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Script Treatment

Bob Garlen

Based on “Spider-Man” Created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko

COLD OPEN: A row of headstones – Green-Wood Cemetery – NEW YORK.
Peter sits, looking very different, Hair dyed blond, Clothes
torn and dirty, hoody pulled up and he sits in front of a head
stone sobbing. He looks at the head stone and through the tears
says “I’m sorry I failed you. But right now, I could really use
your help. I don’t know what to do. Please, help me.”
Cut to: MARVEL STUDIOS Logo, Russia – Groups of Military
Vehicles pull up to a desolate looking Mansion “Smerdyakov
Manor.” Two Men exit: Sergei Smerdyakov (Bearded, 30’s –
Muscular) and Dmitri Smerdyakov (30’s – Thin, Hooded) They enter
and confront a bed ridden old woman Anna Smerdyakov. Sergei
would interrogate her to make her reveal her “shame.” She
relents and reveals their real names: Kraven Sergei Vanko and
Dmitri Anatoly Vanko. Anna calls out to Dmitri who insults her,
she calls him a snake and he removes the hood revealing: A
Disfigured white face (like an Albino Skrull). He begins choking
her and says, “No. I’m a Chameleon!”
The two brothers leave in the vehicles, Chameleon asks Kraven
“What’s next?” and Kraven responds “How do you get revenge on a
dead man?” Chameleon asks “How?” and Kraven responds “You attack
his legacy.” Revealing a newspaper that showcases the headline
“Is Spider-Man the New Iron Man?”
Fade to: Seagate Prison with Average White Band’s “PICK UP THE
PIECES” playing. This plays through the opening sequence of
Justin Hammer being released from Seagate Penitentiary. He
leaves, wearing the suit he wore at the end of Iron Man 2,
seeing a Limousine waiting for him. Hammer Smiles and approaches
Cut to: OSCORP – Justin Hammer enters the office of NORMAN
OSBORN. He’s greeted by Norman and Hammer deduces Norman is to
thank for his early release, Norman accepts the credit. Norman
reveals that once Hammer was imprisoned, He bought the assets of
Hammer Industries.
Hammer questions what he’s supposed to take away and Norman
offers a tour to “Show you what I’ve got for my money.” In this
tour we see A Glider in various phases, different type of
explosives, and finally a Suit (Made of an Armored Cloth).
Hammer asks what this is supposed to mean, and Norman tells him
“To stay clean, for the company I’ve got to refrain from
questionable connections. However, an Ex-Con who dabbles in the
theatrical can gain numerous necessary connections.” Norman
sells Hammer by asking him if he “Wants an empire he can
control” Hammer is sold, he asks “What’s the plan?” –
Fade to black, Legend on screen: 6 MONTHS LATER…
Cut to: Peter Sitting on the light pole – His world crumbling.
He looks down at MJ yelling at her to Run and he swings off,
trying to get far away from her. Junk starts to get hurled at
Spidey. He calls May (Still conversing with Happy) Telling her
he’s been compromised – Happy grabs the phone and Peter tells
Happy his identity is out and to get May someplace safe. May
turns on the T.V. as they replay JONAH’s broadcast of Spider-Man
Killing Mysterio and revealing Spider-Man Identity.
Happy tells May she needs to pack he’s got to get her someplace
safe. May refuses to go anywhere without Peter. Peter screams at
Happy, asking why’re they’re still there – Happy tells him
they’re waiting for him – Peter leaps in through the window. May
and Peter start packing.
Peter yells at Happy to get the Car ready – BANG! Peter screams
for Happy – He runs out of his room, into Happy, both run to
May’s room where she’s laying on the ground holding her stomach
– She reaches out, crying “Peter!” Peter grabs May and screams –
Peter picks her up, Ready to leap out the window – Happy says
he’ll follow.
Cut to: Peter (still in costume) runs May into the E.R. nurses
and doctors grab her; Peter tells them she was shot – May
disappears behind doors. Peter drops to his knees – Happy
appears – Happy tells him he’ll stay with her and tells Peter
“Find the son of a bitch who did this.” Handing Peter a key card
– “Dock 49, you need anything. It’s there.” Peter nods and runs
out of the Hospital – Happy calls Pepper and asks her to get a
hold of Doctor Strange.
