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Mini Research

The benefits of English

Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Ilham Bagus Saputra



1. Background
Language is very important in our life because it is always used in our daily activities
to communicate with others. People cannot communicate with each other without language
because language is one of the communication tools used by people in general. People can use
language to convey their messages or to express our ideas through oral, written, or body
language. There are some countries that used the kind of languages in this world including
English. One of the countries is Indonesia that has been our beloved country. It has Indonesian
language and the other countries do too. Although there are many kinds of languages in this
world, all of the people from over the world can communicate with each other by using English
because it is an international language used among them to communicate.in 1985 Kachru
described the World Englishes and Kachru (1985) refers to as the Inner Circle (where English
is spoken as a first language), the Outer Circle (where English is one of several official
languages of the country) and the Expanding Circle (where English is required as a foreign
language but has no special status as an official language). This definition of World Englishes
is often used consecutively with international English and global English (Jenkins, 2006).
English as a lingua franca (ELF) is the use of English as "a common means of communication
for speakers of various first languages". ELF is also "functionally defined by its use in
intercultural communication rather than formally with reference to native speaker norms"
(House, 1999: 74) While English as a second or foreign language aims to meet native speaker
norms and provide advantages for native speakers.

2. Research Question
1. What is the benefits of English?

3. Methodology
In this research, researcher choose 3 (three) participants to be interviewed and the all
of participants are from Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta with different Faculty and
Department. In additional for the participants we keep it a secret for maintain university
confidentiality, the researcher named it with participant one, participant two, and participant
In this research the researcher used an interview and observation as the data collection
method, by interview in depth. Interview in qualitative method is conducts by face to face with
each participants to get the opinion of the participants, in additional according to (Creswell,
2010) the observation is the activity of take a notes of the behavior of the participants.

4. Report
a. Participant 1 is a 4th semester student from the engineering faculty. In the interview results,
he has been interested in English since he was in high school. Even though he felt that his
English skills were arguably lacking, he realized that English was very important for him
when looking for work later. According to his statement, big companies are definitely
looking for workers who are experts in their fields and also certainly proficient in English.
Participant 1 said:
I think that someday when I look for work in a good company, of course, the ones who are
looking are not only those who have the skills but also their English skills.(Participant 1)
b. Participant 2 is a 4 th semester student taking D3 in mechanical engineering. He argues
that in today's technology developing very fast. Sometimes in a variety of applications or
software used using English which must be learned. Although in his interview he stated
that from the first he did not really like English but now he became aware that learning
English was important according to him. With English learning he stated that maybe after
graduating he continued to a higher level which of course English would really help him.
Participant 2 said:
Even though I do not like English, but actually I also realize that I have to learn English
and maybe English can help me later when I want to continue to S1.
c. Participant 3 is a 4th semester student majoring in accounting at the faculty of economics.
In his interview he revealed that speaking English can help him communicate with foreign
people on social media. Same as participant 1 he also stated that English language skills
are also very necessary when later looking for work in a company.
Participant 3 said:
As we know that we have to use English when talking to foreign people right? In my opinion
that is one of the advantages of speaking English. Then I think the ability to speak English
is also one of the things that big companies pay attention to when recruiting workers.
The result of this interview is that the researcher knows that we can take advantage in
English which covers various aspects ranging from education, business, etc.

5. Conclusion
The conclusion is English is a global language, international language and also English is
one of the lingua franca languages where English has a variety of advantages that can be
taken by learning this language.

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