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Lalbazaar Excuse E-mail’s via Complain Not Vaild...

But in HOAX Emails etc HW they

Track, Proof, +++++…… = The Authority + Cop’s Excuse are Excuses???…SAMAY-
the Time??

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From: Subhojeet Dey

Date: Mon, Dec 6, 2010 at 3:23 PM

Subject: Sweet Voice Won't Work Womanly...Lalbazaar as Said via receptionist 2day
06/12/10=The Excuse...Truth Comes Via Dress..., Strictness......

To: , , ,

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From: Subhojeet Dey <>
Date: Sun, Dec 5, 2010 at 11:49 AM
Subject: My Voice - To the Editor, TOI & the Telegraph, Kolkata ...."The Mushroom IT

My Voice - To the Editor, TOI & the Telegraph, Kolkata ...."The Mushroom IT
Inst....Scam---Owner if Created Own Company & Rich--On Parents invst Family
Workout owner Ship...Not Like IIHT,Brain-ware-No 1 Ownership -& Provide real
Support??NIHT provide Job but on Salary Share/Exploitation---A+/N+ Class in 2008*
Completed My batch mate (Shravan Chakra borty etc....)—2.3 Week but Attendance???

Subject: The Mushroom IT Inst......SCAM

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From: Subhojeet Dey <>
Date: Thu, Dec 2, 2010 at 3:13 PM
Subject: These is NOT A SPAM.........RTI Legal Questioning????? Procedure is On the
Way to Query---

RTI Legal Questioning????? Procedure is On the Way to Query - , , and , Fri, Nov 26, 2010 at 7:17 PM-Email… What they

(SI etc) Invst & Do Timely or Gave Time* to Hide…. Do invst was

Carried undercover & do Batch Time 9:00AM -11:00AM…. CLR Student’s

Duration 2007-2008 / 2010 Invst….

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From: Subhojeet Dey <>
Date: Fri, Nov 26, 2010 at 7:17 PM
Subject: SAMAY-the time!!!Invst Attendance# Sheet*/Infrastructure/Faculty..Genpact
Batch Strength till...2007/2008..& Feb/March/April2010 Infrastructure..etc!!!Admin+
Mostly Removal Internal Cause 2010??

#User ur IQ if Spelling Mistake etc as & lay Emphasis on what VIA it i mean 2 say..


"ISO Company Teacher In Bond for 1-2-3yrs Why Not Councilor's/Admin… In

NIHT/Infouniv???But See “Brainware” etc they maintain it-Service.. Btech Student
Take's Software 1yr + Course 4 yrs No Fine/Breakup.. Cause Hostel.. Visit on Leave's etc
to Parents.. Etc".. What
you did 7 days / Week Passed--Samey-
the Time!!!!All would be
Twisted...Influence..Opportunist!!!NIHT Problem is Problem &
We Customer**2007+… After Paying For Service Why Would Obey there
Dictatorships - I had Paid For My Own self learning not the Power* Will
Open/Follow & I will View…Each & Every Student has the Right to Get Separate
Scrap for Parallel Practical/Practising???

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From: Subhojeet Dey <>

Date: Tue, Nov 23, 2010 at 10:54 PM

Subject:The Call From lalBazar On 18th November 2010 Evening Via

Miss/Mrs...???"Sir it's under your Jurisdiction....Undercover investigate..Within


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From: Subhojeet Dey <>

Date: Mon, Nov 22, 2010 at 11:26 PM

Subject: Rest Of The Call From lalBazar On 18th November 2010 Evening Via
Miss/Mrs...???"Sir it's under your Jurisdiction....Undercover investigate..Within


Cc:,,,,,,,, malabika_dutta@aakaash-,,,,,

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From: Shri G M Chakrabarti, IPS

Date: Thu, Nov 18, 2010 at 10:36 AM

Subject: Re: Acknowledgment but No official invst...then Value "0"---" Right To

Education With Live Practical Knowledge " & Apology letter to My Father..????
Could You Shri G M Chakrabarti, IPS <

To: Subhojeet Dey <>

This to acknowledge your mail dated 17/11/2010 addressed to Commissioner of
Police, Kolkata.

OC Computer Cell, KPD


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From: Shri G M Chakrabarti, IPS <>

Date: Wed, Nov 17, 2010 at 11:31 AM

Subject: Re: They No Or Obey No Rule's..Director..As Money to Law Power..As

Rich..knows NONE would Speak...??

To: Subhojeet Dey <>

This to acknowledge your mail dated 17/11/2010 addressed to Commissioner of

Police, Kolkata.

OC Computer Cell, KPD



The Grievance Cell / Police Commissioner,


Complain Against Director & Technical Head

Complain File By: -Want’s undercover investigation No Court Case as>>>&

Trial By Police…???Genuine


Subhojeet Dey

Gangotri Apartment

4th Floor (4E)

Garia Garden



Course Admitted to: - CLR Full, A+, N+, PDP-Under add in leading Newspaper’s of
kolkata & some unwritten + Addition Course included if joined Within after Competition
of CLR.. As offer / Scheme?? Filled 2 Admission form in January 2007 & 3 In
February*-March*-April* 2010—New Format@@

Sir / Madam,

So What Did Lalbazzar Phone Call (033-22505134) on Thursday at about 4:45*PM via
Miss/Mrs Name Withheld did…did they or Doing undercover investigation of CLR
Present / Past 2007-2008 till March & Now 2010…. the Murmur & official record’s or
Silent as? CP / DGP Sir Time Killed Immediate “Questioning.. & Show Cause..???Our
Time No Value….Hope 2007…2008… HAD METRO!!!!!!

Prasun Sarkal: -9734225551 Tushar -9232480002--(Both From Suri) Biswajit Panda:

-9635131665--Tumluk (Saturday Batch-mate Left In Mid.. Lost interest & don't have
Time & Faith In LAW & Media as ordinary Mass??& other Student's like Soupitk........

Some Previous Batch mate who just took Certificate etc….Shraman Chakroborty

Councilor Swarup Sir protest of original Document under what Rule etc taken.... Was
Removed...March 2010 (9874324930 / 9831143701)

Sonali Das Chakroborty (Student Relationship Officer Removed In April 2010 as She
can't lie or Twist..??) If you Investigate Her all Truth Would be highlighted...

Please Tell me You Would Learn First B or A...??

