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Holy Ascension of Christ Orthodox Church

Ορθόδοξος Εκκλησία Αναλήψεως του Χριστού

Воскrный Nкт0ихъ. Глaсъ Пeрвый.

Sunday Octoechos – First Tone
Saturday Evening – Great Vespers Въ суббHту на вели1цэй вечeрни, по
After the Introductory Psalm, the usual chanting предначинaтельномъ pалмЁ, nбhчное
from the Psalter. стіхосл0віе pалти1рz.
On “Lord, I have cried…” 10 stichera. If the
На ГDи воззвaхъ, постaвимъ стіхHвъ ‹: и3 поeмъ
Menaion hath a doxasticon, it is chanted on
Glory… If there is no doxasticon, we chant стіхи6ры воскrны nсмоглaсника G, и3 ґнат0ліевы
Glory…, Now and ever…, the dogmaticon of the д7, и3 минeи G, и3ли2 ѕ7. Ѓще прaзднуемый с™hй:
tone. Слaва, минeи: И# нhнэ, бGор0диченъ №-й, глaса.
The Resurrectional Stichera, in Tone I: Стіхи6ры воскrны nсмоглaсника, глaсъ №:
Stichos: Bring my soul out of Стjхъ: И#зведи2 и3з8 темни1цы дyшу
prison, that I may confess Thy
мою2, и3сповёдатисz и4мени твоемY.
Вечє1рніz нaшz мlтвы пріими2
Accept Thou our evening
prayers, O holy Lord, and grant с™hй гDи, и3 подaждь нaмъ
us remission of sins, as Thou њставлeніе грэхHвъ, ћкw є3ди1нъ
alone art He Who hath shown є3си2 kвлeй въ мjрэ воскrніе.
forth the resurrection in the Стjхъ: МенE ждyтъ првdницы,
д0ндеже воздaси мнЁ.
Stichos: The righteous shall wait
Њбыди1те лю1діе сіHнъ, и3 њб8ими1те
patiently for me until Thou shalt
reward me. є3го2, и3 дади1те слaву въ нeмъ
Encircle Sion and embrace it, O воскrшему и3з8 мeртвыхъ: ћкw т0й
ye people, and therein give glory є4сть бGъ нaшъ, и3збавлeй нaсъ t
unto Him Who hath risen from беззак0ній нaшихъ.
the dead; for He is our God, Who
Стjхъ: И#з8 глубины2 воззвaхъ къ
hath delivered us from our iniq-
тебЁ гDи, гDи, ўслhши глaсъ м0й.
Stichos: Out of the depths have I
cried unto Thee, O Lord; O Lord,
hear my voice.

Come, ye people, let us hymn Пріиди1те лю1діе, воспои1мъ, и3
and worship Christ, glorifying поклони1мсz хrтY, слaвzще є3гw2 и3з8
His resurrection from the dead;
мeртвыхъ воскrніе: ћкw т0й є4сть
for He is our God, Who hath de-
бGъ нaшъ, t прeлести врaжіz мjръ
livered the world from the decep-
tion of the enemy. и3збавлeй.
И$ны стіхи6ры ґнат0ліевы, глaсъ №
Stichos: Let Thine ears be atten-
tive to the voice of my supplica- Стjхъ: Да бyдутъ ќши твои2,
tion. внeмлющэ глaсу молeніz моегw2.
Make merry, O ye heavens! Весели1тесz нб7сA, воструби1те
Trumpet forth, ye foundations of њснов†ніz земли2, возопjйте г0ры
the earth! Cry aloud in gladness,
весeліе: сe бо є3мманyилъ грэхи2
O ye mountains! For, lo! Em-
нaшz на кrтЁ пригвозди2, и3
manuel hath nailed our sins to
the Cross; He hath slain death, жив0тъ даsй, смeрть ўмертви2,
granting us life, having raised up ґдaма воскRси1вый, ћкw
Adam, in that He loveth man- чlвэколю1бецъ.
kind. Стjхъ: Ѓще беззакHніz нaзриши
Stichos: If Thou shouldst mark
гDи, гDи, кто2 постои1тъ; ћкw ў
iniquities, O Lord, O Lord, who
тебE њчищeніе є4сть.
shall stand? For with Thee there
is forgiveness. Пл0тію в0лею распeншагосz нaсъ
Let us hymn the One Who of рaди, пострадaвша и3 погребeнна, и3
His own will was crucified in the воскrша и3з8 мeртвыхъ, воспои1мъ
flesh for our sake, Who suffered, глаг0люще: ўтверди2 правослaвіемъ
and was buried, and rose from
цRковь твою2 хrтE, и3 ўмири2 жи1знь
the dead; and let us chant, saying:
нaшу, ћкw бlгъ и3 чlвэколю1бецъ.
Establish Thy Church in Ortho-
doxy, O Christ, and bring peace
to our life, in that Thou art good
and lovest mankind.

Stichos: For Thy name’s sake Стjхъ: И$мене рaди твоегw2,
have I patiently waited for Thee, потерпёхъ тS гDи, потерпЁ душA
O Lord, my soul hath waited pa-
моS въ сл0во твоE, ўповA душA
tiently for Thy word, my soul
моS на гDа.
hath hoped in the Lord.
Standing before Thy life- Живопріeмному твоемY гр0бу
receiving tomb, unworthy as we предстоsще недост0йніи, славосл0віе
are, we offer glorification to прин0симъ неизречeнному твоемY
Thine ineffable loving-kindness, бlгоутр0бію, хrтE б9е нaшъ: ћкw
O Christ our God; for Thou didst
кrтъ и3 смeрть пріsлъ є3си2
accept the Cross and death, O
безгрёшне, да мjрови дaруеши
Sinless One, that Thou mightest
grant resurrection to the world, in воскrніе, ћкw чlвэколю1бецъ.
that Thou lovest mankind. Стjхъ: T стрaжи ќтренніz до
Stichos: From the morning watch н0щи, t стрaжи ќтренніz, да
until night, from the morning ўповaетъ ї}ль на гDа.
watch let Israel hope in the Lord.
И$же nц7Y собезначaльна и3
Let us hymn the Word Who
соприсносyщна сл0ва, t дв7и1ческа
with the Father is equally without
beginning and equally everlast- чрeва произшeдшаго неизречeннw, и3
ing, Who issued forth ineffably кrтъ и3 смeрть нaсъ рaди в0лею
from the Virgin’s womb, Who of пріeмшаго, и3 воскrша во слaвэ,
His own will accepted the Cross воспои1мъ глаг0люще: живодaвче гDи
and death for our sake, and rose слaва тебЁ, сп7се дyшъ нaшихъ.
from the dead in glory; and let us
say: O Lord, Bestower of life,
Thou Savior of our souls, glory be
to Thee!
Then stichera for the saint from the Menaion.

Glory… from the Menaion. Now and ever… Слaва, минeи.
The dogmatic theotokion, in Tone I: И# нhнэ, бGор0диченъ, догмaтикъ глaса:
Let us hymn the Virgin Mary, Всемjрную слaву, t человBкъ
the glory of the whole world,
прозsбшую, и3 вLку р0ждшую,
who sprang forth from men and
нбcную двeрь воспои1мъ мRjю дв7у,
gave birth unto the Master, the
portal of heaven, and the subject безпл0тныхъ пёснь, и3 вёрныхъ
of the hymnody of the incorpo- ўдобрeніе: сіs бо kви1сz нб7о, и3
real hosts and adornment of the хрaмъ бжcтвA: сіS преграждeніе
faithful; for she hath been shown вражды2 разруши1вши, мjръ введE, и3
to be heaven and the temple of
цrтвіе tвeрзе. сію2 ќбw и3мyще
the Godhead. Having destroyed
вёры ўтверждeніе, поб0рника
the middle-wall of enmity, she
hath brought forth peace and и4мамы и3з8 неS р0ждшагосz гDа.
opened wide the kingdom. There- дерзaйте ќбw, дерзaйте лю1діе б9іи:
fore, having her as the confirma- и4бо т0й побэди1тъ враги2, ћкw
tion of our faith, we have as всеси1ленъ.
champion the Lord born of her. Вх0дъ. Свёте ти1хій: По вх0дэ же положи1въ
Wherefore, be of good courage! ўчинeнный монaхъ nбhчный покл0нъ
Yea, be ye of good cheer, O peo- предстоsтелю, поeтъ дневнhй прокjменъ:
ple of God, for He vanquisheth ГDь воцRи1сz, въ лёпоту
the foe, in that He is almighty! њблечeсz.
Entrance. “O gladsome Light…”
Тhe daily prokimenon, in Tone VI: Стjхъ: Њблечeсz гDь въ си1лу, и3
The Lord is King, He is clothed препоsсасz.
with majesty. Стjхъ: И$бо ўтверди2 вселeнную,
Stichos: The Lord is clothed with
ћже не подви1житсz.
strength and He hath girt Him-
Stichos: For He hath established
the world which shall not be

Holiness becometh Thy
Stichos: Стjхъ: Д0му твоемY подобaетъ
house, O Lord, unto length of с™hнz гDи, въ долготY днjй.
days. По nбhчныхъ же мlтвахъ вх0димъ во хрaмъ,
The aposticha stichera, in Tone I: пою1ще стіхи1ру, глaсъ №:
By Thy passion have we been
Стrтію твоeю хrтE, t страстeй
freed from passions, O Christ,
свободи1хомсz, и3 воскrніемъ твои1мъ
and by Thy resurrection have we
been delivered from corruption. и3з8 и3стлёніz и3збaвихомсz, гDи
O Lord, glory be to Thee! слaва тебЁ.
Stichos: The Lord is King, He is И$ны стіхи6ры, по ґлфави1ту

clothed with majesty. Стjхъ: ГDь воцRи1сz, въ лёпоту

Let creation rejoice! Let the њблечeсz.
heavens make merry! Let the na- Да рaдуетсz твaрь, нб7сA да
tions clap their hands with glad-
веселsтсz, рукaми да восплeщуть
ness! For Christ our Savior hath
kзhцы съ весeліемъ: хrт0съ бо сп7съ
nailed our sins to the Cross; hav-
ing slain death, He hath given нaшъ, на кrтЁ пригвозди2 грэхи2
life, having raised up fallen нaшz: и3 смeрть ўмертви1въ жив0тъ
Adam, the common ancestor of нaмъ даровA, пaдшаго ґдaма
all, in that He loveth mankind. всер0днаго воскRси1вый, ћкw
Stichos: For He hath established
the world which shall not be
Стjхъ: И$бо ўтверди2 вселeнную,
ћже не подви1житсz.

As King of heaven and earth, O ЦRь сhй нб7сE и3 земли2
Unapproachable One, Thou wast непостижи1ме, в0лею распsлсz є3си2
of Thine own will crucified in
за чlвэколю1біе. є3г0же ѓдъ срётъ
Thy love for mankind, and Ha-
д0лэ, њгорчи1сz, и3 прaведныхъ дyшы
des, encountering it below, was
filled with bitterness, and the пріeмшz возрaдовашасz: ґдaмъ же,
souls of the righteous, receiving ви1дэвъ тS зижди1телz въ
it, rejoiced. And Adam, behold- преисп0днихъ, воскRсе. Q чудесE!
ing Thee, his Fashioner, in the кaкw смeрти вкуси2 всёхъ жи1знь;
nethermost parts, arose. O the
но ћкоже восхотЁ мjръ
wonder! How is it that the Life of
просвэти1ти зовyщій, и3 глаг0лющій:
all hath tasted death? Yet Thou
didst desire to enlighten the воскRсhй и3з8 мeртвыхъ, гDи слaва
world which crieth aloud and тебЁ.
saith: O Lord, Who hast risen Стjхъ: Д0му твоемY подобaетъ
from the dead, glory be to Thee! с™hнz гDи, въ долготY днjй.
Stichos: Holiness becometh Thy
Жены2 мmронHсицы, мЂра
house, O Lord, unto length of
носsща, со тщaніемъ и3 рыдaніемъ
The myrrh-bearing women ar- гр0ба твоегw2 достиг0ша, и3 не
rived at Thy tomb with haste and њбрётшz пречcтагw тёла твоегw2,
lamentation, bearing myrrh; and t ѓгGла же ўвёдэвшz н0вое и3
failing to find Thine all-pure преслaвное чyдо, ґпcлwмъ глаг0лаху:
body, yet learning from the angel воскRсе гDь подаS мjрови вeлію
of the new and all-glorious won-
der, they said to the apostles:
“The Lord is risen, granting the
world great mercy!”

