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CPE Speaking

Part 1 – Speaking about yourself

Where you live Your aims for the future
On the outskirts of the city I’ve got a burning ambition to…
Just round the corner from… It might sound silly but I’ve always wanted to…
A stone’s throw from… I’ll probably follow in my Mum/Dad’s footsteps and become a…
A ten-minute walk from… Working in… kind of runs in our family.
A sleepy/peaceful neighbourhood… With any luck/hopefully, in … year’s time I’ll be…
An old apartment block where everyone knows I haven’t got it all mapped out but I’d like to…
everyone else. I have absolutely no clue what I wanna do, something to do with…
A leafy street/avenue … is a field which interests me.
Bang splat in the middle of… Provided I get the grades I’d like to be/study…
It’s not much to write home about. If all goes to plan I’m gonna…
Our place can be a bit chaotic … is on my bucket list.
Places you’ve travelled to Your occupation
I’ve definitely got the travelling bug. I’m in the middle of my (2nd) year of...
…(The TajMahal) blew me away. I’m in the (2nd) year of a 3-year (psychology) degree.
I’ve never seen anything like it. I’m juggling my studies at… with working at…
Awe-inspiring I’m completely snowed under with coursework.
Breath-taking I’m up to my eyeballs in assignments.
I couldn’t believe my eyes/ears. It’s nonstop at the moment.
The first place that springs to mind is… It’s a steep learning curve.
I had the time of my life/a whale of a time. I’m getting a lot out of the course.
I’ll never get bored of… It’s not really living up to my expectations.
Soaking up the culture/atmosphere/sun I’m hoping to get into… to study..
Catching some rays I’m finding it pretty challenging but definitely worthwhile.
Going for a dip in the pool/sea I take several extra-curricular subjects such as… and..on top of my studies.
Towering skyscrapers At the start it was tough but I’m getting the hang of it now.
Mind-blowing skyline I’m working every hour of the day.
Snowy peaks
Rolling hills
Scorching heat
Miles of golden sands
Little secluded coves
Crystal clear water
Golden sands as far as the eye can see
Sleepy villages
Bustling towns/cities/marketplaces
Learning languages Preference in the arts
I’ve been studying English for as long as I can I’m squeamish so I don’t like horror films.
remember. I’m easily (scared) so I don’t like...
I’ve always had a knack for learning languages. I make an effort to see …’s films as soon as they come out.
I try to really immerse myself in the language. I’m into big blockbusters/more obscure art-house films.
Learning languages comes quite easily to me. One artist I really look up to is…
I’ve always had a curiosity for other cultures and I do my best to see (art/films) by … whenever I get the chance.
I spent (a year) living in (England)
Spare time activities Your Personality
I’m a keen/avid + personal noun I’m not the (superlative most sociable/tidiest) person in the world.
(skier/surfer/skater/reader/swimmer etc.) I’m easy-going/happy-go-lucky
I dabble in… I can be a bit (negative adjective)
I’m an amateur + personal noun My friends/family would probably say I was…
I like nothing more than to… At times I can be the typical moody teenager.
I’m really in to… Were you to ask my Mum, she’s probably say I was…
I’ve hardly got a spare minute these days but when I I’ve got a short attention span.
get the time I like to… I procrastinate a lot.
I can be a bit of a party animal… I’m a bit of perfectionist/motor mouth
I sometimes burn the candle at both ends. I’m a bit of a daydreamer.
I live for the weekend. I sometimes drift off into my own little world.
I like to go for a stroll around… I tend to (worry about things)
I hang out with friends. Positive Negative
My guilty pleasure is… Hard-working Lazy
I’m a little ashamed to admit it but I’m a big fan of… Sociable Unsociable/reserved
I’m doing evening classes in… Open-minded Closed-minded
I’m a bit of a Optimistic Pessimistic
 film buff Active Sensitive
 geek Carefree Moody
 bookworm Talkative Absent-minded
 foody Reliable Distracted
 tech-head Ambitious Uptight
 rocker/metal head Well-organised
 culture vulture Thoughtful
Family Friends and social life
Chalk and cheese I prefer to keep myself to myself.
Two peas in a pod I’ve got a really close circle of friends.
… runs in my family I’ve got a great support network.
I take after my Mum/Dad My social life is non-existent at the moment; I’m up to my eyeballs/here in
We’re a close-knit family coursework.
We’re always having family get-togethers/gatherings Me and my best friend are real kindred spirits.
I’m the baby of the family/the middle child. I can really count on my friends; they’re always there for me.
I’m the eldest so I get to boss my siblings around. If I’m feeling blue/down, they always know how to cheer me up/lift my spirits
I’m the eldest so I was the guinea pig. We’ve been through a lot together.
I’ve got a sprawling extended family. We met in (primary school/kindergarten) and we’ve been inseparable ever
I’ve got a kid brother/sister who really gets on my since.
nerves/drives me up the wall at times. I confide in my best friend.
I don’t know how my parents with us. We hangout all the time.
I really look up to my… We’re always taking the mickey out of each other.
My family’s originally from… but my great-granddad Sometimes people drift apart.
settled her in … I do my best to stay in touch with old friends.
We’re (Catalan) through and through. If I’m not with them, I’m glued to my phone texting them most of the time.
My siblings are pretty competitive; we’re always I know he/she/they have got my back.
trying to outdo each other.
My sister’s the brainy one, I’m the artistic one, my
little brother is the sporty one.
I’m completely hooked on (series name) at the
I can watch a whole boxed set in a weekend.
I don’t watch a lot of tele, I stream everything online
I like to keep up-to-date with the news.
I have to admit I watch a lot of trashy tele, shows
like… and… are my guilty pleasures.
I’m completely hooked on/addicted to
I can’t do anything without tweeting/posting it.
I’m trying to get into (video) blogging/photography.
I can waste hours bingeing on funny cat videos on