Cut to: Peter changing into clothes at the DOCK 49 Hide out. He
finds a laboratory with a Costume maker and some objects to help
hide his identity. He bleaches his hair Blond and uses a
baseball cap and Glasses to hide. He creates a new suit,
restoring the KAREN A.I. He calls MJ from the site and she asks
him what the hells is going on. Peter tells her She’s in too
much danger to meet up. She asks him what he’s going to do.
Peter isn’t sure. Ned and Flash but in on the conversation –
freaking Peter out. Ned tells Peter he needs to check the crime
scene for Clues, while Flash attempts to ask fanboy-ish
questions. Peter hangs up.
Peter gets a phone call – PEPPER. He answers and she tells him
that they can spin this, but he has to come into the Compound to
protect him. Peter says he can’t yet – he must find the person
who shot his Aunt and Pepper tells him to hurry, the lawyers are
working on clearing Peter. Peter thanks her, hangs up.
Cut to: Peter returning to the Apartment. He examines the scene.
He looks around, asks Karen to examine the area. It brings up a
Holographic crime scene. He looks and investigates; he notices
the angle. He zips out to the spot. He looks around and the
HOLO-CRIME scene shows a placement for a shooter. He looks and
finds a shell casing. He picks it up – his Spider-Sense erupts –
He looks around – BOOM!
Flying around – HAMMER in the Suit on the glider – THE
HOBGOBLIN. Peter begins to run before leaping into web-swinging
through the city, with Hobgoblin on the Glider, throwing pumpkin
bombs at him. Peter doubles back to get Behind the Hobgoblin and
shoots web balls at Him – He leaps onto the glider, they fight –
Hobgoblin Punches Peter in the chest knocking him down – Shoots
a web that catches the Glider, a KNIFE cuts the web causing
Peter to fall – He slams onto the roof of a building. KRAVEN
reveals himself. He fights Peter while Hobgoblin flies above
throwing bombs at Peter. Kraven catches Peter with a couple good
hits and the BOMB throws Peter off the building. Peter bounces
of the sides of the walls of buildings landing on the ground. He
hides behind a dumpster he begins to switch into his
“undercover” outfit.
ON the building Kraven picks up Peter’s cell phone. Hobgoblin
lands next to him. Kraven says “It’s time for the Chameleon.”
Cut to: Peter examining the casing at Midtown Science. NED, MJ,
and FLASH huddle around him. Peter looks around, they back up.
He writes down a note: “ASM-141964.” He needs to get the serial
number looked up. He removes a mask from a backpack, looking
through he asks KAREN to run a scan on it. She goes through
files revealing it’s a Military prototype that was originally
developed by Hammer industries but remade by Oscorp. Peter
begins sweating – MJ asks him what he’s freaking out about Ned
explains “Peter use to tutor Harry Osborn before he went to
Europe. Mr. Osborn moved him there after his mom died.”
PETER looks through the mask and asks Karen to project and Play
footage of his fight – everyone watches as he freezes the frame
on Karen’s face. Peter asks Karen to look through files and get
an I.D. After a moment Karen produces a file on: KRAVEN VANKO
Karen plays footage of Kraven strapped to a table being injected
with several chemicals, Karen explains that after the blip
RUSSIA wanted to create a SUPERHERO to help keep the Public rest
– Kraven was suggested based on his military career but
initially refused, he relinquished after an “Incident” cause his
brother Dmitri to be horrible scarred and on life support. Only
agreeing to save his life if Kraven joined the OMEGA program –
Kraven Joined and they saved Dmitri by using serum created from
SKRULL DNA. Together the brothers were able to access Superhuman
abilities – While Kraven’s appear to be Superhuman strength,
Speed, and Healing no file or information is known about Dmitri.
Peter asks about the “Glider Guy?” Karen reveals no information
on he nor the equipment he uses exist. It’s similar in design to
Stark Tech but is widely different in operation. Peter asks for
a Flashdrive, Ned hands one over and Peter hooks the Mask up to
the flashdrive and downloads the footage. Peter puts the mask on
and asks KAREN to record a message for Happy, asking him to
investigate the information available. Peter hands Ned and Flash
the flashdrive and asks them to get it to Happy at Midtown
Regional Hospital. Flash and Ned leave. Peter takes a minute
with MJ where he explains that his Aunt was shot and that he’s
worried about her. She insists she can help him, and he relents.
