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“Let Freedom Ring”

Editor / Publisher Mike Blessing [ gunssavelives@zianet.com ]
Print Distribution Ron Bjornstad [ rbjornstad@earthlink.net ]
October 2005 The Official Newsletter of the Libertarian Party of New Mexico www.lpnm.org
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• Internet Resources
• 1774 in Boston, 2005 in New Orleans
• Want to Really Support the Troops?
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• Field Reports
• Calendar
• A Slip on the Part of the Media?
Page 3 – Voice of the Chair
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• Trek for Trash
• George Bush is My Shepherd
• The Phoenix Rises From The Ashes
• Recent Activties?
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• The Simon Jester Project
• Gun Confiscation in New Mexico?
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Libertarians: The Connies Speak Out
Page 8 – Contacts / Internet Resources
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Debit / Credit Account Donations
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• NM Liberty Admin Notes
• LPNM Enrollment / Renewal
By Scott Bieser [ www.scottbieser.com ]
INTERNET RESOURCES Originally posted to Scott's blog site, The Time Sink.
[ thetimesink.blogspot.com / www.bigheadpress.com/thetimesink ]
By Mike Blessing [ gunssavelives@comcast.net ]
LPNM Discussion
New Mexico Liberty
LPNM Activists
LPNM Business List
(LPNM membership required) I found this on The Libertarian Enterprise's site – the company that made the
Myspace.com original bumper sticker has since gone bankrupt. Check out
groups.myspace.com/lpnm www.unknownnews.org for more information.
From County / Campus Chairs
See groups.myspace.com/lpnm for details, updates, etc.
Bernalillo – New Mexico's Consumer Advocate has
Sunday, 9 October – Executive Committee meeting –
replaced The Weekly Sedition for the fourth quarter of Roper's in Albuquerque (Wyoming & Central) Lunch
2005 (October / November / December) on Albuquerque 12PM, Meeting 1 PM
Comcast Ch.27. Show times are Wednesdays at 8PM.
The Weekly Sedition will return in January. REGULAR EVENTS
Jay Vandersloot has been the Libertarian representative Thursday, 6 October – Bernalillo County Liberty Forum
for political forums on A Need to Know, sponsored by meets in Albuquerque, 5:30 to 7:00 PM at Fiesta's
Patty Gladstone on ABQ Ch.27. Restaurant & Lounge (Carlisle & Montogomery NE).
Contact Mike Blessing, 505-453-4532, for details.
Mike Blessing, among others, has started speaking at
the Albuquerque City Council meetings using the public Saturday, 8 October – San Juan County LP meeting.
commentary portion of the meeting. Council meetings Contact Bob Ziesmer, 505-327-6681 for details.
are on the first and third Mondays of each month.
Thursday, 19 October – Bernalillo County Liberty Forum
Transcripts of Mike's speeches will be posted to
meets in Albuquerque, 5:30 to 7:00 PM at Fiesta's
Restaurant & Lounge (Carlisle & Montogomery NE).
Chaves – D.J. Glenn has been hosting monthly Contact Mike Blessing, 505-453-4532, for details.
meetings on the third Friday of the month.
Friday, 21 October – Chaves County meets 6:30 PM.
The Libertarian Party of Chaves County will have a booth Contact D. Glenn, 505-625-0175, for details.
at the Eastern New Mexico State Fair, 3 thru 9 October
Monday, 24 October – August Meetup at J.B's on
2005. They are raffling a Ruger model 10/22T (target
Eubank just north of I-40. Contact Jay Vandersloot, 505-
rifle) carbine. With all tickets sold, the drawing will be
362-1733, for details.
held Sunday afternoon, 9 October.
Wednesday, 26 October. – Sandoval County meets at
Eddy – Bob Thompson is getting started in organizing JB’s restaurant on 528 near Intel. Contact Ron
the LPEC. Bjornstad, 505-891-4541, for details.
Lincoln – Tony Seno has recently resigned as county TV Shows – Channel 27 in ABQ
chair. Richard Obergfell will be the acting county chair (not necessarily endorsed by LPNM)
pending an organizational meeting with Dorsey Glenn.
New Mexico's Consumer Advocate
Otero – Kathleen Hodgkinson is getting started in Wednesdays at 8PM
organizing the LPOC.
