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WPI Version Revisions

v8.7.2 Updates - Released Feb 2nd, 2013

**** More lang cleaning.
**** Base theme improvements.
**** Win XP installer fixes.
**** Rollback of timer changes.
**** Major improvements to ie detection!
**** MSHTA Proccess no longer burns cpu cycles.

v8.7.1 Updates - Released Jan 28th, 2013

**** Cleaned the lang files.
**** Fixed IE version detection.
**** Timer changes.
**** OS version detection fixes.
**** OS edition detection fixes.
**** Fixed a rare major bug where userfiles weren't used.
**** Lots of minor code cleanup.
**** Drag 'n Drop improvements.

v8.7.0 Updates - Released Dec 8th, 2013

Codename: Happy Birthday Kel!
**** More font installer improvements.
**** Fixed Conditions not being added.
**** Organized features page.
**** Fixed progress bar not being saved.
**** Fixed installer background not being saved.
**** Organized global_lang and fixed errors in it.
**** Added COMSPEC to information pane.
**** Added PowerSchemes for Windows 8.
**** sysdir fixes in wpi.hta.
**** Selecting Operating System improvements.
**** Core.js improvements.
**** Reverted to DHTMLx v2.6.
**** [Feature] WMI-based TimedWaitForProgram.
**** Fixed "Read Me" window size.

v8.6.7 Updates - Released July 20th, 2013 (Supporter)

**** Fixed the timer issues that was occuring with ie10 & ie8.
**** [Feature] SetAppAsDefault.
**** [Feature] TimedWaitForWindow and CloseWindow.
**** Compiled DHTMLx to v3.6.
**** Removed 64bit options as they are auto-enabled.
**** Added {CMD} to the list of functions.
**** Add Win2k to conditions.
**** Fixed a executebefore64bit error.
**** User file written version updated slightly.
**** Fixed a autologoncount error.
**** Fixed a alert sound location error.
**** More info added to the installer log.
**** Removed more old leftover code.
**** Added setfilesystem to the conditions.
**** More fontinstaller improvements.
**** Tons of textual errors fixed.
**** Added {MSI} to the commands for standard msi files.
**** Added alerts to themewizard when exiting.
**** Fixed a couple of resolution errors.
**** Restored "Float" for the tooltips.
**** Tons of minor features improved.
**** Fixed AutoAdminLogin feature.
**** Added HiPerformance Power Scheme for Win7.
**** Redundant code removal.
**** Theme fixes.
**** Expanded wmi functions.

v8.6.6 Updates - Released April 8th, 2013 (Supporter)

**** Slight Themewizard changes.
**** More code cleanup and minor fixes.
**** Added function getProductKey.
**** Fixed a dependancies bug.
**** Fixed the download feature in Win7 & Win8.
**** Fixed Edition ID in WinXP.
**** WinXP will now display CD\DVD Info properly.
**** Added function Detect Keyboard Layout.
**** OSLang Improvments.
**** Enabled Drag 'n Drop in configuration tab.
**** Fixed installation order bugs.
**** Fixed timer issues when using IE10.
**** Fixed the runinvalidsignatures issues.

v8.6.5 Updates - Released Jan 19th, 2013 (Supporter)

*** Fontinstaller finally works!
*** Tons of internal code fixes.

v8.6.4 Updates - Released Jan 14th, 2013 (Supporter)

*** Officially added myselfidem to the developers. WELCOME!
*** Diskchanger enhancements.
*** Restored var OSProps, winMgts;.
*** Connectedtointernet is now a visible condition.
*** isdesktoploaded is now a visible condition.
*** TONS of manual internal fixes and corrections.
*** Minor installer.hta cleanup.
*** SystemEnclosureType fix.
*** Added in wmi detection FirewallProductName, AVProduct.
*** Fixed the extra buttons not showing on USB by default.
*** Changed a ton of nobr tags.
*** Lots of minor fixes to the internal .htm files.

v8.6.3 Updates - Released October 4th, 2012

*** Added some (all?) of the Win8 Edition OSSKU info.
*** Better recognition of Win8.
*** Better recognition of IE 9 & 10.
*** Fixed getKeyboardID for x64 windows.
*** Fixed getPointingDevice for x64 windows.
*** Fixed getSoundDeviceID for x64 windows.
*** Conditions ConnectedToInternet will return true or false.
*** Conditions isDesktopLoaded will return true or false.
*** Conditions hasDVDDrive will return true or false.
*** Conditions hasDVDBurner will return true or false.
*** Removed duplicate hasDVDROM entry.
v8.6.2 Updates - Released September 12th, 2012
*** Fixed ArchType in the installerlog.
*** Fixed OSBuild in the information section.
*** More information tweaks.
*** Added Number of cores to information.
*** Added Number of logical Processors to infomation.
*** Added USB to the information section.
*** Function get system enclosure has been greatly enhanced.
*** Extra language entries at the bottom of lang_en.

v8.6.1 Updates - Released September 4th, 2012

*** Fixed GetOSvernum.
*** Restored installer window size.
*** More language localization fixes.

v8.6.0 Updates - Released September 1st, 2012

*** Fixed some localizations not getting fully utilized.
*** Get Firewall product now shows current information.
*** Get Antivirus product now shows current information.
*** Added Windows and Theme file location into the log.
*** Fixed Get Edition ID.
*** Added OS Current Build to log.
*** More lines at the bottom of the lang_en file.
*** Removed some redundant code. (Skins file???)

v8.5.9 Updates - Released August 29th, 2012

*** Added French Manual! Thanks myselfidem!
*** Added EditionID.
*** Do NOT use midi files for music from HD!
*** Put the installer windows on a diet.

v8.5.8 Updates - Released August 23rd, 2012

*** Lots of audio fixes.
*** Added fuction getosver number.
*** Fixed more missing information from the log file.
*** Changed the lang_en file. (Line 181 and a new line at bottom)

v8.5.7 Updates - Released August 18th, 2012

*** Fixed the extract errors with 7z.exe
*** Fixed the rest of old commands and lines leftovers.
*** Audio process error fixes.
*** Fixed the WPI re-running error after a reboot.

v8.5.6 Updates - Released August 16th, 2012

*** Fixed out of line boxes issue on layout 3&4.
*** Changed the txt in Allow internet check --
-- This is a XP only function.
*** Fixed getArch6432 and getmshtaBits don't work.
-- They were removed as they did not work properly.
*** Fixed conditions are inserted at the end.
*** Fixed a typo in global.
*** Fixed wrong path in audio copying\playing.
*** Fixed Cannot check categories when items are hidden.
*** Fixed Category was not translated in config wizard proglist.
*** Yet TONS more code cleanup!
*** Streamlined the Registry cleanup functions.

v8.5.5 Updates - Released August 12th, 2012

*** Relocated the Codebase folder into the Common folder.
*** Removed Tool tip position: Float
*** Added Win8 to getosver.
*** HUGE Amounts of code cleanup.
*** TONS of minor fixes.
*** Fixed WPI not resuming after reboot on Vista, Win7 & Win8.
*** Fixed Feature: Don't split categories ignores hidden items.

v8.5.4 Updates - Released August 8th, 2012

*** Alphabetized lang_en, Any new lines added will be at the bottom.
*** Fixed fileVersionGreaterThan can fail on minor versions.
*** Fixed WMP files are locked with player disabled.
*** Fixed Some languages were not being displayed properly.
*** Fixed Missing code in the Options\Windows section.
*** Some old code cleanup.

v8.5.3 Updates - Released August 4th, 2012

*** Fixed Dependencies are ignored on startup.
*** Fixed WPI update ignores minor versions.

v8.5.2 Updates - Released August 2nd, 2012

*** Minor code changes, optimizations and updates.
*** Fixed Items in horizontal layout weren't updated properly.

v8.5 Updates - Released May 19th, 2012

*** [Feature] {OS=...} filter for commands and {X86}/{X64} improvements.
Example: {OS=Win7,Vista} "%WpiPath%\Install\MyApplication\MyApplicationSetup.exe"
will execute the command only on Windows 7 and Vista (no XP, 2000 and previous).

*** Fixed The commands toolbar worked with no command selected.

*** Fixed Saving after command drag&drop breaks the commands list.
*** Updated the launcher to v1.0.3 to fix network installation issues.
*** Made the Manual a "Optional" Button Like the readme button if there is no
Manual\manual.txt file the button disappears.

v8.4.6 Updates - Released October 24th, 2011

*** ***!!!*** Changed the 5 core files to WPI\Userfiles\ ***!!!***.
*** Francesco cleaned the tooltips code up.
*** Added = Francesco provided a {LaunchINF} Mod.
*** "Windows 7" Theme was renamed to "Win7" Please make sure and add Your
theme files to the new WPI folder.
*** Fixed Adding an entry returns error when category is filtered.
*** Fixed Category filter errors after deleting entries.
*** Removed the ResChanger. (Sorry had to be done).
*** Fixed Closing WPI with Alt+F4 doesn't restore IE debug setting.
*** Fixed A JavaScript error is shown before reboots.
*** Fixed getAntiVirusProduct and getFirewallProduct on vista/7.
*** Found a bug with the skins code.
*** GUI for WriteRegKey doesn't write REG_MULTI_SZ correctly.
*** Fixed Write < IMG > in the name, category, category or in a command,
it will be interpreted instead of being escaped.
*** Fixed RegKeyExists works on values instead of keys.
*** Fixed Saving the Config file temporarily breaks the Commands grid.
*** Fixed GUI for WriteRegKey doesn't write REG_MULTI_SZ correctly.
*** Fixed Broken WPIPath trimming in browser dialog.
*** Fixed getAntiVirusProduct and getFirewallProduct broken on vista/7.
*** Fixed Adding WriteRegKey from the menu adds the wrong command.
*** Fixed The app list overflows on the Exit button.
*** Fixed The installer causes IE timeout errors.
*** Default folder for switches is userfiles now also.
*** Fixed an installer issue with size AGAIN.
*** Fixed LoadDesktopBeforeInstall breaks after a wizard is closed.
*** Fixed the ie9 + ie6 script debugger errors.
*** alt+f4 now deletes the WPI regentries too.
*** The "Close" window button is fixed and working now.
*** Fixed WPI doesn't properly restore IE debug keys.

v8.2.2 Updates - Released August 12th, 2011

*** Refixed installer window size.
*** Fixed the {Reboot} error code in the installer.js.
*** Moved to a Windows 7-based theme.

v8.2.1 Updates - Released June 5th, 2011

*** Fixed some bugs in the layout engine, installer window size, Network
Wizard password handler, etc.
*** Wrote a simple disc changer. Put this on your Windows' DVD. Run it
like you ran WPI before WPI.exe came along. Put your actual WPI folder
on the second DVD and run WPI like normal.

v8.2.0 Updates - Released May 15th, 2011: Dedicated to Kimbra

*** If WPI is started from a network share (\\share\folder) it will look
for the mapped drive letter (if has one) and use it.

*** Added DOS function {START} because it seems some people have a problem
calling it directly.
USAGE: {START} start "opera" /MIN "%wpipath%\Install\opera.exe" /install

*** To give better and more accurate error reporting, if an item returns
a code other than 0 or 1, it will show up as Warning in yellow. This
does not count as failed. It usually just means a reboot is required
to finish the installation. It's just a visual for you.
*** Fixed a bug in the Configurations selector. Wasn't being critical
*** Fixed a bug in the new Pause script.
*** The installer window now opens to the correct inner size no matter
what window border size.
*** Added to Config Wizard -> Details -> "Check for reboot".
This will monitor a registry key to see if a reboot is required before
installing this item.
*** Added to Options Wizard -> Features -> "Maintain auto logon count".
This will maintain the auto logon count when a reboot is required.
*** Fixed small bug dealing with conditions.
*** Added to Options Wizard -> Features tab -> "Disable combo box in
installer window". This disables the combo box that changes the
reboot/shutdown state.
*** Fixed bug in "Eject CD When Done". Works for some people, but not
others. Stumped on it still.
*** Fixed a small bug in determining paths for network shares.
*** The navigation grid in the Config Wizard now remembers what column and
direction to sort by.

People still have a mix of x86 and x64 software and are running into
issues with installing the proper architecture version. Now in Config
Wizard -> menu -> Other there is a new Architecture item.

Instead of creating two entries for each program with conditions to hide
it depending on x86 or x64, do it this way as a shortcut:

When adding items in the Config Wizard, if needed, double the entries
for the install program:

{x86} D:\MyProgram_x86.exe /s
{x64} D:\MyProgram_x64.exe /s

When start the installer and it comes to these entries, WPI will check
the architecture bits (32 or 64) and either skip the entry or install
it like normal.

It will say Skipped when not on the right architecture.

This is only needed if the install package doesn't have both versions in
it and checks itself for which to use.

This method will reduce the number of entries and not require any
condition statements.

*** icnocop and I worked out a better Pause solution for reboots so WPI
would not continue with the next item before it should.
*** New Vista_Ultimate2 theme.
*** Fixed bug in log file time stamp.
*** Updated the internet connection test.
*** The flickering problem has been resolved in Windows based themes.
Still not resolved for Windows Framed themes.
*** New Croatian (Hrvatski) courtesy of Robert F. Merlin alias �vedo.
*** The installed now recognizes return code 259 "STILL_ACTIVE" and
reports it as a warning.

In the Themes Wizard -> Style tab, there are now 4 layout styles:

1) Vertical columns; checkboxes

2) Vertical columns; checkboxes; logos
3) Horizontal rows; checkboxes
4) Horizontal rows; boxes; logos

One and two are the same as previous versions. Three and four have the
items laid out horizontally instead of vertically. Each category is
the full width of the window with the items spaced evenly below it.
When testing each style, remember, until you pick a style and stick with
it the colors carry over from each layout style. Once you find one you
like, and then edit the colors and font sizes.

Layout 4 is much more modern and easier to read. See theme

Windows Framed for an example of how to color items. Black text for all
class�s works best.

There are now separate: categoryBg and category,

categoryBg_logo and category_logo
in the wpi.css style sheet.

