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JUNE 1936

M ay 21st saw the passing of

Henry Welsh Miller at the age
of 72. The younger magical gener-
ation doesn't know much about him
"but the older ones will remember
J inx Ho. 2 is out of print except for a few
complete files. "The Tops" is lucky to
have the best book reviewer in magicdom, Lloyd
when, over thirty years ago, he Jones. *'l,iogul" the current New York mind-
was 'tops' in coin manipulation reading marvel (see clipping on Page 121) may
and more than held his own during have gotten his trick from the back page of
the card and coin manipulative era Jinx No. 6. Harry Dreilinger's idea of new
at the turn of the century. Foreign twists on old tricks' is shown in his version
cities especially, made much of him, of the well known vest turning trick with the
and even at 72 there were few who hands tied. Harry turns his trousers inside out
could duplicate some of his coin with his ankles tied! However, many a magician's
manipulations and palms. wife has done the same trick during the darkened
hours. Magic's greatest inventor and most
O!in Iviay 24th, the Opera
'House on East 67th
Street in New York saw
prolific man of letters has a twelve page blast
on the press in which he will undertake the
task of answering me by evading the questions
the Knights of Magic giving the first competitive and digging into the dirt. It is all very amus-
amateur magic show a la Major Bowes. I mention ing (?) to those who have paid money for noth-
this because it turned out very enjoyable and ing received (he doesn't even answer their let-
seems like a constructive Idea for other clubs ters of complaint) to see how he wastes time
to try. and credit printing tripe which proves I'm un-
der his tough skin. My superiors ignore me. His
I n the obituary column this month should be a
note about the Jordan Series which did a re-
markable bit of floundering before the final
picture in last September's Nudist magazine re-
veals to me the cause of his mental attitude on
life. The new overflow of residue should prove
dive. I just couldn't sell the idea even though entertaining. Don't miss your copy. The era
the material was away from the beaten path and of floor show magic and table entertaining only
would have been a textbook (350 tricks) of proves that a magus must be versatile. Learn a
card and magical principles. That's that. couple of tricks with all objects and in all
phases of magic. They do not need to be difficult
D avid Embury, of New York, has a nice way of
making a brief of his programs. First a rou-
tine of effects is put together. The first page
sleights or moves, and one who can do something
with anything is indeed a master of the situation.
Gene Dennis, the renowned girl psychic, is
has a description of the routine as it is seen delving into horse race finishes, and prognosti-
by the audience. Following this comes a page of cating the results for a popular racing magazine.
requirements and the preparing of same. Lastly iJhen, at a dinner for scribes, she was aaked a-
are the working instructions. Mr. Embury has bout two nags running the following day, she
four of these, and like other busy people, has gave one as a winner and the other as a loser.
thus systematized his work so that he can al- It happened just the other way around! Swann,
ways have a tested program at hand when he needs billed as 'The Magic Uan From Kalamazoo1 sailed
it and without effort and thought lost. away to London town and opened at the Dorchester
Hotel. Tommy Lartin goes across in June for six
S hould you go in for a little comedy, this
bit of by-play can be put to use ?/here a
lighted candle is needed. Have a boy up and
months at a' head swimming price for magi, but
worth it. Ade Duval, Larry Gray and Glen Pope
are still over there. Hew York actors go to Holly-
give him a box of matches for lighting the wood and American magicians go to Europe.
candle. Hold it in right hand towards-him but Harlan Tarbell shows letters from S.A.M. assem-
keep watching the front and SAX NOTHING?. Each blies congratulating him uoon his Woolworth cut-
time he lights a match it goes out before he out magic book. Then why the preferred charges?
can light the wick. After the second tiiae and Tom t/orthington put out an 'Extra' edition
on the third try the audience will be having of The Osirian upon Thurston's death. It was a
much fun, but you still say nothing and pat- nice tribute. ky bit of Thurstonia consists
iently wait. Take the box and hand him a paper of about a dozen letters twelve years old when
of matches with the remark, "Try these." He I continually tried to hire myself out as an
lights one and it explodes. Shake your head, assistant. I didn't know at the time the antip-
light the candle yourself while he holds it, athy of a magician towards magically inclined
using the same paper matches and say, "You'll assistants, and now I appreciate the collection
have to try harder than that if you're going because he bothered to answer all of my requests.
to set the world afire." Then continue with Incidentally, Jane will have control of the show.
the trick. The matches that go out and the ones
that explode harmlessly can be obtained at any That's quite definite. Otis Manning, the Ob-
trick and joke store. ledo magician, and whose picture is up front on
this issue, is coming along plenty fast with
his night club table work. I'm sitting tight in
N o charge has ever been made for the repro-
duction of business cards of magicians in
these pages from time to time. The feature has
New York and expecting him at any moment.
wonder why the name of I.I.-altman has vanished
from the S.A.M. list of committee members, es-