San Juan – The previously-announced rifle raffle is still Hemp TV – Tuesdays at 7PM
going on, and is due to be raffled off on 15 December groups.yahoo.com/group/hemptv
2005, for the LPSJC's Bill of Rights Day event. Contact
Bob Ziesmer for details. A Need to Know – Alternating Tuesdays at 9 PM
Reeferhead – Saturdays at 6PM
The LPSJC recently had a reorganizational meeting, and
has posted some new officers to its roster – see page 4 A SLIP ON THE PART OF THE MEDIA?
for details. By Mike Blessing [ gunssavelives@comcast.net ]
Sandoval – The LPSC is having its monthly meetings at
the J.B.'s on 528, north of Intel.
Santa Fe – Susan Ruch has been assisting Dorsey
Glenn in sending out mailings for the membership drive
and organizational effort.
Socorro – Shawn Price has recently resigned from the
County Chair position, leaving the spot open.
University of New Mexico – John Pfersich will also be
assisting with the start-up of a college libertarian group at
the UNM Main Campus. A print advertisement in support
of the UNM group was placed in UNM Daily Lobo by
Bruce Bush.
This picture of Bush with caption was screen-captured and
posted around the internet by parties unknown. While I don't
want to underestimate our Comrade President, his
administration has me feeling somewhat nostalgic for the reign
of Waco Willie Clinton.
Voice of the Chair "Every idea you present must be something you could
Jay Vandersloot get across easily at a cocktail party with strangers."
— Jack Welch, GE Executive

Candidates Needed to Run for Public Office Solutions: We favor the repeal of all federal, state and
local laws creating "crimes" without victims.
Elections are coming up again next year, and I’m sure
there are a number of us who have thought about the Transitional Action: In particular, we advocate:
possibility of running for office, but then sloughed it off
thinking, “I’d never have a chance of winning.” A. the repeal of all laws prohibiting the production, sale,
possession, or use of drugs, and of all medicinal
While it may not be easy, it is possible. There are over prescription requirements for the purchase of vitamins,
500 Libertarians around the country who are in public drugs, and similar substances; the repeal of all laws
office. They did it, and so can you! restricting or prohibiting the use or sale of alcohol,
requiring health warning labels and signs, making
Look for local races, where there is a candidate running
unopposed. Look for offices you feel the incumbent is bartenders or hosts responsible for the behavior of
customers and guests, making liquor companies liable
doing a bad job and needs to be replaced, at all costs
(not hard to find). You feel someone needs to run for birth defects, and making gambling houses liable for
the losses of intoxicated gamblers; the repeal of all laws
against those people. Well, why not you!
or policies authorizing stopping drivers without probable
While you’re at it, let’s take a look at a group of positions cause to test for alcohol or drug use; the repeal of all
where one might be able to make an even greater laws regarding consensual sexual relations, including
difference if elected – some State-wide races. Think of prostitution and solicitation, and the cessation of state
the effect it would have, if we could get a Libertarian oppression and harassment of homosexual men and
elected as Secretary of State, or to the State Supreme women, that they, at last, be accorded their full rights as
Court! Or, what about running for some of the other individuals; the repeal of all laws regulating or prohibiting
State-wide offices? Consider the following. the possession, use, sale, production, or distribution of
sexually explicit material, independent of "socially
Secretary of State State Supreme Court
redeeming value" or compliance with "community
State Auditor Land Commissioner
State Attorney General U.S. Senator
State Treasurer (have you been following the news?) B. the repeal of all laws regulating or prohibiting
If you’re planning to run for office, or have even just been
toying in your mind with the possibility, let me know about C. the repeal of anti-racketeering statutes such as the
it. Send an email (jayvandersloot@yahoo.com), or if you Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act
don’t have email, call me (505-362-1733), and tell me (RICO), which punish peaceful behavior – including
about it. insider trading in securities, sale of sexually explicit
material, and nonviolent anti-abortion protests – by
If you know Libertarians who would be good for any
freezing and/or seizing assets of the accused or
public office, talk to and encourage them to run.
convicted; and
Let’s not wait until the last moment to start things rolling.
D. the repeal of all laws interfering with the right to
Let’s get this going NOW!
commit suicide as infringements of the ultimate right of
State Central Committee Decides to Move an individual to his or her own life.
