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Job Title : Accountant

Reporting to : Chief Financial Officer
Section : Finance
Department : Finance
Location : Head Office
Grade : TBZ4
Job Purpose
To reconcile financial transactions and generate information to support decision making and full
compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements

Principal Job Accountabilities (Key Outputs)

Output 1: Paid Salaries

Definition: Payroll for the period prepared according to stipulated deadline and employees
are paid correct salaries

Output 2: Reconciled Payroll Transactions

Definition: Payroll transactions pertaining to employee compensation for the period are
verified and reconciled.

Output 3: Paid Statutory Obligations

Definition: PAYE, NAPSA and VAT payments reconciled and returns prepared and delivered
to appropriate statutory authorities in accordance with statutory requirements.

Output 4: Billed Clients

Definition: Invoices for income due to the Board prepared and delivered to clients and ledger
is up-to-date

Output 5: Collected Income

Definition: Income from debtors reconciled, collected, and adequate cash flow is maintained

Output 6: Maintained Accounting Records

Definition: Accounting documents filed and accessible for reference