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Greetings are expressions used to say hello in English. It's common to use different greetings
depending on whether you greet a friend, family or a business associate. When you meet friends, use
informal greetings. If it's really important use formal greetings. Formal greetings are also used with
people you do not know very well. Greetings also depend on whether you are saying hello, or you are
saying goodbye.

Taken from: http://www.toonvectors.com/clip-art/cartoon-business-deal-handshake/63003

We also greet people as we leave people. In English (as in all languages), there are different ways to
greet people in formal and informal situations.

Greetings Responses Closings

- Good morning -Good morning - It has been a
- Good afternoon - Good afternoon pleasure, goodbye.
- Good evening - Good evening - Nice to see you.
- How do you do? How do you do? - Thank you for your
- How are you? - Very well, thank you. time, goodbye
Fine, thanks and you?
INFORMAL - Hello - Hello/Hi - I have to go now,
- Hi - Hi/hello bye
- How are you doing? - Fine, thanks and - I’ll see you
- How have you been? you? later/around, bye
- I’m doing fine. - Have a nice day,
- Not bad bye
- How are things going? - Great, thanks
- Just fine, thanks

They are expressions you use when you meet someone for the first time. They usually include your
name, a greeting and an expression to say bye.

Conversation 1
Caroline: Hi! My name's Caroline. What's your name?
Laura: - I'm Laura.
Caroline: Are you a new student?
Laura: Yes, I am. I'm from Brazil. And where are you from?
Caroline: I'm from Spain.
Laura: Nice to meet you.
Caroline: Nice to meet you, too.

Conversation 2
Kate: Hi! John.
John: Hi! Kate. This is my friend Tony
Kate: Hi Tony, pleased to meet you.
Tony: Hey Tina, pleased to meet you too.
Kate: Well, I have class now.
John: We have class too. See you late Kate.
Kate: See you John. It was nice meeting you Tony.
Tony: It was nice meeting you too. Bye bye.

Expressions used when you meet Expressions used to answer

someone for the first time
Nice to meet you Nice to meet you too
Pleased to meet you Pleased to meet you too
It was nice meeting you It was nice meeting you too