LPNM 2006 State Convention Date We demand the use of executive pardon to free and
At the Sept. meeting the LPNM CenCom decided to re- exonerate all those presently incarcerated or ever
schedule the 2006 State Convention from June to the convicted solely for the commission of these "crimes."
weekend of March 10-12, 2006, to better facilitate timely We condemn the wholesale confiscation of property prior
nominations of candidates, and to allow time for to conviction by the state that all too often accompanies
preparations for the potential court case next Spring. police raids, searches, and prosecutions for victimless
Please plan on being there. crimes. Further, we recognize that, often, the Federal
Government blackmails states which refuse to comply
Now, let’s educate ourselves on one of the planks with these laws by withholding funds and we applaud
from our LP National Platform, so we will be better those states which refuse to be so coerced.
able to present the principles to others.
I. Individual Rights and Civil Order
3. Victimless Crimes
The Issue: Activities which do not affect anyone but the
actor have been criminalized by government on the basis
of encoding a particular morality into law.
The Principle: Only actions that infringe on the rights or
damage the property of others can properly be termed
By D.J. Glenn [ djglenn@plateautel.net ] By Bob Ziesmer [ nm_bob@hotmail.com ]
Several members of the Libertarian Party of Chaves The LP of San Juan County held its annual picnic last
County Central Committee participated in the "Trek for Saturday. A special meeting was held before the picnic,
Trash" on Saturday, 16 September 2005 by cleaning up and at that meeting the call for a special convention was
our adopted two-mile stretch of East 19th Street. rescinded.
Participants received a nice "Tee Shirt", and started the
Also, stepping forward to fill some empty slots were:
day with coffee and donuts at Pioneer Plaza in Roswell.
Perhaps the greatest benefit to the party lies in the Joseph Knight – Committee Member at Large
advertising and to us individually – well maybe trim Margaret Mathers – Secretary
waistlines. Ann Ziesmer – Treasurer
Also, the turnout at the picnic was quite good, and some
non-Libertarian guests took part and seemed to enjoy
the discussion and related to our views.
After the negative report at last week's State Cencom
meeting, I felt I should convey this positive message as
By Mike Blessing [ gunssavelives@comcast.net ]
Every time I put NML together, I'm scrounging for
material to put in. What I'm really looking for is stuff from
the LPNM's county affiliates on their recent activities,
such as meetings, fairs, members' speeches or media
events, those sorts of things. I'd like to know that there
are more of you active than the Bernalillo, San Juan and
By Bill Koehler [ bkoehler8@comcast.net ]
What can you do to get things moving? Some
George Bush is my Shepherd, I am f*cked. suggestions:
He maketh me to war at his pleasure.
He leadeth an army from a safe distance. •Write a letter to the editor, and sign it as an LP
He urge me on. member.
He leadeth me in the path of treachery and deceipt. •Hold a meeting at the local restaurant, and advertise
Yea! I can still walk. that meeting with a sign or two on the roadside, or
Fear no evil? You must be joking. flyers at the Quik-Mart's bulletin board.
The pr*ck will court martial me if I try to leave. •Talk to your friends and family about the LP.
Thy tanks and thy helicopters are small comfort amidst
suicide bombers. All of these action items are very low-cost, nor do they
Thou hast served me as a sacrificial lamb. require any special skills. The highest skill level you
Thou tradest my life for oil. would need is some sort of computer literacy, mostly
My guts are spilt all over the desert. using a word processor such as MS Office. (I'm using
Surely I will now leave in a body bag. Open Office here, which does the same job, only the
For I have serve my purpose Open Office developers don't charge you the Ø200 that
and filled your slaughter house. Microsoft does for their product.
<> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <>
What's required is some amount of initiative. What ever
“The success of a party can be determined by the happened to the libertarian ethos that free individuals get
number of gatecrashers. And we do have friends who've things done without government support, or
been knocking away on the virtual doors of the cartel. government's boot up their rear end for not doing? Yeah,
MadMan is devising a logical test of libertarianism. Get sometimes I'm late on a project or two, but then again, in
ready to jump through the hoop and clear the hurdles! addition to the 20+ hours a month I donate to the LPNM,
“Any more wanting to join us in the battle against the evil I'm working two jobs, and trying to have some sort of
forces of socialism, illogic, and unfreedom? Drop me a social life as well. Those 20+ hours are hours that I could
line.” be out and about chasing skirts, practicing my shooting,
– Yazad Jal, reading my skiffy books, etc. Get the picture?
