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RoC Flompetrol Quality Contiol $.R.L. a Rompetrol Group Company OF Bpreducts Lagoraony Voge Tel:+(40)241 506700/+(40) 244 406178/406180, Fax:+(40)241 S06916/+(40)244 406338 Internet: werw.rge.r0 Email: contact@rge.ro Testing Report no:1500051061 ; date:10/23/2019 10:10:28 AM (rogetved copy or customer: RomperolRatnare Ratinara Vege) Custer ompetaRatnare Raina Voga Sarge Nevane Fcatg ca 1242019 99000 AM Fal dt ‘oaaizors Samping mahod SRENISO3170 20080912005, Taninat aes ConacUOrte number Contact RQ 26.11 Z018IAppen: + z e Samping pace ‘16400 8A, 7400 384 Senped by ROGLPP Vege Tranapotd wth {816400 BA 7400 x Sampled sale t Customer acdreee Piet Svat. 140 Susomeradeoee : No Progeny “est matnod um ecuras eive _Doteminedvaive Uncen 1 appearance Via Gear 2 Denatyto tse SRENISO 1216509 gine min, 669 max 690 : 2 Sei asta astino e817 % ‘rin 68 4 sos tw astlto fstab set? © sas.70 5 Benzene ASTD 622006119)" wi. pom sax 100 7 © Nnevane ASTM OSI3«I9(I7% —‘ievn) win 38 608 7 Bromine ox ‘asm Dz7io0a( —mgeri0op nan 100 7 © Water conten SRENISO ‘stem ma 05200 00 Wessrotfeor-2014 9 suphurcontnt ASTNDSK521601 mag owe t a 10 Sekroten Serer outed ua 11 Copper sip concsion ASTM'D 19048" ”" "a featBn eto Remar in AT Gino: demanaine tliog wae. LOBE § vex [boneces A EMA 1. The Rompetal Quality Control SPL aberalony speed n he accrediation cereale nol Te "2 POMPETROL Quarry contro say Goel. roca by RENAR for sing actviy in comotance wih SA EN ISOIGEI 17025-2005 as ss covered bythe accrediation afeavalable Bt Ww ena. 2: The marie tests ere at coverea bythe AENAR acerodaton 3 Expanded Uncenany of 95 sonece ve ih coverage Talo 2. 4 Thaltostng repr cannot be nara ‘oprdued witout oxen writen aprovl ha tsing ibortory 5th tang seams eter to tho lose Sagi are etek ROC neonvor XR sonterrnae cod: F.LPV.01-PG.07/ed.2/rev.1/03.2019 ge of

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