been found of interest so I include it and will pecially the committee on Ethics and Standards,
continue to do so with any cards sent me. The of which he was chairman for so long? Can it
only income from the Jinx is what is paid for possibly be that he has changed his views and
each copy. There is no sideline and no paid is contemplating an expose of sorts via the screen?
ads are accepted. Ocasional boosts are my own Quite a few pains in the neck have been re-
opinions. corded since the $75.00 Neyhart Rising Card Trick
was cut in half. Jell, after all, how would you
equests have come in for the address of a
R concern selling the candy ice cream cones
used in the Otis Manning effect "Brrr!" in
feel? Dr. Jacob Daley is seriously contem-
plating the publication of anatomical terms for
magic writers and teachers which should make
Jinx Ho. 16. The firm is out of business now, the understanding of complicated finger and
but Mr. Manning has supplied this substitute hand positions much easier. Among the vis-
working. Get a real cone and use the rubber itors to the Jinx headquarters this month were
ice cream dip sold by S.S.Adams, Asbury Park, L.Vosburgh Lyons, Dr. Jacob Daley, Judson Cole,
N.J. and which is in most all novelty stores. Keith Clark, Dai Vernon, Al Baker, Dr. Gordon
After producing, start to hand to spectator. Peck, and Mike, the Educated Rooster.
As an afterthought take cream off and put in
your pocket with the remark that you'll save
it for your little brother. It's a funny bit.
Page 118
G rea-t magic causes happiness, and you can do
this with sleight-of-hand, especially if you
cause laughter and merriment. In doing this,
however, it is best to get the laughs legitimate-
ly and not art the expense of others. Altho there
are instances where a slight bandinage, banter
or a little repartee may be indulged in, it
should be done in a light and NOT a brusque fash-
ion. No one should be made to feel unduly con-
spicuous, or stupid. Of course, the fellow who
tries to be "fresh" is expected and should be
put in his place..
Don't overuse the wand - this will make it
all the more effective when some special change age to-day. Not only does it take time to borr-
or effect is introduced with its use. ow and to return the objects, but it rarely
adds anything to the culminative effect.
.men entering a business deal ALWAYS get a
contract. No matter how much of a friend, implied, Avoid intimate talk with a few in the front
expressed, intimated or imagined, having the terms rows. This is not only inconsiderate but impo-
down in black and white will more than frequently lite to the others in the house too far away to
save much time, money, explanation, argument and hear what you are saying.
Say "Ladies and GenTLEmen", not gemmen, "hand-
An old trick to gain applause and bows on a KERchief", not hankuchiff, "government", not gov-
magic act in vaudeville is to have some large erment, and TAKE where it should be spoken in-
piece of apparatus standing on the stage or a stead of "bring". (This was contributed. Ed.)
table which you do not use. The audience will
see it, note that you have not used it, wonder A well known magician once was asked if he
what it is, and the chances are 10 to 1 they knew this trick and that trick, and if he could
will applaud to make you come back to do it, do such and such. The answer deserves to be put
feeling they were cheated. Whether this is real in capital letters, so here goes, "I ONLY KNOW
showmanship, fair, ethical, an alibi, a trick FIVE TRICKS - AMD I AM TRYING TO LEARN TO DO
unworthy of a competent magician, unnecessary, THOSE WELL."
or cleverness, each must judge for himself. I
saw one magician, however, who was at the top The best dead black quick-drying paint I
employ the device. ever used, or know of, is Jap A Lac.

There seems to be a growing tendency to de- In making a top or bottom change, after mak-
cry the amateur among some of the professionals. ing the change do not move away the hand con-
This should not be - one may learn something taining the card, but gradually move away the
from anyone and everyone. In most sciences to- hand containing the PACK. This is a good one -
day, a great many of the most important discov- get it.
eries are made by amateurs.
One would think that a magician would know
Small bone rings, which may be purchased in how to handle a rabbit, and yet I have seen
ten cent stores, offer little friction to cords many who did not. Almost every one know the
when sewed as aids to the free passage of such proper way to lift the animal is by the ears,
adjuncts. I have found also that the graphite and yet there is more to it than that. Cup the
of a soft lead pencil will aid materially in hand holding the ears underneath the head of
certain pieces of apparatus in an elimination of the rabbit so that the little finger rests on
friction for the same purpose as mentioned above. the spine at the base of the head.

Avoid depending too much on assistants, and If you can produce four billiard balls well,
try to produce as many of your effects as poss- remember that nothing is gained PROM AUDIENCE
ible without their aid. The best of them at STANDPOINT by producing eight or twelve - in
times are undependable at critical moments. fact it is apt to grow tiresome 'out in front.'

Cultivate an attack - I do not mean by this A dampened blotter, hidden where it may be
to be harsh or brusque, but make your initial easily reached (behind some piece of appara-
address as if you meant business, and let your tus, or on a servante), will prove valuable
first trick show that you do. to those whose hands are Inclined to be too
dry. Simply touching the fingers to the blot-
Vocalists devote a part of the day to prac- ter and then the palm, is all that is necess-
tice, so do acrobats, jugglers, dancers, in ary. Or a very little glycerine, well spread,
fact all professionals who get anywhere. Why not may be used on the blotter.
magicians? An hour a day EVERY IXY will work
wonders with your sleights. Do not use short lengths of elastics on
pulls. The longer the better, even if necess-
Learn to do a sleight well rather than em- ary to go around the body twice. To those who
ploy a subterfuge. One is sure, the other doubt- do not know this "wrinkle", try it - you will
ful. be surprised with the results.

So many ways of producing the Rising Card Many pieces of apparatus constructed of me-
trick have been devised that nearly everyone in tal "talk". Quite a few could be made of leath-
the audience loses sight of the fact that the er or other material which would obviate the
magician has found out which cards have been undesirable feature, and furthermore, if
selected. This is a point that has been most dropped by accident or design, would attract
neglected of late. no attention.

When giving a stage performance avoid borrow-

ing objects. This was the fashion in the older
days, but we1re living in a different, a faster
Page 119
these organ zattons also are such were in a dark and dreadful league

