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Pray for continued courage on Dwight

SERMON NOTES: PRAYER REQUESTS Zvorak’s recovery from alcoholism

NOVEMBER 28, 2010
Pray for a friend of John Ivers who is This week in the devotion we are
struggling with cancer. enjoying a study of the “Kingdom of
Pray for all who grieve the passing of We are in the season of Advent. The
John Thiessen's cousin. word, “Advent” comes from the Latin
word, “Adventus” which means coming.
Pray for Ama Sabah's father Alex We are getting ready to celebrate Jesus’
Akakpo, who will be having eye surgery first coming into the world. When Jesus
later this month. came into the world heaven broke into
the earth. He was the Kingdom. When
he grew up he taught people about the
Pray for Kellie Burriss' Great-Aunt who
Kingdom of Heaven.
has entered a Nursing Home.
The six passages give an introduction to
Pray for Bob & Carolynn's grand-son the Kingdom of Heaven.
who is going through a difficult time.
Some folks asked that an extra day be
Pray for understanding, peace, added to this Devotion. Because of your
comments an extra day has been
acceptance and love for the Tse family.
added. Other comments and thoughts
about the devotion can be E-mailed to
Prayer of praise from Gail Hall for her Pastor Paul at: pastor@colpres.org.
two sons as they grow into wonderful young
men. Pray for the people who helped in Monday, December 6
raising them. Read 2 Samuel 7:1-17
This is one of the most important and
Pray for Bill Fink as he looks for a job. least known chapters in the Old
Testament. At this point Israel is at
peace and secure from its enemies.
Pray for Stephen Muhia as he struggles David expressed a desire to build a
with finances. temple for the Lord. Through the
prophet Nathan, God told David that
Continue to pray for Kevin and Nancy God didn’t want a Temple. Instead God
for their health and recovery. told David that God was going to build a
kingdom through David—really a
dynasty. Through David’s off-spring
Continue to pray for Bill Fink’s dad (see verse 12) this kingdom would be
who is struggling with his health. established.
2 3 4
God was clear that the success of the Christmas pageants that share the story of Heaven into the world. How are you
kingdom will last forever as long as the of the birth of Jesus. getting ready to celebrate Jesus’
king follows God. entrance into the world? Today, as you
Many of the people listed in this pray, pray for your own preparations.
In the New Testament Jesus was genealogy of Jesus were kings. The
sometimes called “Son of David.” This second genealogy that started with Friday, December 10
meant that Jesus was following in this David and ended at King Josiah listed Read Matthew 4:12-17
line of kings that God established with many people who were kings. In The phrase in verse 17 should sound
David. Jesus didn’t suddenly appear sharing this genealogy Matthew was familiar!! It’s the same phrase that John
with no announcement or no history showing that Jesus ancestors were used to describe Jesus. Now the phrase
before him. God had been preparing for kings. Jesus continued the line of kings came from Jesus’ lips.
Jesus’ arrival. that was started with David.
The Greek word that is translated into
Today as you pray, give thanks for this It’s not an accident that only in Matthew English as “kingdom” is “basileia.” The
deep rootedness of Jesus. was this genealogy so prominently people of Jesus’ day were familiar with a
displayed. Matthew was very interested kingdom. At the time the Romans and
Tuesday, December 7 in the kingdom of heaven. He started Cesar were ruling them—that was the
Read 1 Kings 9:1-9 out his gospel by showing that Jesus kingdom.
This story is very similar to the one that came from this kingly genealogy.
was shared yesterday. At this point in Jesus’ kingdom was far different. It was
the Old Testament, King David had died Jesus was the fulfillment of Israel’s a reign or rule. It was a space where
and a Temple had been built. Solomon, hopes—a hope that had been destroyed people followed Jesus and his teachings.
King David’s son, was promised that the by the exile in 587. If Jesus was present today as an adult
royal throne that was started with David he would encourage all of us to live into
would remain forever. (verse 5) Thursday, December 9 this kingdom.
Read Matthew 3:1-12
God was clear that the blessing God In this chapter Matthew moved the story Today, as you pray, pray for a renewed
gave would depend on people following ahead almost thirty years. Up until this appreciation and understanding of this
the commandments and statues that time the story was about Jesus as a “basileia.”
God had given to the people. baby. Suddenly John the Baptist
appeared telling people to repent Saturday, December 11
Ultimately the nations of Israel and because the Kingdom of Heaven had Read Matthew 6:7-15
Judah did turn away from God and were come near. We know of this prayer as the Lord’s
destroyed. Prayer. Look at how the word,
Only in Matthew is the phrase, “kingdom” is used in the prayer. Jesus
This message of blessing was changed “Kingdom of Heaven” used. The phrase prayed that the kingdom comes on
by Jesus. We don’t teach that God occurred 33 times in Matthew’s gospel. earth as it is already present in heaven.
blesses people who follow God’s laws When we live out the kingdom on earth,
and God punishes people who don’t. Jesus was the Kingdom of Heaven and we are experiencing heaven here on
Jesus taught about the Kingdom of earth. It is as if heaven bursts into
Today as you pray, give thanks for all Heaven. John’s task was to prepare earth.
the blessings in your life. people for Jesus—the Kingdom of
Heaven. We have the kingdom to which we can
Wednesday, December 8 look forward in heaven. Until we enter
Read Matthew 1:1-17 During Advent we prepare ourselves to heaven, we are called to live into the
This passage is rarely read in the celebrate the birth of Jesus. We get kingdom here on earth.
church. It is sometimes read at ready for the entrance of the Kingdom
2 3 4
What can you do today to experience
the kingdom on earth as it is on heaven?
This might seem like an impossible task.
Pray to God with renewed emphasis that
God’s kingdom comes on earth as it
already is in heaven.