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A Multimedia Celebration of Downtown Greenville

December 2010


‘Tis the season, Jingle Bells, White Christmas, mistletoe, stockings and Santa...all phrases or names
or songs that invoke a childlike sense of wonder. The essence of our most special holiday rests in the
culture of our family and friends. The stories of our youth, the memories of our parents or siblings and
our simple relationships with our fellow man all spin in our heads because of Christmas. Everything
we know has an anchor in Christmas. It is when we first learn to fantasize and it contains the poignant
snapshots we hold most dear.

Christmas can also be a time of recollection that makes us experience melancholy. That sense of
wanting or needing more out of life. And no other time of year presents a better opportunity to make
someone else’s existence on this planet just a little better.

My wish is that everyone gets their own personal guardian angel during the Christmas season — that
each one of us has our own Clarence appear in our lives to help us understand how important we are
to each other.

Make this Christmas season the one that finds you making someone else’s day.

...and did I mention mistletoe?

“Have a Very
Fête Christmas”
Jay Spivey,
Fête Publisher

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? ? ? with

Jimmy Durham

Edvard Tchivzhel, conductor

Andrew von Oeyen, piano

Edvard Tchivzhel, conductor
Andrew von Oeyen, piano
Von Suppe: Light Cavalry Overture
Follow Chopin: Piano Concerto No. 2
Symphony Beethoven: Symphony No. 5
Our eclectic 63rd season opens with the most famous four notes in
musical history: Beethoven’s thrilling Symphony No. 5. Heralded as
an “American treasure,” piano superstar Andrew von Oeyen will shine
in Chopin’s virtuosic Piano Concerto No. 2, a perfect way to celebrate
Chopin’s 200th birthday.

Von Suppe: Light Cavalry Overture
Chopin: Piano Concerto No. 2
Beethoven: Symphony No. 5
Our eclectic 63rd season opens with the most famous four notes in
Concert Season
musical history: Beethoven’s thrilling Symphony No. 5. Heralded as
an “American treasure,” piano superstar Andrew von Oeyen will shine
in Chopin’s virtuosic Piano Concerto No. 2, a perfect way to celebrate
Chopin’s 200th birthday.

Concert Season NEW SUBSCRIBERS SAVE 50%!
For tickets, call The Peace Center Box Office at (864) 467-3000 or
(800) 888-7768 or visit www.greenvillesymphony.org

Rick Erwin’s

Dining group

Rush Wilson, Ltd.

P urveyors of C lassic
A merican S tyle
23 W est N orth S treet
D owntown G reenville

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Rick Erwin’s West End Grille, Nantucket
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The Corner Pocket Taproom, Daly Designs,
llyn strong fine jewelry, The Warehouse
Theatre, The Cook’s Station, Greenville
Zoo, and more to come!
Trey Pennington
Dutch Treat Ice Cream Parlor
Downtown Greenville is a destination. Any day of the kids before long). It was okay to pass up the ice
week, you can start at one end of Main Street and cream: Dutch Treat has a splendid variety of Leopard
enjoy a delightful walk, meet wonderful people, do Forest coffee on hand.
some serious shopping, and cap it off with hot dogs,
ice cream, and coffee when you get to the West End. If you’re entertaining guests from out of town,
That’s where you’ll find Dutch Treat Ice Cream Parlor definitely take them by Dutch Treat to see the massive
and Sandwich Shop. Last November a native collection of old Greenville photos on display. Each
Greenville family, the Neills, opened a unique bio- photo is identified and richly described with thorough
refueling location right across from Falls Park. captions. Reading them all is a worthwhile expedition
into our history.
My visit included a couple of classic chilli hot dogs.
Owner Vicki Neill says the dogs are quite popular. Next time you’re strolling through downtown, stop by a
Because January 1 and New Years Resolutions are say hello to Vicki. She’s a Greenville native and
just around the corner, I exercised great discipline and graduate of JL Mann. Maybe y’all can swap stories.
didn’t get any ice cream (but, I’ll be back with all the

Vicki Neill
Dutch Treat, Main Street in the West End

Trey Pennington is a story prospector and professional speaker.