"You have plenty of rights in this country, provided you
don't get caught exercising them."
– Terry Mitchell
By Mike Blessing [ gunssavelives@comcast.net ]
I came across the following discussion from the NM
Shooting Sports Association's email list:
Mike O. wrote on 23 Sept 2005:
The local authorities in New Orleans ordered the
confiscation of guns. Federal marshals assisted in that
I've been told that New Mexico state disaster plans also
have provisions for gun confiscations? Did they before,
THE SIMON JESTER PROJECT or is that a post 9-11 / Patriot Act / Dept Homeland
A Liberty Round Table Project Security new thing?
[ www.libertyroundtable.org ]
Anybody know if it's true, have the details? Did the feds
If you haven't read the classic SF novel, The Moon is a require them in the state plans if we wanted fed money
Harsh Mistress, by Robert A. Heinlein, the whole Simon the way they link other stuff to federal funds?
Jester thing may be confusing you. Simon Jester was the
"imaginary" creation of a group of Loonies fomenting Carol wrote on 24 Sept 2005:
rebellion. He was a little devil who tormented the Lunar I looked at the Dept. of Public Safety and found the 2004
government with catchy little jokes, ditties, poems, disaster plan and the 1999 plan. I did not find any
slogans, and cartoons. Later, Simon expanded into the mention of weapons, guns, ETC. except for weapons of
poltergeist business by playing practical jokes on gov- mass destruction. Whether or not this is the real plan is
goons and bureaucrats. He always signed his work with anyone's guess.
a little cartoon image of a grinning devil.
Mike O. wrote on 25 Sept 2005:
"Simon" was a game everyone could play, anyone who
wanted to bug the ruling authoritarians, that is. Any Not going to find what I'm talking about in those; it's
pissed-off miner could scribble a bit of seditious graffiti going to be in the action / implementation plans, the
on a wall and attribute it to "Simon" with the easily actual action steps or tasks assignments needed to
scrawled logo. To the Authority, it seemed that Simon implement those plans. Those are separate documents. I
Jester was everywhere, all the time. couldn't find those on line.
My take here: those action plans drawn up by the State
We need Simon Jester now. Police, New Mexico's Homeland Security office, and
others, are often deemed “confidential” and held close to
the vest, as we rank-and-file citizenry aren't meant for
such information. As such, the only place they would be
A "meme" is an idea, a thought; hopefully a seed that will online is on law-enforcement websites restricted to
germinate in the recipient's mind and grow into a whole police-use only.
garden of worthwhile ideas. In theory, one exposes Am I condoning this? Hell, NO! Governments keeping
people to short, memorable phrases or images which secrets is one of the cornerstones of tyranny. They say
stick with them; rather like the tune you can't get out of that the reason they keep this documents confidential is
your head. In this case, the "tune" is akin to Yankee that “terrorists” might get ahold of them and find ways to
Doodle Dandy and is meant to generate thoughts on foil those plans. I might add that the difference between
liberty. “terrorist” and “freedom fighter” can often be a subjective
Planting those mental seeds is what the Simon Jester one, and that with the USA PATRIOT Act of 2001, the
Project is all about. To get you started, we've provided a possibility exists for anyone to be declared a “terrorist,”
few basic files. just as the USA PATRIOT Act was supposed to be used
against “terrorists.” Why is it that they have no problems
Surely this is enough to get us started. using its provisions against people not at all connected to
Enough plotting; let's get out and do something! “terrorist” activities and groups.

See The Simon Jester Project's website: The libertarian solution to this is to call for the end of
allowing government agencies to keep secrets and lie to
www.simonjester.org us about anything. Once you allow it for “national
security” or “law enforcement,” the door will be open for
just about anything else, just as civil asset forfeiture was
originally supposed to be limited to the “Drug War,” and
now just about any agency that exists can seize your
stuff with the slightest of reasons.
If ever there was a reason to keep up with sites like
copwatch.com, the New Orleans situation was it.
