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Int. emcees Maneca: (Insert adlibs).

Now what would make their moods even better is to give

them words to feed their souls and get themselves energized for our seminar
Pre-seminar proper session for today.
(Optional) Brian/Maneca: Good morning/afternoon everyone. Brian: So let us call on Mr. Marvin Vasquez for our opening remarks.
Brian: Ladies and gentlemen, we would like to greet everyone a lovely Saturday Post-opening remarks
Maneca: Thank you Mr. Vasquez.
Maneca: Why don’t we make this afternoon not just wonderful but also a day full of
learning and new experiences? Brian: Now we are all geared up for our seminar today. But we would first like to
recognize and acknowledge our guest speaker for today, Ms. Carmella Salonga. We
Maneca: Yeah, you know, we’ve anticipated long enough for this day to come, are overjoyed to have you here as our guest speaker.
Maneca: But anticipation comes with painstaking efforts, sleepless nights and
wishful thoughts now come into reality. So what’re we waiting for? Maneca: Now since all of us wants to know more about our beautiful guest speaker,
let us hear something about her, coming from Ms. MarivicGallanosa.
Brian: The long wait is so over. On behalf of EDUC99c class, we welcome you to our
seminar entitled: Post-introduction of speaker

(In chorus) Brian and Maneca: (Insert seminar title) Maneca: Thank you Ms. Gallanosa.

Brian: Now may we request every one of you to rise for our national anthem, to be Brian: For our seminar proper, may we call on our guest speaker for today, and let us
led and conducted by Ms. Giselle Quindong. all give her a round of applause. Ext. emcees.

Post-national anthem Maneca: Please remain standing. Let us all feel the presence Post-seminar proper
of our Almighty God as we offer Him a song of praise.
Maneca: Thank you Ms. Carmella Salonga.
Post-doxology Brian: Please take your seats. Again we would like to welcome you to
our seminar concerning (insert seminar title) Brian: We’ve learned so much from you this day.

Maneca: For our snacks,

(Optional) Maneca: Now as your master of ceremonies, we would first like to
introduce ourselves to you. I am (Insert name, and some details if necessary) Brian: And some refreshments, may we call on our Food Committee to do the honor.
Brian: And I am (Insert name, and some details if necessary). Post-snacks
Brian: You know, it’s so nice to see every one of them in such a good mood today. Maneca: Why don’t we give ourselves a big hand for having this day.
And let us now forget the fact that you look stunning today, Ms. Maneca.
Brian: We couldn’t have done this successfully without our participants and our
speaker who spared their time attending this seminar.

Maneca: So let us move on to our awarding of certificates.

(Optional) Brian: Let us hear what’s inside this certificate, Ms. Maneca, please do the

Maneca: (Insert certificate content)

Brian: Let us now do the distribution starting from (Insert names)

Post awarding of certificates

Maneca: Thank you every one sharing this moment with us. B

rian: And for our closing remarks, let us hear it from Mr. Don Kristopher Noble. Big
hands for him.

Post-closing remarks

Brian: Thank you for such good words coming from you Mr. Noble.

Maneca: Now let us all rise again for our CvSU hymn, to be led and conducted by
Ms. Meryl Macanoquit.

Brian: We do all have a wonderful day today.

Maneca: Yes, we would like to thank all of you for being here. Again thank you for
coming to our seminar entitled:

(Chorus) Brian/Maneca: (Insert seminar title) Ext. all