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This is a chronological list of all episodes of If The Emperor Had a Text-To-Speech Device. All shorts and
specials are listed in between the numbered episodes in which they appear; generally, most of them
take place chronologically in between said episodes, but this is not always the case.

Each season is approximately ten episodes long, but can contain any number of shorts and specials;
there are also a few unnumbered episodes that could be considered part of the series as well.

Season 1 Edit

Episode 1: Adorable Centurion

Episode 2: Religiosity

Episode 3: The Age of Apostasy

Episode 4: The Inquisition

Episode 5: Malcador the Hero

Episode 6: High Lords of Terra

Episode 7: Fabulous Custodes

Episode 8: Tyranids

Episode 9: Necrons

Episode 10: Bold and Foolish

Season 2 Edit

Episode 11: Intervention

Episode 12: Primarch Pessimism


Episode 12.5: Awful Answers

Episode 13: The Fifteenth Son

Happy Sanguinala!

Episode 14: Greatest of Psykers

Episode 15: Tau

Short 1: Kitten Gasping

Episode 16: Universal History with Professor Emperor


Short 2: The Emperor experiments with his text-to-speech device

Short 3: Why Kitten Hates the Tau

Episode 17: Emperor's Excellent Autobiography

Meeting the Felinids

Episode 18: Banished Expectations

Short 4: Decius breaks the News


Episode 18.5: Atrocious Answers

Episode 19: Warp Grumbling

Episode 20: You're Green With It!

Special 1: Kitten and Emps play a Children's Card Game

Short 5: Lucious Lucius Prankz (GONE HERETICAL)

Chaplain Grimaldus of the Black Templars ruins Sanguinala

The Grey Knights discover the Wulfen

Unsubtle Criticism starring the Adeptus Arbites

Season 3 Edit

Episode 21: Still Alive

Episode 22: Change

Episode 23: A Hairy Conundrum

Heroes of the 41st Millennium - Sly Marbo, The One-Man Army

Special 2: Warp Hijinks

Episode 24: Of Khans and Cages

The Shadow Over Immateriums

Short 6: Requiem for Dominique

The Slaaneshmas Prologue

Special 3: The Slaaneshmas Special

Short 7: The Imperial Law

Special 4: Kitten & Tzeentch play a Children's Card Game

Episode 25: Fiery Family Reunion

Podcast Episode 0: White Scars

Podcast Episode 1: The Last Church

BT40K Episode 1: Catachan Capers

Special 5: Just Aeldari Things


Podcast Episode 2: The Black Templars

Episode 26 Part 1: Hateful Feud at Khaine's Gate

Episode 26 Part 2: Fear and Loathing in Commorragh

Short 8: Crotalids (apologies to the nation of Australia)

Episode 27: A Cat to Yarn, A Bird to Folly

Iron Warriors & Imperial Fists are not friends

BT40K Episode 2: Attilan Assault

The Gate of Morkai

Podcast Episode 3: Inquisitor (Draco), The First 40k Novel

Special 6: Tabletop Adventures

Episode 28: Custodian Hustle