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Review of Related Literature

This study aims to find out the impact or effects of watching Korean dramas among the

selected students of CNHS (Concepcion National High School). Also, determine the factors why

Filipino’s youth especially to students are attracted watching Korean drama. Finally, this studies

would significantly contribute to further deepen the understanding of our studies.

Philippine’s current rate of watching Korean drama on students and definition

K-drama or Korean drama refers to televised dramas in the Korean language, made in

South Korea, mostly in a mini-series format, with distinctive features that set them apart from

television series and soap operas made elsewhere. Korean dramas are extremely popular

worldwide, partially due to the spread of the Korean Wave, with streaming services that offer

multiple language subtitles. Many of these dramas have become popular throughout Asia, with

growing interest in other parts of the world.(www.viki.com)

According to Naidu (2015) based on the findings of his study. From the collected data

the researcher is able to establish that audience between the age group of 13-20 formed the

highest number of k-drama viewers. The female audience seemed to take up to more number of

k-drama viewing as compared to the other sexes. Of the 100 participants who took the survey,

81% of them had watched k-drama, there by proving k-drama reach and popularity among its

audience. Many of the viewers was able to pick up to various habits depicted on the shows in

which by these changes their daily lives and behaviors. It means there is no age barrier for people

to or not to watch Korean dramas.

Role of students watching Korean Drama’s

Students are the key assets of a growing drama’s. The student’s performance plays

an important role in producing best quality dramas who will become great leaders and labor for

the country thus responsible for the country’s economic and social development. Interest is an

important factor of learning. On a general level, many students respond better to watching

Korean drama than to reading which helps in keeping them interested and prevent them from

getting easily distracted. Students today watching Korean drama are a tool to learn educational

that they can use for their studies, that once seem difficult to teach and learn are now more

accessible and understandable to the availability of educational K-drama.

The psychological impact of Watching Korean dramas to students

Korean dramas over the Philippines became such phenomenon. Nowadays a lot of

teenagers are addicted to K-pop, K-drama and all things that have connected to Korea. Lot of

different mediums such as online site offering K-dramas, DVD’s, from television and sometimes

often ask a friends who has for a copy of such series and etc. had been used by the people to

watch K-dramas. Many slowly become addicted and get crazy over watching it. It seemed to

hypnotize them. Since then, when Korean dramas made a hit, many of the Filipino viewer’s

especially the teenagers of today’s prefer to watch Korean dramas than any other tele dramas. As

of today’s generation, Filipino teenagers are more engaged in watching Korean dramas. It caught

the teen’s attention by its theme, story, the characters and even the soundtrack in which by these

could have a great impact/effects on the Filipino teenager’s lifestyle and behavior. Lot of

teenagers are being addicted to it and with the continuous practice; they began to absorb the

culture of Korea. As a result, many among the Filipino teenagers nowadays tends to sacrifice

their time for sleep, for communication, family bonding and school stuff just to watch Korean
dramas. According to Delos Reyes et.al (2017) based on the study they conducted, Korean

dramas have been touching the teenagers’ personality through physical, emotional and mental

state. Some of the teens tend to sacrifice their food and time just to watch Korean dramas they

like. But there are also a positive psychological effects to Filipino teenagers. The advantage are

they become friendlier, become more confident, becomes more open minded, learn how to

appreciate music, dance and people behavior and becomes influenced in sing and dance.

The financial impact of Watching Korean Drama to students

The financial impact of watching Korean drama are they can make spend our money

easier. If we want to watch it, we need a lot of money in using internet. Also it affects to your

fashion lifestyle, because if you want the clothes or you like the fashion of your favorite

actor/actresses you are willing to buy that clothes even it spends a lot of money. Also,

teenagers tend to spend their money to the entertainment. If their Favorite Korean

actors/actresses perform a big concert in the Philippines, they don’t feel regret spending a money

to buy the concert ticket for their k-pop idol. Also they spend money to buy Albums to their K-

pop Idol to show their love to their k-pop idol. They become immature when it comes to their k-

pop idols, they become defensive when it comes to their favorite k-pop idol. As a fan idol you

are willing to do everything just to be updated with your idols and even your same interest from

the other country you will make a way just to update with your idol, just to know their doings

like new release songs, concert and etc.

Effects of watching Korean Drama to Students

Watching Korean drama can cause addiction. We usually know about the positive

effects/impact of watching Korean drama, but the Korean drama can give us the negative effects.
If we always watch the Korean drama it may forget our study, we will not focus on studying the

lesson, because we like to watching it every day and even spending the whole night. Another

negative effects are in a culture. Korean drama makes some people love with Korean culture than

our own culture. For example, many teenagers wear Korean’s fashion, and they also learning

Korean language.

Watching Korean drama can give us many effects to our life, positive impact and

negative impact can affect our life to do bad things or good things. We need to be specific and

smart to choose what k-drama to watch. We can learn many good lessons in watching Korean

drama. They say watching Korean drama can make us smarter. K-drama also serve us a stress

reliever, like watching for fun or relaxation.


Based from the data that is gathered by the researchers of this study entitled Effects of

Watching Korean Drama to students’ academic performance, they have different point of view

regarding the effects/impact of K-drama.

K-drama has a good and bad effects on a person in some way. K-drama addiction is just

like a game addiction if the students too into K-drama. The moment they forget to their task. It

may ruin their studies. Due to large influence of K-drama people they have create a community

where everyone can join and interact. Each other can build a bonding’s.

Delos Reyes, Paner, Rivera (2017). Understanding the embrace of Filipino teenagers on

Korean dramas: An Academic essay, Department of Communication, Far Eastern University


Naidu, Swertha VR. (2015). A Quantitative Study on the impact of Korean Dramas a youthmong

in Chennai: Undergraduate thesis, Department of Journalism, Madras Christian College












This chapter details out the research methodology for the present study. This explains the

objectives of the research to identify the effects of watching Korean drama to students’ academic

performance and to suitable objective of methodology to achieve those objectives. It contains the

procedure and methods in research study to collect and analyze the data.