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USES: We use the Past Simple to talk about finished actions in the past.


I went I didn’t go Did I go? Yes, I did

You went You didn´t go Did you go? No, you didn´t
He went He didn´t go Did he go? Yes, he did
She went She didn´t go Did she go? No, she didn´t
It went It didn´t go Did it go? Yes, it did
We went We didn´t go Did we go? No, it didn´t
You went You didn´t go Did you go ? Yes, you did
They went They didn´t go Did they go? No, they didn´t

 Some verbs are called irregular because their form in the past simple is
considerably different from their infinitive form.
E.g.: go →went

 There is no rule to form the Past simple of Irregular verbs. That´s why
their form must be learnt by heart.

 The past simple of irregular verbs keeps the same form for every
person E.g.: I went, she went, they went…
To be was/were Where did you were?
To come came Did he come to class today?
To break broke He didn’t break the window
To buy bought I bought a computer
To drink drank I drank a glass of the milk
To feel felt did you feel the earthquake?
To go went where did you go last vacation?
To eat ate I didn’t eat anything today
To begin began What time did the party begin?
To leave lef he didn't leave to Cartagena
To bring brought what did you bring from Mexico?
To do did I didn’t do my homework
To see saw I sawsentences
a dog very(affirmative,
beautiful negative or interrogative).
Write these verbs in the past simple and make
To have had I had two pets
To get got What time did you get up this morning?
To take took I took the breakfast this morning
To find found What did you find?

 do / what / sunday / you / last / did ?

 what did you do last Sunday?
 I went to sena
 holiday / did / summer / on / go / where / last / you ?
 where did you go on last summer holiday?
 I went to Ibague
 buy / center / the / you / what / did / in / shopping ?
 what did you buy in the center shopping?
 I didn’t buy anything in the center shopping
 class / the / time / begin / what / did / ?
 what time did the class begin?
Fill in the blanks with began
the class the missing verbo’clock
at eleven in the past simple.
 did / to / you /class / yesterday / come / ?
 did you come to class yesterday?
 Yesterday Mary
No, I didn´t went
come (go) to
to class the concert.
 Last night didn´t be (not/be) cold, but it was (be) rainy.
 Last Tuesday morning my friends brought (bring) the car.
 Last weekend we didn’t go back (not/go back) on foot.
 Mark and Sue did (do) their homework after lunch.
 My friends came (come) over after dinner.
 The teacher knew (know) them and were (be) very happy.


 Mary told me the test was easy.

 Mary didn't tell me the test was easy.
 They went to Lisbon by car.
 They didn't go to Lisbon by car.
 The rabbits grew fast.
 The rabbits didn't grow fast.
 I found my book under the bed.
 I didn't find my book under the bed.
 He wrote me a letter last week.
 He didn’t write me a letter last week
 She caught the bus at the bus station.
 She didn't catch the bus at the bus station.
 I did my homework after lunch.
 I didn´t do my homework after lunch

Make questions for these statements and write answers:

 I saw a big cat.

 Did you see a big cat?
 Yes, I saw it.
 Mark went to London last summer.
 did you go to London last summer?
 No, I didn’t go to London last summer.
 Carl and Mark forgot their books.
 Did Carl and mark forget their books?
 Yes, they forgot their books.
 My cat drank a bowl of milk.
 did your cat drink a bowl of milk?
 No, it didn’t drink a bowl of milk.
 The bus left at 10 o’clock
 Did the bus leave at 10 o’clock?
 Yes, the bus leave at 10 o’clock
 Susan got the best marks at her school.
 Did Susan get the best marks at her school?
 No, she didn’t get the best marks at her school