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Math Test Mix-Up LEVELED BOOK • H

Math Test
A Reading A–Z Level H Leveled Book
Word Count: 262


Written by Dori H. Butler  •  Illustrated by Sharon Holm

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Math Test

Math Test Mix-Up

Level H Leveled Book
Written by Dori H. Butler © Learning A–Z Correlation
Illustrated by Sharon Holm Written by Dori H. Butler
Illustrated by Sharon Holm
Fountas & Pinnell H
All rights reserved. Reading Recovery 13–14
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Emily couldn’t wait to get
her math test back. Mrs. Meed handed back all the tests,
She had studied hard but Emily didn’t get her test.
and knew she had done well. Joe didn’t get his test either.
Math Test Mix-Up • Level H 3 4
“I have two tests without names,”
Mrs. Meed said. Emily and Joe looked at the papers.
“Do you know which test is yours?” One test had one mistake, but the
Mrs. Meed asked Emily and Joe. other had fifteen mistakes.
Math Test Mix-Up • Level H 5 6
“Emily reached for the paper with “It looks like my writing,” Emily said.
one mistake. “It looks like mine, too,” Joe said.
“This one is mine,” she said. “Emily stomped her foot and said,
“Joe said, “No, I think it’s mine.” “I know it’s mine!”
Math Test Mix-Up • Level H 7 8
“There’s only one thing to do since
“Your name isn’t on it,” Joe said. you can’t decide,” Mrs. Meed said.
“Neither is yours,” Emily said back. “What’s that?” Emily and Joe asked.
Math Test Mix-Up • Level H 9 10
“You’ll both have to take the test
again,” Mrs. Meed said. “First, write your name on your paper.
“Emily and Joe groaned. “Then answer the questions.
“This time, please follow all the “When you’re finished, bring me
directions,” Mrs. Meed said. your test,” Mrs. Meed said.
Math Test Mix-Up • Level H 11 12
Emily thought the test was easy. Joe thought it was hard.
She didn’t miss any questions. He missed twelve questions.
Math Test Mix-Up • Level H 13 14
Emily said, “Next time, I’ll put my “I could help you study,”
name on my paper.” Emily offered.
And Joe said, “Next time, I’ll study “Would you?” Joe asked.
for the test.” “Then maybe I’ll do as well as you.”
Math Test Mix-Up • Level H 15 16