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Stages of Research Process

1. The first step in doing a research is to select and develop a possible problem within the scope or
the parameters set by your instructor. This is a challenging part since this will be the foundation
of your research.
2. In formulating the title, the researcher should be careful as it will set the study’s extent and
delimitation. The title would give the best summary as it will state what was written within the
3. This stage is where you must think about how you want to explore the topic. What are the
materials and approach you must use in order to obtain the knowledge you were searching for.
What and where can you find sources that would support your research.
4. Formulating your questionnaire or the data gathering tool you will use is necessary to perform.
You must decipher the important questions you must include in creating such tool. This will help
you get the information you need so you must be careful in creating sets of questions. You may
get a little help from your adviser or any professional in the field.
5. At this stage you will finalize your questionnaire or your data gathering tool. The sets of
questions you formulated must successfully polished. You must as well know the sampling
technique you will use when gathering data on selected people, whether you would do some
interviews randomly or systematically.
6. As you had performed the steps successfully, if you had given your questionnaires to your
sample respondents, give them time to answer the questions you’ve provided. After some time,
you can get back the answered questionnaire from your respondents.
7. As you have all the data you need, you must provide credible, truthful and reliable information.
In gathering up all the information you got, you must not be biased.
8. As this point you must sum up all the datas you gathered, be sure that you summarized the
important details that must be seen on your research.
9. Conclusions varies on the level of achievement you research aims. Recommendation is the set of
suggestions that should be done within the scope and frame of you research. These final parts,
you will have to justify why you think that research aims and objectives have been achieved.
This part covers research limitations and suggestions for future research.
10. Following all the stages described above and organizing separate chapters into one file leads to
the completion of the first draft. You need to follow what your adviser has thought you.
Research needs to be prepared thoroughly that is why you need a long span of time to address
and get some feedback from you instructor or adviser.


The research you are formulating must prioritize only those within the scope and extent of your study. It
must only contain important and/or necessary details your research must have.

The research you are working on should be useful. It should contribute by suggesting solutions to
existing problems whether it is scientific or social. The readers may be able to get answers after reading
your study.


Although research is to search again for something, your study must be original. An original research
paper is the one based on another research but produces new knowledge. Not just a mere summarize
from other works but rather new knowledge produce through interviews, experiments, etc.


You research must be an instrument that can be used by people. It must bring benefits to people who
may read it as it contains information on a certain topic.


Your study must not go beyond any rights. It must not be biased as research should always present
truthful facts.