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he Dihlabeng Local Municipality has recently issued
a notice to residents in regards to a possible water
shortage that can occur or a complete shutdown of
the water supply. Towns that could be affected are
mostly Bethlehem; Bohlokong; Paul Roux and

Rosendal. Residents are being asked to please use
water sparingly in order to avoid the supply running completely dry.
It was confirmed that the current water supply left in the reservoir at
the time the specific notice was issued, was only 5% and dropping
at a rapid decline. Before printing time a notice was issued that the
water supply in Bethlehem will be cut off from 21H00 to 06H00 the
following day. (28/02/2020) This is just proof of how serious the
current water shortage situation is.
According to the Local Municipality the main water supply is under
pressure due to operational challenges experienced at the Saul-
spoort Water Treatment Works. One of the biggest problems they
are facing is the braking down of the pumps used to fill up the main
supply of water. Replacing or maintenance on the pumps can take
up to 5 working days. The recent implementation of load shedding
has been the cause of the pumps braking down more frequently
than in the past, could not been verified, but logically the pumps not
being able to maintain the acceptable water levels in the reservoirs
and almost running continuously when the electricity is being
switched back on after load shedding, cannot be illuminated as the
cause of the pumps braking down.
The Local Municipality is also in the process of servicing the sand
filters, insuring that the drinking water is properly cleaned for
household use. The quality of the water may vary during this period
and residents are being urged to take precautions by boiling water
first before it is consumed.
Spokesperson Mr. Maitse from the Dihlabeng Local Municipality
told Bethlehem News Spot that residents should not only respond
to these notices issued before starting to save water. “Being on the • Use an air blower or broom to clean your driveway instead of • If you are a business owner, encourage your staff to also use
African continent, together with our fluctuating weather conditions
using the garden hose to flush it clean. water sparingly by putting up signs near taps, bathrooms and
and frequent droughts, South Africa is almost permanently in a
• Water your garden just before sunset and not during the cause in kitchen areas. Also educate your house keeper and garden-
water crises situation and therefore we should make saving water
er to save water.
part of our lifestyles” of the day when the heat would evaporate most of the water
News Spot therefore thought it would be relevant to share a few faster than it can penetrate the soil. A simple adjustment to • Make “saving water” part of a fun lifestyle and not an effort!
water saving tips with our readers that they can implement in and your drain outlets can also let the outlets run onto your lawn
around the house and also at their working environment; and into the garden.
• Brush your teeth and rinse your mouth with a plastic glass • Place a brick in your toilets water bucket container. This will By: Corné van Noordwyk
placed in the bathroom and not let the tap water run continu- reduce the amount of water being used with every flush.
ously. Don’t let the water run while shaving. Take a shower • Identify leaking water pipes in or around your house and get it
instead of taking a bath, it uses much less water. Place a buck-
fixed. Also report leaking or burst water pipes on municipal
et with you in the shower to catch up water and use it to water
property in your neighbourhood and report it immediately to
a small garden or fill your toilet with it. Also reduce the time
your local municipality. (Dihlabeng – 058 303 5732)
you spend taking a shower. Using a small bucket container to
take a bath also reduce water usage. • Only do washing when you have a full load. If you own a dish-
• Use a water bucket to wash your car instead of using a garden washer, scrape the plates clean before putting it in the dish-
washer instead of rinsing them under a running tap before you
hosepipe. Also limit the amount of times you wash your car.
place them inside.
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ohlokong Ward 8 residents had always been of first preference to wiring, and plumbing. Bethlehem News
rushed to the local radio the municipality in any construction Spot attempted to contact the Commu-
station to seek help following matters concerning their ward. She nications Manager of Dihlabeng Local
the discovery that they will contends that: “all the pavements in Municipality, Mr. Maitse, regarding this
not form part of the team employed to ward 8 were constructed by ward 8 issue, however, no comment was ob-
renovate the old Boiketlong Hall which residents and [they] appreciated this tained from him.
falls under their ward. This was shortly considering the rife unemployment rate
after the release of the list of selected in Bohlokong”. By Lucky Maseko
employees to work as general workers The tender briefing for the refurbish-
in the quest to bring Boiketlong hall ment of the hall was held on October
back to life. The list contained names 4, 2019, at the Department of Develop-
of members outside ward 8 and this ment and Land Reform in the Free
consequently did not sit well with the State, with the closing date being the
Ward 8 residents who were expecting 25th of October 2019. According to a
to be part of the project as had been Facebook post which was posted by
the case with previous projects. One of the Municipality, the refurbishment was
the residents who was interviewed by supposed to start from the 10th of Feb-
Bethlehem News Spot exclaimed how ruary till June and all the three build-
this had come as a shock to them con- ings of the hall will be refurbished with
sidering that in the previous years they a new ceiling, roof, flooring, electrical

