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Apple Co.

Information System
The company focused on products and significantly ignored organizational functioning. The
company compartmentalization initiatives were guided by product orientation rather than
organizational functioning needs. The company’s core activities are supported through diverse
activities such as infrastructure, information systems, management of materials, and human
The company is highly dynamic in terms of altering the organizational structure to fit with
activities. However, the latest organizational structure entails different positions as depicted in
the diagram. The corporate structure favors the existence of departmental competencies as
opposed to organizational functioning

Information Systems Management at Apple

The corporate structure of Apple that comprise of the global presence and departmental level
leadership presents a unique situation. The structure necessitates a type of information systems
that can facilitate the distribution of appropriate communication through the right channels and
in a timely manner. Furthermore, this is critical to promoting consistent and informed decision
making at diverse levels.
The right information systems can enhance proper communication. The company has a
philosophy of being the leader in marketplace on matters related to innovativeness. The company
also applies the same philosophy in its communication and information transfer. Apple manages
its internal communication in a manner that enhances its superiority.
The company has implemented virtual business designs that integrate communication and
information management. The company has used virtualization as a factor in gaining an edge
over competitors. The company has used intranet system that enables workers to gain all
information they need at their workstations.
Furthermore, the system allows Apple to interact with external stakeholders such as suppliers.
The company has created unrestricted information exchange system that virtually links suppliers
to the product development team and the retail units. Furthermore, information exchange takes
place between the retail unit and the customer service center.
The virtually available information in the company enables the reduction of costs involved in
transferring information between the people who need it. Furthermore, it saves the time of the
company and its staff for everything to do with information exchange takes place virtually.
The implementation of a computing utility system also helps Apple minimize costs because it
limits the volume of assets that are used in information exchange. The company has ensured a
lean and efficient information management strategy.
Decision Support System
Examples are the office computers in the main offices of Apple or Mac
Apple values are the qualities, customs, standards, and principles that the company belives will
help it and its employees succeed.
They are the basis for what they do and how they do it. Taken together, they identify Apple as a
unique company
 Transaction Processing Systems
 Office Automation Systems
 Knowledge Work Systems
 Management Information Systems
 Decision Support Systems
 Expert Systems
 Expert Support/Information Systems

Knowledge Management System

The cashiers in the Power Mac Store are examples of transaction processing systems. These are
used as mediums in exchanging money to purchase an item.

Apple Inc.

Office Automation System

 Are programs that imitate human reasoning. They recognize logical patterns that are
similar to those recognized by humans, and then reason with them to produce expert-like
Unlike expert systems, expert-support systems does not aim to replace human labor or
manpower, but assisting manpower in the workforce.
We can also use the iCloud software as an example in digitally creating, collecting, storing and
relaying office information needed for accomplishing basic tasks
Information System
The R&D also of Apple in creating or sketching designs (AutoCAD, sketch apps) for their new

Major Types of Information System

A decision support system (DSS) is a computer program application that analyzes business data
and presents it so that users can make business decisions more easily.

Expert System
The values that govern by Apple:
 Empathy for Customers/Users
 Aggressiveness/Achievement
 Positive Social Contribution
 Innovation/Vision
 Individual Performance
 Team Spirit
 Quality/Excellence
 Individual Reward
 Good Management

Transaction Processing System

Apple started in 1976 as a computer company. In the last decade, however, Apple has expanded
into a very intricate company that specializes in much more than just computers. In 2001, Apple
broke the barrier with the iPod, eventually becoming the dominant market leader in music
players. As well, Apple joined the phone industry in 2007 with the iPhone, which has also been
widely successful.
One feature Apple offers to its customers is iCloud. ICloud is a service that allows users to back
up data from multiple Apple products online. It also enables a customer to locate any iDevice
that is connected to the internet in case their product was misplaced or stolen. This service
increases customer value and is one information system they use that helps them differentiate
from competitors.

Apple Support Communities

One feature Apple’s website offers to its customers is “Apple Support Communities”. This
service allows customers to join conversations with other Apple users related to specific topics.
Customers can ask questions and also search answers to questions they may have. This system
can be used by middle management to determine frequent customer issues. Engineers and
Scientists of Apple’s middle management will learn of various problems through Apple Support
Communities and can use this data to fix technical issues and increase customer value

Apple has a Tumblr page as well for advertising their iPhone Color. In the Tumblr webpage, they
had a short animated advertisement about 15 seconds for iPhone 5c in different
color. Especially, each color played a different song and each ads end with a very short
statement in different languages. For example, the red/pink iPhone 5c video ended with “Porte de
libas” meant “the gate of Paris” and followed that was a French music. The yellow phone’s video
ended with “Showtime.” The green phone’s video ended with “Viva Carnaval” and it also played
Brazilian music. Next, the white phone’s video ended with “Enjoy the show”.

Supplier Information Database

In order to find the best suppliers Apple has a Supplier Information Database. This system allows
customers to register with SID and if there ever appears to be need for the type of products or
services you provide Apple will contact you to explore opportunities.