Cut to: Peter and MJ entering OSCORP. Peter brings his mask,
they break through a couple civilian barriers, where MJ
distracts and Peter sneaks forward – Peter notices how many
Oscorp Workers know MJ. They make it to an Oscorp mainframe
computer, MJ grabs the computer and begins logging in – They get
interrupted by MJ’s Mom’s Boyfriend: JACK HARDY. MJ and Peter
begin to try and cover as Jack begins conversing with them, MJ
introduces Peter as “BEN REILLY” and gets invited to dinner,
Jack gives them a tour to the “upper levels” of Oscorp where
they run into NORMAN, Who gleefully takes them through the
building while commenting how “Ben” looks familiar. Peter
freezes, unsure of what to do.
MJ asks her Jack to borrow his badge so she can check something
on his computer, he questions her about her phone, and she says
she left it at home, Jack looks over at Norman who nods in
approval. Jack takes MJ and Peter to his office, Jack hands over
his badge excuses himself – MJ logs on and plugs Karen into the
system. Karen begins internally hacking the system, looking for
files on the Glider as well as anything matching Hobgoblin’s
equipment. Several Oscorp weapons were reported stolen.
Jack reappears, looking worrisome, He tells MJ she needs to come
with him to the hospital, she asks what’s wrong and he says her
Mother was in a carwreck – MJ rushes out, Peter tells her to
wait, she says she can’t and has to go Peter follows behind,
Peter is directed to the elevator – MJ and Jack enter the
elevator – She begins asking questions “Is mom alright? She get
hurt?” Jack smiles, stops the elevator He grabs her by the mouth
to muffle her voice, pulling out a “gas gun” He sprays her in
the face, she passes out. Then – His skin alters, his height
lowers – revealing the CHAMELEON. He pulls a phone out, “We got
her.” Another door Opens, Norman standing in the way. Norman
moves aside and Dmitri carries MJ into the “room.”
Cut to: Peter exiting Oscorp. Pull away to reveal he’s being
watched by Kraven and Hobgoblin. Peter begins moving through the
city – His spider-sense goes off and Hobgoblin swipes at him
with the Glider. Peter breaks into a Webswing – getting his
mask, being chased by Hobgoblin. He waits and anticipates
Kraven. He notices the Bullet and drops under it to deliver a
kick to Kraven. They battle and Peter does much better, this
time getting hits in and Standing his ground. Kraven Gets the
upper hand and begins pummeling Peter. He rips the mask off and
rips it in half. Hobgoblin knocks into Peter with the glider.
Peter shoots a web to yank Hobgoblin off the glider – instead
the Glider pulls Peter up, Kraven assembles a sniper rifle –
Peter swings wildly off the glider, holding on for dear life as
Hobgoblin increases the altitude – Kraven takes a shot, it hits
Peter in the shoulder and he drops – Falling into the harbor.
Hobgoblin questions Kraven if Spider-Man is dead and Kraven says
“Not likely. We just need one last thing.”
Cut to: MJ waking up a dark room – strapped to a metal chair.
She cries out for help, she calls out for her mom, her dad, and
finally Peter. A voice laughs in the dark. “None of them can
help you.” The chair she’s in forces her into a recline. She
struggles against it. “This won’t take long. Trust me.” She
continues to struggle. Two Tiny Robotic straps wrap around her
head and force her to look up. Two arm restraints latch over her
arms. They inject her with something. Kraven calls out “You can
thank Spider-Man for this.” She is forced to watch a stream of
Spider-Man, electrodes from the head restraint shock her, the
injections go through her, changing her. Her eyes turn green –
her hair changes to white. More shocks – the serum inside is
kicking in. This is changing her. She screams as it happens –
begging for help. Images of Spider-Man and Peter move more rapid
– she screams.
Cut to: Upstate New York – Night. Young Morgan Stark sits and
reads a book, as her mother calls to her to get ready for bed.