Glory… from the Menaion, if there is a doxasti- Слaва, минeи, ѓще и4мать.
con provided. If not, Glory…, Ѓще ли нёсть: Слaва, и3 нhнэ, бGор0диченъ:
Now and ever…, Theotokion:
СE и3сп0лнисz и3сaіино проречeніе,
Behold, the prophecy of Isaiah
hath been fulfilled, for a Virgin дв7а бо родилA є3си2, и3 по ржcтвЁ
hath given birth, and after giving ћкw прeжде ржcтвA пребылA є3си2: бGъ
birth hath remained a Virgin as бо бЁ рождeйсz, тёмже и3
before. For God was born; there- є3стєствA новопресэчE. но q
fore He began nature anew. O
бGомaти, молє1ніz твои1хъ рабHвъ,
Mother of God, disdain not the
въ твоeмъ хрaмэ приноси6маz тебЁ
supplications of thy servants,
which are offered unto thee in thy не прeзри: но ћкw бlгоутр0бнаго
temple; but as thou bearest the твои1ма рукaма носsщи, на тво‰
Compassionate One in thine рабы6 ўмилосeрдисz, и3 моли2 сп7сти1сz
arms, have pity on thy servants, душaмъ нaшымъ.
and beseech Him that our souls Тaже: Нhнэ tпущaеши: Трис™0е. По Џ§е нaшъ:
be saved. Тропaрь воскrный, глaсъ №:
Then, “Now lettest Thou Thy servant depart…”
Кaмени запечaтану t їудє1й, и3
Trisagion through Our Father.
Resurrectional troparion, in Tone I: в0инwмъ стрегyщымъ пречcтое тёло
When the stone had been твоE, воскrлъ є3си2 триднeвный сп7се,
sealed by the Jews, and the sol- дaруzй мjрови жи1знь. сегw2 рaди
diers were guarding Thine all-
си6лы нбcныz вопіsху ти2,
pure body, Thou didst arise on
the third day, O Savior, granting жизнодaвче: слaва воскrнію твоемY
life to the world. Wherefore, the хrтE: слaва цrтвію твоемY: слaва
hosts of heaven cried out to Thee, смотрeнію твоемY, є3ди1не
O Bestower of life: Glory to Thy чlвэколю1бче.
resurrection, O Christ! Glory to
Thy kingdom! Glory to Thy dis-
pensation, O Thou Who alone
lovest mankind!

Glory…, Now and ever…, Theotokion: Слaва, и3 нhнэ, бGор0диченъ:
When Gabriel announced to Гавріи1лу вэщaвшу тебЁ, дв7о,
thee, “Rejoice!” O Virgin, the рaдуйсz, со стрaхомъ воплощaшесz
Master of all became incarnate
всёхъ вLка, въ тебЁ с™ёмъ
within thee, the holy ark, at his
cry, as the righteous David said. ківHтэ, ћкоже речE првdный дв7дъ:
Thou wast shown to be more spa- kви1ласz є3си2 ши1ршаz нб7съ,
cious than the heavens, having поноси1вши зижди1телz твоего2. слaва
borne thy Creator. Glory to Him всeльшемусz въ тS: слaва
Who made His abode within прошeдшему и3з8 тебE: слaва
thee! Glory to Him Who came
свободи1вшему нaсъ ржcтв0мъ
forth from thee! Glory to Him
Who hath set us free by thy твои1мъ.
Т0йже тропaрь и3 на БGъ гDь: И# пр0чее
And the rest of the service followeth in order. послёдованіе.

Православная Церковь Вознесения Христова
Holy Ascension of Christ Orthodox Church
Ορθόδοξος Εκκλησία Αναλήψεως του Χριστού

Sunday Morning – Matins На ќтрени,

After the Six Psalms, we chant “God is the по шестоpaлміи БGъ гDь, на глaсъ № и3
Lord…” in Tone I, and sing the resurrectional
глаг0лемъ тропaрь воскrный, двaжды, и3
troparion, twice, and the theotokion, once. Then
бGор0диченъ є3ди1ножды, пи1саны на вели1цэй
the usual chanting of the Psalter.
After the first chanting of the Psalter, these вечeрни. Тaже nбhчное стіхосл0віе pалти1рz.
resurrectional sessional hymns, in Tone I: По №-мъ стіхосл0віи сэдaльны воскrны, глaсъ №:
The soldiers guarding Thy Гр0бъ тв0й сп7се, в0ини стрегyщіи,
tomb, O Savior, became as dead мeртвіи t њблистaніz ћвльшагwсz
men because of the radiance of
ѓгGла бhша, проповёдающа женaмъ
the angel who appeared before
воскRсeніе. тебE слaвимъ тли2
them, proclaiming the resurrec-
tion to the women. We glorify потреби1телz, тебЁ припaдаемъ
Thee, the Destroyer of corruption, воскrшему и3з8 гр0ба, и3 є3ди1ному бGу
and we bow down before Thee, нaшему.
our one God Who hast risen from Стjхъ: Воскrни2 гDи б9е м0й, да
the grave.
вознесeтсz рукA твоS, не забyди
Stichos: Arise, O Lord my God,
ўб0гихъ твои1хъ до концA.
let Thy hand be lifted high; forget
not Thy paupers to the end. Ко кrтY пригв0ждьсz в0лею
Nailed to the Cross of Thine щeдре, во гр0бэ положeнъ бhвъ
own will, and laid in the tomb as ћкw мeртвъ животодaвче, держaву
one dead, O compassionate Be- стeрлъ є3си2 си1льне смeртію твоeю:
stower of life, by Thy death Thou тебe бо вострепетaша врaтницы
didst break the dominion [of
ѓдwвы, ты2 совоздви1глъ є3си2 t
death], O Mighty One; for the
gate-keepers of hades trembled вёка ўмeршыz, ћкw є3ди1нъ
before Thee, and Thou didst raise чlвэколю1бецъ.
up with Thyself the dead of ages
past, in that Thou alone lovest

Glory…, Now and ever…, Theotokion: Слaва, и3 нhнэ, бGор0диченъ:
We who with love flee to thy М™рь тS б9ію свёмы вси2 дв7у
goodness all know thee to be the вои1стинну, и3 по ржcтвЁ
Mother of God, who even after
ћвльшуюсz, и5же люб0вію
giving birth wast truly shown to
be a virgin; for thee do we sinners прибэгaющіи къ твоeй бlгости: тебe
have as our intercession, and we бо и4мамы грёшніи
have acquired thee, who alone art предстaтельство, тебE стzжaхомъ
most immaculate, as our salva- въ напaстехъ сп7сeніе, є3ди1ну
tion amid perils. всенепор0чную.
After the second chanting of the Psalter, these
resurrectional sessional hymns, in Tone I: По в7-мъ стіхосл0віи, сэдaленъ, глaсъ №.
Special Melody, “When the stone had been Под0бенъ: Кaмени запечaтану:
sealed…” Жєны2 ко гр0бу пріид0ша
Very early the women arrived
ўрaншz, и3 ѓгGльское kвлeніе
at the tomb and, beholding the
ви1дэвшz трепетaху: гр0бъ њблистA
appearance of the angel, they
trembled. The tomb shone forth жи1знь, чyдо ўдивлsше |: сегw2
life, and the miracle filled them рaди шeдшz ў§нкHмъ проповёдаху
with awe. Wherefore, going to the востaніе: ѓдъ плэни2 хrт0съ, ћкw
disciples, they proclaimed the є3ди1нъ крёпокъ и3 си1ленъ, и3
resurrection: Christ hath made
и3стлёвшыz вс‰ совоздви1же,
hell captive, in that He alone is
њсуждeніz стрaхъ разруши1въ
mighty and powerful; and de-
stroying the fear of damnation by кrт0мъ.
the Cross, He hath raised up with Стjхъ: И#сповёмсz тебE гDи всёмъ
Himself all who had fallen prey сeрдцемъ мои1мъ, повёмъ вс‰ чудесA
to corruption! тво‰.
Stichos: I will confess Thee, O
Lord, with my whole heart, I will
tell of all Thy wonders.

Thou wast nailed to the Cross, На кrтЁ пригвозди1лсz є3си2
O Life of all, and wast reckoned животE всёхъ, и3 въ мeртвыхъ
among the dead, O immortal
вмэни1лсz є3си2 безсмeртный гDи,
Lord. Thou didst rise on the third
воскRслъ є3си2 триднeвенъ сп7се,
day, O Savior, with Thee raising
Adam up from corruption. совоздви1гъ ґдaма t тлёніz. сегw2
Wherefore, the hosts of heaven рaди си6лы нбcныz вопіsху тебЁ,
cried out to Thee, O Christ, Be- жизнодaвче хrтE: слaва воскrнію
stower of life: Glory to Thy resur- твоемY, слaва снизхождeнію твоемY,
rection! Glory to Thy condescen-
є3ди1не чlвэколю1бче.
sion, O Thou Who alone lovest Слaва, и3 нhнэ, бGор0диченъ:
МRjе, чcтн0е вLки пріsтелище,
Glory…, Now and ever…, Theotokion:
O Mary, precious receptacle of воскRси1 ны пaдшыz въ пр0пасть
the Master, raise us up who have лю1тагw tчazніz, и3 прегрэшeній и3
fallen into the chasm of grievous скорбeй, тh бо є3си2 грBшнымъ
despondency, transgressions and сп7сeніе и3 п0мощь, и3 крёпкое
sorrows; for thou art salvation,
предстaтельство, и3 сп7сaеши рабы6
help and mighty intercession for
sinners, and thou savest thy ser- тво‰.
Тaже. Бlжeни непор0чніи: Посeмъ тропари2:
ЃгGльскій соб0ръ: пи1саны въ концЁ кни1ги сеS.
Then, “Blessed are the blameless in the way…”
followed by the troparia “The assembly of the Тaже є3ктеніA мaлаz, и3
angels…” Little litany, and this hypacoï in V#пакои2, глaсъ №:
Tone I: Разб0йничо покаsніе рaй њкрaде,
The repentance of the thief
плaчь же мmрон0сицъ рaдость
stole paradise, and the lamenta-
tion of the myrrh-bearers an- возвэсти2, ћкw воскrлъ є3си2 хrтE
nounced joy: for Thou didst arise, б9е, подаsй мjрови вeлію млcть.
O Christ God, granting great
mercy to the world.