Tlotes °ftte Tlotabks closely related miracle nongers as

side-show artists,fire-eaters,ventrilo-
quists, jugglers and Punch and Judy
performers, and those generally asso-
ciated with the 'outdoor show busi-
with the devil.
Mr. Wheatley. whose stage name
is Tung Pin Soo, and hia com-
pany have just finished th*> season
with Sally Rand, famous fan and
bubble dancer, and her 193fi Broad-
ness." the carnivals and amusement way revue, which wan considered
the year's biggest stage event. The
Many great performers have started
famous magician, who had a heavy
spot on the Rajid program, will re-
join Sally in Pennsylvania ir the
AS ILLUSIONISTS DESERT OLD "PROPS" In the circus or side-show tradition
Houdini and Thurston were both at Tung Pin Soo reached his deci-
one time side-show performers. Keat- sion to take up the study of this
CORNING (N.Y.I LEADER ing once traveled with a circus as a scarey. yet fascinating, art for hia
APRIL 25, 1936 magician. The magician of today. life's work at the time he, with a
however, while he must know the group of youngsters, watched a
N -V YORK —UR— Outstripped sleight-of-hand artist perform his
by science ax wdnder working on technical aspects of this field, prefer- tricks on board an Italian steam-
the grand scale, magic is shelving ably should have a theatrical back- ship, out of Melbourne and bound
elaborate apparatus and turning ground for tha states, in the summer of
back the clock to sleight-of-hand. 1906. When his parents were in-
It has been my pmilege to know- formed of his decision, they were
In night clubs, hotels and grills, many of these artlbu, well, perform- shocked and did everything in their
before intimate groups at private ers who are direct descendants in power to take his mind off the
parties, there is scant room for heritage of the first traveling show- "dreaded" art.
diving tanks and bisectable girls in In spite of the admonitions or
! boxes. Modern sorcerers must men. Out of their related aits and his parents, he slyly kept on spend-
(work in the open as their prede- out of puppetry grew much of the ing his entire allowance for sets of
' cessors in black art practiced theater, which is really thp greatest magic and booklets of card tricks.
I where they could -ather a street and the highest achievement or He continued to practice, secretly
corner crcwd. magic. For here is real illusion con- entertaining small groups whenever
possible, until his fame in these
An elephant wafted unseen from cerned with living people. circles spread and he was called
a box on a theatre stage or a young The arts of the theater are the upon to perform publicly. In the
woman in velvet knickers floa'ed highest development of magic. For early days as an amateur perform-
out over the orchestra once en- er. Mr. Wheatley appeared at Ma-
tertained as mephanical extrav- magic itself again to become popular, sonic temple. Eagles hall and Elks
aganzas, but always there was it must draw closer to its blood re- home here, also at Salem and Col-
ihe uspicion of hidden trap doors lation, the theater, with which it chester and other small towns I"
shares a common origin—the inherent this section. He was one of the
and invisible wires. first performers of the legitimate
Simple But Confounding desire of mankind for illusion. In so stage to appear at the Palace
To make a tennis ball vanish in doing it may still produce one of the theatre. It wa« at these places tha
midair, with no box at all, how- greatest forms of entertainment, illu- Mr. Wheatley smoothed out th
ever, astounds soectators solely by sion within illusion ro,igh spots in his performances
the prestidigitators nonchalant and subsequently went into "bi,
contradiction of the physicl order It therefore will be necessary for company" and made a name for
some theatrical pioducer with wide himself.
knowledge of the tneater to avail In reviewing his early days as an
The return w one-man mystifica- himself of all this technical knowl- amateur performer in Salem, Mr-
tion also is stimulating its popu- Wheatley spokt in warm terms of
larity as everyman's technique. edge, and to combine forces with A. Chester Brown (Professor Mon-
Of 706 bafflers in the Society of tague), who gave him valuable as-
American Magicians, nearly one- edge of legerdemain, and then to find sistance when he was trying to
fourth are amateurs interested a man who can act and cany out master intricate tricks of magic.
enough in their hobby to pay $12 When he was a boy Mr. Brown
the part of a magician. This will be presented the artist two magicians"
a year dues. the man about whom to create the tables, which he has continued to
Only 184 are full-time profes- character of "magician." and the man use to the present day und which
sional performers, and 361 are who logically should be Thurston's he prizes highly. One of these