She says, “In a minute” and continues to go over her book then…
someone calls out “Morgan”, She hears the voice of Tony Stark.
Morgan runs to the voice, calling out for her dad. She exits the
house, looking around, she sees a shadow, thinking it’s her
father, turning to see… The Chameleon. He grabs Morgan –
Pepper is looking all over the house, calling out for Morgan.
She hears Morgan calling out, crying for help. She enters to see
Chameleon holding a piece of broken glass to Morgan’s throat.
Pepper cries and begs for him to let her go. Pepper begins to
reach down, she’s going to grab a rescue Gauntlet – A Hand hits
her in the back of the head – Kraven, he grabs Pepper’s phone of
her – Tosses it to Chameleon, he shape shifts and unlocks the
phone – He looks through, while reading Peter’s phone – he finds
a mutual number: HAPPY. He calls it –
Cut to: Peter floating in the harbor… The tides push him to the
docks. He crawls up them – bleeding. He lays against a wall,
checks for his phone – gone. He groans. A construction Worker
wonders over, sees Peter bleeding, Peter asks to borrow his
phone, he calls Ned and Flash, asking them to pick him up, the
Construction Worker gives the address. Asks if they’ve heard
from MJ, nothing. Peter asks them to hurry.
Time Jump: Happy drives, with Flash and Ned in the car with him,
annoying him. He picks up Peter. Peter looks at Happy and
instantly knows something’s wrong, Happy just says “Kid, it’s
Cut to: The four of them stand in Pepper’s living room. The
front door forced open; they look around. Ned finds a photo of
MJ tied up, Hands it to Peter, he begins to breakdown. Flash
picks up Pepper’s phone – hands it to Happy. They enter the
kitchen. Peter looks at the photo of him and Tony. They see a
picture of Morgan and Pepper tied up, a note “FIND US IF YOU
CAN” Peter runs out of the house, Happy asks him where he’s
going, Ned stops Happy telling him “Give him a minute, there’s
something he needs to do.”
Cut to: Green-Wood Cemetery. Peter approaches A headstone, no-
mask, hood down. Beaten, bloodied and hurt. He drops to his
knees and begins crying. He begs for help this is where we
started. He hugs the headstone begging for help. He drops to his
hands and knees and cries. A voice calls out “Hey pal. What’s
wrong.” Peter looks, Uncle Ben – he was 50’s dressed in a Police
Dress Uniform. He sits next to Peter, relaxed and Peter looks
over at him. “I need help. I screwed up so bad. I made mistakes.
May was shot, MJ… My girlfriend, Mister Stark’s wife and
daughter, they’re all in trouble and It’s my fault!” Ben
responds, “It’s not your fault Peter.” Peter doesn’t get it,
says “Uncle Ben, I screwed up, my identity got out because I
wasn’t thinking right. I was irresponsible.” Ben tells him
“Peter there’s more to responsibility than just making the right
choices. Sometimes responsibility is fixing things, making
amends and other times it’s living with them.” Peter asks “What
do I do? What can I do? I’m just a kid.” Uncle Ben responds
“Peter you know what to do. It’s not easy because you’re scared.
You’re scared because you’re at a crossroads. This is where you
decide what kind of man you’re going to be. I know that you’ll
do the right thing, the responsible thing.” Peter looks at Ben.
Ben hugs Peter then let’s go. Peter stares at the head stone,
reading the Epitaph as Ben says it “With Great Power comes Great
Responsibility.” Peter stands. “I know what to do Uncle Ben.
Thank you.”
Peter looks up to see: Flash, Ned, and Happy. Standing there.
Peter smiles – He walks over to them. Peter asks Happy if he has
“E.D.I.T.H.” Happy nods. He needs them as a team – Peter needs
a ride, Happy jokes “You ran from upstate New York to a Cemetery
and you need a ride for six blocks?”
Cut to: The team is inside the warehouse. Peter tells Happy he’s
going to get them back. Peter turns on some Music (AC/DC’s Shoot
to Thrill), goes over to a “Suit Machine” begins manufacturing,
Flash asks to help, Peter obliges they work on a Suit – Black
with a white spider wrapping around the chest and back – All
white lenses and 2 sets of Webshooters, Tactical on the back
(identified by Two white triangles) and standard webshooters on
the wrist. He stands in his stealth suit, ready. Peter has Ned
and Happy plug Edith into a Stark Computer System – They hack
Stark’s Security Camera system to track Pepper and Morgan being
taken, they get a plate number and track its movements through a
Stark satellite. They Pinpoint the location, get an address.