THE LIBERTARIAN ENTERPRISE including H.G. Wells, George Bernard Shaw, Sydney and
www.ncc-1776.com Beatrice Webb, and a great many illustrious others.
Libertarians: The Connies Speak Out Even if that didn't happen to be true, what is it that these
by L. Neil Smith [ lneil@lneilsmith.com ] connnies are wearing down and defeating, exactly? Thanks to
the likes of Richard "I Am Not A Crook" Nixon (who considered
I have been accused – and I didn't like it much – of saying that
private ownership of firearms "an abomination") and the
the people of the United States are sleeping. All that we
inappropriately sainted Ronald Reagan, the all-consuming
libertarians (or Marxists or Georgists or Monarchists or Nudists
State today is bigger, more powerful, and more voracious than
or Flat-Earthists or Anti-Darwinists) need to do to achieve
ever. And one way or another, every bit of it is the work of the
victory over the Forces of Evil (whoever they happen to be at
cowards, cretins, and crazies who call themselves
the moment) is to awaken our fellow countrymen (and our
conservatives, whose self-congratulatory campaign against
countrywomen, too) from their deep and dangerous slumber.
the liberal establishment seems to consist of little besides
Now in fact, I've never said anything even remotely like that. becoming liberals, themselves.
It's just part of the argumentative style of the guy who made
Let's stick with the fundamental right to own and carry
the accusation (he's a novelist, and he'd want me to mention
weapons, since it was on a gun forum that this antilibertarian
his name) to invent positions for you on various issues and
flatulence was posted. Who made the Brady Bill and the late,
then try to bamboozle you into defending them, a technique I
unlamented Ugly Gun ban possible? None other than the
don't think I ever fell for, even in grade school. I dismissed him
Republican Party, under the viagratic leadership of Senator
and I haven't heard from him since.
Brady Bill-Bob Dole, who gave the Clintonistas a pass on rules
The other day, however, I had an experience that made me of procedure that would have otherwise stopped them cold.
wonder if that view wasn't right, after all, about one subculture For ten years, as a consequence, liberty hung in limbo – and
of Americans in particular, those who continue, despite the hangs in limbo even yet – thanks specifically to the connies
dictates of history – not to mention good taste – to label who now have the baldfaced temerity to claim it was all part of
themselves "conservative". And since conservatives have some grand strategy.
shown over the past several years that they have no real
Sure: the "strategy" of betraying principle, toadying to
interest in individual liberty, but merely represent a right-wing
creatures like Bill Clinton, who would be powerless without
variety of socialism, I think it's appropriate to call them
enthusiastic connie help.
"It's a slow process," our correspondent declares pontifically,
What happened is that I heard from a friend that he had
somehow failing to notice (or acknowledge) that it's also a
posted an essay of mine "on an ostensibly pro-RKBA, heavily
process presently running in reverse, away from the individual
Republican gun forum". For those unfamiliar with the acronym,
freedom that connies used to claim they desired. "But the only
"RKBA" stands for the "Right to Keep and Bear Arms",
alternative is listening to the Libertarians yapping while the
referring to the Second Amendment. I greatly prefer to
Liberals control the USA."
modernize a hackneyed phrase that otherwise seems to fall on
cliche-deafened ears, by saying "the right to own and carry So that's the problem! The poor connies don't like our
weapons". "yapping". They don't appreciate any individual impolite and
impolitic enough to remind them that they're lying phonies who
He continued, "Thought I'd forward a couple of the responses."
have now managed to inflict more catastrophic damage on
The particular essay in question, "Why Did It Have To Be what the Founding Fathers accomplished than any left-winger
Guns?", has been a favorite feature of my personal website, ever dreamed of in his wildest McGovernistic imagination.
"The Webley Page" for years. I've asked editor Ken Holder to
They probably hate our mentioning the way their foreign policy,
run it in this week's Enterprise so you can see what started the
driven by mercantilist lust for somebody else's property,
brought on the attack on the World Trade Center, or their so-
[ See www.lneilsmith.com/whyguns.html – MWB ] called Patriot Act, which would make Adolf Hitler green with
envy, or their thousands of spy cameras on the streets, twice
Back already? as thick as in the old movie 1984, or their midnight arrests and
Okay, keep in mind the gist of the essay: my contention that abductions – following the Abe Lincoln playbook, line by
you can learn practically anything you need to know about a jackbooted line of American citizens and others never properly
politician from his respect – or lack thereof – for your right to accused, let alone convicted of any crime, or their
own and carry weapons. concentration camps and torture dungeons hidden in friendly
foreign dictatorships.