ARV Bust Leads to

Arrest of Health

wo Health officials and a Clinic Committee Member
from Khothalang Clinic in Virginia were arrested on
the 26th of February in the afternoon and taken to
the Meloding Police Station for the alleged theft of
ARVs. 383 bottles of tablets (Tribuss - 170 Bottles
4460 tablets and Atroiza- 213 bottles,5964 tablets) were allegedly
stolen from the clinic and handed over to “Local Contacts” who
were to allegedly transport them to Kimberley to be sold. No further
details have been shared in this regard whilst the officials languish
in Police Cells.

An infuriated Free State MEC of Health, Montseng Tsiu expressed

shock upon hearing the news of yet another ARV bust.

“It is unacceptable that the people who are entrusted with the provi-
sion of care, at any other level, become the ones that scheme and
plot to steal and defraud the sick and vulnerable people of the
much-needed lifesaving drugs. I trust that the law enforcement
agencies will secure all the necessary evidence and present a solid
case for the long-term incarceration of the offenders”, she said. By: Bontle Motsoeneng
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embers of Bethlehem Family Violence, Child Protection
and Sexual Offences (FCS) are looking for an alleged
rape suspect of a minor. The victim who is eight years
(8) of age was found by a passer-by on the early hours
of Sunday 23 February standing next to the gate at one
of the houses not belonging to her parents in Fateng Tse Ntsho Paul

According to allegations Passer-by took the child into the house and
allegations further suggested that the child left her residential place the
previous day to look for her mother when she was found by an unknown
man who took her to an open space and raped her. After raping the
child the suspect fled. The victim was taken to the hospital for medical

Police are still looking for the suspect and anyone with information
about the suspect is urged to contact Detective Constable Nombulelo Sejane on 072 597 6579 or 058 307 7950.

Free State Provincial Commissioner Lieutenant Baile Motswenyane says leaving children without supervision is a criminal offence, she fur-
ther urged to parents to be on the lookout of their children and know their whereabouts at all times... Should it be determined that parents
were reckless in this matter they will definitely face the full might of the law concludes Lieutenant Baile Motswenyane.

By SAPS Bethlehem communication

Mapojotana Community Nutrition Development

Center Making a Difference in People's Life.
of Silahliwe and they were given a shipping Mapojotana feeds an average of 400 resi-
container to use as their soup kitchen. dents in Bohlokong on a daily basis we
Mopojotana has been developing since make sure that we have 2 vegetables each
then and they now have 29 employees, day. Our garden produces Cabbage, Spin-
their own large vegetable garden, office, ach, Beetroot, Onion, Beans, and Carrots,
kitchen, and a feeding hall. ensuring that we supply a balanced nutri-
tious meal every day. Said Mrs. Pontsho
'We started this initiative because of the Mokoena.
struggle we saw our people go through,
and our aim was to provide healthy nutri- We face a lot of challenges, people dump
tious food'. Said Mrs. Pontsho trash and many other toxic substances
which may affect the health of children and
One of the beneficiaries, Nthabiseng contaminate the food next to our garden.
Masilo said that they are really grateful for

