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Feeling positive about the Rowley Hip-Hop relationship weathering the storms and
sailing the ship into safer waters, we’ve been through a lot together and the W/S 16-
17-18 is getting stronger as the year continues.

Making good reading and influencing the most powerful black community in the world
hip-hop has worked its way through various stages to become the world’s leading black
community with hoards of wealth and influence over a global community.

Wu Tang Music Review

In this special Wu edition we’ve compiled a series of reviews on Wu tang music, the
type of old school song people listen to on YouTube mainly featuring Wu Forever.

Wu Forever Disc 2 Intro

The introduction to Disc 2 by RZA giving the audience a view into the production on the
Wu forever CD, making what he calls a Lil Announcement and mentioning some of Wu
tangs finest bringing True Hip-Hop into the forefront of Wu forever music, with a
disgruntled sound representing the struggles Wu had in LA.

Bells of War

A triumphant sound of war gone wrong representing a lost legion of Wu soldiers who
fell during the NY LA beef in 96/97, ‘spreading fear through this rap city’ Method
Mans gritty lyrics symbolize untold fear from battle and fatigue, with a glimmer of
hope represented by RZA as he says ‘you know coz wu tang is invincible’ or ‘pick up the
Wu tang Double CD and you’ll get all the Education you need this year’.

The catalogue of hundreds of Wu tang songs available online make good listening and
give the audience a view into the diverse and legendary Wu, with a unique sound that
resonates with the audience Wu tang have become one of New York’s leading
professional rap groups in the 10’s.

Wu tang have established a diverse legacy of music and commerce strategically

motivated to build a legacy that is un-rivalled in Hip-Hop and sets Wu apart from any
other Hip-Hop group in the 21st century.

The size of the Wu tang and associated groups like grave diggaz and Theodore unit
makes Wu tang a massive group of rappers producers and businessmen that have
potential to dominate Hip-Hop markets.

Jonathan Rowley
W/S catalogues

With a broad range of letter from the past 12 years the Rowley W/S has become a
Hip-Hop legacy that promotes and supports the growth of Hip-Hop. Letters have been
distributed to various Hip-Hop artists and groups via post and email in the 12 year
mission and Rowley has amassed between 750 and 1000 pages.

The reason that J Rowley started the W/S is because there was a clause in the US
Hip-Hop contract that stated they wanted a set of letters from the Rowley’s, it was
anticipated to be in early 2001 however was delayed until 2006 however hopefully it
was worth the wait and gained Hip-Hop finance supremacy and gave them a decent
hobby to support their rap careers.

With a folder full of government letters sent over 24 months between July 2006-
July2008 this prestigious part of the W/S was very valuable in the early years of the
Obama presidency and was part of the heaven from earth Saga that caused revolution
and uprisings in Hip-Hop,

Writing to Prime ministers and Presidents from around the world the government W/S
is the finest portion of the entire W/S with in depth analysis and documentation the
letters were marketed and rated by governments on a universal level and sold to Hip-
Hop on the 1st of the month for approximately 24 months.

The Hip-Hop folder features letters and lyrics especially written to Hip-Hop artists
from 2006-2008, this is a popular part of the W/S with Us Hip-Hop and played a large
role in bridging the communication gap between Rowley and Hip-Hop.

There’s the miscellaneous portion of the W/S with letters and emails from the Obama
presidency that is somewhat misguided and demonstrates a range of skills and abilities.

The 2014 sector of the W/S is mostly nonsensical and is mostly there to be re-written
and is a template for Rowley to use as a notepad of ideas that needs re-structuring, it
shouldn’t really of been distributed internationally and at a stage seemed as if it was an
unfortunate portion of the Rowley W/S

Then there’s the 16-17-18 W/S that features the John assessment beatsbydre
database and Wu tang productions and shows the Rowley hip-Hop relationship positively
discussing terms and conditions problems and positives from the relationship as well as
looking at market assets and values internationally..