*** Log file shows the "Execute Command If Failure" command line and
*** Updated dhtmlx to v2.6.

New addition to Config Wizard -> Commands tab -> menu bar -> Internet.

*** Open a web site: This will open Internet Explorer to the site
specified. Handy for showing company's web site, program's web site
manual page, etc.
Usage: {WEB} http://www.wpiw.net/The_Dark_Side/doc.html

*** Download a file: This has been asked for many times in the past. It's
main purpose is to download the latest archive of your program(s) so you
don't have to manually download them and burn them to a DVD.

WPI will download the file, save it to %TEMP% folder, and then execute it
as if it was on a DVD.

Usage: {DOWNLOAD} http://www.filehippo.com/CCleaner.exe /s

Still include all the switches like normal. USSF will not work with
this feature since the archive is not actually on your hard drive.

Obviously your NIC driver must be installed before WPI is launched.

The only drawback to this is that the path and filename can never change
with each new version. Else you will have to modify each filename.

To specify a user name and password (I have not tested this):

Usage: {DOWNLOAD} http://user:password@www.filehippo.com/CCleaner.exe /s

In Options Wizard -> Features tab -> Show download output window
checkbox to show progress of download.

v8.1.0 Updates - Released August 19th, 2010


*** New to the wpi_theme.js in each theme folder is

Installer_BackgroundRepeat to specify either a big background image or a
small pattern.
Note: In the theme folder in installer.css under .Background, you must
set the actual repeat style.
Options: repeat, stretch
Usage: Installer_BackgroundRepeat="stretch";
*** Also new is Theme_BackgroundPosition is set the background image
position if using an image that is smaller than the screen and not using
stretch option.
Note: Must also set: Theme_BackgroundRepeat="no-repeat";
Options: top, left, center, right, bottom. and any combination
Usage: Theme_BackgroundPosition="top right";

*** In installer.css in each theme is a new entry: .WPI_Text.

This sets the text color for the title text in the installer window
near the bottom.

There is a new theme type: Windows Framed. The first theme to use it is
WindowsFramed. Simply put, there is a frame around the main body, 7
pixels wide, 20 pixels in from the edge.

In the theme's folder in wpi_theme.js

sets the frame color. If Frame.png exists, that image will be used.

There are no SmallBarT.png and SmallBarB.png images in this theme type.

All of the new features below are also in this new type.

There are two new options in each theme folder in wpi_theme.js,

Theme_MainPanelBGColor="" and Theme_MainPanelBGImageRepeat="".
These set the main checkbox panel's background color or image. If
MainPanel.png exists, that image will be used.

You now have three independent background images:

Wallpaper.png (.jpg) as the main background.

You now have three independent background colors:


Note: Only applies to Windows and WindowsFramed based themes.


*** If the three .png images for the main control links (Install.png,
InstallDown.png, InstallOver.png) do not exist, then just the text will
be displayed with no error image. Useful if tight on space or just
don't want any images.
Note: Only applies to Windows based themes.

*** There is a new option in each theme folder in wpi_theme.js,

Theme_ShowButtonText, to show or not show the text for the control
links (Begin Install, Options, About WPI, etc). Setting this option to
false allows you to make full image text buttons. The drawback of this
is you lost locale support since images can't be translated. So use
this only if you don't need multi-language support.
Usage: Theme_ShowButtonText=false;
Note: Only applies to Windows based themes.
Note: Theme_ShowExitButtonText is still independent of this option.
*** With the addition of the above feature, there are now separate images
for Defaults, All, and None in all Windows and Accordion based themes.
*** The large combobox on Options Wizard -> General tab has been removed
since many people seemed to not see it. It has been replaced by a new
Features tab with all the check boxes laid out in two columns.
*** An oversight in the wpi_theme.js file has been remedied:
It was fine for large background images, but not small patterns that
needed to be repeated.
Options: repeat, no-repeat, repeat-x, repeat-y

New to the Config Wizard -> Details tab -> Return code requires reboot.

This function allows for a script, or program, to be run multiple times

with reboots in between. For example, you could have a script that
creates a new user, exit code for reboot, set user's network settings,
exit code for reboot, do some more stuff, exit code 0 for done.

If you have the "Repeat command until other code is returned" WPI will
restart at the same command. Else it will continue on to the next item.

The reboot code cannot be 0 or 1.

There are now new warning image and sound files, and a .css entry for it
with yellow text. The default ones have been copied to all themes.

*** Added three new options in Options Wizard -> General tab:
- Abort installation process if failure occurs
- Script or program to execute if failure
- Continue next installation where failed
Very handy for testing a program or script.

*** Fixed a bug dealing with stdout redirection and quotes in the path.
"d:\program.exe" "param1" >c:\app.txt
would fail, but with no quotes it always worked. Works all the time

*** WPI now reports success/fail properly in the installer. The return
code was not being processed properly. 999 is the "default" fail code,
which usually means the file does not exist. 0 is success. 1 usually
means a file doesn't exist in a CMD /C or cmd.exe call.
ex: cmd /c copy a b Return code 1

*** Added function {JSCRIPT}=CreateRegKey().

Sometimes a key needs to be created first, then its value set. If
{JSCRIPT}=WriteRegKey() fails to make and set the key, use this
function first, then write the value.

*** Small update to tips.js which should make the tooltips display a
little faster and smoother.

There is a new Theme Wizard to edit themes and a full GUI to edit the
tooltips. This interface has been much needed since none of the options
have been properly documented. Most of the options are self-
explanatory, so here are the obscure details:

*** Appearance behavior: Controls how the tip message is displayed. Some
will stay open when mouse is moved. This allows for internet links to
be used in the message (i.e., program's home page).
- Visible: Same as Sticky below but no X close button.

- Sticky: The tip message will not hide after your mouse goes off the
link and it will only be positioned once. A close link is automatically
generated and inserted at the top right of the tip message so if you
would like to hide the tip message just click it. The properties
(color, bgcolor, etc) of the close link are set from the title's
properties so the close link and title will have exactly the same style
and look as the title. This is designed especially for the need of
inserting links in the tip message or anything that involves using the
mouse in tip message's content.

- Keep: The tip message will not hide after your mouse goes of the link
rather the tip message will move with your mouse around the page. This
will produce the same effect as if you didn't specify the mouse out
function in the link.

*** Tip position type: Open the tip relative to the mouse pointer.

- Float: The tip message will not move with the mouse rather it will
popup at the coordinates of the X Pos and Y Pos entries. And if you
scroll down or left the scroll values are added to the X Pos and Y Pos
values so the tip message will always float in the same place no matter
how much you scroll left or right, in simple words "Static position".

- Fixed: The tip message will not move with the mouse rather it will
popup at the coordinates of the X Pos and Y Pos entries. And it will
not float with the scrollbars.

*** Background image: Uses Graphics\ToolTipsBgs\ as base folder. Put all

your images in there. The image overrides the background color.
-OR- place ToolTipsTitleBg.png and/or ToolTipsBodyBg.png in the theme
folder to use that image to override the user specified one.

*** X pos / Y pos:

- If the tip message's position is set as left or right it sets the
coordinate of the tip message relative to the position of the mouse.

- If the tip message's position is set as float or fixed it sets the

coordinate of the tip message relative to the window. You may set
positive or negative numbers.

*** Shadow type: You may apply one of two shadow styles: simple or
complex, or none. You must also add a shadow color to enable it.

The ColorPicker does not like words for colors (white, red, etc) so use
the hex value whenever possible.

Keyboard shortcuts are either F6 or Alt+H.


*** Updated WriteRegKey() to use the WMI version instead of the DOS-based
Reg. This speeds up the startup process by several seconds.
*** Added to Options Wizard -> General -> combobox -> Disable hot keys.
Use this in conjunction with "Show extra buttons" and "Do not show if
started from CD" and/or "Do not show if started from USB". This will
block all access to Wizards. Enable when you make your final DVD.
Use with care.

Updated WPI and the Installer to handle custom audio files.

You can now place custom audio files in your theme's folder to override
the one's specified in Options Wizard -> Audio tab. WPI will check if
the files exist in the Theme folder and use those in place of the
specified ones.

The checkboxes in the Audio tab still must be checked for the audio to

The audio files must be named:


The audio files can either be wave (.wav) or midi (.mid) files.

Keep them as short as possible. The installer will not wait for the
sample to finish playing before moving on to the next item.

*** Fixed a small issue with the audio player. If no files are specified
the Install.m3u file was not cleared.
*** Alper Catak (ZEUS__) created some new themes: 7Fresh, 7Matrix, 7Pure,
7StarWars, and 7Transformers. He also created 7Matrix, Black, Pure,
LightGray, and CobaltSteel skin styles.
*** Black_Kel skin style is gone. Use new Black style.

It has come to my attention that it is difficult for people to specify
certain operations, like file copy, when building one config for both
32 and 64 bit systems. Here is a simple example on how to copy a file
based on your cpu bits and cpu type:

{JSCRIPT}=if (getBits()==32) RunCmd('%wpipath%\Install\CCleaner.exe /s',false,true)

{JSCRIPT}=if (getBits()==32) RunCmd('cmd /c copy /y "C:\WPI\ChangeLog.txt"


{JSCRIPT}=if (getBits()==64) RunCmd('cmd /c copy /y "%wpipath%\Install\MyFile.txt"


{JSCRIPT}=if (getArch()=="AMD64") RunCmd('cmd /c copy /y "%wpipath

%\Install\CCleaner\Password.ini" "%ProgramFiles%\CCleaner\"',false,true)

Using RunCmd() is the key. There are 2 possible options:

RunCmd('your command',OutputWindow,Wait)

Use single quotes around your command so don't interfere with double
quotes in your paths.
OutputWindow: true or false. Show the cmd output window or not.
Wait: true or false. Wait until the command is finished or not.

All of the functions in the Dependencies can be used with {JSCRIPT}.


*** Updated version extraction method.

New to the Installer window is a combobox under the Pause/Abort buttons
to specify what to do when WPI is finished installing your programs.

There are 3 options: "none", Restart, and Shut Down.

If you have "Restart Computer" specified in Options Wizard -> Tools tab,
then that option will be reflected here. If you don't, then "none" is
selected. (no restart or shutdown)

With this combobox you can specify, or change, what to do on the fly.
Selecting "none" will cancel the restart or shut down.

The time delay and "Do not load desktop" options are still used.

*** When hit Abort in the Installer window, any restart or shut down is
*** Added new option to Options Wizard -> General tab -> Options combobox:
"Do not show extra buttons if started from USB drive". This has same
functionality as the original "...if started from CD Drive.". This is
needed because it is possible to still allow writing to a USB drive.
*** Updated how drives are checked for how WPI was started.

v8.0.3 Updates - Released May 30th, 2010

*** Fixed a path bug in the installer.

v8.0.2 Updates - Released May 27th, 2010

*** Changed language file codes: dk-> da, and se -> sv.
*** Fixed bug in USSF dealing with .msi archives.
*** Updated the media player code for the installer.
*** Updated new file error handling code some more.

Updated the Installer to handle custom images and backgrounds.

Added a "None" option to the combobox for installer background image.

This will make the top titlebar transparent in case you want to use a
full size background image.

You can now put custom images and backgrounds in your theme folder to
override the selected ones in Options->Style tab:
*** If Wallpaper_Installer.jpg or Wallpaper_Installer.png exists, it will be
used as the window background image.
Window size is 430x460 pixels.
*** If InstallBg.png exists, this will be used as the title bar background
image. Use in conjunction with "None" in the combobox.
No more than 428x60 pixels.
*** If InstallLogo.png exists, it will be used as the title image.
No more than 430x60 pixels.
*** If ProgressBar.png exists, it will be used for the progress bar image.
This will also be used in the main window for the countdown timer.
Must be 400x20 pixels.
*** If Wallpaper_InstallItems.jpg or Wallpaper_InstallItems.png exists,
it will be used for the background image for the install items textbox.
Box size is 400x256 pixels.

7Fresh theme uses most of the above options.


*** Fixed bug with install order value not being placed in the grid when

v8.0.1 Updates - Released May 16th, 2010

*** Added 120Hz and 240Hz monitor refresh rates.
*** Locked the size of the Installer window.
*** Fixed bug in "Copy audio folder to hard drive" setting the default
path every time.
*** Fixed an issue with tf.Close() and a bad path name in the theme
*** Fixed bug in Options wizard that would still change the theme colors
if hit Exit instead of Save.
*** Fixed a bug in the tooltips dealing with carriage returns.
Note: For a new line press Shift+Enter. For a new paragraph, just hit

v8.0.0 Updates - Released May 10th, 2010

*** UTF-16 is now supported for foreign language custom characters. To
update your config.js file, load it in a text editor, like Notepad++,
and save it in UCS-2 Little Endian format. It will then be editable
within WPI.
*** Added command line argument "continue" to automatically continue an
aborted installation. You will not be presented with the alert to
continue or cancel.
WPI.exe continue=true
*** Added command line argument "language" to switch saved language. Use
two letter language code.
WPI.exe language=de
*** The tool tips text location for Left and Right were reversed.

Added a new layout design that shows the program's logo (.png image) and
a short description under the main text. The main use of the second
line would be for version, system requirements, exclusions, etc. It
does use much more real estate, but looks much nicer than the old boring
To toggle the traditional list style and the new layout, go to Options
Wizard -> Style tab -> Use alternate layout with program's logos.

Be sure to adjust the style sheet: .txt_logo, .shortDescTxt_logo,

.grayTxt_logo, .forceTxt_logo, and .checkedTxt_logo.

*** Updated the tool tips to not show "undefined" when nothing is
specified in the Description field.
*** Fixed a bug in CreateShortcut() if the sub-folder doesn't exist; it
will be created now.
*** If a category carries over to the next column or page, the spacing for
next category has been fixed.
*** Fixed a small bug in determining the width of the layerboxes div to
set the width of the columns properly. This in turn fixed the
text being cut off too soon.

