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Jesriel C.

Casinillo February 14,2020

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A Reflection

Leo Casaclang being a millennial is a perfect picture on much advantages when youth will
get to involve in the agribusiness world. Nowadays, it seems like younger generation are not very
interested and put their selves into business especially when it involves agriculture for reason that
a lot of them see an easier way to make a living that isn’t outside, dirty, and need to work so hard,
perhaps some look down on farming as well as blue-collar and for the uneducated. This
documentary will somehow serve as a medium to encourage, to persuade and to push someone
especially the youth to get involve in business that revolves around agriculture. This documentary
is not only for those who are not much interested with agriculture but also for those who want to
be successful in the field of agribusiness for this include some ideas on how to improvise the way
of planting and marketing.

Being a millennial, it is hard for me to involve myself in agribusiness for I have no

experience and ideas on how to run a system like this. Leo is one whom I am looking up, for it
appears like he was successful in this field even in a younger age. He even give some advices
on how to handle this kind of system, how to deal with their costumers and how to get a solution
in every challenges that he faced in managing his business. “May Diskarte Ka” this quote was
somehow really caught my attention when he was giving his insight on how to develop his farming.
For me, if you have that “diskarte” as one your personalities, you will be succeed on whatever you
are doing, because life in business is like a game, if you know the tricks, the more you are
advantageous then succeed will definitely follow. Leo does not only mind on the profit he got in
his farming but he was being considerate on the future of the business like he was able to
cooperate with his workers and costumers, brainstorming on how to improve the system for every
sweat that they have gain today will not be a waste on the future. Leo even admitted that he
doesn’t see his self to be involve in farming business but he was able to find ways on how to use
the resources that has been there available. He was also use his own resources being a tool to
aid other the resources such as those mahogany that has been serve as the tendrils for his bitter
gourds and other vines.

As he said being a millennial, you are more advantageous in agribusiness for you are
already oriented in technological, and modernized environment aspects where you can see
opportunities even from nothing. My insights about this documentary is that we youngsters were
not only limited to what the modernized world let us to see as we can make our scope wider and
extend to farming business. Agriculture being the backbone of the country and serve as a primary
source of our staple food, as presented in the video, we youngsters must take a move on how to
preserve it, and make it sustainable for the future. Like in the documentary, youth as the creator
of the future will take the responsible for the future.