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14th September, 2017, Uluberia, last Friday, we, as a representative of

Howrah, visited ADO office in Uluberia.

PURPOSE:- To taste a practical experience on faem machineries, that

are used in agricultural firm .

We started our journey under our three teachers, TUFAN BAG, SOUVIK
BHATTACHARYA and TANMOY METE. We reached ADO Office at 10:30
a.m. and our teacher divided us in five groups and each contained 15

At first, we entered the room for the soil preparation machineries one
by one group-wise. Teachers helped us to arrange ours and to maintain
the group sequences.

In that room we saw …

● Power tiller

● Drum seeder

● Threshers

● Water pump [diesel]

And many other things.

‘ADO’ Officers helped us and answered our questions with suitable

answers :
Q.1. Does the water pump run with kerosene ?

Ans- No, it runs only on diesel.

Q.2. What will happen if we want to operate the power tiller by

kerosene instead of diesel or petrol ?

Ans- Only new engined or new generation power tillers can be

operated with kerosene.

Other implements we saw …

● Seed grader.

Used for seed processing, and grading.

● Seed treater.

Used for seed treatment.

● Seed processor.

Used for seed processing.

● Fertilizer cum zero tillage.

Used for fertilizer application and seed sowing.

● Electric seed dryer.

Used for the absorption of moisture content of seeds.

● Soil temperature thermometer.

Used for the measurement of soil temperature. The reading is to be

taken at 7 a.m. and the meter should be rechecked again at about 2
● Rain gauge.

Used for Meteorology.

● Automatic rain gauge.

It automatic measures the amount of rain, daily.

● Pool meter.

Measures the rate of evaporation.

● Anemometer.

Helps to measure the velocity of air.

● Sun temperature measuring meter.

Helps to measure the temperature of sunlight.

● Wind vane.

Helps to get the direction of wind.

The day came to end at 12:30 p.m. We returned to our college

with a lot of practical experiences which will be very much beneficial for
us in future. It will also help us to maintain farm machineries as well in
case of identifications of different machines. We gathered a basic
knowledge about their functions. It is necessary for us to control them
at least once with our own hands so that it will be better for us in near

- Shamik Datta