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Narrative Essay

In the Philippines, youth unemployment hampers meaningful economic development. The

sector’s lack of knowledge, skills, and work experience puts them at a disadvantage. One way to
address this is through the Department of Education’s Senior High School (SHS) program, ushered
by the K-12 education reform. One of its components, the work immersion program, provides
students “real workplace” experience, giving students a set of technical-vocational and livelihood
skills that can help us make more informed career choices and improve our employment prospects.
The experiences of working as an intern at Pioneer Life Inc. were truly satisfying and truly
help in molding me as a better individual. This work immersion program enabled me to values and
experiences that will truly benefit me in preparing for future work prospects. The knowledge and
learning that I had garnered will truly last forever.
Working in this institution helped me understand some aspects of being a successful
financial planner. It requires passion, endurance, and understand. I observed that good
communication skills are truly essential in dealing with clients. It was also important to be reliable
and efficient as one may be assigned in performing different tasks not only dealing with other
clients. Being a financial planner also requires knowledge of financial planning and other paper
works. It is also essential to observe punctuality to finish the work early and earn respect from
your boss.
Us, Senior High School students need to get ourselves involve in work immersion
programs, as we have a better understanding of the important aspect of work. As a student enrolled
in the university under the ABM strand which involves the study of business management, students
are highly encouraged to associate with other people so that they will gain experience from this
kind of program.
I had chosen Pioneer Life Insurance as my company to have my work immersion program
since I want to grab the opportunity of working as a financial planner. I have been always interested
in a career in which that is mainly intrapersonal and social and not just sitting in a cubicle all day.
On the first day of my work immersion, excitement filled my spirits so as nervousness. I
kept on thinking of what would the supervisor expects me to be. Ma’am Jinky Mosqueda, the
branch manager’s secretary briefed me about the regulations inside the office and the regular tasks
of a Pioneer employee. She lends me to use her office space during my stay. I was assigned to help
her in recording daily transactions addressed to Ma’am Cora’s office. My task for the day was to
separate important files such as news clippings about Pioneer, records of old transactions, and
important documents. We filed each document in separate colored folders to be easily recognized.
With guidance from Ma’am Jinky, I was able to do my task completely.
On the second day of my work immersion, Ma’am Jinky has familiarized me with the usual
morning routine of Ma’am Cora. This includes waiting for her to arrive in the office and assisting
her in carrying her things. It also includes checking up the daily records of transactions that have
occurred the day before. She taught me how to differentiate between outgoing and incoming
transactions that have occurred during the day.
On the third day of my work immersion, Ma’am Jinky helped me in identifying what and
where to write the following details of the transaction. After that, Ma’am Jinky introduced me to
their company’s computer system. It includes a system for the client’s profile. I was assigned to
learn about creating a proposal for the clients. Throughout the afternoon, we went back to
organizing some files in the corner of the office to utilize the space.
On the fourth day of my work immersion, that day had been quite challenging. I had
received a message from Ma’am Jinky that she will be late since she had a client to attend to. It
was the first time that I will be on my own to assist Ma’am Cora who is the branch manager of the
Pioneer Life Insurance. Ma’am Cora had a client to attend to and she asked me to take some notes
Narrative Essay
as part of my observation. After their discussion, she assigned me to record transactions to keep
track of the daily records of her clients.
On the fifth day of my work immersion, Ma’am Cora asked me to file some old documents
regarding her past clients. Some of the clients’ investment policies were either suspended,
continued or lapsed. These files needed to be disregarded and organized. I assisted Ma’am Jinky
to do the filing to occupy some space in the cabinet. Throughout the afternoon, I did the
organization of the clients’ files and documents. I did some filings to make sure to separate
important documents form the old ones.
On the sixth day of my work immersion, Ma’am Jinky was not around since she had some
errands to do before coming to the office. I was used to assisting Ma’am Cora to bring her things
to the office. At the time, she arrived in her office, she asked me to record some transactions that
happened in the past. She also ordered me to file some documents from the past. In the afternoon,
a pioneer employee sought my help in creating a proposal. Initially, it was addressed to Ma’am
Jinky, since she was not around, Ma’am Cora asked me to do it instead. Thankfully, I was able to
do it properly and the employee was satisfied with my work.
On the seventh day of my work immersion, the financial planners are having a two-day
seminar about Data Privacy. Since they are not around, I used my time in learning about investment
and the history of the pioneer. I also received a call from a client regarding her payment for her
investment policy, eventually, I gave a call to Ma’am Jinky regarding this. Then in the afternoon,
I entertained a client who came to surrender her investment policy.
On the eighth day of my work immersion, I managed to talk to other financial planners
regarding the different insurance policies of Pioneer and they gladly entertained me as well. In the
afternoon, I received a text message from Ma’am Cora, asking me to anticipate a parcel’s arrival
from LBC. The parcel includes payment for the policy by the client who called yesterday. While
waiting for the delivery, I used my time learning about the different investment plans of Pioneer.
However, a power failure occurred and the generator cannot sustain maintaining the electricity.
The employees had to stop working since they cannot finish their jobs without the use of
computers. I used this time to organize some files and documents.
On the ninth day of my work immersion, I helped a client who has asked regarding his
policy issue. I gave Ma’am Cora and call and minutes later she had already arrived in the office,
she asked me to view her client’s profile and to give it to her, which I did. In the afternoon, I
organized some new documents and assisted Ma’am Jinky in creating billing statements for the
On the last day of my work immersion, my adviser, Ma’am Garzon, came to the office and
talked with Ma’am Cora. There are no tasks assigned to me so I just arranged some things in the
office and organized some files. I just prepared some files for Ma’am Cora to sign for the
completion of my work immersion portfolio. After that, we exchanged goodbyes.
Having this kind of program will truly benefit us, Grade 12 students in facing the corporate
world. I am truly delighted to have encountered this kind of experience as I get into college. This
was a true success for me, as I get to discover new things in life.