semi-pros who devote evenings to tables which is iO years old was
paid appearances. Julien J. Pros- In the past magic shows have
kauer, president of the society, is
a commercial printer when he grown gradually, the performer de-
hangs up his silk tophat. veloping as an institution and his
The trade sees Thurston's death Dai Vernon, shown entertaining a New York night club (Kit-Kat)
3 closing the era of great "il- crowd with sleight-of-hand, typifies the new school of sophisticated program growing ith hir as he de-
veloped or was lurcessful. No one to
lusionists." Ths line ran from magic makers who puzzle America without the aid of elaborate «tage my kn wledge. has successfully staged
Herrmann the Great, through Har- selling. ,c show in the way that a legiti-
ry Kellar to Houdini and Thurston. I Unhappily it must be admitted th appear in theaters, some in cnbarets mate play la produced, by knowing
Leaders Of The Trade a form of theafcri or night clubs, and a number enter- from the start what was going to be
Blackstone's is called the last tainment. is a declining art. but this tain at clubs, lodges, private dinners! produced and hawng the capital to
big-time, full-length magic show li not because the present public. and at children's parties. It may be finance this end To produce such a
traveling the road- Hardeen, Hou- either children or adults, has had its stated with reasonable assurance that magic show would cost at least as
Mini's brother
di th (they
th were born The fill of it The fault lies with the there will continue to be these club
odore W. and Harry Weiss, sons of exponents of magic, who have not or drawing room magicians, at lease much as an oidinaiy play, and the
a Brooklyn rabbi, generally is oc- brought its presentation up to date enough to satisfy the demand for possibilities of making a financial
cupied by long engagements, such
as, his summer run on the board It Is obvious enough that the theater small children <; entertainments and for killing are much less, as the scale of
walk at Atlantic City. Jack has made great strides in the present occasions of an intimate nature ( prices is considerably lower.
that There is no denying the technical There Is, however, another angle to
O*vynne still Yours vaudeville, but rcntury It is equally obvious
is bandoning huge effects. not.t Fkitl and abilities of many of these a magic show. It is like the circus
the ait of presenting magic has not.
In contrast, the new school of Imagination Called Fnp performer?, but their presentation for In that once the original imestment
wizards are suave parlor trick the most part leaves* worlds to be de- has been made it lays the foundation
sters who purposely reduce the Until some visionary producer or sired. This applies also in almost for shows In future years which will
size of the 'llusion and minimize manager comes along who has suf-, every c ,e'to 'those who appear in | n o t c h a n « e m u c h f r o m t h e original,
dependence on " 'gimmicks," or ficient imagination to see the enter- theaters, for here. too. the lack of the • and such a production can go on
props. Tops include Ade Duval tainment possibilities modern modern approach is evident the road for years.
and Cardini ad WeLshma. production based on magical effects. To this general statement there is Thurston. after reaching the top
Fed Keating, of Hollywood, em- presented in twentieth century one exception, and here we must in his field lived to see a serious de-
ploys tricks merely to keep his theatrical style, there will probably pause to praise Richard Cardini. whose cline in the populai ity of his art.
hands occupied while hv Utilaies
the customers with adult patte; be no successor to Thurston. Some flpwless presentation, stage deport- as he knew it. This does not mean
Will Rogers punctuated his individuals may continue ment, mysteiy and pantomime have tnai, magic is dead. The multitude of
rope. Dai Ver- tradition but the succ been BO widely admired. Yet Cardini people ocre
who support even the medi-
programs of the magical societies
wisecraoks with
non and Nate Leipi make most lurston must begin where the latler is after all but a specialty artist, and hundreds who practice magic as
of their appearance: before night ft off. whose fifteen or twenty minute per- a hobby testify to the contrary.
dub crowds. For those so afflicted, the urge to formance is a far cry from a full eve- td by Mr. Wheatley in-his per-
lormarjce in the Rand show this
^"do magic" is strong. There i:is no nings magic show. i|JORWICH (CONN.l B U L L B T I N ) p a f faI1
tt.Y. Herald-Tribune'•likelihood of this art disappearing. I MAY 2, 1W6 Among the flatteilng press no-
26, 1936 (even though it be a precarious pro- Y «'>»' Ia " * * • " V I
"Jesslon. Throughout the country ear5 ago Robert Houdin aeflncd a