He founded the 747-member Social Media Club Greenville and
started clubs in Spartanburg and Columbia. You’ll find his
blog on marketing at treypennington.com and hear him
each week on the radio program Open for Business.
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Arts Council

Emily Clarke

Emily Clarke was born in Bowling Green, Kentucky, but spent most of
her childhood living outside of Atlanta, Georgia with her parents and two
sisters. She completed her Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art from Furman
University in Greenville, SC, and went on to complete her Master of
Science in Art Therapy from Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk,
VA. She currently spends most of her time painting in her downtown
Greenville studio space, located in Art Crossing on the Reedy River. She is
also a member of the faculty of the Greenville County Museum of Art and
the Upstate Home School Co-op.

Cover Artist “My color palette is inspired by the Technicolor movie musicals of the
1940’s and 50’s. My images are inspired by family photographs, ads,
Emily Clarke movies, memorabilia- anything that creates for me the sense of glamor,
femininity, innocence, and fun in this period of our American history.”

Emily Clarke Studio
Art Crossing on the Reedy River
300 River St., Suite 111
Greenville, SC 29601

Studio hours are

Tuesday-Saturday 11am-5pm
© Eli Warren (www.EliWarren.com)
Upcountry History

The Gift That Keeps On Giving
By Stacy Hammac Stacy Hammac

When it comes to Christmas, my family never was a gather-around-and-

watch-Bing kind of group. We were much more of a National Lampoon’s
Christmas Vacation and A Christmas Story kind of clan. Don’t get me wrong,
there’s nothing wrong with the old, sappy flicks. They’re just not my thing.

We’re much more accustomed to dinners that get destroyed by dogs,

Christmas dinners at ethnically themed restaurants, awkward gifts,
embarrassing extended family members, and falling short of Norman
Rockwell’s expectations in every way possible. And I wouldn’t trade
it for the world.

Our Christmases might not be picture perfect, but they are memorable. I
can clearly recall eating Christmas Eve dinner at a Mexican restaurant. Or
there was the year I unwrapped every single one of my Christmas presents
early and tried to tape them back up like nothing happened. And finally, just
last Christmas, I got my very own Red Ryder BB Gun. I’m happy to report
that so far no eyes have been shot out.

I hope each and every one of you enjoy this holiday season, and I encourage
you to focus more on making memories and enjoying the time you spend
with family and friends.

The infamous rant from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

Quite possibly the funniest scene in all of Christmas moviedom.

A kid who knows exactly what he wants. Trust me, it’s a great gift!

Peace Center

Angels Heard On High
By Kathryn Hardaway Kathryn Hardaway

As freezing rain whipped my face, I opened the hood of The card read “ I HOPE YOU BELIEVE IN MIRACLES…”
my car hoping to miraculously know what was wrong and inside were three crisp one hundred dollar bills
with the car…it was dead. Not only was it the coldest with the handwritten phrase “WE DO”.
morning I remember, but I was also the latest I had
been getting to work in a while AND my toddler, Drew, For 12 years, I have carried this dilapidated, worn out
was in the back seat. I had stopped into a nearby card with me wherever I have gone. It has traveled
muffin shop to get the guys in the kitchen at TRIO in my purse, coat pocket and car door, but this card
restaurant their little breakfast treat as I would bring was more than just a gracious monetary gift from a
Check out
in from time to time when I worked the lunch shift. As stranger. This card became my stability…my security Kat’s Fête Blog
I stood over my car’s engine, it became obvious that I blanket…and in a sense, my guardian angel. I have
had no clue what was wrong with it. Suddenly a man never been as humbled and moved as I was the day I
appeared out of nowhere and asked if he could help opened that card. As cliché as this may sound, I hope
me. Within seconds he had my car running again. I that everyone that reads this will take these words to
repeatedly tried to give him some money as he gently heart as we all enter the hustle bustle of the holidays,
spoke to Drew in the back seat, but he refused. I even because I know that I am as guilty as anyone to forget
offered him a dinner for he and his wife if he would what the holidays are TRULY about. I challenge us all
come into Trio. I mentioned that I was newly separated to ‘believe in an angel’— to look beyond the stress of
and that I couldn’t express enough how kind of a buying gifts, the horrendous traffic, and all of those
gesture this was and how I could return the favor. I holiday parties and to wholeheartedly show a kind
turned around to check on Drew, looked back up and gesture to another. I will never forget this kind, soft-
the soft-spoken man was gone without a trace. spoken, mystery man. I will never forget the Christmas
he gave Drew that year. And I will continue to pass on
Five or six weeks passed in my crazy world and this long lasting impression, his generosity and act of
Christmas was rapidly approaching. I had nothing to kindness for many more holidays to come.
show for it, except my car’s new alternator— but at
least Drew and I were together, happy and
healthy. I was picking up every available shift
I could to make ends meet. As I approached
my table during a very busy “in the weeds”
lunch rush, I heard “do you remember me?”
It was the voice of the sweet man that had
helped me weeks prior! He had brought his
wife out to take me up on my offer of lunch. I
took their lunch order and made as much small
talk as I could throughout their meal. At the end
of the lunch, I expressed my gratitude one more
time, turned around to check on another table,
looked back and yet AGAIN, there was no sign
of either the man or his wife. As I cleared away
the table, I noticed a card with “KAT” written on it.

