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Approved by: Lt. Ames. Date: 02/13/2020 Name: Thomas Chase Age o CuyiTownVilage | Norwood state: | NY [Date | 02/13/20 Following Too Closely Time: | 3:01pm Market Street Potsdam Town Court, March 4, 2020 10:00 AM Steet near Sandstone Drive. ‘The above listed subject was sued a Uniform Trafic Ticket afer patrol ‘completed an investigation ofa two-car property damage colision on Market Name Keltha French Age: 2 Cy/TownViage | Potsdam State] NY [Date: | 02/13/20 Fallore Yo dim headlights nieensed operator mee ogra eon operon degree time: | 205iPm Uninspected motor vehicle Location: Market street ReleaseRetura: | Potsdam Town Court, March 4, 2020 10.00 AN "The above listed subject was issued a Uniform Traffic Ticket after patrol observed Narrative: ‘the subject alto dm headlights. & subsequent traffic top showed the subject had a suspended license and an unnspected motor vehicle. (008 Trafic Stop on Pine Steet 020 oss ovat ous 0216 om oss ‘Teale Stop on Markt Street “Trafic Stop on Maple Stet ‘Trai Stop on Elm Street “Trafic Stop on Market Stet Harassment on Market Street Potsdam Rescue dispatched oa call Traffic Stop on Maple Street Page 1 0f 3 0308 oa 404 on 0857 093 1044 1123 1140 1149 1334 1347 1440 101 1526 1745 1826 141 1912 2087 aus 2129 2151 2156 2246 Potsdam Rescue dispatched to call ‘Traffe Stop on Maple Stet Traffic Stop on Maple Set Potsdam Rescue dispatched oa call Lost plate reported fic hazard on Marko Sret at Elm Street Potsdam Rescue dispatched toa call Assis citizen on Main Stet iandicap parking placard issued Records check completed Potsdam Rescue dispatched toa call Assist Potsdam Rescue Handicap parking placard inoved Property damage aciden on Market Street at Sandstone Drive Vehicle off the road on Outer Elm Street. Parking problem on Elderkin Street “Trafic top on Maple Stet Suspicious person on Sandstone Dive “Trafic top on Market Steet “Trafic Stop on Clarkson Avenue “Traffic Stop on Markt Stet ‘Trai Stop on Main Steet Potsdam Rescue dispatched oa call Potsdam Police assisted Potsdam Rescue with all Traffic Stop on Sandstone Drive Page 20f3 2251 Trafic Stop on Market Stost Page 3013