Tell Me When a Class Completes at Chowringhee (Exide---Hope You Remember

Rizwan Suicide-He Was Faculty Of Arena Same Place institute two Floor Upstairs’
is NIHT) at 1:45PM then How could You attain same Institute another Class taken at its
another branch Near Chandni Metro Exist towards Ganesh Chandra Avenue from Time
Frame 1:00PM - 3:00PM?//February 2008+++++

What's Meaning Of ISO...>??????No Book.. Infrastrure..."it should be mention Join

those who Work's in Industry Chip level???Experience.." Genpact During our Class
Schedule as Basic Electronics Given on Room No: 1* / 3 was Packed with them & We
used to have Zigzag Class with Madam Sonali madam herself Confused what She
Taught??& What She Would Teach>>>??Thus due to these my batch mate wrote letter's
joint To Sriporna Chakroborty-the then Center in charge?? But when they saw No
hearing they as fear Sum invst just hurry took Certificate’s...17+ Student in a Batch
January *2008….till……Go through the then 07 to 10/07/10 Exam taken of CLR Mostly
all Copy Same Answer...?? As like 10/07/10 Exam of Basic Electronic held on Room No
2(Basic Electronics Now Room).... But Mine (13/11/10) Taken in Room No 5 Meant for
RHCE under New Faculty after 3.5+ but No Brush up and every time before exam they
disturb me and too via a low class Staff (here they forgot Rule When in order to Earn
New New Rule>>>>???).... My Faculty Sajal Sir (9733594849) knows & understand all
thing's but says "Deaf has no Enemy...I have to see my Self..??? too earning extra in

Joined & Class Started In 16th January 2007 with End dt November 2007 but 3+ Extra
Month Was Given…But as Cunning policy Most Class Was Started After February 2008
so if & Will in Mid I Would Leave as Know from 7+ Month to previous Several time
POPUP as Given End Dt March 2008 after then they can’t Dictate me & the then
Councilor (MonoKonika Madam) has Signed 2 Form's?? As Like In March - February -
April 2010) Sankar Chakraborty –The Technical head had made Student Sign 3 Type of
Form’s—Why?????? - But till dt After March - April 2008* No Motherboard Faculty,
Books etc as like laptop etc....Same do Computer Peripheral...Add's in January 2007 till
2008 "Live industrial Training...1 Faculty per 5* Student's...ISO Company.... all
Purchase—As Saying of Bihar— " West Bengal State Education Council
Technical Exam " at NIHT in 2007 Answer were Written on Blackboard’s via the
then Faculty Miss Nandini Madam…of MSCE as like Class Exam----..>????Rest No
Voice.../////ONLY I protested therefore on practical FAILS via 3* Marks but Theory
Saved Me…???As Practical was Taken via Sankar Chakraborty…. Now all such works is
done via Nasir Sir…& now all Faculty are Chosen after March 2010.. Some Check’s????
“NO VOICE”..2 Dictator – Sankar Chakrobarty (sankar@niht- – the Technical head & Angshuman
Sett(—Director full of Money Pride
to Political Hold..With wrecked ness to Break!!
See Mine TTF Morning 7:00AM – 9:00AM Laptop Batch given from January 2010 end
& mine drop in April* 2010.. Batch.. The Batch mates Class & Most Joined in December
2008 Course is completed but is waiting from 26th June 2010 when they will get
Motherboard & Computer Peripheral Class…. I Know Sajal Sir would be Bribed &
Forced to do So As Invst.. Is now ON???…. As till 22/11/10 5+ Month >>No Action.. &
No Voice.. As Frighten.. To Speak In-front..??.. If Muslim my batch mate of laptop who
even doesn’t have Sense to Write & understand can via there NIHT influence get a Job
why I Can’t….but if No Humiliation???With Student teacher relationship “Right to
Education With Live industrial Training “ & No Exploitations or BOND…

Rests please try to get from My 5 email send as

Thanking you

Your’s Truly

Subhojeet Dey

Mob No: -9143044172

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From: Subhojeet Dey <>
Date: Thu, Nov 18, 2010 at 4:35 PM
Subject: Under Cover investigate Previous Student Relation officer Mob No :-9836281562 ..Class Starting dt 16th January 2007
ending dt November 2007 as per ID card??
With Reference to Call from :-
To, ----Technical Head - Director

NIHT Infosolution Pvt. Ltd.

60B, Chowringhee Road,

5th floor, Kol-20 (W.B).

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From: Subhojeet Dey <>

Date: Wed, Nov 3, 2010 at 10:14 PM

Subject: Exploitation...Corporate lie......Opportunist..Selfishness..own self....They No

business Our No Time Value...Every ID Card has End Dt do in 2007 it was
Followed....??????November 2007 End Dt....NIHT Repeated it 03/11/2010 Watch your
CCTV Footage..??


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From: Subhojeet Dey <>

Date: Sun, Jul 4, 2010 at 4:14 PM

Subject: Miss Written ..its MWF.....(Monday,Wednesday,Friday)-1:00PM-3:00PM......&

When is My Printer / Monitor Exam ..dt & Time please at least 5-7 days in adv...Pls take
1 exam in a Week-Request

---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: Subhojeet Dey <>

Date: Sun, Jul 4, 2010 at 2:32 PM

Subject: Apology letter........




The Original Broucher Was Taken in January 2010 via Sonali madam to Show the
Administration / Sankar Sir but was not return backed same like ID card & Installment
card ....LAPTOP Issue(to show proof) when was rose by the Administration Side via a
Phone Querry In December end 2009 / January 2010.After then I Forgot to query and nor
i was Return back by the management own-self and was able to Communicated With
Sonali Madam as i Just Enter My Class and after then hurry Get out .


Yours obi dent Student

Subhojeet Dey

---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: info <>
Date: Sun, Jul 4, 2010 at 1:49 PM
Subject: RE: Apology letter....
To: Subhojeet Dey <>

Please bring the original brochure and show.

From: Subhojeet Dey []
Sent: Sunday, July 04, 2010 10:32 AM
Subject: Apology letter....

To, From,

The Centre Manager* / Technical Head, Subhojeet Dey

Niht, Gangotri Apartment

60B, Chowringhee Road, 4th Floor (4E)

5th Floor, Garia Garden

Kolkata-20 Garia



Student ID-NIHT/02/07-08/832

Subject:-Apology letter regarding dt 03/07/2010 Misbehavior and Course details... &

Conversation Answer in Points


With Reference to the Misbehavior In Communication done to Mr Ansuman Sir I From
My Inner heart Deeply Apologies of the Hot temperament of mine and guarantee of non
repeat ion ,Which sir if you too recall was quiet natural as I had on April 2010 given
Sankar Sir leave Application with my exam Routine and too yesterday Morning I too
before leaving office I re-emailed regarding leave for 19th June due to exam Appearance
and same could be said for 26th June 2010 but was not marked as 26th June 2010 was
Communication of 4* Wheeler Strike but on that day 26th June 2010 too Was My Exam
but In Garia Saint Andrews College(2814)-Routine Summated.

