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Summary of The Invisible Man: Main Characters

He is the Invisible Man. Primarily an albino college student, he changes his area of
study from medicine to physics and then becomes interested in refractive indexes of
tissue. While studying, he stumbles across formulae that would make body tissues
invisible. Finally, he successfully tries the formula on himself and thinks about all the
things he could do if he were invisible. Sadly, the positives are far outweighed by the
disadvantages, so Griffin starts opting for crime as a means of survival.

Mr Marvel
This is the first character that Griffin makes his assistant and uses as a partner in
crime. Mr Marvel is a short, fat loner who is the area tramp. Griffin thinks that he
stupid and so trusts him by believing that he will not be believed even if he tries to tell
anyone about his predicament.

Dr Kemp
Griffin’s former associate from his college days. As students, Griffin was aware that
even Kemp was keen about strange and idiosyncratic aspects of science. Griffin
actually goes to Kemp’s house in his final attempt to find an accomplice and start
leading a more normal life. Kemp; however, does not have a sense of loyalty to his
former student and is not willing to be a part of Griffin’s grand schemes. He is also
quite cunning and lands up betraying the invisible man by pretending to support
Griffin’s experiments.

Summary of The Invisible Man: Minor


The Halls
Proprietors of the Coach & Horses. Mrs Hall is primarily in charge. She is someone
who will leave Griffin alone as long as she gets her money on time. But her husband
is more apprehensive but avoids interfering until Griffin’s erratic behavior starts
becoming obvious.

Teddy Henfrey
Teddy is a clock repairman who visits the inn for a cup of tea. Mrs Hall finds a way to
take advantage of him and get some information about her strange guest. Since the
stranger does not talk, Teddy convinces himself that the man has a “suspicious”
nature. He also starts spreading rumors that the man is wanted by the police and
merely does this to conceal his own identity.

A cartman whose job is to deliver luggage from the required stations. He is the one
who notices darkness through a torn pant leg where he should ideally be seeing some
pink flesh. So, he spreads stories that Griffin is either a black man or a piebald.

A general practitioner who wants to interview Griffin as he realizes that he actually
saw emptiness where there should be flesh and bone. He begins telling despicable
stories to his friends in town when Griffin scares him by using his invisible hand for
pinching his nose.

Mr And Mrs Bunting

Bunting is the vicar and Cuss is the one who tells the story of Griffin to Bunting.
Then, Bunting and his wife hear some noises in their house after going to bed next
evening. They also hear someone sneezes and their money disappears right before
their eyes.

Other Characters Who Appear Briefly

Huxter; Wadgers
The Blacksmith

The village constable

The mariner; Colonel Adye

Chief of Burdock Police

Plot Summary of The Invisible Man

In the story of The Invisible Man, a mysterious man goes to a village called Iping,
which is in the middle of a snowstorm. He then stays in an inn that is owned and run
by the husband and wife George and Janny Hall. They ask him to not be worried
about the storm, so he goes to his room with his luggage. This man’s name is Griffin,
a scientist, who usually spends his time in his room experimenting with different
chemicals and formulas.

He is an introverted guy, which becomes a huge problem as he lives in a town where

the there is a lot of gossip.

Griffin goes outside at night; however, be keeps himself completely bandaged up and
wears a fake nose. The villagers think that he is very peculiar, especially because there
are suddenly weird break-ins and a lot of robberies start happening in the village. But
things become worse when the owner Janny Hall asks him to pay up his overture rent
or leave. So, he gets depressed and frustrated, taking off all his bandages and clothes
and manages to disappear into the night with his invisibility tricks.

Griffin then forces Thomas Marvel, a tramp, or migrant worker by profession, to

become his assistant. But Marvel betrays him and takes him to the police, so Griffin
runs away again. The Invisible Man beats them up and wreaks some major havoc
while leaving.

While he is on the run again, Griffin happens to meet Dr Kemp, his old acquaintance
from medical school. Griffin then tells his friend Kemp about his experiments with
invisibility. He also tells him how he has made plans to terrorize England by using his
discovery of invisibility. Here’s the gist of what he tells him: he was poor and was
desperate to study invisibility, so he steals money from his father, who later commits
suicide (it’s not revealed why he does that). Finally, Griffin gets a grip of the idea of
invisibility and proceeds to do these things: (1) set his landlord’s building on fire; (2)
wander around London; (3) rob a department store; and (4) wear a ridiculous outfit
hired from a theatrical costume shop and go to Iping for work.

But soon Kemp realizes that Griffin has gone berserk, and hands him over to the

But Griffin still breaks through the police line and starts chasing Kemp into the town.
But unfortunately, the locals get hold of Griffin and kill him. At the end of the story, it
is revealed that Marvel has saved all the notes written by Griffin in his room at the
inn, but luckily, he can’t make heads or tails out of them.