Songs of Ascent: Степє1нны: ґнтіфHнъ №, глaсъ №, стіхи2
Antiphon I, in Tone I, the verses being repeated: повторsюще:
When I am sorrowful, hearken ВнегдA скорбёти ми2, ўслhши
unto my pain, O Lord. Unto Thee
мо‰ болBзни, гDи тебЁ зовY.
do I cry.
Пусты6ннымъ непрестaнное
Unceasing divine desire befit-
teth those in the wilderness, who б9eственное желaніе бывaетъ, мjра
are beyond this vainglorious сyщымъ сyетнагw кромЁ.
world. Слaва:
Glory… С™0му д¦у чeсть и3 слaва, ћкоже
Worship and glory are due the
nц7Y подобaетъ, кyпнw же и3 сн7у,
Holy Spirit, as also to the Father
сегw2 рaди да поeмъ трbцэ
and the Son. Wherefore, let us
hymn the single dominion of the є3динодержaвіе.
И# нhнэ, т0йже.
Now and ever… The foregoing is repeated. ҐнтіфHнъ в7:
Antiphon II На г0ры твои1хъ вознeслъ є3си2
Thou hast brought me up to мS зак0нwвъ, добродётельми
the mountains of Thy laws, O
просвэти2 б9е, да пою1 тz.
God. Illumine me with the vir-
tues, that I may hymn Thee. Десн0ю твоeю рук0ю пріи1мъ ты2
Taking me in Thy right hand, сл0ве, сохрани1 мz, соблюди2, да не
O Word, preserve and protect џгнь менE њпали1тъ грэх0вный.
me, that the fire of sin may not Слaва:
consume me. С™hмъ д¦омъ всsкаz твaрь
њбновлsетсz, пaки текyщи на
By the Holy Spirit is every
пeрвое: равном0щенъ бо є4сть nц7Y
creature restored, returning to its
primal state; for He is equal in и3 сл0ву.
power with the Father and the

Now and ever… The foregoing is repeated. И# нhнэ, т0йже.
Antiphon III ҐнтіфHнъ G:
My spirit was glad and my Њ рeкшихъ мнЁ, вни1демъ во
heart rejoiceth for those who said
дворы2 гDни, возвесели1сz м0й дyхъ,
to me: Let us enter into the courts
срaдуетсz сeрдце.
of the Lord.
There is great fear in the house Въ домY дв7довэ стрaхъ вели1къ:
of David, for there, when the тaмw во пrт0лwмъ
thrones are set up, all the tribes постaвлєннымъ, сyдzтсz вс‰
and nations of the earth will be племенA земн†z, и3 kзhцы.
judged. Слaва:
С™0му д¦у, чeсть, поклонeніе,
It is meet and fitting to offer
honor and worship, glory and слaву и3 держaву, ћкоже nц7Y
power unto the Holy Spirit, as to дост0итъ, и3 сн7ови подобaетъ
the Father and the Son, for the приноси1ти: є3ди1ница бо є4сть трbца
Trinity is a unity in nature, but є3стеств0мъ, но не ли1цы.
not in Persons. И# нhнэ, т0йже.
Now and ever… The foregoing is repeated. Прокjменъ, глaсъ №:
Prokimenon, in Tone I:
Now will I arise, saith the Нhнэ воскrнY, глаг0летъ гDь,
Lord; I will establish them in sal- положyсz во сп7сeніе, не њбиню1сz њ
vation, I will be manifest therein. нeмъ.
Stichos: The words of the Lord Стjхъ: СловесA гDнz, словесA чи1ста.
are pure words. Всsкое дыхaніе: Е#ђліе ќтреннее рzдов0е.
“Let every breath praise the Lord.”
The appointed Resurrectional Gospel.

Then, this resurrectional hymn, in Tone VI: Воскресeніе хrт0во ви1дэвше,
Having beheld the resurrection
поклони1мсz с™0му гDу ї}су,
of Christ, let us worship the holy
Lord Jesus, the only Sinless One. є3ди1ному безгрёшному. кrтY
We worship Thy Cross, O Christ, твоемY покланsемсz хrтE, и3 с™0е
and Thy holy resurrection we воскресeніе твоE поeмъ и3 слaвимъ:
hymn and glorify. For Thou art тh бо є3си2 бGъ нaшъ, рaзвэ тебE
our God, and we know none и3н0гw не знaемъ, и4мz твоE
other beside Thee, we call upon
и3менyемъ. пріиди1те вси2 вёрніи,
Thy name. O come, all ye faithful,
поклони1мсz с™0му хrт0ву
let us worship Christ’s holy res-
urrection, for behold, through the воскресeнію: сe бо пріи1де кrт0мъ
Cross joy hath come to all the рaдость всемY мjру. всегдA
world. Ever blessing the Lord, we бlгословsще гDа, поeмъ воскресeніе
hymn His resurrection; for, hav- є3гw2: распsтіе бо претерпёвъ,
ing endured crucifixion, He hath
смeртію смeрть разруши2.
destroyed death by death.
Pал0мъ н7: Поми1луй мS б9е:
Psalm 50: “Have mercy on me, O God…”
Glory… Through the prayers of Слaва: Мlтвами ґпcлwвъ, млcтиве,
the apostles, O Merciful One, blot њчи1сти мн0жєства согрэшeній
out the multitude of our trans- нaшихъ.
gressions. И# нhнэ: Мlтвами бцdы, млcтиве,
Now and ever… Through the
њчи1сти мн0жєства согрэшeній
prayers of the Theotokos, O Mer-
ciful One, blot out the multitude
Тaже, глaсъ ѕ7:
of our transgressions.
Then, in Tone VI: Поми1луй мS б9е по вели1цэй
Have mercy on me, O God, ac- млcти твоeй, и3 по мн0жеству
cording to Thy great mercy; and щедр0тъ твои1хъ њчи1сти беззак0ніе
according to the multitude of Thy моE.
compassions, blot out my trans-

Then, this sticheron: Посeмъ стіхи1ра:
Jesus having risen from the Воскрeсъ ї}съ t гр0ба, ћкоже
grave, as He foretold, hath given проречE, дадE нaмъ жив0тъ вёчный
us life eternal, and great mercy.
Then, the Prayer: “Save, O God, Thy people…”
и3 вeлію ми1лость.
followed by the exclamation: “Through the mercy Сп7си2 б9е лю1ди тво‰:
and compassions and love for mankind…” И# возглaсъ: Млcтію и3 щедр0тами и3
The Canons, in Tone I: of the Resurrection, with чlвэколю1біемъ:
4 troparia; that of the Cross and the Resurrection, КанHны: воскrный на д7: кrтовоскrный на G: и3
with 3 troparia; that of the Theotokos, with 3
бGор0диченъ на G: минeи на д7. Ѓще же
troparia; and that from the Menaion, with 4
troparia. If a saint with 6 troparia is being прaзднуетсz с™hй, на ѕ7: кrтовоскrный на в7, и3
celebrated, then the Canon of the Cross and бцdы на в7.
Resurrection hath 2 troparia, as doth that of the КанHнъ воскrный, глaсъ №.
Theotokos. Пёснь №.
Ode I
Canon of the Resurrection Їрм0съ: ТвоS побэди1тельнаz
Irmos: Thy victorious right arm десни1ца бGолёпнw въ крёпости
hath in godly manner been glori- прослaвисz: тa бо безсмeртне, ћкw
fied in strength; for as almighty, всемогyщаz, проти6вныz сотрE,
O Immortal One, it smote the ad-
ї}льтzнwмъ пyть глубины2
versary, fashioning anew the path
of the deep for the Israelites.
Stichos: Glory to Thy holy resur- Припёвъ: Слaва гDи с™0му воскrнію
rection, O Lord! твоемY.
O Thou Who in the beginning Тропaрь: И$же рукaма пречи1стыма t
didst divinely fashion me out of пeрсти бGодётельнэ и3спeрва создaвъ
dust with Thine all-pure hands,
мS; рyцэ распростeрлъ є3си2 на кrтЁ,
Thou didst stretch out Thine arms
t земли2 взывaz тлённое моE
upon the Cross, calling forth from
the earth my corrupt body, which тёло, є4же t дв7ы пріsлъ є3си2.
Thou hadst received from the Vir-

Thou didst assume mortality Ўмерщвлeніе под8sлъ є3си2 менE
for my sake and didst surrender рaди, и3 дyшу смeрти прeдалъ є3си2,
Thy soul unto death, O Thou
и4же вдохновeніемъ б9eственнымъ
Who by Thy divine breath didst
дyшу ми2 вложи1вый, и3 tрэши1въ
instill my soul within me; and
having loosed the everlasting вёчныхъ ќзъ, и3 совоскRси1въ
bonds, thou didst glorify it with нетлёніемъ прослaвилъ є3си2.
incorruption, raising it up with БGор0диченъ: Рaдуйсz бlгодaти
Thee. и3ст0чниче. рaдуйсz лёствице, и3 двeре
Theotokion: Rejoice, O well-spring
нбcнаz, рaдуйсz свёщниче, и3 рyчко
of grace! Rejoice, O ladder and
златaz, и3 горо2 несэк0маz, ћже
door of heaven! Rejoice, O lamp-
stand and golden jar, thou un- жизнодaвца хrтA мjрови р0ждшаz.
И$нъ канHнъ, кrтовоскrный.
quarried mountain, who for the
Пёснь №, глaсъ т0йже.
world gavest birth unto Christ,
Їрм0съ: хrт0съ раждaетсz:
the Bestower of life!
Canon of the Cross and the Resurrection
Хrт0съ њбожaетъ мS
Ode 1, same tone. воплощazсz, хrт0съ мS возн0ситъ
Irmos: Christ is born…
смирszсz, хrт0съ безстрaстна мS
Christ deifieth me, assuming
my flesh; Christ exalteth me, содёловаетъ, страждA жизнодaвецъ
humbling Himself; Christ, the Be- є3стеств0мъ пл0ти. тёмже
stower of life, maketh me dispas- воспэвaю бlгодaрственную пёснь:
sionate, suffering in His fleshly ћкw прослaвисz.
nature. Wherefore, I chant a
Хrт0съ возн0ситъ мS
hymn of thanksgiving, for He
распинaемь, хrт0съ совоскрешaетъ
hath been glorified!
Crucified, Christ lifteth me up; мS ўмерщвлsемь, хrт0съ жи1знь
put to death, Christ raiseth me up мнЁ дaруетъ. тёмже съ весeліемъ
with Himself Christ giveth me рукaма плещaz, пою2 сп7си1телю
life. Wherefore, clapping my побёдную пёснь: ћкw прослaвисz.
hands in gladness, I chant a hymn
of victory to the Savior, for He
hath been glorified.
O all-pure Virgin, thou
Theotokion: БGор0диченъ: БGа дв7о зачалA є3си2,
didst conceive God; in virginity хrтA же въ дв7ствэ родилA є3си2 и3з8
thou didst give birth unto Christ
тебE вопл0щшасz пречcтаz, є3ди1наго
Who of thee had become incar-
v3постaсію є3динор0днаго, во двою1 же
nate: the Only-begotten One, one
in hypostasis, the Son Who is сущєствY познавaемаго сн7а: ћкw
known in two natures, for He прослaвисz.
hath been glorified. И$нъ канHнъ, прес™ёй бцdэ.
Canon of the Theotokos Пёснь №, глaсъ т0йже.
Ode 1, same tone. Їрм0съ: ТвоS побэди1тельнаz:
Irmos: Thy victorious right arm…
Кyю ти2 дост0йную пёснь нaше
What fitting hymnody can our
принесeтъ неможeніе; т0чію
weakness offer thee, who alone
art full of grace, to whom Gabriel њбрaдовательную, є4йже нaсъ
hath mystically taught us to гавріи1лъ тaйнw научи1лъ є4сть:
chant: “Rejoice, O Virgin Theoto- рaдуйсz бцdе дв7о, м™и неневёстнаz.
kos, Mother unwedded!” Приснодв7э и3 м™ри цRS вhшнихъ
With a most pure heart, O ye
си1лъ, t чистёйша сeрдца вёрніи
faithful, let us spiritually cry out
дух0внэ возопіи1мъ: рaдуйсz бцdе
to the Ever-virgin Mother of the
King of the hosts on high: Rejoice, дв7о, м™и неневёстнаz.
O Virgin Theotokos, Mother un- Безмёрнаz бeздна твоегw2
wedded! непостижи1магw ржcтвA всечcтаz,
Immeasurable is the depth of вёрою несумнённою ќбw чи1стэ
thine incomprehensible birthgiv-
прин0симъ ти2 глаг0люще: рaдуйсz
ing, O most pure one; wherefore,
бцdе дв7о, м™и неневёстнаz.
with undoubting faith we make
Тaже минeи. Катавaсіа: Tвeрзу ўстA мо‰:
offering unto thee in purity, say-
ing: Rejoice, O Virgin Theotokos,
Mother unwedded!
Then, the canon from the Menaion, and the kata-
vasia as prescribed by the Typicon.

