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Gather letter cards equal to the number of players.

Games of 6 or fewer players require 1 Anthrax (You’re dead) card.

Games of 7 or more players requires 2 Anthrax cards.

(For games of 7 or more, remove the second Anthrax card once there
are 6 or fewer players left.)

Shuffle the letters and deal 1 face down to each player. (Yellow side up)
Don’t look at this card until another card makes you!

Next gather the non-letter cards needed for the number of players.
To know which cards to use look at the number in the lower right of the
picture box.

5+= use for 5 or more players,

4+= use for 4 or more players, etc.

Shuffle those cards and deal 2 to each player. You may look at these.
(If there are 11 or fewer players you will have 2 cards left over.)

Follow the folding instructions on the box for the 1st player token.

Once done place it in front of the 1st player. (artwork facing outward)
You are now done setting up.


On each players turn:

If you have a letter, you MUST play at least 1 card.

If you have 2 playable cards you may choose which one to use.
If you only have one playable card you ​MUST​ play it, regardless of if it is
good or bad for you.
(​Example​: If you previously used a “​Return”​ to defend yourself and your
only card is an “​Everyone​” then you ​MUST​ play it.)

If none of your cards are playable you ​MUST ​discard one.

(​Example:​ If you have a “​Return”​ and a “​Gas Mask”​ , since both can only
be played in response to something, you ​MUST ​discard one of them.)

If you have no letter in front of you, your turn is skipped.

Each time a card is played, resolve its effects before moving forward.


Turns flow to the left and order only changes after:

Everyone has had a turn.
All Anthrax is opened (flipped).
Or the location of the Anthrax is known.
(Whichever happens first.)

When one of these happens, pass the 1st player token to the left and start
a new round.

At the start of a new round (1st player change) Collect all non-letter cards,
remove any needed to match the number of livingplayers. (3+, 4+, etc.)

Shuffle the remaining cards and deal 2 to each living player.

(Even if they don’t have a letter in front of them.)
Unless triggered by an Anthrax reveal, letter cards are not collected and


If a card makes you open a letter:

You survived-​ Remove this letter from play and continue normally.

You’re dead-​ You are dead, and out of the game. Discard your hand and
any of your letters. (Don’t worry, games go very quickly.)

Once Anthrax has been opened:

Follow the next steps only if:
ALL ​Anthrax has been opened.
The location of Anthrax is known.
Or everyone has had a turn.
(Whichever comes first.)

Players pass in all letters. Ensure the number of letters ​(including the
Anthrax(s))​ matches the number of living players. Shuffle and deal 1 letter
(face down)​ to each living player.

Players discard their hands. Pull out any non-letter cards needed to match
the number of living players. (3+, 4+, etc.) Shuffle the remaining cards
together and deal 2 to each living player.

Pass the 1st player token to the left and then continue as normal until only
one player is left alive.

They are the winner!