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Art gives citizens consciousness and pride that is necessary for nation building.


National commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA)

- Is the State agency responsible for the promotion of arts and culture from various regions.
1. Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP)
-serving as the premier venue in the Philippines for culture and arts.
-responsible for bringing together the different arts from various regions to the entire country
and the whole world.
-Home for nine artistic companies
a. National Music Competition for Young Artist Foundation (NAMCYA)
b. Ballet Philippines
c. Philippine Madrigal Singers
d. Philippine Ballet Theater
e. UST Symphony Orchestra
f. Tanghalang Pilipino
g. Bayanihan Philippine National Folk-Dance Company
h. Ramon Obusan Folkloric Group
2. National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP)
- Its mandate is to promote “Philippine History and cultural heritage through research,
dissemination conservation, sites management, and heraldry works.
3. National Museum of the Philippines
-Located in the heart of manila, the National Museum of the Philippines is the country
repository of archaeological artifacts, national treasures, and rare specimens found
produced in the country.
-its main function is to solicit, document, preserve, exhibit, and promote the natural and
artificial wonders of the Philippines.
-Juan Luna’s opus, Spoliarium is the most valuable artwork housed in the National
-Two Main Divsions
a. Natural History Museum
b. National Art Gallery
4. National Library of the Philippines (NLP)
- Established in 1901
- Was called as the American Circulation Library
- Home for rare books and documents
Acta de la Proclamacion de la Independencia del Pueblo Filipino and Manuscript of the trial
of Andres Bonifacio
5. The National Archives of the Philippines
- Today the national archives of the Philippines is guardian to over 400 documents from the
Spanish era dating 1552-1900 and various records from the American to the republic.
- Geographical map of the Palacio Epscopal de Nueva Segovia in 1883 also know as
Archdiocese of Vigan in Ilocos Sur

6. Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino (KWF)

- Created vis R.A No. 7104
- To promote and develop our national language