M opojotana Community Nutrition

Development Center is situated

1 in Bohlokong, Bethlehem, which was

what the Mapojotana has done for them.
She says some of us would eat the same
between Silahliwe and Extension meal for the whole week because they
could not afford nutritious food, but since
started in the year 2011 by a retired teach- the organization has been introduced to
er Mrs. Pontsho Mokoena, with the assis- them, they can now enjoy healthy nutritious
tance of 4 other retired teachers who all food with their families. "I go to the center
funded the project from their own pockets every day to eat and I also wait for my chil-
and their own kitchens. to prepare meals at dren to come back from school so that they
their homes. They would cook then travel can also go and eat. We are very grateful". I always say that ‘You give a person a fish
to Silahliwe on a daily basis to give food to Says Nthabiseng Masilo you'll feed them for a day, rather teach a
the residents of that place. person to fish and you've fed them for a
' I started a garden that will feed me and m lifetime’.
In 2011 Mopojotana applied for assistance family because I didn't want to buy vegeta-
from the national development agency and bles, I wanted to produce my own Vegeta- By: Bontle Motsoeneng
the Department of health who both assist- bles. I met Mr. Thapelo with whom I started
ed the NPO to set up a soup kitchen. In the garden, and now I have 29 employees.
2012 they were granted a site on the edge


n Thursday the 27th of February a young girl was almost run over
by a taxi while crossing a street a few meters from the Chicago
Salon in extension 2 section. It is alleged that the girl was playing
with her friends near the road when she tried to cross the street
without proper observation, by the time she decided to cross the
street she was not aware that the taxi was already close. Luckily
the taxi driver managed to stop the taxi very fast and the little girl fainted im-
mediately as the taxi stopped very close to her.

It took an ambulance a very long time to arrive but when they arrived they were able to give the girl urgent medical attention and she was brought back to life. We advise parents to teach their children to
perform proper observation before crossing the street as that will help reduce the road accidents that involve young children.

By: Lucky Maseko

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ove is patient, Love is kind. It sewing and health talks. The members was graced by Arch Bishop Radebe who
does not envy, it does not boast, come on Mondays, Tuesdays and conducted an awareness to the members
it is not proud. That’s how the Wednesdays where they also get served of the Bohlokong Luncheon Club about
Bohlokong Luncheon Club cen- meals. The founder and the chairperson of gender-based violence, drug abuse and
tre based in Bohlokong, Bethlehem cele- this centre Alinah Lekoro said the purpose how they can detect any signs from their
brated the month of love on Tuesday, 25 of this celebration was to celebrate love children, and grandchildren. And how they
February. The centre caters for elderly not only amongst lovers but also love can cope with stress and life's challenges.
people from within the community with amongst mothers and their children, sib-
different activities such as exercising, lings, friends or colleagues. The event By: Kedibone Mkwanazi

“Diary of a Black Child”

book sales continue soaring

Lesedi FM, Motsweding FM, Morning Live, Qwaqwa FM and Beth-

lehem’s very own Dihlabeng FM.

This is just the beginning for this young trailblazer, from here she
he Diary of a Black Child is a book by Nthabiseng meant to be in their quest to fulfil their life’s purpose.
can only climb to the top.
Portia Tshabalala, that is based on her true-life
events, her beliefs as well as her perceptions to- Born and bred in the cosy and hearty Bethlehem, Free State,
In photo: Bethlehem Nedbank branch with their copies of the
wards life. In this book, we navigate through her ex- Nthabiseng was born on March 21, 1997, and is currently studying
book. The book is available online on Amazon.com. For a hard-
medicine at the People’s Friendship University in Moscow, Russia.
periences and learn a lot about who she is and how she overcame
copy, follow Nthabiseng Portia Tshabalala on Facebook, Insta-
Her book was published in February 2018 and she has since been
life’s obstacles. One of the purposes of the book, she explains, is
promoting it, as a result, she has shown face at some of South gram or Twitter and inbox the page to place an order.
to inspire, everyone who comes across it but particularly the
youth; to help unleash their potential and tap into who they were Africa’s best radio and media platforms, the likes of Metro FM,
By Lucky Maseko
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Is It “Daylight Robber”?

ethlehem News Spot has re- Gedenk Street Bethlehem. “Why should we ported this to the Municipality and they said
cently received complaints from endure load shedding schedules if electrici- they will look into the situation. It appears
concerned residents reporting to ty is being wasted this way?” says the con- that this problem arises frequently and we
us that streetlights are being cerned resident. urge residents to please report this immedi-
switched on during the daytime. A recent ately if you notice the street lights in your
photo (included above) was taken on Fri- On Wednesday 26 February 2020, just past area left switched on during the daytime.
day afternoon on 28/02/2020 at 17H44 of 12H00 in the afternoon, the street lights on
the street lights in the Panorama area in the N5 were also left switched on. We re- By: Corné Van Noordwyk
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Mbonambi Breaks the
breaks the
Bethlehem Curse.

et me begin by welcoming our readers to this new and
exciting project called Bethlehem News Spot, in the
past few years we have tried to come up with similar
initiatives but we could not succeed and I hope that
things will be different this time around. I wish our relationship
will grow from strength to strength after this edition and personal-
ly I could not wait to share my opinions with you as there is so
much to engage on. Although in this edition we are focusing on a
Risen Star Mbonambi.