Added {JSCRIPT}=TimedWaitForProgram(ImageName,Minutes) to monitor
installers, or any program, to close before moving on to next install
item. This was requested for installers or scripts that do not wait
properly when they launch installers from inside themselves.

Usage: {JSCRIPT}=TimedWaitForProgram("Setup.exe",10)

The image name is case sensitive. Minutes is the amount of time WPI
will wait before moving on in case the program hangs/crashes.

WPI will check every 3 seconds or until the specified minutes is


To see the actual image name, open a command prompt window, start the
program/installer, at the command prompt type "tasklist". This will
give a list of all the running programs.

*** Updated the progress bar in the installer to finally keep the value
centered all the time.
*** The euDock theme is now localized. No more making custom images for
each language.

The Options -> Style tab has been reduced to remove a lot of theme
bloat. You can no longer change the skin of individual gadgets. You
can still change the installer background image and the progress bar

There is now a new "Selected skin" drop-down box that has 8 skins to
keep all the gadgets the same colors. Much better consistency. More
skins will be added later.

This reduced the archive size and number of files down significantly.

If you want to make your own skin, use the Skin Builder here:

Please upload it to the forum to share with others and maybe have it
included with future WPI releases.
*** Updated the Configurations tab in the Config Wizard to use 2 grids.
*** Took out option to have maximize button on window border. Until I can
listen for it and redraw the data properly, no point in having it.
*** Updated the internet check. Now done within the launcher.
*** Put the Change Log tab back in the About window.
*** If ReadMe.txt file exists in main folder, a Read Me button will be
displayed above the Install button. Use this to give the user important
information about the install package. Like, certain items require user
input (not totally silent), drivers need to reboot, etc.
*** Francesco ported USSF from Auto IT to JavaScript; I finished it up. No
more false positives from virus scanners thinking USSF is a virus. And
I have full control of it now.
*** Francesco updated the launcher to disable the X close button on the
window so .reg keys are sure to get set back properly.

*** Added function {JSCRIPT}=ErrorReporting().

Usage: {JSCRIPT}=ErrorReporting(Enable,Notify,WindowsOS,Programs)
This works just like the Windows XP's Error Reporting, but also for
Vista and newer.

*** Fixed bug in Config Wizard when added a new entry it would always ask
if want to update UID when it doesn't need to be.

*** Added function {JSCRIPT}=PowerOptions().

Usage: {JSCRIPT}=PowerOptions(too many to list)
This works just like the Windows' Power Options. Settings are visible
for both desktops and laptops to make things easier.
Note: A reboot is required for all changes to take effect.

*** Added function {JSCRIPT}=ScreenSaver().

Usage: {JSCRIPT}=ScreenSaver("ssbezier",Minutes,t/f)
"Screen saver is secure" will either show logon screen if Fast User
Switching is enabled, or ask for a password if not. The account must
have a password assigned.
Note: A reboot is required for all changes to take effect.

*** Added function {DIRMOVE}.

Usage: {DIRMOVE} "C:\Test" "D:\Test"
Note: Both paths must be in quotes.
Note: If final destination folder does not already exist, you must
specify it.

*** Fixed a bug with %CDROM% not being set. It was, but then cleared
right after.
*** The sub windows will now resize automatically to match different font
*** Broke down the Conditions and Grayed Conditions menus in Config
Wizard for easier navigation.

Updated all of the themes to a new rendering engine. The html code is
no longer in the theme folder. This way all the themes will match and
function properly. All images may be replaced or removed. Many items
in the theme are still customizable. This is done via the new
wpi_theme.js in each theme folder. The type of theme is defined in the
wpi.inf file: Windows, euDock, CorporateIT, or Accordion.

The names of the images are hard coded in and cannot be changed and
they must be PNG images.

The background image can either be called Wallpaper.jpg or

Wallpaper.png. Or no image and set a background color.

If Title.png exists it will be used. If does not exist, text will be

used. To have no image and no text, copy in Title.png from

If TitleBG.png exists, it will be used as the background pattern. Or

set a color in wpi_theme.js.

SmallBarT.png a SmallBarB.png, if exist will be used. Erase them to not

use them. The heights can be specified in some themes.

If SidePanel.png exists, it will be used as the background for the side

panel (Begin Install, Select All, Select None, etc.). And/or a color
can be specified. The width of the side panel is also customizable.

If Logo.png exists, it will be used as a second image. It is mainly

meant for a company logo/watermark when don't want a big background.
Usually would be light colored, almost transparent. Set its right
edge and bottom edge location.
PinkRibbon and Woody themes are examples.

If Bottom.png exists, it will be placed in the bottom bar at center.

If BottomBG.png exists, it will be used as the background pattern. Or

set a color in wpi_theme.js.

You can specify and customize text to be placed in the bottom bar in
wpi_theme.js. Cannot have both image and text.

The exit button can be on left or right side, and show or not show the

Not all theme types have all the customizable features. If it's not in
wpi_theme.js then it can't be modified so don't try to add anything from
other types.

Went through every .css file and removed several old items that are no
longer used, and changed the names of several items.

Added Network Wizard to facilitate entry of user IP information,
create Windows' users, etc.

This wizard is meant to be set up ahead of time. If you have a business

with 25 users/computers, you would make an entry for each user/computer
with their specific information: IP address, computer name, Workgroup,
etc. If you also use a winnt.sif or XML file, you do not need to enter
Any user specific data, so you only need one "universal" file with global
settings (i.e., Display, Unattended, Windows key, etc).

Once the install process is started, a window will open and you pick
which user/computer you are installing for. Or hit Cancel and nothing
will be changed. The user may also be specified from a command line
argument: user="Ritter, Mark". To specify a different network settings
file: network=iowa_office_networkoptions.js.
In the grid you will see an entry ".default". This entry cannot be
deleted. You can use it for Administrator account, or other non-specific

User information:
Friendly name: Ritter, Mark or Mark Ritter. This is the name you specify
in command line args.

Computer name: Enter the name for user's computer. If left blank no
change will be made.

Windows user account information:

User name: Mark. This will create a new user account in Windows.

User password: Leave blank if don't want one.

Administrator: Check to give this user Administrator rights, else will

be a limited user.

Join workgroup:
Workgroup: Name of your Workgroup.

Reboot after settings are applied: Checking this will reboot the
computer so the newly created user account can be logged on to for user
specific settings/programs.

Auto logon user: Automatically log on to this newly created user.

Clear auto logon user when WPI is finished: This is recommended so any
user password is cleared from registry, and if multiple accounts exist,
allows selection of desired one again.

The rest of the settings are the usual network adapter settings for IP
address, DNS servers, etc.

No support for domains is included. That needs to be done on the

Active Directory server.

Alt+K shortcut key.


*** Broke down the Commands menu in Config Wizard for easier navigation.

*** Added function {JSCRIPT} =SetSecurityCenter_XP ().

Usage: {JSCRIPT} =SetSecurityCenter_XP (Firewall, Updates, Virus, Disabled,

*** Added function {JSCRIPT} =SetAutoLogonUser ().

Usage: {JSCRIPT} =SetAutoLogonUser ("Name","Password","Domain")
Note: Password is optional. If not on domain, use computer name.

*** Added function {JSCRIPT} =ClearAutoLogonUser().

Usage: {JSCRIPT}=ClearAutoLogonUser()

*** Added function {JSCRIPT}=RenameComputer().

Usage: {JSCRIPT}=RenameComputer("Name")
Note: Reboot computer to take effect.

*** Added function {JSCRIPT}=CreateWindowsUser().

Usage: {JSCRIPT}=CreateWindowsUser("Name","Password",Administrator)
Note: Password is optional. Administrator=true/false.
Switch user to take effect.

*** Added function {JSCRIPT}=DeleteWindowsUser().

Usage: {JSCRIPT}=DeleteWindowsUser("Name",true)
Note: If second arg is true, all associated files will be deleted.

*** Added function {JSCRIPT}=SetFirewall().

Usage: {JSCRIPT}=SetFirewall(state)
Note: true or false for enabled or disabled.

*** Added function {JSCRIPT}=SetFilePrinterSharing().

Usage: {JSCRIPT}=SetFilePrinterSharing(state)
Note: true or false to enabled or disable file and printer sharing.

*** Added function {JSCRIPT}=MapNetworkDrive().

Usage: {JSCRIPT}=MapNetworkDrive("Letter","Path",Reconnect)
Note: true or false for Reconnect at logon.
Note: No path checking is done.

*** Added function {JSCRIPT}=ShareFolder().

Usage: {JSCRIPT}=ShareFolder("ShareName","Path")
Note: No path checking is done.

*** Added function {JSCRIPT}=SetPageFileSize().

Usage: {JSCRIPT}=SetPageFileSize(DriveLetter,InititalSize,MaximumSize,
Note: Reboot computer to take effect.

*** Added function {JSCRIPT}=FormatDrive().

Usage: {JSCRIPT}=FormatDrive(Drive,Label,FileSystem,ClusterSize,
Note: Requires user input during install process.

*** Added option to dropdown box in Options -> General -> "Eject CD when
WPI is finished".
*** Updated WriteRegKey() to handle all key types properly. REG_MULTI_SZ
did not work before.
*** No special characters are allowed in UID now. Only A-Z and 0-9.
*** Added command line arg "force" to force the install process. At least
one item must be set to Forced for this to work.
Usage: wpi.exe force=true
*** Removed a bunch of code for CorporateIT theme.

*** Added global variable %userprofileroot%.

XP: C:\Documents & Settings
Vista: C:\Users
Usage: {COPY} d:\UserStuff.txt %userprofileroot%\Mark

*** Improved the IE6 PNG fix code some more.

*** Updated images to work with IE6 better.
*** Fixed bug in Config's commands grid in how it showed some items.
*** Now checks for changes in the wizards before creating a new file or
loading an existing file.
*** The list of configurations was not being updated in the Details tab.
*** Updated saving of all options files.
*** Updated the Ajax code for when checking for an update.
*** Francesco updated his WPI.exe launcher more. Mainly, the Office reg
keys are set before WPI is launched. You won't have to set them in your
batch file anymore. FROM NOW ON, USE WPI.EXE TO START WPI.
*** Removed "Do Office debugger check" option. No longer needed with
*** Added "global" flag to setEnvVar(). If true, then variable is system
wide. If not, only the current process (WPI installer) and any batch
files after will see them, and will clear upon exit.
*** Created a new way to update the useroptions.js and config.js in a much
more user-friendly way. Will make future updates much easier.
*** The Options and Config wizards are now opened in their own window.
This makes Options smaller, but Config larger, to best utilize space.
*** Updated how often the Dependent Of and Excludes combo boxes get
populated. Much faster now when switching items, especially with large
*** These environment variable are now created when WPI is started for use
in batch files: %HDD%, %CDDRV%, %WPIPATH%, %ROOT%, %OSLANG%, %OSLOCALE%.

*** Added function {JSCRIPT}=removeEnvVar().

Usage: {JSCRIPT}=removeEnvVar("Variable")
Note: You don't need to specify the percent's.

*** Music is stopped before Install Finish sound is played.

*** Francesco made WPI Launcher that will use the proper 32/64bit MSHTA
based on your system. Find it on the main forum thread.
*** Updated the way the config.js version is checked. Much more flexible
for future updates.

v7.7.0 Updates - Released July 28th, 2009

**** You will be alerted that your config file is too old. You will need
to save your Config file first, then your Options file, IN THAT ORDER,
to update them.
*** All of the themes have been updated slightly; just for the padding
around the wizards. You should update yours from the web site if you
are not using one of the default ones.
*** Added 24 128x128 generic .png's in the graphics folder for tooltips.
These images can be found, and added to, in the Graphics/Logos folder.
*** Fixed some wrong language codes.
*** Updated the grids with drag-and-drop functionality. Top, Up, Down,
Bottom buttons have been removed. Dragging in main config list not
necessary so not implemented.
*** Changed Conditions and Grayed Conditions string gadgets to textareas
to show more.
*** Added a simple HTML editor for the Description in the Config wizard.
Waiting for the next version to come out with more features.
*** Added Accordions and Editors combo boxes to Style tab. Three skins
*** MAJOR updates to the Options and Config wizards.
*** New Configurations tab in Config wizard. These items were moved
from General tab in Options wizard. These are now specific to the
config file being used. When they were global, all kinds of issues
arose with category sort order, configurations, etc.
*** Interface tab in Options wizard is gone. Those items are moved to
the General tab.
*** All the gadget layouts in all wizards/windows have been updated.
*** The wizard�s sizes have shrunk a little bit.
NOTE: You will be alerted that your config file is too old. You will
need to save your Config file first, then your Options file,
IN THAT ORDER, to update them.

*** Do Not Load Desktop functionality has been updated.

*** Updated the Picture handling in the Config Wizard.
*** Tool tip images can now be placed anywhere. They are not forced to be
in the Graphics folder. If no path is specified it will still be
assumed the Graphics folder for backwards compatibility.
*** Updated trimString() to handle network and additional paths properly.

*** Added function isDesktopLoaded(). (Francesco)

Usage: isDesktopLoaded()
Returns: true or false

*** When using "Load desktop before installation starts", if already on

the desktop, it will start to install. Before it would wait for a
*** Updated Bulgarian Lang file.

v7.6.1 Updates - Released July 6th, 2009

*** Updated German, Spanish, and Italian Lang files. (Thanks Guys)
*** Updated German Manual. (Dynaletik)
*** Updated fileVersionGreaterThan() Function (Francesco).
*** Fixed English and Swedish flags.

v7.6.0 Updates - Released July 5th, 2009

*** Updated the Manual.
*** Added License tab to About window.
*** Fixed a function name typo: had DriveAvailableSize(), but should have
been DriveAvailableSpace().