Ode III Пёснь G.
Canon of the Resurrection
Їрм0съ: Е#ди1не вёдый человёческагw
Irmos: O Thou Who alone hast
существA нeмощь, и3 ми1лостивнw
known the weakness of human
nature, having in Thy mercy въ нE воwбрaжсz, препоsши мS съ
formed Thyself therein: Thou высоты2 си1лою, є4же вопи1ти тебЁ
girdest me about with power с™hй: њдушевлeнный хрaме
from on high, that I may chant to неизречeнныz слaвы твоеS
Thee: Holy is the living temple of
Thine ineffable glory, O Thou
БGъ сhй мнЁ бlже, пaдшаго
Who lovest mankind!
As God, O Good One, Thou ўщeдрилъ є3си2, и3 сни1ти ко мнЁ
hast taken pity on me who have бlговоли1въ, вознeслъ мS є3си2
fallen; and it being Thy good распsтіемъ, є4же вопи1ти тебЁ
pleasure to come down to me, с™hй: хрaме њдушевлeнный
Thou hast by Thy crucifixion
неизречeнныz твоеS слaвы
raised me up to cry unto Thee:
Holy is the Lord of glory, immu-
table in goodness! Жив0тъ v3постaсный хrтE сhй, въ
As enhypostatic Life, O Christ, и3стлёвша мS, ћкw милосeрдый бGъ
clothing Thyself in me who have њб0лксz, въ пeрсть смeртную
become corrupt, in that Thou art сошeдъ вLко, смeртную держaву
the God of loving-kindness, and
разруши1лъ є3си2, и3 мeртвъ триднeвенъ
descending to my mortal dust, O
воскRсъ, въ нетлёніе мS њблeклъ
Master, Thou didst destroy the
dominion of death; and having є3си2.
risen after three days of death,
Thou hast clothed me in incor-

Conceiving God in thy
Theotokion: БGор0диченъ: БGа зачeнши во чрeвэ
womb through the all-holy Spirit, дв7о, д¦омъ прес™hмъ, пребылA є3си2
O Virgin, thou didst remain un-
неwпали1ма, понeже тS купинA
consumed; for the bush which
законопол0жнику мwmсeю, пали1мую
burned without being consumed
clearly, to Moses the Law-giver, нежег0мw, ћвэ предвозвэсти2, џгнь
proclaimed thee beforehand, who нестерпи1мый пріeмшую.
received the unbearable Fire. И$нъ.
Canon of the Cross and Resurrection Їрм0съ: Прeжде вBкъ t nц7A:
Irmos: To Christ God, Who before the ages… И$же на своE рaмо заблуждaемое
To Christ God, Who took the
nвчA взeмшему, и3 низложи1вшему
lost sheep upon His shoulder and
дрeвомъ є3гw2 грёхъ, хrтY бGу
by the Tree erased its sin, let us
cry aloud: Holy art Thou, O Lord, возопіи1мъ: воздви1гнувый р0гъ
Who hast lifted up our horn! нaшъ, с™ъ є3си2 гDи.
O ye faithful, in truth and a Возвeдшему пaстырz вели1каго
godly spirit let us serve Him Who и3з8 ѓда хrтA, и3 сщ7енноначaліемъ є3гw2
led Christ, the great Shepherd,
ґпcлы ћвэ kзhки ўпaсшему,
out of hell and doth manifestly
и4стиною и3 б9eственнымъ вёрніи
shepherd the nations through the
apostles, His hierarchy. д¦омъ да послyжимъ.
Theotokion: Unto Him Who is God И$же t дв7ы воплоти1вшемусz без8
over all, the Son Who without сёмене в0лею сн7у, и3 р0ждшую по
seed willingly became incarnate ржcтвЁ, б9eственною си1лою чcтую
of the Virgin, and by His divine
дв7у сохрaнzему, и4же над8 всёми бGу
power preserved her who gave
возопіи1мъ: с™ъ є3си2 гDи.
Him birth as a pure virgin even
after birthgiving, let us cry: Holy
art Thou, O Lord!

Canon of the Theotokos И$нъ.
Irmos: O Thou Who alone hast known… Їрм0съ: Е#ди1не вёдый:
O Virgin, following the sayings Џблакъ тS лeгкій нел0жнw дв7о
of the prophets, we truly call thee
и3менyемъ, прор0чєскимъ
the light cloud; for the Lord came
возслёдующе речeніємъ: пріи1де бо на
upon thee to cast down the
handiworks of the falsehood of тебЁ гDь низложи1ти є3гЂпетскіz
Egypt and to enlighten those who прeлести рукотворє1ніz, и3
worship them. просвэти1ти си6мъ служaщыz.
The choir of the prophets truly ТS запечaтанный вои1стинну
called thee the sealed well-spring
ли1къ прbр0ческій и3ст0чникъ, и3
and the closed door, clearly de-
заключeнную двeрь и3меновA, дёвства
scribing for us the signs of thy
virginity, O most hymned one, твоегw2 всепётаz, ћвственнэ
which thou didst preserve even знaмєніz нaмъ пи1шуще: є4же
after giving birth. сохрани1ла є3си2 и3 по ржcтвЁ.
Accounted worthy to perceive ЎмA пресyщественна ви1дэти,
the transcendent Mind as far as
ћкоже м0щно, спод0бльсz гавріи1лъ,
he was able, Gabriel offered thee
дв7о всенепор0чнаz, рaдостный тебЁ
a cry of joy, O immaculate Virgin,
openly announcing the concep- глaсъ принесE, сл0ва зачaтіе
tion of the Word and proclaiming ћвственнэ возвэщaющій, и3
His ineffable birth. неизречeнное ржcтво2 проповёдающій.
Ode IV Пёснь д7.
Canon of the Resurrection
Irmos:Gazing with the eyes of Їрм0съ: Г0ру тS бlгодaтію б9іею
foresight upon thee, the moun- пріwсэнeнную, прозорли1выма
tain overshadowed by the grace ґввакyмъ ўсмотри1въ nчи1ма, и3з8
of God, Habbakuk prophesied тебE и3зhти ї}леву провозглашaше
that the Holy One of Israel would с™0му, во сп7сeніе нaше и3
come forth from thee, for our sal-
vation and restoration.

Who is this Savior Who issueth Кто2 сeй сп7съ и4же и3з8 є3дHма
forth from Edom, wearing a и3сходS, вэнeцъ носS терн0венъ,
crown of thorns, His robe stained
њчервлeнну ри1зу и3мhй, на дрeвэ
red, lifted up upon the Tree? He
ви1сz; ї}левъ є4сть сeй с™hй, во
is the Holy One of Israel, [Who is
come] for our salvation and resto- сп7сeніе нaше и3 њбновлeніе.
ration! Ви1дите лю1діе непокори1віи, и3
Behold, ye disobedient people, ўстыди1тесz: є3г0же бо ћкw
and be ashamed! For He Whom ѕлодёz вы2 вознести2 на кrтъ ў
ye madly asked Pilate to lift up
пілaта и3спроси1сте ўмоврeднэ,
on the Cross as a malefactor hath
смeрти разруши1въ си1лу, бGолёпнw
destroyed the power of death and
risen as God from the tomb! воскRсъ и3з8 гр0ба.
Theotokion: O Virgin, we know БGор0диченъ: Дрeво тS дв7о жи1зни
thee to be the tree of life; for it is вёмы: не бо2 снёди пл0дъ
no fruit deadly for men to eat смертон0сный человёкwмъ и3з8 тебE
which thou hast put forth, but the
прозzбE, но животA присносyщнагw
delight of everlasting Life, for the
наслаждeніе, во сп7сeніе нaсъ пою1щихъ
salvation of us who hymn thee.
Canon of the Cross and the Resurrection тS.
Irmos: A Rod from the root of Jesse… И$нъ.
Who is this Beautiful One from Їрм0съ: Жeзлъ и3з8 к0рене їессeова:
Edom, Whose robe is dyed red by Кто2 сeй красeнъ и3з8 є3дHма, и3
the grapes of Bozrah? He Who is сегw2 њчервлeніе ри1зное, t віногрaда
comely as God, and as man
вос0рска, красeнъ ћкw бGъ, ћкw
weareth vesture of flesh stained
человёкъ же, кр0вію пл0ти ри1зу
with blood? Unto Him, O ye
faithful, let us chant: Glory to Thy њчервлeну носS; є3мyже поeмъ
power, O Lord! вёрніи: слaва си1лэ твоeй гDи.

Showing Himself to be the Хrт0съ бyдущихъ бл†гъ ћвльсz
High Priest of the good things to ґрхіерeй, грёхъ нaшъ разори1лъ є4сть:
come, Christ destroyed our sins;
и3 показaвъ стрaненъ пyть своeю
and indicating the strange way by
кр0вію, въ лyчшую и3
His own blood, as our forerunner
He hath entered the higher and совершeннэйшую вни1де ски1нію,
more perfect tabernacle, the Holy п®тeча нaшъ во с™†z.
of holies. БGор0диченъ: Е$vинъ дрeвній д0лгъ
Theotokion: O most hymned one, и3спроси1ла є3си2 всепётаz ў и4же нaсъ
of Him Who for our sake re-
рaди ћвльшагwсz н0вагw ґдaма.
vealed Himself as the new Adam
соедини1въ бо себЁ чи1стымъ
thou didst request the ancient
debt of Eve; for uniting noetic зачaтіемъ пл0ть ќмную,
and animate flesh to Himself by њдушевлeнную, и3з8 тебE произhде
His pure conception, from thee хrт0съ, є3ди1нъ во о3бою2 гDь.
did Christ issue forth, the one И$нъ.
Lord in two natures. Їрм0съ: Г0ру тS бlгодaтію:
Слhши чудeсъ нб7о, и3 внушaй
Canon of the Theotokos
Irmos: Gazing with the eyes of foresight… землE, ћкw дщи2 пeрстнагw ќбw
Hearken, O heaven, to the пaдшагw ґдaма, бGу наречeна бhсть,
wonders! Pay heed, O earth! For и3 своемY содётелю роди1тельница, на
the daughter of fallen Adam who сп7сeніе нaше и3 њбновлeніе.
was made of dust hath been ap-
Поeмъ вели1кое и3 стрaшное твоE
pointed for God, to be the Mother
of her own Creator, for our salva- тaинство, премeрныхъ бо ўтаи1всz
tion and restoration. чиноначaлій, на тS и4же сhй сни1де
We hymn thy great and awe- ћкw д0ждь на руно2, всепётаz, на
some mystery, for, hiding Him- сп7сeніе нaсъ пою1щихъ тS.
self from the captains of the ar-
mies of heaven, He Who Is de-
scended upon thee like rain upon
the fleece, for our salvation, O all-
hymned one.
O most hymned Theotokos, С™hхъ с™az бцdе всепётаz,
thou Holy of holies, expectation чazніе kзhкwвъ, и3 сп7сeніе вёрныхъ,
of the nations and salvation of the
и3з8 тебE возсіS и3збaвитель и3
faithful: From thee hath the De-
жизнодaвецъ, и3 гDь: є3г0же моли2,
liverer, Lord and Bestower of life
shone forth, Whom do thou en- сп7сти1сz рабHмъ твои6мъ.
Пёснь є7.
treat, that thy servants be saved.
Ode V Їрм0съ: Просвэти1вый сіsніемъ
Canon of the Resurrection
пришeствіz твоегw2 хrтE, и3
Irmos:O Christ Who hast
њсвэти1вый кrт0мъ твои1мъ мjра
enlightened the ends of the world
with the radiance of Thy coming концы2, сердцA просвэти2 свётомъ
and illumined them by Thy твоегw2 бGоразyміz, правослaвнw
Cross: With the light of Thy di- пою1щихъ тS.
vine knowledge enlighten the Пaстырz nвцaмъ вели1каго и3 гDа,
hearts of those who hymn Thee in
їудє1и дрeвомъ кrтнымъ
Orthodox manner.
ўмертви1ша: но т0й ћкw џвцы,
The Jews put the great Shep-
herd and Lord of the sheep to мє1ртвыz во ѓдэ погребє1нныz,
death by the Tree of the Cross; держaвы смeртныz и3збaви.
but the dead buried in hades did Кrт0мъ твои1мъ ми1ръ
He deliver, like sheep, from the бlговэсти1въ, и3 проповёдавъ
dominion of death.
плBннымъ сп7се м0й њставлeніе,
Having announced peace by
держaву и3мyщаго посрами1лъ є3си2
Thy Cross and proclaimed remis-
sion to those held captive, O my хrтE нaга, њбнищaвша показaвый
Savior, Thou didst put to shame б9eственнымъ востaніемъ твои1мъ.
him who hath dominion, as
though he were naked, by Thy
divine resurrection showing him
to be impoverished.