As Yesterday I came at 1:00PM and enter the Room of my class I found Sajal Sir Moving
out with Attain dance register and after 40-45 Minute he came back and said as all were
absent on 19th & 26th Please give application and met Sankar sir .On Response to these I
said to Sir and the Help desk madam as Absent was Phoned who said yes you had
described & too provided In April 2010 a leave application with routine but today as she
was on leave she can’t say-thus I convey these message to there the reception and another
Sir Named Nasir Sir-I think………….. and request to Continue my class as its already
2:15PM and time was wasted but again I was messaged to met Sankar Sir when these
Miss Communication occurs with Ansuman Sir of Unknown fact known-for which I am
extremely Sorry.

Sir Similarly Same Matter Sankar Sir Had Repeated for 1 Minute saying in April 2010
“Subhojeet I am unable to find your Record so I will talk to you on next Class “from
5:00PM Waiting and was conveyed at 7:45PM when several time I said sir My Job
timing* is from 3:00PM but on request to my employee and my Partner I was allowed on
Saturday to get in By 6:00PM-10:00AM Sunday Morning.

Sir its to be Noted that our class took place only Once in a Week and even said to be
Once in Month as from Last 8-10 Month seen mostly Strike, Holiday etc took place on
Saturday only thus hampering our Time Frame and regarding these on November 2009
I Spoke to Sankar sir that Please Discussion with our batch if Holiday etc fails do
they have any other Schedule free to Continue the Class without Hampering the
Time but it wasn’t taken care-Timely.

Sir regarding the Communication dt 03/07/2010 I like to do response to you Point wise:-
1) Sir I was Admitted to your Institute on January 2007 and my 1st
class was started from 16th January 2007 i.e. Basic Electronics ,I think
with total batch strength of 5-6 Student and was ended in October
2007 Mid due to Genpact our room was Booked for taking other
Classes…Sir the Batch file would highlight the truth(our batch plus
other batch several student combine letters submitted to Sriporna
madam but no Care) and during these tenure only as we were waiting
in reception I came in contact with your father and whenever he saw
me sitting there he calls me and chat with me but always in English
thus giving me English Fluency class…Speak to your Respected father
a Nice Gentle man as like mine father as it wasn’t 1 Month happening
but continuously 5-6 month Conversation.

2) Sir Debashis, Sharavan etc were admitted in 2006 show why

always counts there admission time with mine…’s to be noted they
were admitted in around January –March 2006 but they started there
1st class with me on January 16th 2007.

3) Sir after Basic Electronics Class Printer Class Was Started via
Some Sir named Kali who studied only DMP till December and was
Complained via Debashis and some two more student who were
working in field on cause sir was killing time and was Giving Wrong
Details…which was still known and said via present Sajal Sir as he
had seen previous Batch Student Notes…Full of Wrong…Please
inquire Sajal Sir…After which kali Sir was Removed.

4) Due to Genpact etc which was cleared in February 2008 I was

given SMPS class from 05/03/2010 and was conveyed to be finish
via two month By Sajal Sir to whom,Sriporna Madam,Sonali
Madam,Sankar Sir I told Sir As My end dated was said March
2008 still I haven’t finish my half classes how could it be possible
as my transfer workout to other place was being chalked out in
office and which I was on 1st April 2008 and it was necessary for
my BCA/MCA industrial live project so I took Leave from 1st
April 2008 till June 2009 which was Sanction via Sriporna madam
Seeing Documents…..TRANSFER IS A Common Process in a
MNC company after working more than 2 years at a same place
which I joined in August 2005 and now 5 Yr.
5) Sir Nextly I rejoined on and class started from 1/08/2009(Printer /
Monitor) Saturday as was going on Zigzag till dt.

6) Sir I request you to please go through my batch file if I am absent

I always give information 2-3 or more month in advance & if 1 or 2
day sudden absent cause that too occurs sudden without known or
Telling may be.

7) Sir I got back in Schedule after 2008 only due to My Transfer

which disturb my Schedule of No class from (1st April 2008- July
2009) and rest my batch mate as was within town so was able to
continue if with Working or Non Working=Simultaneously.

8) Sir as Regarding my December 2010 leave it depends upon you if

you like to help me and too regarding marriage as you Commented
“Marriage ...then Honeymoon”..but Sir I haven’t Said about Mine
but its about my Only Sister whose responsibility is on Us whose
Father Died on 24th December 2009 –Cancer and about his medical
treatment at Peerless with Doctor on Communication was once late in
class just via 15 minute when class starts at 9:30AM Known was
Communicated with Anshuman sir on January/February 2008.

9) With Reference to Comment Passed via Sankar Sir regarding me

being a troublesome Student and same do Happened in Brain ware I do
like to provide you my Brain ware student code :043AJDE which was
once an Transfer issue back dated in 2005 and was over when wrong
workout of 25+ Student at Deoghar Centre was Investigated and Two
Authority were Removed from Service namely Mirnal Sarkar of
Deoghar and Pompa Sanyal at Sector 5 College more ,Kolkata
Brain ware head office on personal Request of interaction via 3
Head of Brain ware and was provide later all the Student with Good
Output as per ISO Brand Enrolled and payed for service that too
timely and on there Condition and was place(job) in the present
Working place.
10) If I am wrong Please Ask Sankar Sir a written document from
Brain ware that I had created any Nuisance….why may name was
framed without knowing the matter…THE Fact.

11) Moreover regarding Brain ware matter if you want to get to Know
I request you to Call at Khonjkhabor *an invst Programme at Aakash
Bangla Channel (Mon- Sat 9:30Pm-10:30PM) & RPlus Lalbazzar * an
another invst channel who had proofed we were not false underneath
Sting operation etc and thus as we never like to hamper any one
investments and same too like other to not mine and hurt anyone so as
per Brain ware authority as we Student requested True Class & was
give education too matter was over in 2005-2007#…..Please Invst..I
never say False…but fact-the Documentary Evidence.

12) Regarding Laptop Class I had objected of the time Schedule and
had too Given a Written Letter before commence to class was started
and Spoke to Sankar Sir…but was Not heard…..How could I attain
class when working from 3:00PM-5:00AM/11:00PM-12:00PM or if
in day outside town on AMC(Work schedule In office was prepared
1-2 month in advance) and in class was found Solution was Not let to
Solve by us but Sir Solve it at Home and we were only made to open
or Close a laptop..I came to learn and solve and get to problem by self
under Sir Guidance….do check most of person if not in Field doesn’t
know how to operate a Blower or so…after 9 month..??So I had
request Sankar Sir to Watch CCTV of LAPTOP Class going on from
January 2010 or so...but it wasn’t……??Never my request was

13) Sir I Don’t know always I was asked for proof as in December
2009 end / January 2010 a Phone came from centre that You don’t
have laptop Class..if show document which then a copy was given to
Sonali madam then to Sankar Sir who then on Official record allotted
Laptop (Proof Scanned copy Attached)and as was Convinced that I
had done A+ & N+ from Brain ware so he said they why again you
want to I said I had done it on 2004-2005 so as during course at NIHT
it was so I acknowledge of thought to get the latest…..proof with the
attachment…………..but Sankar Sir on Cause marked if you
complete all course within 5 month you would be given which I
objected on Job time cause—April 2010 issue..During these
conversations Nasir Sir too was present in the room.
14) On April 2010 Application I had send as CC to Sonali Das As
till then she was Student Coordination Officer or so post but do
after then when She was remove I had emailed her of sudden left
cause unknown as like email dt 03/07/2010

15) And as per Sankar Sir Statement dt 03/07/2010 its Quiet

amazing Saturday Class Allotments was Unknown to him when
not a Leave/Leaf could fly without his concern or strategy.