Peter knows where they are.
Cut to: Morgan and Pepper tied up, the area around them is like
a Jungle. They hear a crazed cackle and the screech of
Hobgoblin’s jet. Pepper looks at Hobgoblin as he lowers on his
glider. “Honey, I always knew you were cut out for this.” Pepper
recognizes the voice instantly “Hammer?” Hammer removes the
Hobgoblin Mask. Shrugs. Pepper questions about the ‘thugs’ who
grabbed them – Hammer responds: “Well I guess you could say we
go way back we knew their father.” Pepper gives a look, Hammer
explains “They’re Vankos. Great kids really. Talented. Smart.”
Pepper asks: “What’s going on?” Hammer responds, “Well the kids
really hated Anthony, can’t take it out on him, so they figure
they’ll destroy everything he loved.” Morgan pipes up “Are we
gonna be okay?” Hammer moves around, levels too her, Pepper
shakes, she tries to break free, Hammer says “Sure. Kid. I bet
you’re gonna be alright.” Hammer stands. Smiles, puts his mask
back on. Pepper asks, “Why are you part of this?” Hammer says
“Listen, revenge isn’t really my bag, my bag is empire. This is
how you build an Empire.” Hammer lifts off the ground on the
glider. Pepper refuses to cry.
Cut to: Peter webswinging (soundtrack breaks right into the
Ramones’ Spider-Man Cover.) Peter rushes to Kraven’s hide out.
Cut to: Kraven’s lair. Peter crawls in, staying to the shadows.
Hearing Kraven and Hobgoblin talk – Sees MJ (brown hair, in her
standard outfit) tied to a chair, Pepper and Morgan are nowhere
in sight. Kraven and Hobgoblin exit. Peter drops down, Suit
shows spiking heat signatures, Peter says he doesn’t see
anything but feels it. He drops down ungags MJ, She looks at him
“What took you so long?” Peter apologizes, unties her – she
continues “You know what they did? They tortured me! They beat
me. They made me a freak!” Peter shakes his head “I’m so sorry!
I’d never let anything like that happen to you!” MJ get’s meaner
“You did. You’re worthless.” Peter stops. He looks at her – Her
appearance changes to… CHAMELEON. He back hands Peter. Chameleon
laughs “Should have seen your face.” The Area around them begins
to “change” to it’s real state – The building is burning.
“Hobgoblin, he really knew his stuff. Taking in Mysterio’s crew,
using their assets.” Peter asks “Where are they? Where’s MJ?”
Chameleon laughs “Behind you.” Peter turns around – WHAM! A
punch sends him down. He looks up to see MJ – White hair, Green
Eyes, wearing a Black leather suit with trimmed white fur around
the collar, boots, and gloves and Goggles connected to a half
helmet forming cat-like ears.
Peter looks at her horrified. “What did they do to you?” In
Russian MJ responds “I’m the Black Cat.” A wire wraps around
Peter’s neck pulling him out of the warehouse – Peter struggles,
looking up he sees Hobgoblin swinging him around on the glider.
Peter shoots webs to knock Hobgoblin off, rips off the wire.
Falls into another warehouse – A virtual Jungle. Kraven attacks
him. Black Cat joins Kraven, Then Chameleon enters. Kraven tells
Peter “I’ve spent my life being treated like dirt. Being
relegated to inferiority. I learned it was because of my Father.
Because no one accepted his genius. Your ‘father’ killed him.
Now, I kill the prodigal son. Death by the prodigal Daughter.”
Kraven, Hobgoblin, Chameleon, Black Cat all take shots at Peter
knocking him down – harder and harder. Peter lays on his back –
trying to breathe. Black Cat gets on top of him and begins
strangling him. Peter tries to fight but can’t. He pleads with
her. Screaming for her. Kraven kneels to Peter “It took time. It
took pain. She won’t listen to you. She is perfect child now.
