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TISS 2007

(21st January 2007)

As always, TISS was the least transparent exam of the season. No student who took
the test knew the weightage of individual questions, forget about the overall paper.
According to the prospectus, the written test should have been of 70 marks. But,
there were 120 Q's. How this gets converted to 70 marks is anybody's guess. For
the purpose off our evaluation we have assumed that all questions had equal
weightage and the total marks were indeed 70 as the prospectus mentioned. The
test-paper said that there would be negative marking for wrong answers, but the
extent of negative marking was not revealed! The paper was terribly easy. For a
well prepared student, clearing the cut-off score of 43 should be difficult.

• 120 Qs, 90 min. Likely Cut-Off

• 70 marks (negative marks for • TISS 43+ (as declared by TISS)
wrong answers)
• No sections
• 4 answer options per question

Overall Breakup of TISS 2007

Question Type No. of Qs Difficulty level
1 Quantitative Aptitude 40 Easy
2 Verbal Ability 15 Easy
3 Logical Reasoning 20 Easy
4 Social and Business Awareness 45 Average
Total 120 Easy

Question-Type Wise Analysis of TISS 2007

Quantitative Aptitude Logical Reasoning
• All 40 Q's were easy and even an • This consisted of 3 sets of
average student could have Analytical Reasoning (Logical Data
attempted 25-30 Q's. Interpretation), each followed by 6-
• The questions were largely from 7 Q's.
Arithmetic topics like Number • All the three sets were quiet easy
System, Percentages and Ratio- and must-attempts. Only one set
Proportion (around 25 Q's in all). (pertaining to Professors,
There were no questions on Speed, Institutes, Subjects and Degrees)
though. The remaining questions was confusing, but could have
were related to forming Equations been attempted with some effort.
and finding the roots of the • Overall, about 15-18 Q's could
Equations (around 5-6 Q's), have been attempted in 25 min.
Geometry (3-4 Q's), Probability (2-
3 Q's) and finding the Equation of
graphs (2 Q's). Social and Business Awareness
• One could have easily attempted
around 25 Q’s in 35 minutes and • This question-type had 45 Q's in all
that too at a very high accuracy. -- largely pertaining to principles of
Management and Legislature.
Verbal Ability • A BCom student who had
• There were hardly any questions undergone the 'Management
on Verbal ability, and the 15 Q's Production and Planning' (MPP)
that were present were all on course could have cracked this
Vocabulary and Idioms. section. Also present were some
• The Vocabulary questions were on Q's on recruitment policies and the
Synonyms, Antonyms and Company Act. There were some
Analogies. questions on current and social
• Two new and interesting question topics (e.g. Khairlanji killings).
types were also introduced. The
Analogy questions had a twist! You • You could have attempted around
needed to find the pair that did-not 15-18 Q's in about 20 min. from
have the same relationship as the this area.
reference pair. While the question
on Idioms pertained to the
situation where a particular idiom
was most appropriately used.
• One should have attempted all 15
Q's in 10 min.

TISS 2007 Paper Attempt Strategy

Question Type No. of Target Time Target
Qs Attempt Allotted Marks
1 Quantitative Aptitude 40 25 35 min
2 Verbal Ability 15 15 10 min
3 Logical Reasoning 20 17 25 min
4 Social and Business Awareness 45 18 20 min
Total 120 75 90 min 50+