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Three members of a North Philadelphia Street gang have been
arrested in connection with the wolf-pack slaying of a Girard
College honor student. The victim, John Daubaras Jr., 18, a star
athlete at Girard, was shot to death as he walked near the school
with two of his sisters and two friends. Police said the assailants,
incensed over a beating of a member of their gang near 22nd and
Arch sts, earlier in the day, attacked Daubaras at random when
they came upon him and his companions at 24th and Poplar sts.
Daubaras of 887 N. 21st st, and a member of the college, was one
of six persons slain in the city during the weekend. ACCORDING
to Detective Lt. Thomas Smith of the homicide unit, Dabauras and
his sister Cathleen, 11, and Mrs. Regina Bilnyski, 21, had spent the
day together with two friends Edward Yetman, 22, and his wife
Maria, 21. They were on their way to a christening in the 800
block of N.25th st. at 5:15 P.M when they noticed they were being
followed by a group of about 10 youths. Lt. Smith said at 25th and
Poplar sts., Charles (Pop) Johnson, 15, of 33rd st, near Jefferson,
approached Yetman from behind and struck him on the head with a
stick. The action was repeated by Elliott (Monster) Washington,
16, of Nicholas st, near 20th Smith said. Then, Smith said, Yetman
and Daubaras struggled with their assailants and were knocked
down. At this point a shot was fired. James (Bread) Taylor, 15, of
Bolton st. near 22nd, has admitted shooting Daubaras, Lt. Smith
said. IN HIS SIGNED STATEMENT. Taylor was quoted as
saying, “He (Daubaras) was down on his elbows trying to get up
when I shot him.” Daubaras who was to have returned to the
school at 8:30 last night, was pronounced dead at St.Joseph’s
hospital, a single bullet wound under his left shoulder blade. A
single-shot sawed-off .22 caliber rifle without a stock believed
used in the shooting was recovered nearby. Police said they also
recovered sticks used in the attack. Lt. Smith said that an hour
before the slaying Mark Tindal, 13 of 1545 N.24th str., was
Stabbed in the back at 22nd and Arch by one of a group of youths
and was taken to St. Joseph’s hospital. Taylor and his fellow gang
members angered by that incident, “were looking for anyone”, to
gain revenge for the attack on Tindale, Smith said. Taylor, who has
a record of two contacts with police, one for assault last February
and one for truancy last September has been charged with murder,
conspiracy, carrying a concealed deadly weapon and violations of
the Uniform Firearms Act. Washington and Johnson, who have no
prior record have been charged with aggravated assault and battery
and conspiracy. Daubaras was captain of the Girard College soccer
team and starred in basketball, track, baseball and fencing. His
father was killed in an auto accident 11 years ago.