Who Can Succeed Thurston?

njurer as an actor who played the
ilc of t magician. After having been
Fsociatcd for nearly twenty years
'Ith magic and magicians. I find it
A Magician-Act or Combined difficult to think of any modern con-
jurer who fits this definition Fred
Keating perhaps, for he came nearest
Robert Reinhart has been a student of magic sivee he wan to it. but he was always the suave. Out of Norwich have gone many tices received by Tung Pin Soo are
twelve years old. He appeared as the magician in the Theater charming young man who appeared men who have achieved success in from two which are picked at randoit
as much surprised at his effects ae the business world and had their his press booklets:
Guild's production of 'The School for Husbands." and produced were his audiences. The decline of namei written In the hall of fame, "So great was hfs wizardry thai
for the Theater Guild two magic shows, in 1933 and 1934. th: opportunities for vaudeville artists but it took the little town of Salem it would have been as nothing tc
•nd a wide number of imitators to send forth a youth who event- see him grab one of those iror
By Robert Reinhart ually reached the heights In the art bars in the chapel and to eat It as
art tfie
to devrt the 'blacn of legerdemain and is ranked if It were chocolate."
of Howard* there who " 'ultimate stage, ana among the topnotchers, such as "Tung- offered some of the most

T HE rpcpnt death are several hundred men

question—who. If any one. will prosperous, by conjuring, or playing
be thp next world-famous magician' the part of a magician. Some even fcl There are perhaps fifty organlza- cian in the country.
Cardini and the. late Houdini. The boautlful bits of the evening. Hia
Thurston raises the obvious earn their living, usually no' tOfj subsequently for the more lucrative American Magicians society recog- exhibition of Oriental fire-eating
:inema. nizes him as the second best magi- and magic with ancient Chinesa
wood blocks were remarkable. An-
other highlight of his performance
On whose shoulders will the dtsttn flnd a way to combine it with other ons in the country the memberships That is the remarkable record of was the rolling of a silver half dol-
guished robes of Alexander Herrmann kinds of work. The "magic bug" is of which are composed largely of Albert H. "Al" Wheatley, son of Mr. lar, on end, atop an ordinary paro-
Harry Houdini and Harry Kellar fall' at lrast as tenacious as a magicians, some professional and and Mrs. A. H- Wheatley of Hart- sol."
One may reach the easy conclusior similar bacillus which produces the some amateur. They combine the ford, former residents of Gardner "AI", who started his career as
that the modern miracles of Inven- phenomenon we call -stage struck." social aspects of a lodge with the aLake, Salem, where they conducted a magician at the age of ten, has
farm on the north shore of the a warm spot in his heart for the
tion have made the minor miracle's from utther of which the victim i aims of a little theater group. These lake. "Al' and his wife are now Gardner lake section and returns
of the stage magician seem trivial, dom ecovers. societies hold regular meetings and staying at their summer place, not there almost every summer to meet
Such reasoning suggests that magic often stage performances, but even far from where he lived as a boy. also friends and renew acquaintances,
is a declining oi even a dying art. Presentation l.u< km? the best of them are not of a high and secretly practiced his art in to get away from the '•bright
spite of the objections of his moth- lights" and spend a spell in fish-
is this actually the cape? A few of these performers of. magic quality, judged by any standard. In er, who believed that magicians ing, in which he is keenly interest-
Rajah Claims Tim rsl on*s Throne \
13, 1936
* * *
Pittsburgh (Pa.) Sun Telegraph - May 10, 1936
Self-Styled 'King of Magicians' Expects Jane's Resentment HAS RARE TRICKS
'Chosen Successor' Wagner to Include
Many in Show
By the Master,1 Here Friday
He Declares I The gadget behind the mystifying
I trick of shooting a handkerchief
into an ordinal y electric light bulb
A pretender to the throne of | without breaking the bulb, one of
Howard Thurston- "king of ma- : the numbers William Wagner has
gicians." gave a new twist today selected for his benefit performance
to the Thurston drama. I here Friday night, is the only chip
The new character on t!ie magic I licate of the original in existence
stase is Kajah Raboid, ' reader of ' The trick was invented by au
' Englishman who passed It on to the
minds, solver of mysteries, master 'late Howard Thurston. Quick to see
of mysticism, radio philosopher, jits commercial use. Thurston snap-'
and poet." , ed it for public showing and mucie
The Rajah arrived in Pitts- a duplicate. He kept the original.
burgh from Miami. Pla., where j now part of his estate, and made
I Wagner a present of the duplicate. as Lyle Laughlin. known on the sta^e
Howard Thurston died, and dis- Coming as It did from the gieat- monies Carl-lyle. will be master of cere-
played a contract which he said at the Magicians' day pro-
est magician of his time, the dup- a_
gram in the Pak^i. u. Entertain-
was made between him and Thurs- licate is Wagner's most cherished | ment Sunday at 3 p.m. He
ton March 13. possession. In executing this num- • officer of "Los Conjuares" club of
TELLS OF PLAN ber Wagner uses a revolver, a hand- j |Aa n D i e *°- sponsor of the program.
kprfhiPf nnd an pWt.ie uli^ht b imlh
1 6 1 a n d a n el ec ti ulb
' complete 90-minutc magical show
It provided that Thurston and f"™ , 1 . ? fj}} will be given by a dozen or more
Rajah combine their shows, with With an unaltered bulb sitting on 1 accomplished magicians. Mrs. Har-
Rajah in charge and Thurston a table in full view of the audience., rv Hmidini will be a guest nf tio*«w.
Wagner walks into an aisle and ?acoma(Wasn)
appearing only briefly, to conserve stuffing a gay kerchief into the re-
his failing health. volver, fires it into the bulb with-
out damaging the bulb. And then
Although the contract expressly just to show that he is not stoop-1| A p r i l 2&, 1936
reserved the Thurston show and ing to trickery he breaks the bulb
the Thurston name to Thurston. and takes out the kerchief. MAGICIANS GOOD
the Raj ah says it inf erentially ' The bulb, of course, is no good
names him as the chosen suc- latter that. Wagner has a standing AD FOR TACOMA
I order with a local electiical store Tar .na received reams of pub-
cessor of the master. And he will I for bulbs. He has used hundreds licity as result of the recent
so bill himself next winter, he i of them in the more than 850 pro magicians' show according to Ray
said, no matter what Jane T'hurs- j ional lSe*s Photo br Sun-Telegraph.
