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List of Government-Owned and Controlled Corporations (GOCCs)

1. Al-Amanah Islamic Investment 17. Employees Compensation

Bank of the Philippines (AAIIBP) Commission (ECC)
2. Aurora Pacific Economic Zone and 18. Fiber Industry Development
Freeport Authority Authority (FIDA)
3. Authority of the Freeport of Bataan 19. Government Service Insurance
4. Bases Conversion and System (GSIS)
Development Authority (BCDA) 20. Home Development Mutual Fund
5. Cagayan Economic Zone Authority (HDMF)
6. Cebu Ports Authority 21. Home Guaranty Corporation (HGC)
7. Center for International Trade 22. Human Settlements Development
Expositions and Missions (CITEM) Corporation
8. Central Bank-Board of Liquidators 23. Instructional Materials Corporation
9. Civil Aviation Authority of the 24. Laguna Lake Development
Philippines (CAAP) Authority (LLDA)
10. Clark International Airport 25. Land Bank of the Philippines (LBP)
Corporation (CIAC) 26. Light Rail Transit Authority (LRTA)
11. Cottage Industry Technology 27. Local Water Utilities Administration
Center (CITC) (LWUA)
12. Credit Information Corporation 28. Lung Center of the Philippines
13. Cultural Center of the Philippines 29. Mactan-Cebu International Airport
(CCP) Authority
14. Development Academy of the 30. Manila International Airport
Philippines (DAP) Authority (MIAA), runs the Ninoy
15. Development Bank of the Aquino International Airport
Philippines (DBP) 31. Masaganang Sakahan, Inc (MSI)
16. Duty Free Philippines Corporation 32. Metro Manila Transit Corporation
33. Metropolitan Waterworks and 51. Occupational Safety and Health
Sewerage System-Corporate Office Center
34. Metropolitan Waterworks and 52. Partido Development
Sewerage System-Regulatory Administration
35. National Dairy Authority 53. People's Credit and Finance
36. National Development Authority Corporation
(NDC) 54. Panay Railways
37. National Electrification 55. People's Television Network (PTV)
Administration 56. Philippine Aerospace Development
38. National Food Authority (NFA) Corporation (PADC)
39. National Home Mortgage Finance 57. Philippine Amusement and Gaming
Corporation Corporation (PAGCOR)
40. National Housing Authority (NHA) 58. Philippine Center for Economic
41. National Irrigation Administration Development
(NIA) 59. Philippine Charity Sweepstakes
42. National Kidney and Transplant Office (PCSO)
Institute 60. Philippine Children's Medical
43. National Livelihood Development Center
Corporation (NLDC) 61. Philippine Coconut Authority
44. National Power Corporation (NPC) 62. Philippine Cotton Corporation
45. National Research Council of the 63. Philippine Crop Insurance
Philippines (NRCP) Corporation (PCIC)
46. National Tobacco Administration 64. Philippine Dairy Corporation (PDC)
(NTA) 65. Philippine Deposit Insurance
47. National Transmission Corporation Corporation (PDIC)
(TransCo) 66. Philippine Economic Zone
48. Natural Resources Development Authority (PEZA)
Corporation 67. Philippine Export and Foreign Loan
49. Nayong Pilipino Foundation, Inc Guarantee Corporation
50. North Luzon Railways Corporation 68. Philippine Fisheries Development
Authority (PFDA)
69. Philippine Health Insurance 87. Quedan and Rural Credit Guarantee
Corporation (PhilHealth) Corporation (Quedancor)
70. Philippine Heart Center (PHC) 88. Securities and Exchange
71. Philippine Institute for Commission (SEC)
Development Studies (PIDS) 89. Small Business Corporation
72. Philippine Institute of Traditional 90. Social Security System (SSS)
and Alternative Health Care 91. Southern Philippines Development
73. Philippine International Trading Authority
Corporation (PITC) 92. Sugar Regulatory Administration
74. Philippine Mining Development (SRA)
Corporation (PMDC) 93. Technology Resource Center (TRC)
75. Philippine National Oil Company 94. Tourism Infrastructure and
(PNOC) Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA),
76. Philippine National Railways (PNR) formerly known as Philippine
77. Philippine Phosphate Fertilizer Tourism Authority (PTA)
Corporation (PHILPOS) 95. Tourism Promotions Board
78. Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) 96. Trade Investment Development
79. Philippine Postal Corporation Corporation of the Philippines
(PHLPost) 97. Zamboanga City Special Economic
80. Philippine Reclamation Authority Zone Authority
81. Philippine Retirement Authority
82. Philippine Rice Research Institute
83. Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA)
84. Philippine Sugar Corporation
85. Philippine Veterans Investment
Development Corporation
(PHIVIDEC) Industrial Authority
86. Power Sector Assets and Liabilities
Mnagement Corporation