The W/S is a valuable addition to Hip-Hop that is marketed internationally.

Jonathan Rowley

On top of the global Hip-Hop Empire as co-owner of the entire business and billionaire
extraordinaire Dre is definitely a maximum asset to the Hip-Hop game, you are in a
position of global power.

J says he watches the interviews and documentaries from Dr Dre on YouTube where
you seem like a master producer and still playing Compton after Dark on a regular basis.

A Friend of the Rowley scene for years and the only Hip-Hop entity with the will to
actually pay J Rowley for his services, I hope all is well with Dr Dre and the Aftermath.

A lot of people say Dr Dre deserves everything he’s got because of his ambitious
career in Hip-Hop and you’ve always been good to the Rowley scene.

Hoping that Dre still has time to chill and watch the Rowley movies from 90’s and 00’s
and catch up with some reading on the Rowley W/S, it’s all there for you and for the
part J Played in it he’s proud to have worked with Dr Dre.

So here’s the big question: when is J Coming out to the West Coast?

It is on J’s list of things to do in his early 30’s, mainly depending on finance if he gets
the finance this year he’ll definitely be on the way in the following months, it’s a dream
for J to come to the LA and a steep challenge of his character.

His tour agenda is based on going to New York first and then getting a team like Dipset
to take J to the West coast and hook up with the LA Legends.

Snoop Dogg

Reaching out to the king of the Coast to say peace and good vibes from J Rowley, been
watching Daz Dillinger’s videos lately and feeling the west coast vibe from the Dogg
Pound, you probably don’t get as much exposure on the W/S as some of the NY artists
however you are loved and respect.

Much respect to Snoop Dogg for being a Super Gangster and a reformed man in the 10’s
with charisma and skills, you’ve waited a long time for this Rowley dream to come true
and dreams have true along the way but we’ve got to make this thing happen.

Just saying your are valued and loved and respect on the Rowley scene thought of as a
friend, keeping working hard in Hip-Hop keep smoking week keep being gangster and
doing your thing keep god in your life and stay true to yourself.

Jonathan Rowley

What up big brother how’s life treating you? All good hopefully and getting decent
industry exposure with Dipset, you know J is feeling real good about your energy.

Feeling like we’re distant relatives that will soon hook up and put the whole Rowley/Hip-
Hop game in perspective. J says he likes to see the way his protégés are growing up and
handling themselves in the Hip-Hop business, your definitely in a good space.

The Rowley/Hip-Hop 06-08 scene was legendary and you’ve grown in character and
stature since so j is kind of proud of the roles he’s played in growing the Dipset brand.

What was that MASE Oracle Cam dinner time Disses about? I thought you’ll was
friends for life, you know the N’s you came up with in Harlem in the 90’s and went to
school with.

The Cam’ron IG movie 2017 was legendary and J downloaded the audio and listened to it
unfolding in his Flat in Bury St Edmunds with a few spiffs on the regular during the
year. Another epic Cam movie.

You’re in a space that is inspirational to the masses and is very popular, what’s your
secret to success? Don’t say staying in tune with the Rowley scene, Jokes.

What’s next for Dipset? Will there be more music during the year? Will there be
movies or interviews?


What it is dog a long term pioneer of the Rowley/Hip-Hop scene and just hollering to
make sure everything is all cool with Jim Jones, your known to be a big time hustler and
live the swag lavish lifestyle of a Hip-Hop celebrity.


What’s up bro hope there is a new positive energy that we can fall back on when Rowley
comes out to the US, hoping it wont be to long until he gets there however will want to
chill and smoke with Juelz – just saying word up peace.


I’ve been reading the 16-17-18 folder and you’ve got copies of all the material from the
complete W/S, so hope that makes good reading with spiff, really think its good for you
and the movies from 90’s and 00’s are valuable assets – have a good time.

Jonathan Rowley