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We are all gathered here this afternoon to witness the 7th birthday
celebration of SOFIA ELRIES, a child of a good heart, character and
Her 7th birthday marks another important event in SOFIA ELRIES’
life because not everyone has the chance to celebrate his/her birthday
as grand and big as hers.

As we start our simple and yet meaningful celebration may we request

everyone to please rise as we invoke the presence of the Holy Spirit
through a prayer to be led by MRS: ELIZABETH LUGO, the
grandmother of birthday celebrant.

To welcome the presence of everyone in this significant celebration may

we call on MA’AM MARYJANE YUI, Sofia’s mom.

Introduction of the birthday celebrant-SOFIA ELRIES


In a land not so far away, there was once a little girl with a
beauty of an angel. This girl is
_______________________________________ among the children of
MR._________________________________________MARYJANE YUI
She grew up with so much love and kindness. She is loved by
everybody for her beauty inside and out. Her voice is an angel. Her smile
bears no limit. Her heart is unafraid.

She has all grown up to be a beautiful child with respect and love in her
heart. She was Born on February 01, 2013 and currently studying at
____________________________________. Recently SOFIA ELRIES
was awarded best in English and Chinese writing a multi lingual
Speaker, Best in Arts, these achievements manifest her outstanding
academic performance in her studies.

Ladies and gentlemen, may we introduce to you the brilliant and

the very beautiful celebrant. Let us all welcome and put our hands

At this point in time, let us remember the parents of celebrant

Mr_____________________________ and Mrs_______________ they
are looking happy and proud as always for without them, her life would
be empty and unhappy.

The 7 candles signify the 7 friends that will be her guiding light in her
journey towards fulfilling her dreams. Ladies and gentlemen, the 7 candles.

Let us now proceed to the 18 treasures. It doesn’t matter
how expensive, how elegant or how precious the gift is, what matters
most is the thought, the value and the essence that the gift contains.
These gifts are significant to the debutant and that she will truly treasure
for the rest of her life.
To start, let us have _____________________.

They say money makes the world goes round which we are
agree. These are the 7 people who will give a pieces advice and kind words
to our debutant

Flowers often symbolize degrees of love and affection, but they
can also send a variety of messages. Messages of forgiveness, purity,
modesty, hope, beauty and love. The 7 roses signify 7 very special
gentlemen in the life of the debutant, like her friends, relatives, brothers,
Let us now acknowledge some of the most loved and important persons in
sofia elries’ life.