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We develop some reports that can drill down to detail of the data, we can use a link in
the a field in report display, what object we must define in second report?
a. Subreport
b. A Data Source Views
c. SQL Query
d. Parameter

2. To show graphical data in SSRS report, we use:

a. Table
b. Matrix
c. Chart
d. Image

3. Action method to open other report can be done with:

a. Open Other Report
b. Go To Report
c. Go To Bookmark
d. Go To URL

4. Tab in SSIS Project for define the flow of data transform:

a. Control Flow
b. Data Flow
c. Event Handler Flow
d. Data Tranform Task Flow

5. See the following figure:

What object name to define in right of chart <such as Name A 1> :

a. Values
b. Category Groups
c. Series Groups
d. Legend

6. Tool that use for ETL in Microsoft SQL Server 2008:

a. SQL Database Engine
b. SQL Reporting Services
d. SQL Integration Services
7. The Values of Summary Data in BI are store in:
a. OLTP Database Tables
b. Fact Tables
c. Dimension Tables
d. Master Database

8. After finishing a SSRS project, we want to publish to the web, we must do:
a. Compile Project to EXE
b. Build and Copy to Web Server
c. Right Click the Project then Deploy
d. Export Report to Web Report SQL Server Report Services

9. See the following figure:

What type of Chart that show at the above?

a. Column
b. Bar
c. Shape
d. Line
10. To make link to other report we must define in:
a. Chart Properties
b. Series Properties
c. Label Properties
d. Legend Properties

11. Other action we must done to set a parameter values from other dataset:
a. Get values from a query
b. Specify values
c. SQL Query ( =? ) condition
d. Go to report
12. When we deploy SSAS project, we got Error: User Credential have no access
permission to deploy to SSAS Database. What action we must done to correct?
a. Change Login ID of programmer
b. Open Data Source Designer – Open Impersonation Information
c. Create SQL Login and Windows Login – Add
Administrators Level
d. Change the Data Source to New Data Source

13. What object to define relation and co-relation between Dimensions and Fact Tables in
SSAS Project?
a. Data Source Views
b. DataSets
c. Cube
d. Report
14. We want add a Fact Table to SSAS Project, how can be done:
a. Create a Dimension
b. Create a Fact Table
c. Create a Cube
d. Create a Mining Structure

15. To view the finishing a SSIS report in web browser, the URL Address to use is:
a. http://<servername>/
b. http://<servername>/Reports
c. http://<servername>ReportServer
d. http://ReportServer:80

16. A Dimension Object in SSAS Project consist: (select all that apply)
a. Attributes
b. Hierarchies
c. Column Name
d. Data Source View

17. When we open BROWSER Tab in a Cube, we found nothing, what must done to open
the Cube to Browse the Result?
a. Save to Other Project Name
b. Compile to Exe and Copy to the SQL Server
c. Deploy and refresh the Browser Tab
d. Export the project to SQL Server and run browse in SSAS Services

18. What happen to the browser display when we put none relation Column Dimension to
Measurement of Fact Tables?
a. Cartessian Data
b. Correct Data
c. Summary Data
d. Valid Data

19. We have a Staging Datawarehouse. We want build the Cube. What first step before
we create Cube in BIDS-SSAS Project?
a. Create a Data Source – Create a Data Source Views
b. Create a Data Source – Create a DataSets
c. Create a Data Source – Create a Dimension
d. Create a Data Source – Create a Cube
20. We want make schedule of ETL project after complete develop, where it can be done?
b. SQL Server – Integration Services
c. SQL Server – Reporting Services
d. SQL Server – Analysis Services

21. A dedicated data store for enterprise-wide data, which is populated and synchronized
with business data from disparate data sources throughout the enterprise:
a. Database File
b. Data Warehouse
d. Data Store Central
d. Enterprise Data Source

22. The data is retrieved from the underlying source systems when analysis occurs or a
report is generated. This enables real-time analysis of the data in your business
a. DataSet
b. DataReport
c. Data Source View
d. Shared Data Source

23. What a minimum item in Control Flow to make the data transform from Access DB to
SQL Database can be done?
a. Execute SQL Task
b. Execute Process Task
c. Data Flow Task
d. Ole DB Data Source

24 When creating a Report in SSRS, what source of data to display in a report?.

a. Data Source Views
b. Recordsets
c. DataSets
d. Cube DataSets

25. To deploy a SSRS Project, we must set the URL Address of Web Server:
a. http://<servername>/
b. http://<servername>/Reports
c. http://<servername>ReportServer
d. http://ReportServer:80

26. To build a Cube, we must create:

a. Summary Tables – Data Staging
b. Dimension Key – Fact Tables
c. Dimension Tables – Fact Tables
d. Data Source – Data Source Views

27. What command line option do you use to refer to a transformation or a job file?
a. - - file
b. b. - -log
c. c. –file
d. d. –log

28. What file do you create when you decide to use windows task schedule to execute a
a. .ktr
b. b. sh
c. c. exe
d. d. .bat

29. Given the transformation shown above, what does the dashed red line hop mean?
a. Error handling of a row
b. Error handling of a batch of rows
c. Error handling of similar rows
d. All of the above

30. What makes data warehouse significantly different from its data sources?
a. Data modelling
b. b. Raw data
c. Data enrichment
d. d. Data aggregation

31. Where is the best location to implement change data capture mechanism?
a. Data source
b. c. Destination
c. ETL script to compare both sources
d. d. None of the above