16) Sir I do like to mention a Student Named Ayun Dey Mobile no.
9830701682 was rusticated in 2007 via Sreeparna Madam-“the
then administrator” on cause mobile theft...Then there was no
CCTV camera...but she use her presence of mind to catch the
theft…do in mine any matter it was done…check record

17) My Course Left:-

Printer:-INKJET, Laser Logic card repairing@

Monitor:-LCD some part and Online Checking in Monitor

most section




Computer Peripheral:-Full

A+ & N+ :-Full


Sir I would be Available for Class on MWF (MONDAY,

Wednesday , FRIDAY)-1:00PM-3:00PM / MWF (7:00PM -
9:00PM Most Suitable) TILL July 2011 after then could give 4-6 hr
a day.(Except December 2010 & June 2011-Exam)

Its to be thought that on 03/07/2010 I said TTS but on

these date my Working partner is engaged and he can’t give me extra
time as backup at office in case if I am late by 1hr or so..

Sir regarding proof as said via you I like to state I always like to state
the fact and try to solve timely but it’s my Bad luck and I am waiting
for it.

Lastly I like to say nothing is planned but is happening why I don’t

know as like Printer / Monitor class with exam was said as per
schedule counting via March 2010 but it is to be on My exam tenure
duration--See..Is it not my bad luck….Inquire Sajal Sir Do I sincerely
query him-Time to Time.

Sir Please return my original Document like same do collected from other
Students in April 2010 the Original Starting ID card...Installment card….

Sir Lastly and foremost its an Request that

Via Monday evening i.e. 05/07/2010 give me the exam date of mine
Printer And Monitor along with time…as I have to get applied for
leave / Adjustment at Job.

It’s a Request that please don’t place both exam at same date…it’s a
Request along with keeping in Mind as per Request that my MCA
Practical exam date MCSL-36, MCSL-45, MCSL-54 are on
14th(Wednesday), 17th(Saturday) and 18th (Sunday)….Time table do
Due to these only I had requested to conduct exam one on 24th July
2010 and other on 31st July 2010…it was a Request…but you had
taken it other wise.

Sir I again request please forgot all about

03/07/2010 Hot exchange as it was from both side and let we begin an
new Workout as new thought Bring New energy while thinking or
provoking the Past irritate-too disturb both.

Thanking You

You’re sincerely Student

Guardian No outside
state on


Subhojeet Dey

(Mob No-9143044172)

---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: Subhojeet Dey <>
Date: Thu, Nov 18, 2010 at 4:44 PM
Subject: 2nd Contain........Under S trick under Cover investigation-- Gopal Mob No :-
9232466893 & Shraman Chakroborty :- 9432083583...Remember None wants to get Into
Police/Court Trouble so they Sided taking Mare Certificate..??/as Like 2 Suri 1 Tumluk
With Reference to Call from :-
To, ----Technical Head - Director

NIHT Infosolution Pvt. Ltd.

60B, Chowringhee Road,

5th floor, Kol-20 (W.B).


" Teacher 1st teach a Student Chapter by Chapter Lesson then Take's Exam..But In life
Exam Comes First and then He / She get's a lesson..incident dt 11/06/2010* learn t me
never Trust Metro Man / Women foremost Bengali "


Sir / Madam,

With Respect to all Media To Police Concern person -“ Police Commissioner ” to

Whom I had Send all Email’s Copy do Send to the 1st Person as To and same to You all
as BCC & Now cc as - I Like to State that whatever I have written below I had all Sting*
Video.....Gopal Saying during hot Argument of Me with Sett Sir (Director) and Same do
all previous Discuss With Shankar Sir along with giving all original Document either to
Shankar Sir / Sonali Madam without any Receiving do Given...& to curve it Sonali
Madam was destroy his version "if" as She was Straight Forward No
Zingle in her Mind’....& too Shankar Sir Asking after filling the Form(Admission New
Format from February - April 2010, Special 23*/03/2010) 3ice what what Course
you had joined and do left......." Give me 5 - 6 Month at least till 2010 October
7:00AM - 9:00PM and you would be at your home with Certificate along with A+ &
N+.....but didn’t wrote it on the Form on my Several Request as per his Saying..&

Concern Media Person As I had learn t a lesson previously so as I had Several time Said
to Lalbazzar Reporter Mr and Madam Miss Boni Sikha Banerjee I never move out
Without such equipment as Court & Law Need Proof & Video happening is the Fastest Why OC Had to get Down 1 against 20 Witness..??? Why SI Was
Sus...Transfer....Same OC???Under >>>???Most video upload in there Desire safe
uploaded Pocket which...Some among you know….???Where I….

From 2007 I had seen they never Care throughout but always before December /
June….and for these too they uses to disturb me by encouraging Some Student…As I
Requested Shankar Sir to Watch the CCTV footage during Laptop??? etc class as found
when ever Not Sir in Class or me if after or before Class they used unparliamentarily
irritating Words Against me which latter I came to know & live view & Hearing
Conversation within… of it was under plan of Sir Shan…if Not See in Laptop Batch A
Muslim Student even doesn’t know to Write what saying he even..??Exploitation….was
Immediately provided Job In IOGT, Garia to curve it down….as he had……Similarly as
10th July 2010 ( Printer / Monitor ) exam Both Same day Was there plan and they had
done similarly same thing or Scene to Disturb me and Do only confirm me of exam to be
taken on fortnight and at Special Room Which to be have clear CCTV footage recording
as they know mostly from August 2009-----June 2010..just… in exam we would..&
they…but???/in that video you would see when Sir gets out several time as call via
Shankar Sir a internal Low Staff of NIHT Comes & he several time uses..P incing
language as same several time after-wards….???Why under who’s..??/but anyhow I kept
myself cool & with excuse request Sir to Drop my laptop class as I Know never I was
heard..???And moreover I had several time Requested a Time frame in afternoon
Schedule and regarding these several personnel to written request was done..??/ But all
was there planning….If you investigate you might find how could I Say the Morning
time When I Am busy somewhere Else…? //Could it be possible...Then too I try to
adjust & bear but how much a Human could & there is some limit…
Okay I took the Course 4 yr** & Several Leave “If” but Shraman Chakra borty rarely
took Leave why His Course Finishes in January 2009*….August 2008-----January 2009

Moreover a Student is Always Asked his preference Time & I had Given You
Two……& too Test Some Thing...But latter I would declare….(Ansuman Sett your
Reply as you Argue to my Father dt 03/11/2010)..Moreover watch you inquiry &
Counseling Form Format…Don’t….??

