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Name : Adela Muzdalifah (20180810106)

Rizka Aulia F. U. (20180810136)

Class :C

Assessment IV : Photo Story and Argumentative Essay

Stop Buying Instagram Followers

Instagram is different from the other social media because Instragam provide a better
visualization and features like Igtv, Instastory, Direct Message, and Story Highlight. According to
academy.com, consumers can receive and follow visual instructions 323 percent better than in written
form. So that makes people more interested using Instagram than the other social media because it is
more understandable and good looking. Moreover, Indonesia has the most Instagram users in Asia
Pasific, many people use this social media to gain profit as much as possible. According to
Maxmanroe.com, Instagram is the second most popular social media in Indonesia. For the example in
online business, so that Instagram followers become one of the important aspect to support it. So it is not
surprising, buying followers is common matter. It is true that buying followers give some benefits, but
people don’t think about what will happen in the future. “I loss about six hundred thousand rupiahs for
buying Instagram followers. Moreover, I got hacked on my Instagram account” said Duryodana who
shared his unlucky experience in Kaskus website about buying followers. Besides buying followers can
loss material and non-material, it also makes Instagram account can be hacked easily.

Firstly, buying followers can harm yourself material and non-material. For material, the more
people need a lot of followers, the bigger money that they spend. Try to answer this question. Which is
more important, people have 1000 followers but there is no interaction at all or people have 100 followers
who really actively interact with them? This question really does work for people who are too hypnotized
on number in social media. Not surprisingly, people are willing to spend their money to create a popular
impression, but in fact this is just a trick if the number of followers is not comparable to the interaction on
people’s social media account. For non-material, the time that people should be used for making
something creative, but they spend it for something useless. Actually, there are many ways if people want
to get a lot of followers like making an educational content, entertainment content, or other interesting
content that make other people interested on your Instagram account. So, taking care of the number of
Instagram followers is just worthless at all.

Secondly, buying followers not only can harm yourself material and non-material, but also your
account can be hacked easily. Usually, the fake account that we get from buying followers is not only just
an ordinary account, but it can also a boot account or a passive account. Based on reports from the
Imperva Data Security Company, there are approximately 28.9 percent of bots or fake accounts that can
steal user account passwords or attack with viruses. Especially if the user account is not lock, so it can be
opened by anyone. If you get this kind of situation, it is usually very difficult to make the Instagram account
can be back to normal and the only solution is making a new account and start over from scratch. So,
buying Instagram followers is dangerous for the safety of Instagram account.

Some people who agree this idea of buying instagram followers would state that buying followers
is very profitable for business account to increase the marketing. Because usually the customers more
trust with the online shops that have many followers than those who have fewer followers. Many followers
can be a concern for people, so it can attract the other account who have not followed previously. For
example, you give a like to some account’s post, there is a possibility that the account owner is curious
and visit to your account. After the account visited your account, he will automatically see the number of
your followers. Someone will be more interested in following an account that has a lot of followers because
people feel safe following you and feels happy to be liked by an account with a lot of followers. Then if
your photos and sales are interesting, he will start thinking about buying things from you. However, the
way to increase the number of followers instantly is actually not good for online businesses. Because
smart people will think twice when they see the content of the account, start from its likes, post’s time table
and its comment from the other customer. If they find an oddity in that post, they will be suspicious and
find out that the account uses fake followers and that it will broke the reputation of its online business. The
customers will not be impressed because this is considered unprofessional.

Another reason to oppose this idea of buying Instagram followers can increase popularity. When
you have a lot of followers in Instagram, you probably become popular because sometimes people who
have a lot of followers will be at the top of the Instagram search engine so that it will make you easier to
become famous even though you have never appeared on television. Then many people will interested to
your account and they will ask you for any kind of endorsement and advertisement so that can make
financial income. But, for increasing popularity with buying followers is not the best way. Why people
proud for being popular by fake followers which is not real human? Something useless, right? There are
still other ways that better than buying followers like make something creative in your Instagram post, you
should use hashtag in your every Instagram post, and you can try to socialize and cooperate with the
other Instagram users to promote your account. These way are really good idea to have a lot of followers
because they are safe to use and without need a lot of money.

In conclusion, Buying Instagram followers is one of the ways to increase number of Instagram
followers instantly. It is often done by business accounts in marketing their products so that they look
trusted by customer. Even though it certainly can harm themselves such as their money and time wasted
due to buying followers, and also their account can be hacked easily. It is better for you to make
something creative in your Instagram post or cooperate with the other Instagram users to promote your
account. Buying Instagram followers is really bad way to get the Instagram followers.