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PANGANIBAN, Christel Ann P.

11841664 January 27, 2020

A multinational company founded in Sweden in 1947, H&M is a fast fashion clothing-retail

brand that caters women, men and children all around the world that holds over 4,500 stores in

62 countries and has a very effective online presence. It is known for being the second largest

clothing retailer in the world due to the brand’s very up-to-date trends and diversity presence in

their products at a very affordable price. H&M seller performance varies to their target market in

every population they sell to. Into a more detailed analysis, here are some of advertising

approaches that differs in every target market the brand is catering to:

PHILIPPINES - The Selected by Nadine

[“H&M Swim Essentials Selected by Nadine” on Facebook]

H&M collaborated with one of the most looked-upon artist in the country, Nadine Lustre.

She is the person who is known to embody body-positivity, self love and confidence in a country

that is very conservative especially when it comes to showing of skin (which is an example of

Values Paradox). To execute this, the brand focused on the collaboration goal of having “a

collection of swim pieces that the H&M customer can look and feel good in as they embark on

the summer of their lives.” according to to H&M. Their take on advertising this is through

accentuating the tropical heat and islands of the Philippines. In order to really show to the target

market the body-confidence campaign, the advertisement is scored with a very fun and

empowering music to really give off the “feel yourself” sense. The collection shows H&M’s

branding of being on-trend and versatile. The pieces from the collection are designed and

advertised to flatter different body shapes and sizes, even flaunting of imperfections. The

collection was launched on April 14, 2019 which is really timely for the Philippine’s summer

season which is perfect for the market’s demand. Due to this conscious and feel good campaign,

it has really struck a significant amount of audiences wherein the video instantly went viral that
has over 975,000 views on Facebook today. The social media community talked about the

campaign because they feel represented with embracing one’s beauty and knocking off

unrealistic and stereotypical beauty standards.

INDIA - SabyasachixHM
[“Follow your wanderlust into the whimsical world of #SabyasachixHM” on Youtube]

As for H&M India, the brand collaborated with their country’s most famous fashion

designer brand Sabyasachi. This collection highlights the fashion style or culture of the country

of having colorful, vibrant and eclectic patterns and textures in fluid silhouettes. The goal of this

collaboration is to really show this kind of aesthetic and spread it to a wider audience all around

the world. This is to parade the unique and enriched culture of India in the customers’ everyday

lives through read-to-wear clothing which are hand-crafted. As seen in this campaign

advertisement, different types of fabrics and bold designs are the main product focus and

supported with a very classic Indian music in the background to really capture the culture of

India. After a vast number of research, there is no exact information about the effectivity of the

campaign if it became successful or otherwise. But there is a stated from the report of Yahoo!

Finance (2020), the collection may not bring a huge number of sales because H&M releases

collaborated products in only very limited quantities. This collaboration of infusing Indian fashion

to the world market is an example of Global-Local Paradox because it takes on a global approach

of reaching wider audiences but still using a product of his own culture.

UNITED KINGDOM - Come Together

["Come Together" - a H&M Holiday Short Film directed by Wes Anderson” on Youtube]

As for H&M UK, they focused on the winter pieces which are very common in western

countries. Unlike the branches from the developing countries who focused on its cultural

personality, first-world countries like the UK focused pretty much on every culture. This shows

the advancement and expanded capability of this branch to cater numerous demographics. The

advertisement clearly shows the overall target audience of H&M which is composed of every
race and age. This specific short film is directed by Wes Anderson, who is a well-known notable

creative, in which displays the high-budget for this advertising. These are some of the significant

factors why this short film blew up so much with 890 million views online, 19 million views from

Youtube and even contributed 9% increase of shares which is the largest market share for H&M

up to date according to welovead.com (n.d.) This advertisement conveyed a global advertising

paradox with its use of the universality of human values. It means that they used a strategy that

focuses more on emotional appeal rather an approach wherein all types of viewers still need to

really think to get the message of the film.


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