MWF (1:00PM – 3:00PM) (7:00PM – 9:00PM-Most Suitable)

Moreover go through the Printer / Monitor Books which were given in 2010 in hurry
printed…Mostly & Full of Mistake…????….Laptop Still & No
Trace……..Motherboard Zero Whereabouts as No Faculty when me admitted in
2007….Why I will take Certificate – For again Exploitation in Corporate
World..???…..I Don’t Want the Exam As Like West Bengal State Council 2007 till dt
etc exam like they took & I cheat Myself or Mine Parent’s…….SMPS “if” given 17 +
Student in two Classes Separately* with different batch file timing in February 2008 (1
In the present Class of Basic Electronics / CLR & Second in opposite Big Class
room & me given there in the Second room With no Chair & Even Space to Practice
or View Sir…..???& thus these lead to An Accident in 1St Room Serious….??as Sir
had to Move in one time in Both Room making him Disturb & Student life at
Risk…).the Sound Was So powerful that all Faculty / Madam/ Students / Genpact
Trainee Shifted upstairs*’ to New Room Came in Chaos of the Surprise Sound Inquiry
>>>???In these Schedules too there was another Surprise………///??Do For these I
paid...?”Add 5* Students per 1 Teacher & 1 Student per 1 Computer...?”

See From April 2009 – July 2009 they kept me Vacant when in written I had Taken leave
from After March 2008 till March *2009 why no p rescheduled was planned….& When
Class Given From August 1st 2009 Saturday Second Saturday i.e. 8th August 2009
NIHT job Fair…Then next Saturday i.e. 15th August 2009 & So on…….these was
Administration of NIHT doing till January 2010…….or Say June / May 2010…….
Now Same do From July 2010 after 10th till dt…?// they gave class(As I came to & per
Conversion of Ansuman Sir dt 03/11/2010 with my father he doesn’t know these
class given schedule & was always mislead via Mr Chakraborty..) & via phone cancel
& then said you were absent or so…as per Exp……that’s why on 03/11/2010 I created a
Scene taking father for 1st time to Center to Show him why I was frustrate / irritated /
tense - as he was in fear that I may..???But I Know in Life this type of wrecked person
comes who tries to Show his Value …as if not show “why Seeing & Do getting
information several time on our Request via Guard / Tithi Madam to Shankar Sir he
didn’t try to hear a Parent version & Pretend to Bussy...Appointment...Excuse??? When
he Was Free & Sitting along in Room having Sweet Dialogue Laughing With there staff
and in it all mostly saying was in there CCTV Cam recorded…as they never give
anything in written & do place me before other as>>>>???The Beuracate’s

They Frustrate …irritate and make a Student left institute as they did to previous
and to my present* batch mate coming from Suri (2) & 1 More from …..They didn’t gave
Exam on Real Cause...Most & important part were Remain untouched...Only Mostly
Theory & practical of CRT , NO* LCD…??????Online etc left“)” & Moreover if Class
Cancel or Sir made busy in other work as per Authority order they as were previously
not informed they Suffered mostly…???For month ongoing. & if they due to there Some
Personal Cause get Absent Against Time killed…After Application & Cause Said
Confirmation Clarity then only Class would be Schedule & in these way of 4 hr given
two classes s the Time….???

Sir all things Can’t be Cleared in written unless you undercover Clear it but as Now I had
Declared all these & they have Money to ….they might>>>?? As per Experience…
Which I know At least TOI & Telegraph “the undercover Reporter invst Knows & Rest I
might not Declare for press Free ness…)—See the Mistaken Picture Add Pasted inside
the Wall of Electronics Class…..Blunder Mistake but Still from 3+ yr None

Thanks for bearing me for 5yrs and Now Only 1 Problem is left…. Of past due to
Suffering’s Disturbance..??..So Mr Biswajit Shah of Etv Do you Get its Due to
Human (Public) – [Door ajar, but train Speeds on for 7 Stations “dt 03/11/2010 –
TOI”] & [Law Matter dt Widow lands Job after ordeal by fire “TOI”] Only All
Problem Creates Why We Blame Politicians...Help Madam by you invst Means /
Team - how to Solve these Drawback’s 34 + yr problem one Sort at once….with
show many hurdles in a way Day by Day created for Political Mileage &
Diversification…Could YOU Solve & Of different Section etc… “Police is of none
But of Power Side & “If” Full Witness / Support….the Witness Side…if 1 Alone
Verses 20+…..”KHANOON ANDHA HAI”& No 1 Is True…but everywhere own
self & Selfishness’ Prevails…….Never Wants’ to Hurt Anyone or Anyone Parents hard
invested Workout but I kept myself well Cleared as per Some ongoing Shocking
Notice..??& C again of all Past Photo to Video to Present again helped me “I Know
My Luck I try to avoid Conflict & remain Distance / Neutral but doesn’t know why
God Over Troubles” Me …Shankar Sir Statement –“Trouble Some Student’’Yah
Why Never lie*, or Bear Wrong or Oil or Pour knife at back of those who always
helped me or forward lending hand to Needy & for these Example of Some incident
dt 2002-In Train Koramadal-Kolkata- Bangalore ..due to that person help whom I
once helped only we were Safe of Dt……”06” Chakra view but never left them who
try to play with my Parents & Foremost Mine Time “-Diversification!!!!!!

“Just Wanted – Right to Education”


---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: Subhojeet Dey <>

Date: Thu, Nov 4, 2010 at 1:16 AM

Subject: Corporate Lie..THE EXPLOITATION..Hope 2006 - 2007 - 2008 had Metro

Linked With as Now Kabi Nazrul..


"Corporate Lie..No body Were Able to Digest Wrongfully or Under Wrong

Confinement our SUM ........NOR SI......Nor VIA Chakra view..invst Sonarpur PS &
Police Commissioner & DGP & 4D,1D,3A..???"