Disdain not the re-
Theotokion: БGор0диченъ: Прошeніz вёрнw
quests of those who petition thee просsщихъ, всепётаz, не прeзри: но
with faith, O most hymned and
пріими2, и3 сі‰ доношaй сн7у твоемY
all-pure one, but accept and con-
пречcтаz, бGу є3ди1ному бlгодётелю,
vey them to thy Son, the one God
and Benefactor; for thee have we тебe бо предстaтельницу
acquired as our intercessor. стzжaхомъ.
Canon of the Cross and Resurrection И$нъ.
Irmos: As God of peace… Їрм0съ: БGъ сhй ми1ра:
O the richness, O the depth of Q богaтство, и3 глубино2
the wisdom of God! Laying hold
премyдрости б9іz! Прем{дрыz
of the wise, the Lord delivered us
њб8eмлzй гDь, t си1хъ ковaрства
from their wiles; for having of His
own will suffered in the weak- и3збaвилъ є4сть нaсъ: пострадaвъ бо
ness of the flesh, by His might He в0лею нeмощію плотск0ю, своeю
hath raised up the dead, granting крёпостію, животворsй мє1ртвыz
them life. воскRси1лъ є4сть.
Christ God, He Who Is, uniteth
БGъ сhй соединsетсz пл0ти нaсъ
Himself to the flesh for our sake,
рaди: и3 распинaетсz, и3 ўмирaетъ:
and is crucified and dieth; He is
buried, and riseth again, and with погребaетсz, и3 пaки воскRсaетъ, и3
His flesh He ascendeth unto the восх0дитъ свётлw съ пл0тію своeю
Father in splendor. And хrт0съ ко nц7Y: съ нeюже пріи1детъ,
therewith He shall come and save и3 сп7сeтъ бlгочeстнw томY
those who worship Him in piety.
Theotokion: O pure virgin, Holy of
БGор0диченъ: С™hхъ с™az дв7о чcтаz,
holies, thou gavest birth to the
Holy One of the saints, Christ the с™hхъ с™aго родилA є3си2, всёхъ
Deliverer Who sanctifieth all; њсвzщaющаго хrтA и3збaвителz.
wherefore, we proclaim thee, the тёмже тS цRи1цу, и3 вLчцу всёхъ
Queen and Mistress of all, as the ћкw м™рь зижди1телz твaрей
Mother of the Author of creation.

Canon of the Theotokos И$нъ.
Irmos: O Christ Who hast enlightened the ends of Їрм0съ: Просвэти1вый сіsніемъ:
the world…
Веселsтсz нбcныz си6лы зрsще
The hosts of heaven are glad-
dened at the sight of thee, and тS: рaдуютсz съ ни1ми человёкwвъ
with them the companies of men собр†ніz: ржcтв0мъ бо твои1мъ
rejoice; for they have been joined совокупи1шасz, дв7о бцdе, є4же
together by thy birthgiving, O дост0йнw слaвимъ.
Virgin Theotokos, which we glo-
Да дви1жатсz вси2 љзhцы
rify as is meet.
человёчестіи и3 мы6сли, къ похвалЁ
Let all the tongues and
thoughts of men be moved to the человёческагw вои1стинну ўдобрeніz,
praise of thee who art truly the дв7а предстои1тъ ћвэ слaвzщи,
adornment of mankind, for the вёрою тоS пою1щихъ чудесA.
Virgin standeth forth, clearly rais- Слaвитсz пёніе всепремyдрыхъ и3
ing to glory those who with faith похвалA, дв7э и3 м™ри б9іи
hymn her wonders.
приноси1маz: слaвы бо бhсть сіS
The hymns and laudation of
the most wise, which are offered хрaмъ преб9eственныz, ю4же
unto the Virgin Mother of God, дост0йнw слaвимъ.
are glorious; for she became the Пёснь ѕ7.

temple of all-divine glory, and we Їрм0съ: Њбhде нaсъ послёднzz

glorify her as is meet. бeздна, нёсть и3збавлszй,
Ode VI
Canon of the Resurrection
вмэни1хомсz ћкw џвцы заколeніz,
The uttermost abyss hath сп7си2 лю1ди тво‰, б9е нaшъ: тh бо
engulfed us, and there is none to крёпость немощствyющихъ и3
deliver us. We are accounted as и3справлeніе.
lambs for the slaughter. Save Thy
people, O our God, for Thou art
the strength and correction of the

We were grievously wounded Согрэшeніемъ первоздaннагw гDи,
by the offense of the first-created лю1тэ ўzзви1хомсz, рaною же
man, O Lord, but we have been
и3сцэли1хомсz твоeю, є4юже за ны2
healed by the wounds wherewith
ўzзви1лсz є3си2 хrтE: тh бо
Thou wast wounded for us, O
Christ; for Thou art the strength крёпость немощствyющихъ и3
and correction of the weak. и3справлeніе.
Thou hast led us up out of ha- Возвeлъ ны2 є3си2 и3з8 ѓда гDи,
des, O Lord, having slain the all- ки1та ўби1въ всеsдца, всеси1льне,
devouring monster and set his
твоeю держaвою низложи1въ тогw2
power at nought by Thy might, O
си1лу: тh бо жив0тъ, и3 свётъ є3си2,
Omnipotent One; for Thou art
Life, Light and Resurrection. и3 воскrніе.
Theotokion: The ancestors of our БGор0диченъ: Веселsтсz њ тебЁ дв7о
race rejoice in thee, O all-pure пречcтаz, р0да нaшегw прaoтцы,
virgin, receiving through thee the є3дeмъ воспріeмше тоб0ю, є3г0же
Eden which they lost through
преступлeніемъ погуби1ша: тh бо
transgression; for thou wast pure
чcтаz, и3 прeжде ржcтвA, и3 по ржcтвЁ
before giving birth and art so af-
ter birthgiving. є3си2.
Canon of the Cross and Resurrection И$нъ.
Irmos: The sea monster spewed forth… Їрм0съ: И#з8 ўтр0бы їHну:
Christ God, the dispassionate Ќмъ сhй безстрaстенъ и3
and immaterial Mind, doth asso- невещeственъ, примэшaетсz хrт0съ
ciate Himself with the mind of
бGъ человёческому ўмY,
man, which standeth midway be-
ходaтайствующему б9eственнымъ
tween the divine Essence and the
grossness of the flesh; and, є3стеств0мъ, пл0ти же
wholly immutable, He hath дебельств0мъ, и3 всемY мнЁ
united Himself unto all of me, непрел0женъ весьмA соедини1сz: да
that, crucified, He might grant сп7сeніе всемY мнЁ пaдшему подaстъ
salvation unto the whole of me
who have fallen.

Tripping, Adam fell and was Пaдаетъ прельсти1всz ґдaмъ, и3
broken, deceived of old by the запsвыйсz сокрушaетсz, надeждою
hope of deification; yet he ariseth,
њб0лганъ сhй дрeвле њбожeніz: но
deified through union with the
востаeтъ соединeніемъ сл0ва
Word, and through His suffering
receiveth dispassion, and is glori- њбожaемь, и3 стрaстію безстрaстіе
fied as a son, sitting upon the пріeмлетъ, на пrт0лэ ћкw сн7ъ
throne with the Father and the слaвитсz, сэдsй со nц7eмъ же и3
Spirit. д¦омъ.
Theotokion: Without leaving the
БGор0диченъ: Нёдръ не tстyпль
bosom of the unoriginate Father,
безначaльна роди1телz, въ нёдрэхъ
He Who before was begotten
without mother and becameth in- чcтыz nтрокови1цы водворsетсz, и3
carnate without father, Who as бывaетъ, и4же прeжде безмaтеренъ,
God reigneth in righteousness, без8 nц7A воплощaемый, и4же прaвдою
made His abode in the bosom of цrтвуzй бGъ: сегw2 неродосл0венъ
the pure Maiden. His descent
стрaшный р0дъ и3 неизречeненъ.
without lineage is awesome and И$нъ.
ineffable. Їрм0съ: Њбhде нaсъ:
Canon of the Theotokos
Irmos: The uttermost abyss hath engulfed us… Предстоsтъ раболёпнэ ржcтвY
As servants the ranks of твоемY чи1ни нбcніи, дивsщесz
heaven attend thy birthgiving, дост0йнw твоемY безсёменному
marvelling, as is meet, at thy рождествY приснодв7о: тh бо чcтаz,
seedless parturition, O Ever-
и3 прeжде ржcтвA, и3 по ржcтвЁ є3си2.
virgin; for thou wast pure before
birthgiving and art so even after
giving birth.

The Incorporeal One Who ex- Воплоти1сz прeжде сhй
isteth from before time, the Word безпл0тенъ, сл0во и3з8 тебE пречcтаz,
Who createth all things by His
всsчєскаz в0лею творsй,
will, and as Almighty brought the
безтэлeсныхъ вHинства приведhй t
armies of the incorporeal beings
out of non-existence, hath become небытіS ћкw всеси1ленъ.
incarnate of thee, O all-pure one. Ўмерщвлeнъ бhсть врaгъ
The enemy was slain by thy живон0снымъ твои1мъ плод0мъ
life-bearing Fruit, O thou who art бGоблагодaтнаz: и3 попрaнъ бhсть
full of the grace of God; hades
ѓдъ проzвлeннэ, и3 и5же во ќзахъ
hath been manifestly trampled
свободи1хомсz. тёмже вопію2:
down, and we who were in bonds
have been freed. Wherefore, I cry: стр†сти разруши2 сeрдца моегw2.
Кондaкъ, глaсъ №:
Destroy Thou the passions of my
Под0бенъ: Е#гдA пріи1деши:
Kontakion, in Tone I: Воскrлъ є3си2 ћкw бGъ и3з8 гр0ба
Special Melody: “When Thou shalt come…” во слaвэ, и3 мjръ совоскRси1лъ є3си2, и3
As God Thou didst arise from
є3стество2 человёческое ћкw бGа
the tomb in glory, and with Thy-
воспэвaетъ тS, и3 смeрть и3счезE:
self didst raise up the world; hu-
man nature hymneth Thee as ґдaмъ же ликyетъ вLко, є4vа нhнэ
God, and death hath vanished. t ќзъ и3збавлsема рaдуетсz
Adam danceth, O Master, and зовyщи: ты2 є3си2, и4же всBмъ подаS
Eve, delivered from bonds, now хrтE воскrніе.
rejoiceth, crying aloud: Thou art
He, O Christ, Who granteth res-
urrection unto all!

