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Final Grade Course.

Student’s Names: Students ID:

Luiyyi Espino 16-6321.

Marlenys De La Rosa 15-0588.

Adriel Diaz 14-0503.

Ana Pimentel 15-6177.


Task V.

Teacher’s Name:

Carlos Marte Grullon.


5/02/ 2020, Nagua , M.T.S.


The evaluation is nowadays an important part of an aligned curriculum and an

overall teaching and learning strategy because it is part of the feedback and
development cycle that should be a part of any responsive and up-to-date
teaching and learning strategy or plan.

It is important to periodically assess and adapt your activities to ensure they are
as effective as they can be. Evaluation can help you identify areas for
improvement and ultimately help you realize your goals more efficiently.
Additionally, when you share your results about what was more and less
effective, you help advance environmental education.

Lesson Plan

Business/Materials Lesson Objetives

Family trees (papers) Students will be able to describe their
Pc family members.
Data show Students will be able to describe
people using adjectives.

Warm-up and Objective Discussion

The class will be separated in groups, and each one of them will have a family
tree with only one persona titled. They will have to complete the tree with the
rest of the family members. A time will be set up, the first team to finish or the
one who has more members correctly wins.

Finally, ask the students to compare their work and judge their partner’s work.
Instruct and Model
Play a video where people describe their family.

Ask the students which words where used to describe the family members.

Make a list of adjectives to describe appearance and personality and practice

them with the students.

Show pictures and ask the students which are the main characteristics of the
people that they see.

Ask the students which members of their family have these characteristics.
Guided Practice

Divide the students in pairs and ask them to draw a family tree of his/her
partner’s family and write appearance and personality characteristics of one
of them. Then, ask then to read their texts.

Independent Practice

Ask the students to introduce 2 family members and describe them.


The students are going to make an essay about their family, using the
different adjectives that they learned at class, also they have to bring
pictures about their family and using a cardboard they have to present their
family to the all class.


One of the most important aspects of education is how a teacher evaluates

student’s knowledge and this means how they can demonstrate what they have
been learning in every class and the competences acquired during the
teaching-learning process. In this way, what we finally considered is that a good
lesson plan can not dismiss the idea of having a well-structured assessment
according with the objective of the whole lesson.

Teachers should instruct their students in how they must proceed and what they
wait of them at the end of lesson, this means, that the assessment will help
learners to understand what they have to learn and how they are going to use
that knowledge in the reality.