With Reference to today i.e 03/11/2010 Ansuman Sir misbehavior Done to My Parent
when he spoke cool y & Request for Right to Education With Practical of his Son Within
Course Admitted ( Same Why Shraman Chakraborty Parents Made hot argument in
2007 ( 2006- January 2009 [strictness from August 2008 - January 2009--7:OO AM
– 9:OO PM--Result BPO Where as Course Done in CLR & Full Networking Core
part-You had 2 time Send him In Networking job but In 15 – 1 Month he was????
So Practical Nil Just fast track to Clear the back Lops via Certificate but private
industry Worship those With Knowledge Form est At once Problem Solution /
Rectification in Practically) ..Ask your father as he Cooled him in March 2007 &
Sankar etc Sir...madam...) I Like to State Sir Hope You Remember April 2010 Gopal too
during that hot Argument day Sided me With Version as Said by him Attain-dance Sheet
Till February 2010 Were never Given to Sign On Exact dt & We Were Concern
Regarding Doing Class mainly Practical as Theory Net Surfing Is Sufficient..?? Mostly
You on 2007?? Don’t have Printed Books Same Now & Faculty too Motherboard &
Book of Laptop etc.

Secondly On Same day you Frighten Gopal "Don't Support Subhojeet See your Self...&
His Reply Was Sir I Come From Burdawan With 3+ Hr On Coming & Going & Extra
Expense & Financial problem in house So..Its Burdening Him...So Saying......?????
Anyhow Why My Batch other Student Biswajit, Prasun Sarkal & Another one both from
Suri Didn’t gave Exam on July 10th 2010..??????Real Cause?????same in 2007 Deashis
etc without class done took Certificate....just signed attain-dance sheet...Where & What
are they doing now..???

Thirdly same do you repeated to My father that he is Spooling Me….Sir today you got
clear I never hide anything from them as we have confidence on each other & too don’t
have any bad circle or so background……Sir you don’t know & never Showed too you
such mark (as its personnel problem) How much we were in Problem from 2006 – 2009
but I sincerely did my class till which I had committed 2008 March….. Just Remember
CPM did Wrong In October 2006 & see the Party fall down after 2007 or 2007
beginning end started- 1 TRUE VERSES 10+ Wrong……Our Life was at threat but
do we Told you…Dr Kiran Bedi (Rtd IPS) saved US…….!!!Here in NIHT too I never
did any wrong if any cause known was let known to you in advance but via email as till
2007-2010 January / February you never gave any letter given Receiving..Particularly
mine? // Same do Email’s except one of which answer you known “Bring you original
Document “ as Original document was one by one take via several cause without
receiving - given - I understood on some underneath Brain legal involved…..& Was
message via Sankar Sir Same like previous Student ‘s to me in April 2010 “Give me 5-6
month Time from 7:00AM – 9:00PM I will make your all class Completed and you
would be in home via October 2010 along with you’re A+, N+ & PDP classes as per
our then Offer …….but I Said Sir I had Taken Admission in “CLR” at total Cost Rs
49/-k* With Taxes & underneath then as per Adds in leading papers “AnandBazar
Patrika” “Times of India “ etc it was too mention Live Industrial Practical Training,
after each Class Completion for 15 days – 1 month on that field but on January 2008 it
was Conveyed your Tie up broke with Company..”Please Cooperate” but I was paid &
Charge for it…??? See Shraman admitted in 2006 had CLR & Core Networking Subject
but his fee was only Rs 54/-* his CLR "if" fault he has no effect but mine and I
admitted to your institute on Condition of these Live industrial Practical
Training…….Not for Certificate or Exploitation.

Regarding as Said today i.e. 11/03/2010 Twice Class Given “Printer Class under kali Sir
ONLY DMP More than 5* Month total full of theoretical mistake with description
shown / said wrong…No Inkjet & Laser then Scrap (Not a Single)...matter said in
previous email in detail’s & SMPS but 17+ Student in batch (Conflict ion of Adds 5
student per batch per Teacher—given in leading news paper’s) same in attendance
Sheet but wasn’t unable to Complete via March only attendance till February 24 th 2008
as Genpact was Shifted upstairs’ within that date and March 2008 I moved out as my
leave was sanction via Sriporna madam and too get to an Courier dt 25/12/2008
Consignment No K32855109 SEND VIA DTDC…..Laptop in & from February 2010
“if” on my Conflicting present Work Schedule after several Request “if” any course do
give after Afternoon Schedule….Which Sankar Sir too personally Saw I was totally
Disturb of the given time frame ….so he Stopped it…???& I know you are Creating
again these irritation on LAPTOP issue..No Tie-up but there were again we are
Exploited....YOUR cause IS cause & our after PAYMENT //////YOU WILL GIVE TIME

Sir its your Bad habit You never heard the Frontier and give Respect if the Frontier is
Senior In Age and too in Society...Which every time I gave to your Father Who till
September 2007 regarding these delay as I Meet said along with Sriporna Madam ,
Sankar Sir etc “ Please Cooperate “ We are trying to adjust all of your batch within but
as we had done Some Commitment to Genpact So….Zigzag is happening…& Upper
floor the Now Call Centre portion was made but Mine requested date was over too be
March 2008(When ID card has end dt November 2007— 3+ Month extra given )..As
during admission time several time Confirmed and was said leave on June / December for
exam & if other day 1-2 as illness or…doesn’t have fix date..???

Sir I understand on April 2010 only afterward Sankar Chakrqaborty Some do Response
that some thing internally is being framed as Why after 10th July 2010 exam it was 1st
time Exam Marks was not Displayed on the notice Board and you started taking on every
leave etc of same other Student application do given with Receiving??????Do Irritate a
Student and if Visit make him wait It for 1 minutes Exchange 2-3 hrs…Do same other
previous student were not made & Same do Suri 2 guys….& thus they left…?? After K
investment...The Clever policy…”Its you only make Excuse & Rule & We After
Paying are…………I paid Timely Without any Delay “if” leave(June 2007) taken 1
month Advance* but do I got any Support after paid With TAX…..

Sir I understood your Clever policy “Divide & Rule“ or Apply the Trap of Job….or other
lurking….as applied in Gopal or same to my Parents…..Tried

Sir I never did Wrong but I always kept my personal problem at My happening place and
try to be genuine but I always said you when anything doesn’t happen in time many
Excuse Arises….as you are doing Business , me too have to move forward as any Stop
Work Past Mismatches to my Working Present Schedule - What’s my problem do you try
to heard quietly and cooling ….See from July 2010 made me Waiting same previous and
When Tithi Madam on Saturday i.e. 30/10/2010 after 1 hr Waiting gave me Class dt
from 03/11/2010 7:00 PM-9:00 PM "Networking" and Exam dt of " Basic
Electronics " on 13th November 2010 at about 9:00AM-11:00AM* but today at
about 9:10AM Within a Phone call via Tithi madam again Wasted my Time….”
Meet Sankar Sir….phone and Come…..Our No time value and on phone from 2007
till dt how much spend is….???Why Nothing given via you ever in written…..
I Took the time 7:00PM –9:00PM MWF as if exam in June / December it won’t be
necessary to take leave as Exam takes place in Morning / Afternoon Schedule and it
won’t hamper my Classes Any More as Was from August 2010 on Several Visit
verbally Said to Titi madam…..

