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May 10, 2018





In whom everything is, from whom everything comes,

who is everything and everywhere,

who is immanent in all things, eternal,

him, the Self of all, do I adore.

In studying the Tantras the primary teaching, which is expressed in countless ways, is the teaching that the Absolute
resides within you. When we look deeply and carefully into the nature of the universe it becomes clear that
everything is working in an intangibly complex order, and that the same complexity can be seen on the microcosmic
level as the macrocosmic. Look at the way the iris in your eye appears so similar to nebulas bursting in space, or the
way neurons firing in your brain appear so similar to celestial explosions and connections. In Sanskrit there are many
terms which lead us to the understanding of this reflective existence. Often they are pairs of words that link each
other to their broader meaning.

One example of these pairs of words is AHAM and MAHA. AHAM is the word for “I”, in the sense of “I am”. The
word can be broken down into its vowels/consonants like this : A-HA-M. The A represents Shiva Consciousness, the
HA represents the innate power of Shakti, and the M represents Nara which is all of mankind (or the manifested
world reality). AHAM then is the flowing nature of Shiva consciousness, by the grace of his inherent Shakti, to the
whole of manifested reality in the form of differentiated identities. This is the essence of who you are.

Then, when you flip the word as though you sent the word through a reflective glass, you get the word MAHA, which
means broadly a very high state of consciousness. If you break down MAHA into its vowels/consonants you get MA-
HA-A (in sanskrit a consonant can never be written in a sentence without either a vowel or a conjunct consonant
attached to it). The flow of consciousness is flipped, flowing from Nara (the individuated consciousness) through
Shakti (the dynamic inherent power of Shiva) and back to Shiva (or anuttara the unsurpassable ultimate absolute

This never-ending flow of of consciousness is infinite and represents the truth of this world reality. Everything we
know (nara) is born directly from the absolute consciousness of the highest state.

***It is important to understand that when we refer to Shiva and Shakti in Tantra we are not referring to gods and
goddesses in the sense of human-like beings. We are not referring to beings that once lived on the earth and vanished,
or mere objects of worship, but rather meta physical principles depicted as characters to register the intangible
principles into one’s psyche on a variety of levels both subconscious and conscious in hopes of integrating the
concepts and relaxing into liberation. To understand this more fully read the DIVINE INITIATION.

So, “what does this mean for me, a human being on this earth with a job and a family and a girlfriend that I can never
seem to please?” you may ask. The study of Tantra is not a goal-oriented system, so it is important to not become
fixed on ideas around what you will get from your study and integration, but essentially what this means is that you
are eternally free and of free nature. It is simply up to you to recognize this and integrate this knowledge into your
subliminal self so that you no longer express from a foundation of limited understanding of yourself as a fleshy
morsel of muscles and bones that has to try to prove itself in one short lifetime lest you be damned to hell.

Our culture has come to collectively both consciously and subconsciously view the individual self as something
separate from God. But all the world religions, before they became world religions and were simply universally
understood systems of truth, teach the same thing at their Tantric (essential) level. AHAM. I am the same as the
infinite power that created me.

In scientific terms we can look to the theory of matter which states that nothing can be created or destroyed. On a
quantum level, which is really to say on an essential level, thus a Tantric level, we are pure energy and that energy
can never cease to be. Quantum energy works in the way that all of life works, in a constant state of infinite flux. You
are not different than the cosmos. In fact, you exist only because of the cosmos, and the cosmos exist only because of
you. All of reality is a mutually inter-dependent one.

ONE. That means that nothing you can do, nothing you can experience no matter how seemingly mundane it may
be, no matter how “evil” it may feel, can ever exist outside the scope of Infinite consciousness. Everything exists
within the realm of God, of Shiva, of Buddha, of Allah. Like the teachings of Jesus taught: we are all sons of God,
and no matter what we will be forgiven for our perceived failures, for at the realm of ultimate truth there are no

All of your perceived inadequacies, failures, heart breaks and broken dreams hurt only because you dwell in your
limited self. The self that our culture is cramming down your throat from the very essence of its colonially based
structure to the advertisements you see pop up on this website. This can feel fatalistic if you choose to continue to
dwell here. This is the meaning of hell on earth. Of being totally trapped in the finite realm, oblivious to your true
nature, of your identity as god himself.

If you seek liberation from these tethers to the finite world of hope and fear, meditate upon your own identity.
AHAM. And let this meditation slowly become the place from which you see all else. Remember: in the notion of
infinity it is utterly absurd to think that the universe is in divine infinite perfection…. except me, little Jo shmo with
an empty bank account. Tho the culture will try to convince you that survival in the rat race is the most important
thing for you on the planet, why not put your faith in something much more expansive, timeless and pure? Why not
put your attention on the reality of total liberation in this lifetime?


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