*** Added function {JSCRIPT}=CreateShortcut() to Commands menu in Config

Wizard to create a shortcut.
Usage: {JSCRIPT}=CreateShortcut("Description","IconLocation","Hotkey",
Description: Shortcut to MyTextFile
Icon Location: C:\Windows\Notepad.exe
TargetPath: C:\Docs\MyTextFile.txt
TargetPath: http://www.mywebsite.com
TargetPath: \\server\files\ThisOne.xls
Arguments: -c -q (command line arguments for a program)
Destination: Desktop, Favorites, etc.
Folder: Subfolder in My Documents, Start Menu, etc. Can be nested.
Note: Use the wizard to make it, please!
Note: Start Menu places it in the upper section of start menu.
Start Menu\Programs places it in the main section of start menu.
*** Updated the error output when saving files.
*** Fixed a bug that would not gray a forced item. Would cause double
installations in certain situations.
*** Fixed bug with WriteRegKey().

*** Added function {JSCRIPT}=setEnvVar().

Usage: {JSCRIPT}=setEnvVar("USERNAME","Mark")
Note: You don't need to specify the percent's.
Why: Set environment variables for installation paths, users, etc.

*** Added function getEnvVar().

Usage: getEnvVar("USERNAME")=="Mark"
Returns: The value or if invalid the same name passed.
Note: You don't need to specify the percent.

*** Added Bulgarian language. Thank you belivakov.

*** Added option to dropdown box in Options -> General -> "Do Microsoft
Office debugger check". It was always done at startup, but occasionally
caused problems. Only needed if installed Office and do not change the
keys before WPI are started.
*** Updated the external modules to the latest versions.
*** Changed the picture width and height drop-down boxes to string gadgets
to allow any size to be used.
*** The picture width and height are automatically filled in. Change if
you wish to scale the picture up or down.
*** Updated the Language drop-down box to show the language flag and put
the text in the matching language.
*** Added Sounds Scheme tab to Options Wizard to play sounds at critical
times. Look in Windows\Media and WPI\Audio\SoundsScheme for samples.
The red stop button is there in case you played a long sample and want
it stopped.
*** Removed option "Randomly select theme" from Options Wizard -> Style.
*** When change themes in the Options Wizard -> Style tab, the settings
are now loaded right away and can be changed. No more need to exit the
wizard to load the new theme settings.

v7.5.0 Updates - Released April 30th, 2009

*** Fixed bug that when starting with no config file, the first entry
would cause an error in the grid.
*** Finally got the xGrid and xWindows to work together to show the
alternating colors for each line.
*** Fixed bug when add new Config entry it always asked if want to update
all UIDs even though it is brand new.

*** Added function isUserName()

Usage: isUserName("Joe User")
Returns: true or false

*** Added function isComputerName()

Usage: isComputerName("Accounting")
Returns: true or false

*** Added function isUserDomain()

Usage: isUserDomain("Workgroup")
Returns: true or false
Note: If not on a real network, domain will be the same as computer name.
*** Added function isLogOnServer()
Usage: isLogOnServer("\\Server1")
Returns: true or false

v7.4.0 Updates - Released March 18th, 2009

*** Added new option: Options -> General -> Always show output window
to display the output window in case input it required.
*** If you change the Unique ID of an entry, WPI will now offer to update
it for all Excludes and Dependencies.

*** Added function fileVersionGreaterThan() (Francesco).

Usage: fileVersionGreaterThan("7.0",getFileVersion("C:\Program Files\Internet
Returns: true or false

*** Added {RUNBG}, run in background, in the Config wizard to allow a

program to be launched by the installer, but not wait for it to quit.
Useful for starting programs when desktop is already loaded, but not
meant for installers. Use with care.

*** Added new option: Options -> General -> Show images in installer
to drop down combo box. This will show a success/fail image instead of
*** Thank you to all the language translators.
*** Fixed bug with command line arguments not being passed to restart.

v7.3.0 Updates - Released January 27th, 2009

*** If you wish to add your own custom functions, if it doesn't already
exist, create a file called userfunctions.js in the WPIScripts folder,
and place your code in it. Then use JSCRIPT={MyFunction()} to call it.
*** Added more information to the log file.
*** Fixed bug with quotes not being placed around paths from network

*** Added function getPointingDeviceID()

Usage: getPointingDeviceID()=="ACPI\PNP.........."
Usage: getPointingDeviceID()=="HID\VID_.........."
Returns: PnP Device ID. See Alt+G Hardware tab.
Why: For wireless mice, multi-button mice.

*** Added function getKeyboardID()

Usage: getKeyboardID()=="ACPI\PNP.........."
Usage: getKeyboardID()=="HID\VID_.........."
Returns: PnP Device ID. See Alt+G Hardware tab.
Why: For wireless keyboards, hot keys.

*** Added function getHDDControllerID()

Usage: getHDDControllerID("PCI\VEN_..........")
Returns: true or false. See Alt+G Hardware tab.

*** Added function getCDBurnerID()

Usage: getCDBurnerID()=="IDE\CDROM.........."
Returns: PnP Device ID. See Alt+G Hardware tab.
Why: Determine if install burning software, Light Scribe software, etc.
Note: Could be a CD or DVD burner. See hasDVDBurner().
Note: Combination drives like CDRWDVD drives do not always return
reliable information. Same for USB drives.

*** Added function getCDBurnerName()

Usage: getCDBurnerName()=="PLEXTOR DVDR PX-800A ATA Device"
Returns: Name of burner. See Alt+G Hardware tab.
Why: Determine if install Light Scribe software or not
Advanced Usage: getCDBurnerName().toUpperCase().indexOf("SCRIBE") != -1
Result: if == -1, then SCRIBE doesn't exist, not Light Scribe.
if != -1 (does not equal), then SCRIBE does exists.
This is a simple check of the name for Light Scribe.
Can also check for DVD or something else in the name.
Note: Could be a CD or DVD burner. See hasDVDBurner().

*** Added function getCDROMID()

Usage: getCDROMID()=="IDE\CDROM.........."
Returns: PnP Device ID. See Alt+G Hardware tab.
Why: Determines hasDVDROM(). May have other use. Completeness.
Note: Could be a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM. See hasDVDROM().

*** Added function hasDVDROM()

Usage: hasDVDROM()
Returns: true or false
Why: Determine if install DVD movie playing software or not. Older
computers may only have a CD-ROM.

*** Added function hasDVDBurner()

Usage: hasDVDBurner()
Returns: true or false
Why: Determine if install DVD only burning software, i.e., for movies.
Advanced Usage: hasDVDBurner()
Result: There is a burner and it is a DVD burner. Short cut method.
Advanced Usage: getCDBurnerName() != "n/a" && !hasDVDBurner()
Result: There is a burner but it's not a DVD burner, so it's just a
CD burner.

*** Added function hasDVDDrive()

Usage: hasDVDDrive()
Returns: true or false
Why: Shortcut to determine if there is a DVD ROM or burner, but doesn't
say what kind of drive.
Same as: hasDVDROM() || hasDVDBurner

*** Added function getHDDControllerID()

Usage: getHDDControllerID("PCI\VEN_..........")
Returns: true or false. See Alt+G Hardware tab.
Note: There could be multiple controllers, so you have to know the ID
of the one you are checking if exists or not.
Note: This is only useful for installing support software, not the
driver itself.

*** Items with very long names will not be cut off and will see an
ellipsis, ... , so all the columns stay the same width and no horizontal
scroll bar. If text gets cut off when doesn't need to be, reduce the
number of columns in Options -> General -> Number of columns.
*** Updated all installer.css files.
*** Created LIVESTRONG and PinkRibbon themes.
*** Created Accordion theme. The navigation system may be used later in
the main program.
*** Created Da Vinci theme to show customization of themes.
*** Updated {EXTRACT} to handle wildcards better.
*** All reg keys are now deleted to prevent any cross-contamination.
*** The reg keys that store the paths for options and config files are now
deleted when quit and after install is complete.
*** Updated getOSver() and getOSeditionID().
Usage: getOSeditionID()=="Home Basic Premium Edition"

NOTE: getOSeditionID() now has Edition in all returned values. You will
need to update your conditions.

If on XP, getOSeditionID() will return "Home Edition" or "Professional


If on Server 2003, getOSeditionID() will return "Standard Edition",

"Enterprise Edition", "Web Edition", "Datacenter Edition", or "Itanium

If on 2K, getOSeditionID() will return "Professional Edition", "Server

Edition", "Advanced Server Edition", or "Datacenter Edition".

*** Updated the command line args parser. Wasn't accepting quotes in path
*** The font installer now checks if the font already exists so don't get
any verification alerts to overwrite it.
*** Installer cannot be started if a wizard is open.
*** Updated some of the audio player function calls.
*** Added option to Audio Player to copy the Audio folder to your
harddrive when installation starts. This should prevent any skipping or
slowing of reads from DVD.

v7.2.2 Updates - Released December 21th, 2008

*** Tweaked all the themes to get spacing in buttons to match across the
*** Log file now logs all user settings.
*** Fixed a bug in the installer with the reboot and history files.
*** Tweaked the update notice for config file.
*** Tweaked how the Options/Config file path is set. No longer uses
relative paths.

*** Added function getIEver().

Usage: getIEver()=="7.0"
Returns: 5.5, 6.0, 7.0, 8.0

*** Automated the %comma% placement/replacement. You can put your commas
back in place of the %comma%.
*** Fixed bug with &'s in command line. Also fixed bugs with commas in
*** Fixed bug in installer not using selected language after a reboot.
*** Took Change Log tab out of About WPI window. Too large; slows closing
of window.
*** More information is logged in the install log file.
*** Fixed a sorting bug when saving the Config file.
*** Using new IE6 PNG filter code. It works better, but, is slower and
system intensive.
*** Updated CDROM check yet again. CDROM will be set if started from a CD
or a USB key (removable device).
*** Updated Pause and Abort in installer even more.
*** Updated the Pause in installer. Now pauses immediately.

v7.2.1 Updates - Released December 8th, 2008

*** {INSTINF} will now remove quotes when pick a file from file requester.
Commas cannot be used in the path either.
*** Tweaked the 2 basic themes some.
*** Re-added the missing XP_06 timer/progress bar.
*** Graphical tweaks.
*** Added %comma% to be able to use a comma in a command line.
*** Fixed bug in Category Sort Order not auto-populating all the
*** Fixed quote problem in Category Sort Order and Audio Player.
*** Changed default paths to handle network shares properly.
*** Fixed typo in {DELDIR}.
*** Updated {SLEEP} and {REBOOT} functions.
*** Added option "Show command line text in installer" to General tab.
This will hide or show the command line at the top of the installer
*** Made some tweaks to {FILECOPY} and {DIRCOPY}.
*** ssjoco did Hungarian translation.
*** CorporateIT theme now supports wallpapers in theme folder, and custom
background images in Graphics folder. Use wisely...
*** Updated {DIRCOPY} command.
*** jinkazama did Italian translation.
*** AlBundy33 found 2 bugs.

v7.2.0 Updates - Released November 28, 2008

*** Renamed Corp_WindowsXP theme to CorporateIT.
*** If check "Insert condition values or examples" checkbox, Conditions
and Grayed Conditions will fill in values based on your computer or an
example string will be entered to show how to use a function.
*** Updated pngbehavior.htc. It is now only loaded when needed. Some
themes now require IE7 or higher.
*** Added a new <meta> tag for themes that require a minimum version of
Internet Explorer. It must be on line 4.
<meta content="IE7">
Example: mritter_euDock requires IE7+
Note: don't put a space before meta.
*** Conditions tab in Information window now shows some details based on
your computer.
*** Updated the Commands, Conditions/Grayed Conditions combo boxes to full
*** Added Hardware tab to Information window (Alt+G).
*** Added Change Log tab to About window.

*** Added function getBaseBoardManufacturer()

Usage: getBaseBoardManufacturer()=="ASUSTeK Computer Inc."
Returns: Name of motherboard manufacturer

*** Added function getBaseBoardModel()

Usage: getBaseBoardModel()=="K8VSEDX"
Returns: Model of motherboard

*** Added function getVideoControllerID()

Usage: getVideoControllerID()=="PCI\VEN_.........."
Returns: PnP Device ID. See Alt+G Hardware tab.

*** Added function getSoundDeviceID()

Usage: getSoundDeviceID()=="PCI\VEN_.........."
Returns: PnP Device ID. See Alt+G Hardware tab.

*** Added function getNetworkAdapterID()

Usage: getNetworkAdapterID()=="PCI\VEN_.........."
Returns: PnP Device ID. See Alt+G Hardware tab.

*** Added function getWirelessNetworkAdapterID()

Usage: getWirelessNetworkAdapterID()=="PCI\VEN_.........."
Returns: PnP Device ID. See Alt+G Hardware tab.

*** Added function getModemID()

Usage: getModemID()=="PCI\VEN_.........."
Returns: PnP Device ID. See Alt+G Hardware tab.

*** Added function getSystemEnclosureType()

Usage: getSystemEnclosureType()=="Laptop"
Returns: Laptop or Desktop
Note: This cannot be checked by WMI, so it is based on whether or not a
battery exists and a PCMCIAController exists. Not perfect by any means.

*** Added function getBIOSManufacturer()

Usage: getBIOSManufacturer()=="Phoenix"
Returns: Name of BIOS manufacturer

*** Added function getBIOSVersion()

Usage: getBIOSVersion()=="PTLTD - 6040000"
Returns: Short string BIOS version

*** Added function getSMBIOSVersion()

Usage: getSMBIOSVersion()=="2.3"
Returns: Short string BIOS version

*** Added function getBIOSCaption()

Usage: getBIOSCaption()=="BIOS Version 73.08"
Returns: Long string BIOS version

*** Added function getSysManufacturer()

Usage: getSysManufacturer()=="Gateway"
Returns: Gateway, Dell,..., To Be Filled By O.E.M.

*** Added function getSysModel()

Usage: getSysModel()=="MX3231"
Returns: a string with model or To Be Filled By O.E.M.

*** Added function getSysPCType()

Usage: getSysPCType()=="Desktop"
Returns: Unspecified, Desktop, Mobile, Workstation, Enterprise Server,
Small Office and Home Office (SOHO) Server, Appliance PC, Performance
Server, Maximum.
NOTE: Mobile does NOT refer to laptops.
*** Added function getSysType()
Usage: getSysType()=="x64-based PC"
Returns: x64-based PC, X86-based PC, MIPS-based PC, Alpha-based PC,
Power PC, SH-x PC, StrongARM PC, 64-bit Intel PC, 64-bit Alpha PC,
Unknown, X86-Nec98 PC
NOTE: The 'x' is not always lower-case.