Please Do as Said today-- Write to me I will Reply in Written……..So Reply me do I

would appear for 13th November 2010 Basic Electronic Exam & if at what time
////and go through different batch joint letter Summated in 2007 regarding wrong
Studying Going on When our Batch gave Joint letter and Sriporna madam Showed
us “yes” Same we had Received from other batches……and mine Request letter
given to Your Father & Sriporna Madam in March 2007 & August 2007 to anyhow
complete my course within 2008 MARCH…in your official File..”If” Genuine…….I

Its to be Make into Notice to other readers of these email that Human Version and
Nature Changes as Per Environments,own-self,Selfishness,Support Diplomacy and
Opportunist Result Middleman ship-Without Complete knowledge-Result
….Computer Mistake etc excuse but they forgot that Computer takes things which
user or handler feed..THE CORPORATE LIE---EXPLOITATION

All Verbal said things can’t be described in Short format emails but Ansuman Sir
AND SANKAR Chakraborty Known it truly in 2007 there was Not as per
advertise / Commitment / Said Infrastructure too till Mid 2009???& from then
Series of Authority to Receptionists to Councilor Change that too Fortnight
Within…..and all emails or letter do Given / Send are linked to each other...

It’s to be Remember if you would give respect to your senior then only hope it from
Another “Applies to Both”
With Regard

Subhojeet Dey

Mob No:-9143044172

---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: Subhojeet Dey <>

Date: Sat, Oct 30, 2010 at 12:27 PM

Subject: JUNE, JULY, AUGUST, SEPTEMBER, OCTOBER..2010 & Similarly March

2008 - July 2009?? & January 2007 - March 2008???... Waste..Leave.... Time-pass!!!!!


MWF 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: Subhojeet Dey

Date: Thu, Nov 18, 2010 at 5:47 PM

Subject: Do these Demand was Taken What i Proofed..then.....Only after Money but
Show off infrastructure....Scrap what u would c was brought via me with Present Sajal Sir
Marketing...??after August 2009 - January 2010??Still Pending...


“The Above picture States...The understandable fact of Mushroom IT Inst”

With Reference to Call from :-033-

To, ----Technical Head - Director

NIHT Infosolution Pvt. Ltd.

60B, Chowringhee Road,

5th floor, Kol-20 (W.B).

---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: Subhojeet Dey <>

Date: Sun, Nov 7, 2010 at 1:27 PM

Subject: Why i Extended..the leave..???.Scrap etc After August 2010 Me & Sajal Sir did
the marketing.....


" ...Was Demanded below Sum Taken ...Why they D

roped...What I Proofed...As Like Same do My original Voucher
Taken to See Whether I have laptop Class Within Course or
Not...2009...(LAPTOP Class Given Under Forced...??? &
Student There Mostly Were From Working Field – Laptop???
& Concern Not For learning But Business & Percentage
Sharing...That's Why Indirectly I 3-4 Times Requested Mr
Shankar Chakroborty To Watch CCTV Footage & 3-4
Students Within them Mandowli With Sir Making Sir Set
Back from Track...Solving & Rectification of Problem Before
& By Students How to Learn...As Who Don't Want To Earn
Extra bucks ya not Via Crime or Murder or Stealing..????
Implies for Educative Person...??..Why I Will Always Proof...
The & My Requested CCTV footage when ever was never
Inquired……other wise Many thing’s could be proofed same do
Sir Saying a Laptop Class Should be of 3-4 hr Not 2 hr’s as
opening and Closing a Laptop Takes 1.5 hr & then What I Will
teach…..???Same do if should be for too Motherboard with Many
Scraps & Gadget‘s but>>& he had Several time notify to
Management but Was Several Time S cooled & he Felt too Much
insulted as Ansuman Sett is too Smaller in Age & He said for
Betterment of Student—He is made every time reminder of his
Agreement Rs 1 lakhs*….what Management will tell he has to
do..& not guide them or Interfere in there Workout...?)Call was
made & heard In PS..?Duration??"

I Know Non Would invst as ordinary

Mass ..As Metro.....Last Soln last After Then
For TRP you might....& get Everywhere i was...TRUE.....As i
know World Worship Rising Sun & Same the Going down TRP-in both case>>?? BILL Gate.....Infosys
Chief.......Mukesh Ambani Father & TATA 's etc were Once and
ordinary From Family Now America President Came India To
OIL & Exploit Indian Brain & Economy>>>??for own Country
people.....Irag War - Just to Show the World its Arm Stock &
Capture the Oil Tank..So its from Century from Era - Rich &
Power Did Exploitation to Weaker..& No Law prevails there
As ....On Then 100+ Case & they have car,Lawyer TOP with law
Lop hole's & mostly they have not to Roam like ordinary Mass
pillar to pillar as for these they have many Staff's..just order!!!

---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: Sonali Das <>

Date: Tue, Dec 9, 2008 at 6:18 PM

Subject: Re: 4th leave letter extension of leave till 30th June 2009-Final Year MCA
2009(June 2007-June 2009-MCA Tenure)


Dear Subhojit,

I can't help you to extend the leave as per management concern. For this you have to pay
re-admission fees of Rs.1124/=at the date of joining.

Wish you all the best.

Sonali Mam

---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: Subhojeet Dey <>
Date: Thu, Nov 18, 2010 at 5:49 PM
Subject: 4th ..Do Action Like in Case of as was done when matter Concern with
Respected PC & DGP Sir's...." Samay - the Time "...all have to do undercover invst as
None Would Speak as Sum invst..Parent's...or Opportunist Advantage they would
" Samay - the Time "...all have to do undercover invst as None Would Speak as Sum
invst..Parent's...or Opportunist Advantage they would Take.....

With Reference to Call from :-

To, ----Technical Head - Director

NIHT Infosolution Pvt. Ltd.

60B, Chowringhee Road,

5th floor, Kol-20 (W.B).