On the 2nd of November 2019 Bohlokong, Bethlehem was
known and mentioned in each and every part of the world, our so
often unlucky township broke its curse, we for once have our
name mentioned alongside cities that produce great superstars
in the world of sports and it is all thanks to one man, Mbongeni THE SMALL CLAIMS COURT
Theo Mbonambi when Coach Allister Coetzee gave him his
Springbok debut against Ireland in 2016 the thought of Bethle-
If you have a document that proves that within which to settle your claims.
hem producing a world superstar was foreign to us, but what the you should receive money from someone,
29-year-old Stomers hooker did was unbelievable and should be such as a cheque, an acknowledgement of GO TO THE CLERK OF THE COURT AT
cherished forever, he broke the curse. debt or promissory note, you can take the THE NEAREST MAGISTRATE COURT
matter to the Small Claims Court to en-
He broke the curse that saw many of our local sports players fell force this agreement. If the person owing your money has not
paid the claim in 14 days, go to the Small
from grace while so much was expected of them. I have been CLAIMING DAMAGES Claims Court at your nearest Magistrate
following sports, football in particular since I was young and I Court with :
saw many talented players giving up on their God-given talents If you are involved in an accident and you - A copy of the letter of demand
for various reasons. When Comprehensive High School won the can produce proof that the other driver - Any contract or agreement between you
was a fault, you can take the matter to the and the person which proves the claim.
1996 KFC school competition championship the whole township Small Claims Court. - A post slip or any other document that
waited in anticipation of the influx of most players to the premier proves that the letter of demand was hand-
league teams but only a few made it. The following year we had CLAIMS BASED ON CREDIT AGREE- ed to the person.
our hopes reaching the sky when Bongani' Shusha' Mofokeng MENTS - The persons personal and contact de-
was selected to play for National under 14 squad but for some
If you have lent people money on credit
reason, he could not make it and our dreams were shattered. and they are not paying the agreed instal- The clerk of the court will prepare a sum-

