the process of building a sequence of magic.

However, it was still in the process of reading the activation sequence. It was a rather complicated sequence
of activation, if it has been more than a second, and it has not been considered yet.

The magic of decomposition of the Tatsuya in its original form requires the preparation of as much, and maybe
more time. However, the zone of calculation of magic Tatsuya was does on "decomposition " and "recovery ".
Subsystems for "decomposition " and "recovery " were prepared in advance, and extremely complex magic
could be activated immediately after the introduction of additional data.

Therefore, such complex processing as "chemical element decomposition " or "decomposition of the
information body at the level of Psionov " could be performed in a very short time.

"Spell dissipation", "mist dispersion"-activation "

First, the force field of the forces of intervention in the phenomenon surrounding super-CAD was
decomposed, and then "Argan " was decomposed at the level of chemical elements. He could have activated
two magic streaks without delaying more than a thousand miles away, because his mind had built a system to
use that magic — "decomposition " — by sacrificing the ability to use another magic.

The magic of decomposition of the information bodies and the magic of decomposition of the substance were
activated sequentially one after another, without interruption between them.

At first the ugliness thought that there was an earthquake.

His field of view clouded twice. However, he did not feel the shaking. And there is no time left for further

He felt he was falling. It was no longer an illusion.

The chair he sat on suddenly lost his ability to hold his weight.

Not just a chair. The console, the floor, the walls, all became vague.

Paul failed. The ceiling collapsed. The walls fell apart. Everything fell into the sand. Became dust.

Strongly hitting about the Earth, the ugliness groaned. The pain was such that he could not stand up right away.

The damage was not just the body. It was a pain not only from external damage.

His head was very sore inside. So much so that he could not even think.

It was an unbearable pain from the shock that happened from the forced rupture of the connection with the

However, he also felt an unpleasant sensation from the dust he had covered from head to toe.

With difficulty lifting up the upper half of the body, he whisked dust from his face. Now the ugliness was not
able to understand that this dust is the remnants of "Argan ".

Before his eyes spread the landscape of the surroundings of Ussuriysk. Now, seeing this landscape, he
realized that he was thrown outside.

The ugliness continued to sit, astonishmenting and with a severe headache.

The hearts of the three "Players" stopped from the shock of forced rupture of the connection with the CAD.

Fermented around the vanity of ugliness, too, did not hear.

Chapter 9

The magic attack on the first school, though it was only an attempt, but was fixed by surveillance systems.

Among all the schools at the National University of Magic, the first school had the most different equipment.
As for all that is related to magic, the staffing of the vicinity of the school observation equipment is
comparable to the bases of the self-defense forces.

This observation equipment of the first school testified in the form of objective data, that in the sky above
school there was an attempt of activation of magic, creating snaps gas, and meaty it. It was also recorded that
the magic was released from the Primorsky Krai of the new Soviet Union.

These data were transmitted to the Government through the University of Magic.

Although this was only an attempt, the foreign minister made a sharp critique of the aggression of the new
Soviet Union and called on the international community to impose sanctions on the new Soviet Union.

Statements of the Minister of Industry, acting at the direction of Todo Aobas, went even further. He said that
based on the data obtained, it can be assumed that this attempted attack was performed by the "Apostle " of the
new Soviet Union, imaging. And that now the peaceful nature of the "project Dion ", with which cooperates
the ugliness, is under serious doubt.

I could not even think about such consequences...

Saturday, June 22.

Tatsuya unwittingly muttered it while at breakfast he watched the record of yesterday's press conference of the
Minister of Industry.

-Ara, even they-did not calculate everything to this extent? I heard a giggling voice on the other side of the

Tatsuya Crooked smiled in response to laughing Miyuki, and shook his head.

"I did not ponder everything so deeply. It was an accident that I intercepted the fog-bomb over the school. On
the contrary, I thought that the probability of a day attack is extremely low.

-they-itself can be wrong in the calculations.


Speaking of errors in calculations, hospitalization by mines was one of such errors. To Miyuki not notice it,
Tatsuya continued to smile, hiding regret in the far corner of consciousness.

The news on the screen has changed to other, not interesting. Tatsuya and Miyuki continued their breakfast.

— but this will change the direction of the public opinion movement?

But the interest of Miyuki has not changed.

-In Japan, you can now expect a counter wind against the "project Dion ".

Tatsuya realized that bad things could talk about him too, but he wasn't going to hide.

The Dion project itself was originally the result of a conspiracy. No need to feel guilty when working on
public opinion Sokrushaesh a plan that was going to drive you into space the same work on public opinion. At
least Tatsuya need not see it.

But they. Even if the situation changes, will the project escapes move forward?

Course. Initially, project escapes should not have been opposed to the "project Dion ". It just happened
because I couldn't do anything else to win the time. Frankly, I wanted more time to prepare, but if we have
already started, we must not stop.

Yes. I believe that the path to they is not wrong.