---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: Subhojeet Dey <>

Date: Wed, Nov 17, 2010 at 3:01 PM

Subject: Acknowledgment but No official invst...then Value "0"---" Right To Education

With Live Practical Knowledge " & Apology letter to My Father..????Could You Shri G
M Chakrabarti, IPS <



Lastly thanking you for finally giving acknowledgment of

& after sending 7-8 Emails regarding these matters but
what would be its output if you don't invst..???At-least
invst the laptop class given to me from January end
2010..??TTS 7:00am - 9:00pm the batch student admitted
duration in 2008....there course complete in June 2010 but
still waiting for Motherboard..—NO Voice..??/as No
faculty after March 2008*???& No Books????Fees
taken...they only murmur but don't speak infront...Bengali
Politics--OPPORTUNIST....there too ID card taken but
not given...??As end date there over & too can't claim as
the Admin doesn't know when & how much the faculty
would be experienced????then think about all
friends as happened there due to these coming on going
expenses just within month’s did the course & took
certificate as mostly were working in same field or had
some support near by location for field experience but
me>>>??/& was told full support with full practical 100%
& after each section(Printer, Monitor.....) class over 15 days
to 1 month per section live industrial training & for these
Rs 10 – 15k is being taken extra…but till August 2009
there were Mostly Nil Scrap or gadgets….?????
You might had gone through my previous email’s and
below contain as they even don’t known what’s the
rule….after 3.5 yr my repeat ion exam “if” taken under
different faculty they forgot before exam a brush Up Class
is legally to be provided….they are only concern How to
earn Revenue??? After admission as mostly Student gets
frustrated and loose interest in the course and thus gets
absent thus breakup fee…??? Exam Absent fee…?? Fails
Fee….?????----where no other center charge's exam or fails
fee but they charges…?????..No books ...etc mercy Upon
the Admin what they would give?????Survey all Adds of
NIHT from 2007 - 2009 in TOI,The Telegraph &
Anandbazaar Patrika...???& go through attain-dance
sheet 2 way dt 2007- 2008...

See My Saturday Class Batch mates they Looses interest as

class going on on…???? & when & Show off>>>???/but
it’s I had reminded Sankar Sir from September 2009 –
March 2010 of all these but they didn’t pay any attention -
timely & of my other some Request to view CCTV cam
recording of some ongoing???? As it’s there Plan to make
Student’s…if not show why my Saturday batch mates (3
---2 from Suri, 1 from Tumluk) didn’t gave Exam Real
Cause On 10/07/2010 and Drop coming…too didn’t took
A Class Starts never at time* after ½ from schedule and
ends too after 45 Min after end time...then think when a
Class Completes’ at 1:00PM(1:45PM) at Chowringhee
then how could a Student could starts his Next Class
from 1:00PM – 3:00PM at Chandni its other
Branch(2007*- 2008)…Student would fly there..In Sec?

Why Would I obey there Schedule & Dictatorships… I

payied for Show off...of ”Right to Education”…..

If you had gone through My Email Apology Letter Subject

they had forced me to write an Apology letter of what real I
told & told frankly in front of Director & Technical
Head…the two Young Dictator - of Director full of
Pride of Money & Family Hold along with top Lawyer
within to Political Control???So what they will frame
we have to taken????they will make Rule they will
Break Rule….Never ever they cooperated….I several time
said if laptop Class Do Given do given from August 2009 –
January 2010 within in Morning Schedule after then not
possible but see they gave Me at end on January 2010
laptop Class…there Plan……More over from October
2009 – December 2009 they Technical head “Sankar
Chakjraborty “ Played Nautanki to show him proof I have
laptop & in these way he took my original Boucher in
which many extra contain was Written via Sonali mam
(Sonali Das Chakrobaroty - )
and thus Removed Sonali Mam (Oldest Faculty of all
Known know how of Internally workout) and same
Sarup Sir etc who too protest them they are not there Toy
and why Students are Not given there right as Same
Sriporna madam in 2009 Removed…..if You investigate
the Student of 2007 – 2010 before August 2009 admitted
there Murmur voice could be known but none dare to
Speak as Sum invst…..etc…….Job..???????& thus NIHT
like centre are Rising & Administration…”NIHT” &
“Law” Sleeping as not happening with Own self..???..They
too to Stop these Rising Voice Dropped many Course
Fees from Market Rate - Whose Rate was Printer,
Monitor, Laptop per course fee 4,250 with/Without tax*
from 10,000/- per along with tax extra same alike in
Networking(MCSE - 6,250,MCITP-7,250,RHCE -
9,250,CCNA - 6,250,A+ - 4,250,N+ - 4,250 etc…..& same
Quality do was detoriated- Compromised-BUSINESS
???) so that many Student’s within get attract to Centre on
these offer..??? ‘Own self”

See after 10/07/2010 they till dt gave Me No class?????

….they kill time…they did what they want….they said
Basic Electronic Exam dt Given to was not given on there
exact dt but during my some other exam tenure as like
03/11/2010,08/11/2010 & Comptia Security + Global
exam….so why I will obey there Dictatorship ..& why I
can’t Plan my Schedule..?/as they had promised me Exam
of Basic Electronics just after Durga Puja but with many
hot argument etc just to Diversify me they Scheduled it on
13/11/2010..but Forgot Brush UP Class Rule>>??

They (Director) insulted My Parent (father) & Present

Staff – Toy of Know voice-Own self!!! & Challenged No
law could do anything as law had many loophole’s & No
Witness as Own self>>>all was Said & Recorded in there
CCTV cam dt 03/11/2010…////So Why he (Director) Till dt
haven’t ask or given an Apology letter to my father..????
So Mr IPS your Dignity is Dignity!!!! Your pride is
pride as you are in Post but think after No Post...Rtd???
Give Justice outside Court as All Knowns value of
Court as Seen in Rizwan or do same DCP etc of
Jharkhand rape case..????Want Justice & Undercover
Investigation from Cops & Invst Press??? “SAMAY”-
the Time

Thanking you

COPS …We Care……..Never make Shortcut to Cut Short

your Life!!!!
----- Original Message -----

From: Subhojeet Dey <>

Date: Wednesday, November 17, 2010 8:15 am

Subject: They No Or Obey No Rule's..Director..As Money to Law Power..As

Rich..knows NONE would Speak...??

......From prev Student Which Which Topic Not Taught>>???But Forgot

Legally>>???But Forgot Legally ..after Long Break before Exam-7 -15 days a
Brush-up is Essential When 1 Said Not Working In Same Field?? could You
Answer to your B com* 2nd yr Question Paper Now-2DAY???

No Faith on NIHT Management as Your Paid staff could in Near Future to Oil you
could get to any Extend to Frame me in any …Private World No Voice – “Own self “
“Selfishness” but I am not under your Bond….???

---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: Subhojeet Dey <>

Date: Sat, Nov 13, 2010 at 4:37 PM

Subject: Legally I had Proofed Your Cooperation...Why i Will Remind You???

Every time Before & My Exam Tenure U Distract Me>>>!!!!21th* & 24th*
November 2007 Class When ...????


Cooperation…Example…” Disturb / Frustrate / Irritate / Humiliate…“dt

03/07/10… - Exam on 10/07/10 & 03/11/10….. - Exam on 13/11/10 ----leading to
Disturbance a Life threatening Accident 10/11/10 late Night - On Medicine
(Painkiller etc) & was Bedridden???Proof latest & Example of Cooperation??? in
2007 & August 2009 – June 2010???