j fessional performances he has Gamhiw, piesident of the Tacoma
ton thinks about it. I given. He does not include the organization, v. hich sponosred the
'CLOSEST FRIEND' RAJAH RABOID SUCCESSOR TO HOWARD THURSTON? trick, however, in all his programs. event.
The Rajah said he was Thurs- L-* Spirit Painting In a stoiy regarding the use of
Mr. Decker to pay his wife $5 Even more rare in the reperto: magic Gamble proposed that it be
ton's closest friend for 15 years If l'he Billboard week additional alimony toward the I magicians is Wagner's t i taught in the public schools. This
and added: \ May 9, 1936 support of the Deckers seventeen o•f .•••.-• spiri t t o ut t over th
"I'll defend my riffht to be 1 year-old daughter. painting, , ,,.. .,
enigmatical • , - : ,.| story
number w a s sen* t h eA As.
t h a t h a s m a d e h i m widely k n o w n | sociated P r e s s a n d b r o u g h t Gamble
his successor in court, if neces- TOED KRATING wiree from Los An- Mrs. Decker told the court that t h r o u g h o u t the, p r o f e s s i o n W a g n e r a m a i l s a c k f u l 1 o f m a j ) -
gary. I'm sure Mrs. Thurston gelea anent an Item which appeared her husband earned $150 a week. t h e only a c t i v e magician now Twelve m i n i s t e r s took t h e t r o u b l e
wants me to succeed him." these columns In the issue of April 4 Decker said he doubted whether his
Mrs. Paula Thurston. 28, and•was "Just noticed clipping announcing : income from seances reached that doing the number, the only other to w r i t e Gamble, p a i n t i n g him a s a n
returing to magic. Grateful for person sharing the secret having e m m i s a r y of t h e devil a n d worse,
Thurston's adopted daughter. friendly plug, but unfortunately It's figure a month. He said he was in
debt and couldn't pay his wife the retired from the.stage. while o t h e r s c o m m e n d e d his plan
Jane. 24. are involved now in a causing me much embarrassment and $15 extra alimony she asked. The Pew tricks have so deeply im- for k e e p i n g t h e y o u t h of t h e l a n d
dispute over the strange will the confusion among bookers. Inasmuch as woman already gets some alimxmy pressed and mystified audiences as insterested in Innocent pastimes.
magician left. He "cut oft" Jane fully six years ago I definitely gave up
for comedy, even In vaudeville from a trust fund established for the spirit painting. In it Wagner Dne of t h e l e t t e r s a p p r o v i n g t h e
with $500. and left the rest to magic and cafes. Nothing could ever induce the puipose some time ago. makes a picture of an individual s c h e m e c a m e from t h e chief of p po-
Mrs. Thurston—with the proviso me to take It up again professionally, Why don't you call on the ed take shape slowly on a blank fram lice of New York City, while the
that she stop drinking. altho it will always bs close to 'my I spirits canvass set upp in full view of I distribution of the letters, pro and
POETIC ECLOGTT Referee Cohalan asked d Th most puzzling li ccono- n ss hh oo ww ee dd newspapers must have
heart. I implore you to correct the Mr. Decker You're lucky you are the audience. The
When Thurston died. Rajah error as convenientlyy as p possible." Keat- not in jail. When you have two phase of the number is that the dPointed ate l m em
the story with the Tacoma
Baboid delivered a brief poetic ing, who has been on the Coast in wives you have to pay for it, you subject of the picture is chosen by L m t e c s t a t e ***** section of the
eulogy on a radio broadcast. It vaudeville andfilms,opens May 6 in theknow." ^he.audience. % ^ - * j- .
reads: Rainbow Room in Radio City, New York, The refeiee was refeiring- to Mis.
on a four weeks' contract. He has an Deckei s assertion that her hus-He-./ Orleans (La.) States - -pril 17,
interesting radio proposition and several
His faults were light and few v vaudeville
u dates to follow,, after which band deserted her five years ago
and remained. He got a Mexican
As human faults could be.
And his virtues were as many too ahe"picture*will return
tc Hollywood to fulfill divorce, which was not binding, she
tt asset ted.
As gems beneath the sea. "Why didn't you have him in-
A calm release. dicted for bigamy?" Referee Co- •* who was first trained in
No clinging to his mortal clod. Uay 9 , 19."-J6 halan asked the woman's attorney. magic by a Chinese magician,
He's closed his eyes to lie in peace. . . . Less, unfortunately, oan be "He was indicted in New Jersey, 1 will appear twice nightly at
Before his smiling God said for the new show which went but a jury dismissed the charge, * the Ford and Lincoln Show
The Rajah declared: into th» Rainbow Room this week. the attorney replied. at Jerusalem Templej April
"thurston selected me as his Frtd Keating", who gavo up till In- ' 'A fantastic place, Jersey."
comparabU al«lght-of~hand lorn* Kelt.- -P Cohalan observed.
18th through the 22nd.
successor because he knew I time ago for a dubious career as an Pierce's most famous tricks
could handle his show. I Intend aotor, accomplish** little mon than are his Chinese linking rings
to carry out his wishes. I don't a dull thud as matter of certmonlti, and his marvelous sleight-of-
think Jane will like it. probably because he tries to do too hand deception with playing
NEWS-PRESS* «uch,withtooUttl, matorl cards.
APRIL 26, 1936 He\v York Bun
April 1936
KFW YORK, May '.).• JusJ when
Mr*. Marry Houdiiii. vn idow of
the famous magician announces
that she Mill make one more at
SUGGESTS SPIRITS one thinks ihp town has gotta BI
crazy as possible along come?—
tempt to establish contact with the
spirit of her dead husband. Slie
will conduct a public seance and
HUNT UP ALIMONY Mogul is a suave youth who sit*
in an alcove on the stairway j£S ling
for that purpose will beg. borrow or to the cocktail lounge at the French
Casino, midway between the lobby
lent somebody's mountain top, so
as to be near the heavens. Without Referee Tells Spiritualist
bar and Russell Patterson's M»pht*>
entering the controversy over spir- icated marionettes. This an.iouneo-
itualism, and offering only respect He's Lucky He's Loose. lent you are cautioned (o takj SG-
for the religious belief of any and iously, for Mogul is a minnM-cartei-,
all, one can be pardoned for sug- Even a spiritualist cannot expect A'hich should be a wa ning .<> Ihme
gesting that Mrs. Houdinis stunt to have two wives without paying who go there with thoughts that
smacks much oi the tower of Babel. for it. Referee John P. Cohalan •an't be quoted in polite society.
Maybe Mrs. Houdini's got some- said today when Mrs. Selma Decker There's nothing va?ue to Mogul'.-
thing to sell and is drumming up of 60 West Seventy-sixth street ap- answers—You just write out a ques-
a crowd as we note the announce- plied for a divorce which her hus- tion and burn it, and then, with dis-