*** Default description now set to program's name so tooltips won't show
*** Added a filter to the Config Wizard to only display the items in the
selected category. More options to come later.
*** Took out the default categories to prevent errors with the new filter.
*** Added a prompt to confirm overwriting existing Options/Configs files.
*** Updated the CD/DVD drive check again. Should be no more pop-ups
asking to insert a disc 4 times.
*** Updated Options -> General -> Categories Sort Order to use grid.
*** Added a check so can't try to save to a CD/DVD.
*** {EXTRACT} is now handled internally for more control.
*** Updated Options -> Audio Player to use grid.
*** When select a DOS command in the command drop-down box it will replace
the current command. There can only be one DOS call per line, so it
assumes you want to change it.
*** Updated the command string gadget to handle input better and reflect
it in the grid.
*** Got the buttons to disable properly and not shrink/grow.
*** Added TerminateProcess() to internally kill a process so no longer
need to rely on tskill or taskkill. This is done in Config wizard.
Usage: {TASKKILL} notepad.exe
*** Extensively updated the Config Wizard:
*** Your config file will be updated automatically at first run.
*** Added a grid for navigation. It is sort able and uses keyboard
*** Tabbed the wizard to save vertical space.
*** Now has unlimited commands per entry.
*** Registry Before/After is now eliminated. They are now placed as
first and last commands.
*** To do any other reg edits, pick RegEdit from combo box.
*** Updated the built-in commands to be encased in { }
This will allow for easier expansion in the future.
*** More error checking capable in installer.
*** {TASKKILL} now handles Vista and XP/2000 family properly.
*** USSF updated to handle only 1 command line.
*** Quotes will be added when possible when updating.
*** Main command string gadget updated immensely.
*** Updated all the possible alert() call with my new Alert() that uses
the built-in windows for a better look and customization, more buttons
possible, self-closing after a set time, etc.
*** Your chosen options and config files are now remembered and loaded the
next time WPI is started. Since it is saved in a reg key, this only
works from the desktop. Otherwise you still have to use command line
args to specify other files.
*** Fixed a bug with "Default install path" not being honored.
*** Fixed some tiny bugs in Options Wizard.
*** Occasionally USSF would erase the command line. It seems to always be
at the first run. Now WPI runs it when first open Config Wizard to get
it "initialized" properly. No guarantee it will fix the problem.
*** Updated About WPI window.
*** Made Install Order gadget only accept numbers.
*** Removed tabs skin Vista Default Dark. Use DHX Black instead.
*** Added 2 new buttons skins, DHX Black and DHX Blue.
*** Added 2 new grids skins, DHX Blue (used to be light) and DHX Black.
*** Added 12 menu skins for Corp_WindowsXP only.
*** Added 4 toolbar skins for Corp_WindowsXP only.
*** Added 3 new tab skins: Glassy Blue, DHX Blue, and DHX Black.
*** Created a new layout for the Config Wizard with a new grid and tab
system. Not usable on 800x600 resolution.
*** Moved several options around in the Options Wizard.
*** Fixed a few bugs when saving a totally blank config.
*** New option: Options -> General -> Verify before installing if started
from harddrive. If checked, will verify that you really want to do an
install process if started from harddrive. Will not ask, even if
checked, if started from CD/DVD. Prevent accidental installs when
editing config.
*** When hit Abort in the installer, there is now an option, Open WPI,
that will abort the installer and re-open WPI.
*** Improved the way the installer aborts when user halts the install
process. It used to finish all the commands in the current item. Now
it stops immediately.
*** Some virus scanners were complaining that USSF is a virus. It is not.
It has been recompiled without UPX compression and can be decompiled for
*** Added a check so can't switch to/from Options/Config editors directly
without closing the editor first.
*** Changed the way path variables are handled a little. %root% or
%root%\ and %cdrom% or %cdrom%\ are acceptable now.
*** Fixed Execute Before/After to properly set paths (%wpipath%, %root%)
and quotes.
*** The shell window is now not shown (flashed) for DOS commands and
RegEdit entries.
*** Took out XML error message when doing Internet check at startup.
*** Updated code for all possible resolutions for ResChange.
*** By pure chance, midiboy needed to turn on script debugging in IE to
send me a bug report. By doing this, it cured the problem of Office
causing WPI to do an internal restart. Now WPI checks 2 reg keys and
turns debugging on when started, closes itself, re-launches itself to
let reg keys take effect, and back off if that was the original state
when exits. This may also cure other mysterious anomalies people have

NOTE: The above only works on the desktop. When starting at RunOnceEx
you must change the reg keys before WPI is started. The scripts and
launchers are provided on the forum.
*** Custom fonts placed in the theme folder will now be installed
automatically. Any number of fonts may be added, but they must occur
between the theme version line and <title> line:
<meta content="WPI Theme 7.0+">
<meta font="myfontname.ttf">
<title>Windows Post-Install Wizard</title>
*** Fixed 2 bugs dealing with random theme selection. Windows theme can
now be deleted.
*** Added Shuffle to audio player.
*** Added to installer window: Count up timer; current item number of
total number of items (5/25); computer name and user name.
*** Cleaned up the reboot code that had some code that was no longer
needed, changed the way the log file was written, and several other
small updates. This should prevent the installer from hanging on the
"Could not open rb_config.js" error message.
*** Fixed a bug in the installer that would show the category line again
after a reboot.
*** Now using JavaScript to install fonts internally. In the Tools
folder, Fonts/fontinst.exe and Fonts/fontinst.inf have been removed and
the Fonts folder moved to Graphics/Fonts. All the fonts in this folder
will be installed if Tools -> Install fonts is checked.
*** getOSver() returns 08 for Server 2008.
*** Updated getOSver(), getOSeditionID() and getSPver() checks by using
*** Updated the cdrom check by using WMI.
*** Added function getFirewallProduct()
Usage: getFirewallProduct()==""
Returns: name of firewall software/hardware registered with Windows
Security Center.
*** Added function getAntiVirusProduct()
Usage: getAntiVirusProduct()=="AVG Anti-Virus Free"
Returns: name of antivirus software registered with Windows Security
*** Got the grid colors to alternate properly and highlight the item that
is being hovered over.

v7.1.1 Updates - Released September 12, 2008


*** Dynaletik figured out the online update check. I was using google.com
for the test, but in Germany, and probably a few other countries, it
gets redirected, in his case to google.de. Therefore, the response
would not come back properly and would fail. Now I am using
*** Dynaletik updated German manual some more.
*** Now using RegEdt32 for 64bit reg edits.
*** Russian language file and manual written by stasys44.
*** Spanish language file updated by Alanparson.

v7.1.0 Updates - Released September 1, 2008


*** Added check boxes to Execute Before/After to enable 64bit processing

of scripts or RegEdits. See below.
*** Right click in text gadgets are back!!!!!!
*** 32/64bit shutdown.exe is now specified. Fixed a small bug with it.
*** Fixed a bug dealing with network share paths.
*** Shrunk and re-aligned the media player in the installer. This made the
window shorter, also.
*** Added XP_06 progress bar.
*** Added Vista Dark tabs.
*** Made installer window 86 pixels narrower.
*** Added a Grids combo box to customize the grid skin. There are 7 skins.
*** Now using grids to display large amounts of information, such as in
the Information window (Alt+G).
*** Added 7 new Windows skins.
*** Added First and Last links on the main page for quick jumping.
*** Added a check box to Config wizard: Enable 64bit processing.
Checking this will use the 64bit versions of RegEdit and cmd.exe
(for scripts), if on a 64bit system. It will not affect how a program is
installed. It is still beta.
*** Config text input boxes moves cursor to end when pick from
drop-down boxes.
*** Added 2 more slider skins: default and Vista.
*** Made internet check an option in General -> Options.
*** An absolute path, not just Graphics folder,
can be set for program icons.
*** Added an online update check button in About WPI.
*** Norwegian manual from rogergh. Thanks!
*** Fixed in the installer, after a reboot, the Success text was black,
not green.
*** Made sure that ./Common/imgs/spacer.gif is used everywhere,
not the one in the theme folder.
*** Added to Options -> General -> Options: Load desktop before
installation starts. This will make WPI launch after the desktop is
fully loaded.

Use this with caution:

1) Install Windows, WPI is launched before desktop loaded,

timer counts down or Begin Install, desktop loads, installation starts.

2) WPI started from desktop, timer counts down or Begin Install,

WPI closes, installation will not start until system rebooted and the
desktop loaded.

*** Updated Sort Order list box to be like audio player box.
*** Added to Config -> Commands: RegDLL, UnRegDLL, and INF.
RegDLL calls: regsvr32.exe /s %dll%
UnRegDLL calls: regsvr32.exe /u /s/ %dll%
INF calls:
rundll32.exe setupapi,InstallHinfSection DefaultInstall 132 %inf%
(%dll% and %inf% are your chosen files)
*** Added to Options -> General: Default install path.
This allows you to choose what path is used by default, or a
custom path, for all the Config entries.

v7.0.1 Updates - Released August 3, 2008


*** Added "native" tabs and buttons images for XP and Vista.
*** Fixed a few small bugs that sneaked through in 7.0 releases.

v7.0 Updates - Released August 1, 2008


*** Now cleans up after itself after an aborted installation and a restart
and not continue installation.
*** Fixed the long loading time of large config.js files.
*** Added Style tab to the Options wizard. you Can select from 11
different Windows skins, 5 Tabs skins, 7 Sliders skins, 32 Buttons
skins, 17 Cursors (mouse pointers), 11 Progress bars, 12 installer
backgrounds, 6 installer logos. More to come......
This is just a starting point.
*** Localized more strings. (Dynaletik)
*** Added line at end of installer log:
Number of failed installations: 24
You can quick look here to see if all went well or had errors.
*** Streamlined all of the themes. All css data is now loaded in WPI.hta.
*** Took out Extra Width and Extra Height gadgets for installer window.
It is a fixed size now. Can be put back if people want it.
*** Took out 16 redundant images from every theme.
*** Removed optionbg from all themes. It was a redundant picture.
*** Moved all common images to either the common\imgs or the
graphics folders.
*** Added JSCRIPT=TimedWaitForDelete(delay,file,secs) to wait for a
file to be deleted. This can be used to check if an installer temp file
has been deleted. delay=num secs before start checking, give the
installer time to start.
JSCRIPT=TimedWaitForDelete(10,"C:\Program Files\WinRAR\WinRAR.exe",10)
*** Added JSCRIPT=TimedWaitForFile(file,secs) to truly wait for an
installer to finish. This can be used to check for the existence of the
program's icon or exe before doing a reg tweak.
(deadbug had original idea/code)
JSCRIPT=TimedWaitForFile("C:\Program Files\WinRAR\WinRAR.exe",10)
*** Added JSCRIPT= to commands to execute a JavaScript function. (deadbug)
JSCRIPT=alert("Opens a window")
*** Fixed bug dealing with RestartComputer not working if a %reboot% was
*** Fixed bug dealing with no default log file reg key being written.
*** About WPI is now opened in an internal window like below.
*** The manual is now opened in an internal window like below.
*** The Alt+G information page now opens in an internal window. This
window can be moved and minimized when working in Config wizard to see
all the functions and how to use them.
*** Added Corp_WindowsXP theme. This was a separate entity called
WPI Corporate but decided to merge the two together. This theme is
meant to look just like a regular Windows window with menus and
tool bar. No fancy graphics. Meant to be used in a business setting
where crazy graphics are not needed. Be sure to use "Show window border"
in Options -> Window. There is still work to do in Config wizard......
Stay tuned for updates.
*** Fixed several bugs, updated a ton of code, streamlined code, etc......
*** Updated the volume slider. Skinnable.
*** Took out 2 checks for CDROM. If can't find WPI.hta on an actual
CD/DVD drive then cddrv (%cdrom%) defaults to %wpipath%.
*** Added function isInstalled()
Usage: isInstalled("Adobe Reader 8.1.2")
Returns: true or false
WARNING: This could take from 5 to 30 seconds for each check!
Does not work on Windows 2003.
*** Added function ConnectedToInternet()
Usage: ConnectedToInternet()
Returns: true or false
*** Added function getmshtaBits()
Usage: getmshtaBits()==64
Returns: 64 or 32
*** Updated the buttons to CSS buttons. Can be customizable in the Buttons
folder in Common/imgs/Buttons. Change name in the theme style sheet.
Size is important!
*** Added function getOSeditionID()
Usage: getOSeditionID()=="HomePremium"
Returns: HomePremium, Ultimate,... or "Not found"
*** Updated the installer:
*** Whole new look and feel. More professional looking.
*** List of commands is scrollable
*** Each item is broken down by rega, commands, regb
*** No longer using images for success/failed.
*** Window and list are wider
*** Current command line shown at top of list box

The list will add the latest item to the bottom and scroll it in to
view. If move scroll bar up to see previous entries, it will stay there.
Scroll back down to bottom to resume scrolling.

