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Region VIII: Eastern Visayas
Division of Biliran
Naval School of Fisheries
Naval, Biliran

Dear Sir,
We the researchers , would like to have a permission and cooperation that we will having a survey to
some students in our campus to fulfill our duty as researchers of THE Online Games on the Academic
Performance. We strictly sure that we will not distract any classes, and we will just have a survey on
vacant times.
Your Permission is highly needed and appreciated. Thank you

Noted by: Ms. Michelle Jean C. Rivera Respectfully yours,

Adviser Borrinaga, Sheryl Mae
Delantar, Meagan Ross
Ecalla, Nico
Manansala, Joana Mae
Approved By : Mr. Ranulfo Rostata Marientes ,Jhuvin
Principal Nunez, Ryan Lloyd
Obiedo, Raillien May

Samong, Celeen Joy

Villato, John Bernard

Region VIII: Eastern Visayas
Naval School of Fisheries
Naval, Biliran

Dear Respondents,

We the researchers, are having a study survey entitled “The Effects of Online Games on the Academic
Performance of Students of Naval School of Fisheries. We would like to have your patience, attention
and cooperation.

Thank you and God Bless.

Respectfully yours,

Borrinaga , Sheryl Mae

Delantar , Meagan Ross

Ecalla, Nico

Manansala, Joana Mae

Marientes, Jhuvin

Nunez, Ryan Lloyd

Obiedo, Raillien May

Samong, Celeen Joy

Villato , John Bernard

Chapter III : Results and Discussion

Summary of Findings :

 Students are aware of the common methods of the effects of online games on the academic
performance of the students .
 Playing online games are familiar to students.
 Students are properly playing in online games in proper time and place.
 Knowing the effects of online games is a great idea of school and environmental problem.
 Knowing the effects of online games is very important according to the students.


Our topic is about the importance of knowing the effects of playing online games in Naval
School of Fisheries , because of that we only focus on the effects of online games then
cooperate the DOH regulations and other related activities about our topic , knowing the effects
of online games is important not only to us but also to our society if we practice this good habits
we can proudly say that we are living with care on our health and to our future .

 Minimize their time on playing online games in order to in order to complete their task about
their academic performances .
 Parents should give the time limit to avoid radiation.
 They should focus on their study.
 They must know their obligations.
 They must know the possible effects of playing online games .
 Always apply time management.

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Background of the study :

Video game addiction is defined as impulse control disorder, which does not involve use
of an intoxicating drug and is similar to pathological gambling. Also, it is also referred to
video game overuse, pathological or compulsive use of computer games and videogames
(Greenfield & Young, 2009). Due to excessive use of computer games there is effect in
their personal traits like anxiety, sensation seeking, neuroticism, and aggression which
are the symptoms that a person is under the development of gaming addiction
(Mehroof, M et al. 2010). Brain is also affected in computer addiction; regions of the
brain associated with cravings in substance abuse also appear to be activated in gaming
addicts when they view images of video games (Ko, C et al. 2010). There are two types of
gaming, “excessive gaming” and “addictive gaming” these two types of gaming is
different from each other; the difference between “excessive gaming and “addictive
gaming” is that two gamers may play for an identical number of hours each day, but
their psychological motivation and the meaning that gaming has within their lives can
be very different. Gaming addiction should be defined by how much the negatively
impacts other areas of life, not by how much time is spent playing (Griffiths, M et al.
2010). In a volunteer sample, 41% of online gamers acknowledged that they use gaming
as an escape. In the same sample, 7% were viewed as “dependent”. These gamers
possessed several behavioural attributes that are related to more well established forms
of addiction (e.g., mood modification, tolerance, & relapse) (Hussain et al. 2009). Most
online gamers are male. Among male gamers, more severe online gaming addiction is
correlated with older age, lower self-esteem, and lower dissatisfaction with daily life.
This relationship did not hold true for female gamers(Ko et al. 2005). Excessive use of
technology is relatively rare. Compared to females, males are more likely to develop a
gaming addiction. Boys are more likely to play aggressive or violent games while girls
are more likely to play platform and puzzle games (Griffiths, 2008). In Germany, 1.5 –
3.5% of teenage internet users show signs of gaming addiction. Gaming addiction is
associated with higher rates of anxiety and depression, and poorer academic
performance (Peukert et al. 2010). Computer gaming addiction is positively correlated
with achievement motivation, sensation-seeking, a positive evaluation of one’s
intelligence, and a negative evaluation of one’s skills in interpersonal relationship
(Zheng et al. 2006). In a sample of German teens, 6.3% of subjects fulfilled the authors’
diagnostic criteria for gaming addiction. These adolescents were mostly male and had
low educational backgrounds (Klaus et al. 2008). Gaming addiction is negatively
associated with academic achievement (Chiu et al. 2004). So far there are no studies
conducted as to the percentage of senior high school students who are hooked to online
games, thus, this study would like to find out factors why senior high school students are
addicted to online games.
Objectives of the study

The general objective of this study is to determine the effects of the online game
addiction of the student to their academics and the effects of online games to their

Significance of the study

The result of this study is significant to the following group

Students. This study may give information to the students about how online gaming
affects the life of a students.

Teachers. This study may serve as the way to the teachers to determine the students who
are addicted to online games so they can help the students to avoid being addicted to
online games.

Family. This study is significant to the family because it may help them to know if their
children are addicted to online games.

Future researchers. It would help the future researchers that are interested in this study.
It will serve as their basis and their background about their research.
Related Study
As of today, most people relate online games to low
a c a d e m i c performance. Through the years, studies have yielded different results. Some
of them say that they are co-related when some say that they are not.According to Anderson
and Dill (2000), there is a negative correlationbetween the two. Thus, meaning that
there is no relation between the number ofhours played by a player and his grades. At times,
the students defend the games they are playing by saying thatthey do learn something
from it. A paper from EDUCAUSE backs these studentsup by suggesting that the faculty
learn and know about these games so as tohelp students in in class learning experience
(Hitch and Duncan, 2005). Furthermore, another paper claims that these games are
not just forentertainment (Shaffer, Squire, Halverson, & Gee, 2005). They claim that
thesegames may be used to learn and experience different things and interact
withother people and belong to a virtual community.