"What has been working," read the first so-called response to
my essay, "is the Conservative strategy of wearing down and They don't want us "yapping" while what they're really "wearing
defeating the Liberal establishment through a continuous down and defeating" is the Bill of Rights, through their
campaign on all fronts against their ideology, performance, "continuous campaign on all fronts" against freedom of
and political and news media dominance." communication, freedom of assembly, freedom of religion,
sexual and reproductive freedom, the right to travel freely
Aside from the fact that this wasn't really a response to my without being molested by hired thugs, personal and financial
essay at all (it seemed a lot more to me like a defensive knee- privacy, and, yes, the individual right to own and carry
jerk reaction to the myriad and conspicuous failures of weapons.
Republican politicians to stand up properly for the Second
Amendment over the past few decades), do you see what I Never forget Ronald Reagan's support for the Brady Bill,
mean about connies being sound asleep? Either that, or named to honor his old flunky, or George Senior's campaign
they're all higher than ... higher than ... an appropriate diatribe against a tiny .22 revolver, or George Junior's promise
metaphor appears to be escaping me, here ... I've got it: to sign a renewal of the Adequate Magazine ban if his left wing
higher than Rush Limbaugh. allies ever managed to get it passed.
What this writer is attempting to describe, in any case, is not a Connies want us libertarians to stop "yapping". And I
conservative strategy, not at all, but one developed during the suppose if I were heavily invested in the relentless
19th century by English Fabian socialists, including H.G.
CONTINUED FROM PREVIOUS PAGE senate? Who are grandly informed by old men in black
dresses that the plain language of the Bill of Rights somehow
Nazification of what was once the freest civilization in the
fails to apply inside Arizona public parks, or within the City and
world, I'd want exactly the same thing, myself.
County of Denver?
Wouldn't you?
"You've got to fight every day, slug it out in the court of public
I seem to recall somebody saying, "When the enemy screams opinion."
"Foul!" the loudest, you know you're doing him the most
How true – mostly against wasters of oxygen like him, it would
damage." Now who could that possibly have been? Oh yeah, it
was me! In my essay, "Tactical Reflections" in my book Lever
Action. And to that, I'll add now that the more conservatives "If the opinion of the Elites is against us," he went on, "as it
whimper, the more we libertarians know we're right. surely is concerning [the right to own and carry weapons],
unremitting effort is required to provide our fellow citizens with
So I guess we'll just keep yapping until the connies wake up.
the reasons why gun ownership is a positive, personal good
According to a television show I saw this week, Winston for them, as well as [for] us."
Churchill once said, "The further backward you can look, the
This would have been a useful observation fifty years ago.
further forward you can see."
Today it is old news, proof that our correspondent and his
I know history pretty well, and what I see conservatives – let's fellow connies have been off somewhere with their heads
call 'em connies – shoveling today is the same old bullshit wedged where the sun don't shine. His ignorance—which he
used by Republicans in the 1950s, Democrats in the 1940s waves proudly, like a flag, is appalling.
(not to mention World War I), Republicans in the 1860s, and
Otherwise, he would be aware that, over the past quarter
politicians in general, probably as far back as the Sumerians
century, I have written a book a year, each of them asserting,
six thousand years ago, as an excuse to relieve their subjects
to one degree or another, and depending on the particular
of their lives, their liberty, and their property.
circumstances, that "Every man, woman, and responsible child
I'm sure back even then there were plenty of "useful idiots" to has an unalienable individual, civil, Constitutional, and human
justify – in cuneiform – what the bigwigs were actually doing to right to obtain, own, and carry, openly or concealed – any
people. Today our civilization is plagued by the same kind of weapon – rifle, shotgun, handgun, machinegun, anything –
"useful idiots". any time, any place, without asking anyone's permission."