Ikos: Let us hymn as God the Јкосъ: Воскrшаго триднeвнw
Almighty Who rose on the third воспои1мъ ћкw бGа всеси1льна, и3
day, Who broke down the gates
вратA ѓдwва стeршаго, и3 ћже t
of hades, Who raised up from the
вёка и3з8 гр0ба воздви1гшаго,
grave those held there from ages
past, and Who appeared to the мmрон0сицамъ ћвльшагосz, ћкоже
myrrh-bearing women, as He was благоизв0лилъ є4сть, прeжде си6мъ
well pleased to do, telling them є4же рaдуйтесz, рекjй: и3 ґпcлwмъ
first to rejoice and to proclaim joy рaдость возвэщaz, ћкw є3ди1нъ
unto the apostles, in that He
жизнодaвецъ. тёмже вёрою жєны2
alone is the Bestower of life;
ў§нкHмъ знaменіz побёды
wherefore, with faith the women
proclaimed the signs of victory to бlговэствyютъ, и3 ѓдъ стенeтъ, и3
the disciples. Hades groaneth and смeрть рыдaетъ: мjръ же весели1тсz.
death uttereth lamentation; the и3 вси2 съ ни1мъ рaдуютсz. тh бо
world is filled with gladness, and п0далъ є3си2 хrтE всBмъ воскrніе.
all rejoice with it, for Thou, O Пёснь з7.
Christ, didst grant resurrection Їрм0съ: ТебE ќмную бцdе, пeщь
unto all.
разсмотрsемъ вёрніи: ћкоже бо
Canon of the Resurrection џтроки сп7сE три2 превозноси1мый,
Irmos:O Theotokos, we, the мjръ њбнови2 во чрeвэ твоeмъ
faithful, perceive thee to be a no-
всецёлъ, хвaльный nтцє1въ бGъ, и3
etic furnace; for, as the supremely
Exalted One saved the three
youths, in thy womb the praised
and most glorious God of our fa-
thers wholly renewed the world.

The earth was afraid, the sun Ўбоsсz землS, сокрhсz с0лнце,
hid itself, the light grew dim, the и3 помeрче свётъ, раздрaсz цRк0внаz
divine veil of the temple was rent
б9eственнаz завёса, кaменіе же
in twain, and the rocks split asun-
разсёдесz: на кrтё бо ви1ситъ
der; for the Righteous One, the
praised and all-glorious God of првdный, хвaльный nтцє1въ бGъ, и3
our fathers, hung upon the Cross. препрослaвленъ.
Wounded among mortals of Ты2 бhвъ ѓки безпом0щенъ, и3
Thine own will for our sake, as ўsзвенъ въ мeртвыхъ в0лею нaсъ
though helpless, O supremely
рaди превозноси1мый, вс‰ свободи1лъ
Exalted One, Thou, the praised
є3си2, и3 держaвною рук0ю совоскRси1лъ
and all-glorious God of our fa-
thers, didst free all and raise them є3си2, хвaльный nтцє1въ бGъ, и3
up with Thyself by Thy mighty препрослaвленъ.
hand. БGор0диченъ: Рaдуйсz, и3ст0чниче
Theotokion: Rejoice, O well-spring присноживhz воды2. рaдуйсz, раю2
of the water of eternal life! Re-
пи1щный. рaдуйсz, стэно2 вёрныхъ.
joice, paradise of delight! Rejoice,
рaдуйсz неискусобрaчнаz. рaдуйсz
bulwark of the faithful! Rejoice,
thou who knewest not wedlock! всемjрнаz рaдосте, є4юже нaмъ
Rejoice, universal joy, through возсіS хвaльный nтцє1въ бGъ и3
whom the praised and all- препрослaвленъ.
glorious God of our fathers hath
shone forth!

Canon of the Cross and Resurrection И$нъ.
Irmos: The children raised together in piety… Їрм0съ: Џтроцы бlгочeстію:
Of old, the earth was cursed, Дрeвле ќбw проклzтA бhсть
having been stained with the
землS ѓвелевою њчервлени1вшисz
blood of Abel by his murderous
кр0вію, братоубjйственною рук0ю:
brother’s hand; but dyed with
Thy divinely shed blood it hath бGот0чною же твоeю кр0вію
been blessed, and leaping up it бlгослови1сz њкроплeна, и3
crieth: O God of our fathers, взыгрaющи вопіeтъ: nтцє1въ б9е,
blessed art Thou! бlгословeнъ є3си2.
Let the God-opposing people
Да рыдaютъ їудeйстіи
of Judæa lament their audacity in
бGопроти1вніи лю1діе, дeрзости
slaying Christ; but let the gentiles
be glad, and let them clap their ўбіeніz хrт0ва: kзhцы же да
hands and cry aloud: O God of веселsтсz, и3 рукaми да восплeщутъ,
our fathers, blessed art Thou! и3 вопію1тъ: nтцє1въ б9е
Lo! the radiant angel cried out бlгословeнъ є3си2.
to the myrrh-bearing women:
СE мmрон0сицамъ њблистazй,
“Come and see the signs of the
вопіsше ѓгGлъ: воскrніz хrт0ва
resurrection of Christ – the wind-
ing-sheet and the tomb – and cry пріиди1те и3 ви1дите знaмєніz,
aloud: O God of our fathers, плащани1цу и3 гр0бъ, и3 возопjйте:
blessed art Thou!” nтцє1въ б9е бlгословeнъ є3си2.
Canon of the Theotokos И$нъ.
Irmos: O Theotokos, we, the faithful…
Їрм0съ: ТебE ќмную:
O Theotokos, in prophecy
ТS бцdе лёствицу їaкwвъ
Jacob perceived thee to be a lad-
der, for through thee did the su- прbр0чески разумэвaетъ: тоб0ю бо
premely Exalted One appear on превозноси1мый на земли2 kви1сz, и3
earth and dwell with men, as was съ человёки поживE, ћкw бlговоли2,
His good pleasure: the praised хвaльный nтцє1въ бGъ и3
and all-glorious God of our fa- препрослaвленъ.

Rejoice, O pure one! From thee Рaдуйсz чcтаz, и3з8 тебE пр0йде
hath the Shepherd, the supremely пaстырь, и4же во ґдaмову к0жу
Exalted One, come forth, in His
њб0лксz вои1стинну, превозноси1мый,
unapproachable compassion
во всег0 мz человёка, за
truly clothing Himself in the skin
of Adam, in me, in all of man: the бlгоутр0біе непости1жное: хвaльный
praised and all-glorious God of nтцє1въ бGъ и3 препрослaвленъ.
our fathers. Н0вый ґдaмъ t чи1стыхъ кровeй
The preëternal God truly be- твои1хъ превёчный бGъ бhсть
came the new Adam through thy
вои1стинну, є3г0же нhнэ моли2,
pure blood. Him do thou now en-
њбетшaвшаго мS њбнови1ти
treat that He restore me who have
grown old, who cry: Praised and зовyща: хвaльный nтцє1въ бGъ и3
all-glorious is the God of our fa- препрослaвленъ.
thers! Пёснь }.
Ode VIII Їрм0съ: Въ пещи2 џтроцы ї}левы,
Canon of the Resurrection
ћкоже въ горни1лэ добр0тою
Irmos: Shining in the furnace
more brightly than gold in a cru- бlгочeстіz, чистёе злaта
cible in the beauty of their piety, блещaхусz, глаг0люще: бlгослови1те
the children of Israel said: Bless вс‰ дэлA гDнz гDа, п0йте и3
the Lord, all ye works of the превозноси1те во вс‰ вёки.
Lord! Hymn and exalt Him su-
И$же в0лею вс‰ творsй, и3
premely for all ages!
претворszй, њбращazй сёнь
O Word of God, Who by Thy
will dost create and refashion all смeртную въ вёчную жи1знь, стrтію
things, transforming the shadow твоeю сл0ве б9ій, тебE непрестaннw
of death into life everlasting by вс‰ дэлA гDнz гDа пои1мъ, и3
Thy sufferings: Thee do all of us, превозн0симъ во вс‰ вёки.
the works of the Lord, unceas-
ingly hymn and supremely exalt
for all ages.

Thou didst destroy distress Ты2 разори1лъ є3си2 сокрушeніе
and misery within the gates and хrтE, и3 nкаsнство, во вратёхъ и3
strongholds of hades, O Christ,
твердhнzхъ ѓдовыхъ, воскRсъ и3з8
rising from the tomb on the third
гр0ба триднeвенъ. тебE непрестaннw
day. Thee do all Thy works un-
ceasingly hymn and supremely вс‰ дэлA ћкw гDа пою1тъ, и3
exalt as Lord for all ages. превозн0сzтъ во вс‰ вёки.
Theotokion: Let us hymn her who БGор0диченъ: Ћже без8 сёмене и3
without seed supernaturally gave преестeственнэ t њблистaніz
rise to Christ, the Pearl of great
б9eственнагw р0ждшую би1сера
price, through the divine Efful-
многоцённаго хrтA, воспои1мъ
gence; and let us say: Bless the
Lord, all ye works of the Lord! глаг0люще: бlгослови1те вс‰ дэлA
Hymn and exalt Him supremely гDнz гDа, п0йте и3 превозноси1те є3го2
for all ages! во вс‰ вёки.
Canon of the Cross and Resurrection И$нъ.
Irmos: The dew-bearing furnace…
Їрм0съ: Чyда преестeственнагw:
Come, O ye people, let us bow
Пріиди1те лю1діе, поклони1мсz
down before the place where the
мёсту, на нeмже стоsстэ пречcтэи
all-pure feet stood, and to the di-
vine Tree where Christ stretched н0зэ, и3 на дрeвэ б9eственнэи
out His life-creating arms for the хrт0вэ дл†ни животворsщіи
salvation of all men; and standing простр0стэсz, на сп7сeніе всёхъ
round about the tomb of Life, let человёкwвъ, и3 гр0бъ жив0тный
us chant: Let all creation bless
њбстоsще, пои1мъ: да бlгослови1тъ
and exalt the Lord supremely for
твaрь всsкаz гDа, и3 превозн0ситъ
all ages!
во вс‰ вёки.

The all-iniquitous slander of Њбличи1сz бGоубjйцъ їудewвъ
the God-slaying Jews hath been пребеззак0нное њклеветaніе: є3г0же
exposed; for He Whom they
бо лестцA нарек0ша, востA ћкw
called a deceiver hath risen as
си1ленъ, наругaвсz безyмнымъ
One powerful, mocking the fool-
ish seals. Wherefore, rejoicing, let печaтемъ. тёмже рaдующесz
us chant: Let all creation bless воспои1мъ: да бlгослови1тъ твaрь
and exalt the Lord supremely for всsкаz гDа, и3 превозн0ситъ во вс‰
all ages! вёки.
Triadicon: Theologizing the glory
Трbченъ: Въ тріeхъ сщ7eніихъ
[of God] in three holy Persons
бGосл0вzще и3 є3ди1номъ гDьствэ
and one Dominion, as servants
the all-pure seraphim glorify the слaву серафjми пречи1стіи, со
Godhead of three Hypostases. стрaхомъ раболёпнw тріmпостaсное
And with them we piously chant: слaвzтъ б9ество2. съ ни1миже и3 мы2
Let all creation bless and exalt the бlгочeствующе воспои1мъ: да
Lord supremely for all ages!
бlгослови1тъ твaрь всsкаz гDа, и3
Canon of the Theotokos
Irmos: Shining in the furnace… превозн0ситъ во вс‰ вёки.
The radiant bridal-chamber, И$нъ.
whence Christ the Master of all Їрм0съ: Въ пещи2 џтроцы ї}левы:

issued forth like a Bridegroom, let Черт0гъ свэтови1дный, и3з8

us all hymn, crying aloud: Hymn негHже всёхъ вLка, ћкw жени1хъ
the Lord, all ye works of the произhде хrт0съ, воспои1мъ вси2
Lord, and exalt Him supremely
вопію1ще: вс‰ дэлA гDнz гDа п0йте,
for all ages!
и3 превозноси1те во вс‰ вёки.