II Remember...
R e m e m b e r. . . Mayor Knox White

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Warehouse Theatre

Warehouse Theatre Screwtape 2010 Promo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6dpziSPkag

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These are monthly partial chapters
intended as a overture to Incidental,
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spring 2011.
“and so” “meanwhile”
http://vimeo.com/15404903 http://vimeo.com/17415067
Jimmie, George & Clarence, Bing and Christmas
By Jay Spivey

There are many things I am, and quite a few things I am not, It’s A Wonderful Life
but there are a few Christmas feelings that are woven into my
psyche that make me feel connected to my fellow man.

My idyllic childhood seems Rockwellian to me now and Granddad

Johnson is to thank for that. No man in my life holds such a warm
and fuzzy picture in my heart and the images of Christmas flow
down through him to my mind’s eye this time of year. I tell people
that he was a combination of Fred Astaire and Jimmy Stewart as
grace, charm and simple warmth surrounded him everywhere he
went. Jimmie Johnson could enter a room and everyone would http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lxNXtjGY_Us

feel better just because of his presence.

Silent Night with the 3 Tenors

I remember sitting with him in his chair— his favorite cardigan
stretched on one side from wrapping me up— as we watched
“It’s a Wonderful Life”. When I day dream about Christmas it is
through this gentle man I sense such wondrous emotions. And
if Granddad Johnson is my Christmas then Jimmy Stewart’s
portrayal of George Bailey is our movie. “No man is a failure who
has friends” puts perspective on this season for me. George’s
Clarence was and is the model for my guardian angel and I hope
for everyone to be “the richest man in town”. I cry when Stewart
cries and I feel Granddad’s soul comforting my tears. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPlxBow16SA

Every Christmas morning at Granddad’s house was greeted with

three old records being played— one was by the Ink Spots and Bing Crosby’s White Christmas
another was Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas”. I can’t keep Bing
out of my head during the holidays and Granddad’s love of Bing
started in the 1920s. I adored Bing ‘cause Granddad did. The
last record we always heard was the most revered of the three.
Granddad used to have a record making gizmo and somehow,
long before I was born, he made a record of himself whistling
“White Christmas”. My parents, Grandmom, my sister, and my
aunt and uncle would all sit in his living room to hear Granddad’s
whistling record. Just mentioning this moment makes me feel
like Christmas is wrapped around me again, like an old cardigan http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tRYPWlyU_Zk
sweater and Granddad holds me….

May everyone feel the need to share, find a cause to move

someone’s life and use a memory of their Christmas past to
touch someone’s heart.

Fête-Worthy Happenings

By December 10th, my friend Robin Bylenga

will open her new retail store downtown next to
Postcards From Paris.
Pedal Chic is THE destination for active women shopping for contemporary, stylish,
and high-performance cycling, fitness and lifestyle apparel.

Listen to The Upstate Show with John Oliver every

Saturday from 3pm to 5pm on WORD 106.3!

At TEDGlobal 2010, author Matt Ridley shows how, throughout history,
the engine of human progress has been the meeting and mating of ideas
to make new ideas. It’s not important how clever individuals are, he says;
what really matters is how smart the collective brain is.

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