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New Features

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Table of Contents
Table of Contents 2
What's New in ioGAS 7.0 4
New user interface 4
Pause/resume rendering operation 6
Interoperability 6
Calculations: 7
Colour cells by ranked percentile in Data view 8
Downhole/line plots: 8
Centred ternary plot 9
Make variables from spider normalisation values 10
Expanded variable map thematic operations: 10
Column join: 11
Reduced major axis regression algorithm 11
Open templates with aliased data 11
Display 3D vectors 12
Improvements: 12
General 12
Installation 13
Point density 13
Summary statistics 13
XY plot 13
Rendering settings 13
Plot window style settings 13
Gridding 13
Mineral & rock nodes 13
Diagrams 14
New projections 14
Downhole/line plot 14
Discriminant projection analysis 14
Append data 14
Quick calculation conversions 14
Calculations 14
Data view 15
Ternary plot 15

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Remove columns 15
Stereonet 15
Missings analysis 15
Data doctor 15

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What's New in ioGAS 7.0
New features in this release include:

New user interface

l ribbon toolbars - File, Data, Calculation, Analysis, Graph, Map, Diagram, Spider &
l home ribbon - frequently used tools from File, Graph and Map ribbons
l common band - group of commonly used tools replicated on most ribbons com-
prising open, save, select variables, attribute manager, data and pause updates

l window band - selected ribbons only. Legend window, list of open windows, win-
dow settings, etc

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l quick access toolbar - display all open windows, legend window and help file

l updated context toolbars

l right click to display modes
l left/right toolbar display
l double column toolbars

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l updated plot colour sequence
l capability to switch between colour sequences

Pause/resume rendering operation

Pause updates to open plot windows while modifications are made to the
Attribute Manager to batch operations together. Useful if one or more memory-

intensive plots (such as a SPLOM) are open. Resume updates to refresh all plot
windows to show the current state of the Attribute Manager.

l ArcGIS Pro ioGAS Plugin - import ioGAS data and attributes into 64-bit ESRI AGP
version 2.0 or later. Download external plugin from our website.

l acQuireDirect for ioGAS link - import data from acQuire GIM suite using
acQuireDirect API. Use existing selection file or create new selections.

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l tool redesign
l use expression within calculations
l new univariate mode (null = 0)
l support for CIPW normative calculations (see Provided Calculations menu)

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Colour cells by ranked percentile in Data view
Colour the cells in a variable column based on ranked percentile value.

Downhole/line plots:
l tool re-design
l new single trace (by variable) option

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l scrolling windows display up to 50 plots
l set custom variable X-axis ranges

Centred ternary plot

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Make variables from spider normalisation values
Add normalised values for each element to the dataset as new columns.

Expanded variable map thematic operations:

l use with all Attribute Manager and custom bin ranges
l new 1, 2, 5, 10 times background thematic operation

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Column join:
l add new or update existing data

Reduced major axis regression algorithm

Available in XY, SPLOM regression lines and from Analysis menu regression tool

Open templates with aliased data

l convert aliased data on-the-fly to required variables. Access provided and user
templates via the File ribbon or from the Open drop-down menu on other ribbons.

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Display 3D vectors
Overlay a 3D vector on each visible point on the 3D plot. The vector can represent any 3
quantities, such as vector magnetic data, or the first 3 principal components of a PCA.


l sync recent files list in multiple ioGAS sessions
l improved startup speed
l navigation keystrokes for common use items
l Ctrl-L to display legend window
l Alt-H, D, A, C, I, S and E to display corresponding ribbon
l Alt-W to display list of currently open windows
l Ctrl-Shift-W to close all windows
l Ctrl-Q exit ioGAS

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l 12Gb and 24Gb higher memory executable files
l automatically start ioGAS after install

Point density
l interpolate display of density gridding
l re-calculate density grid when zoomed
l standardise density gridding between XY plots and diagrams

Summary statistics
l colour cell by group

XY plot
l display Mahalanobis distance ellipses on logged axes
l all data M-dist ellipse mode
l reduced major axis regression line mode

Rendering settings
l display outlines on symbols
l display outlines on box and whisker plots
l add rendering options to Spider and Parallel plots

Plot window style settings

l view changes using Apply button
l save default settings between ioGAS sessions

l variable X and Y cell size
l zero smoothing and search radius options for raw data display

Mineral & rock nodes

l added secondary Mn oxide series minerals
l added Rhabdophane, Parisite, Bastnasite, Florencite, Crandallite REE
l LOI values added for known rocks and minerals
l added OREAS 460-465 REE rock standards

© Imdex Limited 2018 - 13 - RTI-MAN-0355 V1

l create diagram axes from two separate calculations
l edit node dialog
l arrowhead line style
l add classified data as Attribute Manager filter groups

Due to changes in the diagram xml files, diagrams created in

ioGAS 7.0 cannot be loaded in version 6.3.1 or earlier. (For
further information on this, please see FAQ.)

New projections
l Campo Inchauspe Argentina
l NZGD49/NZGD2000 New Zealand
l SWEREF 99 TM Sweden
l TM65/IRENET95 Ireland

Downhole/line plot
l removed duplicated depth labels from single trace (by group) plot
l retain default plot selection between sessions

Discriminant projection analysis

l show K for selected number of variables in variable importance plot

Append data
l improved dialog to show special column matching

Quick calculation conversions

l element to oxide
l oxide to element
l unit ppb, ppm and percent

l support for asin, acos & atan2

© Imdex Limited 2018 - 14 - RTI-MAN-0355 V1

Data view
l column auto-sizing

Ternary plot
l retain axis values while zooming

Remove columns
l containing a single (non-null) value

l all data mode added to great circle, beta axis and mean tools

Missings analysis
l Apply result as filter group

Data doctor
l individual replacement option for multiple detection limits

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