Rejoice, O glorious throne of Рaдуйсz пrт0ле слaвный б9ій,
God! Rejoice, bulwark of the рaдуйсz вёрныхъ стэно2, є4юже
faithful, through whom Christ
сyщымъ во тьмЁ возсіS свётъ
hath shined light upon those in
хrт0съ, тебE бlжaщымъ, и3
darkness, who call thee blessed
and cry aloud: Hymn the Lord, вопію1щымъ: вс‰ дэлA гDнz гDа
all ye works of the Lord, and ex- п0йте, и3 превозноси1те во вс‰ вёки.
alt Him supremely for all ages! Сп7сeнію вин0внаго нaмъ гDа
O most hymned Virgin who р0ждши, моли2 њ всёхъ вопію1щихъ
for us gavest birth to the Lord,
прилёжнw, дв7о всепётаz:
the Author of our salvation, pray
бlгослови1те вс‰ дэлA гDнz гDа,
for all who earnestly cry out:
Hymn the Lord, all ye works of п0йте и3 превозноси1те во вс‰ вёки.
Тaже поeмъ пёснь бцdы:
the Lord, and exalt Him su-
Вели1читъ душA моS гDа:
premely for all ages!
Съ припёвомъ: ЧCтнёйшую херув‡мъ:
Then we chant the Hymn of the Theotokos: “My
soul doth magnify the Lord…” with the refrain Пёснь f7.
“More honorable than the cherubim…” Їрм0съ: W$бразъ чи1стагw ржcтвA
Ode IX
Canon of the Resurrection твоегw2, nгнепали1маz купинA
Irmos:The bush which burnt показA неwпaльнаz: и3 нhнэ на нaсъ
with fire yet was not consumed напaстей свирёпэющую ўгаси1ти
showed forth an image of thy м0лимсz пeщь, да тS бцdе
pure birthgiving. And we pray
непрестaннw величaемъ.
now that the furnace of tempta-
tions which rageth against us
may be extinguished, that we
may magnify thee unceasingly, O

How have the iniquitous and Q кaкw, лю1діе беззак0нніи и3
disobedient people, plotting evils, непокори1віи, лук†ваz совэщaвше,
justified a proud and ungodly
г0рдаго и3 нечести1ваго њправди1ша:
man, yet condemned to the Tree
првdнаго же на дрeвэ њсуди1ша гDа
the Righteous One, the Lord of
glory, Whom we magnify as is слaвы, є3г0же дост0йнw величaемъ!
meet? Сп7се ѓгнче непор0чне, и4же мjра
O Savior, Thou unblemished грэхи2 взeмый, тебE слaвимъ
Lamb Who takest away the sins воскrшаго триднeвнw, со nтцeмъ и3
of the world: Thee Who hast risen
б9eственнымъ твои1мъ д¦омъ, и3
on the third day do we glorify
гDа слaвы: є3г0же бGосл0вzще,
with the Father and Thy divine
Spirit; and, theologizing, we величaемъ.
magnify the Lord of glory. БGор0диченъ: Сп7си2 лю1ди тво‰, гDи,
Theotokion: Save Thy people, и5хже стzжaлъ є3си2 честн0ю твоeю
whom Thou hast acquired by Thy кр0вію, цRквамъ твои1мъ подаS
precious blood, O Lord, granting
ми1ръ, чlвэколю1бче, бцdы мlтвами.
peace to Thy churches through И$нъ.
the supplications of the Theoto- Їрм0съ: Тaинство стрaнное:
kos, O Thou Who lovest man- Прослaвисz неизречeнною си1лою
Canon of the Cross and Resurrection
твоeю кrтъ тв0й, гDи, немощн0е бо
Irmos: A strange and most glorious mystery… твоE пaче си1лы всёмъ kви1сz: и4мже
Thy Cross, O Lord, hath been си1льніи ќбw низложeни бhша на
glorified by Thine ineffable
зeмлю, и3 ни1щіи къ нб7си2 возводи1ми
power, for Thy weakness hath
been revealed unto all as tran-
scending power. Thereby have
the mighty been cast down upon
the earth, and the poor are lifted
up to the heavens.

Our vile death hath been put to Ўмертви1сz мeрзкаz нaша
death, for, appearing unto those смeрть, °и3з8 мeртвыхъ воскrніемъ:
in hades, O Christ, Thou didst
тh бо kви1всz сyщымъ во ѓдэ
grant them resurrection from the
хrтE, жив0тъ даровaлъ є3си2 тёмже
dead; wherefore, chanting, we
magnify Thee as hypostatic Life, тS ћкw жи1знь и3 воскrніе и3 свётъ
Resurrection and Light. v3постaсный пою1ще величaемъ.
Triadicon: O ye divinely wise Трbченъ: Безначaльное є3стество2 и3
people, we are saved, trusting in непредёльное, въ тріeхъ познавaетсz
the unoriginate and indivisible
є3ди1нствэхъ, бGоначaльныхъ
Essence, the one Godhead which
v3постaсехъ є3ди1но б9ество2, во nц7Ё,
is known in three singular divine
Hypostases — the Father, the Son и3 сн7э, и3 д¦э: на нeже бGомyдріи
and the Spirit. лю1діе ўповaюще, спасaемсz.
Canon of the Theotokos И$нъ.
Irmos: The bush which burnt with fire… Їрм0съ: W$бразъ чи1стагw:
Thou didst spring forth from И#з8 к0рене дв7дова прозzблA є3си2
the root of David, the prophet
прbр0ческагw дв7о, и3 бGоo§ескагw: по
and ancestor of God, O Virgin;
и3 дв7да ћкw вои1стинну ты2
and thou hast truly glorified
David, giving birth to the прослaвила є3си2, ћкw р0ждши
prophesied Lord of glory, Whom прbр0чествованнаго гDа слaвы: є3г0же
we magnify as is meet. дост0йнw величaемъ.
Every rule of praise is over- Всsкъ похвaльный, пречcтаz,
turned by the magnitude of thy
зак0нъ побэждaетсz вели1чествомъ
glory, O all-pure one. Yet accept
слaвы твоеS. но q вLчце, t р†бъ
the hymns of praise which we,
thine unworthy servants, ear- твои1хъ недост0йныхъ, t любвE
nestly offer thee with love, O Mis- тебЁ приноси1мое пріими2, бцdе, со
tress Theotokos. ўсeрдіемъ пёніе похвaльное.

Thy wonders are past under- Q пaче ўмA чудeсъ твои1хъ! тh
standing! For thou, O most pure бо дв7о є3ди1на пaче сlнца, всBмъ
Virgin who alone outshinest the
далA є3си2 разумёти новёйшее чyдо,
sun, hast enabled all to under-
всечcтаz, твоегw2 ржcтвA
stand the newest of wonders,
thine incomprehensible birthgiv- непостижи1магw. тёмже тS вси2
ing. Wherefore, we all magnify величaемъ.
thee. По катавaсіи є3ктеніA мaлаz.
After the katavasia, the little litany. Тaже, С™ъ гDь бGъ нaшъ: три1жды. є3xапостілaрій
Then, “Holy is the Lord our God!” thrice; ќтренній.
and the matins exapostilarion. На хвали1техъ стіхи6ры воскrны, глaсъ №:
On the Praises, 8 stichera, in Tone I:
Стjхъ: Сотвори1ти въ ни1хъ сyдъ
Stichos: To do among them the
judgment that is written. This напи1санъ: слaва сіS бyдетъ всBмъ
glory shall be to all His saints. прпdбнымъ є3гw2.
We hymn Thy saving Passion, Поeмъ твою2 хrтE, сп7си1тельную
O Christ, and glorify Thy resur- стrть, и3 слaвимъ твоE воскrніе.
Стjхъ: Хвали1те бGа во с™hхъ є3гw2,
Stichos: Praise ye God in His
хвали1те є3го2 во ўтвержeніи си1лы
saints, praise Him in the firma-
ment of His power. є3гw2.
O Lord Who endured the Кrтъ претерпёвый, и3 смeрть
Cross, abolished death and rose ўпраздни1вый, и3 воскRсhй и3з8
from the dead: Bring peace to our мeртвыхъ, ўмири2 нaшу жи1знь гDи,
life, as Thou alone art almighty. ћкw є3ди1нъ всеси1ленъ.
Stichos: Praise Him for His
Стjхъ: Хвали1те є3го2 на си1лахъ
mighty acts, praise Him accord-
ing to the multitude of His great- є3гw2, хвали1те є3го2 по мн0жеству
ness. вели1чествіz є3гw2.
O Christ Who by the resurrec- Ѓда плэни1вый, и3 человёка
tion madest hades captive and воскRси1вый, воскrніемъ твои1мъ
raised men from the dead, count хrтE, спод0би нaсъ чи1стымъ
us worthy to hymn and glorify
сeрдцемъ, тебE пёти и3 слaвити.
Thee with a pure heart.
Stichos: Praise Him with the Стjхъ: Хвали1те є3го2 во глaсэ
sound of trumpet, praise Him трyбнэмъ: хвали1те є3го2 во pалти1ри
with psaltery and harp.
и3 гyслехъ.
Glorifying Thy divine conde-
БGолёпное твоE снисхождeніе
scension, we hymn Thee, O
Christ. Thou wast born of the слaвzще, поeмъ тS хrтE. роди1лсz
Virgin and yet wast not separated є3си2 t дв7ы, и3 не разлучeнъ бhлъ
from the Father; Thou didst will- є3си2 t nц7A, пострадaлъ є3си2 ћкw
ingly suffer as a man and didst чlвёкъ, и3 в0лею претерпёлъ є3си2
endure the Cross and rise from
кrтъ, воскrлъ є3си2 t гр0ба, ћкw t
the tomb, issuing forth therefrom
черт0га произшeдъ да сп7сeши мjръ,
as from a bridal chamber, that
Thou mightest save the world. O гDи слaва тебЁ.
И$ны стіхи6ры, ґнат0ліевы, глaсъ т0йже:
Lord, glory to be Thee!
Stichos: Praise Him with timbrel Стjхъ: Хвали1те є3го2 въ тmмпaнэ и3
and dance, praise Him with ли1цэ, хвали1те є3го2 во стрyнахъ и3
strings and flute. nргaнэ.
When Thou wast nailed to the Е#гдA пригвозди1лсz є3си2 на дрeвэ
Tree of the Cross, the might of the
кrтнэмъ, тогдA ўмертви1сz держaва
enemy was slain, creation trem-
врaжіz: твaрь поколебaсz стрaхомъ
bled with the fear of Thee, and
hades was made captive by Thy твои1мъ: и3 ѓдъ плэнeнъ бhсть
might. Thou didst raise the dead держaвою твоeю: мє1ртвыz t грHбъ
from the graves, and didst open воскRси1лъ є3си2, и3 разб0йнику рaй
paradise to the thief. O Christ our tвeрзлъ є3си2: хrтE б9е нaшъ слaва
God, glory be to Thee!
Stichos: Praise Him with tuneful
Стjхъ: Хвали1те є3го2 въ кmмвaлэхъ
cymbals, praise Him with cym-
bals of jubilation. Let every доброглaсныхъ, хвали1те є3го2 въ
breath praise the Lord. кmмвaлэхъ восклицaніz: всsкое
дыхaніе да хвaлитъ гDа.

