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Name: NayyabZahra V.U.I.



PAK 301:

Question no: 01

What kind of relationship was defined by the First Constituent Assembly of Pakistan
between state and Islam? Justify the answer with five relevant points.


1: The “Ulamah” on their part took the initiative in calling a convention in Karachi
between January (21 and 24), (1951) and made some unanimous recommendations on the
fundamental principles of an Islamic State.

2: The third attempt was made by the Jama’at-i-islami, it is important to note that the
recommendations of the board of Ta’limat-i-islamiyah were in general agreement with the
views held by the “Ulamah” and Jama’at-i-islami.

3: The state shall exercise its power through the representatives of the people.

4: Thirty one “Ulamah” representing all schools of Islamic through in Pakistan

Attended the convention.

5: The authority which he has delegated to the state of Pakistan through its people for
the being exercised within the limits prescribed by him is a sacred trust.

Question no: 02

Why did the First BPC Report (1950) fail to satisfy the people of both wings of Pakistan?
Justify the answer with five relevant points.

1: Head of the State should be a Muslim and elected by the both Houses of the

Federal Legislature for a team of five (5) years.

2: The formula gave weight age to the smaller units of West Pakistan. Federal legislature
comprised of two houses. House of Units consisted of 120 members. The East Bengal
legislature was to elect 60 members according to principle of proportional representation and the
rest of the members were to elected from west by the same rule. The House of People had real
authority and comprised of 400 members, 200 from West and 200 from East Pakistan.

3: In the case of dispute, the supreme had the authority to interpret the Constitution.

4: The procedure to amend the constitutions was very rigid. It required a majority approval from
the central and provincial legislatures.

5: Objective resolution was adopted as a preamble to the proposed constitution and its principles
were to guide the state. Another important clause was that which laid down process to prevent

Any regulation to be made against the Quran and Sunnah.