'Zola' as he was popularly known to his teammates was by far ments, you can take the matter to the mons which will force the person to come
the best player of his generation, he was our pride. Tseko'Chick- mall Claims Court offers a quicker Small Claims Court. to court at the set date. The summons can
and easy way of resolving certain be delivered by you or the sheriff of the
en' Monchusi was once selected for under 14 national teams as
civil disputes that involve amounts CLAIMS THAT ARE EXCLUDED FROM court. Please always remember the date
well in 1997, We saw Lethola' Dada' Mofokeng go and play in up to R20 000 SMALL CLAIMS COURT and time when your case will be heard and
France, we witnessed Patrick Mbuthu shine and compete with - You do not need a lawyer to represent be there to state your case.
world-class players but all did not end well. Our last hope was you at a Small Claims Court. You can not be forward to claims that :
- All official languages may be used in a COURT DATE
Thulani ' Zizou' Maseko, my heart still bleeds when I talk about Small Claims Court - Go against a judgement or order of a
him and I maintain that he was the best player I have ever seen court The Clerk of the Court will inform you of
in South Africa, yes we had great players like Itumeleng Khune, REPAYMENT OF MONIES LENT - Are more than R20 000 the court date. The court procedure is in-
Thulani Serero, Gift Leremi, and Teko Modise but they all had - Are against the State, Local Municipality formal and not complicated. You will be
- If someone owes you money and they or Local Government. expected to tell your story and answer
nothing on 'Zizou', I do not wish to remind people about who refuse to pay you at the agreed time, you - Are for the official cancellation of mar- questions from the Commissioner of the
gave him the nickname, He was a magician. may take the matter to the Small Claims riage, Small Claims Court.
Court. - Concerns the validity of a will.
What 'Bongi' Mbonambi did erased Bohlokong’s pain that has In the day of the Court hearing, you must
been experienced over the past years, a boy from our back yard CLAIMING GOODS THAT ARE DUE TO SMALL CLAIMS COURT bring proof that the summons was deliv-
made headlines. As he was about to receive his gold medal, little YOU STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE ered to the person you are claiming from,
as well as all the proof that you have to
did he know that he was breaking a curse that followed our ath-
If someone has bought goods such as CONTACT THE PERSON WHOM YOU substantiate your claim.
letes over the years. I am sure he has never thought about it as furniture from you and they failed to pay it, HAVE A DISPUTE WITH
well but what he did might have changed the mindset of young- you can take the matter to the Small - Contact the person whom you have a PAYMENT
sters like Sipho Mbule and Teboho Mokoena to dream of Gold in Claims Court, provided that the value of dispute in person, in writing or telephoni-
the upcoming Tokyo Olympics. these boys played an important the goods does not exceed the monetary cally an ask them to settle your claim. (The If a judgement is given in your favour the
role for Coach David Notoane's under 23 team that qualified for limit for small Claims Court at that time. Current limit is R20 000) person must pay the money immediately
the Tournament in Asia. They have also been regulars for their and will be issued a receipt.
CLAIMING MONIES OWED WRITE A LETTER TO THE PERSON If they are not able to pay the court will
Team Supersport United where they help them win the MTN8 WHO OWES YOU investigate their financial position and de-
trophy. Teboho has been called for Bafana Bafana while Sipho If you have rented out a house or any oth- termine a payment plan.
has won the player of the month for November already this sea- er property to a person (tenant) and the - If the person who, for example, owes you
son. As we keep celebrating his achievements we would like to tenant does not pay the agreed rental at money refuses to pay, they should then be FAILURE TO COMPLY
say to Mbonambi we are proud of you but most importantly we the right time, you can take the matter to sent a letter of demand which indicates all
thank you for showing a boy from any section in Bohlokong that the Small Claims Court. the facts and the specific amount you are If the person fails to comply with the judge-
they can achieve anything they dream of. claiming. The letter must be delivered in ment then the matter will be referred to the
ENFORCING A CKAIM BASED ON A person or by registered mail (The Post magistrate court for execution processes.
LEGAL DOCUMENT Office can assist ). Once the person re-
By: Tshepo Mofokeng ceives the letter, they are given 14 days By: Themba Maropane
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Eagles Fly High

uper Eagle moved to within a point At half time Eagles made a substitution with behind Mangaung United with seven games
of table-topping Mangaung United Buitumelo Tsotsi coming on for Katleho to go.
after a narrow 2-1 victory over Mthombeni and immediately made an im-
Young Tigers from Bloemfontein pact but it was Tigers who took the lead in TEAM NEWS:
at the Bohlokong stadium on Saturday the the 52nd minutes, when a deflected cross
29th February. The game started at a slow flew over the Tshabalala into the back of 1.Mbali Tshabalala, 14. Pule Khasane,
pace with both teams canceling each other the net, minute later Senokoane Lepele 3.Vusimuzi Maduna, 5.Gift Mogorosi, 4.
in the first 10 minutes with the rain not mak- nearly equalized but his header went wide Teboho Moloi, 18. Sizwe Mkhwanazi, 6.
Ditsetsi Motsitsi( Tshepo Moleko '59min),
ing it easy for the players. In the 12th mi- of the Tigers post. Three minutes later the
nute, Young Tigers were the first to have a equalizer eventually came through Shalton 13.Senokoane Lepele, 15. Toka Moshoali-
ba,17 Sharlton Smith( Buti Mokele '76min),
shot on target with a powerful long-range Smith who unleashed a powerful shot pass
9. Katleho Mthombeni(Boitumelo Tsotsi
shot that was tipped over the bar by Eagles the Tigers goalkeeper. Tsotsi might have
keeper Mbali Tshabalala. Young Tigers had thought he won the game for the home side
the upper hand in the first half and again in the 83rd minute but his shot hit the cross-
By Tshepo Mofokeng
Tshabalala was called to action when he bar. Defender Pule Khasane rose high to
saved a low shot from the Tigers striker. head home the winner from Tsotsi’s cross
The game went into the break deadlocked in the 90th minute. Coach Teboho Moeti 's
at 0-0. men remained in second position a point