*** Fixed a bug when creating a new Options file it would error at
SortOrder line. (t4user)
*** Fixed a bug in the paths not inheriting their parent path properly.
*** Fixed a "bug" in the OSLang code.
Now defaults to English if none specified.
*** Added function getOSlocale()
Usage: getOSlocale()=="English - United States"
Returns: English - United States
*** Start to use: getFileVersion() and getDriveLetters(), lower-case get
instead of GetFileVersion() and GetDriveLetters(). Both will still work.
*** Added function getTotalRAM()
Usage: getTotalRAM()>512
Returns: 1024 (megabytes)
*** Added function getFreeRAM()
Usage: getFreeRAM()>300
Returns: 512 (megabytes)
*** Added function getFileType()
Usage: getFileType("C:\test.txt")=="PNG Image"
Returns: "" or type, i.e., "Text Document"
*** Added function getFolderSize()
Usage: getFolderSize("C:\windows\")>10000
Returns: number of bytes or -1 if not exists
*** Added function getFileSize()
Usage: getFileSize("C:\test.txt")>100
Returns: number of bytes or -1 if not exists
*** Added function FolderExists()
Usage: FolderExists("C:\test\")
Returns: true or false
*** Added function DriveAvailableSpace()
Usage: DriveAvailableSpace("C:")>75 or DriveAvailableSpace("C:\")>75
Returns: 150 (gigabytes) or -1 if not exists
*** Added function DriveTotalSize()
Usage: DriveTotalSize("C:")>=100 or DriveTotalSize("C:\")>=100
Returns: 150 (gigabytes) or -1 if not exists
*** Added function DriveFileSystem()
Usage: DriveFileSystem("C:")=="NTFS" or DriveFileSystem("C:\")=="NTFS"
Returns: FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, or null.
*** Added function DriveShareName()
Usage: DriveShareName("X:") or DriveShareName("X:\")
Returns: null or a name like "\\server\share".
Must be a mapped network drive.
*** Added function DriveVolumeName()
Usage: DriveVolumeName("C:") or DriveVolumeName("C:\")
Returns: "" or a name. C:\ is usually blank.
*** t4user translated the manual into French. Thanks!
*** Dynaletik translated the manual into German. Thanks!
*** Added "Window Coordinates" to Window tab which allows:
*** Custom window width and height
*** Open main window at specified x y coordinates
*** Open installer window at specified x y coordinates
Pick "Custom..." from drop-down box to enabled text gadgets.
*** Added command line args:
theme=Evil_Vista no spaces!
resolution=1024 the width

800 = 800x600 12802 = 1280x720

1024 = 1024x768 12803 = 1280x768
1280 = 1280x1024 12804 = 1280x800
1400 = 1400x1050 1440 = 1440x900
1600 = 1600x1200 16002 = 1600x1024
1920 = 1920x1400 1680 = 1680x1050
19202 = 1920x1080

*** Fixed bug in Config wizard not opening Other... text box for category.
*** Fixed a minor bug picking which language for the manual.
*** Added function getComSpec()
Returns: C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe
or other appropriate path.
*** Added function getArchMHz()
Usage: getArchMHz()>1800
Returns: 2002 (2GHz)
Return: 1496 (1.5GHz)
*** Added function getNumProcs()
Usage: getNumProcs()>1
Returns 1, 2, 4, etc.
*** Added function getArchIdentifier()
Returns: x86 Family 15 Model 4 Stepping 8
Returns: x86 Family 6 Model 13 Stepping 8
*** Added function getArchNameStrings()
Returns: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3200+
Returns: Intel(R) Celeron(R) M processor 1.50GHz
*** Added function getArchName()
Usage: getArchName()=="AuthenticAMD"
Returns: AuthenticAMD, GenuineIntel, etc.
*** Added function getBits()
Usage: getBits()==64
Returns: 32 or 64
*** Added function getArch6432()
Usage: getArch6432()=="AMD64"
Returns: AMD64 or NOT_DEFINED.
*** Added function getArch()
Usage: getArch()=="AMD64"
Returns: x86, AMD64, or IA64 (Itanium).
*** Added to Tools tab: Time stamp log file.
The log file can now time stamped:


for testing purposes. Keep an eye on the log path,

it can fill up quickly!

*** The log file command lines are now 1 line for easier reading.
*** Updated Installer.hta to deal with css better.
*** Updated "About WPI" code to auto-update.

v6.5 Updates - Released June 1, 2008

*** Added command getOSlang(). Returns a three letter code:
ENU, FRA, ITA, etc.
*** Fixed bug with default options not saving properly. Now done before
Options wizard is opened, and again when opened.
*** Took tips back out of Options and Config. Maybe temporarily.
*** Fixed a bug in excludorIsChecked().
*** Kel wrote a new manual.
*** Added Finnish local text.
*** Updated all themes to be v6.5 minimum and consistent code.
*** Took View Source out of all themes.
*** sadicq updated USSF to handle the 10 commands in Config.
*** Bernard DUJARDIN (t4user) coded some major enhancements:
*** Added a check before closing if made any changes in the Wizards.
*** Put tips back in Options and Config.
*** Foreign language check.
*** Fixed bug in Sort Order box and localized it.
*** CreateTab() and LocalizeText() updates.
*** Tool tip code update to work in Options and Config properly.
*** Fixed a potential bug in timers.js that could get the timer started
twice and not stop when supposed to.
*** Updated themes Server, Windows, Vista, and XPize Dark to new code call
*** WPI now calculates how many items can be in a column. You can
customize it in wpi.htm in the theme folder. Un-comment and change the
line: // maxentries += 2; // Set your custom number of items per column
*** Fixed a bug in the theme check in Options wizard.
*** Added a volume control slider in Options -> Audio Player.
*** Added more screen resolutions.
*** Localized some texts in Options and Config wizards.
*** Tweaked the Options tab to have the gadgets size themselves better.
*** Added Window tab to Options. You can now specify how to open the WPI
window: with or without a border, gadgets, etc.
NOTE: These settings are global and will affect all themes.
*** Fixed the Reg Before/After quotes bug. For sure this time!
*** Fixed some miscellaneous "bugs" in the installer.
*** In WPI_Log.txt it now shows the number of items being installed,
and the total number of commands in those items.

v6.4.1 Updates - Released April 29th, 2008


*** Added a Vista Based theme (optimized for 1024x768 Res)

*** Found an errant old "Glossy" theme entry
*** Fixed the %reboot% issue
*** Lang updates on a handful of languages New Lang entry to guys so we
need more updates. Please check the lang_en.js for the new section.
*** Updates by t64user from MSFN.org (Thank you very much!) ***
*** Localize the Confirm Delete when user deletes a program config in
Config Wizard.
*** Added stuff to secure user (Popup Boxes reminding you to save in the
options and config wizards)
*** Category list fixes and modifications.
*** Bug correction Enable All Gadgets in function Clone Entry
*** Problem in Localization with Options Wizard
*** Truncated window in Options wizard (Better scrolling handling now)

v6.4 Updates - Released April 1st, 2008


*** Reverted to a Windows Style theme as default

*** Removed Glossy theme \ added Server theme
*** Updated 7zip to v4.57
*** Updated some of the Languages
*** Updated ResChange to v3.12
*** Minor Code Updates
*** Removed old legacy CD check (Thanks Zorphnog!)
*** New Buttons, OptionsBG and about images! (Thanks Wolfx2)
*** Lots of minor appearance tweaks!

v6.3 Updates - Released November 30th, 2007


*** Added code that will count the number of commands (and rega/regb) for
all programs. This way the progress bar will be fairly more accurate as
it updates per command instead of per program. (Zorphnog)
*** Changed Taskkill to Tskill for a wider audience.
Usage = Tskill [program] Don't add the .exe, only add the tasks name.
i.e. "Tskill explorer"
*** Major advances in implementing the run entries for WPI You now can
have the option of it running AFTER the desktop loads (ricktendo64)

v6.2 Updates - Released August 10th, 2007


*** Fixed all of the issues with the extra 4 command lines
*** Sadly the Double quotes on regentries bug has returned so please
remember to remove the quotes from the regafter and regbefore lines...

v6.1 Updates - Released July 27th, 2007


*** WPI will now automatically trim the paths to:

*** Added 4 more Command lines.
*** Turned the volume down a bit on the embedded media player.
*** Fixed the reboot issues (zorphnog)
*** Fixed the api error upon finalizing after a reboot (Zorphnog)

v6 Updates - Released June 20, 2007


*** Fixed the double quotes bug on Registry Before\After!

*** Moved hotkeys back to alt+
*** Added Punjabi Language and updated several of the other languages.
*** Added function of getfileversion.
*** Added identifiers for Vista os disk.
*** Compiled a whole new system for making the runonce & MCE theme
entries for WPI through RunWPI.exe to be used in cmdlines.txt
*** Added the new official theme for WPI.
*** Added check for Vista, getOSver()=="Vista". (mritter)
v5.6 Updates - Released November 19, 2006

*** Lawrenca wrote a script to use 7-Zip to extract archives via a new
command call %extract%. i.e. = %extract% z:\archive.rar t:\
*** Added combo boxes before all Command lines to add paths and DOS
commands easier. All paths/commands will append at the end.
*** The Config wizard will now auto-size itself to maximum width available
to use all available real-estate.
*** Added combo boxes before Condition and Grayed Condition to make adding
condition checks easier. All new conditions will be appended at the end.
*** Lawrenca wrote code for Config wizard for combo boxes for Dependent Of
and Excludes to make selecting values easier.
*** Fixed a bug in Options wizard. Check On Load was never being set to
their proper value.
*** Added a default image button in Config wizard next to the picture file
gadget for entries without an image.
Default: Graphics\InstallPackage.png
*** Fixed a bug in Add entry in config wizard.
*** Added FILEMOVE and DELDIR to Config wizard.
*** Tweaked the Config wizard to handle name changes and Clone
entries better.
*** Added a button next to Unique ID to generate a new UID
*** Moved hotkeys from Alt+ to Ctrl+.
*** Fixed a huge bug dealing with displaying the category name in the
install window. It was not honoring the sort order,
just alphabetizing every time.
*** Fixed a bug dealing with the loading of the tool tip style.
*** Added class ftxt (force text color) to wpi.css.
Default is red so know what items are under a Forced condition.
*** Reduced the time required to create the Navigation panel by 50%.
*** Updated the look of the manual interface. Added 'Expand All' and
'Collapse All' at the bottom.

v5.5 Updates - Released October 9, 2006


*** Cured the alignment problem for Previous/Next buttons on the main
window. This also cured the alignment at the top.
*** If 'Install by category' is checked, the category name is now shown in
the install window above each category�s items.
*** Fixed a bug dealing with 'Sort Order' value not being changed in the
Navigation pane.
*** Added 'Clone' to Config wizard to duplicate the current entry.
*** The manual is now opened to the section you are at: Main, Options
(to the active tab), or Config.
*** Commented out all alert() messages dealing with the install log file.
This would halt the installation process until user intervention.
*** Added variable %root% to get WPI's parent folder.
*** Lawrenca wrote code to add keyboard shortcuts, I updated it to:

Alt+Enter: Begin installs

Ctrl+A: Select All
Ctrl+D: Select Default
Ctrl+N: Select None
Alt+O: Toggle Options Wizard
Alt+C: Toggle Config Wizard
Alt+S: Toggle Show Source
Alt+M: Toggle Manual
Alt+W: Toggle About WPI

Alt+B: Toggle Show Extra Buttons

Alt+B: Show list of global variables
Alt+T: Toggle Show Tool Tips

ESC: Close current wizard or Exit WPI

F1: Toggle Manual

F2: Toggle Options Wizard
F3: Toggle Config Wizard
F11: Toggle Show Source
F12: Toggle About WPI

*** Added to Options -> Interface 'Use USSF in silent mode' to either open
the USSF window or silently append the switches.
*** Added to Options -> Installer 'Re-open WPI after installation is
complete'. This can be used if launching stand-alone programs,
like FireFox, from a USB key. Or to check the status of cond[] and
gcond[] conditions after installing some core programs.
*** Fixed the way the Config wizard file requester and USSF gadgets
are toggled.
*** Added DriveType() to check what kind of drive a letter is.

Returns one of these values:


*** Added DriveExists() for cond and gcond statements.


Returns true or false.

*** Installer now resumes before the desktop is displayed, but still
after the user logon.
*** Put back "Show extra buttons" options in Options -> Interface.
Also added "Do not show if started from CD/DVD" to allow showing when
run from harddrive but automatically hide them when started from a Disk.
*** Fixed a bug dealing with wpipath.

Version 5.4 (Sept/12/2006)


*** Quotes are now put around the command paths so spaces in the path will
be taken care of.
*** Created a new "built-in" manual. Only 50% done.
*** Options -> Miscellaneous tab eliminated. Log gadgets moved to Tools
tab. Use Multi Defaults checkbox moved to Installer tab.
*** Show Extra Buttons checkbox removed.
*** WPI now can detect if it was started from a CD/DVD or a harddrive.
If started from hdd then the extra buttons (Options, Config,....) are
shown. If started from CD/DVD then they are automatically hidden.
No more forgetting to turn it off when burn a UACD.
*** Added two new commands for Config wizard: RegKeyExists() and
RegKeyValue() for use in Cond and GCond statements.
RegKeyExists("HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\WPI\Theme") returns true or
false. RegKeyValue("HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\WPI\Theme")=="Glossy"
*** Removed all code for Media Player in WPI main window.
It is still available in the install window.
*** Added an icon in Config wizard to access The Universal Silent Switch
Finder to easily find the switches. Arguments are not allowed,
just the plain path.
*** Sadicq totally re-wrote USSF, gave it an interface, and
incorporated it with WPI so can send the switches directly to the
command line. PEiD is no longer needed. Four new images in the themes
folders: USSF_Out.jpg, USSF_Over.jpg, USSF_Down.jpg, USSF_Disabled.jpg
NOTE: WPI and your archives folder must on the same partition!!!
*** WPI used to add the \ (backslash) to system variables,
it now does not to be more like native Windows environment.
*** A list of the global variables is now saved in the log file.
***There are some extra sound files in Audio -> Beeps folder.
Copy one to your theme folder and rename to TimerSound.wav
*** The Manual button has been removed. Added About button in its place.
*** Added to Options -> Installer: 'Start beep at t-minus seconds'.
To customize when to start count-down beep. Set to 0 to not play sound.
*** Added a check box in Options -> Installer:
"If grayed condition is true, disable the check box"
*** Fixed a bug dealing with grayed condition not setting the text
color correctly.
*** Added {sleep} to make WPI pause for x seconds. Put it on a command
line: {sleep} 10 For a 10 second delay.
The command window can't be hidden at this time.
*** Added %reboot% to force a reboot at anytime. Put it on a command line.
%reboot% = Reboot immediately, %reboot% 10 = Reboot after 10 seconds,
%reboot% 15 -c "A message why" = Reboot after 15 seconds and show a
*** Michael Mims (Zorphnog) updated the installer to allow for a reboot
during the installation process. This will allow for drivers to be
installed or user settings to be changed, reboot, install the rest
of your software.
*** Sadicq fixed a bug in the Config wizard dealing with adding a new
category it would duplicate what was already there.
*** Updated the Options tabs to a better version that is AJAX based.
This changed the theme files yet again.
*** Fixed a bug dealing with forced items not being re-checked when hit
Exit and Force Install is checked.
Caused by Zorphnoq's update below (not his fault).
*** The tool tip style is now theme independent. A new file is saved in
the theme folder, wpi_style.js, for each theme's tips.
Your current settings will be saved the first time you go in
to the Options wizard.
*** David Di Certo wrote code to get the operating system's language TLA
for use in the installer as a variable %oslang%.
It can be used like this in a command line:
*** Fixed a bug dealing with the audio player in the Classic theme.
*** Eliminated generate.js by moving the code to core.js and installer.js.
Also cleaned up some of the function calls that were repetitive.
*** The gcond[] statement in config.js is now only saved if changed from
the default: FileExists('%programfiles%\').
*** Fixed another bug in the timer if set to 0 in command line args or
in user options.
*** Fixed a bug in the countdown timer.