Just as strong as me.”
BANG! Chameleon Shoots Kraven in the back – Hobgoblin Backs up,
Chameleon turns the gun on him. “Big brother you’ve always been
there for me. You’ve given me everything, now you’ve given me
the best Muscle I could ask for.” Kraven backs away from
Chameleon: “What are you doing?” Chameleon explains “You’ve
spent years chasing Father’s ghost. Chasing some idiotic vanity
that his name meant anything. Chasing Honor. There were
countless times you could have made your own name, created an
empire. I stood by because I hoped you would come to your
senses. Even your new master couldn’t get you to see big enough.
HA! Assassin? You could have been Kingpin. Now you’ll die for
it. Then the person who runs New York will be the Chameleon.”
Kraven stands. His wounds healing, albeit slowly. He steps over
to Chameleon, he turns the gun back to him. “I protected you but
no more.” Chameleon fires another shot But Kraven moves forward,
grasping his throat – Strangling him, Chameleon unloads his Gun
into Kraven: “You’ll die like the snake you are.” KRACK!
Chameleon goes limp.
Black Cat continues to strangle Peter. He pulls his mask off,
pleading with her “MJ. Please. It’s me.” MJ screams. Kraven
questions What she’s doing, she tackles Kraven Peter pulls his
mask on and kicks Hobgoblin. Kraven Knocks Black Cat into Peter.
Hobgoblin leaps onto his glider getting some distance and
throwing bombs. Peter Grabs MJ and Swings upwards. MJ tells
Peter to toss her at Kraven and take care of Hobgoblin. Cat
leaps at Kraven and fights him, Peter gets ahold of Hobgoblin
and unmasks him. Peter forces Hobgoblin to tell him where Pepper
and Morgan are. Peter Webs Goblin against the wall – Peter and
MJ work together and fight Kraven. They take him down and Peter
webs his entire body then knocks him out. Peter does a scan –
gets MJ’s help to break through the floor and grab Morgan and
Cut to: Pepper, Morgan, Peter, and MJ stand on the roof of the
building – Hammer is webbed up and Kraven is laid out. Peter
tells Pepper Happy is coming. She tells Peter he can hide at the
Avengers’ compound and Lawyers will work on clearing his name,
but they need to do one thing first. Hammer makes a them an
offer, his personal “Plan B.” If they let him go, he’ll give
them the original footage of Mysterio at Tower Bridge. MJ grabs
it from Hammer and knocks him out. She hands it to Pepper, Peter
asks if MJ can come with him to the compound, Pepper agrees but
MJ is gone. Peter looks around for her, but she’s gone. Pepper
comforts Peter.
Cut to: The Avengers compound – On a television J. Jonah Jameson
watches – Pepper walks out, saying she’s there to announce the
newest Avenger and plays the undoctored footage of Mysterio at
Tower Bridge. Peter is still revealed but he is shown on the
floor, injured from his gun shot. Peter says to switch off the
drones. Pepper then announces “Spider-Man” who enters the stage,
Both May and Happy (holding hands) next to him. Peter pulls off
the mask “My name is Peter Parker and I’ve been Spider-Man since
I was fifteen years old.” – Jameson stands up and in a rage
screams “WHAT THE FU—”
Cut to Black. Credits. After a beat, they stop.
After Credit Scene: Hammer is in lock up. Norman Osborn enters,
masked in the shadows. “You’ve found an undeniable talent for
screwing up Mr. Hammer.” Hammer pleads, saying it’s not his
fault. Osborn exclaims “In some ways, I guess. Doesn’t matter
now. The world still knows he’s Spider-Man. They know he’s an
Avenger. Oh well. I got what I needed.” Hammer asks: “What’s
next?” Osborn coldly says: “Well Mr. Hammer, your services are
no longer.” Hammer goes cold. “I know a lot… I know how to shut
up.” Osborn agrees, explains “Well even if that were true, that
flu shot when you came in should be in your system now. Consider
it a severance.” Hammer asks: “The Russian?” Osborn says “I’ve
still got some plans. Something more Sinister in mind. Goodbye
‘Hobgoblin.’” Osborn exits and Hammer falls over – Dead.
Credits Continue.