When the honorable women, Рыдаю1щz со тщaніемъ гр0ба
lamenting, arrived with haste at твоегw2 дошeдшz честны6z жєны2,
Thy grave and found the tomb
њбрётшz же гр0бъ tвeрстъ, и3
open; and, learning of the new
ўвёдэвшz t ѓгGла н0вое и3
and all-glorious wonder from the
angel, they announced to the преслaвное чyдо, возвэсти1ша
apostles that the Lord had risen, ґпcлwмъ: ћкw воскRсе гDь, дaруzй
granting the world great mercy. мjрови вeлію млcть.
Stichos: Arise, O Lord my God, Стjхъ: Воскrни2 гDи б9е м0й, да
let Thy hand be lifted high; forget
вознесeтсz рукA твоS, не забyди
not Thy paupers to the end.
ўб0гихъ твои1хъ до концA.
We bow down before the di-
vine wounds of Thy sufferings, O Стrтeй твои1хъ б9eствєннымъ
Christ God, and to the sacrifice of ћзвамъ покланsемсz хrтE б9е, и3
the Master, which was revealed є4же въ сіHнэ вLчнему
by God in Sion in the fullness of сщ7еннодёйствію, на конeцъ вэкHвъ
time; for the Sun of righteousness
бGоzвлeннэ бhвшему: и4бо во
hath illumined those who sleep in
тьмЁ спsщыz, сlнце просвэти2
darkness, guiding them to never-
waning splendor. Glory be to прaвды, къ невечeрнему наставлsz
Thee, O Lord! сіsнію: гDи слaва тебЁ.
Stichos: I will confess Thee, O Стjхъ: И#сповёмсz тебЁ гDи всёмъ
Lord, with my whole heart, I will сeрдцемъ мои1мъ, повёмъ вс‰ чудесA
tell of all Thy wonders. тво‰.

Give ear, O tumultuous Jewish Любомzтeжный р0де є3врeйскій
race! Where are they who went to внуши1те, гдЁ сyть, и5же къ пілaту
Pilate? Let the soldiers who kept
пришeдшіи: да рекyтъ стрегyщіи
watch say where the seals of the
в0ини: гдЁ сyть печ†ти грHбныz;
tomb are! Where hath the Buried
One been laid? Where was He гдЁ преложeнъ бhсть погребeнный;
sold Who hath not been sold? гдЁ пр0данъ бhсть непродaнный;
How was the treasure stolen? кaкw ўкрaдено бhсть сокр0вище;
Why slander ye the resurrection что2 њклеветyете сп7сово востaніе
of the Savior, O most iniquitous
пребеззак0ніи їудє1и; воскRсе и4же въ
Jews? He hath arisen Who is free
мeртвыхъ своб0дь, и3 подаeтъ
among the dead, and granteth the
world great mercy! мjрови вeлію млcть.
Glory… The matins Gospel sticheron. Слaва, стіхи1ра є3ђльскаz ќтреннzz.
Now and ever…, Theotokion, in Tone II: И# нhнэ:
All-blessed art thou, O Virgin Пребlгословeнна є3си2 бцdе дв7о,
Theotokos, for by Him Who be- вопл0щшимъ бо сz и3з8 тебE ѓдъ
came incarnate through thee hath
плэни1сz, ґдaмъ воззвaсz, клsтва
hades been made captive, Adam
потреби1сz, є4vа свободи1сz, смeрть
restored, the curse annulled, Eve
set free, death slain, and we have ўмертви1сz, и3 мы2 њжи1хомъ, тёмъ
been given life. Wherefore, chant- воспэвaюще вопіeмъ: бlгословeнъ
ing, we cry aloud: Blessed is хrт0съ бGъ бlговоли1вый тaкw,
Christ God Who hath been thus слaва тебЁ.
well pleased! Glory be to Thee! Славосл0віе вели1кое. Тaже, тропaрь воскrнъ:
Great Doxology, and resurrectional troparion:
Днeсь сп7сeніе мjру бhсть, поeмъ
Today is salvation come unto
the world; let us sing to Him Who воскrшему и3з8 гр0ба, и3 начaльнику
arose from the tomb, and is the жи1зни нaшеz: разруши1въ бо
Author of our life. For having de- смeртію смeрть, побёду дадE нaмъ,
stroyed death by death, He hath и3 вeлію млcть.
given us the victory and great И# tпyстъ.
Then the litanies and the dismissal.

Православная Церковь Вознесения Христова
Holy Ascension of Christ Orthodox Church
Ορθόδοξος Εκκλησία Αναλήψεως του Χριστού

Sunday Morning – Divine Liturgy На літургjи и3з8wбрази1тєльнаz,

On the Beatitudes, these troparia, in Tone I: бlжє1нна, глaсъ №:
Through food did the enemy Снёдію и3зведE и3з8 раS врaгъ
lead Adam forth from paradise;
ґдaма: кrт0мъ же разб0йника введE
but by the Cross hath Christ led
хrт0съ в0нь, помzни1 мz, зовyща,
back to it the thief who cried:
Remember me when Thou co- є3гдA пріи1деши во цrтвіи твоeмъ.
mest in Thy kingdom! Поклaнzюсz стrтeмъ твои6мъ,
With Adam and the thief I славосл0влю и3 воскRсeніе со ґдaмомъ
worship Thy sufferings and glo- и3 разб0йникомъ, со глaсомъ
rify Thy resurrection; and I cry
свётлымъ вопію1 ти: помzни1 мz
out with a splendid voice: Re-
гDи, є3гдA пріи1деши во цrтвіи
member me, O Lord, when Thou
comest in Thy kingdom! твоeмъ.
O Sinless One, of Thine own Распsлсz є3си2 безгрёшне, и3 во
will Thou wast crucified. and гр0бэ положи1лсz є3си2 в0лею: но
placed in the tomb; yet Thou воскrлъ є3си2 ћкw бGъ,
didst arise as God, raising up
совоздви1гнувый себЁ ґдaма,
with Thyself Adam who crieth
помzни1 мz, зовyща, є3гдA пріи1деши
out: Remember me when Thou
comest in Thy kingdom! во цrтвіи твоeмъ.
Raising up the temple of Thy Хрaмъ тв0й тэлeсный
body by Thy resurrection on the триднeвнымъ воскRси1вый
third day, O Christ God, Thou погребeніемъ, со ґдaмомъ, и3 и5же њ
didst raise up Adam and his de-
ґдaма, воскRси1лъ є3си2 хrтE б9е:
scendants, who cry: Remember us
помzни2 нaсъ зовyщихъ, є3гдA
when Thou comest in Thy king-
dom! пріи1деши во цrтвіи твоeмъ.

Very early, the myrrh-bearing МmронHсицы пріид0ша плaчущz,
women arrived, weeping, at Thy на гр0бъ тв0й хrтE б9е, ѕэлw2
tomb, O Christ God; and they
рaнw: и3 въ бёлыхъ ри1захъ
found an angel sitting there, clad
њбрэт0ша ѓгGла седsща, что2
in white garments, who said:
What seek ye? Christ is risen! и4щете; зовyща. воскRсе хrт0съ, не
Lament no longer! рыдaйте пр0чее.
When Thine apostles went to Ґпcли твои2 гDи на г0ру, ѓможе
the mountain whither Thou hadst повелёлъ є3си2 и5мъ, пришeдше сп7се, и3
commanded them to go, and saw
тS ви1дэвше поклони1шасz и5хже и3
Thee, O Savior, they worshipped
послaлъ є3си2 во kзhки ўчи1ти и3
Thee; and Thou didst send them
unto the nations, to teach and крести1ти |.
baptize them. Слaва, трbченъ: Nц7Y поклони1мсz, и3
Triadicon: Let us worship the Fa- сн7а славосл0вимъ и3 прес™aго д¦а
ther, let us glorify the Son, and вкyпэ воспои1мъ, зовyще и3
together let us hymn the all-holy
глаг0люще: всес™az трbце, сп7си2 всёхъ
Spirit, crying out and saying: O
most holy Trinity, save us all!
Theotokion: Thy people bring Thy
И# нhнэ: М™рь твою2 прив0дzтъ
Mother before Thee to make sup- ти1 въ мlтву, лю1діе твои2 хrтE:
plication, O Christ. Through her мольбaми є3S щедрHты тво‰
entreaties grant us Thy compas- дaждь нaмъ бlгjй, да тS
sions, O Good One, that we may прославлsемъ, и3з8 гр0ба нaмъ
glorify Thee Who hast shone
forth upon us from the tomb.

Resurrectional troparion, in Tone I: Тропaрь воскrный, глaсъ №:
When the stone had been Кaмени запечaтану t їудє1й, и3
sealed by the Jews, and the sol- в0инwмъ стрегyщымъ пречcтое тёло
diers were guarding Thine all-
твоE, воскrлъ є3си2 триднeвный сп7се,
pure body, Thou didst arise on
the third day, O Savior, granting дaруzй мjрови жи1знь. сегw2 рaди
life to the world. Wherefore, the си6лы нбcныz вопіsху ти2,
hosts of heaven cried out to Thee, жизнодaвче: слaва воскrнію твоемY
O Bestower of life: Glory to Thy хrтE: слaва цrтвію твоемY: слaва
resurrection, O Christ! Glory to смотрeнію твоемY, є3ди1не
Thy kingdom! Glory to Thy dis-
pensation, O Thou Who alone
lovest mankind!
Кондaкъ, глaсъ №:
Под0бенъ: Е#гдA пріи1деши:
Kontakion, in Tone I:
As God Thou didst arise from Воскrлъ є3си2 ћкw бGъ и3з8 гр0ба
the tomb in glory, and with Thy- во слaвэ, и3 мjръ совоскRси1лъ є3си2, и3
self didst raise up the world; hu- є3стество2 человёческое ћкw бGа
man nature hymneth Thee as воспэвaетъ тS, и3 смeрть и3счезE:
God, and death hath vanished.
ґдaмъ же ликyетъ вLко, є4vа нhнэ
Adam danceth, O Master, and
Eve, delivered from bonds, now t ќзъ и3збавлsема рaдуетсz
rejoiceth, crying aloud: Thou art зовyщи: ты2 є3си2, и4же всBмъ подаS
He, O Christ, Who granteth res- хrтE воскrніе.
urrection unto all!
Прокjменъ, глaсъ №:
Бyди, гDи, млcть твоS на нaсъ,
Prokimenon, in Tone I:
Let Thy mercy, O Lord, be
ћкоже ўповaхомъ на тS.
upon us, according as we have
hoped in Thee. Стjхъ: Рaдуйтесz првdніи њ гDэ,
Stichos: Rejoice in the Lord, O ye пр†вымъ подобaетъ похвалA.
righteous; praise is meet for the

Alleluia, in Tone I: Ґллилyіа, глaсъ №:
The God that giveth avenge- БGъ даsй tмщeніе мнЁ, и3
ment unto me hath subdued peo- покори1вый лю1ди под8 мS.
ples under me.
Стjхъ: Величazй сп7сє1ніz царeва, и3
Stichos: It is He that magnifieth
the salvation of His king and творsй млcть хрістY своемY дв7ду, и3
worketh mercy for His anointed, сёмени є3гw2 до вёка.
for David, and for his seed unto