Version 5.3 (Aug/8th/2006)


*** Sadicq updated the Source option to add line numbers and the
ability to copy/paste the code with a right-click.
*** Built theme 'Glossy_Horiz' to get extra space in Config wizard for
1024x768 screen resolutions.
*** Added 'Show Extra Buttons' to Options -> Miscellaneous tab to
show/hide the Options, Config, View Source, and About WPI buttons
in one step.
*** Fixed small bug when uncheck category checkbox,
it would uncheck all items, including forced items.
*** Forced install items are now always checked and disabled so can not
be unchecked. Selected items are now changed to a different color to
stand out better. Change color in theme folder's wpi.css under .chktxt.
Submitted by zorphnoq.
*** Classic and Glossy images updated.
*** Added the sort order value next to the Name of the program in the
Navigation pane in Config Wizard. And put a little extra space between
lines for easier reading.
*** Fixed a bug in Config wizard with Navigation pane jumping around in
long lists.
*** Fixed bug when going from a long config list to a shorter one not
clearing out the previous one first.
*** Fixed bug when moving from Options or Config to Show Source,
Begin Install gadget was either hidden or not hidden correctly.
*** The Manual button has been removed. Added About button in its place.
*** Options wizard now is dynamically tabbed and has gone through a major
cosmetic update to bring it up to "modern standards".
*** Removed Debug Mode.
*** Increased the size of the wizards for 1024x768 screens.
*** Added theme-based folder gadgets for the file requesters. In the
themes folders: Folder_Out.jpg, Folder_Over.jpg, Folder_Down.jpg,
*** When add a new category in config wizard it is now added to the
drop-down list immediately.
*** New option to randomly select a theme.
*** Fixed the language codes to the proper ones. Will affect the loading
of some languages, but will default to English.
*** WPI will now start with the user's native language, if available,
but can still be manually switched. (sadiqc)

Version 5.2 (July/31th/2006)


*** Changed and simplified the themes file, wpi.htm. The change has made
5.1 themes obsolete. But the changes made were for user submitted ideas
and removal of legacy code no longer used.
*** Fixed a bug in the themes dealing with the BgPicture.
*** If not playing audio in WPI, then the timer will click as it counts
down the final 10 seconds.
*** Dje improved the installer code again to cure the looping problem,
added Pause and Abort buttons, and general code cleaning.
Works much better now.
*** Updated themes to hide the timer when user clicks to stop it.
Also updated the progress bar display.
*** Fixed a bug dealing with CheckOnLoad.
*** Fixed a potential error when saving the .M3U files.

Version 5.1 (July/4th/2006)


*** Can now restart or shut down the computer after installation is
complete. Can also allow the Desktop to load or not.
Useful for making a Ghost image.
*** Now every text is localized.
The language files have many new lines in them.
*** Updated, "tricked", all the file requesters to clear the default file
before opening to prevent sending a file name if hit Cancel.
*** Took out all support for Disc Path. It was dead and a non-usable
function that was never accessible.
*** Fixed bug in timer progress bar count down. Was going way too fast.
*** Updated the options and config wizards to allow for creating new,
loading other, and saving current settings under different names.
There are new gadgets: New Options, Load, Save As...
*** The current files are displayed in the respective wizard. When exit
each wizard, that file is set as the default and will be loaded the next
time WPI is run. If the file does not exist it will default back to the
original: useroptions.js or config.js.
*** If the path contains '\WPI\WPIScripts\' it will be assumed the file is
in the WPI main folder and will change the path to
relative './WPIScripts/'.
*** The files should be kept in the WPIScripts folder.
*** With the new command line args, you will have to specify them in your
cmd script since they are saved as registry entries.
*** Updated the wpi.htm theme file yet again. Removed the config wizard
gadget template and updated it to match the options wizard template.
Sizes and locations are now consistent.
This does require a simple update to 5.0 themes.
***Added command line support to specify different config and
user options files:

WPI.hta options=useroptions_1.js config=config_1.js check=Work timer=30

If a path is not specified for the file, it will assume they are in
the WPIScripts folder.

It will still check for:

WPI.hta Work 30

for backwards compatibility. But update your tags, please.

They will probably change in the future.
Thanks to Dje again for the code and help.

NOTE: Paths can be full (starting with a drive letter) or relative to

WPI.hta (starting with '.\' or '..\') and must end in '.js'. Spaces are
supported only is a path is provided and properly quoted:
(config="c:\space in\file path.js").

*** Took out function path(). It was redundant of replpath(), which is now
ReplacePath(), and the redundant code was actually never used. It was
doing a check that would never be true. Dje then updated it more to
handle all environment variables easier.
*** Dje updated code to handle multiple lines in program names.
Just put a break <br/> in the text to break it.
*** Split the huge 300K lang.js file into separate language files to keep
RAM usage down and for easier editing. English is loaded as default,
followed by specified language. If text is missing, English is used.
*** Added a fix for PNG transparency problem.
*** Added Options -> Installer: Sort Within Categories. If checked will
sort the items in each of the categories. If not, then the order they
are created is maintained. Useful if you want items displayed or
installed in a certain order not condusive to order[].
***Fixed a bug with picw, pich, textl not displaying the proper values
in the Config wizard when switching entries. The default was being set
in the wrong function/location.
*** Updated code to reflect changes in config lists dynamically. No more
having to save the list first, reload,
then go back to Options -> Installer tab.
*** Added a drop down box in Config wizard to aid in the selecting of
*** Added a drop bow box in Options -> Installer wizard to aid in
selecting a category sort order.
*** Fixed a bug in Audio Player showing a blank line if song list is empty.
*** Install log now lists failures as ********* Fail ********* to help stand out.
*** Updated Selections drop-down box to group items better.
*** Put some standard defaults in the globals.js for times when there is
not a config.js and useroptions.js file and the first config entry is
made; it would not show up.
***Added function getSPver() to get the Service Pack value.
Returns 1, 2, 3, etc., or 'Not found'.

Version 5.0.1 (June/23/2006)


*** Fixed the execute before\after errors.

*** Fixed the StopAudio issue.

Version 5.0 (June/10/2006)


*** Thanks to "almulder", the wizards now have background colors and
images for easier reading over the main background image.
I made it fully themed, which, changed the wpi.htm theme file some and
added some new images to the themes folder: OptionsBg.jpg,
OptionsTabDown.jpg, OptionsTabUp.jpg.
Look in the wpi.css for style sheet editing.
*** Nearly every item is now fully style sheet compliant. Added <hr> tags
for all the wizards text and buttons Look in the wpi.css for the new
options at the bottom and near the top.
*** Took out message after saving a config file.
Mouse goes busy and all buttons are disabled. Mostly for looks.
*** If a grayed condition is true, the checkbox is now disabled so there
is no way it can be selected.
*** Completely re-wrote the installer code with a lot of help from
user Dj�. The handling of arguments was not working in all situations.
RegEdit needed a little tweaking,
*** Added these new translations: German, Romanian, French, Polish,
and Russian. Thanks to all the translators.
*** Now when the option to disable category checkboxes is checked the
boxes will not even be shown.

Version 5.0rc2 (Mar/31/2006)


*** Fixed a bug with the install order numbering system.

*** Fixed a bug with the timer.
Version 5.0rc1 (Mar/30/2006)

*** Created built-in installer with progress bar and embedded Media Player.
There are no known problems with MSI installers.
*** Created new Config Wizard with only one set of gadgets. This greatly
reduces the time required to render the config because it used to
duplicate the 240 lines of code for each program. Hence,
if you have 100 programs, it would take 24,000 lines of code and a lot
of time to display.
*** Changed the base theme .htm and .css files to reflect the above
changes. It now checks for the minimum version required.
This will require all previous themes to be updated.
*** All .htm files have been cleaned up and MANY coding errors fixed.
*** All source files have been cleaned up and MANY errors corrected.
*** Most of the code has been touched and updated to reflect new changes.
*** Re-arranged some of the control buttons.
*** Re-arranged most of the gadgets in Options Wizard to group similar
items better.
*** Added: Disable category check boxes. So can't select entire category
with one click. User request.
*** Added new version of Tip Message. Removed old flevPersistentLayer()
code. Smaller and cleaner code.
This also changed the Style[] flags a bit.
*** In Tools folder is a demo of Tip Message to show the possibilities by
simply changing the Style[] tags.
*** Added option to disable showing of tool tips.
*** Moved Text Indent from Config Wizard to Options Wizard so it gets set
globally. Having the option for every program is redundant and wastes
*** Config Wizard is now "smarter". Example: if picture not specified then
child gadgets are disabled and values not saved in config.js file.
*** Using the built-in WPIPath() instead of the
".\\common\\xxxxxx.yyy" method.
*** CD check now checks for the existence of 3 files. The absolute path
check looks for 2 files now.
*** Added MAKEDIR command to go along with FILECOPY, DIRCOPY, and RENAME.
*** Added an extra bug tracker. Still not perfect but better than what
was available.
*** Moved all the global variables from their respective .js file into
main.js to group them all together. Easier check for duplicate names
and for future enhancements.
*** Moved all .js files into WPIScripts.
*** Fixed bug in themes/wpi.htm in selecting the proper 'load_checks'.
It worked for defaults, but not a specified name.
*** Updated bug with cat and config drop-down box selection.
*** Removed Reload button from Options Wizard due to a snag in the way
the config lists drop down box needs to be updated.
*** Options Wizard: config list and check on load gadgets now work
*** Changed timer='yes'; and ReallyForce='yes'; to true/false statements.
WPI still checks for both for backwards compatibility.
More consistent with rest of options.
*** Took out smallbart.gif and smallbarb.gif in the themes.
*** Removed appsPerInstallWindow. No longer needed since not using
*** Removed all the 'var' tags from the useroptions.js file. Redundant.
*** Removed sorting option. It now always sorts the items in their
category. Now it checks if installByCategory=true, then it installs in
the order the items are listed in the windows (sortorder[]).
Else, it will install by user's specified order.
*** Category checkbox is now checked at start if all sub-items are
checked by default.
*** Updated ExtractArgs() and installer to allow spaces in path name.
*** Spread the Options out across 4 tabs: Interface, Installer, Tools,
and Miscellaneous, to un-crowd the window.
This is especially useful on screens less than 1280x1024.
*** The new Tools tab includes: Execute Before, Execute After,
and Restart Computer.
*** All the *** Yes *** No radio boxes have been replaced with
single checkboxes.
*** Added Exit buttons to all the config wizards. You still can click on
the button again to toggle back to main display.
*** Fixed a bug with ReallyForce. When hit Exit, it would install
everything that was checked, not just what was set as forced.
*** WPI now checks for a minimum version of useroptions.js.
This is due to the changing of several options� names.
The old file will have to be deleted and a new one saved.
*** WPI now checks for a minimum version of audio.js. Updated how the
file is saved. The old file will have to be deleted and a new one saved.
*** WPI.hta now internally sets and deletes the Registry keys
it needs to run properly.
*** WPI now internally changes the screen resolution, depth, and
refresh rates. Added new gadgets to Options->Tools.
*** WPI now internally installs fonts needed for themes and system use.
Added gadget to Options->Tools.
*** With the above updates, WPI.cmd is no longer necessary.
Run WPI.hta directly now.
*** Moved, and updated, the Audio Wizard from a stand-alone screen into
the Options tabbed screen. This removes the Audio Player button from
the main window. This also made saving the audio list much smaller so
it fits inside useroptions.js. audio.js, audiowizard.js, and
audiowizardtemplate.htm has been deleted.
*** Added file requesters to all options that could use it. Had to "trick"
the system into not showing the textbox associated with the button.
The only draw-back is that the file requester is read only, so can't
set a default path and if the user cancels a file selection, it uses
the last known selection. So it will throw in a previous selection if
you hit Cancel.
*** Updated the config wizard a bit to line up the horizontal rule.
*** Config wizard now handles pictures better: sets defaults sizes and
text locations.
*** The config editor now automatically replaces drive letters with
%CDROM% to make it a bit easier for you.
ex: C:\Install\Adobe.zip -> %CDROM%\Install\Adobe.zip
*** The install window now has a style sheet associated with it in the
Themes folder. Basic items like fonts and colors can be changed.
WPI still controls the font size of the programs listing text.
*** By making the install window a normal window, the audio had to be
removed and the old external audio player is used.
*** Added Extra Width and Extra Height gadgets to the Options ->
Installer tab to increase the size of the install window if needed for
longer text or larger fonts. The window does not resize automatically.
Needed for localization.
*** Separated all the Show Optional Buttons to their own option to show
only what you want to see.
*** Added to Options -> Miscellaneous, Log Installation process.
Useful for error checking of path names and such.
*** Re-arranged the Config wizard gadgets into a more logical order.
*** Added DELETE to the list of built-in commands.
*** If no install order is specified then entries now start at 900,000
instead of 5,000 to allow for category numbering.
*** When go into the Options or Config wizards, the Begin Install button
is hidden so you are forced to save your work or toggle out before you
can begin installing.
*** Fully themed the installer window via the style sheet installer.css.
Images are now in the Themes folder: InstallBg.jpg, InstallProgBar.png,
InstallSuccess.gif, InstallFail.gif, InstallPartial.gif
*** Added check boxes for Execute Before/After to disable them for
testing purposes.
*** Split part of main.js code into core.js to have the basic routines
available for installer.hta and wpi.hta in smaller chunks.
Made each of those files smaller; removed redundant code.
*** Themed the countdown timer. Uses InstallProgBar.png for the image.
*** Every text is now localized, with the exception of a
few error messages.
*** If the useroptions.js file does not exists, a set of default
settings will be saved.

