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Point of View

The point of view of Mr. Bobby Aniclao was considered. Bobby takes over the marketing

management for Joozy, a premium mango juice drink manufactured by Anibev International. He

is the cousin of Mr. Steve Aniclao, who is the son of the company’s CEO. He graduated with a

master’s degree from a local business school, and would have wanted to join one of the

multinational firms that were so often eyed by fresh graduates. He was approached by his cousin

to manage the marketing segment, but he was not interested “It’s not MY family, so why should

I care?” Bobby once noted. When asked why he is now the marketing manager he continued,

“But then, Steve and I have been through a lot together, so I eventually softened up and relented.

Besides, if this doesn’t work out, there’s always that offer to be the brand manage of Ma-


II. Market Situation Analysis

A. SWOT Analysis

i. Strengths

 Presents an excellent quality of products

 Has a great product position in their clients(hotels, food establishments, and


 Sells their product at a fair price

ii. Weaknesses

 Less control over employees(or rather called salesmen)

 Does not target the end consumer market

 Too dependent to their Salesforce and large clients

iii. Opportunities

 Has a potential in mass market production which can open them from lots of

new opportunities.

iv. Threats

 The pneumatic juicer which can accurately make fresh juices at the exact

moment. Some hotels are currently practicing these methods and if it grows

even into a larger one, it can make the business done.

 Basic salary of the employees which are the salesmen is P 8,000 with additional P

15,000 fot the monthly take home pay. Yet comparing this to other company, they

honestly pay even higher. And if the salesmen decided to switch into your

competitors, it would also create a big problem.

B. Product Life Cycle

i. Introduction

The product of the company is Joozy. It was a mango juice that was classified to be premium

because of its high percentage of real mango content. The cold pack process enabled the juice to

use minimal preservatives and so have a better taste. Aside from that, the process also gave the

juice a satisfactory level of viscosity that added to its overall feel of quality. In achieving natural

quality, there was a downside. The shelf life the product was relatively short, having a maximum

of 10 days whereas other mango juices had storage lives of more than two weeks. The product
was also sensitive to temperature, and had to be refrigerated at all time. Finally, even the product

area had to have maintained room temperature during the mixing process or else the quality

might suffer. The product was packaged in just two sized: a gallon container and a 210 ml.

bottle. These containers were made of plastic and had an extra plastic seal around the lid for

added protection.

ii. Growth

Joozy was sold traditionally to hotels, restaurants, and other institutions. The company has little

or no growth over the past years because they only targeted the Business Market.

iii. Maturity

A lot of institutions were buying Joozy. Hotels appreciated the fact that the quality of Joozy

really different from that of othere brands. There are currently 12 salesmen, each person has

his/her own territory to cover. Joozy was spread throughout the country and is known for its cold

pack process.

iv. Declined

The Joozy product may be out of the scene, when the trend of pnuematic juicer attracts more

hoteliers. A real fresh juice will beat a packaged juice at anytime when it comes to serving

discriminating clients. The pnuematic juicer may outrun the impression that the Joozy gave to

the consumers.

C. Target Market

Commonly, businesses focuses on how to please the mass market. They usually tap the

end consumers as they always give higher amount of profit. But observing the Joozy
Mango Drink, they are not part of the line. Instead was that their specific and target

market are the food establishments, schools, and hotels eradicating the mass market.

“Very few people can appreciate our product” Steve noted once. He reasoned out that

people already think that Nutrilicious was a high class orange drink whenn in fact, it was

only offered for P12. He also pointed out that it would be too risky to tap the said market

for he knew thay can barely be pleased about the good quality of their product.

D. Product Positioning

Anibev International product, Joozy Mango Drink, is currently positioned as a premium Mango

juice because of its high percentage of real mango content. It’s already positioned to business

markets, such as hotels and restaurants. Some of Joozy’s competitors are Zest-O and

Nutrilicious. These are the brands that have more or less the same offering but not the same

quality as their products and has definitely lower prices. Other major competitors are Magnolia

and Gina.

E. Current Marketing Mix Strategy

i. Product

As the name of the company suggests, mango juice is what they offer. This juice is classified to

be premium because of its high percentage of real mango content. The cold pack process enable

the juice to use minimal preservatives in order to have a better taste. The process gave the juice a

pleasing level of thickness that added to its overall feel of quality. The shelf life of the product
was somewhat short, having a maximum of 10 days length. Wheras other mango juices has

storage lives of more than two weeks. The sensitivity of this product was quite complex as it

needs to be generated at all times in order to cope with its suggested temperature. Maintenance

of the room temperature should always be monitored especially during the mixing process to

ensure the quality of the product. These containers was were made of plastics and for the

ensurance of safetiness, it has an extra plastic seal around the lid. The product use a paper pasted

on either the container or the bottle to indicate informations about itself.

ii. Price

The product was packaged in just two sizes: the gallon container and the 210 ml bottle. The

selling price of the product in a gallon container is 140 pesos while the product in a 210 ml bottle

is 14 pesos. The company acquired 40% of their gross margin while having these prices but the

salesme’s commission and trade discounts are not yet been deducted. The company”s sales are

mostly from the hotels and restaurants. The hotels and restaurants have different prices from the

company’s prices. In some food establishments they offer 20-30 peso for the 210 ml bottle.

