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Who am I and why did I start this company?

My name is Jur I was born and raised in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. For the last
13 years am a frequent flyer, between The Netherlands and China.

Since 2016 I spend most of the time in China and only spend 1-2 months a year in
The Netherlands – preferably during the summer months. Now I have superior
knowledge of the service level expected in the Western countries combined with
Chinese (business)culture and traditions.

With this knowledge and experience, we have a great advantage in cross-border

business relations worldwide.

Due to my expertise on both sides of the business, the amount of wisdom and
expertise is much higher as sellers on AliExpress or even Chinese Fulfillment

I was a supplier doing drop shipments for companies as Groupon, iBood and other
daily deal websites for more than 5 years and also owned several web shops myself.

During this time I worked as well trough AliExpress, with fulfillment companies in
China and fulfillment companies in The Netherlands, such as POSTNL E-commerce
fulfillment and Montapacking.

“So all obstacles you encounter now with your current logistic partners, I am sure I
have encountered them too.”
“This is why I am sure we offer better solutions and are the best partner for your
cross border e-commerce business.”

Business Address and Warehouse

We are located exactly in the middle between the two major Industrial Zones
Guangzhou and Shenzhen in Southern China. Our warehouse is positioned in a
District of Huizhou, which is the biggest transportation hub in the Guangdong

Being here at this exact location gives us a big advantage of delivery times for
suppliers / factories to our warehouse , so we can quickly restock your products
when needed.

Our company address is: Zhenfeng Zhiyi Building, Yuanzhou, Huizhou, Guangdong
Province, China

We work with automated systems and EAN13 barcodes for every SKU, so we limit
human errors of sending wrong products or wrong colors / sizes to your
What service do we provide?

- Product Sourcing and Factory Audit.

- Warehousing / Storage
- Inbound Quality Control.
- Bulk Shipments by Express / Air / Train / Sea
- Single orders worldwide shipping

What more can we do to assist you?

- White Label / Custom Packing / Promotional Inlays

- Product Photography / 360 degree Photography
- Photoshoot / Movie shoot with models
- CE certification / TUV testing

We are in a different time zone, how about customer service?

We work in 2 teams in 2 shifts so we are available 18 hours a day, we have staff

even working on Sundays for you and they all can write and speak good English.
This way there is no room for communication errors.

How does it work if I don’t have my own products or supplier?

1. You tell us which products you need. We find local factories and negotiate locally
for you.

2. We quote you the best price and show you the samples from different factories.

3. After you have decided which supplier and price, we get the stocks to our
warehouse facility.

4. We ship to AMAZON FBA or DROPSHIP straight to your customer B2C.

“If you already have a supplier or already have stock at your current logistics
partner, just ask them to send your stock to our warehouse.”
What is the advantage of a fulfillment partner?

If you have an international selling network, you need a fulfillment partner to

reach your customers worldwide.

We offer sophisticated and unique services with plenty of amazing options and
customization, all designed to help you grow your business! Moreover, our prices
are unrivaled since we have standard fulfillment fee.

“Our business model is not to earn on the shipping fee or product purchasing, we
have a standard fee, starting from $0,69 per order we ship for you.”
Our all-inclusive fee includes:

- Product sourcing
- Inbound visual Quality Check
- Storage / Warehousing
- Fully automatic order syncing with your Shopify store
- Picking the order and second visual quality check.
- Packing the order, with the possibility to add your own promotion materials.
- Same day shipping of your order
- Update the tracking codes to your Shopify store and set the order status to

“We developed user-friendly software and easy tools to use APPS. Our
advanced custom-made WMS (Warehouse Management System) is simple
and easy.”

Our WMS can connect with your web shop. We sync your web shop sku and
fetch your orders automatically. After shipping our system push the tracking
codes and tracking URL to your CMS (content management system of your
web shop)

“You can also calculate cost and delivery times and choose your own

What are the “SPECIAL LINES”?

With our shipping partners we have developed “special lines” these lines are direct
and fast to all Tier 1 countries in Europe, UK, USA, CA, AU and so on.

With the use of these lines we work with local delivery partners and update only
the last mile shipping tracking code to your web store.
Because I am aware of the current situation and how people look at the drop
shipping concept now, we have been to great length to hide the fact the products
are shipped straight from China. Your customer cannot see the package is send
from China, but the only see that the package is shipped from your own country by
your local courier.

What are the “SPECIAL LINE “delivery times?

Some examples of our shipments and the tracking codes we update to your CMS
for your customers:

Netherlands / DHLPARCEL (4-7 business days)

(in this sample delivery was on the 4th business days after the end user ordered in our customers web shop)
Germany / DHL PAKET (4-7 business days)
(in this sample delivery was delivered on the 4 business days after the end user ordered in our customers web
shop) https://www.dhl.de/de/privatkunden.html?piececode=00340434292003549109

“The shipments are DDP (delivery duty paid), custom clearance will be done
before the package is handover to the local logistic partner in the receivers
country. Your customer will never have any delay due to customs.”
United Kingdom HERMES or Royal Mail 3-6
Italy Italy Post 4-7
Belgium DHLPARCEL.NL 5-8
Luxembourg DHLPARCEL.NL 5-8
France Colisimo 4-6
Spain Spain Post Correos 4-6
Australia Fastway.com.au 3-6
United States USPS 3-6

“Because we do same day shipping, you avoid the 5-7 days processing times
many AliExpress shops have even before shipping.”

What are the delivery times for other shipping channels like regular post?

For regular international small package postal, the shipping times vary from 10 - 20

“Did you know that our special lines are not that much more expensive the regular

“We talking cents on the dollar, but the special lines are much faster and more
reliable, this is a huge advantage for your cross-border e-commerce business!”

If you are doing drop shipping trough AliExpress, our costs are almost every time
less expensive than AliExpress, for shipping times that are on average 3 to 4 times
more efficient and faster!

What are the fees?

We have a standard fee per shipped order. Depending on the level you are in
starting from $0,69 per shipped order.

“The cost for warehousing, storage, picking, packing, packing materials, QC and
product sourcing, all included in our standard fee. How transparent can it be?”
What are the shipping fees?

The shipping fee depending on the weight of your parcel, the country you want to
ship to and the channel you choose.

Are you a drop shipper, what products do you offer?

We are not a drop shipper, nor a supplier or wholesale company. We are a

fulfillment company and sourcing agency. We ship your products worldwide.

“We are here for people who want to have control over their orders, shipping
times, and customer satisfaction!”

Differentiation between Drop shipping and Order Fulfillment

Drop shipping often get limited options for shipping. Chinese traders most often
send packages by the cheapest and slowest option available and which shipping
could take up to 3 weeks or more. Shipping options would be the same for each
and every country.

Note: did you know many AliExpress stores don’t have inventory? They order the
product after you made an order and paid them. This is why most AliExpress sellers
have a processing time from 5-7 days!

While with YT Fulfillment, we offer a lot of flexibility, per country or region as they
work with different 3PL’s. Some orders could be cheaper, some a bit expensive but
faster than others. Some specialize in shipping products that include batteries or
liquids, while others can’t ship such goods due to regulations.

YT Fulfillment platform allows for each individual parcel to have individual shipping

We have large storage facility and we use barcode technology. Our customers will
have track and trace options, which imply transparency per individual order.
We connect your account in our WMS to your shop in YT Fulfillment platform, we
can sync orders and ship the same day. We can set your order status to fulfilled and
upload the tracking codes. It will save you hours of work!