Even if Tatsuya planned to conquer the world, Miyuki would have said the same thing. But now it was a
meaningless assumption. Because what Tatsuya aspired to was the peaceful use of magic.

-By the way, did both-did not advise you to visit with a visit Mijakidzimu?

Yes. Yes, I'm interested. I still think this sentence is both-UE to change the planned research object to an
object to work on "Project escapes" sounds like something too attractive.

"Both of them think that it will benefit the Jocuba family.

-If so, it is good... Thanks for the food.

Tatsuya put sticks for food.

I'll make some coffee. "said Miyuki, and stood up, even though there was still food in her plate.

Tatsuya and Miyuki spoke at breakfast about Mijakidzimu purely by accident, they had no feeling about it.

However, Tatsuya could not but recall the morning conversation when he heard the story of the visitor before

With a confused face she raised her hand and greeted Tacuju and Miyuki.


As the surprised Miyuki said, it was Lina, Angelina Kudo Shields.

"Tatsuya-san, Miyuki-Onjejesama, I beg your pardon for a later time.

"No, it's okay, we haven't even had dinner yet...

Even Tatsuya couldn't hide the surprise. Answering Ayako, he also directed his attention to Lina.

"In any case, let's not talk, standing at the entrance. Come in.

Right. Lina, Ayako-chan, come in.

After Tacuej, Miyuki invited them to enter the interior.

Yes. Shields-san, will we use their offer?

Yes, I did. Uh... Sorry for the intrusion.

Ayako looked accustomed to it, and Lina was with a smushhjonnym face when they, followed for Tacuej,
passed by the Miyuki holding the door.

— ... Rebellion and escape from America?

Lina, that's terrible.

The situation was explained Ayako. The story was incredible, but she had no reason to plot against Tatsuya
and his entourage. And Tatsuya and Miyuki took it as a fact.

-Shields-san, that is, Major Sirius is temporarily under the protection of our family Kuroba, but the head-itself
is thinking about Mijakidzime, as a place for the refuge of the major.

"Is there a place in Mijakidzime where Lina can live?"

-I heard that there will be no problems with this. For us it will seem sufficient, but major Sirius may have a
flaw in anything.

— ... I don't need any luxury. Lina retorted in a quiet voice.

-Thus, it is necessary to show a preliminary to major Mijakidzimu.

However, Ayako simply ignored the words of Lina.

"Both of them have ordered that?"

Miyuki also paid no attention to the protest Lina. The timidity of Lina greatly intensified. Seeing this, Tatsuya
smiled, but said nothing.

Yes. She also ordered to hand over the Tatsuo-Sanou work on escorting the major to Mijakidzimu.


Miyuki surprised rounded eyes.


However, Tatsuya nodded with understanding.

-If the escape of Lina is a cover, and the real goal is a diversion in the family Jocuba, then, given that Lina
need to be kept under control, I can understand the reasoning that as her accompaniment needs the same
Wizard of strategic Class, that is, I--answered Tatsuya inquiringly posmotrevshejing at him Miyuki.

I won't do anything.

Lina's up.

I know.

This time Tatsuya didn't ignore it.

"The head of the family, Jocuba Maya, doesn't think you're going to do that either. It's just a policy within the
Jocuba family.

-A... So that's how.

Lina had difficulties in understanding organizational processes. Looks like she was convinced by this
explanation of Tatsuya.

Ayako, what are the plans for today?

-in fact, I would like to stay overnight, but the head-itself ordered as soon as possible to deliver the answer

-On the phone you can not, so...? I got it. Tell haha-UE I'm doing my job.

"Well, and to the front.

It's too late now. We'll be in Mijakidzimu tomorrow. Miyuki will go with us, so ask Hanabisi-Sana to
strengthen mine protection.

Tatsuya asked Ayako to convey the oral request, because it concerned not Hyogo, but his father, Butler
It will be done too.

Tatsuya nodded in response to Ayako and turned his gaze towards Miyuki.

Miyuki, I'm sorry, but could you prepare a bedroom for Lina?



The schedule continued to be determined without the participation of the Lina.

"In that case, Tatsuya-san, Miyuki-Onjejesama, today is a pretty busy day, so I'll leave you.

Yes. Next time, we'll find time for a quiet conversation.

Necessarily. Fumija will be glad.

Rasplyvshis in a smile, Ayako answered Tatsuo.

Miyuki also smiled, apparently, not to destroy the image of his status as a bride.

"Ayako-chan, thank you for bringing Lina."

Miyuki, who came out of the living room to hold Ayako, said it, opening the door.

No, I'm not. Then goodbye.

The front door closed.

Lina, can you tell me the details?

When Miyuki returned, Tatsuya Lina a unilateral claim.

I want to ask. Is it true that the parasites have reappeared?

Lina was able only to nod, looking at these serious faces of two people, who was now not up to entertainment.

(end of escape arch)