ment of the seance comes through band did not contest.
her business manager. Her moun- While Frank Decker, a spirit • turbing accuracy,, he tells you your
tain top seance will bring her asualist. who lives at 310 West Sev- question and answers it. It's the un-
enty-second street, did not contest
close to heaven, where she fondly the divorce proceeding he did deny canny accuracy and detail of his an-
assumes Harry is, as did the build- that he enjoyed a lucrative income. swers that make you wonder wheth-
ing construction program recorded At the end of the hearing, during er you've imbibed too many beers.
in the Bible which ended.in the which many things, spiritual and Suggestion: See Mogul before you
confusion of tongues. otherwise, were discussed, the ref- tackle the wine steward. Then you'll
eree reserved decision, but directed KNOW it isn't the champagne!

H ave a deck in hand for following these para-

graphs to wake, it much easier. In effect, the
performer genuinely shuffles a borrowed deck
D r. Lyons has worked out a very clean cut and
effective combination in this effect, and it
is a true example of what may be done with single
and fans them face down. One after the other, tricks when joined or blended. The performer
four people (two alternately, or even one) sel- writes two prophecies of color on blank cards
ect any card freely by pulling it only half out and seals them in envelopes. Each sealed envel-
of the fan. These are openly shifted to the bot- ope is handed a spectator to pocket. From three
tom of deck which is handed a watcher who puts different ly colored .Handkerchiefs, one spectat-
these four "bottom cards face down on the table or selects one. The second spectator is given a
in a row. As yet no one has seen their faces. The metal tube and three colored candles. A cloth
spectator is asked to run through the deck and bag is used and inside this, the spectator mixes
remove the four aces so that you may show him a the candles and puts one into tube and closes it,
great coincidence, The aces are gone and found leaving the remaining candles in bag. Thus eveaa
on the table! That's the coincidence. Taking he himself does not know for the moment what
the deck you ask one person to give you the aces color he has selected. The first spectator opens
one at a time in his favorite order, and you his envelope and reads the card. "You are going
place each one at different spots in the deck to choose the handkerchief." And it's right!
face down. Giving the pack a shuffle or two, you The second envelope is opened, the spectator tak-
deal four hands of poker and turning them over, ing out the card and reading it aloud. "And sec-
you have the four aces. This makes a nice, quick ondly,you will unconsciously select the can-
bit of work and there is nothing difficult at all. dle." Picking up the closed tube, the perfor-
mer deliberately opens it and the correct candle
drops outl It's ny idea of a beautifully rou-
H ave the four aces on the bottom of the deck
to start. Dovetail shuffle and keep them
there. Now fan deck and have four cards pulled
tined effect.
out a little more than half way. Close the deck ommon magical accessories are used but, as
with these cards protruding at front. The left
thumb and second finger hold the sides of deck
C can be seen, the first part may be changed
as to method, and articles if the reader thinks
at front end from below with first finger curled it advisable, which personally I don't. As it
up against bottom. With right second finger tap stands you need a change bag, one red silk, one
the front edges of the protruding cards to make white, and three blues, ^lso a set of the stan-
them even and sticking out about an inch and a dard and catalogued Patriotic Rockets, together
half. The right thumb and second finger now hold with a packet of envelopes and cards, one of
deck at sides near rear end and as you remark a- the envelopes being a triple faked one as per
bout the freedom of choice and the coincidence the effect on page 72 of Jinx Mo. 15. I would
you want to show them, the right thumb counts advise having the silks and candles all different
off four or more cards from bottom. The right in color making six colors in the effect. Have
hand raises the pack just a trifle and this the envelope set with two cards written as given
group is held by the left thumb and second fin- above for the candles. Have two blue silks on
ger at front end. This hand immediately moves one side of the change bag.
foreward with the packet under the protruding
cards and the thumb and second finger grasp the n starting, take a card and an ordinary envel-
front edges of the protruding four. Now the right
hand culls the deck from these cards held by
left hand and drops it on top. The illusion of
I ope, ./rite on it as given above for the hand-
kerchiefs. Seal and give a spectator to pocket.
The color you write is, of course, blue, or the
It all is quite perfect. The onlookers only see one which will be forced in this case. Next
you square and pull out the four chosen cards, take the faked envelope and another card, rfrite
putting them on the bottom of the pack. as stated for the candles inserting the one of
the three colors not yet in the envelope. Seal
and have pocketed by another helper. Show the
S pectator now takes deck and puts the four
bottom cards face down on table in a row. He
looks through deck for the aces at your request
three handkerchiefs and pick up bag in left
hand. Drop in the red one, next the white, both
and then is told to turn over the tabled cards. of these going in the empty side of bag. Acci-
Taking the deck you hold it face down in left dently (?) drop the blue, and as you retrieve
hand, with left thumb at upper left corner so it with right hand, the handle of bag is turned
that it may riffle the corner downward. The and other side brought into play. Into this side
pack is really held tightly between base of is dropped the blue silk. Approaching the first
thumb on one side and fingers on the other. Ask spectator, he is asked to reach in, mix the hanks
for the aces singly and in any order. The left around and pull out one while you hold bag behind
thumb riffles down three cards and taking the your back. He pulls out blue of course. You turn
ace face down you carelessly insert it at this facing audience again and as bag is brought back
point about half way but sticking out a little to the front eh handle is shifted once more and
to the left also. This covers the thumb com- you reach In, taking out the two different silks
pletely which riffles three more cards while and dropping them on table with bag.
the next ace is handed you. Stick this in the
pack apparently at random and continue letting t this time pick up the candles, tube and
three cards go by thumb for the next and again
for the last ace. Put the aces in carelessly so A cloth bag to be used as a shield. Show them
and drop inside. The second spectator puts one
that they stick out at angles and at different into the tube out of sight. The bag is laid
lengths and it is very convincing. aside by him and you take the closed tube and
place it in plain sight, but this action enables
ow dovetail shuffle leaving the top 16 cards you to take it at center and instantly tell by
N in place, make a false cut if possible, and
deal out four poker hands. You must get the
the slight tipping what color is inside. Recall
that your prophecies were written before any
aces because you merely put them in the proper selections took place and that such selections
places. This is an extremely neat table routine were made by the spectators themselves with no
for clubs. In the first part be certain that possible influence on your part. Ask the first
the watchers appreciate the fact that the sel- person who selected the blue silk to open and
ection is perfectly free and not forced. If read his prophecy. It is correct. Remarking
you remark at the outset that four different that no one knows as yet what was chosen by the
cards are needed in order to show a strange second person, take his envelope from him and
coincidence, no one will ever suspect what is open at the correct end for the color which you
going to happen. In the second part do the bit already know was selected. Shake out the card
of thumb riffling each time as spectator is into his hand and have him read. Then nick up
picking up an ace and you are watching him. the tube and for the climax, open tube and re-
Page 122
move the candle of the color just announced. It thinking. And the slight stall enables you to
is best to have an opened and crumpled envelop© put the number on the card protruding from slit.
in the left coat pocket where you drop the one
t this time, left fingers and thumb pinch
taken from spectator as you pick up tube, and
then return this to spectator to keep with his
card if he wishes. Sometimes they don't want
A the sides of envelope and tip it a little
so that the card drops back inside. Immediately
them though. However, you have presented a very you tear off end of envelope at slit which des-
neat and clean effect. troys this evidence, and hand the enveltpe to
someone who removes the card and reads it aloud.
The psychology of having the last person think
of the number is perfect and people will swear
afterwards, as I know, that all the itens were
merely thought of by the audience, and that the
envelope was on the table away from you when
they were named. Try it, please.

| TRIPLE COERCION. (Annemann)]