"Libertarians believe in Magic," a Republican connie bloviated, He would know about the works of Scott Bieser, Fran van
recently, in what was supposed to have been a response to Cleave, Kathryn Graham, Kent Hastings, James P. Hogan.
"Why Did It Have To Be Guns?", an essay of mine observing Victor Koman, Brad Linaweaver, Rex F. May, Victor Milan,
that no matter what a politicians says, what he does with Kenneth Royce, J. Neil Schulman, Vin Suprynowicz, Susan
regard to your right to own and carry weapons tells you what Wells, F. Paul Wilson, Robert Anton Wilson, Claire Wolfe, and
he really thinks of you and your rights. (A friend of mine had Aaron Zelman, fighting every day, slugging it out in the court of
posted the essay on a mostly right wing Second Amendment public opinion, all in support of individual liberty, and always
forum. "A Democratic Republic such as ours," the connie for the right to own and carry weapons whenever the subject
announced as if it were a new discovery, "doesn't operate on arises.
If I've left anybody out, please forgive me. You all know who
I've no idea what I said in my essay to make this specimen you are.
think libertarians believe in magic. Mostly we're hard-nosed
Another appalling thing about this guy is his cultural inferiority
atheists, materialists, and anti-mystics. Indeed it's the connies
complex. His use of the word "Elites" – capitalized, no less – to
who have an all-powerful Imaginary Playmate and see fairies
indicate followers of the Woman with One Eyebrow, denizens
at the bottom of their garden.
of the City of the Cockroach, bedwetting liberals, famously
What I suspect – you may recall that I've written about this fearful of every known phenomenon, is abject and
syndrome before – is that the writer thought that slogan up embarrassing, like watching a collared and broken cur,
some time ago (possibly it was the only original thought he cowering and nose-whistling at the feet of its abusive master.
ever had) and he was desperate to use it, however
Before he presumes to lecture libertarians again, Fido should
inappropriately, at some time before he died.
get himself a spine. Wayne LaPierre clearly isn't using his (he
A lot of nonsense gets written that way. His illusion that borrowed Larry Pratt's for the New Orleans lawsuit), maybe
America is a democratic republic is another perfect example. he'd like to rent it out.
In one sense, it was never intended to be – the Founders
But I digress.
expended lots of effort to keep it from becoming one – and in
another, it never has been. Thanks to guys like Boss Tweed, "Libertarians despise the majority of voters," our connie forum
famous for saying, "I don't give a damn who does the voting, correspondent now proclaims. "They smear them as 'sheeple'
as long as I do the nominating," there hasn't been an honest and dismiss them as beneath contempt. But as long as we
election in the USA since sometime around the War Between have a Democratic Republic, the majority opinion will prevail
the States. over the Elites in the end."
"There are no easy ways," this pampered darling of the two- Where do you start with a sentence like that? It's obvious the
headed Boot On Your Neck Party eructated, "to win political guy doesn't know many real libertarians, or he wouldn't be
battles or rights." outgassing like this. How does he come by the knowledge that
we "despise the majority of voters'? Telepathy? I never said it,
He was telling this to libertarians, who, unlike privileged and
and it wasn't in the essay he's supposedly responding to. I'll
protected BOYN Party candidates, have had to petition or sue
admit I've heard libertarians use the world "sheeple", but they
to get into every election they've run in since 1971? Who end
certainly have no monopoly on it – I'll bet this guy uses it a lot
up getting fined for running against Republican and
more than we do. The only folks I've ever heard openly
Democratic candidates? Who find ballot boxes thrown off the
manifesting contempt for the electorate are Democrats and
back of a truck in the desert rather than allow a libertarian to
Republicans, so I have to conclude that he must be
occupy the seat she won fair and square in the Nevada State CONTINUED NEXT PAGE

Chair Bernalillo having some kind of argument with

himself – somebody tell him that'll grow
Jay Vandersloot, 505-362-1733 Mike Blessing, 505-453-4532
hair on his palms.
jayvandersloot@yahoo.com gunssavelives@zianet.com
groups.myspace.com/lpnmbernco I repeat, America is not now, nor was it
Vice Chair ever intended to be a "Democratic
Bruce Bush, 505-256-0810 Chaves Republic". (If he'd consult a dictionary
bruce1776@msn.com Dorsey J. Glenn with derivations, he'd discover that the
505-625-0175 term is a redundancy in any case, half
Secretary of it coming from Greek, the other half
Mike Blessing, 505-453-4532 from Latin, both meaning the same
gunssavelives@zianet.com Colfax thing.