While the other even sell it with 60-130 peso per galss because of the industry practice.

iii. Place

The company concentrated in the production of and having a great product position in the food

establishments such as restaurants and fast food chains, schools, and hotels. They also

accommodate their products in the diferrent parts of Luzon like Manila, Tagaytay, and

Pangasinan. Each teritory has an assigned salesman to operate. If the area was too big for one

salesman to handle, they would immediately add another man to help. In terms of the production
in mass market, Joozy Mango Drinks is said to be not so interested with it. It was stated that end

consumer markets might not able to appreciate the quality of their product, thus, they continue to

work on with their current clients.

iv. Promotion

To encourage clients to purchase more of the Joozy Mango Drinks, 10 percent discount were

given per volume ordered. The company was quite informed that their clients somehow are

forgetful about the next payment for their transcations discounts are given to those who

compansate early. Thus, if they forget to pay on the declared date, the incentives would not be

available for them. But for those who did the early payment, four to ten percent discount was

given to them. As for the salesmen, they should be mindful about the clients they are transacting

for the reason that they would not get their salaries if their clients are still not paying. However,

the salesmen get 8000 for their basic salary and an additional 15,000 monthly take-home pay.

v. Process Management

Machineries are used in order to have a proper production of the goods. Joozy Mango Drinks

comes to a unique and delicate process that gives the best quality of the product. As stated a

while ago cold pack process was used to produce a pleasing taste and thickness that consumers

will surely love. This includes the mixing of of pure fruit ingredients with glucose, water, and a

special formulation that requires little or no preserevatives at all. The outcome after the mixture

would be placed then in a refrigerated bin where it was stimulated for further blending.
Hotels, food establishments, and schools are their clients. They distribute their products for

further reselling. Some restaurants resell the 210 ml bottle which is originally priced 14 peso

with a 20 peso to 35 peso bill that is calculated only with 2/3 of the original content of a bottle.

Comparing to reselling at the restaurants, hotels price much more higher than the latter as it

exceed up to 60 peso to 130 peso bill pero glass. It was a cliché line from Yehudi that “you’re

paying for the ambiance,” that was practically can give justice to it.

vi. People

Anebev International have 12 salesmen in the Joozy Mango Drinks. Each employees has his/her

own territory to cover. Steve does not recognize any formality when it comes to rules and

limitations for territoriality. Steve thinks that the fixed salary and the monthly commission he is

giving to are enough to encourage them to sell more of their product. His salesmen does not have

any complaints for this, so far. The company was very mindful about the sake of their salesmen

as they are one of the assets of this business. If the area one was regulating, the company would

immediately assign another man to give a hand.

III. Case Problem

There are 3 main issues Anibev International is facing. The company seeks to regain Joozy's

growth by pursuing the consumer market as opposed to its traditional business market. Bobby

the marketing manager had expressed his view that the product's growth in business market is

stagnating. There is little to no growth on there sales over the past years.
Second, if the shift in target markets should proceed, the problem now lies on how they are going

to position their product. Their unique selling proposition (USP) has been established, no other

existing packaged juice drink would par Joozy's superior quality but the company is having a

hard time in finding ways to relay it to their new customers they admitted themselves that only

"juice experts" could really differentiate the product from the rest.

Finally the company has subconciously became too dependent with their salesforce and big

business customers that if hypotetically one salesmen slack off or a single hotel (clients) required

its purchase of Joozy. The company looses a large fraction of its sales. This puts the company at

huge risks.

IV. Case Objective

1. To aid the

V. Alternative Problem-Solution

Solution 1 “Penetrate the consumer market”

As the problem stated, the company seeks to regain Joozy’s growth by pursuing the consumer

market as opposed to its traditional market. The Joozy product in the Business market might

declined due to the ongoing popularity of pnuematic juicer that’s why Bobby Aniclao suggested

that they should expand their market. The company should hire employees that would endorsed

and offer the product to customers. The employees must be spread throughout the country for

faster recognition of their product. Employees must have an appealing personality and good

persuasiveness because the way they show the product is how the customer sees the product.
Solution 2 “Free Samples”

Another way to penetrate the is to give away free samples of Joozy Mango Drink. Every new

product needs a good impression so that in the future it would sell. The word “Free” attracts a lot

of customers so they need to take advantage of this. This will be done by giving out free samples

during events in different locations. They should also distribute this to their current selling

location. This is the way to introduce a new product, this works to increase the incentive to buy

while reducing the perceived risk. It's a no lose situation for the buyer that just might turn into a

big win for the company.

Solution 3 “Advertisements”

In this solution, the company will make or issue some display signs, this display signs are posters

that will be posted in stores like Ministop, 7eleven, supermarkets, and street-posts near stores

where the product is. This is to be able to inform the public that Joozy Mango Drinks do exist

and it is in the specific store or supermarket. This is an effective way to advertise and introduce

the product to a new market segment.

Solution 4”

VI. Recommendation

VII. Conclusion