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This certification is gratefully acknowledged for

Yeshiwondim Eniyew for his volunteering
participation in Social Development Summer
Volunteer at our Woreda Municipality in 2019.

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Gondar, Ethiopia
Phone No:- +251967134060 E-mail: yeshijanexo09@gmail.com
To: The Scholarship Committee
To Whom It May Concern:
My name is Yeshiwondim Eniyew and I am a fifth year Bachelor of Civil Engineering
student at Debre Markos University, and I plan to follow up with a two-year master’s
degree after I graduate. I will graduate in this year (July 05, 2020). I have CGPA of 3.59
with Great Distinction up to 5th year 1st Semester. One semester is left for Graduation.
My estimated GPA will be 3.62 when I graduate.
While in high school, I worked extensively with my local Habitat for Humanity branch
to help build homes for low income families. I learned about the construction process
from the ground up, and I discovered the importance of function in architectural design.
My education is largely focused on this mindset: function over form, stability over
showmanship. I have enrolled in several classes that crossover to the Civil Engineering
major because I want to have a comprehensive view of how design meets structure and
structural stability and safety. I have worked on three extra-credit of Integrated Civil
Engineering design of G+4 Civil Engineering Laboratory Building design projects
under the supervision of my Advisor Mr. Abdulfatah Shagill to accelerate my research
and education.
I wanted to become a good engineer to create accessible, affordable housing
opportunities in underprivileged communities. Living in a college town, I have seen
countless rental properties available, but there are few homes for sale that are priced
affordably enough for college students and first-time buyers. This is the case in many
towns throughout Africa, especially areas with a low standard of living. My goal is to
build neighborhoods of sufficient starter homes that can help adults build equity, avoid
excessive debt, and create financial stability for their futures.
I had taken an internship scheduled with Defense Construction Enterprise for 5 month,
and I will continue my on-the-job training there after my master’s degree.
I believe firmly in their mission to build “a world where everyone has a decent place to
I appreciate your consideration. With your assistance, I can continue my schooling in
Civil Engineering to bring accessible homes to those in need.
Yeshiwondim Eniyew.

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Personal Details
Residence: Gondar, Ethiopia
Date of Birth: January 13, 1996
Nationality: Ethiopia
Religion: Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo
Phone Number: (+251)967134060
E-mail address: yeshijanexo09@gmail.com
Language: Native Language-Amharic and
Other Language -English

Education & Training

School (College) Name year(G.C) Level Qualification

Abo elementary school 2006-2010 1-7 I was number 1 student

Mekane Birhan Elementary school 2011 8 #1 Student

Mekane Birhan Secondary and preparatory 2012-2015 9-12 #1 student


Debre Markos University 2016-2020 Degree BSc. in Civil


Career Objective
To grow along with the organization and become a professional of excellent repute by
effectively contributing towards the goal of the organization.

I will graduate in July05,2020, But, I have 5 month internship experience @ Defense
Construction Enterprise from February 21 to July 27 in the field of Road construction.
I have practical knowledge in Material investigation, Geotechnical Laboratory, Field density
Test, Slump test, Work Inspection, Equipment and Labor Management, Takeoff sheet and
BOQ Preparation, Surveying and Concrete Mix Design.
Generally in a 5 month internship period I work on behalf of Construction Engineer, Site
Engineer, Laboratory Technician, General Data and as a Foreman.

Technical skills
 Microsoft office (word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint)
 Structural Analysis Program, SAP 2000V14 & v20.
 AUTOCAD (2007,2009,2013) with sound knowledge of 2D & ED modeling
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Major courses I have taken

 Construction material
 Reinforced concrete design
 Steel and timber structural design
 Transport and Highway Engineering
 Soil Mechanics
 Foundation Engineering
 Water and wastewater treatment
 Water Supply Project Design
 Surveying
 Construction and equipment Management
 Quantity Surveying
I scoured ‘A’ and ‘A+ ‘in most of the Courses.

Academic Projects Undertaken

 Geometric designs of road.
 Water supply project design for koladiba town.
 Shallow Foundation Design of G+4 Civil Eng’g Laboratory Building.
 G+0 Residential steel structure building.

Personal Qualities
 Problem Solving & Decision Making & Negotiating skills
 Team spirit and with ability to work independently.
 Excellent Communication skills to interact with individuals at all levels.
 Involved in personality development and updating knowledge based through Reading,
listening and observation.

Extra-Curricular Activities
 Sport
 Reading the Holy Bible.

I hereby declared that all the above furnishing details are true & correct in best of my
knowledge and belief.

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