Version 4.3.8 (Jan/21/2006)


*** More improvements to the category selection feature.

*** Now supports up to 9,999 entries.
*** Removed Video Changer.
*** All standard environment variables are now recognized.
*** Added in ResChanger 3.01.
*** Added undo.reg.
*** Added Command line support. (Thanks cribban)
*** Added CDSwitch into the tools folder.
*** Added Config Lister into the tools folder.
*** Minor cosmetic changes.
*** Minor code changes.
*** Fixed 800x600 resolution display problems.
*** Major re-writes of the manual.
*** Minor changes in WPI.cmd.
*** Audio Player now closes after installations are complete.
(Thanks billjrm)
*** Transparent .png images are now supported. (Thanks LaptoniC)
*** New condition (Grayed condition). Look in the manual for description.
*** New Options menu which sets WPI to look for Win51 or WPI.ico at
the root source.
***Four new languages:

Hebrew language.
Lithuanian language.
Slovac language.
Brazilian Portuguese language.

*** Updates and changes to some of the other languages.

Version 4.3.5 (2005-09-12)


*** Made the multi-defaults section part of the options wizard.

*** Now you can choose between multi-defaults or the classic
selections section.
Version 4.3.4 (2005-09-11)

*** Optimized wpi.htm.

*** More changes in the options wizard.
*** Removed duplicate check(all) from select all button.
*** CheckCategory is written WAY better. It integrates better with the
rest of WPI's code and it should run faster.
*** Fixed multi column selection issue with categories.
*** Improved use of exclusions when working with categories.
(for now, could be better)
*** Category text is now clickable just like the program text.
*** Multiple Defaults ability has been added into WPI.
(Original code by Bernr adapted by Kelsenellenelvian.)
*** Changes to the Optionswizardtemplate.htm.
*** Changes to the Configwizardtemplate.htm.
*** Fixed the errors with the Audio Player.
*** Added Greek language.
*** Updates in the lang.js file.
*** Minor changes in WPI.cmd.

Version 4.2 (2005-08-02)


*** Fixed the countdown bar now disappears when timer is hidden.
*** Removed a double entry in the options wizard.

Version 4.1 (2005-08-02)


*** Re-fixed unc paths.

*** Improvements to category selection feature. (Thank Athomsen!)
*** Fixed bug with the audio player not removing itself properly.
*** Changes in the options wizard.
*** Manual Button now optional. (Thanks Almulder!)
*** Deleted the help button.
*** Moved the Manual button.
*** Version number is now displayed in the interface.
*** Added in a timer bar. (Thanks d0nut!)
*** Changes in the language file.
*** Updated the manual some.

Version 4.0 (2005-08-01)


*** Fixed forced installs bug, they now work.

*** Added in predefined categories.
*** Made the tooltips work for the User Manual button. (Thanks Blinkdt!)
*** Cleaned up the theme .htm file some.
*** WPI now has the much requested category selection feature!
(Thanks Blinkdt!)
*** Major facelifts in both themes.
*** Fixed a bug that was causing custom backgrounds not to be displayed.
(Thanks Almulder!)
*** Edits in the options wizard.
*** Fixed UNC paths. (Thanks athomsen!)
*** Integrated Audio player. (Thanks Almulder!)
*** Edits in the manual.
*** Now there are 2 two officially supported themes "Glossy" & "Classic".
*** Removed Unattended Audio Player. (Thanks for the use Bi0haZarD!)
*** MAJOR edits in the Lang file.

Version 3.6.1 (2005-07-14)


*** Made user manual part of the Lang file.

*** User manual is now part of the "options" buttons.
*** Made the default wallpaper part of the actual theme.
*** Fixed alignment of the config wizard.
*** Added Korean Language.
*** Fixed OS dependency bug windows 2003 is now recognized as "03"

Version 3.6 (2005-07-14)


*** Fixed "Unterminated String Constant" errors. (Thanks RayOK)

*** Fixed WPI not loading because .hta extension is not registered.
*** Re-tooled the options menu.
*** Gave the main interface a face lift.
*** Discovered WPI supports pictures in the description pop-up boxes.
*** Added Manual button to the main interface. (Thanks Blinkdt)
*** Added Tools and Graphics Folders.
*** Added Unattended Audio Player (UAP). (Thanks Bi0haZarD)
*** Added a full user manual.
*** Added Universal Silent Switch Finder (USSF).
*** Added A Picture section to the Config wizard. (Thanks Almulder)
*** Two new languages:

Danish Language.
Arabic Language.

*** Moved Font Installer, Video Changer, Cmdow, UAP and USSF to the
tools folder.
*** A lot of work went into this one and several member of MSFN devoted
quite a bit of effort to it.

Version 3.5.1 (2005-04-21)


*** Added in better support for windows 2003.

*** More code clean-up (in wpi.hta).
*** Fixed bug when checking defaults while in default theme.
*** 3 more languages added:


*** Disabled Video Changer and the restart to allow for your developing and
adding of programs. To enable these features edit WPI.cmd in notepad
and delete the two -- dash marks. Remember to do this for both lines
to re-enable these features.
*** Compressed VideoChanger.exe and FontInstaller.exe with upx for space
*** Removed Viao theme and added it to the Themes thread.

Version 3.5 (2005-03-17) "Kels Begginings"


*** Made font installation customizable and smoother.

*** Added in a resolution changer (Set at 1280x1024x32) But you can
denote your own settings through wpi.cmd.
*** Added auto-reboot after installation through wpi.cmd.
*** Added in a cleanup command which will delete all shortcuts placed on
the desktop after installation through WPI.cmd.
*** Added version number displayed through the help button.
*** Bypassed the Win XP/SP2 Installer Warning that prompts on each
program being installed if WPI is used after Windows XP/SP2 is
fully installed.
*** Added the following languages:

Traditional Chinese

*** Multiple grammatical, punctuation & spelling corrections and changes.

Mainly in the options wizard.
*** Alphabetized Lang.js and Language entries in optionswizardtemplete.
*** Added autorun.inf.
*** Updated the Icon for Cmdow (32 bit alpha blended).
*** Made the delete button more noticeable in the config wizard.
*** Cleaned up some of the coding.
*** Made an "official" WPI icon.

Version 3.3.5 (2005-01-11)


*** Remodeled startup: start with .cmd (recommended) or .hta directly

*** Documented startup script (wpi.cmd)
*** Font installation simplified. Fonts only install with .cmd-startup.
*** A few changes in rendering to ease customization.
*** Fixed bug with boxes, if no category defined.

Version 3.2.4 (2005-01-10)


*** Stepped back - no themes anymore

*** Included Swedish language definition
*** Startup as you like (.cmd or .hta directly)
*** Included the no-column-breaks-inside-categories code of ver. 3.3.4

Version 3.3.4 (2005-01-10)


*** Possibility to disable column break inside category.

(see options wizard)
*** Modified WPI startup
*** DO NOT call wpi.hta directly
*** Start WPI with wpi.cmd
*** wpi.cmd calls common/wpi.wsf
*** wpi.wsf installs theme fonts and starts wpi.hta
*** Fixed minor bugs with low resolutions in default theme
*** Theme can override maximum number of entries per column
(ex. in Viao/wpi.htm)

Version 3.3.3 (2005-01-08)


*** Fixed some bugs with conditions

*** Changed install of theme-supplied fonts

Version 3.3.2 (2005-01-06)


*** Changed theme path handling for autorun.inf users.

*** New debug panel - show page source

Version 3.3.1 (2005-01-05)


*** Problem with cond fixed.

*** Debug entry, when installation of theme supplied font fails

Version 3.3.0 (2005-01-05)


*** Theme support added

*** You can choose between 2 themes (default and Viao)
*** Theme-ing is still under development
*** No docs for teeming at the moment
*** Fixed a bug with tooltips
*** Fixed incorrect config.js generation when using deps or excl
*** Some minor bugs have been killed

Version 3.2.3 (2005-01-04)


*** Optimized config wizard - works significantly faster now

Version 3.2.2 (2005-01-03)


*** Program exclusions configurable and working (tests needed)

*** New rendering: scrollbar always available,
can be switched off in options
*** Incorporated British Bulldogs new folder variables and commands
(see here):



*** Removed "a script on this page is causing Internet Explorer to run
slowly" bug.
*** Sort config.js file by program-name on save (inspired by BlueLabel)
*** Incorporated BlueLabels conditional statements.

Version 3.2.1 (2004-12-30)


*** Fixed a bug with tooltips

*** Eliminates tooltip.js
*** User can now select, if he wants a scrollbar or page flipping

Version 3.2.0 (2004-12-29)


*** New functionality: disabling checkboxes, when dependency not met

disable can be switched on/off in options

Version 3.1.3a (2004-12-29)


*** Language settings for config & option button (thx to dynaletik)
*** Performance testing: stopwatch integrated (visible only in debug mode)
*** Additional config wizard HTML rendering mode: use stopwatch to
determine which mode works faster for you
*** Added italian options and config button texts (thx to sonica)

Version 3.1.1 (2004-12-28)


*** Minor bug fixes

*** Better handling of low resolutions

Version 3.1.2 (2004-12-28)

*** Bug fix on dependencies

Version 3.1.1 (2004-12-28)


*** Minor bug fixes

*** Better handling of low resolutions

Version 3.1 (2004-12-27)


*** Configuration wizard

*** Configure your progs from a single page
*** Quick navigation
*** Categories selectable by combobox or manual input
*** Wizard UI in English language only
*** Backslashes (\) and single apostrophes (') will be
escaped in config.js
*** Title picture reworked (less feather effects)

Version 3.0.3 (2004-12-23)


*** Set background image in options

*** Background stretched
Version 3.0.2 (2004-12-22)

*** Exit button works now

*** Changes in options wizard
*** Install order bugs fixed

Version 3.0.1 (2004-12-22)


*** Bugs fixed

Version 3.0 (2004-12-21)


*** A lot of changes with the configuration

*** Wizard for user settings
*** Background picture: just put a file bg.jpg in the graphics folder
*** Code review: Optimizations for future enhancements
*** Config now split into 2 files
(but you only need to edit config.js manually)

Version 2.9.9b (2004-12-21)


*** Now there are 6 command lines

*** Change install order (defined order or category) by setting the
config value
*** Use HTML-Tags inside program names
(use <br> to have more space after an app)
there are not displayed in install windows.

Version 2.9.9a (2004-12-19)


*** Timer Stops, when clicking on 'Continue...'

*** Fixed a problem in 800x600 resolutions. Shows an IE-standard scrollbar
now instead of the custom buttons.
*** NO confirmation message, when clicking on 'Continue...'

Version 2.9.9 (2004-12-19)


*** Case sensitivity off, when using environment variables

*** Programs can now be dependent on each other
*** No confirmation message, when timer reaches 0:00

Version 2.9.8a (2004-11-08)


*** New languages: no, it, nl, fr

*** Internal (re)numbering reworked.
*** Removed unused graphics.

Version 2.9.8 (2004-11-04)


*** Multilanguage. Language can be defined.

*** Currently predefined: en, de
*** Some cleanups in the code and in config.js

Version 2.9.7b (2004-11-03)


*** Installs didn't start. Fixed.

Version 2.9.7a (2004-11-03)


*** There were still problems in registry entry generation. Fixed.

Version 2.9.7 (2004-11-03)


*** Fixed some grave bugs in generating the registry entries

*** %cdrom% got replaced only once per cmd. Fixed.
*** Typo in sample config.js. Fixed.

Version 2.9.6 (2004-11-02)


*** You can now set the installation order in config.js. Programs get
displayed sorted by name (if sorting=true), but will be installed
according to their definition or order-parameter in config.js
*** WPI waits, until all progs are installed.

Version 2.9.5

*** Fixed wrong number of computed columns for 800x600.

Version 2.9.4

*** Fixed bug when using %cdrom% and WIN51 sits in HDDs root directory.

Version 2.9.3

*** Last entry displayed twice in some circumstances - fixed

*** OS-dependent selection of progs - work in progress

Version 2.0B

*** The B is for Beta!

*** Fixed duplicate listing bug. It appears to be related to Array
*** Fixed the 640X480 resolution to logically include 6 items per page,
this is far more consistent.

Version 2.0BB

*** The BB is for Beta Beta

*** Integrated all the �static� scripts into one JS file.
*** Added a new format and way of adding programs.
Now you just edit config.js.
*** Added 3 different resolutions, which can be expanded to allow for
higher resolutions, and are generated on the fly using a template it
pulls from config.js.

Version 1.1

*** Fixed the Icon (Normally invisible, but it annoyed me)

*** Removed WPIConfig.

Version 1.0 Release version


***Moved to a non "Pre-release" build

***Removed Task Switcher. For some reason, it sometimes fails to
install quietly.
*** Created the first "Large build". It is complete, but needs a home.
*** Added the incredibly broken "wpiconfig.hta". Do not use this ever!
*** Created the home page. Previous versions are not available at
this point.

Version 1.3 (Pre 1.0)


*** Added a different method of sizing the window,

Based on requests from the MSFN Unattended forum.
*** Added options for a time out, based on requests.

Version 1.2 (Pre 1.0) 11/27/2003


*** Initial Public Release!