F or a nice club or drawing room item this will

be found to cause comtaent and it is extremely
simple in the working. Back in the early twenties
there were many methods for accomplxshing this
feat and I gave my own in 'The Book Without a
Name.' However, the one weak point, to me, was | kONEY MEHTALISli. (Charles Rosenthal) |
in the necessity of jotting down the items as
selected when any simple minded person would
find no trouble in remembering them. I think
this to be almost as simple as it can be done,but
F or two people this is a cute idea in clair-
voyancy with coins or other objects. I like
the money version. The medium or psychic is sent
that has been said before of many tricks. from the room. The performer asks someone to
donate for the time boing a piece of money and
it may be either coin or bill. Stating that the
O n a card the performer writes something and
seals it in a small envelope which he stands
in full view against something, A spectator sel-
psychic has a strange faculty where money is
concerned (so have a lot of people), the per-
ects a color, another a card and finally one is former puts it in an ordinary letter envelope
asked to think of a number from 1 to 100. These and fastens on a spring paper clamp to one of
selections are known to everyone, and opening the tabs (where you pinch them togothor to open
the envelope, a spectator removes and reads clamp) which is attached a cord which the owner
the card. It says, for instance, "Three persons of coin holds. The performer goes front sight and
will name the color blue, the four of diamonds the psychic returns to correctly announce the de-
and the number 73." And all is left with the nomination of the coin or bill.
J t's simply a case of the clip. Taice an envelope
and clamp. It can be clasiped on any one of
four sides of the envelope. The cord is sttached
to OHE of the wings on clamp which you pinch and
this makes a front and back to clamp. Thus it
can be used on either side of envelope making
a total of eight possible positions. That takes
care of the 1-5-10-25-50 cent coins and the 1-2-
and 5 dollar bills. For a ylO bill don't use
i ! clanp but place envelope in person's pocket. For
a 92O bill let them carry the envelope to psychic.
For a silver dollar, don't use an envelope but
U se a number two size end opening drug envel-
ope, a card cut a little shorter than usual,
and one of the now fairly well known thumb writ-
let them hold it in their fist. If you get a tf50
bill - faint. The eight envelope positions idea
ers. Uake a slit in the envelope on the face is nice and can be used for eight colored hanks
side around three-quarters of an inch from the in connection with other tests of this nature.
bottom edge with the thumb nail so it will be
a little jagged as if torn, write on the card (Note by Ed.,) This could be added to when it
at the start everything as shown except the is a coin of the first five denominations, ./hen
number, and space your writing also as shown. 3uch a coin is used you explain that after she
Put the card into the envelope with flap side tells something to have her go out again and
towards audience and writing away from them call you back. You return and they say she was
turned so it comes out through the slit as pic- right. Oaen envelope, dump coin out and give to
tured. Seal flap and stand envelope against owner and leave again. Psychic comes in once
something, saying, "WE'LL PLACE THIS TO ONE SIDE more and gives the date. Uerely have 5 coins at
SO ALL CAN SEE IT CONSTANTLY." How proceed to hand and ria^e a switch. She has bhe dates list-
force the color on someone and then follow this ed and looks it up. Or even sv/itch at the start
by forcing the card on another. As this effect and psychic can tell it all at once.
wouldn't be used in the same program with the
preceding trick by Dr. Lyons, you could use the
same color force with five or six silks instead
of three. Then force a card and at this time be
sure to tell selector to put it back but keep
it pictured well in his mind. Lay the deck aside
and secure thumb writer on right thumb as you
carelessly pick up the sealed envelooe in left The Jinx is an Independent mon-
hand. Ask a third person to think of" and name thly for magicians published by
any number from 1 to 100. He does so. Turning Theo. Annemann of Waverly, N.Y.,
to the first person you recall the color chosen. U.S.A. It can be obtained direct
Then ask the second person to name the card he or through any magical depot for
is thinking about. Then repeat the number thought 25 cents a copy, tand by subscrip-
of by the third person. This bit impresses the tion ia $1 for 5 issues postpaid
audience that the articles are being thought of to any address in the world.
only, or at least, that's what they go away
Page 123
3 PECTRAL SEAMSTRESS. (Charles T. Jordan) I
• »

T O ead over the complete effect as per the advertisement above. Necessary ad-
Xvjuncts are four large handkerchiefs (white), three faked spools, and fif-
teen inches of cord with a needle and button at the ends. Three of the silks
are prepared by having a prominent name sewn diagonally across each with dif-
ferent .colored silk. The names may all be different, in fact, they should be.
Each spool is wound with a different colored silk to match the names on the
handkerchiefs. These spools are ordinary and 'fekes1 are on each. The 'fekes'
are shells to fit over the spools and each is covered with a layer or two of
the different silks.

Fold each of the three handkerchiefs on which the names appear into a long
strip diagonally, so none of the writing shows, and wind each" onto a spool
rather tightly for the first turn or two. Then wind more and more loosely as
the other end of the handkerchief is reached so that it will bulk up well.Now
slip a not-too-tight rubber band over each, to keep it from unwinding. Next
slide the proper silk-covered shell over each spool, doing so slowly,and then
tuck the handkerchief in evenly all around with a flat, dull-pointed instru-
ment. If this is carefully done, the shell may be slipped off readily and the
handkerchief will bulk out well. If carelessly done it will be difficult when
you try to slide the shell off. Of course, each handkerchief must be covered
with the' same colored thread-shell as that sewn across the handker-chief. Each
will now look like a genuine spool of thread. Stand the three spools in a row
on your table, and you are ready to perform, the only accessories needed be-
ing a paper bag, or a small cloth one if your prefer, another rubber band,the
handkerchief, and the stringing cord with needle and button attached.

Pass the plain handkerchief for examination, and exhibit the three spools
for the free choice of one. Be sure that the audience realizes their freedom
of choice. Take back handkerchief, and folding it as you did the prepared one
on each spool, wind it right over the thread shell in the same manner as the
handkerchief, except that you must wind it tightly all the way. Secure it in
place with the rubber band. Next thread the spool onto the cord, the button
keeping it from coming off, and openly lower it into the bag.Allow the needle
to hang outside, pinch the mouth of the bag, and have someone hold.
Now force in any manner you like the name that is written on the handker-
chief that was selected. Taking back the bag, grasp from outside the spool in
the bag, but not too tightly. Pull the cord with the other hand, and you will
find that the spool with prepared handkerchief will come out, while the shell
and handkerchief around it will remain inside bag which you crumple and throw
to table or pocket. It is well to have a duplicate crumpled bag at hand just
in case it is asked for later. Have someone remove the handkerchief from the
spool. The effect is most surprising, for the silk has apparently unwound it-
self from the spool and sewn itself across the handkerchief to form the very
name that was selected.

After a few trials you will find that the inner and outer handkerchiefs on
spool and shell can be wound in such a manner that when the shell is pulled
off the inner- handkerchief will expand so that it is almost an exact counter-
part of the outer handkerchief, a stray corner left loose for a couple of in-
ches helping to heighten the illusion.
A pleasing variation is this. After you have lowered the spool into the
bag by the cord, pretend to hear someone murmur something. You now apparently
pull the spool into sight again, but in reality have left the shell in bag.
Then say you will perform the feat openly, and lower the spool into a tumbler
letting someone hold in plain sight. Probably the easiest' force would be to
have names of prominent deceased statesmen called out and you write each name
suggested on a separate slip of paper. However, you write on all slips alike
using the name on the handkerchief selected, v/ith very prominent names on the
handkerchiefs, the correct one is bound to be among those mentioned, or you
can pretend to hear someone say it. Have one selected and destroy the others
so your perfidy will not be discovered. This is an extremely flashy and rad-
ically different from the ordinary effect usually presented.
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