Richard Moore, 505-377-6849
Treasurer And there's that term "Elites" again.
Stan Raczynski, 505-291-9977 Grovel, grovel, grovel.
cynelf@earthlink.net Dona Ana
John Ennis, 505-571-6881 There's no way connies can get around
At-Large Representative, Seat A it, no matter what slogans they
Ron Bjornstad, 505-891-4541 endlessly repeat: we libertarians believe
rbjornstad@earthlink.net Eddy in freedom. Period. Not magic.
Bob Thompson (Acting) Some years ago, the GOP was
At-Large Representative, Seat B
505-644-9754 pretending to lead a congressional
Judy Glenn, 505-625-0175
"revolution" for personal and economic
jtigger@plateautel.net Grant
freedom – and getting nowhere,
Helena Hammer, 505-388-1270 because they weren't really interested in
District 1 Representative, Seat A
Paul Tietjens Lea either. Whenever critics, especially
505-880-2372 / starbane@gmail.com Christina Groth, 505-397-9366 libertarians, were rude enough to point
out their failings and deviations from
District 1 Representative, Seat B Lincoln principle, they would whine, "The
John Pfersich Richard Obergfell (Acting) perfect is the enemy of the good" –
505-301-2601 / neoconssuck@att.net 505-378-8025 / lplcnm@zianet.com meaning that those of us who were
capable of keeping our eyes on the
District 2 Representative, Seat A Los Alamos prize (as the saying went) were spoiling
Richard Obergfell, 505-378-8025 Allen Cogbill, 505-662-7833 their con.
lplcnm@zianet.com acogbill@geopotential.com I replied that if it weren't for those who
District 2 Representative, Seat B insist on the "perfect" there'd never be
any good. A while after that, they
Dorsey J. Glenn, 505-625-0175 Marilyn Steffen, 505-531-2556 stopped using the slogan.
djglenn@plateautel.net b_lamont5@hotmail.com
Connies don't have the cojones for
District 3 Representative, Seat A Otero freedom any more. The mere existence
Bob Ziesmer, 505-327-6681 Kathleen Hodgkinson (Acting) of libertarians wounds their poor,
nm_bob@hotmail.com 505-437-6042 shriveled souls, because, by supporting
hodgkinson@cybermesa.com the right wing socialist policies of
District 3 Representative, Seat B George W. Bush, they have cravenly
W. Keaton Johnson, 505-983-5856 Roosevelt surrendered to the left wing socialism of
Ken Sanders, 505-749-2085 Hillary Clinton.
San Juan Part One – www.tinyurl.com/96r66
New Mexico Tech Bob Ziesmer, 505-327-6681
Lucas Uecker nm_bob@hotmail.com Part Two – www.tinyurl.com/ddve7
505-301-7980 / luecker@nmt.edu
Sandoval L. Neil Smith's personal website, “The
University of New Mexico Don Wilde Webley Page,” is located at
John Pfersich (Acting) don@silver-lynx.com www.lneilsmith.com
505-301-2601 / neoconssuck@att.net
Santa Fe
<> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <>
Susan Ruch, 505-466-4706
Call the state chair if you're
suelib1@hotmail.com "The best antidote to bad speech is
interested in filling a slot.
Socorro better speech."
If you don't, who will? Shawn L. Price, 505-838-5259
– Jim Lesczynski,
Manhattan Libertarian Party
Amy Frederick, 505-866-1127 "Politicians are the same the world over.
They promise to build a bridge where
there is no river."
– Nikita Khrushchev (1894 - 1971)
Leader of the Soviet Union from 1953
to 1964

Los Alamos National Bank:

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spreading the message. For example, an article about the nmliberty-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com
stupidity, insanity and evil of the UN might get put in,
depending on available space and the quality of the article. A Submissions, problems, Letters to the Editor – send a message
group of LPNM members counter-protesting the raising of a to nmliberty-owner@yahoogroups.com
UN flag by the city council WILL get put in, and probably will
get first priority. Submission deadlne for the October issue – 28 Sept 2005

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